16/10/2011 Scottish Rally Championship


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Hello and welcome to the second half of the 2011 Scottish Rally


Championship. In the title race it is Bogie in complete will control.


Here to assess his chances we have a special guest. Stick? Come on,


John, you didn't think we'd have the real one did you? We do have


one, he is coming up later in the programme but for now, let's go


back to the Scottish Rally in The RSAC Scottish Rally around


Dumfries is traditionally hot and dusty, but not this year.


Torrential rain during the week had carried through into the day of the


event. The dust last year was a problem. Now the dust is replaced


by Mud. It is one or the other. They are as bad as each other.


is a home round for a number of this year's drivers. The defending


champion Bogie is fighting on two friends, leading the Scottish and


British Rally Championships. have won both championships and we


have to ensure where they are in defeats, to ensure we have the get


chances of doing so. John Carlstrom was feeling the stress. To record


his first victory in his local rally. Hopefully we will win it.


is 30 points for victory, 28 the second, 27th of third, 26 for a 4th,


and so on, down to one point for Former SRC title challenger Stephen


Clark endured an arduous three-day journey back from his job on an oil


rig of China to compete in his Lancia evoke four, alongside


first service. Shearwater went well adrift of Thorburn and beaten.


Sisson was a further six seconds in front. But already a significant


move had been made by three crews who would continue to battle it out


all day. For her and that his ego six Act was in third, less than


three seconds off the lead. -- Paul Neff. In the unusually slippery


stages, it was Bogie and Rae setting the pace, ahead of


Armstrong and Riddick. To comply with insurance, organisers set a


minimum time for each stage. drivers who beat it are given the


same time so Bogie and Armstrong were both locked on 13 minutes.


is the rules. There are exceptions. It is maybe two or three seconds


over the time but when it is 21 seconds over, it is bad


organisation. It is one of these things. It was a class to drive.


Hopefully it is not the story for the rest of the day. The rules had


worked in Jobb -- in Jock's favour but he had worried that his first


service. Our basket is hanging out of the back of the exhaust. They


are tying it up, they are ripping it up well, but we have a short


stage now and look at it after that. the top 11 cars, the first time


through this special spectator stage. There is a saying about here.


You can't win the rally in it but make a mistake and you can


certainly lose it. Mike Faulkner was taking no chances as he clung


on to third place, completing the testing one minute and six-tenths


quicker and retained second place. Andy Thorn put down a marker as he


blasted through the short stage in 59.7 seconds. But Bogie's pace


counted, one-tenth of a second familiar pattern which had seen


Bogie Andrei win appeared to be recruiting itself. They were six


seconds upon on strike. Dashed up on on strong. Jock was doing well


to keep in touch, seven seconds in front of Mike Fort Worth. This top


three tussle would keep the spectators crypt for the rest of


saw him in 19th position, former Renault and Honda works driver Head


had hauled himself back at the order to 13th by the end of Castle


or. But despite his best efforts 12th spot was the highest Head


could achieve after a final stage puncture and he left the event a


frustrated and disappointed man. Terrible, we were on the back foot


gained big time which I'm disappointed about. I was hoping to


have a good, clean stage, get off to a good start and it hasn't


happened. Hoare continued to push. He came into the second service


halt in fourth position in the rally -- Horn. We have had a good


day, a trouble free day. We are sitting 4th because other people


have had this fortune. That is the wave rallying does sometimes. We


have had our own days of misfortune. We are good. Faulkner recorded the


second quickest time, which kept him snapping up the heels of


Armstrong. And Bogie, who had increased his lead to 15 seconds


after another fine performance in stage four. But there was drama at


the second stopped for the depend - - bothered defending champion. His


crew had to push his Lancer Evo nine the length of the service area


to reach the mechanics. I went to start the car after we popped into


control and it would not start. It would not fire up after the jump-


start. We will look at it now and see. The starter motor had jammed


so Bogie's crew had to work flat out as the service time clock


a problem because it was OK before we came into service, so it is good


it is going and it will resume. This is a bogie pop -- this is


Bogie's dad, John. Business as usual as his son kept up the pace


the second time around he told. Bogie was picked for the quickest


time of the day by Andy Horne, who went round in 59 seconds.


Thorburn, who has had a Dyfed -- disappointing season so far, was


well up to the challenge. Just two- tenths of a second down on Andy


Horn but ahead of Bogie. Tulkarm strong dropped more time, so going


into the final stage it looked like consecutive victories in the


Scottish word bogie Beck Row's for out keeper Andy Horne and yuan for


Bernabo. And Armstrong really had to push his car to the limit if he


was to stand a chance. All Bogie had to do was keep a steady pace


and the win would be his. But then disaster struck, when Bogie picked


up a front puncture five miles from the finish. Would it be enough to


cost him the rally? How long have we got? 2.2. Along one left.


