Blues v Scarlets Scrum V

Blues v Scarlets

Ross Harries presents live coverage of Cardiff Blues v Scarlets from the Arms Park. Studio guests include Jonathan Davies, Martyn Williams and Sean Holley.

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All roads lead to Cardiff, playing host to another full-blooded Welsh


derby. Welcome to the Blues against Scarlets.


Yes, it is the Welsh derby. Which means we have home fans, and plenty


of away fans flocking to Cardiff tonight. There may be some big names


missing but it has not dimmed the enthusiasm of the supporters. Some


intriguing head-to-head tonight. Not least that man, who swapped Cardiff


Arms Park is for the Scarlets the summer. There is the table. Five


points separate the teams. The Blues will be looking to climb the table,


Scarlets, looking to close the gap. Welcome to the programme. We cannot


be accused of possibility. We have a former Cardiff blue, a Scarlet, and


a neutral. I will start by throwing you a political hot potato. Plenty


of talk about missing top-class international is, who is to blame?


Whoever organised the fixture, they dropped a real clanger. This is a


showcase event for this region. It needs the big internationals. Great


crowd and atmosphere but for the Guinness Pro12 grant for the region,


they need the international players. Hopefully they learn from it and it


never happens again. It should be a showpiece, at the Millennium


Stadium, or the start of the season, but never at the Wales game time.


It is often said fly-halves have to straddle the line between arrogance


and confidence, what mood will Patchell be in tonight? He has got


to be confident, come back and manage the game properly. The


internationals are not playing outside him today. He will be


excited, they will put pressure on him. But he is coming back to


Cardiff to try to prove a point. Fair to say that, talk about


pressure, there is more pressure on Scarlets tonight. Five points


behind, if they don't win, the gap will widen. They had a poor start to


the season. And already there is a bit of a gap between the top and


bottom six. If they lose this tonight they really are chasing the


season and it is not even November yet. I totally agree with those


sentiments, it is a shame the international players are not here,


but ideally what happens, this defines your season, as a club, is a


region. Many Scarlets players think they should be first choice players


and some of them tomorrow can put their hands up and put them a


performance. The Blues are psychologically damaged by their


last outing against the Ospreys but they have resurrected the season


with handsome wins in Europe. They were shocked and embarrassed by that


performance but Wilson and his men had done a lot of positive things


also, getting the selections right in Europe. You need your home form,


to get the crowd behind you, and in a Welsh derby, you need to win the


majority of the games to get the board members, players, and fans


onside. But they are doing some good things here as well. The Blues did


the double over the Scarlets last season. The Scarlets are coming out


of the tunnel, they will be looking for revenge. We can go to the


commentary box now and join Gareth Giles.


The Scarlets supporters agreed the visitors as they come out onto the


field. Prop Jones has impressed in the absence of evidence. Price makes


a first appearance of the season. Shingler looks forward to lining up


against his brother. Patchell returns to his home club team, and


Jonathan Evans, alongside him, another Cardiff boy. The Scott,


Williams, with Hughes in the centre, and the skipper, Parkes.


Gill, my hill, just back from injury, and the other Shingler is


alongside Williams, with the dangerous Matthew Morgan at


full-back. Williams, release from Welsh duty. And Phillips, a first


outing since a long-term knee injury. Lloyd Linton of Scotland is


the man in charge for what is a big game in terms of the season. Big


crowd as well. The biggest of the season at Cardiff Arms Park.


The former Cardiff Blue, Patchell, will get the game under way. On his


old stamping ground. Morgan, renowned for his counterattacking


and running. Safety first from him initially. Tomos is the one who sets


up the counter. We are expecting a fast open game from these two teams.


They want to play running rugby but they will need to hang onto the ball


to do so. The Blues score a number of tries on this surface but what


they have not been doing is scoring three tries. It is only the ones


they have actually got the try scoring bonus point this season. --


the once. No problems with the surface, as far


as scrummaging goes. Free kick. For the early engagement by the Blues.


Reset is the option from the Scarlets. That is an interesting


call from the Scarlets. It has not been the strong point all year but


they are obviously confident in that area tonight. They are backing


themselves in the scrum. That is the Blues ten metre line


running between the front rows. Steady as you like. Park is ready,


Evans on the blindside, Scully was just stumbling a little bit trying


to regain ground. Right idea from Jonathan Evans but not quite the


execution. Solid scrum, good to see, good start from the Scarlets pack.


We saw Jonathan Evans, dangerous around the blindside, on his last


outing, scoring the bonus point try against the Dragons. Down supplies


the line-out position. Dolan is stepping into some big


shoes tonight, Williams, having played most of the season is either


a blindside or second row. The one thing about coming here is the


mental side of it. This pitch. There is -- players do not like coming


here, to be honest, so you need to get over that is the wayside and on


with it. A couple of forwards, and Earle getting involved with his


former team-mate. Slightly late on Patchell. Clean catch awarded for


Morgan. Patchell got a mixed reception.


Well, his name did, when it was announced earlier. He and Shingler,


swapping shirts this season. Evans on halfway. He is up for this,


Earle, he has flown into a few rucks. He has, he has. A lot of


strapping around the ankle. Missed the last game. Advantage was being


played there any way by Lloyd Linton. Number four, offside.


Earle, taking up the space between the scrum-half and the forward,


placing the ball back. He has made himself a complete nuisance, in


previous line-ups he has been Scarlets, within five metres. The


forward, queueing up outside Jonathan Evans. Boyde with the


initial carry. Back it comes to Evans. Patchell. Beautiful weight on


it but Matthew Morgan gets his five frame up off on the deck dash-mac-


eight. This is worth going for, it is like an intercept. Usually a


yellow card. It is a great free kick, measured to perfection. He


goes up, and that's not even a penalty. Could drive by the Blues


from the line-out though. I was quite surprised they went wide the


last time because they are comfortable with ball in hand. Could


drive going on. I did think it is going to go far, because all the


bikes are very tight. The two centres are vying for it. Elias.


Barclay. Parkes. In goes Hughes to try to protect. Scarlet ball. Close,


but not close enough. Shingler. Great finish by Aaron Shingler! Was


it? He turned upside down and got the ball above his head. Did he make


the line? You think so. Is there any reason why I cannot award a try,


please? That is tremendous pressure from the Scarlets. It looks to have


ended in a try. Shingler kept his wits about him and that is a great


try. Yes, very good decision. OK, that looks like a try. Thank you.


They were very comfortable. As soon as they went with a very good kick


from Patchell they looked very comfortable with the ball in hand,


they made good yards. So it is the elder Shingler who gets first blood.


And Patchell converts to make it 7-0 Scarlets. We could see it was


coming. They just used their carriers. Kruger, initially, Boyde


had a couple of carries, and a great finish by Shingler. It is also a


mismatch, Williams taking the big number eight on the line, he was not


going to knock him back, he knew he would get over the tackle. Great


slip pass from Bulbring to Hughes. Lovely awareness by the South


African second row. Patchell. Scarlets looked to have come out of


the block you. Parkes. Man and ball for Hughes. That is where Patchell


has got to manage the game. They were too deep. He has just got to


turn that, put in a kick, and turned the Blues. A shimmy from Thomas. The


shoulders, or around the neck, the neck, says the referee. It is the


same thing these days. Cook, the miscreant. Great start from Scarlets


who have had all the possession and territory. Some ill discipline from


the Blues at the moment is costing them. They need to silence the


crowd. The Blues are on a high. There is the dummy, yeah. Lovely


little pop from Bulbring. Evans has been in great form in recent weeks


in Europe. Good cleaning up from Boyde. Great pic on the go by Van


der Merwe and it is try number two for the Scarlets. As easy as that.


