Quarter-Final: Hull v Leeds Rugby League: Challenge Cup

Quarter-Final: Hull v Leeds

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Hello. This afternoon the Challenge Cup arrives in Hull, a City's flit


in rugby league in terms with the river as a divide in point. -- A


cities that. Over to the east, Hull KR, but in the West it is Hull FC.


It is East against West of a different kind, Leeds rhinos are in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


town for Yorkshire derby, and these That final defeat is leads' only


bad memory of Challenge Cup games between the two. They have knocked


them out in the semi-finals, the quarter finals and the 4th round


last year. And they will need their experienced players this afternoon


at the KC Stadium. Indeed, Hull Coed Richard Agar has asked his own


forwards to copy the leadership skills of opponents' Jamie Peacock.


-- coach. Leeds has often the bridesmaids in the Challenge Cup,


three finals in 12 seasons, they have lost each one, including last


year. And Brian McDermott is under pressure in his first season in


charge as he tries to rebuild Leeds and take them back to the glory


Hull and experienced Cup final heartache as well, three years


after that 2005 win over Leeds, they were beaten by Saints at


And Richard Agar have not been in the coach's job long when he led


Hull and in that game. He wants to It is a big have done enough for


two are the biggest clubs in rugby league. You might say that there


season's rest on what happens this afternoon. There are some nervous


fans in his KC Stadium this afternoon. The Hull and Leeds


players are warming up just behind us at the moment. Leeds are in the


pink strip this afternoon. Alongside me at the KC Stadium,


plenty of expertise and the company of Brian Noble and local knowledge


in the company of former Hull boy and England head coach Steve


McNamara. There is in a minute, but this is the second for the final on


the BBC this weekend, and this afternoon will after goes on to


match yesterday's at Warrington. -- be a first try for Harrison Hansen.


He just about got there. This is a good run from Sam Tomkins, here he


goes, Wigan looking to strike again. They are chasing, but they will not


catch him. Wigan have two scores in a blink of an eye. Wigan continue,


a little pass by Coley, and Foley Cairns, Richards, try! Bridge,


Monaghan and, Solomona. 2010 is in! support. Myler is over, Warrington


have got a second. It is on now. Here is Myler! It is a clear run in


for another Warrington try! They were dead and buried, but the


resurrection is very nearly over, as he got it down? He is


pointing the finger. Good hands by Hoffman and Carmen. Warrington try


to recover, Richards is in at the through the first cap! What a try


this is going to very! Look at Atkins chase him, he is not going


the skipper, Sean O'Loughlin, what Wigan into the semi-finals, and we


will have the draw for the final four later this afternoon at full


Saints are already 10-0 up. We were there yesterday, from an England


point of view, you must be so positive, given the young talent on


display. Oh, without a doubt. There were so many good players, so many


good English players yesterday. It is a testament to both clubs,


Warrington and Wigan. The standard of the performance was a great


spectacle. If they can stay in that form, it gives us a great


opportunity in the Four Nations. could eulogise about that game for


ages, but we will talk about today. This is big for both sides.


have the element of trapdoor football, one of them goes out, so


the pressure and intensity goes off. They both desperately need a win.


The seasons have been a little bit indifferent. The pressure is there


for all to save. Indifferent, he says. Let's take a look at the form


of Hull FC with tiny Arnold. It has been a topsy-turvy season


all round in the Super League, and Hull FC epitomise that more than


most. A defeat to Huddersfield in May was followed in June by another


loss to local rivals Hull KR. Shaun Briscoe's second half tries against


his former club did the damage. But the visitors suffered a massive


blow, Sean Long dislocating a shoulder that gritty them out of


action for the rest of the season. -- that could keep him. After an


away victory at Bradford, 16-0 up after 24 minutes, they moved to a


top aide spot. -- eight. An emphatic win follow that struggling


Wakefield, although not with a late -- without a moment of concern for


Kirke Yeaman, who suffered an epileptic fit at half-time. He


recovered enough to see his team win. It has not been plain sailing


since then. Another big win at Salford sandwiched between a defeat


at St Helens and then losing tamely away at Leeds. They are one spot


below the Rhinos in the Super League table, hoping for a much


better performance today. They hope for much better, but they are going


in without Craig Fitzgibbon, their leader. He will be a big loss.


a superb signing. For the last couple of seasons, he has been a


big leader. Today they will be very strong. Without Richard Agar, he


has said he wants them to copy the leadership of Leeds' Jamie Peacock.


Is that strange? Strange timing, I would not do it, but I understand


what we're saying. Jamie Peacock is an inspirational figure, that is


what he is trying to allude to. The Hull forwards have got to take an


extra staff to replace the action that Craig Fitzgibbon give them. --


step. As the players get ready for kick-off, the big news does not


involve them this week. It involves of the pitch goings-on, Adam


Pearson, there was involved with Hull City at Derby County, has


taken over the club, and earlier he spoke to Tanya. You have been in


and around football clubs for many years, why have you turned to rugby


league? It sold and complement the football really well. I understand


the city, the stadium and the culture of the club. It is a great


club. It makes a change to commit rape club that does not need


overhauling, it's just needs overhauling. -- it makes a change


to come into a club that does not need overhauling, it just needs


changing. It has lacked a bit of investment over the past six years.


The previous board have done a good job, but it needs to be kicked onto


the next level. This could be a massive Super League club. You have


the salary cap to deal with, it is not just a matter of throwing money


at it. I'm really pleased with the Catt, it should have been in


football a long time ago. It is nice to see sportsmen been rewarded


with good money but not stupid money. We want to put some


excitement back into it, get the crowds back and get some rivalry


going with Hull KR. I think we will have good fun here. Looking forward


to today's game? I am desperate to win, even after just having been


here for two days. It would be a good start. But we will be ready


for next season. Enjoy it. Thank you. Stray onto Leeds, this is


Leeds Rhinos have faltered badly since the last round of the car.


