Quarter-Final: Warrington v Wigan Rugby League: Challenge Cup

Quarter-Final: Warrington v Wigan

Mark Chapman introduces live coverage from the Halliwell Jones Stadium as defending champions Warrington take on Super League Grand Final winners Wigan.

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World, the excitement! -- oh, the Hello, welcome to Warrington for


this weekend's Challenge Cup quarter-finals. Behind me is Oliver


Cromwell, who arrived here during the English Civil War. His troops


gathered on the historic border between Lancashire and Cheshire and


defeated forces advancing from the north. But that will be like a tea


party compared with today, because this afternoon, Wigan are intent on.


It is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of Rugby League


for years. There is a blow for Warrington this afternoon. League


Riyaz, their playmaker and the winners -- and the winner of the


trophy in the final is out. We can do this. Wigan arrive here looking


to go back to their glory days at Wembley. No such worries for


Michael Maguire's man with regards fitness. Tam -- Sam Tomkins, they


inform player, might want to put his headphones back on.


# Sam will tear you apart again! Warrington are the Challenge Cup


kings at the moment. Victorious in 09/10 and going for three and a row


this season. But Wigan are no mugs. After a barren few years they are


back in the big time and they arrive here as Super League


champions. They will want to be rid of this


statistic, their last Wembley win was in 1995, the final one of that


amazing run of eight. That was a run that captivated a


teenage Michael Maguire back in Australia. He returns home at the


end of the season wanting to have got his hands on the famous old


trophy. It is a glorious July afternoon in


Warrington. The Halliwell Jones is bathed in sunshine, the place is


sold out and the fans are buzzing about. There is a real, great


expectation here ahead of the Carnegie Challenge Cup quarter-


final, but that man is particularly glum. A Lee Briers is out of the


match. Welcome, we are pitch side here.


This has pleased the former Wigan manager Brian Noble, because we are


in front of the Wigan fans. Jonathan Davies, the former


Warrington star, is a little bit more worried about our position. It


more worried about our position. It is a sensational weekend of Rugby


League. There are three matches tomorrow.


That will be live on BBC Two from Jonathan, we will talk about the


general excitement and how the place is buzzing in a moment, but


there is a real blow for Warrington and their fans with no Lee Briers?


He is primarily their main kicker, they will miss his kicking. Also


his defensive play, his diversionary skills are great. They


will miss him. Bridge is slightly inexperienced. How difficult is it


when you lose one of your main them? Not ideal, but they have


played without him recently for a number of games, and played pretty


well. I just really, really think that it will not be to put it all.


You need your best players, but they do not have him. -- I just


think that it will not beat who put After beating Hull KR at the end of


May, lacklustre Wigan began due with defeat to Catalans Dragons.


The visitors were never in it and The visitors were never in it and


went down 20-12. On a day of strange results after


the international against the excels, they laboured to a draw at


They bounced back immediately with a win at St Helens, which took them


back to the top of the Super League table. They were outstanding in the


first half. first half.


Their defence limited Saints' chances in the second half.


Up next was a convincing win over Huddersfield, before Pat Richards


made the difference in a tense victory over Leeds. Three more wins


have followed since then and the reigning champions are back at the


top of the table. Jonathan, back on top and back in


form? They did not have the greatest started the season? They


have had a few odd results, shock defeats. This Wigan side has been


the most consistent. But the Challenge Cup is a one-off game. I


think the excitement... No one can pick a winner today. I think it is


too close to call. They have plastered their dresser with former


Wigan players, by the looks of it. Some sort of inspiration? If it is


either that or Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and George Clooney! It


will be looking at what those people represent through the years,


fabulous. Let's hear from the Wigan coach, Michael Maguire. It is his


last chance to win the Challenge Cup before moving back to Australia.


Everybody fit, healthy and raring to go? Yes. It is about the


performance. Is Wigan buzzing? has been pretty crazy over last


couple of months. It means a lot to everyone on the team, the players


and the staff. We have had really good preparation over the last


couple of months, we are looking forward to the opportunity.


much does it mean to you? Everyone knows you are going home, what


would it mean to get to Wembley? is about the team and about


everyone. If we can progress today, hopefully we will have a good


couple of weeks ahead. But I know you watched the Challenge Cup as a


youngster, you would love that? Absolutely. And speaking to the


players, lots of the young boys have watched the Challenge Cup over


the years. It would mean a lot to everyone. Good luck. Thank you.


What has Michael Maguire done since he took over Wigan? They looks


stelae, they look for it. He has brought a discipline and a focus.


He has let young men mature and grow up and deliver the trophy and


the silverware that they were always ready to do. I thought they


were on the cusp of being really good, and the focus that a new


person brings has taken them to that level. They now have to look


better placing him, which will be difficult. Shaun Wade has been


linked, but nothing has been confirmed, he is the assistant.


seems to be doing a good job. Wigan are such a big club, they can pour


any one in. They will not rush, they can bring any one. It will be


whether they do it from within or not. We are into the Warrington


dressing room at the moment, no such pictures put up what was


perhaps? -- no such pictures put up. What does that say? Some of them


are just focusing on what will happen. It is a massive game, an


incredible game. They may be ruthless but they are the great


entertainers of Rugby League at the moment with points and dry galore.


-- with points and it tries galore. In May, the signs were that the


race for the Super League might be over, as Warrington completed the


double over Leeds. Seven tries to one made the difference as they


secured their first win at Headingley in seven years. There


was a rude awakening when Salford came to town. Tony Smith used six


players who had played for England the previous Friday, and it played


-- it proved one game too many. Richie Myler's late try made at a


frenetic end, but the home side's left it too late.


This proved to be just a temporary setback, as Warrington have won


their last five matches, including this one over St Helens, a first


win against their local rivals since 2001.


Warrington were without Morley and Lee Briers against Huddersfield,


but a later Louis Anderson try was enough.


Their most recent win at Harlequins saw them move within one point of


the league leaders, and today's the top two, and the best defence,


Wigan, Against the best attack, Tony Smith, without Lee Briers and


Ben Harrison, how big a blow is that? A little bit. We have trained


without them through most of the week, they have not been able to


train, but we are still OK about our team. Always good to have both


those players in our squad, but we are not really focusing on who is


not in, we are focusing on who is in and what they can do. How have


you reshuffled? They are all in there. Bridge will play. But we


will have a couple of shifts within the game, a couple of people


playing different roles. We will have to see. You have had a pretty


straightforward passage to this stage, you could not have got a


much tougher game than today? one, it should be a great game.


