Blues v Dragons Scrum V

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Blues v Dragons

Ross Harries presents live coverage as Cardiff Blues take on Dragons at the Cardiff Arms Park. Studio guests include Martyn Williams and Jonathan Davies.

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A time to enjoy the most heart-warming of seasonal


traditions. If yesterday was about goodwill to


all men, today is about the renewal of the old and bitter war rivalries.


Scrum V live comes from Cardiff, on Boxing Day, where Christmas cheer


has given way to travel bragging rights. Over there is Cardiff Arms


Park, a battle ground between today's showdown between the Blues


and the Dragons. The fans are arriving, and they are anticipating


another blood and thunder Welsh derby.


Lee-Lo Calexico out of the air! Jones, white ball out, in a little


bit of space. -- wide ball. This time, Lee-Lo, isolated. Evans finds


Mayor. Oh, interception! What a gift to Tom


James! After two weeks of European


competition, the Pro12 returns in earnest today in one of the biggest


fixtures in the calendar. The Blues have a dream start to their season,


winning the first four in a row, but have stumbled since, the Dragons are


down in ninth, with just three victories to their name. What a


Christmas present it would be to pull off a Boxing Day smash and grab


at the home of their nearest rivals. Good afternoon and seasons greetings


to you. Hope you had a great day yesterday and are still enjoying the


Christmas spirit. Seasons greetings too to Scrum V's three wise men. Are


you feeling festive? Yes, looking forward to this game, nice to get


out of the house. Nice crisp, dry day, so looking forward to the game


can be. Conditions are great. Two teams looking for a spark to


reignite their seasons and you are guaranteed to get sparks flying in a


Boxing Day derby. I hope so, I hope the quality is good. It is a


sell-out, fantastic news for the Pro12, and a potent came from fans


and players and managers and coaches. Maybe get the New Year off


to an early start. We love talking about the bragging rights. But the


gap is beginning to widen, and they will want to witness in the race for


Europe. If they have any thoughts of top six they have to win today. But


select expectation during the summer when it came to the Blues, finish


last season really well, on the first four games and you are


thinking here go, could be something special. Really lost their way over


the last few games. It is a must win game for the Blues. The Cardiff


Blues favourites in the eyes of Martin. The Dragons, though, cannot


win on the road for love nor love me -- not money. Does the psychological


barrier get higher? It is a mindset really and they will not have a


closer than home fixture than this one. They would have been talking


about at this week. Trying to play on the probability of the Blues


recent home form. If they can get a good start like the Scarlet Stade,


they could cause an upset. The thought of the two coaches. Danny


Wilson and Kingsley Jones with us now. Seasons greetings, Wessels


start with you Kingsley, should we have a cracker? It is what it is all


about, everyone has extra anxiety, usually the coaches, the players,


the supporters. Great to see. A few Welsh international back for the


Dragons, Nick Williams, how much of a boost? Massive, it is great to get


him back on the pitch for us. Quite a few ex-blues players in the


Dragons side. Are we all friends here today or does it all led to the


spice? My chat in the meeting was about a few former Blues players


come as you say. Just play it as a collective, don't make it personal.


They all like a pro playing against there are a team but all the Kindle


to do that is to get the right result. The crowd getting excited,


some of the Dragons think maybe the Blues are under pressure today, how


do you see it? It is a home game. We won our last game at home and we


want to do the same again today. Full respect for the supposition


that will have to work hard to get it. Turkeys amateurs at the ready,


we hope to talk to you after the match. Not much in the way of


fighting talk. They seem fairly relaxed. Danny Wilson alluded to it,


Martin mentioned it, exchange lopsided season to the Blues, they


won their first four in a row and then they have won one from six. How


disruptive might that have been, in hindsight? He is a new coach, would


have been disrupted. They have looked a little bit lost since he


has been gone. Rod Wood sniping around the fringes, which would


want. Trying to play an expansive game and sometimes they overplay it


a bit. Trying to get their flankers in the wide channel. All back three


players are down in this short 15 metres. No one from the right back.


That is an area of concern but also they ship to many tries at home at


the Arms Park. Against Ulster a few weeks ago they were too vulnerable.


As we know, this area they really exploited. First with Gilroy and


then this big centre, who I have been really impressed with,


McCluskey, the attacks down the same area. They went too vulnerable, too


lazy, too adept at conceding tries in this area and it is a vulnerable


area for them. They need to tighten up their defence but the attack has


got sharper with the arrival of Willis Halaholo. He has made such an


impact. He was part of a hurricane seen that run the Super Rugby


tournament. If he can get front football today, that centre


partnership is incredibly dangerous. Something the Dragons, they will


have to give them ready in this game if they want to be successful.


Ideally you would like to see a Welsh boy in the centre amongst


them, but such is things. Yes, I don't want to put a negative spin on


things but that is the upshot. Two cracking recruits for the Cardiff


Blues but they are keeping watch boys out. They are, but you have to


try to get quality Welsh boys. You have two overseas in the Scarlets


and in the Ospreys and the Blues. On an international scale, where are


these youngsters going to play? That will be a problem in the future. But


there has been a lack of intensity. When they get defeats, the intensity


has dropped but also Nick Williams. He was a no go forward when Nick


Williams was injured. Nobody has really stepped up to the mantle and


carried the ball. With Nick Williams back today, with the boys on the


front foot, I'd be a real handful again today. They will be delighted


to see him back. We talked about the centres of the Blues opposite them


for the Dragons, a young man with a terrible run of injuries that


starting to discover his confidence now. He burst onto the scene a


couple of years back the next big thing for Wales. You forget he was


playing in a World Cup quarterfinal just 12 months ago, Tyler Morgan,


and he has huge potential but injuries have hampered him, so he


has not yet fulfilled his potential. He is a very young man and a huge


test on his hands, defensively as much as anything to keep Clewlow and


Halaholo quiet. -- to keep Lee-Lo. Kingsley Jones has openly said he


wants to recruit some of the more senior players to bolster that squad


but some of starting to prove their worth now. You're yes, they lack


quality talisman. The signing of terrorist has been a catalyst to try


to speed it up. Watch out for Ollie Griffiths, not just an attack put on


the ball. They are trying to get Ashton Hewitt on the ball. A


dangerous manner so look out for him. But it is the clever tactics


they need to employ because they lack that firefly. -- that


firepower. Watch TR Thomas go round the back. The sort of clever tactics


that they need. Chance of turnover ball, will they have anything up


their sleeve today? We shall see. Another interesting subplot to this,


there are six players in that Dragons squad that used to play for


the Blues, considered not good enough the Blues, they will have a


point to prove, when they? Certainly motivation factor, but they will


forget about that, it is a big crowd, both sides will be up it.


