Lucerne Rowing World Cup


Coverage of the final rowing world cup of the season. Matthew Pinsent and Helen Glover look over the morning's action. With commentary from James Cracknell and Garry Herbert.

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Welcome to our coverage of World Cup 3 from out in Switzerland. We're


basing ourselves here at Llandaff rowing club today. There aren't many


rowing clubs in the UK that look anything like Lucerne but the River


Taff gives a good impression. This is the last World Cup event


before the World Championships that begin at the end of September


and the last opportunity for British They go into their training camps


with a lot more work to do. Here is what is coming up:


At the moment GB's best squad is the men's quad,


according to Jack Beaumont, size doesn't matter.


We're all pretty similar size. I think that's quite helpful. Not the


biggest crew but we have our strengths.


After catching gold fever in London 2012, Kat Copeland's


at the beginning of another four-year cycle.


It is a long time. It is why I came back, the Olympics are everything to


me. But Vicky Thornley's looking


to repeat her European gold. No sooner have we packed up the gear


from Rio we are we are again, a new season, with lots of new faces. A


very good start for the women's pair in Great Britain. Surely the British


have done enough, just through. The Netherlands have taken out the crew


from grant A major upset. A really nice way to cap the weekend of


racing, with your first World Cup victory. Welcome to a a bit of day


for the 2017 Championships. History made here. A fantastic effort. The


British crew are up to the line for bronze. The perfect starting


position. Great Britain's Karen Bennett and Holly Morten through in


bronze. A major upset here. The British heavyweight men's 4 has come


in fifth. #123450 Australia, half a length over Great Britain in second


place. It is a silver medal for Vicky Thornley. Silver for Great


Britain, holding off the United States. The job well done for the


British crew. Gold medal in the men's quadruple skulls.


I'm joined by double Olympic champion, Helen Glover.


How has your time away from the sport been since Rio? Good. I have


missed rowing, some days. Days like this. Yes, on days like this. But Ip


haven't missed all the training. And looking at the results coming back


from the rogue team. What do you make of it? What do you see with the


crews and those individuals that you used to raise with alongside? I


think it reminds me of 2013, coming back after... London. The London


Olympics, and seeing some new people stepping into the team and returning


Olympians struggling to find speed. I don't think it is necessarily a


bad thing. I think there is a sense of pacing yourself throughout the


four years. What do you make a very noticeable result at the Europeans,


where the women's boats are were all over it like a rat, winning medals


and it was amazing and the men's team Jurgen was slightly less


happen. There is a sense of competition between the men and


women's team. There is, you always want to be at the heart of the squad


to step into Caversham the day after with the medals. You get a sense of


pride. There is a competitive element within the squad but I think


people shouldn't be afraid to try things. Just try people sitting in


different boats. Different tactics. Right now is the time to try it. I


don't think it is a bad thing. People will be finding their places


in the boats. As we mentioned all the way threw this season of the


lots of new people coming N you remember what it was like going down


to Caversham. -- coming N what is it like joining is system with the his


train medals and names up on the walls? #w45 is it like? -- what is


it like? I went there the other day. There is a sense of people fighting


for seats already. Previously there was a sense of you could put your


foot off the gas a bit, people have come back from London. This time


people are here, new and fresh and fighting for their seats. The first


race is the men's quad. At the heart of that crew is


23-year-old Jack Beaumont, Katherine Grainger caught


up with the sculler Jack Beaumont has is hemented his


seat there. We were confident, it was exactly how we did it at


Caversham in training. It is comfortable, job well done for the


British crew. Gold medal in the men's squad rule. What what is made


it click We are great friends. All rowing together for a few years in


the group. We are all a similar size. I think that's helpful. We are


not the biggest group but we definitely have our strengths. What


are your thoughts of Lucerne? Our last competition before the World


Championships. I think if he can influence what we did in training


throughout the whole radio gat at that season so far and come away


with another great result. Do you get excited by the thought of maybe


one of the other crews, maybe Lithuania, you get to race


potentially there, is that a focus? Into it definitely is. We have not


beaten them yet. They are good athletes. They have been


consistently quick in the squad. Big, strong guys. Each day we are


trying to better ourselves. Not just to focus on them but we want to beat


everyone. You can't do it thinking - I'd love it get a bronze, you have


to aim to win. Aim for the stars really.