This was their only try as they lost at home to Warrington. Even


the return of Danny McGuire could not lift them and the Wolves ran


riot. One week later, St Helens had their turn. The coach admitted


their team was in a tough place. It was easy to see why as Saints came


back from 6-4 down to win easily. In June, 48 hours after the


international match, five players who took part were in the team


which outplayed Hull KR at Headingley. Another win against


Crusaders followed, but above of a surge up the table took a knock as


they fell to local rivals Bradford. Dashed hopes of a surge. Penalties


proved decisive. It happened again one week later as Leeds led 18-12


at half-time, only to lose in a tight finish. Next up, and a loss,


this time against Catalans Dragons, then notched up only their third


ever win against Leeds, leaving the Rhinos almost certain to end his


season out of the top four. But as we saw earlier, they managed to get


back to winning ways with victory over Hull last weekend, keeping


them on course for a play-off berth at least. Just to confirm that both


sides are on course for the play- You have got Kylie Leuluai and


Brent Webb back, how much has that bolster the team? Yes, they have


been good performers for us this year, so it is good to get them


back. It will put us in a good position today. How much confidence


that you glean from last week's win against this lot? Defensively, we


were very strong. We were very solid. While the conditions were


not great to promote good expansive stuff, we still had to defend the


Knuth. We will gain some confidence from that, but it will be different


today. We have a different referee, different conditions, and it is the


Challenge Cup, a different competition entirely. There will be


some things that we do take out a bit, but we are not overly


confident high enough. Did it ease the pressure a little bit? It had


been building from outside, handed? You would have to tell me that, I


don't know. I don't know what goes on outside the camp. I'm only


interested in what goes on inside. It was not great inside, nobody was


comfortable with where we were at and where we still are hat. But in


terms of pressure, there is pressure, the right type of


pressure on each other. Players to coaches, coach to players, but what


goes on outside I cannot tell you. Good luck today. Steve McNamara, if


there is pressure on him, he needs experienced players, no more than


Kevin Sinfield, who could break the goalscoring record for the club. He


will do that if he gets three goals. It is his composure, his leadership


in terms of Kevin Sinfield. He has been around for a number of years,


a real legend for his Leeds club. If he plays well today and kicks


the ball well, he will make it very How long is this kind of job going


to take? I am not sure he is trying to rebuild, he is trying to give


opportunities to young players. The expectancy of Leeds, because they


have been at the ascendancy, they had a tough period at the start of


the season with injuries and that affected their form. I think they


are pretty much where they are going to be for this season, a


force to be reckoned with. It is a big game for both clubs, Hull FC


versus Leeds Rhinos in the quarter- final. You commentary team is


Hull FC Club, a very nervous Brian McDermott, but a good crowd


assembled here for what should be a terrific match. We were entertained


yesterday with Wigan and Warrington, and now the two Yorkshire side's to


do something similar. Plenty of potential in that Hull aside,


particularly Briscoe. Lacking Craig Fitzgibbon, tickled Manu and


Western men are the men at the both of these sides. This is one of


the most experienced referees in the game, refereed the final in


2005 between Leeds and Hull. The pitch is in perfect condition. They


have been watering that pitch for about an hour before kick-off, and


it should be very wet. I am expecting some dropped balls.


perfect conditions, a great day for a game of rugby league. Looking


forward to this game because, as the boys said before the match,


this could be their lifeline for the season. They are mid-table, a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


hoping to get some momentum in that whiting get the bounce? No, he


won't. I think he should have passed it the first time, Jonathan.


That will give him a lot of confidence. They have worked a lot


on their offensive play this week. It will be a Hull ball, so that


will give them a lot of confidence. They played the power-play, on the


right hand side, worked on the over reflect the mixed fortune that both


sides have had this season. Good into passing here along the line.


Superbly, good running here, but he couldn't hold it. Ye Kerr key men


couldn't hold it. He just couldn't hold on to it but they will be very


happy. They have cut the Leeds defence Open twice, it could have


been two tries. Leeds will just want to hold the ball here, get


They have been under the cosh for the first three minutes, could have


resulted in two tries. They need to put pressure back on to Hull.


Booing from the Hull ground for Ryan Bailey, always the sign of a


the midriff, but a smile from play of the ball. Yes, trying to


play the ball and it gives the forwards the chance to get back and


side have a habit of bringing the talent through the ranks. This is a


good set of six, clears the line, the danger Rover. -- over.


Leeds will put the pressure on. They have had a good field position


an effect on the handling but it has been sure and true so far.


has been warm up here so far so I think it will have dried the


picture out, and it is in and bring it out. Again, you know,


Hull players will be very happy with the sets. Every time they


finish them they end up picking up the ball or 10 yards from the try-


think Brian McDermott will be happy the way Leeds have resisted.


will be happy that there is no score on the board, but I'm not


sure about Degas. -- Agar. Hull have had two opportunities. We


mentioned the word momentum, and yesterday was a key part. It should


have been Hull in the first three from this half here. A good charge


get there? No, he can't. Just a shade too heavy with the boot on


the right hand side, but that right flanker Paul preventing danger.


very clever kick. He knew the winner was on the right hand side,


and the last tackle, there were two players rushing out of the line all


the time for Leeds and they have spotted that. Richard Horne was


almost creating space on the right hand side. Hull beating Oldham, and


Leeds triumphant over the Crusaders Buchanan! They are forcing him a


little bit. They are forcing it, Leeds. They had a lot of


opportunity to go down the right hand side and now they have


squandered possession. He has given a penalty. Offside. I thought he


spotted well, Jones Bishop. He came in, unfortunately offside. Another


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


set of six deep within the 20 metre line. Well taken. Her beautiful


catch from Ben Jones-Bishop. With a clean catch like that, I I think


they should take the opportunity to run it out. You can turn defence


into attack straight away. But you can't just pass the ball to the 20


metre line now Jonathan, the referee starts play full star it


was great play by the young lad, Jones Bishop, so they should have


the advantage because you just can't wait for the said. It would


be worth looking into that to see if there is a choice for him to run


the stadium for Ryan Bailey. -- booing. Sinfield did well to hold


on to that on the first occasion because it could well have been an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


great run of play now, because the play-the-balls are very, very quick.