Business fortune meant that Armstrong was back in contention


and it was the Castle Douglas driver who proved he had the nerve


-- Bogie's misfortune. He was ten seconds quicker than Mike Faulkner.


I think we have got it, mate. was dismay for Bogie. I hit a bump.


When it hit a bump it left the road and hit the bank and we drove along


been since -- distance with a puncture. Trying hard but the last


three miles come as something was broken, so it was real... I don't


know. It was a day of drama. About four miles before the end there was


a massive rock and I could see it, I thought someone has put it, and


we have kissed it. I hope I did not get a butcher -- puncture. It has


been fantastic. It was pure joy for Armstrong, who won his first ever


something like that. It is the joy of the sport. I wasn't doing


anything wild. It is the way it goes. To the victor, the spoils,


and much needed maximum points. leading two-wheel drive competitor


was 2000 and a Scottish junior champion, McCulloch, with Wallace


in her Ford Fiesta ST. The local Thornhill crew of Harkness and


march back were the clear winners of Class A to, ending the day and


26th overall. After one of the most dramatic finishes in year to one


SRC event, the Scottish victory championship favourite despite his


misfortune. What a great win for Jock Armstrong and his drivers like


Jock and Bogie and Thorburn are such great role models for


tomorrow's rally champions and those stars of the future get all


the help they need to develop their skills from the junior 1000


challenge which they can enter from It is team-building, character-


building. When you get them all together, you get the camaraderie


thing. It is what we have been a I have been learning to drive a


rally car, farm tracks, fields, tests, anyway you can get to drive.


I will be doing single venue Tarmac events, because we're not allowed


in the forest in case we crashed into trees. It is not as though you


are out there to do handbrake turns. You are out there to compete with


other people. Everyone thinks they are good but it is down to the


driver, we are in the same car. talent is out there. We have to


give them the experience, allow them to develop. I would like to be


high up in the Scottish championship but time will tell.


will be in the top ten, hopefully. Up with the big boys. The 6th round


of the Scottish Rally Championship, the Gleaner Oil and Gas Speyside


Stages held extra significance this year. If defending SRC champion


David Bogie could win the event he would retain the title for the


third year running. That would allow him to concentrate on Kensit


-- clinching the laurels in the British Rally Championship, which


he was also leading. It would be great, if we could tie the


championship today it would relieve the pressure. I am pretty sure we


would still do the last two will is but it would mean a huge amount, I


could fully concentrate on the British Championship and that is


A we will try to stop them today, that is the plan today. Jukka


Armstrong was confident he would do well. This rally has been good in


the past, it is a fast rally. If you have a result in the last round,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


brilliant. It has got me fired up Riddoch has set a blistering pace


to lead the field by three seconds after the two stage blast around


himself four seconds adrift. He and Rae went round in the quickest town,


to go into second place behind the Castle Douglas pairing. He won for


Byrne and Paul Deacon were third quickest in their Lancer Evo nine.


And just two seconds behind it was Andy Thorn and Jim Howe week in


their DA and 4,100. Head made at the top five. McKenzie with his co-


driver had been a late addition to the entry list. He made a big move,


climbing from 18th to tenth in the standings. With the first three


stages only totalling just over four miles, a mere 22 seconds


separated the top ten crews. This was the longest stage in the event


and it was to prove a turning point. Armstrong took a three-second lead


into the test, knowing he had to push hard if he was to keep his


Championship hopes alive. In the end he pushed too hard and his race


Are we on the road? No. I'm miles off the road. Are you all right?


Are you OK? I don't know what happened. Yeah. Not my best bit of


driving, however. Both back corners, panelled damage, no glass broken.


The front bumper. Apart from whiplash wit or repair. Not too bad,


we can say we are on leave now. That left the way clear for Bogie


to stamp his authority on Gas Speyside. He was quickest through


Craig end to kill, a full 17 seconds faster than Faulkner and


his standing co-driver, Sutherland. They were locked in a titanic


struggle with Thorburn. It is not over yet. We will push on. Under


the trees that is slippy, you have to watch what you're doing. We will


try to get some time back. We have to get in front of Euan, we are


tied. We will see how David is going, attack and get as close as


we can. You never know what you can do in rallying, it is the last


event to prove. Head was going well in this. We need to pick the peso.