Both teams are very good, they both like to play a lot of rugby and


defend well. I think it will be the team who can take their chances on


the day, that is crucial. It has the makings of a great game, but if


you are going to progress in this competition you will probably have


to beat Arab opponents today. That is our task, that is what we are


setting out to do. Good luck. Thank you.


Harrison, Adrian Morley, two of the players, with Lee Briers, who are


missing today. I heard Darren Campbell talking about Usain Bolt


on Five Live, he said he does not have a plan, he just runs. Do


Warrington just play rugby? They have certain rules. They will have


to look after the ball a bit better, but they played expensively. If


they can make a fast pass, they will risk anything to play right


across the field. They have a freakish ability to score points?


They are superb, the execution and distribution is amazing, so


clinical. When the chances come, they usually finish them. Let's


find out more about the Warrington Am going to make sure that I do not


get in anyone's way, because I have to play tomorrow and I don't want


to get run over the top of! When I grow up, I just wanted to be just


like these players, Michael Monaghan. He is being one of the


most pivotal players in Super League as well as the Challenge Cup.


Here they go to man, a half-back turned into a logo. He is so great


because when he is carrying the ball, began pick the right man with


the right call at the right pass at the right time. When he does carry


the ball out, he will pick it up and move forward. Most who goes


like to move sideways and get away from the defenders. But he will


move forward, and one that does is bring his own forwards are flat so


they have the advantage line, keeping the opposition on the back


foot. Another great thing, when he gives them the ball out the back,


it gives them the time and distance to play. That is what Warrington


really needs. In Wigan are going to be successful, they need to control


the speed of the play-the-ball and the DI jumping out. We will hear


more from Robbie during the course of the afternoon. Normally that


would be one of the hardest men in the stadium, but not as where rugby


league is concerned. Roy Keane enjoys the support. Sam Tomkins is


crucial for Wigan. He is on fire. He has got the X Factor. If Wigan


are struggling, began interject at any time. They are in the tunnel


mouth, the most exciting thing is that they like to hit teams heart


in the first 20 minutes. They like to put teams away in the first


trendy, and that will be crucial. It is too close to call. The


defence could win the game. It is as noisy and anything, it is all


been anticipating this with the kind of nervous tension that is


normally reserved for the final itself. It is a fantastic


atmosphere. England's current number one team against England's


current number two, and you could spend all day arguing which is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


which. This is how they line up primrose and blue, the Warrington


side kicking off. Two really traditional colours, two really


traditional sides going head today -- head to head today. They can


only be one. My word, it is going to take some sort out, John Kear.


We expect Warrington to put in Great tackles against Wigan.


Believe you me, Wigan can attack, Warrington can defend. This has got


all the hallmarks of an absolutely said any opening drives from


Wigan's point of view. Carrying it as far as they can and then kicking.


the ball and carried it away. It will be a Taff restart and the 20


metre mark. Quite windy. The wind predominantly is behind the Wigan


Warriors. The Wolves have a 20 metre restart. In Challenge Cup


terms, this is the old Empire meeting the new world. Wigan once


owned this competition. Winning it was at an annual event, but it is


16 years since their last won at the famous venue. Warrington have


brought back the cup for the last two years running. They are the


side in the ascendancy in this are, Mattie Blythe getting a bit of


treatment. The wind is playing its backwards. It is a scramble. What


does he give here? A knock-on against whom? The referee has given


Henin thieves to Warrington! The knock-on was by Wigan. -- head and


feed. The wind in the face of the Wolves players. It took it away


from Sam Tomkins. That was the another head and feed for


Leuluai play behind? I think he was in a great position there, he got


it exactly right. It is a third consecutive Z Cars Six for the


Wolves camp on the Wigan Warriors begins to Saxo early, because for a


third consecutive time they have to survive. Warrington lost the


opportunity. That is a defensive when, that one. Penalty against the


Warrington Wolves. What a great defence from the Wigan Warriors on


men in the tackle, and Michael Monaghan stripped the ball out, and


it is a relief of the Wigan Warriors. Richards uses the wind,


We will keep going on about it, it is going to be a factor today! It


seems to me that it is behind Wigan's backs at the moment.


Whether that is in our favour, we A nervous start from the Wigan


Warriors. Good shape and structure, but the pass from the 10th could


grasp the ball, and that has left the Wolves of again. There was an


element of nervousness in Wigan. down, that is what Wigan will be


looking to do, slowing Warrington of a head of steam. In their own


half, they kick downfield. Charnley Wolves. Very impressed with the


Wigan defences said. There was great fogeys in their defence,


great speed of the line, and that there. Two tackles and taking place


wasn't it? This certainly was a good defensive effort from Paul


Deacon. Both teams are finding it very difficult to generate going


forward. That might be the get-out clause. The referee penalises Wigan


for holding down that fraction too long. A bit too long in the tackle,


that has given the Wolves a good attacking opportunity.


Melbourne connection penalised. They both arrived at the start of


they're going to test them here. the runners. Sam Tomkins watches it


out of play. The referee is not sure if there is a Wigan touch here.


He wants to know whether this is a drop out. There was no push? And no


kick from Myler. Plenty of work off commanded Tomkins play the ball


while it was in a field of play? King did not, I think it game off


at Tomkins. It is tap 20. Matt King played the ball the last, so it is


a tap 20 from the Wigan Warriors, and they will be mightily relieved


at that. It was the right decision, wasn't it? Full marks to the


referee for going to the big screen. Any time the ball goes out of play,


they can go for clarification. It used to be just for try-scoring,


but any time the ball goes dead, they can find out what the restart


the wind is blowing strongly as support on the inside! It is going


to be a first try for Hansen! He just about got there, but the


Warrington defence had pulled up. The Wigan fans are reaching for the


skies! What a magnificent try that was by Harrison Hansen, but I just


loves the build up, I loved the shape of this Wigan attacking


structure. It went from vivid to vivid, then to the hooker, acting


as a third vivid. He just jumped the line a little bit too much and


gave Leuluai that little half gap. My word, did he go through! That is


four points, what a magnificent try that was. So well structured and so


well executed. Great composure under pressure from Thomas Leuluai,


a good support from the big second row Harrison Hansen, who grounds


the ball for a very, very, very almost 10 minutes played, Wigan


find themselves with a 6-0 lead. And they deserved it. Brilliantly


executed. They created the gap, so well furnished for the Wigan team,


who were absolutely plowing through in support. And did and it mean a


lot for them to get those first points? -- and it didn't it mean a


blink of an eye, Wigan have two scores. Sam Tomkins, juniors. --


genius. What a try that was. My word, what a try from Sam Tomkins.