We are just looking at the possession so far, Jonathan, 62%


for Hull, and still no points on the gored with 13 minutes gone.


the first 30 minutes Hull have been in the ascendancy. You feel that


they need to score. He is insisting something now. All the pressure, or


the opportunity, still zero on the board. Good distribution from the


understand his ruling whereby you are not supposed to push somebody


in to touch. That, to me, is that they cannot do or not? Too much


left to the referee's interpretation. The tackle is not


complete, so that was quite clear. Well, clear enough to Steve Gansu.


once they get into that 20 metres area, Hull, they do not look as


creative, do they? Not as clinical, and that could be a problem. They


have at two or three chances when they should have gone in already.


Yes. As I mentioned, you have got have not had a sniff yet, not one


opportunity. It feels like a boxer on the ropes, they can come back


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


the same. Four moving the ball out. This is a chance. Great finish.


Obst is over, under the posts for the first try of the match,


superbly created in midfield. What were you saying, Mr Davies? Yes, he


has been very influential so far in this game. He is the one that is


pulling all the strains. The forwards are giving him a platform.


You just felt they needed to get something. That is the mistake,


Paul takes it, said such the position. From this play-the-ball,


good half-back Blair, the speed, the staff. You have got to question


some of the defence there, but you have got to make the most out of


these opportunities. The accelerated and stepped past Brent


Webb. Classic try from that man there, Sam Obst, signed for


Wakefield earlier this year. After Headingley, that will give Hull


great confidence now. Danny Tickle, the lead, 6-0. That man Sam Obst,


the try-scorer. Nothing really on, they stay off him. He throws the


Hull. Every time Leeds have got the ball back, as I mentioned, D in


their path, there have been no attacking opportunities yet by


player, is relishing the sundown there! This whole pack have started


at a good pace, Jonathan, not afraid to pound in from second


receiver. The yardage has been superb, absolutely superb. You know,


the first three tackles, they made 227 yards against the Leeds' 87.


They are making it easy for the Hull half-backs to control his game.


Again, numbers on the right hand side. Cameron Phelps coming in at


Very good chasing there. Imagine running out from fullback when you


are the size of Webber and Jimmy from Delany. This is better from


There was no pressure on Briscoe whatsoever. You have to put the


ball in the air and compete for it. I am not sure he was running the


game for Leeds. They look rudderless at the moment, lacking


confidence. The pressure from the kick comes about 3 awful yards out,


not long-distance. -- 34 four. look at sixes and sevens at the


moment. It is this Hull pack who were really commanding here. The AA


do have Burrow on a branch to bring on just to give them a little bit


you. This is one of them, Ben. Hall just contemplating passing


the play-the-ball. This is that there! Oh! Interception here from


Whiting! Can he get away? He is They have got to score. It is in!


Well, well, well, well! An amazing, opportunity. Whiting, not sure if


he had the pace. You think that these goals, Gray's tackle by Danny


McGuire. -- great tackle. The ball comes out, easy, easy, easy try for


Jordan Turner! Very easy drive for Jordan Turner. Just watch, they


couldn't get back in time, rave. They tried to scramble. That took


some strength to get over that line, actually. He had to force his way


through. You really did. Richard Whiting, he knew, if he did not get


the ball into that intercept, Leeds would score. He went on a long,


lazy run. Eventually, they end up... Danny Tickle with his second


would have scored. You can just sense their feet down mayor in this


huge bowl of a stadium. -- the heat and Hull go out. -- another two


points. He would not think it from the smile on Richard Agar's fees.


This is the finish. It is a great attempt. That try to have some


getting. He had to turn, he had to get himself round. He had to use


his strength, that young man, turn delighted with the first 23 minutes.


any news? I have got Danny Washbrook with me. Great start for


you guys. Yes, I started really well, two tries in the first 23


minutes. I do not think we could have asked for much better.


Particularly important after last week to get on the scoresheet early.


Yes, we wanted to put that right. This week is the perfect


opportunity against the same opposition. A rare error by Hull


there. In possession and territory, 60% for Hull, they are totally


dominating this game. Leeds needs to come back. This is the first


time they have had an opportunity anywhere near the halfway line, so


they have got to build this sad. -- bench. I really think they need


this man, he has got to unlock the Hull defence for Leeds. I cannot


understand why Burrow is actually on the bench, Jonathan. Well, that


is the man who picks the side. was the man who usually unravels


that was easy, then Jones-Bishop looks like he might have got in at


the corner. That is a very good finish. Simple rugby it was, good


running from the acting half-back and first receiver. Then good slick


passing. Was he in touch? Was it grounded? The video referee, Iain


Smith, will judge. He tries to push him into touch there. He is not in


touchline. The only question mark is the grounding. I think his hand


is on the ball, I think it is. I think that is a drive. He is not in


touch. Has he got control? Let's have a look. Downward pressure


there. I think he has got his hand for the year to the Harlequins


recalled to this squad. That is to try to me, his hand is on the ball.


Leeds fans are shouting yes, Hull fans are shouting no! At last the


Rhinos are on the scoreboard, thanks to that young man. Another


product from the Leeds Academy. It to all came from that forward pass


on the halfway line. Good field position, then attacking on the


right hand side. There is the forward pass. It is the first time


Leeds had had field position. They have had some dummy runs but they


still have a lot to do. I think Briscoe will be disappointed with


that tackling, trying to push him all round then on the terraces.


tries to push him into touch, misses the tackle, but that is a


between these two sides, and Hull have warned just the one, a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


felt he was interfered with from half-back position. A very clever


significant increase in the pace of the play with the ball for Leeds


now. Just three penalties conceded in the match so far. Pretty free-


flowing, coming up to the half-hour. find it. Rob Burrow now,


ball gets past Whiting - I tell you what, he puts himself in a very


good position. He will be disappointed he didn't catch that.