The final of the men's quadruple skulls. Netherlands, New Zealand,


Great Britain in three. Lithuania there. They won the first regatta in


Belgrade this year. Italy, bronze medallists in fourth. In fieft and


poll Nelson Mandela six. A big ask here, James. An ask that Great


Britain can do here. They will be going for one thing, to win it. --


be and Poland in six. The one thing they had over the last four years,


is a strong second half. They didn't have the speed out of plots. They


are off now and firing and they are going to take the race by the scruff


of the neck. The difference is, they do look like they are red-lining t I


would be as well. But the Lithuanians, they do look more


relaxed. That may have an affect during the middle of the race but at


the moment the British boyses have given themselves the platform to


build on. All six boats flying through.


given themselves the platform to build on. All six boats flying Dump


-- jost gel for position. Dump Waite wania are looking


dangerous now. They are looking relaxed. I said that from the start.


They had a nice rhythm when they won the World Cup and European


Championships. And that efficiency. The race, yes,s is not a seven


minute race, it is a five-and-a-half minute race but you still need the


relaxation. Yes, they will be hurting but there is a bit of time


to relax and it'll pay benefit. They are two strokes ahead. At the moment


it is stroke-for-stroke, Great Britain have checked them, which is


good. We are talking about easy speed. Obviously they are working


for it but from the outside, it looks like easy speed, with rhythm


and length. When you put the pressure on, the boat also move


ahead. Two strokes ahead. This is good for Great Britain so far,


they've checked Lithuania in lane 4. Now in the third 500 m and Lithuania


two strokes higher than the British quadruple skull. That gives the


Brits something to move on for. They're going to have to do it now,


because Lithuania will slip away. I don't think they've checked


Lithuania. I think they've been racing ahead and yes they are racing


higher. They look like a fraction more time. Looking at them, you


would think they are racing the same. I think it is because the


Lithuanians have a better rhythm but our boys have a better sprint P and


our boys have coming strong in the third five. Here we go. Since 2014,


Great Britain had a quadruple skull that was one-tenth of a second off


old medal. That a day it was Ukrainia. Now they are going it up


again here. This is something, a project to go through to Tokyo 2020,


but those are years and days ahead. Right now they are here. We are


looking at 308 and in lane 6. They are getting slipped by Lithuania


now. They are getting slipped. That efficient rhythm is starting to take


them away. As good as our boy's home is, they'll leave themselves with


too much to do. Stunning water into the last 500. Great Britain have


been heroic so far. Now the experience and the rhythm and the


pace of Lithuania seems to have moved them out. They have been


overrailing just slightly but they have done it with efficiency. Look


at that. Out to three-quarters of a length now. They are lifting it up.


