Scarlets v Ulster Scrum V

Scarlets v Ulster

Ross Harries presents live coverage from Parc y Scarlets as Scarlets host Ulster in the Pro12.

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For the Scarlets, this season has been a numbers game. They celebrated


the start of 2017 by returning to the top four. It has been a


remarkable recovery for a side that lost its first three in a row. Since


then, it has been win, win after win. With one exception. That defeat


aside, they have won eight their last nine. But the challenge only


get tougher from here on in. To mites opponents are hot on their


heels. This match is the proverbial ten pointer. We are into the second


half of the regular season and those with title ambitions cannot afford


to slip up now. Both of these teams are in contention for the play-offs


but the Scarlets could put distance between Ulster and themselves to


night with a win. It has all the ingredients for an absolute cracker.


Welcome to a pretty wet and windy stadium. The weather seems to be


following us around, a monsoon in Newport a few days ago and now this.


It will probably change things because we know the Scarlets like to


play with width and attack from their own half but the weather may


dictate otherwise. Young we will see some kicking again tonight, properly


from Jackson of Ulster. Scholars like to use the players on the wing,


I'm not sure they will change much despite the rain. Context, we


touched on it, a ten pointer in the Scarlets double whammy if they win,


they can climb the table themselves and put some distance with ring them


and Ulster. For both teams, it is the last and they will have their


internationals before the Six Nations starts. Ulster have


jewellery so as their game in hand, you would expect them to get a bonus


point, but if Scarlets went mad, they will have a good gap going into


the Six Nations. Interesting team selection, Johnny McNicol, normally


on the wing, playing at full-back, is that significant or will they


swap places as the match continues. They will use their wings, van der


Merwe coming in as a decoy and then getting it as quickly as they can


into the hands of McNicol. They like to use their wingers of the


blindside. He switches play. They bring the DH back on the inside.


Here, the winner goes to the middle of the field, why does he do that,


it opens up both sides of the field to attack either side of the rock.


Look who crops up, it is McNicol office open wing. Pat jewel against


the Blues last week counter-attacked and who is there again on the short


side, it is both the wingers together and McNicol puts Steph


Evans away. Conditions aside, look out for the back three to have


involvement. The banks will get involved but the forwards will win


this game. You are looking forward to the Battle of the hookers. Nice


like this, the real men win the game for you. Six Nations around the


corner, a Lions year, they are in the mix. Owen is under pressure, he


has been Berlin but still number one, the captain and leader even


though Rory Best has given up the captaincy, his game this year has


been outstanding for Ireland and Ulster. A big bonus for them having


him back to night. In the drizzling rain, they're throwing skills will


be tested to the max. Not a happy hunting ground for Ulster, only


winning twice in 13 attempts here in West Wales. Scarlets favourites with


the home advantage this evening, let's find out how they will fare to


night. Martyn Williams on his way to the commentary box. We will hear


from Jonathan Davies and Gareth Giles. Data macro you very much.


COMMENTATOR: As Ulster come out onto the park, fourth against six. After


such a good start for Ulster to the season, a blip since then. Looking


to get back to winning ways, a different front row, Rory Best back


at hooker. Henderson back in the second row, as is Chris Henry in the


back row. No Pienaar or Charles the towel, Jackson at half-backs. Andrew


Trimble plays and his second match of the season and leads the team. It


is not the night to be hanging about a night. The rain came in earlier


and it has stayed all day. The brave supporters giving their backing to


the Scarlets, in fourth at the moment. Ken Owens rested against the


Blues returns to captain the team. James Davies is back after a


three-week ban. Dan Jones in for the injured Rhys Patchell, who started


every game and ten. Johnny McNicol at full-back, perhaps a sign of


things to come with Liam Williams's imminent departure to the Saracens.


Mickey Thomas could make his debut off the bench for Scarlets and


another former Ospreys player, Toby Bowen, the most familiar name on the


Ulster bench. Italian referee in charge this evening. And no baiting


in the conditions. Not as cold but it is going to be wet and slippery


and difficult out there. First juggle and catch from Tom Pryce.


Gareth Davies preferred at scrum-half this evening, the choice


between him, Aled Davies and Jonathan Evans. Ludik with a good


take. These will be trying conditions. These forwards don't


want to stray too far from the scrum-half. Don't want to be asking


too much of him. That is big Stuart McCloskey in midfield. I think we


will see a lot of him to night. The conditions will dominate the style


of play. It is not going to be an end to end thriller. It will be


about or retention and handling errors. Jackson, we will see plenty


of that this evening as well I dare say. Safely taken by Dan Jones. A


little bit too far there. Didn't really know what to do there,


looking for the up and under but put too much distance on it and an easy


take for Dan Jones. First league start of the season for Dan Jones.


Successfully negotiated by the outside-half. The kick charged down


by Sean Reidy, the Ulster number eight, Johnny McNicol at full-back.


The ball still in play down to Andrew Trimble.


Plenty of early possession for Ulster. Again, McCloskey the big


ball-carrier for them. Trimble again involved.