Jonathan Evans. They have come to play, haven't they? Lovely off-load,


good finish. Love to see this pick-up again from Van der Merwe.


Scooped it in one go. Such a difficult skill. It was a good carry


initially. I think it was Price with the initial carry to get him on the


front foot, but Van der Merwe is just going to clean out. A great


off-load as well, Jonathan Evans, great support. Well deserved lead.


A lovely, lovely try. There is nobody near, they are standing wide,


the off-load, brilliant support, and a try. It was Elias, yes, apologies


to him, fantastic carry, it makes all the difference if you can get on


the front foot like that. A second conversion from Patchell makes it


14-0 Scarlets, in the first ten minutes. What a start.


Morgan. Not an advantage for the Blues. -- no: advantage. Cook. They


need to get a foothold in this one. And they may, through Lee-Lo. With


the show and go. Good tackle by Shingler. And he gets a second one


is well on Scully, who had gone across in support. Release! Release!


Earle. With the carry towards the Scarlets try line. Filise. Much more


direct from the Blues. First time they have had ball in hand really,


but spilled by Allen. Now then, can they break out of their own defence?


Kruger, wanting to take on the Blues. Patchell, chance, there are


men out wide. Oh, interception! And what a gift, what a gift! In the


end, maybe a bit too ambitious from Scarlets, gifting Tom Down a try.


They had an overlap on the right-hand side. Just watch. From


the turnover. He shows the dummy, and that is a lazy pass. He has got


to give it earlier, too many steps. But really well read by Tom Down. If


he gave that a little bit earlier they were away. It was the right


decision to keep ball in hand but you have got to time a little bit


better. On the other hand, it was on, so he had the right to go for


it. You have got to give it at the right time or you keep it. He


should've taken the ball a bit further. That could be a massive


momentum swing. It was all Scarlets in the opening


stages but the Blues are back in this one now. Certainly back in it,


with a lovely conversion by Shingler. Back to A1 scored game.


Better games without the International is anyway! Three tries


in the first 30 minutes! Tom James would have been upset and angry not


to be in the Welsh squad. The fact that he had a loosehead prop outside


him made his decision to hold onto it a little bit too long. Try number


40 in the league for Tom James, fifth in the all-time rankings, past


Shane Hogan. Let's go to pitch side, Catherine has some very interesting


spectators. I have indeed. A real family affair. The Shingler brothers


are out there and I have the mum and dad, Craig and Jeanette. The big


question, who are you supporting, coming from West Wales? Loyalties


are divided. As long as both our boys do well and all the players


come off the field and it will be a good game. It is a fantastic ground


and the atmosphere is great. So long as everybody is well, our loyalties


are equal. You don't seem convinced, but both brothers are doing very


well! Absolutely fantastic, you could not write it. One has scored a


try, the other has kicked a goal, I am not saying West is best, we are


not divided, it is a team effort, as long as we enjoy the game and the


boys do well, and both teams are supported, it will be good. What


they are trying to say is, and they cannot say it, they are supporting


Scarlets, because they are from the West! Another interception. And


another, is your way? Van der Merwe is too quick! And the Lee-Lo does


get the tackling. -- is he away. And the penalty as well. You cannot take


your eyes off this second. They have come to play, both. Throwing the


ball about. I think Scully is up on his... Well, the Scarlet attack


avoided him and he completely mistimed his job for the ball and


really hurt himself. He is up, but he is still struggling. That was a


poor pass, Parkes. Lee-Lo, has a good target, Tom James, and he


thinks he is away. Morgan gets across. Is Lee-Lo going to get him?


Great work by Lee-Lo to get back onto his feet and compete and force


Thomas off his feet, to concede a penalty. I have a little sympathy


for the players. Firstly they try to clear out. There is a rush of


players from behind them... He is away. Here we go again. Tom James.


His ankle tapped. And now the Scarlets. But it has gone out on the


far side. Brilliant start to this game. Lovely awareness. He goes


blind, sees the one defender, he is a bit tight, Jonathan Evans, but


that is a brilliant ankle tap, he was away. This is breathless stuff.


This is what the Scarlets coaches have said. Look, come in, start


well, we are very confident, playing well at the moment. Especially at


home, they have made it a fortress under Danny Wilson, it is important


to get a good start, and that is what they have done. Cook, you see


that all the time now, they get pinned in, the opposition players


don't let you out of there. Just some key penalties being given away


by the Blues in the first 17 minutes. Price, from the second


row... -- former Leicester second row. Oh! Shingler, straight through


again. He has split them. Good control in a tight aspect from


Scarlets again. I think the brother Steve Shingler got his hand in.


A little look up from Shingler, and he saw that it was on. Good work


from his brother, stripping the ball from Barclay. Wilson won't be too


pleased with the defending around the rucks at the moment, being split


early and split down the middle of one of the tries. -- for one of the


tries. Williams. Quick tap and go. Tom


James was tracking him. They have turned over the ball now. Evans


alone out on the left. They had to come back on a different angle.


Morgan. The crowd are buzzing with excitement around Cardiff Arms Park.


They feel he can go from anywhere in that kind of broken play situation.


Barclay. Controlling on the ten metre line. I don't think he passes.


Patchell. Manages to squeeze it back. Elias


again, he has carried really well in the first 20 minutes. Yes, the Blues


skipper does the necessary. Shingler. That is just for


territory, and it will be too long. Unusual, the balance usually checks


on this surface. -- the bounce. It has been a lively first period, very


good. Matthew Morgan. Filise. Straightens out, get over


the gain line. Allen. Looks for the round at the backpass. Yes, looking


to off-load. Parkes is the one who has secured it for the Scarlets.


There is a knock-on advantage for the Scarlet as well. As they try to


get going forward again. Evans, half two and, ready for the kick towards


the touchline. -- have turned. Morgan. Good tackle by Hughes. It


almost fell for Evans. Shingler did very well. That was an important


moment for the Blues. Stephen Shingler. Into the hands of Hughes,


who gets instructions to put it out field -- into the hands of Evans. At


the moment you just don't feel the Blues runners are getting that kind


of gain line advantage and quick ball, Scarlets are defending very


well. Catherine has more company, the Scarlets manager, Mark Taylor. I


don't know how many Weetabix your boys had before coming out, but what


a start. It is what you want in a derby game, to come out and beat the


other team's intensity, which we did. But then we gifted them a try


back and lost our shape and composure a little in the last few


minutes, we seem a bit caught up in the excitement of all that. We will


catch up with you in the second half, thanks. Lee-Lo gets the flat


pass. Slips a tackle. Brought down a second time by Parkes but well


behind the gain line. And another interception! And a long run a home


for Thomas! Van der Merwe is on the outside, he should get their... He


just jogs in for the last 20 metres. In a game of interceptions, a


telling one. The referee is checking though.


I'm wondering if there was a possible offside.


Lloyd Linton wants to check on the offside. I don't think it is. It was


a long pass, they were very flat. They have got to take it back to see


where the ball is. That is not the angle you want. And the question is,


any reason you cannot award it. By then he was not offside. This is the


one. They are all on site. It is a long pass.


Neil Paterson is the TMO. He will make the call. He is a long way


back. Aled Thomas is almost on the try line! I have a decision for you,


there is no clear and obvious offside, you may award the try. One


for you and one for us! It is chaos out there at the minute but good fun


to watch. It could be you score six and we'll score seven. He is a long


way back, Aled Thomas. If anything I know it is hindsight, he could put a


grubber in because they were short. Because he was so deep initially,


Aled Thomas has made up some good ground and he read it perfectly.