We need to go faster at. We need to get onto the podium. -- we need to


pick up the pace up. We will give winning position. They had another


fastest stage times. We have a good enough lead. We can't afford to do


anything silly. We are pushing on hard enough to keep up the


concentration. Really enjoying it. This stage we have just done was


the battle between the Lancer Evo six off...... And Thorburn in their


Lancer Evo nine. After posting identical times in clerkly, they


did it again in the ward, amazing tussle for spectators for watch.


The pair were locked on an overall time of 27.4-two. The last two


stages have been exactly the same time. He's doing the same as we are,


he's trying hard. A good push today, two stages left, we will have to


carry on the same as we are going and hope we compete. The last


stages slippy, lots of chicanes. We prefer to try to do it in the next


one, not have the last one asked the decider. Time will tell. Robbie


Head had moved up a position into force. -- force. He was following


his daughter's Amelie's advice, even if Bogie wasn't. With the heat


on, he was ready to pounce if Thorburn or Faulkner made a mistake.


You never know until it is physically over because rallying is


unpredictable. Things can happen. That is what makes it interesting.


We will keep pushing. We are here to try to get on the podium. We


will not give up. The Inverness pairing of MacDonald and beaten


were proving why they were legitimate challengers for an over


riled -- for an overall top-five finish in the Championship. They


have been consistent and were occupying a ten -- top ten place.


am pleased because my car is reliable. That is where I have been


put why am. By car has never let me down. It is right when we go to the


start and it finishes. That is Thorburn was so intent they were


pushing each other to the limit and as a consequence they both had


Bogie wing-back stripes, recording the same time for the third


consecutive stage. There was another decent fight between


Groundwater... And McKenzie, who was moving up the rankings, only


six seconds separated the pair concentrating on their own dog


fight, Bogie was able to take things steady and tighten his grip


on the event. And the Championship. It has been a great day. I came


here to win the rally and that would give us the Championship,


said to come away with both, it is not sunk in yet. Thorburn really


pushed hard in the final test, recording the fastest stage times


and a youngster clinched second position in the space side.


last three or four stages, there was nothing in it. I had a good run.


I thought it could not be possible. The last one was an awful stage.


There was a lot of chicanes. It was so easy to make a mistake, and Mike


did. It was good news for us. Bogie's joy constructs --


contrasted with Armstrong's despair, his scene -- is season as good as


over after his crash in stage four. Male and Forest led home the Escort


Mark to contingent. After three previous retirements this season,


Robson was delighted with his class the minor placings. 5th on 122


points, it is MacDonald. Head was second man to win three consecutive


Scottish Rally Championships. Now he and Rae could turn their full


attention to the British championship. Would it be a


memorable double? To think when I started rallying, to achieve three


Scottish championship wins, it's something I would never have


dreamed of. To do that and still have a chance of winning the


British championship as well, it rallying but you can't take


bellying out of the man. There is something about the sport that


keeps bringing people back. Robbie Head hadn't competed for five years


but he could not resist the lure of the gravel and the forest. I put


pressure on myself to perform well. Because you have done it before,


you want to come back and get back to that level. Even the other side


of the camera, doing your job, I was missing the bus. That's why I


came back to it. The results haven't been what I was looking for,


to be honest. I would really like to get on the podium and get up


with David. I have been a long time away from it. You do miss the


adrenalin rush. That is one of the biggest things about the sport.


When you are on the STAND line, it makes you feel completely alive. I


was missing that. With the Scottish title tied up, David Bogie opted


not to take part in his local event, the ProTune Remapping Merrick Merit


stages rally in and around Wigton. The other absentee... There was


still all to play for in the battle for second place in the


championship, Mike thought the red -- Peter foyer was tied.


Merrick would go a long wait to decide who would finish the was the


runner-up to Bogie. We go out to win every event, give 100%. That is


what we will do today and see what happens. It will be an interesting


day, a close battle with Euan for the Championship. It is the highest


place we can get, equal with might, so we will get a good fight to date


and we were close Gas Speyside. Hopefully it will be the same again


off to an absolute Stormer. They covered the stage in eight minutes


and 31 seconds. A full 17 seconds clear off the next best team, Head.


Sisson making only his 4th outing of the season was third, 21 seconds


behind the leader. It wasn't a good stage for Thorburn. His turbo pipe


came off midway through and he dropped a minute and a half to


falter, finishing the stage and expect very slippery conditions,


the level of grip was actually quite good. Maybe that lulled


Faulkner and spirit Foy into a false sense of security. But the


performance was still enough for them to return their overall lead.


We were driving within ourselves, we thought, but just really muddy


in the end, caught the trees on the outside. Luck tkwroi get away with


it. The advantage was now down to eight seconds. Robbie Head


maintained second spot and proving he needed a few events under his


belt to get back into contention for podium places. He had a three-


stage quick fire loop to get into the lead. Where you get no respite,


it's bang, bang, bang A void punctures and have good stage times.