They are about 400 out from the line. Ten strokes, keeping it longs


keeping the speed. We have Poland in lane 6. Great Britain have to watch


that. That's about ten strokes and Lithuania have it almost out to a


length. I don't think they'll get Lithuania now. The one consolation


is that the strokeman, his teeth are out, he is hanging. If they can't


see that. Look at him. His teeth are out, he is blowing, he is red lining


it but they are red lining it and making good speed. He is 22,


Adomavicius. They are going into the World Championships as the


undefeated crew of 2017. With that tag, they look brilliant. They have


clear water now on Great Britain. Lambert, Collins, Walton and


Beaumont in the bow seat into silver. And Poland in third. Not a


bad way to finish the 2017 season. But they'll have hunger in their


belly. I'm here with the silver medallists,


can you talk me through the race? It was a pretty hot pace in the first


half. You know, we had gone out with the intention of getting in control


of it. I think it was very apparent from early on, it was going to be a


strong pace from the word go. But, we held our form and let the crews


fall away in the second half, obviously apart from the


Lithuanians. We tried to fight back but at the end of the day I think we


were beaten by a crew better than us and I'm OK with that. Now a long gap


before the next regatta, what do the next weeks hold It is a massive


opportunity. We've had good consistency so far and now we can go


back to basics to have the finish product. And what is the finished


project going to look like, Pete? It is up to Jurgen's programme and the


four guys in the boat and our coach. But


is up to Jurgen's programme and the four guys in the boat and our coach.


But we know where we can improve. There's two-and-a-half seconds to


catch up with. We can do that. I was going to say a fighting silver, but


it really wasn't, right at the finish, line, was it? If you look at


the cruising speed of both crews, it was a fine raise but it wasn't a


close margin. The Brits will be disappointed. The way they were


rowing in the first minute, looked like they expected to be winning, a


great place to be, showing how well they have been rowing this season.


What should the coaches do in the slight difference in the second half


of the raise? ? The thing about the race, it didn't come from one


tactical decision t came from the cruising speed of the two crews.


That middle one and Paul Stannard, the coach of the quad, the guy that


will taught me to row. They have a good amount of time until the World


Championships. Fitness and all the little things that make the stern


run smoothly will keep them in touch with that crew. The men's quad has


been to this trajectory before in the previous Olympics. 2013-14, they


were up there and it ended up with Rio, for a variety of reasons, being


almost awful? Yes but that crew needed that. They needed the firsts.


The first to make a final and get a medal. Now it has happened we have


crews that will be winning and that will be exciting.


One of the pictures of the London 2012 Olympics


was Kat Copeland's reaction to winning gold alongside


Sophie Hosking in the lightweight women's double sculls.


2016 was a year to forget. Katherine Grainger caught up with her a week


ago in Henley-on-Thames. How hard was it coming back after the


experience you had in Rio? Funnily enough, I don't know whether it


should be the opposite way. After London I was like - do I start this


as a hem games, we won, is that the best I'm going to do, should I get


out now while the going is good? Copeland and Rio know their Olympics


has come to a disappointing finish. This time, I knew in the second week


the fact I could still be around the Olympics, and be in the - although


we have had a terrible result, I still thought - this is just


awesome. That made me think - we'll carry on. The World Championships is


the biggest event for the international rowing scene this


year. Almost three big steps towards the Olympics in four years 'time. I


assume it is still the overriding focus? It is it is scary saying that


four years out. Three-and-a-half years out now. It is a long time. I


don't know what is going to happen. But that's why I came back. The


Olympics is everything for me. Talking us through the start of the


racing season until now? It is not how I thought it would be at the


beginning of the year, but that is anticipate fine. It never is. The


second World Cup. We were disappointed. This is the last one


and the last race for a while. I'm really keen to get out and see where


we can punch out at. anticipate fine. It never is. The


second World Cup. We were we can punch out at.


TRANSLATION: 1,000 m coming up. Brits have been left in New


Zealand's wash. 20 strokes into 1,000 m was


critical, as I said for Great Britain here. But as some crews lead


in the way, New Zealand have pushed in. Great Britain are waiting for


the mark and now will be on the back foot in an important third 500,


because that's where you are pushing to get into contention or you are


leading and pushing to move away. Clearly you want to be in the


stronger of the two positions. New Zealand doing it. Look at that. We


are right down on the lakes. Lake level. How the boats move A sweet


rhythm coming from New Zealand and further this race goes on, the most


important thing for Copeland and Craig is to keep their heads up.


They are fighting or the minor medal, the bronze. We are panning


out. Great Britain lane 4 to the left of the picture. They are


fighting now for silver. They are in bronze. They have moved back up. At


34 strokes per minute, you can see that bottom right of the picture.