When they say the backs have felt a bit lost without their backs coach,


hang on now, they are professional rugby players. The backs coach gives


you guidelines, doesn't give due guidelines on the field. As a


decision-making for the youngsters on the field, you have to make the


decisions on the field. Today in the heat of the battle, great atmosphere


and very noisy, you want people to put their hands up and say right


post, follow me, I control this game and that is what I want to see from


both sets of half-backs today. Look at Sam Warburton there, making his


hundredth appearance for the Blues. You remember him Martin when he came


in from the academy committee is a real talisman. He needs to put his


international form behind him, but you look at the back row, Warburton,


Nick Williams, incredibly aggressive, up against Ollie


Griffiths, Jackson, and Lewis Evans. A mouthwatering match up. The last


time these two teams met on Boxing Day here, the Dragons did when


unexpectedly. Can history repeat itself? Let's find out from our


commentators. COMMENTATOR: Seasons greetings to you all. Lloyd


Fairbrother makes only a second league start of the season alongside


Sam Hobbs and TR Thomas, two former Blues. Another former blue, Tavis


Knoyle established himself at scrum-half, as has Angus O'Brien at


Nemeth ten. -- at number ten. As has been shunned Sam Warburton in his


100th appearance for the Blues, though it has taken him the best


part of nine seasons to reach that milestone. He will be walking out to


a packed Cardiff Arms Park. On what is a lovely day. Warburton captain


because there is no Gethin Jenkins in the team today. Scott Andrews


preferred on the tight end to Taufa'ao Filise. A late change on


the wing sees Cory Allen info the unwell Tom James. Reynold Lee-Lo an


ever present and voting partnership with Willis Halaholo. Cuthbert up to


some form as well. Ben Whitehouse in charge this


afternoon. It promises to be an excellent game. Conditions


absolutely perfect. Gorgeous day in the capital city. As the Cardiff


Blues try and keep tabs on the top six in the Pro12, and the Dragons


look to keep their season going. First mistake comes from the first


play, as the ball goes out. It is the Dragons playing in blue this


afternoon and the Blues playing in blue and blue. I was going to say,


for those who have had a big day yesterday, this could be difficult


to doing to try and make out who's who in this. Very strange decision


by both teams. Dacey to the tale. Navidi in the


scrum cap, there was Nick Williams in his first run in the first


minute. That go forward is what the Blues have missed at times, he has


been out since the start of October. Warburton carries on. Lloyd Williams


to Shingler, delays the pass. Williams. Shingler again and still


Shingler, and he may well have got there. It is tight but he has got


the ball down before being bundled over. No need for the TMO. What a


start, and what a finish by Steven Shingler. Yes, Cardiff will be very,


very disappointed with that defensive effort. Plenty of numbers,


they slipped off the tackle and you get this great finish, though, very


good finish. There is a little off-load, double pump, he gets back


into position, recycles back, throws the ball, throws the dummy, steps


over the tackle. I think it's Hewitt, isn't it, that tackle has


got to be made. Stays on his feet, good finish. Great finish, great


play from the Blues but it all comes back to come you can imagine the


team talk, start of a positive, immediately under pressure. But


great play from the Blues. A very good start, two minutes and over.


Here is the try scorer, now going to try to add the two points. As Martin


said, you have got to make your front up tackles. Yes, mistake


compounded by mistake, and Kingsley Jones will be wondering how on earth


do you do that right from kick-off on such a big stage? APPLAUSE


Tremendous conversion to add to his finish, what a start to the game by


Steven Shingler. The single one and one. Misses, he is over.


O'Brien. He will have to put that first kick out of his head. A great


kick by Ed Jackson on Lloyd Williams. He does very well indeed


to control it, under the circumstances.


It is still alive. But follow-up, though.


TR Thomas. Penalty goes the Blues way.


Yes, I think it was Navidi who got over the ball. You look at the Blues


back row, such a physical, powerful back row. Morgan, Williams and


Navidi, you expect Williams to get the advantage there.


They have both the last two. At eight. Williams with the feed.


Incomes Cory Allen. Late call up on the wing. Tom James has spent some


time in hospital recently with a gallstone. Best wishes for a


recovery to him. Morgan with the pass going behind Rey Lee-Lo. It's


all Blues at the moment. Low tackle by Tyler Morgan. Williams


can't control. Odette and why you would throw that


covered to be honest, scrum-half. Plenty more players behind. He has


overran the ball, forward pass, good positioning by the referee, right


behind him. Yes, we mention Nick Williams at the top of the show, and


I would not expect him to play fully. But a big 50, 60 minutes for


him. He would be blowing, having had such a long time out the last couple


of months. 7th of October against the Ospreys was his last outing. Two


years in Munster. Before coming out the Cardiff.


REFEREE: Just feet. Nothing wrong with the ground. Interesting to see


Scott Andrews getting the nod at tight head, rather than de Fauw


fully say who is on the bench. I dare say there will be a bit of


banter going on between he and Sam Hobbs on the other side -- Taufa'ao


Filise. Crouch, bind, said. This scrum is


taking an age. Pat Howard in from the wing. Under


pressure, a good pass from O'Brien. Halaholo flying. The two centres


have worked out a defensive system, one will blast out one will hold an


watch drift. If that is going to be the case, the Dragons have to try


and work it out. WHISTLE O'Brien looking for Howard. And even


though it was a good kick and the ball was in the air, Lewis Evans had


requested the penalty, which is why Ben Whitehouse gave it. I don't


think he would have caught the ball so easily. Gone.


Good kick. Defensively, since that miss start, they have done very


well. Just to jump the gun a little bit. Offside. A very good kick.


Angus O'Brien. Good field position. Edged Jackson down at the front of


the Dragons line. TR Thomas. We have seen how clever he can be from his


line-up positions. Not that time, though. Well stopped by the Blues.


Adam Warren had to take it from a steady start.