Luckily he had Van der Merwe outside him. I think he was looking for him


early. Good kick. The place kicking has been superb and the tries have


been superbly taken as well. Defensively, the coaches will be


scratching their heads. That's what you want, you'll wind up on your


shoulder when you make a break or an interception. -- your winger.


And you have got two of the league's most prolific try scorers on that


fireside, Tom James and DTH van der Merwe. -- on that far side.


Six years with Glasgow, his third with the Scarlets. There is not


really any structure to this game. A few turnovers and interceptions,


knock-on is, it has been a fast, open game. The Scarlets have tried


to take it up the middle of it. Incomes Scully, a good tackle by


Patchell. A good run but a great tackle. Great work. He kept his


place and he has impressed, against Saracens last week. A similar player


to James Davis. That allowed the number seven to get over the ball


and win the penalty. Narberth boy. Still only 21 years old, Will Boyde.


They'll be happy. Here we go, Patchell has gone down early, he


clamps the man and ball will stop Cam Dolan tries to move him but when


you are in that position it is so difficult to shift him. He was there


so much quicker than anybody else. A little readjustment... That is the


difference between Josh Turnbull playing seven. He does not have the


angles and he doesn't usually play there. It is the fourth position he


has played this year. That is where the openside has the edge. They have


got Rey Lee-Lo who is very good at winning turnovers. Very good in the


contact area and again: he got his head over the ball and that was a


big penalty for the Blues because if the Scarlets had come away with any


points, it would be a long way back. A good pick-up from Wyn Jones. But


there he is. He has been a brilliant signing for


the Blues, ball in hand and very good defensively. Willis Halaholo is


here tonight as well, he might feature before long. That is


disappointing for the Blues, giving away a line-out position like that.


Parkes could see the midfield defence up so he took it on and


waited for the forwards to arrive. Just about the only time someone has


not tried to force it. Steff Evans gets there first. That is one thing


you are going to do, if you're going to pepper Matthew Morgan, he is a


small guy and does not get up in the air very well. Actual slips the


tackle that Parkes cannot gather -- Patchell. That could have been a


bonus point time had that stuck. And looking at the Scarlets attack,


Matthew Morgan depends on the wing. Nearly a half-break, outside of


Shingler, tries the off-load and if the catch that, a good opportunity.


But when Matthew Morgan, he goes up for it and it just gets on top of


him, he defends last man so in the 22 if you are going to try to get


the cross kick like they did earlier on, there will always be a try


scoring opportunity. Half time between Ulster and Munster.


After all the emotion that Munster went through last week... They have


been penalised here. That is twice now. I think the referee is


penalising them for not driving straight.


It is just driving in at an angle. Very good kick from Shingler.


You can see Kruger against Filise, Filise actually slipped and his knee


touched the floor. It has a 50-50 call and it has gone with the home


side. Very decent crowd at the Arms Park.


That was a shambolic line-out, they will be happy to get that back. They


lost the last one and that one almost went the same way. Cam Dolan


drives on towards the 22. Lee-Lo back on the angle, Rhys Patchell was


waiting for him. Turnbull. They have got an advantage here, Rhys Patchell


not rolling away. Matthew Morgan up in the line but plenty of Scarlets


defenders out there and back they come. Number ten, offside. I would


like to see this again because it is very difficult for players in


general. Interesting call not to take the three. He rolls away, he


has rolled far away, it is nowhere near the ball, that is a tough call.


He just got in the wake of the scrum-half. But he didn't realise


that, getting up off the floor. And an interesting call, you still have


to school two converted tries. And not the best kick. If you go for it


you want to be on the fight metre line but driving line-out has been a


real weapon for the Blues this year. -- five metre line. George Earle had


his hand on the ball, Rhys Gill comes back to support him and now he


has it. They have got to get shot of it now. Tomos Williams looks for Rey


Lee-Lo but misses him out and this is Shingler. Short on the left-hand


side. Tomos Williams directing the


forwards. Filise. Earle in the again.


Myhill was in the supporting. Right on the try line.


Filise takes his time. Ryan Elias comes out to meet him. Myhill once


again. The Blues need to come away from this with points. Turnbull to


within a metre. Barclay get the important tackle in but it is there


again for the Blues. A dozen phases they have gone through.


Route one, straight through the middle. And held up. Definitely


somebody under him. Both packs of forwards are giving it a go, they


are very confident and think they can outmuscle the opposition, pick


and drive, pick and drive. Seeing as there is an injury, we can


hear the thoughts of Blues head coach Danny Wilson. Danny, plenty of


passion from both teams, pressure from you at the moment. How do you


get the Blues back into this at half-time? We are a bit


trigger-happy and forcing the game will stop perhaps the past for the


intercept and the ill do the Berlin earlier cost us. We need to find


field position like we have and hold it not turn it into a loose game --


ill discipline. We were talking before about the internationals


being here but some of your players have really stepped up. So far it is


a great game. We are on the wrong end of it at the moment but it has


got a Derby feeling about it. It is just a bit loose for us and we have


to be a bit structured and a bit better. Thank you.


Seven minutes of a pulsating first half remaining. The Blues looking to


get back within seven for a second time.


Tom James has come into midfield between the two centres.


Blaine Scully is hugging that touchline. Filise just having a


breather. He is 39 now, just having a bit of arrest! Recharging the


batteries for the scrum. -- a bit of a rest.


This is it. The off-load, a good winger on the shoulder, easy finish.


A couple of 14 pointers in this game, interceptions. Maybe a bit of


a bicep problem for Filise. Seve scrum is the first thing the


Blues will be looking for. -- steady scrum.


This is a big scrum, a big moment in the game for both teams. Just before


half-time, the Blues would love to get back in the game. Cam Dolan


locking out that Blues scrum as they get the pressure on. Tomos Williams,


short ball to Shingler. Boyde was bumped off it. Short. Great defence


from Scarlets. Hang on... It was good defending, the crowd were


celebrating but Dolan was forced back. Try, yes or no?


Not messing about, is he? It looked like he was over, there was a huge


gap. It is a good clear out. No, short. Never got the ball to ground.


How did the Scarlets come away with it, that is what they are asking. He


is short, it is a great tackle. That is brilliant defending. I think it


is Bulbring and Will Boyde on this side.


I have a decision for you. Blue scrum, blue going forward. I think


he has got to look at that, it is not an advantage for the Scarlets,


you have to see how the ball came at to see if it is play on because the


whistle did not go until the ball went over the touchline. I think


that is the wrong decision myself. At no point was the ball grounded.


And how did it get to the touchline? If anything, unless somebody can


correct me. Half-time approaching, the Blues


need a score. And they have come as close as they could. They have got a


penalty this time. Sang on... -- Hang on. There has been a little


undercurrent of this, a couple of former players playing against each


other. It is man bags. A lot of testosterone flying about. A hand in


the face. Cardiff captain. Ryan Elias, the old classic hookup, could


not defend himself. -- hooker. Somebody gave a dig, he said. Maybe


worth a look at that. For a third time of asking. The


Blues may be a bit fortunate still to be in this position.


This is eating into the Blues time. The Scarlets have to try to hold out


once more before they get back in that changing room.


They are not going to move, are they? They have had a penalty, a


free kick, the pressure is building on the Scarlets.


Tom James and Matthew Morgan on the left-hand side for the Blues this


time. It is all taking an age. And for a game that was really quick


paced and lively, this one scrum is the antithesis of it. If you don't


sort it out and get your space, no early bind, I will put you both in


the bin and we will get somebody on who wants to scrum.