Henderson, good to see him fully fit again. Ulster keeping the ball well.


A little slide through to Dan Jones. A couple of minutes, straight off


the park from Dan Jones, making his first appearance of the season in


the league. Some breaking news this evening, Rhys Patchell, who has


played every other game, picked up an ankle injury against The Blues


and has seen the surgeon today and he will have surgery tomorrow and he


could be out for up to 12 weeks. Which is really bad news for Rhys


Patchell. I saw the news in the press, he got so excited that he was


going to play on telly. Forget about the game. He couldn't wait. He is


bristling. Dan Jones with an early chance, his football skills in the


wet conditions will help him slide over as Jones and Jackson go over


together. Now then, who got a hand on that one? He's got to go to the


TMO. Paddy Jackson has done brilliantly to get back and recover.


There it is. This is a very tough call. I think that is not a dry. We


have to wait and see where the try line is, they go early because the


conditions, you have to go early and slide over. I think daddy Jackson


has got that, I think he has done brilliantly, Paddy Jackson. Turn of


speed. This is the angle. I'm not sure you can give that. I think


Paddy Jackson has put his weight on it. Anyway, the upper part of the


body will do. For a try. He deftly got his body on it there but look at


the try line, he slides over, Paddy Jackson is there. It is grabbed by


white. All the best I say to that. It is a white scrum. He's called it


as a knock-on in the end. Disappointment for the crowd but


Jones's body was on it before the line but he was not part of it over


the line, excellent work by Paddy Jackson. Great work by both of them,


Dan Jones putting pressure and charging the kick down but a great


scramble from Paddy Jackson to get back, making a good ten or 15


metres. From the charge down, all your money is on Dan Jones to score


that drive. One kick, his control it well. He goes down early and Paddy


Jackson put his foot on the gas and made some great yards there.


There is the charge down, halfway. One good strike and you think that


is it. But then, the stars treading water and Paddy Jackson takes him on


the outside, a great save. Dan Jones will be disappointed with that, in


that position, you expect to score. Just to compound things for the


Scarlets, the free kick goes against the front row.


I think the Scarlets will fancy themselves to night. A couple Ulster


players missing. Accidental offside by James Davies.


Not a great mistake. Just runs into his own player. They managed to work


themselves up to the 40 metre line. First was a free kick, the second


one is a full penalty. Conditions like this, the scrum, if the referee


gets into his head that Ulster have the edge on it, it could be a long


evening. Through the decisions and indiscipline against them, they've


gone from their own 22 the Scarlets 22. Rob Evans, it is quite harsh


initially. He will feel he had the better of Ross came, the 22-year-old


tight head for is that, starting just his second game. -- Kane. His


first appearance was the first game of the season. Sean Reidy gets the


pressure on the Scarlets 22. The third member of the back row,


Chris Henry. From the blindside comes Paddy Jackson and he finds


Ross Kane waiting there. They went through the phases in the Scarlets


half. This time, defence wins out. The presence of the breakdown wins


the home side the penalty. Brilliant from John Barclay, so consistent,


Whee Kim and week out. He will get two or three penalties again for


that exact action. He is brilliant at getting over the ball, he and


Stephen Davies really are a threat for Scarlets. There is John Barclay,


straight in over the tackle. Jake Ball, back to full fitness


after an injury picked up last year. Good angle, beating Tredwell in the


second row. Henderson tried his best to hold him up. They do that well,


Ulster. Ulster offside in midfield. Then a


second offence at the breakdown. He gave an offside before that. I


didn't really think they were offside, good lines beat, not


committing many to the ruck area. It is going to be like a war of


attrition this evening. Not going to be many gaps up there, all doing the


hard yards. Hopefully take the points when the penalties come. You


are right, he didn't look offside at all. You didn't think so as well.


The first points of the evening do go to Dan Jones. Couldn't convert


the try but he does convert the penalty and the Scarlets 3-0 up. The


Scarlets manager is talking to us. Rhys Patchell and footwear with, how


big a blow is that? It is a blow. The last couple weeks he has been a


leading light for in good form. We are naturally disappointed for him,


he has grown in confidence in every game this year. It is a good chance


for Dan to stake his claim. Bouncing down with rain, do you have to think


about changing tactics at all? We knew the weather was coming in and


we know the type of game it will be. We like to play wide and expansive


but we may have to play a bit more of a kicking game into the right


areas. Kicking game were the words, I don't like to tempt fate. It's not


going to be a repeat of what we had last time out at Rodney Parade,


don't worry. And affective kick from the Scarlets, decent return from


Paul Marshall but Ken Owens will be throwing into the line-out. Are


these jerseys getting bigger? They'll be banned soon for being too


dangerous. Hopefully, the new law means they


won't get smacked on the GPS either. Found its way to the tail. The huge


hit coming in which has left Gareth Davies hobbling for the next phase


of play. Jake Ball over the gain line. Ken Owens, and Davies trying


to run that knock off. Take the penalty again, take the points. With


the conditions, you tend to narrow in attack. The Scarlets had an


opportunity on the left-hand side but they were all very narrow in


attack. They need to keep their width defensively as well.