It was absolutely sensational. The ball just cleared the 10 metres.


Warrington almost regained it, but then Tomkins sees fit. If you don't


get Simon Cowell looking for the X- factor, just look for Sam Tomkins!


He has got it by the bucket load. the lead by a 12-0. Here is a


superstar of the modern era, Sam Tomkins. His brother Joel Tomkins


tidied it up to start with. Sam Tomkins came up with the winner.


against Warrington last year, everybody expected it to be a tough


game, Warrington destroyed Wigan Warriors, a fantastic start?


Yes. We just want to know we have matched them. And a cracking


atmosphere? Yes. Thank you very Isner? -- what to do Warrington


need to do, John? Just settle down coach is looking a little bit


frustrated. That was defensively superb. Joel Tomkins was totally in


control. There coalition and contact allow them to take Matt


King over the sideline. -- that an effort for himself. -- young


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


One of the best fullbacks around, Brett Hodgson, that was completely


write a few wrongs today. He is a young man learning his way in the


wants another look. Make sure he wasn't grounding here, that is the


question. But that is the only thing that will save Warrington


from this. Warrington were billed as the


entertainers, but what a great job Wigan are doing. The referee want


to identify whether he was tackled. He was. We need to see if he was


reacts well. It is a half tackle, he hits the ground but he is not in


contact with Carmont. Carmont has every right to play on, and he does.


He is three, Dave. That cannot be classed as a tackle, that has to be


given as a legitimate offload, then I feel it will be a try. I imagine


that the video referee concurs. third dry all ready for Wigan, 16-0,


what a start they are making. -- for Richards. Warrington are being


pulled apart. Wigan have played superbly, dominating possession of.


-- dominating possession. They will be wondering how they can fix it.


18 points is difficult to claw back against Wigan, because they can


defend really well. Robbie Paul is on the touchline, what have you


made of this? Surprised, but very pleased that Wigan are playing this


type of rugby. They are not afraid to throw the ball around. Every


single player is ready and in full sunny it would favour Warrington


because of their ball-handling skills, but Wigan have ripped that


defending very, very well. Warrington had not conceded a


single point before this game. They are conceding a point a minute so


of relief. You took the words out of my mouth! Warrington Wolves


have had significantly more Warrington have had to make 11


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


referee says it was, and that was a their defending. They have had no


been to Wigan, and the territories are reflecting that. David Solomona


is on the field for Warrington. If you didn't watch Rugby League, you


would wonder what he is doing on a sporting field, because he does not


look the part. But he is one of the to bounce, but Richards knocked it


It really put Joel Monaghan under pressure. They will be happy to get


some respite and stoppage in the game, get oxygen back in the lungs.


was a slip by one of those defenders, I think it was Richie


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Harrison Hansen looking to create a Fantastic hands on the left-hand


side, and Wigan in the absolute ascendancy. Warrington simply have


no answer for this. Well, at the elite level of sport, you look at


execution and decision-making, and that was soon further from the


Wigan Warriors. They decided to run it on the last tackle from Paul


Deacon. Look at how Sam Tomkins links in. Look at that pass through


Richards, it almost went in and out without stopping. Carvell to


Richards, Richards just get so the right by the sideline. What grates


Gill, what great execution, great decision-making, magnificent try! -


- What great skill. Well, this is absolutely astonishing, it really


is. Adrian Morley can only watch from the sidelines and he is


wondering what is happening to his has his fourth conversion attempt


bustle, but he has not found the target this time, but it is still


22-0 Wigan lead, and not many would have given you that scoreline at


this stage of the game. They certainly were not, but it has been


a breathtaking performance from Wigan. The only mistake has been


part riches missing that kick, because they have been absolutely


sensational. -- Pat Richards. It is now about giving their heads down


and working hard, because if they do that, this game is theirs.


already you get a feeling that Warrington need to score next.


Tanya is on the touchline. I have got Ben Harrison with me. A shell-


shocked feel around his bench. What your guys need to do? Obviously a


very disappointing start for us. Wigan have completely dominated the


ruck, getting a quick play-the-ball every time. They are holding us up


in defence. That is an area where we need to switch on and take


advantage. Try to turn it around. Have you been surprised by the way


Wigan are playing? They are playing your game, entertaining. They are


performing very well. We are making them look even better than they are.


There is nothing that they have done that we were not expecting or


was not in our game plan to counteract, but we are not sticking


to our game plan, which is obviously putting us in some


trouble. Thanks for a time. worries. Not playing today, Ben


Harrison. He is actually a law student, he needs to make a case


for this Warrington defence as quickly as possible! They are


running tries in for fun at the moment. They need to get some


possession at the moment. They need a run of possession to attend to


years of age next Monday. He seems to have clocked around quite


response starts from here. Just as Wigan executed a stunning display


for the last try, so Warrington have produced something similar to


get Matt King over in the corner and give them a glimmer of a home


here. That is a magnificent for past, isn't it first to drive it


came from the penalty that gave them field position. That is the


6th pair of hands, Matt King, before the crosses by the sideline.


All the passing was purposeful. Kain did really well, taking the


ball to the line. -- King. The created space to finish so well.


That is just the playing of hope that the Wolves needed. They just


need to settle down, attend to pose another score, and then they are in


colours last year, a couple of behind, hoping to blow this ball


over, but it was a poor kick. I think he slipped as he came to kick


touch, by the way? Matt King was very, very close. That is a try, a


great piece of work. His foot is in the air, and his knee is on the


ground. Ben has no problem whatsoever with that. -- there is


put Hodgson's head in a spin, but they got away with it somehow.