Certainly clear enough, if they don't sort it out themselves, Lloyd


Linton will get two replacements on. Filise might fancy a breather!


Down they go again. Another Blues penalty. The crowd feeling something


more should come of it now. It is the same again, they are not going


to move. It went down on the far side on that


occasion. Lloyd Linton steps over to look at Rhys Gill and Werner Kruger.


The backs have been spectators for the last four minutes.


Something has to be done. And that something is players being ejected.


Taufa'ao Filise and Wyn Jones will finish the first half in the bin. It


is frustrating for everyone. We have had a brilliant 35 minutes and then


a scrum on the five metre line. Three minutes of it.


Let's see what happens. It was Filise's knee that went to the


ground first but the body positions before. Dylan Evans to come on for


the Scarlets. Who is coming off? Cam Dolan has already come off for the


Blues, making way for Dillon Lewis. I think John Barclay is off again.


It is the two number eights who make way. He only played in the first


game against Munster, the Australian-born prop. A bit of


pressure on him now to be honest. Dillon Lewis is a very good prospect


on the tight head. Ross Turnbull moves over to number


eight, Blaine Scully comes in on the flank. This is now getting


ridiculous. You each have a play in the bin, these scrum have to be


completed, it is an absolute disgrace. If it continues I will put


more in the bin. I think I said when the scrum went


down, seven minutes of the first half remaining. One and a half now.


Good scrum from the Blues. They are going to get a penalty out of it. He


wants to play a penalty to get the ball out. Get away from the scrum.


It was a penalty advantage. And now the decision will have to be made


again because they will probably opt for the scrum again. The crowd are


absolutely incensed that there is no yellow at the repeated


infringements. It has got to be a scrum, they will not go for anything


else. If the Blues don't get any points at


the end of this, and there are only ten seconds before half-time, the


place is going to go mad. Yes. There is the walk on from the Blues


again will stop this time it goes out, Matthew Morgan on the outside,


steps back inside. Held up. Over the line, he has not got it down. That


is brilliant again. Will Boyde De Gendt says the Scarlets and they


have managed to keep that try line intact -- again saves. The Blues


fans are incensed there was no penalty try given but the Scarlets


have hung on. A lot of drama in the last five minutes, very boring but a


lot of drama. The Blues will be disappointed. A great performance by


Ryan Elias and will Boyde in that first half. Incredible 35 minutes


and an amazing last five. Josh Turnbull is with us. Frustrating end


to the first half, how important could that be? Disappointing, the


referee has not given as much. We are working as hard as we can,


staying legal. We have got to have some reward at some point will stop


we have not had the ball in this half. We have been parked in their


five metre line. We have to have some reward at some point. A bit


trigger-happy according to Danny Wilson, would you go with that?


Definitely. We want an open game so we can create some space for our


backs but we're not getting that. Thank you.


What a start to the game. Absolutely breathtaking for the first 25


minutes. Aaron Shingler struck for the Scarlets. And then a nimble


off-load from Van der Merwe to Jonathan Evans but then the mistake,


Tom James pouncing on a loose pass from Don Barclay to get the Blues


back in it but then another interception -- John Barclay. DTH


van der Merwe was on the outside. And after a series of collapsed


scrums, Wyn Jones and Taufa'ao Filise went to the bin. Scholars


have conceded eight penalties to four from the Blues but meat is made


is telling, Scarlets with 282 with ball in hand compare to 119 eight --


meat is made. A humdinger of a game but for that five minutes -- metres.


Let's not focus on the scrum, let's focus on the first 25 minutes. We


said before the game, without the internationals, it might lack


intensity but far from it. And I think the crowd is bringing a lot to


it, fantastic energy here at the Arms Park and credit to the Scarlets


who came out on fire. They sniffed the possibility of an upset and


caught the Blues napping. Ryan Elias has been fantastic and I have been


on top in the loose. To back that up, because it is more less a full


house it is bouncing and you feed off that as a player. It has been


scrappy and not perfect rugby from a coaching point of view but


high-intensity and brilliant to watch. We heard from the parents of


the Shingler brothers pretending they were not supporting the


Scarlets! But they would have been delighted with Aaron Shingler going


over. And Wayne Pivac would have been delighted with how the


executed. Look at the caries, nice step from Ryan Elias, but he falls


out, presenting the ball on the outside to make it difficult for the


man on the inside. Hadleigh Parkes fights to fall out and the principle


is the same. The next carried is a forward this done, they latch on to


Kruger and he falls outside, there is nobody nailed on to go for the


ball. Shingler get into position and he is aiming for the outside as well


and fights to get overcome a fantastic technical and world


constructor try. From a Blues point of view they will be disappointed,


Tomos Williams had to get over, a fantastic technical and world


constructor try. From a Blues point of view they will be disappointed,


Tomos Williams at Tim Aker two tackles at number design -- number


nine. The Scarlets were underdogs, be


honest, coming into this game. Within a few minutes they were over


again, Jonathan Evans running a great supporting line for the try.


Derbys, you need to quieten the crowd. Watch Van der Merwe. It is


the separation between these first forward and defence. There is a


large gap and he sniffs it. Scrum-half Williams is left short,


the sniffs it, great support from the scrum-half, as you want from all


scrum-halves, and again, an opportunist try, but superbly taken.


He has made an impact after not getting a lot of game time at Bath.


Scarlets like him, he is looking the real deal. Gareth Davies, obviously


with the well scored, quality, quality players, and they have taken


a chance on him, as we said at the top of the show, there's a chance


for players who are not normally first choice to stick their hands,


and he has definitely done that. The Blues got one back then the Scarlets


got another back, both interceptions, should we applaud the


attacking awareness or question defence? A bit of both. Just have a


look at where Tom James comes from. They have turned the ball over, he


tracks back, he could panic, but he reads it, he waits, and he takes his


opportunity. He has come a long way and got his reward. This one, Van


der Merwe needs to be applauded, he could easily rush up. He recognises


where his full-back is, draws him up, does not panic. It read this the


defensive line and it is no longer a massive overlap. I thought Thomas


would go all the way but he knows he doesn't have the legs. He was


outnumbered, he gambled, and the gamble paid off. A massive turning


point in the game. You talked about the atmosphere, and apologies if you


cannot hear us over the PA which is absolutely deafening, above us. But


we do have exciting things to talk about. We talked at the start of the


game about the Blues being the favourites, a stronger looking 23,


the Scarlets having more big names on international duty. But when you


consider their slow start and how they can out the blocks here, they


only real upward curve. At home last year they were embarrassed by the


Blues. I bet that was part of their team talk. We mentioned earlier,


Elias, Boyde, youngsters who have really stepped up and been


outstanding, carried it really well. For the first 20, 25 minutes, they


took the game away from the Blues, it is a long way back for them now.