Gareth Davies is in a bit of pain. Evans is down as well. There is a


pretty big injury list with the teams before the games started. The


macro two key players. The last thing you want this only in the


game. He is up. Looks as if he is OK.


Dan Jones, 21 tomorrow. Celebrates with a second successful kick. What


they've done is turn the field position in to pressure into points.


As you mentioned, the conditions, though got to get the scoreboard


ticking over. Clever. Not quite. You are graded


and pick it up. The macro Gareth Davies is not happy, he is still


limping. He needed another yard, a bit more pace for Gareth Davies to


execute it properly. He has to pick it up to touch it down. He didn't do


so. I don't see him being on for long. Here we go, that's the first


one. You macro here we go, no, accidental. It is a penalty.


Nevertheless it is yellow. It's because of where he has ended


up, the initial contact is OK. As he slides up. It is a grey area, that


is. He has dipped in low to run into him. As a tackler, you're meant to


Bentaleb can get under the ball-carrier. I know it is all down


to players health and safety at a lot of it has to be common sense as


well. It is difficult for the referees. Difficult for the players


as well. You'll get more and more ball-carrier is getting low and slow


and then the tacklers have to try and do the same, which will be very


difficult to do. You could make a comeback. Gil Andre the giant next


to me. Ulster have their first points. That's a good kick.


He thought about the quick one. John Barclay pretty glad he didn't go for


it. Stockdale in what is a pretty big back line, by and large. As a


professional player, all of your training, is in the dry ground and


nice weather and you think this morning that has all gone to pot.


Berkeley on his own, the rest of the forwards involved in driving them


on. They came off the wing to help them. Scholars are finding it


difficult to get over the gain line. Good reaction for the ball spinning


away from Gareth Davies. Liam Williams and Stockdale go up


together. It's gone forward so the choice is


therefore Scarlets. You have to think about the


substitution at this early stage for Gareth Davies. He is limping. He is


such an important link and in these conditions, he's not going to be a


threat the way he is. He's got to decide whether it is worthwhile him


staying on or bring on the scrum-half off the bench. We haven't


seen Aled Davies warming up yet. The crowd could see the hand on the


floor to support Callum Black. I don't think we've had a scrum


completed yet, have we? One free kick, one penalty and that one


collapsed. The ball does get away that time in


the hands of Clive Ross. Marshall looking to give Jackson a run.


Johnny McNichol just brushing the whitewash. You'll macro may have


saved him there, the few players on him going back to his own line. He


did well to take it. That was close. Little toe. Ken Owens, how Ulster


ended up with the ball from the previous scrum. Referee saying it


was out. The majority of the game has been


played in the middle third of the field. A concerted drive by Ulster.


McCloskey got it away for Jacob Stockdale and that is far too soft


for the Scarlets. Well worked, McCloskey was always going to be the


target and he had far too much room to feed it to Jacob Stockdale. We


mentioned big McCloskey, that is very slow. That is an easy pop.


Williams and Davies, he just gets his hands free and that is far too


easy. They will be really disappointed, the ball had stopped,


he was static, it was just a few steps that Marshall has taken which


has held James Davies. That is a soft defensive work from Scarlets.


Good support play from Stockdale. The defence would have been


expecting that. Successful conversion. All lead 10-6. A nice


try but it is the build-up I am interested in. Are the Ulster


players in front of Marshall? Just there. The touch judge should spot


that. They wouldn't have had the line-out.


Those are the breaks and Ulster take them. So is the touch judge on this


site. -- Rizzo. Good kick by Marshall.


The referee just once Ulster to speed things up at line-out time.


Black making sure the instructions are for Rory Best.


Good control about this Ulster driving line-out.


They have taken the game by the scruff of the net in the scrums. The


line-outs, the mauls. Paul Marshall quite happy to go aerial. Back to


James Davies. White eight, within ten metres.


Eight White, offside. Sean Reidy.


That is a great kick. That is a super kick from Dan Jones. He went


for everything there. He warily did past. A great kick. These galas


could not have asked for better. -- the Scarlets.


Lost it. Just when the Scarlets were looking to do what Ulster did so


effectively down the other end of the field but they couldn't keep


hold of the ball. McNicoll. The Ulster defence has had a chance


to re-form. Steff Evans gets the ball in his


hands for the first time this evening. The game is 25 minutes old.


Again, they are a bit narrow, the Scarlets. If they are narrow their


defensive line is narrow and the narrower it gets the more difficult


it is to hit the hole. Hadleigh Parkes having to do a lot of


carrying but effective in getting over the gain line.


Nicely weighted to Liam Williams. Barclay is on the outside. Inside is


Hadleigh Parkes. Past the defence. Again, Ulster battling hard in the


breakdown. The Scarlets still have it. It has all slowed down. James


Davies. Again, flies out of the tackle.