But looking superb today on the lake of the gods. Zoe McBride and Jackie


from New Zealand. We've seen they have a good racing rhythm, keeping


the speed. The Poles had a great first half but they can't live


through the middle. The Brits are going to challenge the Poles who


could be dying. The last 250 hasn't been great for Great Britain. They


are coming back off it. They have been left by Russia in lane 5. Being


pushed hard by the Italians. The Italians an under-23, stepping up


for the first time in this combination in 2017. But the stroke


seat there for New Zealand. They are right on the edge. Confidence high.


Boat moving on underneath. The best feeling in the world on water like


this when your boat is moving. The best feeling is they are sending the


opposition away before the World Championships and all their memories


will be of a New Zealand boat rowing off into the horizon. That's what


they are sending down. Every inch they can get down ahead of the


Poles, the Swiss, the Brits is just going to hurt them before the World


Championships. Poland going through, the last 250. They were the European


Championships. They are second at the last World Cup regatta. They are


getting a shock here. Deresz and Mikolajczak. The home crowd now are


rising to the challenge. It is almost like having an extra person


in the vote here. They need an extra person right now. It is


Great Britain will struggle to get on to the poed yu. Look at the


difference, the class, Zoe McBride and Jackie Kiddle from New Zealand


making it look easy. They've laid the marker down. Second place is


Poland, Russia into bronze and Great Britain coming in last position, as


I said only a minute or so ago, they are fighting the Iovtchev tallians


and in that mini battle, the Italians won. They were fighting the


Italians. We've been talking to some of the athletes, and from my


experience, I know how hard it is to get on the Lucerne poed yu. We were


talking about at Henley how you would be disappointed if you didn't


make the podium. How are you feeling now? Disappointed. So at least I was


right about that. Yeah, pretty disappointed but not - um, but it


doesn't really knock my confidence. Like we know what we are doing, and


we know what we have to do between now and a couple of months' time. We


just have to make sure we do do it. Did the race feel different today


than it did at previous World Cups? In terms of how we were rowing, I


think similar to the others, good bits, and bits we really have to


work on. The top end, with the key Kiwis, it is hard to work.


So it is a very busy afternoon here, there are races happening so you


will hear the PA and you might hear the bell. Let's reflect on that


women's double in Lucerne. will hear the PA and you might hear


the bell. Let's reflect women's double in Lucerne.


I expected them to be on the podium. They are fast enough. Not sure what


happened. They were beside the Kiwis, maybe with when they went


ahead they got drawn out of it. It was a dramatic move from the New


Zealanderers. From the moment they started, it almost seemed all over


It was from that 850 marker to half way, the British lost the contact


that would've put them in silver-bronze position by being


beside the winning crew. They'll be frustrated because they know they


are better than that, and they are. So the trajectory of the results,


World Cup #1, they were second, Europeans, 2, and then 4th and 6th.


Not great trajectory with the worlds a few months away. It no but they


are finding their feet. They are a new combination. Cat in particular


knows how to win and they have something to work on. You don't want


this particular radio gat at that as your final prouct D I'm sure they'll


come back stronger. You know Cat probably better than anyone in the


rowing team what is she like as an individual and athlete? Formidable.


You get her in the water and you see a look in her eyes - nobody is going


to beat me. OK she was beaten today but she has the longevity and a


determination and fire that burns, very fiercely. You can guarantee


she'll go awane work as hard or harder than anybody on the training


block. Talking about working hard, let's turn to Victoria Thornley.


She had superb results in the Gold Cup. Last weekend at Henley t wasn't


all a bit pear-shaped. She was drawn in the final against the German and


for one reason or another, we weren't sure what went on. Steering


problems. It might have been weed but it didn't go right. Let's see


how in Lucerne, hopefully no weed or wash, if she can recover.