Knock-on. Spilt in the tackle. Yes. It was off a Cardiff Blues player,


wasn't it? Off Sam Warburton. Really evident, for me, the first


ten minutes the Dragons about the ball, they have tried to go close


quarters, really struggled to get over the gain line. The physicality


of the Blues, coping with the Dragons carriers wait. That will add


to the speculation, won't it? And interesting spectator, Leigh


Halfpenny. He has had a week of Comey bumped into him, let's not


start... LAUGHTER He played a game in the autumn, now


he has had a week off, that's it. Interesting back formation, if you


look at the Dragons, just watch them, put out a little bit, two,


three behind. Let's just watch how this goes. Good control by Ed


Jackson. WHISTLE Up and around. Boys. Could have


stood anywhere, really, the backs. That ball wasn't coming out. Good


drive, three points. Very good control by Ed Jackson, once it


started reeling from you thought not exactly the kind of ball you want


in, let's see if we can get a penalty out of it. And that's


exactly what they did get. Rhys Gill and Scott Andrews, both of


whom featured in the all in series. -- autumn international series.


Safely done by Anders O'Brien, -- Angus O'Brien, the Dragons are the


first point of the afternoon. Yes, they needed that, it was a very poor


start by the Dragons. First four minutes, they needed to get


something on the board. Two good kicks by Angus O'Brien, that was a


straightforward run in front of the post but it will settle them down.


The game for him. -- big game for him. WHISTLE


Again, not a great exit from the Dragons. Straightaway gives the


Blues a great attack opportunity. Again, Warburton used in the


line-out. Halaholo. Williams arrives late, and that makes it very


difficult for the first man. Brushes past Lloyd Fairbrother. Matthew


Morgan Coppoc quite a queue starts in Europe. Now starting in the


league as well. James down. Shingler.


Deep pass to Rey Lee-Lo, Matthew Morgan, that was a great pass by


Lee-Lo but straight into the hands of Tom Prydie. The Dragons will be


very happy because defensively they are creeping across the field. They


had an overlap but instead of going inside shoulders, they want on the


outside loop. -- went on the outside loop, and just ran out of space.


Tennis and the one waiting for it. There was a little block on Matthew


Morgan, and it didn't need it Knoyle had so much time. They kill


themselves at times, the Dragons, because the kicking has been so


poor. That was easy ball for Tavis Knoyle is the penalised Tom Prydie


for looking for Matthew Morgan and blocking his lines. Matthew Morgan


the only one following it up, the only one anywhere near it. Tavis


Knoyle so much time then. Such a cheap, cheap penalty to give away.


Baggage like by Stephen Schindler. -- a good striker.


Just in case you missed the, it goes straight down the middle.


Plenty of height from Williams. He needs to be careful about his


timing. It bounced into Lewis Evans's hands anyway. Confusion


again in the Dragons' ranks. It is a bit scrappy at the moment. They are


both running the same hall, unfortunately. He just smashes him.


It could be interesting. Matthew Morgan is the first man on the


blindside. Depth is important to see if they can release Matthew Morgan


with a short pass or something, stop the drift. There is Matthew Morgan.


White-mac that was great play, that just stop that move. The ball was so


slow. Huge shot out the blindside. Openside for the Dragons. He reminds


me of Sam Warburton when he was a youngster, so explosive over the


ball. There is the turnover, he is straight over the ball. He left


early from the scrum. Have not been going there too often.


It flies out of his arms. This will be a yellow card, the 3rd of


January, perhaps even now. How costly could this be? I just


want to see the view. Could you play that to me again. OK. I think it is


just a reaction. It is a penalty, but that depends on the referee and


what he thinks. He does not dark but he does try to spend. -- does not


dark. New directors are in force here.


Your arm is always up high. It is going to be a yellow card. That is


the way of the game, whether you agree with it or not. It is a high


tackle. A penalty would have been enough for me. You cannot criticise


Ben Whitehouse, he knows the reaction. I'm not even sure at the


referees are happy with the new directive. I have seen some farcical


yellow cards recently. He is going to get a bit of stick


after all of this. Not from the jargons' fans. -- Dragons'. They


have 9-10 minutes to try and impose themselves on this game.


The first quarter is almost done. Despite the Blues having the better


of it, the Dragons are still in touch. There is significant wind.


They got Alex Cuthbert out of that rut.


At those beads it looked like a collision. The fact that Alex


Cuthbert has landed on his backside makes it look worse. If we look at


it in slow motion it makes things look worse. A shoulder to the head


there. Could be played out through once


more? It was just a collision. It is a grey area. It looks around chest


height. He has gone in with his shoulder. If Alex Cuthbert had


stayed on his feet nothing would have happened. You connect it with


number 14. Your arm was always down there. It is a yellow card.


When it is slowed down or magnified it always looks worse than it is. We


want to avoid head injuries but it is becoming a bit of a farce for me.


There have been two cards there. They are in danger of changing the


nature of the game completely. And they wonder why people do not watch


any more. Stephen shingler is successful


again. The captain is worth Danny Wilson. What is your take on those


two yellow cards? I think ours was quite lazy and it deserved


something, but probably not a yellow, but under the sanctions the


game is no wonder the referee has no choice. You had a great start to the


game. We have done reasonably well. We fed them with a yellow card.


Pretty clinical and hopefully we can keep it going. What is your message


to the boys? We are now dealing with a yellow and we must adjust to that.


We will catch up with you later. Thank you.


He thought the losing a centre may take some adjustment. But they


haven't goes for the next 6-7 minutes. He was not tackle and he


made good headway up to the Blues' ten metre line. They are giving


themselves a chance. Just a little bit narrow in their


defending, the Blues. And the Blues pay the price for losing a centre as


Ashton Hewitt gets the Dragons' first. The Blues were playing with


this drawback with the last offender on there. They are unmanned short


but that is just open. You need to just a little bit when you are


unmanned short in the centre. They defend the last man on the openside


and that should not be the last time the Dragons do that because there is


no one at home for the Blues in their defensive system. Plenty of


speed, a good finish. It should be 13-13. Ashton Hewitt, another one


who has called my eye this season. -- have got.


Angus O'Brien converts and it is all square, 13-13. Very quickly watched


this year. Stop it there. There is the full-back and there is no one


behind. It is easy. The full-back is in the just so there is no one


behind. Plenty happening as we hoped there


would be. It was a good cake. -- good kick. They are really


struggling to get back into the run half when they received the ball.


The decision making is wrong at the moment, the execution.


Cuthbert waiting, coming in from the left-hand wing. The Blues are very


narrow at the moment, there is no width at all. Using the forwards to


drive on. Cuthbert has come all the way over.