McCluskey cannot gather. In the end, all the Scarlets can have is a


potted in these grim. Ulster are winning in the tackle


area. They are organising their defence. The ball is so slow coming


out they can't use it effectively. Another game is being played this


evening at Rodney Parade. Treviso are the visitors. They went ahead


earlier thanks to a try. But the Dragons heads back and notorious had


one in front of the posts. At half-time the Dragons lead 13-8.


Usually you would need a hovercraft over the water there!


Former Llanelli, Wales, Lions, Phil Bennett. He has had his say about


the Dragons and all things Welsh rugby this week.


Their scrum has been MS. -- a mess. There is no pattern or continuity to


any part of the game so far. There are too many errors. One


opportunity, they have taken it. That is the difference. Territory


and possession. The half chance the Scarlets had early on, Paddy Jackson


got back to say. But Ulster took theirs. Play in either 22 has been


at a premium. Marius Mitrea 's knees to get a grip of this. It is


difficult enough in these conditions but you need more control of the


scrum as well. I know the ground is slippery but


let's not use it as an excuse. We cannot do better. Make sure you get


the distance, keep the gap and minimum hit until the ball gets in.


Keep the bind. Time on. That scrum is completed and the


Scarlets hit the blindside. That is where the two centres were waiting.


Gareth Davies arrives. He seems to have shrugged off they knocked to


the left leg. Steff Evans has to go in as temporary scrum half a couple


of times. Jake Ball pushing back that Ulster defence. Better


clearance. They add up very quickly, Ulster.


Good speed in defence. They are arising that's Scarlets attack. Liam


Williams always looking to be near the action. Surely, that was a hand


on the floor. But Rob Evans has it anyway.


The counter wrecking has been good by Ulster. They are not


overcommitted to the ruck. It is difficult for the Scarlets to find


any space. They are very clever, their commitment in the wreck. --


ruck. It has gone forward. I'm sure the Scarlets would like a bit more


assistance from the referee at the breakdown.


It is all about pushing the barriers as far as you can. You have to be


very clever. They have numbers on their feet and Scarlets are running


into the brick walls. I think the service isn't very good


from nine. The last thing you want is a slow ball with a great line


speed that Ulster has. I don't know why they haven't made the


substitution because he is not at his best because of that injury.


The Blues visited Glasgow is S4C's game tomorrow night. Cardiff City


against Fulham in the FA Cup third round tomorrow morning. And then


highlights of the weekend's accent, read the action that is, on Scrum V


at 5:30pm on Sunday. Apologies, it is Sunday the FA Cup game is the


rather than tomorrow. The Scarlets have almost two thirds


of the possession so far in the first half.


They haven't looked like scoring, that is the problem. The defence has


been good. Ross Kane. These grams have been


struggling anyway. Has got a bad elbow that will not help matters


much. Maybe he should put some of that on


his elbow! Liam Williams left out and the ball


reaches John Barclay. The Scarlets have lots protected possession well


enough. They have had a lot of ball but they have spilled a lot of ball


as well. McNicoll is not afraid of trying to


spread it. But the pressure comes back on and Steff Evans having to


her leave the game. Ken Owens is offside. Lightning fast! He was


having a rest there. Lewis Rawlins ran straight into the elbow. But he


is up. Conditions are pretty awful as you


can see. That very scrappy period of play, the Scarlets trying to play


some rugby which best thing in these conditions. Maybe Lewis Rawlins


should have ten minutes. He missed time the tackle. Just cops one. He


is low. He had spilled the ball and tried to make up for it. He went


straight into the shoulder. Ken Owens can have his arrest now! He


needs to go off and have a cheque. I am not sure what they are trying


to do here. Ken catches it. This is the opportunity. They were all


streaming back. That is a great take. In these conditions on the


rent. Wide receiver! He wasn't behind but forces Gareth Davies into


another bypass. That is another reason why Gareth Davies has not had


the ball away because they are living on the offside line. You have


either got to take them out and make there are very referee that Alltel


directory, if you don't affiliate, we are going to take them out at the


fringes. At least you make the rest of the aware of it. Will Boyde has


come on. He is one of the form players this season. He has been


superb. Got his opportunity in Cardiff just before the autumn


internationals and has not looked back. He has been superb for the


last two months. Callum Black had to stretch for that one.


Jackson has peppered those kicks in. Dan Jones under pressure from Luke


Marshall. The Scarlets have managed to get


back and support their outside half. Gareth Davies on to take over the


kicking duties, no Number 10 him. Ulster have played these conditions


far better than Scarlets. They have tried to go through the phases. They


have turned the Scarlets and the Scarlets have tried to run it back.


But they haven't been successful. In the last ten minutes they have got


to grips with this game, Ulster. The Scarlets have to be patient and if


it is not on, turn them, forced the error in the Ulster 22. They have


got to be more clinical. Ulster equally happy with or without


possession. Jackson getting McCluskey over that


gain line. Nothing fancy. Up the guts, recycle


and go. If it isn't going, put the boot to it. And use the forwards and


then use McCluskey again. He gets the off-load to Ludik. Simple but


very effective by Ulster. Paddy Jackson is just off-loading. A loose


pass by Callum Black. Still possession for Ulster.