Whiting is a very clever player. Not the most in lecturing of


winners, but a very clever the play of the ball, good


interchange from the Leeds coach Brian McDermott. It is a knock-on.


behind him. Leuluai just happy to me. Were you expecting them to come


out blazing after last week? Yeah, definitely. They have completed the


set and attacked really well. McDermott has made quite a


difference for you. Yes, he has brought a lot of the team. Thanks


for your time. Pleasure. Leeds doing well to come away from that


pressure. Some good form and drives there, notably from Bradford. On


the last tackle. Forcing Brent Webb back. Straight into the waiting


pressure off that Leeds line. Another knock down. Leeds don't


seem to be able to get that ball across at all. It is that man again,


Whiting. Very clever play by Rob Burrow. He get his hand to the ball,


but he is very clever. He spotted he could take it on the outside of


Turner and he nearly succeeded in putting Ryan Hall way. He has


certainly made an impact since in this first half, Hull still 12-


six in the lead. Tries from Sam Obst and Geordan Turner, and in


through a lot of work. Look at him. A good tackle, well read. Just a


and it will be Hull turning to attack. A good opportunity now here


that penalty, but it is still pressure here. A good defence by


can't. It is good tackling from Ryan Hall. I don't think he has got


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


it down. No need for the video now. I think they will be relieved


there is only six points in it. games, one way or another, Richard


players to get into the dressing room for some words of advice. High


tackle. Lauitiiti on the 4th tackle as well, that is crazy play. No


need for it, he wasn't going anywhere. Can we hand to Tanya for


some injury news for start one player is coming off due to a


hamstring injury. If it is a hamstring injury, he won't be


coming back on. Never having been fit enough or fast enough to have


won, I will just agree with the outside. Can he get through


himself? He is pumping his first. great offload. The referee just


through those tackles as if they were paper bags, pushing them away.


He thinks he's God. Ryan Hall in front trying to get down. That is a


off is not there. McGuire tries to hold them up. No, a death and a try.


down. I do not think Mr Smith will be too concerned about this. It


would be a dry, it is. Or coming from that penalty, Ray. The high


tackle, at two and a half minutes to go on the clock. That is poor


game management from Lauitiiti. He gave them the opportunity for field


position. With that field position, that man scored his second try.


Former England Under 18 captain, just proving what Steve McNamara


was saying. We are producing a lot of youngsters at the moment. They


McDermott, but as we see often in rugby league, and we saw yesterday,


a scoreline like this is not a winning scoreline yet. This is


still anybody's game in the next 40 minutes. Danny Tickle, then, with


the kick from the touchline on the half, the gritter has gone. On the


balance of play, I think they in? A unlucky. It fades to the


right hand side. Turner, happy with his performance, two tries, a


couple from techno, and in reply the Jones-Bishop try and a Sinfield


conversion. -- Tickle. Hull are in changing rooms here at the KC


Stadium, whether they will be happy with the 10 point lead, or whether


they would have expected more after their early dominance. Sam Obst


eventually going over for their first try. Thanks to Richard


Whiting's interception and persistence, a slight loss of


control of his legs there, they eventually go overthrew Jordan


Turner, his first of two. Things changed for Leeds when Rob Burrow


came on, Jones-Bishop getting there try, and right at the death Turner


And when we look at the stance, England head coach Steve McNamara,


we do not need them, you can just deserve a bigger lead on the basis


of that display? They were certainly want more, but I think


they will be happy with that after scoring at the death. They have


enough of a lease to suggest that they can go on to win the game.


They are hardly given away any penalties and they have given


themselves a great opportunity. They were criticised last week for


the lack of creating opportunities. They are missing some players, but


they are playing the brand of football which has given them some


opportunities without it being too structured, and they are coming up


trumps. That 85% completion is such a contrast to last week, when they


failed to complete 21. It was 8.5% last week! It was a difficult game


for them. You could say that in the start they made. Terrific start,


and they have dominated territory. It is quite simple. They can cause


problems for anybody when they build pressure. This is one of the


early opportunities, Phelps makes a breakthrough on the right hand side.


All Yeaman has to do is catch them, that was one list of its the drops


this one cold, difficult to see what has happened. When you are


sitting in the stand, you are seeing yourself dominate like that


at the start but not taking the opportunities. Are you fear for?


Probably not fearful, but there's probably some anxiety amongst the


team. They went 80 minutes last week without scoring, which is


tough for a team to take. But they have created an opportunity in the


first five minutes. They picked themselves back up and they are


playing with a lot of confidence. This aspect of the play, the


conversion from Leeds, attack and defence, was not the best. The


first three plays, Hull picked up massive movement and gave


themselves a chance. Jamie Jones- Buchanan, the ball is on his


outside, but he gets help from Buderus. He makes the play on the


outside. Buderus does not help catch Obst. They are over the line


again. They have obviously created this one, Jones-Buchanan, great run


from Obst. They called it in the commentary, maybe five minutes


beforehand, they said it may not have power and strength, but he can


spot a gap. He is powerful. There's not much of him, but he is a very


powerful player. He has been a good signing midway through the season.


He has come in and done a great job. How well as Richard Whiting read


the game this afternoon? interception came, we can call him.


-- King. Whiting does not get anywhere near this one, because


Leeds have created the overlap, outlet waiting for an opportunity.