A tackle by Hewitt. Penalty advantage for the Blues. Williams


goes straight through the middle. It will be interesting to see what


they do. It is a difficult kick. Think this is good decision.


It has been a strength. It has gone really well.


The ball is nowhere near him, it is on the far side. The Dragons thought


they did enough to win the scrum. There was a shift at the front and


it collapsed. It is ever so nice now. Everyone is


afraid to do things. Make sure it stays nice and five. --


nice and high. You have to look at that and see


where Morgan defence. But has got to be keyed to the second half. Rey


Lee-Lo is about to come back on. Check your town please. -- your


town. It is like being back at school.


This is meant to be a game for men. They should be treated like men.


They are a man short. He comes right up there. Lloyd


Williams, Kristian Dacey is driven back. Williams has another go.


Williams expecting to be involved as often as possible in this close


quarters. Scott Andrews, very close indeed. Stephen shingler. The


Dragons defence is just about holding on but it is being


stretched. Schindler, over the top, to James on the second row. Still


this survive. Williams lines up for another go at the defence. Now try


but a penalty straight in front. Number nine is offside. Taking


quickly by Nick Williams. Ben Whitehouse wasn't even looking. He


has touched it, that is play on. Ben Whitehouse got that wrong. They both


came back onto Geller. -- on together.


I felt we had a good platform but we were a little bit to be engaged.


Matthew Morgan lines up behind Shingler. Centre either side. Which


way is Matthew Morgan going to go if he gets the opportunity.


All kinds of options here for the Blues. The first is to keep it at


Williams's feeds and now into his hands. -- feet. Javad now the deep


digs it out. He spends and Kristian Dacey gets over. The Blues have a


second. The decision to go for the touchline was a good one. Kristian


Dacey scorers. He stays on his feet, scorers


easily. Heads and spends out of the tackle. Josh Navidi did so well, he


committed people to the ball. The third try the season for


Kristian Dacey. No nonsense from Matthew Morgan, he


puts it out of play. He is trying to get the numbers


right for the line-out. And think you might have a look at


this. He is striking the ball very well but I feel that there is a


slight wind behind him. No angle, it is just pure distance.


That is a heck of a strike. With something to spare. Nice strong wind


behind him. We heard from Danny Wilson, the guy


in charge of the Blues. Nowhere with Kingsley. You have managed to get


back into this one. We are disappointed with the two tries. An


error from an exit. We kicked it said the 22. We know the Blues are


very physical and strong. The Blues crowd are doing the job today. We


are back in it. We need to get some possession and territory. We will


join you in the second half. Not happy with the decision. Yielding


another ten metres. Do not hold the ball in the air while shouting and


swearing. Tackled and did not release. He is


very dangerous with the ball in hand. It just shows what can happen.


Excel aeration and he is away. Williams hanging onto him long


enough. It cost him the extra ten metres. For Britain gets it away. --


Warburton. Looking for another try at the end of this half.


Real pressure and on -- real pressure on the Dragons's defence.


Shingler. Brilliantly done by Josh Navidi. That is the third try just


before half time. Constant pressure taking its toll. He off-loaded to


Josh Navidi. Inside the make, outside dummy. An easy finish for


Josh Navidi. He throws a dummy and it looks like slow motion. An easy


try. Danny Wilson will be very content as it heads towards the


changing room. Shingler, his distribution has been excellent, his


kicking superb as well. He has got all three of the Blues' tries. They


have a half time advantage of 27-16 to the Blues. Sam, that is how to


end a first half. We got some momentum to finish the half. The


scoreboard reflects how difficult it is. This game will go to the last


ten minutes. It is a fiery local derby. It is a good one. It is good


to see the team giving it a go. And sure Danny has a lot to chat to you


about. Thank you. The Blues make the best possible start. They got to try


in the first minutes by Shingler and that set the pulses racing. Two


yellow cards that were contested and we will talk about that soon. Ashton


Hewitt took advantage of a lack of full-back. His eighth try for the


Dragons. Then Kristian Dacey got some strong carriage from Josh


Navidi. Lovely footwork from Shingler. Josh Navidi on hand to


take the scoring pass. That has put a different complexion on things.


The Blues now have a significant lead. The Blues have made 130 metres


to the Dragons' 64 and they have enjoyed 66% of possession. The stats


scoreboard the story. The Blues are in front. That try at half time was


a big moment. That is a killer blow for the


Dragons of the the Blues confidence going in. The Blues properly deserve


to go in in front but not why this margin probably, so it is a long way


back for the Dragons. Those awayday demons probably creeping into the


Dragons's minds. Sam Warburton saying it is very intense out there.


Perhaps we have not seen the fireworks we often expect at least


our booze and maybe because of the heavy-handed refereeing.