In these conditions there is nothing wrong with the old-fashioned and


under. But the full-back under pressure, hang it up in the air get


the chases to it. If there is nothing on, silhouette against the


Cleverley and settle for a scrum. -- check it against the referee.


Let's go back to Phil Steele. Last Saturday the premiership before they


split split tomorrow. The big games are Ebbw Vale against Crosskeys,


Cardiff against Bedwas. If Ebbw Vale win they will join the other teams,


Merthyr Tydfil, Panther that possibly than the others in the top


league. You can play in every stage in the world from the Principality,


Eden Park, everywhere, Cape Town that you haven't played Gardiffaith


in January, a haven't played anywhere. Remember to go to


Garndiffaith. That is where I made my first ever


reporting, Open Garndiffaith. Nice little inside ball to Paddy Jackson.


They are controlling possession so well, Ulster. Scarlets can't get


their hands on the ball at the moment. Louis Ludik.


Just changing the point of the tackle. Getting away from the


Scarlets defenders. Keeping that possession well.


Not making any mistakes. It is a lesson in wet weather rugby


from Ulster. Pushing the Scarlets all the way back to that far corner.


That was a lovely little kick but the chase was not there. Here they


come again, the men in white led by Iain Henderson and Trimble.


Ludik was on there. Extra man outside. A penalty. They will go for


goal. A 7-point advantage. The crowd may not like it but it is copybook


stuff from Ulster. Paddy Jackson averaging 70% with his


kicks. He has controlled the game very well


because he has had a lot of ball. He has put a lot of variety in it, the


long kick, the shortcake. -- short kick.


One conversion and one penalty to his name. Paddy Jackson prepares


with the final kick of the first half. Again, well struck, very well


struck indeed. Paddy Jackson add Ulster have had an excellent first


hour. A couple of penalties for the Scarlets but Ulster in control of


possession and the scoreboard. At half-time, 6-13. Phil Steele is with


Ken Owens. These conditions are not going to be better, it is going to


be cavemen stuff in the second half. The scrum is 50-50 at the moment but


I were line speed is good. One mistake in the back of the line-out,


we need to tidy it up. Thanks for your time. Have a good orange.


It was the Scarlets who had the first chance to cross the whitewash.


Dan Jones was beaten to the ball by Paddy Jackson, excellent cover from


the Ulster fly-half. Jose knocked over a couple of penalties to put


the Scarlets to a 6-0 lead but Paddy Jackson pegging them back. The only


try of the half came via Jacob Stockdale. Hayward will not be happy


with this. The winger waltzed through the Scarlets defence. On the


stroke of half-time, a beautifully struck kick by Paddy Jackson to put


Ulster in a lead. For much of that first have the Scarlets enjoyed the


greater share of possession but Scarlets coming back into it was the


end to have a 55% share. Elsewhere, there is that virtually the same.


Very even on the stats. Ulster committee would have to say, playing


these conditions better. They have been more streetwise today. They


have pushed the limits with the death in the breakdown. Generally


got the better of the Scarlets in the scrum. The nines and tens have


kicked better than the Scarlets halfbacks. They are very difficult


conditions. We talked about how Byron Hayward


will be tearing his head and the ease Ulster went over for the try.


Is that a defensive error? It is a line error with Liam Williams. They


should not have had the line-out. They were in front of the kicker. He


goes to shape their kick. They are too eager, the Ulster players. The


touch judge should have seen that. Look at the tail of the line. James


Davies has to watch their nine. Liam Williams now has a problem. He has


to defend both the centre and the winger. His vision is crammed. It is


a difficult place to defend but you have to jam in.


A bit harsh on James Davies, he came in too early on Marshall. He should


never help a little bit and let the play develop in front of him. He has


made the decision for Marshall. He is so big and strong, McCluskey,


have a chance and he is through. Conditions like this, you don't get


many try scoring opportunities. Ulster were clinical. One


opportunity and one try. There are not going to be any raft of tries


tonight. Dan Jones did not take his opportunity. That could have been a


brilliant start for the Scarlets. A big night for Dan Jones. Rhys


Patchell was the only Scarlets player to start every game prior to


his injury. He has got good skills, Dan Jones. His goal-kicking was


excellent. Two difficult kicks in the conditions and got the Scarlets


6-0 ahead. This is a good kick with distance. Not easy conditions


underfoot. Those things help in those conditions. I taught at the


start about the wing is coming off the ten. This was his charge down.


He lost his running strike. He got ahead of himself but Jackson showed


pace. Dan Jones is a good prospect. As we


heard, Rhys Patchell had his operation today. He needs surgery.