They were in there. Whiting get rid of Webb, I think somebody shot him


from the stands! But they had enough players in the frame to get


over the line. Jordan Turner has to finish it in the end, because he


had to use great strength. I just think this game is as much about


what Leeds have not done, handing the ball over right, giving Hull


the opportunities. You have got to believe they will take those


opportunities any day of the week. If we are talking about strength,


Jordan Turner has got it in abundance, Steve, not only with


that tried but with his second. Without a doubt. He has taken his


opportunity over the last few weeks to become the regular centre,


growing with confidence. It is great to see a young man performing


well. Great strength, he is a very strong player. He has shown that,


he has worked very close to the try-line, very dangerous. Leeds


fans and general fans will want to know why Rob Burrow did not start


today. I am not his coach, so I would not make that call. He is


obviously using him in a role, he thinks he can be effective. This


changed when he came on. We saw Kirke Yeaman making a poor read


there. But it is a fabulous finish. He may be asking a bit more of


Briscoe. That isolates Briscoe, he has got to make a lot of ground up.


Maybe he should have tried to do a side on tackle. A fabulous finish


in the end. He gets the ball down. We watch Australian footage, the


contortionists in the league, the way they position of four. That is


as good as any you will save. That is a world class finish from the


young man. I don't like to produce a difficult position, so I will do


it too. Would you start with Burrow? I hope to be a coach again


one day! I understand why he did, its speed the game up. The last 15


minutes, they were more dangerous. He was attracting defenders on to


him. If he has got the energy to do that for the whole of the second


half, we will be lauding his decision to bring him off the bench.


Regardless of whether he started or not, if he had been in the team at


the start, the amount of defending Leeds have had to do, he would have


been under tremendous pressure. That would have taken a lot of


juice out of him. Sometimes you put your best team out, you're going to


play one way or the other and then you do not have the ball for the


first 25 minutes. I think that there was a long time to go in this


game, 40 minutes. We can see how the game will swing, there will be


more swings in this one. Given that, it was probably vital for him to go


all right at the end of the half. think it is a huge score, one


minute away from half-time. Moving from left to right, it needs to be


scored, this, because the Leeds defenders, in the end it takes


three of them. To score just before half-time, two scores ahead, Leeds


have to play a bit more expansively, so they are not within one score.


That gives Hull a huge lift, a little bit more of a Hill for Leeds


to climb. It looks like a calm dressing room. So it should be,


they are in control. Going back to that last try, the amount of skill


from Willie Manu to find the offload, Westerman to find the


offload, that was not a structured strike, that was of the car staff,


a bit of an offload, come up with something special. -- of the calf


here. Earlier on this week, the great and the good of the rugby


league community all got together to raise money for the rugby league


Benevolent Fund. If you do not want to see these gentlemen looking


What is the technique here? For all Go fast, get off, let someone else


What induced you to do this on your own? Dave words, as simple as that.


-- Dave words. You are not economy The BBC team have lulled me into a


false sense of security, telling me that we would be on a canal in


Venice. It has manifested itself into this. It does not even go


It is me next! I think it is great that people from rugby league can


come together for a day like this to raise some money. If you had


made that kind of distance as a player, you would have been in the


top 13! Could you do his job? No chance at all! You are all


pussycats in rugby league! There is a battery and a back. If I fall off,


when the wife. Best individual effort, how are you feeling? Jesus,


that was really are! Shattered! A member of the team was just


telling me that you were the Redgrave of the BBC team, the


Vanessa Redgrave. Probably to foot shorter! What about his posture at


the end? He was dead! He did it all on his own! He spent half the day


just standing next to me annoying me! It was a tough day, but a great


day. Ray was part of it as well, and you did quite a bit, I am led


to believe. A little bit more than I bargained for! I was told I was


just to start at two finished, I thought four strokes, but it was


nothing like that, I can assure you. �15,000 raised for the Benevolent


Fund. It was very good, it was worth it. It was hard, but it was


worth it for the Benevolent Fund. You saw quite a few of the


gentleman and the ladies who benefit from it who were actually


taking part. That staggered me. Sensational stuff. We will have the


semi-final draw for the Challenge Cup at full-time here of Hull FC


versus Leeds Rhinos. What do Leeds needs to do to make sure they are


in that drawer? Well, they need to get a really good grip on field


position. If they do that, they are going to score points. I think


Leeds will score more than the 10 points they are down, so Hull need


to score again. In answer to your question, stop Hull from scoring.


Leeds can win this game. Who is your money on? The Leeds. Back to


the commentary team. The Sir Steve Redgrave of the BBC team, Ray


come Hull. They must be happy with that start, Jonathan. I think they


played exceptionally well. As Steve said, they completed the set, they


had a good kicking game. They did the basics very well, and they also


run the power play. When defenders rushed to the line, they had the


confidence to go and put some wits on it. -- width. Leeds will come at


them now so they need to kick on. Don't forget that straight after


this game we will have the draw for the can meet the challenge Cup


statistic - possession, territory, sets completed, metres after


tackles - Hull are very much ahead of Leeds. Yes, the important


statistic is on the scoreboard. They have just been solid, Dom the


basics well and that is why they are in this position. You think


this Leeds pack led by Buchanan will be looking to seize the


initiative in the early moments of this half. Not the best of kicks. I


wonder what Brian McDermott said, what would you have said, Jonathan?


I think they just needed direction. The half backs have got to get some


authority. They definitely improved in the latter stages of the first


half, which gave Rob Burrow a having the ball more, he is a good


footballer, clever man as well. Just give him the ball and let him


create. The pressure is back on Leeds now, they have got to come


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


pass but Ian Kirke did well. He is Whiting. A again, he'd just does a


lot of cleaning up. A good footballer, and reads the game


exceptionally well. Appears like a saying, I believe you know that,


Tanya? Interestingly they expected to be behind at half-time so they


have been told to take it to Hull, keep it tight and stick to the


game-plan. I'm not sure how that sits on the confidence section,


expecting to be behind at half-time. Sinfield is away. Terrific ankle


tackle, can he get him again? He gets back. Wonderful from Willie


Manu. That is a tremendous effort, I thought he was away. It could


even save the match eventually. knew he didn't have the pace so he


just time to the tackle stretching over the line, and Leeds


did so well to keep that movement going. It broke down on the right


wing, continued by Sinfield, and Lauitiiti in other side of the post,


and Leeds are back in business. Great skills by Sinfield. You think


the short ball, but a great finish. The creative ability of Sinfield -


many players would have been content to have picked up the ball


go but it was a tremendous tackle. Here is Sinfield with his second


kick of the afternoon. That equals been the inspiration for this Leeds


side for so many years. 16-12 now pack. Kevin Sinfield equalled the


record set by Lewis Jones between 1952 and 1964 with the number of


goals scored. Amazing, 1244 goals. Will he beat it this afternoon?