Disappointing for us to look at it and for the crowd. The Dragons on


average concede the Paw tries away from home and the Blues at home


nearly three. It was was good to be a high-scoring affair. How high, we


will have to see the second half. Let's have a look at the first try,


could not have come much quicker. Steve Shingler, a botched kick-off


but a clinical finish. The boys were talking about Nick Williams and


trying to get them into the game. It came from a loose kick. Young Angus


O'Brien, the start that Kingsley did not want. Nick Williams at


scrum-half, a nice little block by Rhys Gill on Lewis Evans, just buys


him a little bit of time to get across the gain line. Then it was


all about field position. I was disappointed as a coach, Rynard


Landman at, he never forwarded around the corner to allow his


team-mates width in defence. You have to say another missed tackle


here, ten in the first half of the Dragons and Shingler showed great


power and strength to get over. It was an unfortunate one from Ashton


Hewitt. He was at fault for that one. Sean touched upon it. For me,


the Dragons just killed themselves in the first half, every time they


were receiving kick-off they were just giving the Blues great fielding


position and putting themselves under pressure. Got to give credit


to the Blues team but really poor play from the Dragons. Ashton Hewitt


certainly atoned for it with his well taken try down the middle. As a


former ten and 15, Jiffy spotted this. He is writing. The forwarded


offence is so important for the outside backs. They create a little


bit of an overlap on the outside and may recognise, they need to get


numbers on the corner. The 2/, if they get around the corner, Matthew


Morgan does not have two push-up. Holywell spotted and executed by


young Angus O'Brien. This guide does not need a second invitation to get


over the line. Good work from Ashton Hewitt. We have mentioned it


already, the heavy-handed refereeing, not necessarily his


fault. Over the past three or four weeks we have seen some farcical


yellow cards, two very questionable ones. Danny Wilson very honest,


saying that he thought Rey Lee-Lo's was deserved, Rynard Landman's not


so. What was your take on it? He has character and personality and


experience. He is falling away, for me, Angus O'Brien. I don't think it


warrants a yellow card. You could watch in slow motion this. Martin is


nodding here. You can watch every right here and see not and are much


time, but if you are yellow carding everyone you would have a game of


touch, two against two. We have to be very careful. There will be so


many cards, with a red or yellow. We are all for playing safely but it is


a physical game, the crowd have come here to see a full on derby where


things go on. Listen to be doing that the last three or four months


and believe me will get worse. The new directive coming in in January,


it will get worse. If you want to stop coincidence then you have to


stop for the Nick Williams tap and go. In law he has taken a penalty


and Kingsley Jones will be aggrieved, if you will slo-mo


everything down. Where do you stop. How about now, let's took about the


rugby again. Dacey, third try this season, former record try scorer for


the Blues. Some great work from Nick Williams and from Josh Navidi. The


Blues's pack have got more power to carry it over the gain line. Nick


Williams has taken a quick one. Then it is just what you have come to


expect, Nick Williams, good carry, takes out seven and eight for the


Dragons. Josh Navidi comes round the corner. They are very patient, this


is where they are in control. Just that one or two yards over the gain


line. Christian Dacey latches on and he is brilliant from two or three


yards out, his cause so many tries. Crucial score. -- scores so many


tries. Steve Shingler playing fantastic rugby in the absence of


Gareth Anscombe, good footwork and a great past the Josh Navidi for that


try. Showing the benefit of a good run of games. Showing some


confidence with the ball. That is to be noticed. The Blues if they keep


possession and then gives silly penalties away will do well. With


Shankly and Laura Williams -- Shingler and Williams. For the


Dragons will become a comeback like we did and maybe stay within a


score? Healthy lead for the Cardiff Blues, their fans will be very


happy. One of their more famous fans is with Katrin. He has been to the


Copacabana this year, how does the Copacabana compare the Cardiff Arms


Park, Geraint Thomas? Really good. No better place to play to get over


the hangover. You come down here quite a bit. I always try to get


down here, it is a good day out. Deriding of now, the Tour Down


Under, I saw you are enjoying some pizza, are you allowed to do that?


You didn't get that on camera, did you? Other than that, full on


training and regime and diet and everything, so go to Australia on


2nd of January, down there for a month. That will be a good start to


the year really. Best of luck, enjoy the rugby until then. He appears to


be nursing that hangover, Geraint Thomas. We have a bit of a Christmas


cracker on the go here but it is of course one of a real festive feast


coming up over the last few days -- next few days. Tomorrow is the West


Wales derby as the Ospreys welcome arch rivals Scarlets to the Liberty


Stadium, where they haven't lost all season. Catch that one live on S4


from 2:30pm. Then a double bill on New Year's Day. Let macro for the


fourth and final act, the Dragons, you won't have to leave your server,


see every try, every hit, every tackle. Loads more rugby to come


before the New Year. It has been a truly momentous year for sport in


Wales. Dumbing up straight after scrum five live -- coming up


straight after, they look at all the best bits so you would have to leave


your sofa until early evening tonight. I just remember looking to


see where all the fans of the corner from you know, they had lost that


end, the Welsh was the I was panicking inside, not even touching


the penalty, like my don't wear to go. A lot of people dream of scoring


goals of the Euros, but they drove Creamer scoring once like that. I


fell asleep between flights and I woke up thinking oh my god, this is


the Olympics. One single summer... Steps up, it's a left footed, oh, he


has scored! Gareth Bale for Wales! A time like now other. The Welsh


wonder strikes gold! Of heat this hot. Making history. The sweetest


summer for Wales, the soaring summer of 2016.


So much to look back in joy, Wales on top of the world following this


programme, probably an appropriate time to ask you, what was your Welsh


sporting moment of 2016? Easy for me, Wales against Belgium, just


watching that, Belgium score first half, you think here we go, we have


done amazingly well just to get here. Then to go there and win, when


Robson Kanu is doing Cruyff turn score you know it is a special


night. Yours was probably the set? Apart from my team in the South


Wales league cricket being promoted. Yes. It looks as though the teams


are back out, yes, the Blues are following the Dragons back out onto


the pitch. Time to return to our commentary team with Jonathan Davies


and Gareth charmers. COMMENTATOR: Thinking very much indeed. No


changes as far as I can make at the of the second half. The final Blues


players make their way out. Two wingers and the two centres. Rynard


Landman just signed a new contract with the Dragons. Have the


misfortune to spend ten minutes in the bin in the first half. The Blues


pulling away after the Dragons got back on terms at 13-13, the two late


tries have given the home side that cushion at the start of the second


half. It has left them just one short of the bonus point. Hands


away, handle! At this point the winning bonus point is something


they have only achieved once so far this season. Elly yes, they have the


wind behind them now. Pressure on Tom Prydie full stop he


did well actually. The last vestiges of sun as the ball


goes up. The crowd on the far side all raised their hands to shield


their eyes. Matthew Morgan, that is the kind of ball he likes, the


chance to run at defences. Into the space out wide. Shingler, excellent


first half from him. Now Travis and. Open start of the second half and


unable go back for the Dragons's scrum. Yes, you was heading into


touch and he just threw the ball, it was a forward pass.


The Blues have two thirds of the ball in the first. Kingsley Jones


mentioned how sure-footed they were in the Dragons 22. They made the


most every time they got into the 22 they came away with something. That


is what the Dragons have to do, try and keep the Blues out of their 22


but they have to keep possession, try and put some width on the ball.


Work out the defensive strategy of the two Blues centres. Pressure on


the Dragons rumba noil gets it away. -- Knoyle. Ashton Stuart has looked


dangerous. Again showing strength as well. Excellent from Hewitt. Trying


to give someone else a run. Cory Allen comes across. Everyone having


a hack at it. Not ball from Ashton Hewitt again. He


has looked really dangerous apart from a missed tackle. He is the go


to. I think he has hung on. He has made more metres than every other


player particular I think. He has. In the Dragons side. Are you doing


the calculating? Yes Comey has, hasn't he? Bit more than the other


players have made, right? Penalty advantage for the Dragons. Niall,


Ollie Griffiths weights. Good support by Rhys Thomas. O'Brien knew


there was an advantage coming. That is what they will go back for. I


know there is a long way to go in this game but it epitomised the


difference. Can't get any real fun football. Struggling in those close


quarters. Just changing his jersey, lads,


we're going to let him do it. WHISTLE


He will try and code same again only better this time.