It is 12 weeks out. A big blow for Rhys Patchell on the Scarlets. It


took him a few weeks to get into his stride but he has been brilliant


over the last seven weeks. It is a big blow. Dan Jones is a huge talent


and just needs a run. A big game today. He will just get better. The


breakdown, the boys in commentary talked a lot about this. Ulster are


not committing any more than they need do and frustrating the


Scarlets. Second game in a row. I am


scratching my head. They just leave their hand on the board is the


second too fast. Don't roll away quick enough, put the hand on the


ball. They're leaving their hands there are second or two longer. They


have been very cute. Like Jonathan mentioned, Ken Owens, Gareth Davies


have got to be into the referee. I knew he is Italian and maybe that is


a communication issue. You've got to make him aware. If that is the other


way, the crowd would have gone crazy. Peano would've been into the


referee. The Scarlets boys need to do the same. You have got to gauge


what the recipe is doing. Is Marius Mitrea leaving Ulster to get away


with murder? No. They is pushing the baddies as far as they can to win


the game. Scarlets have to be more proactive and work out a way to get


over the line. They know how difficult it is to


attack so they just need that white line in position. You buy yourself


an extra second or two by slowing it down at the breakdown and Vanessa


Deeney is to be stronger. These claims have been MS as well. We know


the Scarlets have a much bulkier front five. Perhaps thought they


could dominate. For me, the Ulster pack have been


impressive. The line-out has been really well, the driving line-out


has some momentum. It is difficult to see who is on top with scrums,


the referee seems to think it is Ulster. They have been a superb at


set pieces and around the contact area in the first hour. Another game


going on at Rodney Parade, the Dragons hosting Treviso, desperate


for a win after their New Year's Day defeat to the Ospreys. And the


earlier defeat to the Blues. Treviso struck first, lovely footwork to


beat the defence but not long after that, his opposite number went


through the gap and went under the posts. Added a penalty for good


measure from Angus O'Brien and the second half is just begun at Rodney


Parade. Angus O'Brien has added a drop goal, so it is 16-8 at the


moment at Rodney Parade. The second half is under way there. We have the


second-half here to come. We could see Ospreys going top if they beat


Connacht tomorrow and the Blues have a difficult away trip to Glasgow. If


Danny Wilson's men want to keep the top six in their sights, a win is


vital, it won't be easy against one of Europe's form sides.


On Sunday, the capital city counterparts the Bluebirds, Cardiff


City take on Fulham in the FA Cup. And scrum V Sunday is on at the


earlier time of five 30p. We will review the weekend action and hear


how one man turned tragedy into Triumph at the Rio Paralympics. When


it actually happened, it was an amazing feeling. A bit of a change


from years ago from playing rugby able-bodied and then being in that


final and playing in a wheelchair. A cracking interview, June in on


Sunday at 5:30pm. As we mentioned, a big game for the Cardiff Blues


coming up tomorrow evening in Glasgow. This is the team Danny


Wilson has picked, two changes from the side that lost to Scarlets.


Blaine Scully returning on the wing. We talked about this being a crucial


game, that is a really critical game for the Blues, in seventh at the


moment, Sam Warburton has Origi said if they don't win in Glasgow they


can kiss goodbye to their top six hopes. You can see the table is


already splitting into two. If the Blues lose that game, they are in a


desperate situation, top six in the Champions Cup next year which will


be a huge disappointment. Seeing how they started the season and the


names they had in the squad, I thought they would mail the top six.


A huge game against Glasgow and they are a brilliant team, they have so


much strength in depth. They need some extra resolve. It will probably


need to be the performance of the season to get a win at Glasgow. You


know Danny Wilson well, he is a perfectionist, how big and ask is it


to go up to Glasgow, who have just beaten Racing Metro back-to-back in


Europe. Root they have one eye on Europe and Glasgow are quite shaky


at the moment, if there's a time to beat them, it is now. The Blues are


paying for recent home form. They have some big-game players but they


need them, it is a big game for Glasgow as well. Particularly if


Ulster get over the line tonight. That top six is looking into reading


at the moment. Back to tonight's game will stop the about to return


to return to the playing field. Alan Davies will be replacing Gareth


Davies at the start of this half, 13-6, Scarlets still in it.


Opportunities to score are few and far between, what do they need to


change to get the lead back? You'll macro when they attack. They have to


score first, if you go two scores behind in these conditions, it is


more or less came over, they need a big start to the second-half.


Scarlets don't need the victory as desperate as Ulster do but it would


be a massive bonus if they did. Home form is in the Pro12. Boyd coming


onto the field will be a big asset but they need Jonathan Davies to


come in. Alan Davies will bring a spark but can we see more from


McNicoll and Liam Williams? That will be crucial even in these


treacherous conditions. The rain continues to fall here, it hasn't


stopped since about 3pm this afternoon. Conditions not getting


any better, can be Scarlets improve their performance in the second


half? COMMENTATOR: Thank you. Changes for the Scarlets but not for


ulcer. Aled Davies has replaced Gareth Davies and Will Boyde is on,


whether it is temporary or for keeps, we will find out. Not try to


force the game, play the conditions, make the referee referee the right


areas. Get your foot on it, take it to the fringes if you have do but


tell the referee he has to referee Ed. If there is nothing happening


and they are not getting success on the gain line, just turn them and


put them under pressure in their own 22. A converted try is the


difference between the two teams. The try scored by Jacob Stockdale.


Converted by Paddy Jackson. Aled Davies gets down on the ball, his


100th appearance for the Scarlets this evening. He was held up there.