Grade restart, very difficult, you can see the post, and he gives the


ball plenty of time, it spirals and drops when the crossbar and post is,


very difficult to take. He was not for Warrington. They have got to


start shipping points in as score another try, and then we have got


from the Wolves, but they have not got the speed of line that the


Wigan Warriors are generating. Keane is watching with interest. So


many top sportsmen look with tremendous respect on his board.


Graham Swann was treating, describing Warrington as the


Barcelona of rugby league. -- tweeting. They are being outplayed


think that was a drop goal attempt, but it disappears under the Six. --


Tomkins. Robbie Hunter-Paul. One of the things that they have got to do


is give the ball away from Wigan. Wigan are marching them all weigh


up the field. Warrington have shown that when they hit the ball and get


themselves and complete their sets, support! Myler is over, Warrington


Wolves! Once they were in retreat, but the battle is rejoined, and the


game is well and truly on now. that was absolutely vital, and you


can see that the crowd has come alive, Tony Smith has come alive,


and his team has come alive now. That was a quality try once again.


Very narrow short side, superbly by Hodge and creating the space for


King, and support play, the master an excellent try. That space was


created in 115 metres short side. That is ill, that really is


outstanding skill. It shows the pace of Myler, because he left the


Wigan chasers for dead to make it an easier pass for King to make.


Bosh than looking to put Warrington into double figures. -- Osh son. --


Hodgson. Again, the kick is not as short as he would of liked, but he


have got a game on, my word, and this stadium is bouncing. Richards


with one of those restarts, this time it is high and it spirals. It


begs the question, are you going to High tackle, I believe. He was


certainly in amongst it. All of a sudden, possession is starting to


even up as well. It really is. It has gone from being completely


dominated by Wigan, still 6040, really. -- 60-40. That reflects the


scoreline. Tanya has a news. Steve Hansen, one of the Wigan coaches,


is telling them to tighten up down the right-hand side. I think we


could have told them that, couldn't we?! Cooper looking down the middle.


If Warrington score again before half-time, suddenly you would fancy


them to go on and do something pushing forward. It is amazing how


often and how quickly a game of putting it out of play. What a


recovery. Magnificent defence, because that was good attacking


play from Warrington that created space for Matkin. But look at this


scrambled defence. There is Deacon, 3, four, five, six players have


appeared from nowhere. Absolutely sensational scrambling defence.


Great work from Warrington to create that space, but what desire


and commitment from the Wigan Warriors to get across. He saw the


line, and then his cherry and white curtain fell. There was simply no


way through. Wigan can begin from deep to steady the ship again. That


have only got one tackle left. Magnificent hands! Fantastic, but


they tried a miracle too far. this, breathtaking, you just cannot


catch your breath! It is absolutely sensational work. Warrington now


playing from their own 20. audacity of that offload by Mattie


Myler is up with them, here is Myler! Clear running for another


Warrington try! They were dead and buried, but the resurrection is


very nearly complete! Three tries and said! And suddenly the path to


Wembley is looking player again. Unless Wigan can stop this charge.


This is a magnificent cup tie. It is almost of epic proportions. Look


at that, the real Wigan players around the ruck, maul and has seen


it, he has got the front foot, he breaks the line. Myler once again


is on his shoulder, and, as you say, he has got pace to Byrne and he has


of pushing around the ball. His decision-making was superb. They


great finish again from Richie Myler. How he is maturing.


Sensational. But, to be fair, that is what we expected. But probably


not the way it is planning out here. We always knew it would be a


classic game, these are two very games so far. -- Brett Hodgson, his


best kick of the game so far. What a game. This is magnificent. But


look at the support play from Warrington. Inside, outside, and


they pick the right man, Richie Myler, to finish. On the bench, all


they can do is rubber their chins and wonder what is going on. They


were not smiling around 10 minutes ago. They were thinking their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


up shop? It would not be like them, seconds remaining, the last play of


this half. Somewhere in all that cacophony, though the tie has


sounded to end what has been an absolutely extraordinary half of


Rugby League. There is another 40 minutes to come. Warrington 16,


Wigan 22, but the scoreline barely What a first half of Rugby League.


I am not sure anybody here wanted that to end. The noise is immense.


It is bouncing through the studio. Staff Brown has got in touch and we


do, I have goose bumps about the atmosphere at Halliwell Jones. --


has got in touch on Twitter. Wigan went 22-0 up at one stage,


Warrington have fought back. A Matt King has been absolutely


instrumental, and two tries for Richie Myler. I have no idea how we


will fit all of that in during half-time. Just in case we don't,


There has to be more to come! Robbie and Tanya are on the


touchline. What a half and what an atmosphere


down here. Robbie, some that up for me? What a game! The first 25


minutes, Wigan came on and played the type of rugby that Warrington


play, but in the last 15 minutes, Warrington showed exactly what they


can do and blew the game apart, they opened the game and started


passing the ball from left to right and got back into the game. After


25 minutes, I thought it was all over. How keen were Warrington?


think one of the things they had to do was to start to get off the ball,


because every time Wigan got a quick player Oren offload, every


single one of their players was ready to go. Every time they made a


half-break they had three or four players. I was feeling a little bit


sorry for Paul Hodgson. This is exactly what we want to see from


Warrington, some good points, setting up players and getting


points on the ball. I thought there would be more defence today, but it


has been more offensive. Can they keep going like this in the second


half? Both teams will have to keep going like this. They have blown


the game open. They will possibly play a bit more reserved for the


first opening time, trying to keep the statistics. But I think Wigan


will go for it and it will be a really high point-scoring game.


really high point-scoring game. Let's take a look at some of these


statistics from the first half. At one stage, Wigan were up around 60%


in put out -- possession and territory, that was around 25


minutes. Wigan have only missed one tackle, on Richie Myler's first


drive. The tackle completion is so high, and there have been seven


tries. It shows what an amazing first half, offensively, it was.


What is being said in the Wigan dressing room? I think they are


trying to recover. The last 15 minutes from Warrington, they took


the momentum into the second half the momentum into the second half


and I reckon they are shell-shocked. They have to stabilise everything.