The skullers just starting to stretch out. On the far side, Vicky


Thornley in 1. And Annekatrin Thiele in 2. The Swiss culler in 3. The


Swiss skuller coming through in first. The Austrian in second. She


won Poznan three weeks ago setting a best time. These skullers are


high-quality and high performance but we are watching the bows of lane


1 coming level. Importantly coming level with Annekatrin Thiele in lane


2. In lane 5, Mueller from the United States of America making a


move. We have not seen here this year. She was 4th at the Olympic


Games in the women's pairs. Dropping one place. And she's mixing it in


against the top skullers of the world.


There are huge Swiss rowing fans, she will anticipate want to win this


more than any. Now Thornley has taken Thiele out and looks like she


is hot on the heels of the Austrian. Vicky Thornley have a sensational


third 500, but Mueller is there and Great Britain has to start to


challenge now. She's doing that. These' three-quarter of a length up


on Annekatrin Thiele from Germany but the Canadian taking it on. It is


building. Another ten strokes and another for the Canadian in the


third a 500 m. Here she is on the tails now. 500 m to go. 50 strokes


remaining in this women's single skulls. JIC Thornley there and she


was tracking the Austrian but Mueller and the others are tracking


here. . Well Lobnig and Mueller are involved in a race on this side of


the course with each other and that's taken them through. They'll


have their own private battle. Vicky is in a battle on one side of the


course. Vicky needs to switch her attention from the far side


otherwise Zeeman from Canada is going to get silver. The home


skuller has responded to what is going on in the left. Still, Zeeman


from Canada ups the rate. Putting it right on the edge. Look at the water


here. Focussing on technique and application. Technique and


application. And 26 years of age, Zeeman, she was tenth in this event


at the Olympic Games la last year, is pushing hard against Gmelin from


Switzerland. On the far side, Vicky Thornley is looking as though she


has been raced out of the medals. Well out of the medals. In the


battle with Mueller for fourth and fifth at the moment.


Holding off an impressive second thousand metres from the Canadian,


Zeeman, who is in second. Photo finish there. Just held off Muller


from the USA. And the British competitor in fifth place. The first


time this season you've not made the podium but how did the race feel?


Good, it is always really had to win a medal in Lucerne, but I gave it my


all, I just came up short. That's disappointing but, there's a lot to


gain from that race. I had to be on my toes. I'm disappointed but not


really upset. Fifth place for the European champion. Where is that on


the spectrum of happiness or disappointment? I'm sure she will


want more but it is still finding its feet. Every time they go out and


race there is a different result, and they are all finding their


place. I'm sure she will want more but it has been good. Looking back


to last weekend, she had an absolute nightmare at Henley. To overturn


that result is good. Exactly, and for her to be where she feels she


should be with regard the German, that's a good event now. She will be


able to move forward. There was one other singles sculler who jumped


out. I know, Muller, I did not even know she could do that, and I was


very impressed, to see a good result just shows that she is a racer and


that's what you need to do know matter. There is a big training


block everybody has got now. What will be in her mind about a


realistic result? She's demonstrated she can win medals. She will be


setting her sights on that. I don't know where her site will be but I


think it's open enough that she can overturn anyone in that field.


Katherine Grainger is not with us, she is receiving a lifetime


achievement medal. Congratulations to her. Richly deserved. Here is


what is coming up in the second half of the programme. Well-deserved runs


medal for the women's quad in the European Championships. Can they


build on that? This is a good race. The British men's four has


dominated. Will he be part of the next batch? I want to be part of


that legacy. Can the women go one better? Before that I've come down


to meet with some of the people of this wonderful rowing club. You're


not actually racing today. Why is that? I am going to the Welsh trials


in half an hour. What does that entail? We're doing singles and


cord. How did you get into it? My school does not roll, me and my


friend played hockey, the seasons are very short, so we decided to


come down. In common with a lot of other clubs we have a big junior


section and that is increasing exponentially every year. There is a


great demand for it. That's a great thing to see. At the other end of


the scale there is a big demand for Masters rowing which is great to


see. You are racing today. How do you feel? A little nervous at the


moment. We just saw our competition and he's a big boy. But just looking


forward to it now. Looking forward to getting out there. Is this your


favourite event? This is the first race I've ever done in a pair but it


is becoming my favourite. Being part of this club is very special, a lot


of history. How do you feel about the fact that rowing is growing as a


sport and encouraging more youngsters? Yes. Definitely. We got


so many younger ones coming through, it is so great to see. What would


you say to anybody thinking about joining their local club?