Landman delivers. Rhys Thomas Nix run the site. Still there, look


where they are. I think it was a deflection from Lloyd Williams's


kick. Search the wrong in that area, he takes the ball. Again it is an


area that they have struggled. They have got no gains at all from it.


The ruck had already formed. You can't play there. The contact was


already made. Ben Whitehouse saying there was a


ruck already formed. Ollie Griffiths by those pictures was fully intent


on going for it. As you said, you was the tackler so he was well


within his rights to go for it. I feel the Dragons need to come away


with points on decisions like this. Don't look like they will get them


that often. That is out. Rhys Thomas, great pressure. The Blues


are following up very effectively indeed. Given the Dragons now time


to settle the ball. Well done by Tyler Morgan. Hewitt is the one


giving chase, and he takes it first. Excellent play by Ashton Hewitt.


Fairbrother. Knoyle back to the blindside, that is where the Dragons


shunters. Put it up for O'Brien who pops into the hall. The two


Williamses, Lloyd and Nick, bringing him down. Jackson. Prydie at


outside-half. Again, it is the Blues defence that


wins over the Dragons's attack. Just needed someone with Angus O'Brien.


Was rubbing his neck, he had been hurt in the previous tackle.


That is Tom Prydie's last action. Carl Maier comes on to replace him.


Carl Maier, who took a really nasty knock-on the head, in the Dragons's


European cup game. In fact it was a game out in Leinster.


Quickly away from the line-out. Shingler, Matthew Morgan trying to


create space on the outside for Cuthbert. Maher was the one who got


the tackle in. JC was far more direct, far more pacey in the Blues


attack. Lee-Lo. Greater variety to it as well. Shingler really is the


should beating superbly this afternoon. Just dying on Cory Allen


for Halaholo. The attack continues. Boyle, beautifully done. Sam Hobbs


knew it was coming in the form of 20 stone of Nick Williams. Cory Hill


weights. Trying to take the Dragons away from their own 22. Now with the


wind against them, it is difficult to clear your lines. That will hang.


Kingsley Jones, Sean,, Ceri Jones. Still got his hair, hanging in


there, Kings. I think the pack needs a bit of fresh blood now. Just a bit


more energy, a bit more power. The January window, maybe, is it? Oh,


that's football. They are looking to spread now every


chance they get, the Blues. They go in search of the bonus point try.


Think they know the Dragons, although you get someone like --


unless you get someone like Ashley Stuart, who will break, you don't


have someone who has the -- Ashton Hewitt.


Under pressure from Jackson. If he has just slipped up it should not be


a penalty. The game is so fast. We have already had one penalty for


remonstrating over there. Players from both sides appealing for


decisions. It stops now. Have a word with number nine. It just slipped


up, it's high. Right, here's the penalty, let's


have a look at it. Comes in. He has ended up around the neck, so it is a


penalty nowadays. Difficult. Warburton charges at the Dragons's


defence. Lloyd Williams puts the ball downfield. A bit long maybe.


Easy for Pat Howard to deal with. You were calling for some fresh


blood in the Dragons's pack, and here it comes en masse. Elliot Dee,


Brok Harris and Nick Crosswell all coming on at the same time. He yes,


just a something. Maybe that bit more energy, the boys fresh off the


bench. Brok Harris of other who has signed a contract extension. Inside


ball to Macauley Cook. Offside. Scrappy, really scrappy. You would


have to say the penalty has been fairly poor, summer games we have


watched over the Christmas period. From other leagues and very


countries it has been very high that this has been very scrappy.


I was hoping he would get there before the tackle had formed but no.


Boys, we will get this right. Take a step for me please and you get a


little bit forward. Knock-on. Navidi could not get up iron. It is the


first line-out either team has lost. This appointment for the Blues from


such a handy position. The Dragons still have work to do. To get away


from the danger area. It is obviously higher risk.


A poor line-out, everything was wrong with that. They would not be


happy with that lift. The lift was poor.


Cory Hill challenges. DC does the cleaning up work.


Navidi. He is an important ball-carrier for the Blues. Picked


up by Halaholo. Warburton screaming for the ball on the side. Brok


Harris on the left-wing here for the minute. That is what Warburton


watchers stashed Micro wanted. He picks out Halaholo. Just needed


hands. His inside show the run had held the defenders, created the


overlap, just needed to feed the next player.


Why the cutout pass there, I'm not sure. Matthew Morgan and Christian


Day seed to choose from. Not exactly the straightest throw


ever. They just want something to happen. We need the Dragons to score


just so something happens. It has gone a bit flat in recent minutes.


Tyler Morgan missed a big part of the season with injury. That was


well played. The Blues have really put the


squeeze on defensively. They have had a line-out on the five


metre line but that is about it. They have been stuck here.


Trying to get inside the defenders who are pushing up on the right-hand


side. That is the tactic because they are pressing so hard. It is


such a narrow area. It was actually a good kick. On this pitch it is not


aid to bones. It is very difficult to judge that is the problem they


have. Your options are very short. He is trying a variety of kicks but


it is not coming. Are very different sort of


scrum-half. He is a big threat around the fringes. Ellis Jenkins is


looking to see things for the Blues. He does not want to go. Such a


physical ball-carrier. Someone is important is that they


need to manage because they have a big game against the Scarlets is


coming up. That was a good kick as far as


distance goes. If you look at it, all he needs to


do is keep his inside shoulder towards the defenders. You need to


run outside to hold them. The Blues should be chasing this


bonus point. This is the taking. We need the bonus point. Let's try to


do everything to get it. Straight down the middle. Their only other


bonus point of the season came against Edinburgh.


Glasgow occupying six place at the moment, the Blues are one behind


them on 22 so they need the five points to draw level. Glasgow


against Edinburgh the Scottish Derby. Munster against Leinster this


afternoon. You cannot get out of that area. He


will not be able to magic his way out of there.


For me there is no debate there, you go for a corner. That should be no


debate at all. It is not a bad effort from Shingler.