If we concentrate on what we did in the first 25, being physically


dominant, winning the ruck and playing how we want to, then


Warrington said, we don't care, we will throw the ball, break the game


open, get penalties and momentum. You said the first 25 minutes was


the best display you have seen? Definitely. You can't keep this up,


I said. Wigan physically dominated Warrington, that is why they


couldn't cope defensively. Once Wigan became tired, Warrington came


back into it and they started offloading. The arm wrestle was


physical in the first 25 minutes, then they were tired. It was an


amazing first half. You can see how physical they were right at the


start. They had three set to defend on their own line and they were


immense. They never looked like conceding a try. They were


physically dominant. Liu Wei was underneath, three people laugh. --


Thomas Leuluai was underneath three people. They were physically


people. They were physically dominant around the ruck. When both


teams are winning in the ruck area, the little bit where they play the


ball... It is interesting, the little dummy run. They Ramos in,


held the inside runners, but a Richie Myler did not know what to


do. Thomas Leuluai got on the outside. Brilliant player and a


great finish. Is Richie Myler in a loose lose situation? He should


hold the line. Should he go early or blocked jaw Thompson and -- Joel


Tomkins? He did neither. We have seven tries to try to get through.


The second one was a bit of individual brilliance that followed


Man how might have dove on that ball, but Joel Tomkins cleaned up


the mess. Monaghan could not get their. This was fabulous, fabulous.


You were not going to catch him, what a fabulous finish. The two


Warrington wing men are flat. Once he breaks and get some Brett


Hodgson, it was a magnificent try. -- and gets on Brett Hodgson.


is always a difference of opinion, John Kea called this straight away


as a try, Jonathan, you were less sure? Only the video referee can


call it. It was not clear. It was play on, it is just a missed tackle,


one-on-one, a missed tackle. Coley showed great pace, a good finish.


Jonathan is calling the video referee to be a Warrington fan!


That was never going to be a try. You are not meant to give the


secrets away! Speaking of pace, not the pace off


feet but of hands for the 4th Wigan try. Amazing skill. Tomkins came in,


amazing. That is as good a rugby try as you will see anywhere.


People will say Monaghan should have come in more quickly, but at


the skill of Carmont it just did him. Was that a better try than


Tomkins' try? Tomkins would not think so! Tomkins will be ringing


his mum and saying, can you text and say mine was the best?


Tomkins' family can tweet, or they can e-mail!


Let's move on to Warrington, Matt King has been influential? He has


been amazing. His defence and were great were incredible. -- his


defence and work rate. One thing this man can do is finish. This is


an international winger. What he can do is finish. But his defensive


work and taking the ball up, I thought, brought Warrington back


into the game. We mentioned the forward was slightly shell-shocked


and got a slight battering. Matt King made the difference, he was


awesome. Sometimes just one player can turn your fortunes around, the


bloke who decides to roll their the momentum of the game. Matt King


has been that man this match. Only four times this season Richie


Myler has failed to cross the line. You can see why. That was brilliant


play by Brett Hodgson. He reminds me a lot of Edwards, in support.


Brett Hodgson has had a bit of a shocker. He sucked in the winger,


freed this man. He can sense and he knows that Richie Myler or Ryan


Atkins should be with him. can't coach that positional


awareness? You can do practise. A good friend of mine said that Rugby


League is about tackling and backing up, and Richie Myler


epitomises that. You have to anticipate and work out the


quickest dangle you can get to a breakdown. You have to expect them


to nick the ball, and when they do they catch the ball. But he is


going to make the break, Myler said he was going to make a break, and


he was Xu Ming to get their. Monaghan, as Robbie Paul said, this


guy will always do something. Holding his run, not over running


as a support player, just waiting for the opportunity. He is watching


and watching, he has not overrun, he is waiting for the winger, and


he scores. Charnley did well to come across, but when you have two


good players you should always score. It has been a phenomenal


first half's otherwise. The pace has been amazing. -- it has been a


phenomenal first half, skill wise. Let's hope the second half is the


same as the first. This is only the first part of a double-header on


the BBC, let's hope tomorrow is as good as today. It is Hull against


Leeds tomorrow, a re- run of the 2005 final, which John Kea in our


commentary box will need no This is not only the Challenge Cup


that we have to look forward to in 2011. The biggest and best, Wembley


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Wembley once again, the ideal venue. Rugby League back at Wembley as


part of the Four Nations. You'll be able to see coverage on the BBC.


New Zealand and Wales are the other teams involved. That gets under way


on October 29th. 3rd November there is the England versus Australia


game. Adrian Morley will hope to feature in that, he is outside with


tiny up. He has just come out of the Warrington dressing room. What


is being said in there? We are a bit of a roll at the moment. If you


add give us that scoreline at that 20 minutes, we would have taken it.


We have just got to keep on with it. If we can use the sun and wind to


our advantage, hopefully there are a few more points in it.


Disappointed with the first 20, but the second 20 was pretty good. We


need to keep on with it. After the first 25, did you think, it is


gone? Yeah, it did not look great. All the momentum was with Wigan.


Our boys looked tired, making uncharacteristic errors. But


thankfully they rallied and we had given ourselves a chance, so it is


all to play for. What has Tony Smith told them to do? Just keep


going as we were. The second 20 minutes was a very good. Just need


to keep going with that. Hopefully there is a few more points and we


will get the result. Thank you for by the reaction of the fans.


Warrington are just out as well, congregating by the Tunnel, won


last that talk before they take to the field. Fingers crossed for a


second half just like the first in the company of John Kear and Dave


first half, wasn't it? And a statement of the year? And just a


matter of a darkened room after a good lie down, I am ready for the


next 40! It has been fantastic. A text message from a mate who said,


I'm supposed to be going to a barbecue, but I will go hungry, I


am not missing this! 40 more minutes to go, and it looked at


though it was done and dusted half an hour ago. Anything but now. 16


points for Warrington, Wigan 22. If you're just joined us, Wigan were


winning 22-0 after an electrifying start, but Warrington have come


bouncing back into it, and this is the cup-tie and a little bit more


that we expected. Solomona, the man Yes, the intent is there for all to


see, Solomona struggling with the come. Pat Richards dropped that,


but don't blame him, it took a wicked deflection, a real swerve in


the air at the last minute as it came down. That is a great kick,


though, isn't it? They were deep into the Wigan half, they put up a


contested kick, and Pat Richards will be intensely disappointed.