Hull are now giving penalties away, making little errors. Tanya?


Richard Agar has told his team took up the ante in defence. He was


expecting the fightback from Leeds. They are working on Danny Buderus


who has a stiff joint in his neck but he will be looking fine to go


Tickle. Danny Tickle was shouting and shouting and shouting not to


defence around the centre. These Leeds for what are certainly


the corner from Delaney. The two forward suffix -- at the two for


words helping and Leeds back in business. I think he has injured


himself here. He created the try but he has copped a dead leg or


something. Has he pulled something? No, I just think - look, he rides


the tackle. Makes the try. He spins out of the tackle, Delaney finishes


it well. The tackle had to be made. No stopping Delaney, the big


powerful 15 stone man. Clever play by McGuire when he just spawned


over the tackle. -- spun over. Kevin Sinfield with the chance to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


out, it puts the pressure back on Hull. They are suddenly losing


their composure, just lost it. amount of errors, they have made a


lot of errors and also they have conceded some penalties which has


shifted the momentum back to Leeds. And they have certainly made the


most of it! Leeds, just content to put the ball into touch, not really


too bothered about gaining too much territory. Just having possession


information on Danny McGuire. We will come to you in a minute when


out. He has given the penalty. Tanya? It is a dead leg and they


are keeping NI on him. -- an eye. Well, dead leg or not, he is doing


well enough out there at the moment. indicates how important both sides


Hull gain the lead, 18-16, and Sinfield breaks the wonderful


record of Lewis-Jones. 1225 goals throughout his career -- 1245.


Lewis Jones is in very good form, I saw him recently at the anniversary


of the championship when for Leeds. Danny Tickle having some attention,


just some strapping around his with more purpose around the play-


the-ball now. Yes, there's more -- some 04 star again, another


shoulders, no doubt about that one. It is Hull conceding the penalties


now. You have got to say, keep your discipline, do not give this Leeds


aside any field position. It is did not spot it. Did it come off


the Hull player's book? The referee thought it came off the shin.


-- he is down! And Carl Ablett is down, and the Leeds fans are


ecstatic. Trailing 16-6 at half- time, they are in the lead 22-60


now. -- 22-16. That is not a knock- on. Let's have a look at the second


one. That is off the food, play on. That was a good call by Steve


Ganson, very good. That was a very good hit by Turner, but he's done


in the tackle and he was too powerful. It is a very good hit.


Again, you look at a second row converting into a centre. A very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


good sender, too. He spun out of Leeds heading for a 9th semi-final


in 12 years? Quite a record. And further update on Danny McGuire?


They are just working on him, keeping him going. Danny Tickle had


an agonised expression on his fees when he had his finger put in.


is the spirit! Lauitiiti has made a difference, hasn't he? These


certainly has, he has been coming remaining. Jamie Jones-Buchanan


having a little bit of treatment. Good running. His hamstring could


not have been that bad. It is a factors, it took 13 minutes in the


first half for Hull to give away a penalty, but now they are coming


thick and fast. They have given Turnover of all, in their own half.


Will they be penalised once again? Hauraki, a good signing for Leeds


from the Crusaders down in North Hull. Five minutes from the line. -


- five metres. A big charge! Can he get down?! He is short, inches


he is checking, is he? He shouted out that it was short. Did he hit


the line? If he hits the line, it is a drive. -- try Allsop I do not


know, I think we need another angle. I think the tip of the ball is


I think that is short. Yes, the grass, Jonathan. Yes, but the tip


of the ball... It would be difficult to give that. The tip of


the ball is short. It is on his arm. It is on Jordan Turner's arm.


will be a play-the-ball. Yes, cannot see, can you? Definitely


over the line, but I think the ball is short. I think it would be very


difficult to give here from the video referee. But I think it was


worth a call from Steve Ganson. that as a try. I know there is the


benefit of the doubt. You could see it. It must be no drive. It is. --


no try. Play-the-ball, tackle four. and he is injured as well. That


will be a blow if Burrow and McGuire has to leave the field.


was a poor pass. He has had a knock, he has just had a knock. He will be


into this game with less than 20 minutes remaining here in the


quarter-final of the Carnegie draw for the semi-finals at the end


again, Cameron Phelps. This is better from Hull. They have been on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


Iraq for 10 or 15 minutes. -- On Up backs as well. Leeds only made


about 20 metres. That is a good player. McGuire there having


treatment on at leg. -- that leg. I doubt whether we will see him back


spotting they were not square. think Richard Agar knows that this


is the crucial period now in this game. Hull trailing by eight points.


They need some success now. They need something now, yes. Offside,


but has he lost it?! As Joe Westerman lost it? He had it in the


crook of his arm. I think he... he lose it?! It was a very good


That is a try. Ali Lauitiiti tried to knock that ball out, as you can


do. Good effort by Ali Lauitiiti. But that is a tremendous effort by


Westerman. Downward pressure was there. That is a try, and Joe


Westerman, the �250,000 signing from Castleford, puts smiles back


on the Hull faces. They are back in his game. -- this game. Tremendous


came into it, lovely ball, short ball. He was the dummy runner, but


he took the ball up. Very good run. Good turn, Lauitiiti, great effort.


Great finish. Even if Lauitiiti had his hand on the ball, it is still a


telling his players to be ready for this kick-off. Good passing from


the play-the-ball. The twisting and the turning and the try. A We have


I think, Jonathan, there will be a few points coming because it is


still very warm, these players will be tiring. Yes, they will be a


little bit, and some of the bigger guys will slow of a little bit.