Macauley Cook is replaced. The important line-outs for the Blues.


Macauley Cook has played every league game this season for the


Blues. That is a great position for the


Blues. Five metres out they have gone to the back. Angus O'Brien with


the clearance. They will get another chance.


Gives it a waiter Ollie Griffiths. Making life difficult initially.


They are very difficult the Dragons. Gone off the boil a bit in the


second half. There has been some frustration. There have been some


decent field positions and we have let them off the hook a little bit.


Hopefully then we can get the fourth try. We need to look to be a little


bit more ruthless. They do not get many chances. We need to be more


clinical. Still plenty of time and possession. The first half we went


through the phases and we looked quite dangerous.


It looks like he will be coming on because Shingler has taken a knock.


He will try things and clear things. For me that is a yellow card. The


guy comes in from behind and cream some. That is so late.


Brought to the attention of Ben Whitehouse. This could be a yellow.


Everything looks worse in slow mole, it is late but it looks like a


penalty to me. I totally disagree with the administrators. He has no


idea what is the most dangerous tackle. That is more calculated than


the other two incidents but it is not a yellow card. This is where the


game is becoming an absolute joke. Sometimes you need to have a little


bit of empathy in the game and that shows no empathy at all.


That was bizarre couple of minutes that cannot clarify.


What a chapter of events. It does make you wonder what is going on in


this game. It did not make in a sense going for the three points.


Something will happen with Mickey, anyway.


He will be 35 on the 3rd of January. He has played well, Shingler. There


is Shingler. That put him in all kinds of


trouble. That kick in the lower back is really painful.


It was such a dangerous tackle. There was no empathy whatsoever from


the people in charge of the game. Here we are. What is he is doing


there? The change is for the Blues. The 2/2


backs, Thomas Williams and Nick Robinson.


The penalty goes against Scott Andrews.


They Dragons' head coaches here. No points in the second half and I have


been a lot of mistakes by both teams. We are bit disappointed with


ourselves. The Blues have taken their chances but we have been


giving them the opportunities. There is plenty of time left, hopefully we


can get the next scorer. One more score and you will be back in it.


That is the idea. We didn't capitalise on the last opportunity.


It is about being accurate. We have not been accurate enough.


We are trying to use our bench to bring some pace in. We have messed


around a little bit too much at the half way line and this is the first


chance we have had to see if we get some dynamism into the game. Thank


you. The Dragons are trying to up the pace now and put some pressure


on the Blues' defence. There is another penalty coming. Number 22,


said. -- number 22, you are offside. The Dragons were the losing bonus


point specialist last season. He has been very comfortable so far.


They will see what the Dragons are trying to do here.


Presence and mind from the scrum-half. That could have been a


yellow card. It may well be. He will want words as the penalty count


increases. He did not win it but he slowed down. I need a range of


behaviour. Keep an eye on Kristian Dacey. He


slowed it down enough. They were all very flat there. It


came off the top. Tyler Morgan looking to try and get to ground.


And the Blues when it. The Dragons were caught unaware.


Taken in by blue. Do you need medical? Let's go.


If the Blues still get a bonus point here they will be disappointed. --


is the Blues do not get. Holger balance. -- hold your.


We have expected big things today. They have dominated physically, the


Dragons. I think they brought Matthew Morgan from Bristol to try


and inject some energy into the game. They will get their chance to


work their way downfield. The Ospreys are playing the Scarlets


is tomorrow afternoon. We will look back at the whole sporting year just


before 5pm that day. More derbies on New Year's Day. Can the Blues up the


tempo and find something they have not done this half. No points for


either side with just five minutes of the second period remaining.


Just need to get it out anyway you can.


You can see why these are the third and fourth best regions in Wales


just now. There is a greater sense of urgency.


Only one point scored in the second half. I thought this second half


would open up after an open first half. This guy going off, Kristian


Dacey, has had a big game. He scored the first trying created a therefore


Josh Navidi. Shingler is my man of the match. He scored 17 of their


points, including a try. He converted all three. He cannot go


near this fourth and a bonus point. That onrushing defence again. He


cannot just hang onto it. As the Dragons go through the


phases. He makes a break. He steps back inside. Looks for support.


Thomas Williams nearly brings him down.


He looked set over the top. It is the jargon is who are looking to get


the losing bonus point. They are looking a bit tired. -- it is the


Dragons. It looked so promising but in the


end it was the wrong option and Josh Navidi will take those all day, all


season. There is one and a half minutes to go and the Blues should


be looking for more opportunities, rather than thinking that they have


won the game. That was a lovely break.


One opportunity to go. The Blues have one more chance to clinch this


bonus point. He still managed to get it away.


The defence wins again and that has been the story of the second half.


You would think that the Blues have lost their last chance to get a


bonus point. Well done. It is all square, 13-13, midway


through the half. Two tries towards the end of the first period gave the


Blues and advantage of 27-16. Nothing has been added since then.