That is a big error, that one, because 20 metres from your own


line. It means that Warrington have possession here, six tackles to


outstanding in the Warrington recovery. Pointing and


gesticulating, telling his troops were they need to be. My life,


Bridge, Solomona goes over! Has he got it down? I think the referee


might take a second opinion. No, he has pointed the finger! He is


convinced that Solomona has touched it down, and when they kick to come,


Warrington have very nearly hit parity again. They have continued


with the momentum. That was a great first set, forcing the error. What


a charge from the big fella. You certainly were not going to stop


him. It all came from Pat Richards, a very high kick, putting the


five metres from your own line. You just cannot. Look how well he


did grounded, Dave, worry not, that is a try. It is on the scoreboard.


A big game here now for Brett Hodgson, because if you put this


over, extraordinarily, it is 22-22. behind the line, watching and


waiting. They must be wondering what on earth is this wild wind


which has been blowing in their direction when they thought they


had the game. He has missed it. It is 22-20, and there is a long, long


way to go. There it is, clear for all to say, he grounds the ball,


and that is why those fans are has happened today! It happened


just before the Sam Tomkins try Richards users. It has fallen over


again. He uses that to get the elevation. Look how he plays with


the ball as well. He does not take it in the orthodox way. It will


was high! Andy Coley caught him. I know we have got a lot of people


watching in Australia, and in fairness that was like the tackle


when he was dragged into touch like a rag doll. He takes a lot of heavy


not like that. He does not look like a rugby league player, but my


word, he is, and we have got a would not have guessed that half an


here. That will be a shame for the Wolves, because Solomona's


introduction, the game swung with the momentum. He has banged his


head on the ground as he has hit the ground. That is what has


happened. I think it is a nave. -- neat. You see how the knees were


brought together. It is shoulder that one again, that tackle. There


has been a bit of a question mark hanging over Wigan's tackling at


times, hasn't there? They try to keep their legs together, but with


a big man like Solomona, they have tried to get the shoulder in. It


was Andy Coley. That is not third- man, he is legitimately allowed to


bring him down. There is nothing wrong with that. No, no. But he has


in the pack. Lee Briers also absence today. It looks like


Solomona may have played his last as well. That is a big shame for


the Wolves, because when he was introduced, that coincided with the


momentum changed, and he obviously scored that class try. He has been


very important for the Warrington Wolves and he will be a big mess on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


guard good shoulder contact underneath, but it was an illegal


tackle. -- he got. It took him past the vertical. But there was no


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Tomkins is going backwards by a Yes, they've and Solomona taken


straight to the dressing room with a twisted knee, extremely doubtful


that he will be back out. -- David. As John was saying, that is a blow


for Warrington, a boost for Wigan. Some good hits going in at the


moment. Yes, you feel that Wigan have just got their way back into


the game a little. The momentum was with Warrington, but that break in


play with Solomona has allowed Wigan to gain some composure. It is


still anybody's game, Dave. by Sam Tomkins. The almost found a


in as Tomkins was picking himself up. Great take, wasn't it? I just


love the way that when Tomkins carries the ball, even when he is


tackled, he is competitive and once to get off the floor quicker than


the tackler. Everything about this kid is a competition, and that is


why he is such a good player. was a 13-year-old fan understands


the last time that Wigan were in a Challenge Cup final. -- in the


stands. If somebody had told that 13-year-old he would be a star in a


sign that was hoping to get back to Wembley, he would have taken that,


is in at the corner, and Pat Richards touches down for his


second of the game. And Wigan have come back off the ropes, and they


contest, isn't it? Midges scores so many important tries, and he has


come up with another. -- Richard. A lovely little pass to finish on the


run around, calm and there is a great job as a centre. We spoke


earlier about his hands, the quick hands, in and out to riches. This


is a different type of centre play to create an opportunity, but that


was proof falls, shrugging off micro a defender, and then a good


off loading collision to create space for a very good drive from


the goal-kicking machine that is and a chance to put some daylight


between themselves and Warrington. Tony Smith, the man on the other


side. Added complications. If Richard kicks this, eight points


the difference. It is a psychological battle again,


Warrington will have to score twice Warrington, 28-4 Wigan. Michael


Maguire knew that was a vital kick. The kick afterwards is important


because that has given Wigan the inspirational moment or two.


Michael McIlorum has a nasty cut on his head. They are struggling to


have to get it patched-up properly. Or changed. The grace obviously has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


for my Kong law on. -- for Michael went out, so I think it will be a


drop out underneath the sticks. think it will be a penalty. He did


a great job reading the kick. referee is asking the question.


can argue he was challenging but, for me, he was going for the ball.


You can't attack a defending player in the year at -- in the air. Had


it been the other way around, he would have been OK. Penalty for


the referee, he has been a very composed, calm and rational in his


game was all about momentum. I believe the team that will win will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Millward, is working for BBC radio wind was behind them. He had a bit


of competition on the floor, Brett Hodgson. I think it was Carmont or


Hoffman. They just held him down for that bit too long. The


penalties are pretty even Stevens. highest calibre. His hands could


It was Ryan Atkins. He just played it with his foot. The last time the


Wigan Warriors had a penalty in such a position, they came up with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


- it is just bounced away. What an attempt by Matt King, but it was


inches away. My word, that was a But I think the trade that -- chase


back from Sean O'Loughlin saved the points. Phenomenal work by him.


soon as Monaghan got the ball, you thought try, but suddenly they both


got across. Great work by the loose forward. Monaghan perhaps felt they


could have made more of the by the way! He almost got cleared


trademark play from pick -- from Finch to Hoffman. They have done


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


that ever since their Melbourne absolutely sensational try!


Warrington have no right to keep that a live, but somehow they did.


He has pulled Warrington very close again. Typical Warrington.


wonder the mascot was celebrating. Matt King is an international wing


are some class. -- and the goal line for a greater try.