Those two you mentioned, and to be honest, the bulk of the Scarlets


pack, they have all put a shift in. They have carried well. The Blues


will be disappointed in defence but they are winning the contacts. This


one as well, Shingler is on the front foot. It is just really


dynamic carrying. It is only two or three metres but as a backline


scrum-half it makes so much difference. You cannot get


complacent. You cannot allow that in a derby match. The Scarlets have


started better and it is a long way back now for the Blues. We have seen


some heroic defending, I'm thinking about the Bulbring tackle, and the


one where it looks for all the world they had wriggled over, two saves


when the Blues could have got back level. You talk about smash and


grab, as coaches, but they have got a lead and they cannot sit back on


this, they are going to have elements again and need to take the


next chance. The home team will come and the crowd. So if they keep


playing as they are they have got a chance. An exciting second half and


prospect at Cardiff Arms Park. And else where Ulster versus a Munster,


it kicked off half an hour earlier than ours, 14-5 is the half-time


score, lovely kick by Jackson to set this up. The All Black they're


making a massive impression. As he did for Wasps last season. They were


so sorry to see him go. 14-5 at half-time in that one. Cracking game


coming up tomorrow as well. The Ospreys take on the Dragons


tomorrow in the second Welsh derby of the weekend. You can watch that


one in full on S4 C. Sunday at 6pm we review the weekend action, and we


catch up with Sam Davies who has set his sights on the famous number ten


jersey. You cannot come in and think, third choice, and adjust rest


and watch the other guys do the wraps. You need to try to get in,


try to express yourself as much as possible. Well worth a watch,


fantastic interview, really modest, humble, an ambitious young man.


Somebody you know well. The Ospreys face the Dragons tomorrow. And there


is a certain fly-half, Matavesi, because both are in the Wales camp.


Did you expect a release? I think a training session as plan tomorrow so


they don't want to risk too many players going into next week's huge


huge game. It goes back to the point about, why are we having these games


the week before? But he has played international rugby at ten, he


should be OK. That is the featured game tomorrow. You look at the


Ospreys team it is still very strong, Gareth Charles was in Lyon


last weekend for Lyon versus Ospreys when Ospreys got their second bonus


point victory of the European campaign, and there was one player


who is playing tomorrow is an absolute superstar. Yes, Keane and


Giles got three superb tries, very different tries. Starting at the 22,


down the left-hand side, great finish on the right-hand side, the


second one, absolutely fantastic footwork to beat the defender, and


the speed to finish it off, and the third one, he took the ball from the


Lyon scrum-half, at the Ospreys 22, run the length of the field and was


action slowing down by the time he got to the 22, so showing all the


attributes of a good winger, and not only that, he put in


two try saving tackles as well, so even though he is traditional,


everything to his game, he is only 18, there is no point trying to


compare him to Shane or anyone else yet but he showed last week that he


has got the potential. No point trying to compare him to shame but


plenty already have. He was called into the Wales squad. Is it too


premature to be talking about him as a starter or a squad player in this


autumn? I don't think he is a squad player but he is not a starter yet.


Alex Cuthbert is coming back, loads of experience. For me, perfect for


Giles to keep playing games, get some game time under his belt, great


with ball in hand, positioning, but it is another few levels,


internationally. He will play for Wales in the future but just let him


develop a regional level for the moment, me. Chill out, is the


message. An exciting prospect and we will see how he gets on tomorrow.


The second half has just kicked off, we return to Gareth Giles.


The other Lloyd, Lloyd Linton, roundly booed when he came back onto


the field. The Blues feel very hard done by at not being given a penalty


try. After five reset scrums they have a point. And what a break now


from Patchell. Want to go on his own, get the pass a way to Parkes,


and it has taken Scarlets 36 seconds of the second half to get a bonus


point. That is what they wanted. That was so, so simple. Brilliant


play from this guy, Patchell. Spotted the gap, it was too big,


through the dummy, and went. Just watch him here. Cuts back, and they


just stand off. A missed tackle and he is away. So simple. There is the


off-load. Well, what a start by the Scarlets in this second half. 40


seconds, Troy, Hadley Parkes. They will be very, very disappointed with


the defensive structure, there. He just strolled through very easily.


Fluffed the kick. But he can afford a smile because it was his break


that set up the try. What a homecoming for Patchell. Lovely


break, did not panic, stepped beyond Morgan, lovely off-load, brilliant,


brilliant play from Patchell. But the Blues have been very


disappointing with their defensive performance. Patchell will be


disappointed with the conversion. That should be over.


That is a real blow for the Blues. After spending all that time camped


on the Scarlet line, then conceding a try right at the beginning of the


second. Salt in the wounds. They would have taken that disappointment


into the half-time break and they have just been flat, coming back.


Again, they have stolen a march on them, a very good states start.


They were blown away by the Ospreys after starting promisingly last


week. It could be five tries, maybe. Again, an opportunity missed by the


Scarlets. Turnover ball. And the next thing it is a loose pass.


Again, that is very loose. You can see it, Tom James, at sixes and


sevens, the two wingers on the side defending. Josh Turnbull need to


rally his troops now. They lead their ball carriers to pick and go.


They need some big, big runs to get back into this game.


Lee-Lo. Just dropped it. No pressure, or not too much pressure.


A lot of mistakes from the Blues in this half. Just got stuck in his


hands, Van der Merwe. I think he does well. He sees Van der Merwe


coming in from the intercept, he holds the ball, then he is caught in


two minds. They are winning the physical battle at the moment,


Scarlets. This is a tactical change, I think. If you remember, he


mentioned field position. Maybe this will add a left foot is kicking


game, and they will play in the right areas. Because I don't think


they are making the penetrative runs which are causing questions for the


Scarlets defence. There is nobody breaking the line. So the kicking


game might be the way forward for them.


Boyde patrols well from a turning scrum. Parkes was on the flank.


Keeps it alive. Shingler. I have to say, Evans is really struggling.


Much better from the Blues. Going to the ground early and Josh Turnbull


getting over the ball to win the penalty. That was all done with the


tackle, the physicality. What about the scrum? Because they have got the


upper hand, without doubt. I would go for the points. If they have got


the ascendancy in the scrum, OK, but they don't look like scoring at the


moment. So just keep the scoreboard ticking over, get into their half,


another penalty, another penalty, they are back in the game. But at


the moment they don't look at all threatening.


Shingler successfully put over the penalty. The Blues get their first


points of the second half. A Munster converted try in the game


that kicked off earlier than this one here at Cardiff Arms Park. It


has been such a tragic couple of weeks for Munster. This was -- is


the first opportunity to add my condolences, I thought he was a


great rugby man. And the other game being played, one of the games this


evening, at Murrayfield, Zebre leading Edinburgh 12-0. That would


be a shock. A big shock. As you would expect, Glasgow are racking up


the points against Treviso. Edwards has been lively this evening. He has


carried very well, been on the front foot. A good kick from Jonathan


Evans. Shingler struggling to keep it in field. I thought he managed to


get rid of that before being forced over. Played well tonight, I think.


Shingler. The ball was touching his shin, wasn't it? All the bodies in


the way, but the linesman was closer than all of us there. It is a good


kick again from Jonathan Evans. He was under pressure, had to get the


trajectory right, not have it charged down, and he gave his


forwards every chance to get on it. The yellow carded players return. As


do the two number eights. Cook with the tap down. Shingler.


Thomas waits. Good return from the full-back. Shingler has a look


downfield. Then decides to run. Tom James shakes of Van der Merwe. That


is a good pass. Crunching tackle from Van der Merwe. That is a good


fit. Great work after the contact. Still going, Van der Merwe. And


still going after the whistle. The initial reaction, I think he was


harshly done by. He made the tackle, got to his feet, made a nuisance of


himself around the ruck area. Good kick. It's a great hit. Gets back to


his feet, takes out the centre. That was close, wasn't it? Very close.


Shrugged off Mike the winner, then the off-load. A good hit though.