Elliot Dee up the the Blues's 22. O'Brien. Beard. Rolls away from


Lee-Lo's challenge. Loose pass spilled by Ollie Griffiths. And


maybe, aptly enough, the game ends on the mistake. No points at all in


the second half. Pretty much a full house at the Arms Park, not the best


entertainment for them. A win for the Blues but they could not have a


fourth try to get the bonus point. I just felt the intensity was not


there. They did not build, didn't have the patience, didn't have the


real guile to try and break down the defence. To be fair to the Dragons,


they kept on pounding away, pounding away, and they came back into it


late in the half. To me, disappointing that the Blues went


for the fourth try but did not show any willing, did not grab it by the


scruff of the neck. The game just petered out. Only a second win in 74


the Blues after four at the top of the season. They will be happy for


the win but disappointed that they could not other fourth try. The


first Welsh derby ends in a home win. Blues 27-16 Dragons. Man of the


match Steve Sigler. -- Steve Shingler. Congratulations. It wasn't


the classic Welsh derby were hoping for. All started with a fantastic


try from your good self. It was a good start but a shame we did not


click on the second half, and that bonus point is probably a big miss


for us. How frustrating was that, no points in the second half, and the


bonus point, you might look back on a few months how important it could


have been. Definitely important. A scoreless second half, and we should


have kicked on. Kicking onto the next Welsh derby is well on New


Year's Day. Yes, we'll forward to that, it will be a good day


tomorrow, Scarlets against Ospreys. Steven Shingler, thank you very


much, congratulations. So there is the table. The Blues stay in


seventh, now just one point behind Glasgow as a result of that result,


but the Dragons are still in ninth. 27-16 at half-time, 27-16 at


full-time. The second half was a bit of hard work. You are being kind, a


terrible second half. The first half, there was a lot of quality,


excitement and tris, just really fizzled out. The Blues deserved win


that game, they should be disappointed they have not got a


winning bonus point. I think those teams would be disappointed, the


Dragons came away with nothing. They really poor second half. Steve


Shingler, man of the match, plenty of positives for the Blues, he was


definitely man of the match, the complete performance. Good to see a


centre half getting a run of games, behind Gareth Anscombe. He played


well in all facets of the game, kicked well, ran at the line, scored


a try early on, created one as well, so a good all-round performance and


rightly man of the match in what was a disappointing second half, if I'm


honest. Apologies if you are struggling to hear us, the PA system


is ultra-loud, so it should be on Boxing Day. We talked before the


match begun, the Blues had maybe missed the impetus. He was not happy


going off after 60 minutes. But they have two manage it, Williams. Had a


big 60 minute slot. That was the difference. The physicality of the


Blues back. One of the men who try to contain Nick Williams all


afternoon was Lewis Evans, the Dragons's captain. You have just


been in a huddle at the middle of the pitch, what was said? To get a


bit of a good look at ourselves, that was not a good performance. The


Blues are not a bad team. We showed them a bit too much respect at


times. Not the best start, but you got your cells back into it, how


disappointed are you to be leaving with not a bonus point, a losing


bonus point? Roos disappointing. Too many errors in our game today. The


Blues capitalised on it. We need to realise we are not quite there where


we can turn up and just win games. It bit of realism to bring us back


down to earth. We had a good run recently but we have got the Ospreys


now on New Year's Day and will need to deliver a better performance than


that. As for the Welsh derbies, they don't get any easier. It is never an


easy game for us, weenie to put out a good team and everyone needs to


perform, simple as that. From a losing captain, Lewis Evans, to the


winning captain, Sam Warburton has joined us. After only one win in


six, that has to come as a welcome relief. We have not done well in the


Welsh derbies. That has been a massive focus. We had to sit on a


fact that the last game was a 38-3 loss. We were desperate to get back


out there and put in a good performance in front of a good


crowd. We have talked about the return of Nick Williams alongside


you in that back row, how welcome is that, given what you have missed


over the last few games? We know the physical presence. He was extremely


vocal on the pitch and around the training ground. A great addition to


the squad, he has been missed. Derbies, whoever comes out


physically on top wins the game. Nick brings a massive part of that.


Steve Shingler talked about it, will that be a disappointment? We were


chasing a little bit enemy had a penalty. Without we just had to kick


it. We thought we would kick three, get two tries ahead. We tried to


chase a Debian but fled better safe than sorry. Congratulations on a


personal note, your 100th game for the Blues, this is the guy you took


another seven jersey. Bar of chocolate a night or a beer? Bring


on that Pablo! Great to speak to you, as always, and enjoy your


belated Christmas dinner. Cheers, boys. We can speak to the Blues


coach, Danny Wilson. Sam was saying, daddy, a very frustrating second


half and not getting that bonus point. Pretty awful if I'm honest.


Way too many errors. The disappointing but good that we got


the win, a home win against the dragon side that can be gritty and


difficult as we know. Maybe in the second half we left it out there.


You waited a while in recent weeks. It is important we win at home. We


have done that in the Derby. I would have taken that before the game,


make sure you get the win. They couple of tough results. The


Scarlets next, will you be watching them? Yes, I will be looking at


that, I'm sure most people will be, but we will be looking at it as a


coaching group with interest and see how that pans out. Danny Wilson, he


will be happy with the win but frustrated at the lack of a bonus


point. Sam Warburton reference there. Several of their attacks came


to nothing and eventually they went off the boil. He will not be happy.


That is not what Danny Wilson is about. They should be more clinical


in those areas. Won't have that many chances against the bigger boys. The


Dragons are down the bottom half of the table, they will be disappointed


when they go back to review but he will be pleased it is a home win


after their recent performances. Lewis Evans was honest about the


Dragons, saying they are not where they want to be, a lot of work still


to do. If we can take some positives from their performances though,


Ollie Griffiths again looked hungry. They have some competition for the


jersey at seven. In fairness to Lewis Evans, he is always honest. I


mentioned in commentary if you times, the power of the Blues pack


in those close quarter areas, the Dragons struggled. They are what


they are, the Dragons. They just lack that little bit of quality,


what is that, 12, 13 games away from home they have not won. When you are


lacking that power and you can't impose yourself physically on games,


you need someone to supply some magic and Ashton Hewitt showed, in


glimpses, he has that quality. Definitely, but they were trying to


use in a bit too often. The Blues defence was much better today. They


were really powerful and physical around the fringes. He had never to


go, but he had some space, showed flashes, scored a great try. Just


not enough on the day. Next up for the Dragons, the Ospreys. They will


play the Scarlets first but that is a tough prospect. Yes, really


looking forward to tomorrow's games, they are the top two teams in Wales.


This for the Dragons, always a difficult place to go, and that is


enormous, that is for the Dragons, because you come away with two games


over the Christmas period with two losses, that will ruin the season


for them. As a former Osprey, you can watch tomorrow's games with a


bit of detachment. Going down with Ryan Jones. Magical day at the


liberty. Should get a walk up as well. The Scarlets will fancy their


chances. Who is going to win? Ospreys. Scarlets. That is roughly


all we have got time for, the crowd have departed rather swiftly, the


bars of Cardiff are waiting for them. Thanks for watching today,


don't forget that they game tomorrow, Ospreys against Scarlets


at the Liberty Stadium. Sean will be there, signing autographs with Ryan


Jones. We are back for the Dragons Ospreys game that we mentioned with


Martin. That is it from Scrum V Live. Enjoy the rest of your Boxing


Day but don't go anyway to the next hour, stay tuned, Wales celebrated


one of its I can just remember looking to see


all our fans in the corner, you know, they'd lost it by then,


the Welsh. I was panicking inside and thinking,


"I'm not even touching the pedals,


Ross Harries presents coverage of the first of the Christmas derbies as Cardiff Blues take on Dragons at the Cardiff Arms Park. Studio guests include former Wales internationals Martyn Williams and Jonathan Davies.