But just look at Westwood. Several players all tried to get him, but


there it came, and there was the finish. A great offload from Ben


Westwood. Absolutely great class -- First Class. Pearce celebrates his


birthday on Monday, I think his team-mates should be buying him a


likes of Ben Westwood often go still remains that a try and a goal


would put Warrington ahead. Three men in the tackle. It looked as if


Westwood was wrapped up, then he just popped the ball out to Brett


anybody's game. Another of those kick-off specials from Richards


which was caught in the wind. Advantage, Wigan.


Richards is worth his weight in gold to the Wigan team. That was a


really difficult kick-off. He puts difficult kick-offs into field, he


makes great defensive work, he scores a try is and kicks, and he


has put in Brett Hodgson under pressure. -- he is putting Brett


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


have the gap again, if the video referee likes it. They are looking


for the challenge. Three questions. I don't think there is anything


wrong with the grounding, but we might as well look. I liked the


kick. It was a great kick. A short kick, a reasonably high. Some real,


clever kicking. I think they are all onside. That his question one,


I believe. Question two, the challenge. All eyes are on the ball.


Joel Tomkins knocks it back. That will need another looking at, I


believe. Paul Deakin really played well at the end it just to release


Charnley. But that is the question which is up in the air initially.


He knocks it backwards. Them for words. Oh, my word! For them -- for


me, I would give that as a try. He pushed it back to Paul Deacon. I


like his composure. Question three, he has grounded it. It can't knock-


on, because it did not hit anybody. It is an affirmative in Wigan's


favour, so they keep themselves just their head in this long-


beginning to close, and Warrington, for all their efforts, just cannot


keep up. It came from that kick of which gained them field position.


Who is to say that Pat Richards, who engineered that field position,


will not nail this as well? It is a vital, vital, vital kick. This will


make it 42... Warrington will have to score twice and Kate two goals


to take the lead. Richards has put it wide. It remains an eight-point


difference. They still have to score twice, Warrington, but only


convert one of those tries to take the lead. That is a clever kick


from Finch. He made King come in the field to claim it. That allowed


Tomkins to knock the ball back. Really clever play from Brent Finch


and a pretty good finish from Josh Charnley. He is a player worth


watching, Josh Charnley, a big future ahead of him. He's only 20,


isn't he? He has been phenomenal minutes to go, eight points is the


difference. When we finish, the red against Leeds Rhinos at 3:15pm at


Warrington do the work. Make them bring it back from here. How do


wind and bring it back? Maybe Chris Riley has an idea. Can you get this


back? Is the confidence of there? In the first half we was down in


the dance, but we called it right back. There is still a lot of time


to go, we can get a few points on the board. They just keep edging


ahead. They keep their tails and front. They are very confident, I


am sure we can get right back in this game. How are the nurse?


up and down in the seat. The last heave pulling me up and putting me


down, pretty exciting. Enjoy the next quarter of an hour. I am sure


there are a few cities around the country would have been up and down


as people get excited about the game. Good hands from life. --


Blythe. That is a good chase, Dave, an outstanding chase. He has lost


it! It went backwards. Charlie has picked it up and seen a gap! --


Charnley. He sidestepped Hodgson's superbly. What a try this is going


to be! Atkins could not get there, it is a match-winner, and


absolutely magical, marvellous moment from Josh Charnley. The


video referee is being called for. All of that initial jump, never


mind the quality of the finish, was there something wrong in Tomkins


dropping the ball? We will have to look at that, but what a finish. It


was a great chase. It was a good kick at a great chase, and it is


how the ball comes free. Visit a penalty or a try? Drive. It is a


steel, anyway, isn't it? Advantage, this will be a try. As long as the


pick up was clean. The pick up was a OK, I will tell you. The evasion


was first class, but these beading was outstanding! -- these beat.


Look at that rate composure from and I think that, with Richard'


conversion, may well sealed the game, and I think Charnley knows


that from his reaction. -- Richards. Here comes the decision. Here comes


the decision. The big screen will tell us, it is a try for Josh


Charnley! And surely it is the match for Wigan. And what a way to


win a Challenge Cup tie like this. Phenomenal try, that, that was a


great individual efforts there, out of nothing. It was a solid chase


from the Warrington Wolves, the ball came free, and what a finish.


This is to make it 14 points, the difference. This could mean the


game, Dave. Final a few Wigan fans will have got in in their hearts. -


- I know. The Challenge Cup final against Warrington back in 1985, a


certain John Ferguson's got a try of absolute quality, and I will


tell you, is try in a quarter-final in 2011 is right up there. I love


how he beats Hodgson, beautiful right faster! He looks around. He


says, I have got these days in front of me, I have got the pace,


and although Atkins was chasing, it was forlorn. He knows exactly what


that means. That may well mean semi-final football for the


Warriors. Well, here we go, Warrington have done it once. Have


they got time to do it again? 13 minutes left to play. They have to


score three times. I will tell you what, you would not say it is


impossible, the way this game has Joel Monaghan had no right to get


there, but I think he might have got the touchdown. This is


unbelievable, this game is unbelievable. He does not know. It


is a bit of ingenuity for the little brother kick behind Richards


for Joel Monaghan to chase, and he committed himself fully, but I


think his body language gives you the answer. He is certainly onside,


palms it's dead. That will be the big one, it will be the restart.


Visit a drop out under the posts? I think that could be Richards. So it


is not a try, it is how we restart the game. I think it is Richards


that put that ball dead. He can add that to his all-round performance,


now have the game is restarted. me, that is Richards that has made


it there. If that his case, it is a drop out under the posts. He has


made his decision. No try, we knew that, goal line drop out. It was


Pat Richards. He got the final touch. But a good effort by Joel


take something absolutely astonishing now for Warrington to


pull this one out. They did produce something very close to absolutely


astonishing in the first half. Guinness try, one tie creates dance,


but a knock-on like this does not help. -- in this type, one try to


create Dowds. Paul Wood was very disappointed, the first tackle...