Good position for the Blues. Earle takes the line-out. Price has come


through illegally. The crowd are incensed by the referee. He has come


through the middle, number four. So it will be the same again. You have


got to go through the middle, don't change your mind. Just watch the


number four. It is very difficult from there, you just found himself


coming through the gap, so easy to go through, he is penalised for


changing his mind. And that is a waste, and there is Van der Merwe,


against Tom James, James has got him. Great tackle. But Patchell


scoops it up. Oh! The referee calls them back. It has been a great


battle tonight between Van der Merwe and Tom James. They have both giving


it everything, really pile through each other. There is the overthrow,


a poor throw. He was never going to make it, Tom James had the legs on


him. Where is the knock-on? Did he penalised Van der Merwe for when he


hit the ground? Because I saw nothing wrong with what Patchell


did, it was a brilliant piece of play. Well, poor Lloyd Linton. In


every sense of the word. Allen. Brought down by Parkes.


Williams. What down by Parkes. Turnbull juggles it into the hands


of Shingler. Gill. Filise. Allen. Building toward that Scala 22. Going


through the phases. As they have done on a few occasions. Penalty


call. There were about a dozen before. You are better to comment on


this but that was a very harsh penalty. Really harsh. I think it is


Evans who made the tackle. You have got to have the opportunity to roll


away. He tried his best to get to his feet, unfortunately the referee


went for the whistle too early. Just watch. He has gone low. He is trying


to get out, look. For me, that is never a penalty. You should never


penalised Evans. Barkley got over the ball, if anything it was a


penalty for Scarlets. I am not even sure who he penalised. John Barclay?


It will be interesting to see who they take off now with Davis coming


on. Boyde has done exceptional. The back row has played exceptionally


well. Yes, as a unit the skull is back row has done really well. Davis


is not quite stripped of yet. Rollins for Price is the first


change. The Blues and Danny Wilson have a of


doing this, they seem to be dead and buried last year, there is a long


way to go in this game yet. Could drive from the Blues. Into the


Scarlets 22 through the middle, he has got it. They have held it up and


they have one of the scrum. Brilliant work from Boyde. I would


not be happy if I was taken off. Munster have gone ahead after


trailing for all of the game. Less than five to go there.


Look at him. Screaming and shouting. I am all clear. That is not going to


ground, is it? He made absolutely sure with the referee first of all.


Because you are not quite sure which way any decision is going to go


tonight. That is a problem when you are a player. You just want


consistency. And a bit of confidence in the referee. I don't think that


has happened tonight. And that is being polite. Fish. A first chance


to run. Boyde is up there with the tackle. They are counter rucking so


much better than the Blues. That lack of an openside is killing them.


Turned over illegally. And it is yellow. That is going to be the


biggest cheer of the night. One of the Scala players, this time Boyde,


sees yellow. It is the right decision but he was very unlucky. He


went to ground, didn't he? You have only a split second and it is so


difficult when you are an openside, when you have your hands on the ball


it is so difficult to release it, I think it is just the accumulation of


penalties, and he has picked Boyde to get the car. He has got to really


stay in that, you are never going to win that penalty. Once he hits the


floor he has got to just throw it away. He will be arguing that one


all night long, that one. This is a chance for the Blues now to get back


into it. That is OK. Yes, he stood off, didn't he? Scully. Williams.


Tom James screaming for the long pass to the outside but it is behind


him. Thomas, he needed to put that tackle in. Cook chips it onto Earle.


Good hit. Good defence. Rawlins, great hit. Alt to Stephen Shingler,


not as he intended, but Patchell is the one who is back there. He brings


it back out. Like a bagatelle, bouncing off everything. Blue, red,


or the referee, for that matter. In the end Parkes calms things down for


the Scarlets, and puts the ball into the crowd. A great kick. As an old


forward you see so many of those kicks stay in play when they are


under pressure and you just need to get it out of the park and reset. An


opportunity, but he was well marshalled, wasn't he? And it wasn't


clear what Patchell, if it came of Shingler, or Evans, it would be a 22


restart, or a scrum five. Davies is on for the Blues, for Earle. Scully


again. Wave after wave of Blues attacks


now. Scarlets, a man short. Gill. Lost it. It is Jones who took


it off him. Candy from a baby, that was. Shingler puts the kitchen.


Thomas gives it chase. Fish looks over his shoulder. Keeps his calm.


Well played. But Evans hunts him down. The Scarlets do have


possession. Hughes. Runs into a couple of Blues


defenders. Back in the pocket is Patchell. A long range one, he


scuffs it. It was charged down. Fish. Flicked on by Allen to Tom


James. Apart from that one scrum of seven


minutes, it has been played at a rare old rate. Taken by Hadleigh


Parkes. John Barclay keeps the defence


honest. Good pass. This is where Rhys Patchell has to manage it. They


are a man short, he has got to turn them and put them in the corners or


the 22 and that will eat up three or four minutes because they will get


the line-out. You have to manage the game when you are a man short. And


again, they have not looked penetrative. The Blues with ball in


hand. They have an extra man and still don't look threatening. You


have got to soak up the pressure until your man comes back on. Table


toppers ulster have lost at the death to Munster. Great win for


Munster. It has been an incredibly tough couple of weeks for them and


they have had two brilliant wins. Changes galore.


And while all that is going on, Sean, what has taken your eye? Two


bits of execution lacking. Three players waiting, it is much too deep


and it is meat and drink for Aled Thomas. They get close to the line


and get the line-out and it goes through the hands of Josh Turnbull


and Danny Wilson will be thumping the desk!


Two new props in the Blues front row.


Jarrod Evans comes on with Steven Shingler moving out to midfield.


Aled Davies and James Davis are the Scarlets replacements. -- James


Davies. Evans to Shingler, Lee-Lo cuts back,


into the final quarter of the game. 16 points the difference, three


scores. Wyn Jones has put himself about as well. Lovely grubber kick


from Shingler, kept in by Turnbull and Aled Thomas had nowhere to go.


There was not much he could do. It was very good from Turnbull. It was


a beautifully weighted kick from Shingler. That is what we were


saying Rhys Patchell should have been doing. It was good skill from


Josh Turnbull, not sure if he is left footed but that was a good


nudge. Four minutes left on the sin-bin for Will Boyde. But the


Blues line-out again is not functioning.


Scully, with expecting to chase rather than get the ball. -- was


expecting. They have smashed them in the tackle area tonight. And they


have counter really well. Spoiling the Blues ball -- counter rucked. A


penalty coming for the Blues. I think it was Wyn Jones tackling


Shingler without the ball. That was forward. They will come back for the


Blues penalty. I think I would kick this. They have got to score three


times Lennie Waite soap kick it. -- three times anyway so kick it. If I


was a coach, I would not mind that, maybe not put him on the floor but


don't allow him to sneak through. And again, why don't they take the


three points? They have do score two converted tries and something else.


Take the penalty and then go for the tries. This certainly hasn't worked


so far. And they have lost the last couple of line-outs. The Scarlets


will put a bit of pressure on. This time it is taken by Seb Davies.


Macauley Cook is in charge. He has got his hands on it again. It is


Bulbring. They have slowed everything down. And done it again.


They are not clearing out at all. If you have hands on the ball, you have


got to go in with your feet and ruck the ball out. Get on his fingers and


he would do it again. It is one of the rules that needs to be looked


at, Bulbring does not have to release because it is all was it


just kills the game. He has come through the middle. -- because it


was an maul. Matthew Rees is on for the Blues.


They will go for it in the scrum and out with Matthew Rees on. They will


definitely go for this and the referee will be itching to go under


the sticks! He wasn't in the first half! The crowd have got on his back


now. It is the Scarlets who did the upper


hand but no, says the referee. I have got to be honest, I thought the


Scarlets were going forward. I've got no idea what is going on.


Binding apparently. We could not see it on our side. Binding on the body.