Absolutely, it will be one of the best decisions you've ever made.


Thank you so much and good luck to both of you. If you want to find out


how to get involved in the local sport you can go on the BBC website.


We are turning our attention to the women's quad, Eve had an up-and-down


season. Bronze at the European Championship but then illness ruled


them out. Let's see how they get on. 2016 silver medallist, as we look at


Australia in lane number three. Look at the run. They get onto it and


travel on. Beautiful site. They are still working hard. It'll be


interesting to see who has that little bit in reserve. The Germans


are moving well. It is not a battle you want to have. It is a big


difference psychologically. Paul and have led from the first


stroke but the pressure is continuing to be failed on them.


Great Britain have been to the left of the picture, this is the quality.


Looking to make it three gold medals. The pressure is on but they


have responded and shown why they won the first two Mac World Cups.


Zeeman continues to drive it. We come down to the last 200 metres. It


is Poland and the Netherlands. The Netherlands have ten strokes. Down


to 15 strokes. They know that Paul and will have a sense of victory and


still the technique is tight, Poland are running into the gold medal


position. They've made it three in a row in the 2017 World Cup series and


they've done it in such style. The Netherlands closed them down to take


silver medal. Look at the gap that opened up. Great Britain coming


through in fifth place. Great Britain get the gold medal,


and relief all round. Great Britain are the Olympic champions and the


crowd are going mad. Gold medal, wonderful. We have done it, and we


have done it in style. This is what they trained for. Incredible


discipline and power. They've done enough, it is going to be five in a


row. Some great history. The current line-up has had an up-and-down


season. They were fifth. Last weekend, the final was Italy versus


Great Britain. The Italians, where the European champions, and the


Britons absolutely dominated. They never looked like getting back into


the race. The British won the race by a comfortable lead. Does he think


this current small boat can match the success from a year ago?


Almost there, Great Britain are the men's Olympic champions.


Obviously you've had a huge success in men's eights. It now has a 20


year legacy. How difficult does that feel? Different to most. The


camaraderie I've built has been with a different group of guys.


Immediately there's a big change. It has been hard but, it is a challenge


and I need that. I feel like I've done four years of this. I'm quite


happy to move on to another boat. Obviously he has caused that for a


very long time. Did he give you an impression of continuing the legacy,


is he just lay, this is a new crew? There's always going to be that


legacy, he is the most successful Olympic coach of all time. There is


a legacy of that. I want to be part of that legacy. You can see in the


way that we've been growing that there is tension. There is a major


upset here. This is the first season we've seen such inconsistency and


the changing results. How has that been? There are so many variables.