That is when you get the mismatches on the little half-backs against


the penalties have had a major his own now, running down the right


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


hand side, he used to do that with That is a dangerous tackle. I don't


think it was intended. It was a clumsy tackle. Both Rob Burrow and


Danny Buderus acknowledged that. middle, they need a position to


pressure is on. He takes it again. That was good play again by Delaney.


Jones-Bishop bringing it away again, breathing deeply, the heat is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


clinging to. A two points lead. Can he go inside? Yes, he does. As we


heard, Rob Burrow, who came on, is now beginning to do the work that


Brian McDermott wanted him to do in the final 10 minutes. As the big


men are tiring, that man is getting through an awful lot of work.


Brent Webb, a lovely pass. Whiting definitely played for it. When they


go down the left onside, just watch Rob Burrow. That is the offload.


draws men before he gives the past, doesn't he? Yes, and Phelps was


drawn in as well. Just watch what happens. The ball comes out, Brent


Webb's offload. Cameron Phelps is caught in no-man's land. This kick


will give them a little bit of breathing space. 28-22. One thing


with Sinfield, he doesn't take the ball very far to give himself a


An excellent kick. The Leeds fans tackle, Cameron Phelps comes in,


caught in no-man's land. The short looking to defend rather than


securing the ball and that is a big mistake. Turn the ball over in the


had a good game today. Leeds looking to drive their advantage


home in the pack. On the last McGuire not feeling that dead leg,


no? Looks all right. There he is, looking for the friend rather than


securing the ball. -- looking to think Richard Agar knows that.


Still time, only eight. The Brent Webb running without his


shorts! He has lost the ball. think he offloaded. Now then, what


happened there?! Let's have a look. There is two men in the tackle. If


Richard Horne had held off, I think Willie mono would have stolen the


ball without his help. -- Willie A very good kick. But a good chase


by Ryan Hall, that was the necessary aspect of it. Very, very


opportunities this afternoon, the The only thing here that would just


closed the game off. The Leeds pack dominating this game. That was a


good tackle. Penalty. Richard Horne, I think it was. He is going for


this will take a minute, then the restart, then they will have


possession. They are just running down the clock. That is a sensible


move. Doesn't make much difference to the score. They still need to


score twice. The prolific points of Leeds fans and a very contented


looking to jet the ball from the kick-off but Leeds come with it.


Three minutes remaining, 10 points the difference and surely Leeds are


confirming their dominance. Twice winners over Hull in the super


League, now success in the Carnegie the tackle was made. Yes, a good


of-the-match? I think the influence he has had, he changed the game


when he came on, he had a little bit of leadership there, so my


Carnegie man-of-the-match is Rob Burrow. If I wouldn't argue with


that. Game as ever, he is tackling and wraps himself around the legs.


I think Kevin Sinfield would be a good rival to him. Yes, but the


impact he has had on this match Writing was on his left downside


but I don't think he was covered. The need to score now if they have


it? We are checking. That is a great tackle by Danny Buderus. If


he has dislodged the ball, that is a great tackle. For a Hull go to


get across their at this time in the match. He has lost it. That was


his intention, Danny Buderus. He knew he had played it, a great


tackle. That is the end of the match for Hull. They have to score


in that said. I think he knew the ball was knocked out of his grasp.


A 20 me to restart. -- 20-metre. A tremendous player, Danny Buderus.


Rumours are that Newcastle might want him back. And a good day for


especially, looking as if they could continue on the road to


Wembley and that a win there for the first time in 12 years. We will


know their prospects better when we see the results of the draw for the


semi-finals here on BBC Two, live in about 10 minutes. I am sure Gary


Hetherington will be happier than he looks. He has done it again!


Another try for the youngster, Ben Jones-Bishop in the corner! The


spotted the opportunity, and the interception was his. It is


congratulations all round. They had to do something, chasing the game,


the long ball. It is easy. Simple get some first-team experience and


to learn the game. 9th try in 15 games for Leeds, really making a


push for that spot on the right wing. Sinfield again with another


conversion attempt. Yes, he looks a problem with that. That is the


whistle, a contented group of Leeds fans, Leeds triumphant in the game,


32 points in that second half, six tries, 14 points and a goal-kicking


record for Sinfield. Hull, then, in the semi-final... Hull out of the


semi-final, Leeds in the draw, 38- I am with Brian McDermott, how


pleased are you with that? It was a game where momentum kept swimming


throughout the game. With the momentum shift, Hull came back and


stared us. We came back from the initial points down, so some


resilience from our fellows. heard that you almost expected to


be down at half-time. You were not worried about that. It was going to


be a different script to last week. The danger was reading into how


dominant we were then. That was not going to happen today. They came up


with some players and momentum which scared the life out of us. We


are glad we are in the hunt for the next round. You are in the semi-


final, how much does that mean to you? Everything, you know. There is


a Grand Final, but we want to be successful as we can. There are


some very good teams in the competition. We are through to the


semi-final, and that is great. Burrow, you are the Carnegie Manor


of the match, congratulations. How tough was that for you? Really


tough, we have played them twice in two weeks. We knew that last week


would have no bearing, and that showed without determined they were.


They made us fight. Are you getting used to live, off the bench?


really, I want to start, but whatever is best for the team.


can see the influence, you can see things changed when you come back


on. I do not know about that, it could be anyone who comes on and


change at the game. It has been a tough season at times for you guys,


are you getting some momentum now? We would like to think so. We have


at two could games together, we need to kick on. It is getting to


the business end in the Cup and the Super League, so we need to kick on.


And that relations. Going over the line, Carl Ablett, did you enjoy


that? I do not often get many. I thought I would go myself and get a


few tries. Do you feel confidence is starting to come, back-to-back


wins? Yes, that is it. But victory last week gave us a bit of


confidence. We started a little bit slower today. We came out better in


the second half. We really went at them and score some nice tries as


well. A feeling of unfinished business for the Challenge Cup for


you guys. Maybe a little bit. As I say, we had the experience last


year and did not perform how we wanted. It will be great to get


back, but we're only in the semi- final. We will see how that goes.