A difficult job getting off the ground from a tackle. Henderson.


A handling error, scholars have made eight handling errors to Ulster's


three. Conditions like that, it is a crucial stat. Why they haven't


peppered the full-back, he has played a lot on the wing, I don't


care who you are, it will be difficult to take. Swirling wind,


rain, a slippery ball. Steph Evans is a converted full-back and Liam


Williams is also a full-back initially. But it is Johnny McNicoll


wearing 15 this evening. Scarlets are not going to score from long


distance I think so they need to play the territorial game.


Rory Best may be looking for another penalty. First time up again,


McCloskey. Six feet two, 16 and a half stone of


him. West set it up on the ten metre


line. A little tester but he claims it this time. Not the best kick from


Paddy Jackson but not going anywhere. Just put the pressure on


the Scarlets. They can take the ball, kick to touch now and they


will get the line-out. He had a long way to go. Very good season for


Steph Evans, five tries in the league. He must be on the way for


the Six Nations. He is playing exceptionally well. He is creating


stuff and scoring tries, he is an effective runner.


Trimble and Steph Evans go up together. Chris Henry gets it back,


this is dangerous. You let macro I thought there was a knock-on their


butt play on. Trimble. Spilled by Rory Best. His headgear has been on


and off all evening. Jake Ball as the Scarlets look to get out to


their own 22. Good work by the Ulster players. They eventually do


go back for the knock-on. I think this is what they are complaining


about, he gets up, Steph Evans. Does look like a knock-on really. He lost


the ball. Ulster, when they have the ball, they seem a bit more


controlled and their line-out is going. They have got the driving


line-out going well and they are kicking well. When the Scarlets have


the ball, not so much. Aled Davies to John Davies. Left


foot again with plenty of distance on it. Ludik returns.


Job was done in the end by Clive Ross. Plenty of time for Dan Jones.


I then think the Scarlets timing much for touch, are they, just


distance. The kicking game is a lot better from the Ulster players


unfortunately. Right on cue. Unexpected but the Scarlets will


take it. Some news about the injury on Gareth Davies. Gareth Davies has


taken a blow on the shin as was thought and the medical staff say he


shouldn't be out for too long, which is good news with Europe coming up,


the temping Scott and for Wales. Shouldn't be too bad. McBride and


Rob Howley keeping a close eye on this one for their selection for


Wales, as they will fall of the games between now and the Six


Nations announcement. I don't think you'll earn too much about players


from this one to be honest with you. Too strong from John Davies. They


need to put on some pressure. It is comfortable at the moment, they need


a change of tactics. Apply a better kicking game. Do not try and run the


ball too much actually. McCloskey straight up the middle


again. Ten carries from McCloskey. Not great yardage but keeping them


going forward. Held. That is good play. Holding on.


This is the first opportunity in the second half, a quick kick and then


good field position to start in attack from.


Dragons extending their lead, a couple of penalties in the second


half of them. First you've got to get field position but then they


lose the line-out. Ludik first to react. Will Davies find a way? Aled


Davies. Dan Jones. Steph Evans had to take it from a standing start.


Goes backwards, so untidy. Scarlets not playing the simple game


like Ulster have been doing. Liam Williams giving chase. Not enough


room on the far side. I would like to see that again, I think Aled


Davies had a split-second to get out wide on the turnover. He chose to go


himself but they have numbers on the left. It is a great tackle. Lovely


pass. Too narrow an angle. Parks was calling for it. It is a wide angle.


Change in the Ulster front row, Andy Warwick comes on to replace Callum


Black. James Davies going forward for the


Scarlets. This looks more promising, a bit more pace from the Scarlets.


It has come up a bit too quickly from the Ulster defenders.


James Davies striving to keep the ball alive. They will go back to the


offside call. They have been right on the edge all might Ulster. The


offside line and on that time creeping little too early, one step.


Great decision. There are opportunities, watch here


nor, as you watch it, stop it there. Just keep an eye on this guy, he's


going to come up to the line first of all. The runner is on. Look at


that, stop it there, look at the overlap. Such an overlap, four


players there. There are opportunities, he sucks him in and


gives the pass and it would have been three on one. The condition is


there to attack, you have to scan and play what is in front of you.


Too often they have gone for the cut out pass and that was a perfect


example of short, sharp passing. They first opportunity for points in


the second half. Taken by Dan Jones. The deficit is back to four.


His first appearance of the season. And interesting substitution.


Marshall has done well tonight. Another poor kick from Scarlets.


They rushed it again. Take it in. Recycled the ball but that is a


rushed kick again. You've just got to take that, recycle it and give it


to the stand-off and welly it down the field.


Shanahan to McCloskey. It was good work by James Davies, McCloskey had


a lot of time to get that back. Great off-load from Marshall to


Ludik. Danger signs for the Scarlets. Up comes John Barclay.


Great steel. The Davies Brothers between them couldn't get it away.


Great steel by John Barclay under extreme pressure.