The team is different. I don't know if they've had an effect. Every time


we've raced we've gone away. I'm all for that. It is the right thing to


do, finding the right place. We have underperformed but I want to win. It


is about trying to take it back to simplicity. That is the same as the


technique as well. What is the potential of the boat? I think we


can do it. It is a big legacy. I am not stand, Matt is not George. We


are new guys. Final, here we go. The leak of the gods. A few crews will


be seeking divine intervention. Will Saxon is leading off, one of the


strongest men out there. It's all about the first 50 metres. Having


technique but relying on explosive power. You will be on the front foot


as you come off red. As you come towards rhythm on the front foot,


making a marker so that the cruise around you are having to adjust what


they are doing. You want to be laying it down but then alongside


the Netherlands. They qualify with the fastest time. Sixth in the


European Championships. Here they are leading. Heading towards the


first mark which will be 500 metres. Easy to get sidetracked. He's one of


the best athletes in the world. It's a definite rear-wheel drive. He is


aggressive and he will lead the charge. Two very good athletes in


this boat. You've been in this position before. It's the transition


period. The race is under way. Talk us through the next 100. It is


vital not to let your speed drop. They were very quick out of the


blocks but it is always lower than the first. You've got speed, don't


rest and go again. I like the way he strokes, it might not be the


smoothest but he drives it on. They were about I'm going through 100 but


they've gone through again ahead. Keep it long and long and long


again. Let the ball travel for you. -- let the boat. As you see they are


out, they are going towards a third of the length, they don't want to


squeeze out by working harder but by letting the boat travel. They were


the third fastest qualifiers as the teams come towards it. Britain have


moved out of half a length. Consolidating well in the second 500


and now they just want to turn the screw a little bit more. They want


to make them work and not overwork. Here comes Lane number five. The


Italians have one thing they always had, they will not roll over, they


will go and they will go and they will go. This Italian crew won the


European Championships. They are a length behind and they are not going


to come back against our guys. They look very relaxed and that is what


you want. It will not bode well for the second half of the race. He can


take the weight off and sprinkle the line. I don't see anyone but us


winning this race and our boys can watch Italy and low for blondes -- a


low for bronze and silver. They've just nailed this 500 metres as we


come towards the last 500. Clearwater over the rest of the


field. This is what the crew will want them. Keep it long, keep the


pressure, because the Italians will lift it again. When you've broken


clear, it is huge, you've got to work so hard to get the overlap,


much less wrote them down. Great Britain are 400 out from the line.


Commanding position. This is where they send a message because the


Australians are bracing in the eighth and the British will win this


but convincingly enough that it makes the Australians stay. They can


clear them out by dominating the Italians. It looks ugly from the


Italians. They are at 45 right now. The right of your screen. The speed


is with Great Britain and the British are turning around and up


and down season. They are finishing this on a major high. If you want to


win the gold medal you've got the final length just easing off like


they can do. Great Britain have turned around and up and down


season. That is what it's all about. Did a fabulous job. This is a crew


that is coming together very nicely. That was a good job, they dominated


that race from 400 metres to the finish line. It was never in doubt.


I like how they just don't let the pressure off. They can bang away on


the inside but they are not coming out. It's a good message to send


out. You've got to beat us, they are not going to give it. How did it


feel? It felt great. We knew they would go out hard, we listened to


them, I cannot see anything past Mo's enormous back! Once you're


there, trying to cover all the moves and hang on for dear life. The last


time we met you were talking about the changes you are making with the


crew. Is it a finished product yet? Not quite. Yesterday of the day


before we are progressing. Our midway space was the clear factor.


To get that right is a real confidence booster. To open that up


was a really nice feeling. And more from the outside. You had a length


of lead from the start of that. Oh come doubled does it feel? It feels


comfortable having that distance. I was aware that you had four crews


fighting out for two spots behind us. Often the race can come back


onto you. But I felt like I had plenty left in the tank. It was


lovely to sit there and watch the race behind us. Is that how lovely


it was, just watching it? It was relaxed, there was another gear.


We've had an up-and-down season but we've come away with two victories


and a silver. It has not been too bad. Looking forward to some


relaxation. Is the confidence growing with each race? Very much. I


have been saying how special it is to win. The tally is quite low so to


come away with this win, you've seen the competitive races. It puts us in


a good stead for the next few months. There was a ripple of


applause for that performance. That was more like it, wasn't it? It was.


Those guys did not take their eyes off it. The crews were looking


around and expecting Great Britain to go ahead as they did. They will


enjoy that this fight was going on behind them, and everybody has shown


what they've got and they still beat them. The Australian four is about


to race. The choice about which bought you roll in, you've had this


with some of the cruise your racing. Every race is a chance to push them


away, push them away. It is like a shop window. You show them what you


can do. You show them that you don't want to be beaten by the British.