Head for the dressing room and watch the draw. It should be


interesting! You called it at half- time, Brian, we are getting ready


for the semi-final draw in just a second, which you will be able to


see with us on the BBC. That is what you said at half-time. Leeds


looked after the ball better in the second half and put Hull under


pressure. Hull were not doing the things which made them so


successful in the first half. They were gifting Leeds field position.


They have too much talent when they errors, this one from Phelps, a


fabulous break from Jones-Bishop. Brilliant from Willie Manu.


Unfortunately, Leeds come down the other end and capitalise on that


position. Now a tedious to began strong. He got the ball over the


line. -- Lauitiiti is just too big and strong. Did the momentum should


come from Hull's errors? Initially it did, yes. A gifted Leeds field


position, and they made the most of it. -- they gifted. Hull were


trying to defend from the outside. If you're going to do that, you


have to stick with them. A couple of great finishes in the first half


from Turner. Three unanswered tries at the start of the second half.


was, and this is Carl Ablett, close range, physical tries. Hull had to


do so much defence because they were not looking after the ball as


well as they had done. Super Finish, great strength and technique to get


over the line. But they did come back better. We said they had to


score next. It was all or nothing. Great play there, I think it is


Horne or Obst. He gives him the ball on the outside shoulder. He is


not looking at the player. Laverty D, one-on-one with Westerman, and


Westerman had great technique to keep his feet, move on and put the


ball over. Close at this stage. 22 at this stage, and then Carl


Ablett with his second try extended the lead. Yes, again, a carbon copy


of what we saw on the other side, coming from outside in. When


executed by Leeds. He has made a great fist of scoring gym close-


range finishes. Ben Jones-Bishop was so sensational for Leeds and


other high ball. He deserved his second try. This has been gifted to


him. He thoroughly deserves that. He is a fabulous young athlete.


Willie Manu puts it on a plate for him. He will not have an easier


score than that throughout his career. Deserves? A hike in so.


Over the course of 80 minutes, I think Leeds deserve to win. -- I


think so. Jones-Bishop was injured and came back to show some great


touches today. All these calls from the Carnegie Challenge Cup are on


We are doing the Carnegie Challenge Cup semi-final draw for you now


live on the BBC. We are in the company of Steve Prescott, former


Hull and Saints player, not a great day for one of your former side's.


It wasn't, but that is Cup football, it can go either way. Welcome to


sergeant-major Lynden Robertson from the Yorkshire Regiment. You


are from a fantastic scheme whereby tickets, sporting and otherwise,


are given to troops. You are going to draw the second teams. None of


us has ever done a draw before! Fingers crossed. The semi-final


draw, away you go. Good luck. The The second one out... St Helens.


Wigan Warriors will play St Helens. Obviously, Castleford Tigers.


the man from the Yorkshire Regiment... Leeds Rhinos. We have


two derbies in the Carnegie Challenge Cup semi-finals. Let's


just confirm them for you. Thank you very much for doing the draw


You will be able to see both of those games on the BBC on the


weekend of 6th August and 7th The final, which she will be able


to see live on BBC One, that game is live at the end of August, 27th


You can ring the information line for details about getting tickets


for the Challenge Cup final. Leeds are in the semi-finals, and it


looks like quite a calm dressing room at the moment. Have they been


told, do you think?! They would have wanted that draw, the pick of


the teams. Castleford probably would have wanted the Leeds draw as


well. Local derby, fierce rivalry between the two clubs. There will


be fireworks and fabulous football. You don't want to disrespect


Castleford, it is 25 years since they have won the Cup, and if Leeds


were going to be somebody, it would have been Castleford. I do not know


if she could hear it, but the Leeds fans were cheering when that draw


came out. They obviously think that, but Castleford have done incredibly


well to beat Huddersfield in the quarter-final. They have got some


threats. They are going to be a threat. I am sure they will be


excited by the prospect of facing Leeds. Wigan and St Helens.


cannot call at one! Words fail you, it will be an absolutely fabulous


semi-final. Saints and Wigan games are always awesome, but the form


that both teams are in, it should be even better. Let's get some


reaction from the Leeds camp. do make of getting Castleford in


the semi-finals? Yes, obviously, with Wigan at St Helens, they are


the form teams, but this is a draw we are happy with, and we are


looking forward to it. Pleased to avoid Wigan? They were at their


best to beat a fantastic Warrington team. St Helens are playing very


well. Both ties are exciting, looking forward to it. How are you?


It is fine, just a knock-on my knee. I manage to run it off and get it


out there. Credit to the boys, we had a few people carrying knocks,


but we battled on through and got a good result. Great stuff, thank you.


Let me point you in the direction We have not got very long. It is an


amazing semi-final draw. Fantastic. I think Hull will be disappointed


that they put themselves in a position at half-time to go into


the draw for the semi-final, but it was not meant to be. Two classic


derbies, West Yorkshire and North West, two classic games. Whatever


the result, the final will be an experience as well. The games we


have seen this weekend have been fantastic. I think they have been


terrific, and we have got two semi- finals that will be just as good.


All of the four games have been exciting and competitive. Thank you


Mark Chapman presents live Challenge Cup action from the KC Stadium where Hull FC take on 2010 runners-up Leeds.

The tie evokes memories of the dramatic final between the sides in 2005, when Hull won the trophy by a single point, edging out the Rhinos courtesy of a late converted try at the Millennium Stadium. That defeat is one of three suffered by Leeds in the final over the last eight years, and they have not won the Challenge Cup since 1999.

Hull are looking to banish memories of a heavy home defeat to their west Yorkshire rivals in the fourth round of 2010's competition.

The commentators are Ray French and Jonathan Davies.

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