Lloyd Williams was in the way. It is Hadleigh Parkes, mind! It is a


centre! What are the odds on a penalty try here? As I say, he is


itching to get under the posts. The Scarlets had gone with seven in the


pack as well. -- have gone. I might have gone something


different. You know what they are going to do. The ball has come out.


Jarrod Evans floated over the top, it bounces into the hands of Scully


and a great finish! Great Philip -- great finish from Blaine Scully.


It was American football style. Any reason why I cannot award the try?


It was a lovely pass. Aled Thomas has sold himself. Great try. And it


was a no arms tackle anyway from Steff Hughes. What him come across,


he just throws his shoulder in. It should be a penalty try if it is not


a try. Great finish. It looks like he has grounded the


ball. You may award the try. He took the touchline out of the


equation. The corner flag now is not touch.


The conversion is drawn and it is an 11 point game with a quarter of an


hour to go. Danny Wilson joined us. You are back in it than 11 points in


15 minutes. Yes, obviously disappointed with the huge amount of


pressure from is, I think it is 12 penalties that have gone our way and


we have not got enough points from it but that was a good try to get us


back in and let the how we go. How is the extension going? Great


thanks! What are the tactics now? We have got Ray on to try to find a bit


more of an edge. But we are putting on a lot of pressure, just not


getting anything from it. That pressure has to be turned into


points. James Davies will be absolutely fuming with this. He has


made the tackle, got to his feet, won the ball cleanly. 16 penalties


to for now. -- to four. What a turnaround from Edinburgh, leading


now. Here we go. He takes him down, he is up, he has released Andy is


over the ball. I tell you what... -- and he is over. He must feel very


hard done by. He must be wondering what is the point if you don't allow


that. Great pass Jarrod Evans! And Shingler, a wall of Kroos surround


him but here comes the cavalry. There is nothing wrong with that --


a wall of red. A couple of thousand fans don't agree. You have just got


to play the referee. You have to take your hat off. He has just been


penalised at the other end. Interesting to see this again


because it happened so quickly. Great line by Shingler.


James Davies, was it a ruck? Just in front, about a yard in front, one of


the Blues players had connected with a Scarlets man but in fairness you


could say it was justice because he should never have been penalised.


Rhys Patchell has had some attention and he is departing and Dan Jones


comes on to take his place. The nerves are jangling around the


ground. Steven Shingler getting more into


the game now from that 12 position. He has been very good tonight,


Elias. Nasty bouncing one for Hadleigh Parkes. Into the hands of


Dan Fish. They are going to throw everything at the Scarlets now,


absolutely everything. Lee-Lo is not held. Parkes strips it. It is chaos


out there! Everything is happening, helter-skelter rugby. But incredibly


exciting. Jarrod Evans, Fish, it is on again. Macauley Cook. James


Davies again looking for the jackal but driven off it this time. They


have definitely gone more direct now, the Blues. This is what they


had to do earlier. I thought that was the other way


around! He is having a shocker. I don't like to say it but he is


having a shocker. He has got to go to the TMO. This is just crazy,


absolutely crazy. Stephen Jones is going absolutely nuts. And that


could be a call that changes the course of the game. Let's have a


look on the replay. I thought it was Aaron Shingler who got tackled by


his brother. He has missed it! Oh! It is all happening. Stephen Jones!


He doesn't lose his rag very often. He gets his foot to it. What a


tackle that is! He just got a yellow card for that! That is one of the


most ridiculous decisions you will ever see. He needs to blow up and go


and have a shower. I hope he has got his spikes on! The penalty count is


17-4 to the Scarlets. There should be a penalty try in the first half


for the Blues but the second-half penalties have been as bad. -- just


as bad. We are inside the final ten minutes. And an injury, Dan Fish is


not looking good. The Scarlets have been hanging on in this last period.


I think they need attention to Dan Fish, I think it is a serious


injury. Zebre have scored a try. That would


be one heck of a win for them and they have converted it as well and


it is 19-14. He has gone for a walk to calm down! He has got his


Shinglers mixed up. That is brotherly love! Can you imagine it?


I got the wrong brother. One was in red and the other was in blue! That


will be interesting over tea-time. The stretcher is coming on for Dan


Fish. The Blues have looked far more threatening with a direct approach.


They have taken it up and Jarrod Evans has taken the ball will stop


they are going wide. Shingler has looks very effective at 12. It is


his left foot, it gets caught. It gets stuck underneath. Irrespective


of a fast game and everything, I am still not convinced by this surface.


As an ex-player, may be commercially or the speed of the game but for the


players I'm still not convinced. I would not like to play on it myself.


I agree. It is obviously more expensive, the 50-50, but that is


the ideal servers. The bad news for the Blues is that Dan Fish is going


to be replaced by a second row in young Shane Lewis-Hughes. 19 last


month. Making his league debut, the academy player. Interesting to see,


I think Cam Dolan will go onto the right wing. Two changes in the


Scarlets front row while all that happened. Emyr Phillips is back.


James Davies, the Scarlets will be happy to keep ball in hand and stay


downfield as long as they can and use up time. Great pass and a great


run. Well timed run by Hadleigh Parkes. It was a good tackle because


it was difficult to read. Rawlins, the Scarlets picking up the pace


again. Spilled by Edwards. That is a rare occurrence, an away


win for an Italian team. Zebre winning 19-14 at Edinburgh. Have


they ever won away from home? Yes, they have won here. Long may it


continue because let's be honest, they have not done much else over


the last few years. Seven minutes remaining. Just under


seven on the sin-binning that should never have been. You imagine the


Scarlets will go left. They have Cam Dolan on that right wing.


Good first up defence again from the Scarlets, keeping the Blues just


outside their 22. They have varied their defence, spotted and rushed


out of the line and filled in behind. Rey Lee-Lo this is Cam Dolan


on the right wing. The third man is sprinting up all


the time. And on the flip side, the Blues come we mentioned Nick


Williams, they have not had a go to man to get over the gain line. The


Scarlets have had Elias and Will Boyde carrying.


It is hard work for the Blues to get away from their own 22. Jarrod Evans


with the stab over the top and Aled Thomas on the volley, that is


beautifully done, superbly done by Aled Thomas.


Great presence of mind. And perfectly executed.


They need a score quickly. Well played by Van der Merwe to stay. The


touchline was very close when he came back down. Emyr Phillips


carries. Dan Jones just looking for the corner and touched by Tom James


and the Scarlets will get the line-out as well. It was well played


by Dan Jones, Tom James had to go with it. It was what we mentioned


earlier with Rhys Patchell, put it in the corners and make the Blues go


90 metres. The Scarlets were going nowhere. A good nudge by Dan Jones.


Jonathan, the man of the match is your decision. Will Boyde has played


well, Aaron Shingler has been good and so had DTH van der Merwe, they


have all been outstanding but for me, leading from the front, Ryan


Elias has been brilliant. He has carried the ball especially well,


the line-outs have been not too bad under intense pressure. He has had a


very impressive game. The young Scarlets Caulker taking


the place of skipper Ken Owens who is on international duty -- Scarlets


hooker. As the Scarlets near the victory. The Blues did the double


over them last year and they want to get their own back tonight. They are


on the verge of doing so. I think they have outmuscled them tonight,


defensively more than offensively. And they seem to have more energy.


On that gain line they have scrapped for everything and made the break


down a real mess and the Blues have struggled on the front foot. They


will not be happy but we have to mentioned it is Gethin Jenkins


testimonial this year. Hadleigh Parkes bonus point try came


within a minute of the restart and that is the last time the Scarlets


scored. The Blues have been on top generally since then but have not


managed to turn it into points. Or submission points.