That was a very solid performance. There was a lovely shot, you could


see them easing away, they were taking a few inches every stroke.


Within three strokes you suddenly saw a change in the crew and that


was the point they were going to win from. We have not got time to show


you all the races. Here is Gary with a round-up of how some of the others


got on. When I Holly Norton and Karen Bennett only managed fourth


place behind New Zealand and Denmark. Great Britain finished in a


disappointing six. In the lightweight men's doubles, Great


Britain did not make the final. The Donovan Brothers of Ireland's dead


and managed a bronze medal. Now it is time for the women's eight and


one of the members, special shout out to her. Six months ago she was a


clubgoer at Imperial College and was working part-time in a shop and now


she's doing her stuff in World Cup kit for Great Britain. Great Britain


had a very good start. They are at the halfway mark. In third place.


They had a transition in that second 500. Romania have brought New


Zealand on the far side. There is the stretch out. Britain are sitting


in lane number four. They are keeping the overlap. We are into


1200 metres already on the final. It goes back in the blink of an eyelid.


Every stroke, every ten strokes, every 50 metres. What will happen


now is rather than thinking New Zealand or Rumania, the Dutch are


going to inch back to our guys and get into fighting the Dutch rather


than fighting the crews ahead of them. They want to aim high, don't


look back. This group is so special, they could do so much special


things. But it is learning from things, learning how to roll, a race


where the action is going on over there. There's a lane of nothing,


really, pushing hard between them and Romania. New Zealand in Lane


number one are going at them as well. World Cup winners last time


out, they are really hunting the European champions. 50 strokes in


the final. Clearwater back to third position for Great Britain. They


have Clearwater over the Netherlands in Lane number three. It will be


very hard. The British are in no man's land. There is a jewel going


on and it is very close and very aggressive. The British are a long


way ahead of the Dutch but also significantly behind New Zealand.


You can see the grit and determination. In isolation you will


slip down. This is cracking stuff. It is going to the line. Romania


have gone. They will have had a hold on the legs. Stretching out to the


half length. New Zealand are planning a tin, throwing everything


at Romania. The European champions in Lane number two. Getting back to


the top of women's rowing. They used to dominate back in the day. Up to


the line for them. The European champions, the World Cup winners


here. They are the crew to watch the World Championships as Britain come


through into third place. It's a worthy bronze medal. They did that


damage in the first hundred metres. They were forth at the European


Championships, and on that occasion they were beaten. They've turned


that around. The last medal performance was in the women's


eight. You've got information about the Romanians. I saw them in the gym


doing hard training. The British won a bronze medal. Small field but


there were quite big gaps. We still got the Americans to come in and


that is significant but the British girls, a lot of them will be


training full-time for the first time in their careers so they will


definitely get faster as well. When you look at the whole British team,


what do you make of the results? Solid enough, all the crews will be


wanting more about four years ago the British team won bronze at the


gold and this time we have a bronze, silver and gold. And we were


hovering about nine, and the results in Rio de Janiero were really good.


We got back to top rowing nation. The next you will see is the World


Championships from Sarasota. Don't worry if you are missing the tennis,


it's back tomorrow. Andy Murray is on second. That is it from here.


We've done absolutely no rowing but we've gone home with this spot.


Thanks very much to them and we will see you next time. Great Britain and


silver medal. Great Britain finishing this on a major five.


This is what it takes to get her to come home, you know?


Do you ever think about what happened all them years ago?


The final rowing world cup of the season takes place in Lucerne, with the British team looking to build on their excellent performance in Poznan in June, despite injury and sickness throughout the squad. After being beaten by the Australians, all eyes are on the British men's four to see if they can overturn that result in this, their final competitive race ahead of the world championships in September.

Matthew Pinsent is joined by Helen Glover to look over the morning's action from the Rotsee, with James Cracknell and Garry Herbert in the commentary box.

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