In these short events, it's a sprint. You drive everyone flat out.


So you can't really use a tactic on it. The The quickest time over


stage two belonged to Ewan Thorburn. He was ten seconds faster than


Falconer. It moved him up 15 places to 20 seconds overall. It was a


good fight. Hoping to continue that today. Just one of those things,


it's bad luck. But it always seemed to happen know. We were fastest on


the last stage. We gave away over a minute to Mike. We'll never catch


it up, unless he has problems. really heating newspaper stage


three. The EVO nine were top of the time sheet cutting Faulkner's lead


to three seconds. Thorburn was two seconds behind Head ace stage time.


He moved into 13th. How much was he cursing his bad luck on the opener?


Wayne SISon was hanging stkwron third, just two seconds ahead of


kiss Collie, who had increased his pace with each event through the


Thorburn into the top five for the first time in the day. He was tied


with Chris Collie and had SISon in his sights. The Englishman was 19


seconds down on Thorburn's stage time but still in third. Mike


Faulkner reasserted control of the rally by completing the stage four


seconds quicker than Robbie Head. His lead to seven seconds with two


stages to go. There was a tight finish on the


penultimate test. Faulkner Andrews head with the same time. So they


went into the final and longest stage with Faulkner seven seconds


up on his rival. The last few we've just been building the confidence


up again. We won't have that luxury for the last one. Robbie will be


trying to put it up a level as well. I gained one second over the three


stages. It's all to play for. Twin or bin it. Thorburn kept up his


momentum, just a second adrift of the leaders on the stage and now in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


victory after the final stage? Faulkner and Foy had never won at


the merrik. So they had to go for broke to take the winners' laurels.


Would Head and Molby go all out for Vic -- victory. No problems, if


he's taken it in there, he deserve it's. Have you done enough?


close, it's hard to say. We didn't have any problems. Probably second,


which you know, we pushed, but we didn't take major risks you know.


Second's a good result. I'm happy with it. It's the first time on the


podium this year. In the end, it was a triumph for Faulkner and Foy,


the win edge them two points clear of Thorburn going into the last


event. It's as good as it gets. You can't do better than that. It's


tight with Ewan, it's all to play for.


Looking forward to this now. chance at third there, after this


morning's problems, it was never going to be. Fair play to Mike. He


drove well. Did he win? Yeah, he won. Fair play. We have to try to


beat him there instead. Head and Mol were confirmed as


runners up. Who took the final place? SISon and Thorburn tied on


the same time Sisson was third because of his quicker time on


stage one. Among the crew who's failed to make it were Donny


McDonald, the first non-finish of the season. Fifth in the standings


going into the event, their challenge ended when they went off


the road no a ditch in the enultimate stage. Dougal Brown's


event ended with disaster on the final stage when the EVO4 came off


the road. Dougal was airlifted to hospital, where thankfully he made


a quick recovery. Lewis suffered shock, but was otherwise unharmed.


In other classes, there was a brilliant win in the two-wheel


category for 19-year-old Cumbrian Peter Taylor, co-driven by Andrew


Ruffhead in the Renault Cleo, one of the drives of the season. There


was a superb come back win for Andy rally and we hung up the helmet


after that. This is really the first Time Out since then. It's


been a while. I expect to be rusty for the first few corners. Couple


of stages, it really is immense fun and great to be back. If today's


anything to go by I'm not going to be able to get enough of it. Great


camraderie, good fun. Everybody helps each other. Nobody's aiming


to be world champion. Fantastic! Really, really good, enjoyable day.


How does that result affect the top rally drivers out of Scandinavia.


He was world champion in 1984 and runner up the following year.


Stig's never lost his love of the sport. He couldn't wait to compete


at the forest stages. Tell me what your memories are of when you won


the world championship? It was down in Ivory Coast. It was lucky to


finish that rally and get it all done. That was a bit of a difficult


one, but I managed to win that and the championship was home. That was


nice. You're one of several great rally drivers to come from


Scandinavia. Why is it that the Nordic countries produce such good


drivers? I think in those days we have the possibility to drive a lot,


on ice and snow and gravel all the time. We get a lot of experience on


that. But everything is different now. So it's the Europeans have


been taking over a bit. Sweden, we don't have any at the moment.


Bogie has won the Scottish rally champion and the British rally


championship. What do you know and think of Scottish rally driving at


the moment? It seems to be fairly good, but we were talking about it


last night, and it could go further now. It's very, very difficult.