Steff Evans sticks with him all the way. Cam Dolan set up to Lloyd


Williams. Still only at the 22. The counter rucking has slowed it down.


78 minutes gone, I don't think you kick it away. Lovely pass out the


back door again from Van der Merwe. He has been full of tricks this


evening. He has had a great game. You have got to remember, the


Scarlets are down to 14 men as well. He will be happy. Cardiff boy but at


happy return for him. Cardiff boy through and through.


Ioan Nicolas is on, number 23. He is Nigel Owens's nephew. He had all the


footballing genes in the family! 18-year-old. He has great potential.


I have been talking to Stephen Jones and this kid has a great future in


front of him they are saying. Only his second appearance. Aled Davies


tries to run down the clock. It is a mirror image as far as


results go for these two. The Blues set off with four wins in a row but


now three defeats. The Scarlets started with three defeats and this


will be their fourth win in a row. They have got to go for goal. What


is the referee doing now? They think they can run the clock down from


this. It is immaterial anyway. They need to score more than one try. I


would have taken the penalty. The Blues have started very well. It


has been an under par performance from them and the Scarlets have come


and outmuscled them and deserve this result.


The Scarlets waiting for the clock to turn red. Hadleigh Parkes have


lead by example again. He has put in another good shift for the visitors.


Aled Davies can put it out if he Will Boyde having one more to make


sure. And it is Jones who kills the game


and gives the Scarlets revenge for last season. It is the away


supporters who are celebrating, not just the win, but a bonus point win,


against the Blues. It is the Blues who are empty-handed at the end of


this one. An incredible game. Everything happening, all kinds of


decisions, all kinds of talking points. But the one big talking


point at the end that everybody is certain of is that Scarlets are the


winners by 26-15. There was a lot of mistakes and turnovers and


interceptions, and the Scarlets coaching staff will be happy, maybe


not with the referee, but they were slightly loose, and very lateral.


The Blues did not have the penetrative ball-carriers they have


had all year, to go out wide. They will have been disappointed with


that performance. A poor loss for the Blues, disappointing. Delight


for the Scarlets, a bonus point win, 26-15. The man of the match is with


Catherine. He is indeed. You can present him


with the man of the match award. Congratulations, Ryan. That game had


a bit of everything, didn't it? A few tries, high tempo, and a bit of


controversy. When we previewed the game we knew it would be really


tough. The last time we played them at home they had the scalp, they


came at us physically. We knew it would be really tough up front. It


was a tough game. So really rewarding to come out with a bonus


point win. What was the difference between the teams? Because you came


out firing from the start. I am not so sure. A law of the boys, we all


stepped up today. The young boys coming up. So it was a team effort.


We are happy to get the win. I will let you go and celebrate with the


team. Thank you. What a fantastic game. Tries galore


in the first half. Then 37 seconds into the second half of this bit of


magic from Patchell. You will not see a better finish than this one.


Scully, the American, with a gridiron finish. What a finish. It


set up a grandstand finish to the game but Scarlets clung on for


victory, and it is a really important one, they overtake the


Blues in the table, level on points, 18 a piece. They go into sixth place


of higher points difference. What a result away from home. Have a look


who has joined us. Mr Parkes, the victorious captain. Many


congratulations. What a result, away from home, with a depleted squad,


you have a bonus point victory. How does it feel? Outstanding, after


they dusted up twice last year. We defended really well. The boys got


stuck in and we scored some good tries, which was pleasing. One of


them by your good self. But what a bit of work ahead of it, by


Patchell. Yes, he was really looking forward to it so I am pleased for


him. To come here and put in a good performance you will be really happy


with that. It was a great result for us, and it came straight after


half-time is well. I don't know what you remember of it because it


happened so fast, but talk is through it. Just like any good


centre you have got to get up and support. It was the easy part, for


me. Rees did all the hard work. What a modest Kiwi. You Kiwis are all


modest. The penalty count was remarkably 17-6 against the


Scarlets. I'm sure you will say, totally unjust. But have you ever


been on the winning side, with that many penalties against you? I can


actually recall, but I don't know what goes on in the scrums, to be


honest. If I stick my head in there I get a little bit more than what I


want. He is being very PC. That's beyond this, the referee had a


shocker. I don't know what goes on in there so I cannot comment.


Myhill, I know you were impressed by the younger Scarlets who stepped up.


Yes, the Blues last year really did a job physically on them, and I


thought in the contact area tonight, Boyde, Elias, they really dominated


the contact area, spoiled so much for the Blues. And when they had the


ball as well I thought the young kids were outstanding. Impressive?


Yes, especially Elias who has a great opportunity this year. He is


battling for the second position, and Ryan had a great game tonight. A


couple of young boys, and the guys coming back from injury who had not


played for us this year, it was good they got an opportunity, and they


really took it, it was good. It is great to see you as always. The


winning captain there. Myhill mentioned the breakdown, real


superiority by the end of the game. I guess you could argue that the


Blues were under the cosh. Maybe, Josh Turnbull had a good first half


but they were just not at the contest all night. Around that


defensive breakdown they were insatiable. When James Davies came


on and they went top notch again. Some crucial turnovers and unlucky


not to get a few more. He tracked back on this one and got to his feet


because he was the tackler. That was a crucial moment, a great break.


This is another turnover, they are looking to come through the ruck,


look how many are flooding through. A little bit slow and high. It was


the story of the night. We make too much of not having a seven.


But the centre, Parkes, Van der Merwe, is a winger he attacks


contact areas, but as a team they were generally hungry and more


efficient in contact area. That was reflected in the penalty count.


Sometimes when you are at it at that contest a lot more you give a few


more penalties away and the Blues did not take the opportunities they


had. The first half was a bit of Ada -- Ada Barco. Ultimately the


Scarlets won by more than a clear score, but how aggrieved should


Blues be that it wasn't a penalty. Very aggrieved. Danny Wilson will


mention it when he gets interviewed late on. It could have been 21-14


can be to 21-7. It is a big difference. And when you think this


callous god straight after half-time, all the momentum could


have changed if you gave a penalty try, which I think you should have,


at the end of the day, there was a fantastic crowd here they did not


come for seven minutes of research scrums. He has got to make a


decision earlier. I tell you what they have come for. Finishes like


this. Have a look at this Scully try again. This is amazing. For those at


home who do not understand that the law, the winger owns the corner


flag. It is a lovely floated pass. He gets in the for a reason. He


practices. He gets the ball down with both legs in the area, which


hits the corner flag, but it is his, he is not in touch, a fantastic


finish. And chants of USA, USA. Like the Ryder Cup. He is a bit of a cult


hero already. A wonderful finish. Put aside the disciplinary issues


and the fact that some of those refereeing decisions were


questionable, not least the Shingler yellow card, put it to one side,


what a game. We were talking before we came on, that is the third Welsh


derby this year and they have all been fantastic. Another one


tomorrow. Nobody can have any qualms. Added to by the crowd


tonight. Fantastic. When I turned up I had shivers. It reminded me of


derbies when I was coaching. It is what the players and the coaches


want. I am sure the fans, despite the defeat, have lost touch. Thank


you, and the boys of the commentary box, it has been a superb Welsh


derby tonight, congratulations for Scarlets, revenge for last season.


See you tomorrow.


Ross Harries presents coverage of Cardiff Blues v Scarlets from the Arms Park. Studio guests include former Wales internationals Jonathan Davies, Martyn Williams and former Ospreys coach Sean Holley.

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