It is very tight, the contact in Ayr. That has forced the air. --


Dave, it has been absolutely first class. Tomkins still posing a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


themselves up, but the referee said there was nothing wrong with it. --


Lee Mill. I do not know whether read Hodge and would agree with


that. -- Brett Osh and. It was high, around the neck. I think that is a


mistake. He has not made many this the Halliwell Jones Stadium, the


shadows lengthening on Warrington's hopes of a Wembley return. They won


last year and the year before, but they are going to go out in the


quarter-final here. Tomkins threatening something special again,


but Mickey Higham hung on. magnificent collection by Tomkins,


pick-up. He is asking questions of the defence. It is not a matter of


just claiming the ball and play safe, he says, are you going to


stop me? He makes that look very easy, but he is running past world-


class defenders. A chance here for year, we do not know, but McGuire


is leaving at the end of this season. We have not been told if he


has been told that he will be the referee has seen a forward pass.


Yes, the Magic hands letting him down a little with a forward pass,


but he has had a great game in the centre of position, hasn't he? He


has shown a full range of defensive and offensive skills that he needs


to play that position. He cannot believe it has been given as a


with for a game which has, for two- thirds or three quarters of the


time, given us an absolutely ding- dong contest. It now looks like


Wigan will win it with 7 1/2 minutes to go, but the Warrington


themselves to attack. They have not given up yet. They need to score


this set to have any chance reasonably conservative set, tried


to draw breath for the last few will not be watching any more Rugby


League for the rest of the game, he very hard. A very good performance


from Warrington, but an outstanding one from Wigan. The quality of the


other quarter-finalists means it will be a very tough route through


to the final for Wigan. Even if they will be favourites from hereon


his fingers as he would have wanted. Good defence once again from Wigan.


They were down on numbers, but Richards really came up, put Matty


Carnegie Challenge Cup quarter- final man of the match. Well done


Lachlan, what a deserving scorer he is! -- and it is the skipper,


Shaunnah Lachlan. He is the man who will write his name on the


scoresheet. No chance now, Sean O'Loughlin with the try. Wigan are


on their way to the semi-finals. is an outstanding Rugby League


player. I think it is a great way to finish an epic encounter, with


the captain sealing victory. But it was magic again for Sam Tomkins.


King did really well to try to recover, but that was a forced


error from Sam Tomkins. Just look at that. He has the vision. He


challenges once again, forces the area, and the big fellow, Sean


O'Loughlin, the Wigan captain, just seals it. He is a very controlled


character. To see that kind of a response to scoring that dry tells


you just how much it means to him. in how the domestic season pans out,


they still have a chance of being in the Grand Final of the Super


League. But domestic honours will not include the Challenge Cup for


at the Warrington end. -- and the seats are emptying. It has been


very, very conclusive in the end. That was some skill, to read that,


his decision-making was first class. I am very pleased for Shauna


Lachlan, he has been a stock or water Wigan when things have not


been going well -- I am very going to Wembley. But there is a


very big hurdle to come, the semi- final. Nothing is certain. There


was a semi-final against Catalan, they were red hot favourite to go


through, they came up short. I think Michael Maguire will remind


them of that in the meantime. restart the Warrington. Michael


forlorn figure in the shadows. How big a mess he has been. -- a miss.


It might have been different if he was on the pitch. I think by the


time this scrum has happened there will only be a couple of plays at


the most. Wigan know they are through. 30 seconds left, how good


has Wigan been? Outstanding. That first 20 or 25 minutes was a Rugby


League master class, and since then they have hung in with Chev defence,


great individual work. Their work rate is phenomenal. The scoreline


reflects their performance, superb. It has been a long, long time since


Wigan went down Wembley way. They have taken a step closer today.


They have an awfully big challenge to come with a semi-final in a


couple of weeks, but they have put out one of their biggest rivals


today, and put them out in style. Warrington were magical in spells,


but they could not keep it up for long enough. Wigan, after an


electrifying start and powerful And only now can we draw breath.


Goodness me, Brian Noble. extremely tiring game to watch, let


alone playing. I don't know how many tries we have seen, 14 or 15.


The scoreline probably does not reflect how close Warrington got.


The difference in the second half was the penalties, I think four or


five penalties on the bounce, it just killed the momentum and gave


Wigan the key position. They kept nudging forward and forwards. He


will be disappointed with the discipline in the second half, not


the effort, but definitely the discipline.


Let's go pitch-side, Tanya is with the man of the match. Pat Richards,


congratulations, Carnegie man of the match, what a game. Thank you.


Everyone played as a team, we were really up for it. Can you believe


the start you made? We wanted to start well. Every other team worked


well, but they came back, it is pretty good. What did the coach say


at half-time? Just stick to it. I think we did that pretty well. It


is a great atmosphere here. much does it mean to progress in


the Challenge Cup? A lot. Everybody knows about Wigan's history, we


wanted to write our own history and get back to Wembley, but there is


another game to go. Sean O'Loughlin, you enjoyed that try? Yes.


special was a team's performance? It has to be up there? Yes. We


always knew it was going to be a tough game. It is very special to


get a win here in the Challenge Cup. get a win here in the Challenge Cup.


Congratulations. 13 tries this afternoon if my maths


is correct, Wigan finishing 44-24 victors. We will be at Hull FC


tomorrow for their game against Leeds, and Castle Philipp play


Huddersfield, St Helens play Hull KR. We will be off our shortly, but


we will be on the red button. -- we will be off the air on BBC Two


shortly, but we will be on the red shortly, but we will be on the red


button. There is an awful lot still to discuss after that game.


Absolutely. An end to end classic, that is what it was. Controversial


moments through the game, momentum swinging both ways, but with


players like Tomkins and blue light, and I thought that Carmont was very


good. -- players like Tomkins and Thomas Leuluai. Tony Smith said in


his pre-match interview that the one who took their chances would


win. I felt they were more clinical, especially Carmont. When they had


the opportunities they exposed the defence of the Warrington right


hand side and finished them off, whereas a few opportunities went


Mark Chapman introduces live coverage from the Halliwell Jones Stadium as defending champions Warrington take on Super League Grand Final winners Wigan.

This fixture was earmarked as the tie of the round when the draw was made two - Warrington have won the trophy for the last two years, while Wigan head coach Michael Maguire is desperate to end the club's nine-year barren run before he returns to Australia at the end of the season.

Commentary is provided by Dave Woods and John Kear.

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