Need a lot of money and that's athe biggest problem for young drivers.


It should be able to do it because of his talent. I don't know about


the money. -- the body. That's the biggest question. The weather


didn't do this stage any favours this year. As the two-wheel drive


crews gathered, word came through of a delay when the first stage was


blocked by one of the historics, forcing organisers to rethink their


plans. They decided to postpone stage one for the main field and


third places in the Scottish championship. Mike Faulkner held a


two-point advantage over Euan Thorburn before the event, so Euan


Thorburn had to beat Mike by two points to be in with a chance. It


was looking good, as he bested his rival by almost eight seconds.


Treacherous. It's just really muddy. -- muddy. You can't commit. It's


pretty much the case of driving as you see it. It's not the best way


to finish off the championship. I think these two might be better


than what that one was. Fingers crossed we can have a push.


stages are terrible. The weather is terrible. A Land Rover would have


been more the vehicle you needed. Thorburn was just edged out of the


quickest stage time by Shawn Sinclair taking part of only his


third rally of the season. He didn't want to interfere in the


season-long battle, so wouldn't take any points. The slippery stuff


always suits me. I'm always up the gears. It's horrendous conditions.


Since Sinclair wouldn't pick up points, Malcom Buchanan found


six miles to go. I backed right off because it was sliding wildly


around. We have discovered it's flattened the exhaust somewhere. We


have virtually no boost. It was a very, very steady drive for half


the stage at least. I'm amazed we're so close. The conditions are


horrendous. The rocks, like that challenged the drivers' skills to


the limit on the first stage. Back in the service area, the mechanics


had to cope with the elements. Surprisingly, the grip was better


than expected. It was Faulkner who retook the initiative with the


fastest stage time, almost three seconds quicker than Thorburn.


The pair had been dueling for second place in the championship


all season and were now involved in an almighty scrap in the sludge.


Still pretty close, so just trying hard, slipy. Just got to keep it on


the road till the end. The good thing is that's pulled the gap with


Shawn and Robbie. That's what matters. It's hard work. You're


living on your whits. You're trying to react to the conditions. The car


has a mind of its own sometimes. That wasn't as bad. There was grip


to be had. We're in the lead just, it's still all to play for.


Malcom Buchanan faultered, dropping to sixth overall. Louise Sutherland


and Steve Bannister seemed to relish the conditions, in ninth


spot after this stage. Robbie Head saw his chances of a


podium evaporate, when he fin shalled the stage a full minute --


finished the stage a full minute- and-a-half behind Faulkner and lost


his place in the running order to Shawn Sinclair.


The boost pipes come off down the bottom. It's popped off completely


at the start of the stage. It's like driving on normally as


operated one litre. We dropped over a minute. We're tenth or something.


We're trying to work out where we can get to with the next 18 miles,


longest stage of the day, for was five seconds behind for them. If it


stayed like that the pair would be level on points and the destination


of second and third place in the Championship would be decided by a


tie-break and some complicated maths. Thorburn drove brilliantly,


extending his lead over Falconer to 18 seconds. It proved to be good


enough. Thorburn feck -- kept his nerve through the final stage to


win the event, while Bolton or stuff that brake failure early on


and could only limp through. For Bernard Bot there were locked on


the same number of Championship points. So who had come second to


the imperious Bogie? It was all down to the dreaded count back. As


for Byrne and Faulkner awaited their fate, their destination of


the runners-up trophy hung in the balance. Eventually after checking


and double-checking the figures, Championship chairman Neil Shanxi


and his deputy Dave Robson was satisfied they'd had the answer.


You count your best six caused an Championship, each had finished all


six rounds and dropped two scores. We then had to go right back into


the number of first, second, third, in the counting their best six-


course. We could not split them on that so the next level takes you


back to the snowman rally, between Euan and Mike, who had the best


result and that was Euan, who had second place, when Mike Catt force.


It was the 5th level of the tie- break, splitting you and Beck Row's


favour. So joy for Thorburn put a bit us what -- bitter pill to


For a has done well today. thought on the countback we would


have got it but with the problems on the last stage the result would


not have been any different. makes it even better. Delighted. It


has been a tough year. Pretty good to get second and a win today tops


the year rough. As usual at the Colin McRae Forest Stages, the


historic led the way. Stig took the honours in a Ford Escort, giving


him much-needed car time before his next Rally in Kenya. Malcolm


Buchanan came third and won Class eight in his Escort Mark two. The


season's Group A and Championship was won by Dakar in a Subaru


Impreza, and a prize for the 2012 Championship. And a day of


unrelenting bad weather the Colin McRae Forest Stages as Billy UPS --


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