That is a great tackle, stripped the ball. After a couple of off-loads,


just put the Scarlets defence under pressure. James Davies gets


attention. I have two Scarlets legends, George, give us a wave in


your Swansea City top. A big Scarlets van. The second man to


achieve 100 appearances for the Scarlets and 34 caps for Wales. You


would have enjoyed this tonight? Yes, I would have, probably with


this weather. It is a bit of an arm wrestle with the backs and forwards.


No side is dominating the game at the moment. You just feel the


players are not doing their own thing at the moment. You need a bit


of kick and go or somebody needs to assert authority in the game. What


would you be saying right now? I would go pick and go. Go through the


middle bit, take the on and create a bit of space for some big backs to


get over the gain line. It is all about the gain line momentum. The


scholars have a penalty but it is in their 22 at the moment. Your


coaching now, with him? And under ten team, my young nephew place for


them. It's not all forward oriented but it is a good way to learn the


game. We are down in Larne on Sunday and then Sinclair. Nice to see you.


Got a hand on that one but Ludik was well up in support. Jacob Stockdale.


He's got to pick his spot behind the Ulster defence. That's the


counterattack from Paddy Jackson. Hasn't found touch. A mistake. Will


they have a go? The supporters felt the pass was forward from the


full-back. Henderson charged down. Liam Williams with a few wild ones


tonight. The effect of charging that one down


for Ian Henderson. As they prepared to make more changes. I think he


caught his ribs. As soon as he charged it down, you can see him


holding his side. Very unfortunate if he has cracked or broken rib with


the ball. The game at Rodney Parade is reaching its conclusion. And the


Dragons are pretty much home and dry, skipper Lewis Evans has gone


over, a third try for them. Can they squeeze another one into get a bonus


point in the remaining two minutes? Johnny Simpson, made his debut


against Leinster on New Year's Eve at the tight head for Ross Kane.


That will knock the wind out of you. Claimed by James Davies. American


football style over the top. Landed outside the 22, forcing Ludik


to play it. Well taken by McNicol. Henderson not


releasing from the tackle. Kick it. Is this in range for Dan Jones? The


corner is the decision. Bill-macro I don't understand that. He was


obviously not confident. They really struggled, the Scarlets. They have


failed to get their driving line-out going. A big line-out for Ken Owens.


Crucial line-out in attacking positions have let Scarlets down as


the game goes into its final quarter, they need to be correct.


They are initially. Looking for the drive on, I wince seeing how close


the try line is, in go the backs as well to join in. A dozen Scarlets


players in there. Aled Davies gets it loose, comes to the blindside and


Aled Davies hasn't got the ball to ground, Sean Reidy with the


all-important tackle saves the day for Ulster. That's a brilliant


tackle. Nearly a great decision to go for the touch and nearly scored a


try but I thought he was in here. He goes for glory. That's got to be


looked at. Is that a high tackle, is it a penalty try, yellow card?


It is the two Italians to make the call. You have got to see that from


behind. Let's have a look. How high was that? Did it prevent the tried?


That is the question being asked. Aled Davies has gone in at a low


angle. It is the left arm of Trimble. That is the one more than


Reidy. You can't see it. It is the other angle. It is very difficult.


How was Reidy not going to stop this? Just watch number eight first.


That is a good tackle. He is going global. I tell you what,...


And of the rules, that has got to be a penalty.


He has penalised Reidy. They have called Sean Reidy's high and that


has prevented a possible try. That is going to be a yellow card. This


is not the last you are going to see this. The new directive about high


tackles, I thought it was Trimble's that is high. But the thought Sean


Reidy's try -- arm was high. It is a yellow card and that is a big break


for Scarlets. After getting on the wrong side of the crowd all evening,


at last Marius Mitrea has done something right. That is a tough


call. The issue with the new rule is that if Reidy goes lower than that


it is impossible to stop him scoring a try. That was so is harsh. But it


is the new rules. Tell me, what is the number eight supposed to do? He


can't: oh. He has got his shoulder. Common sense again. If he thinks it


is high I would say it is accidental, it is a penalty. You


can't give a yellow card, you can't give a penalty try because that is


nothing else that number aids could have them. You are going to stop


tackling near the try line. I know safety is paramount to be too good


to have a little bit of common sense. That you have got to have.


That is such a harsh call but Scarlets will take it though.


The player was going low as well. He was diving for the try line.


I think he is going after Jake Ball for a high tackle now. We're going


to be here all day! Can here look at it in real-time.


They slow things down and it always looks a lot worse. They are going to


have to bring shorts with pockets back because that is where players


will have to keep their hands from now on. I love the supporters behind


me. Two minutes ago it was, send him off! Now, there is nothing wrong


with its! It is dependent on which side you are supporting. Was that


any worse than Reidy's? That is never a yellow card.


In fairness the 60 minute it hasn't been an issue. Where are we going?


Where'er we going? I don't see how they can be yellow


cards, I don't. It is going to spoil the game now.


Absolutely. None of them were yellow cards. Crazy times.


It has brought the crowd to life anyway.


What adjustments to the Scarlets do now? Lewis Rawlins, who would have


been natural for the second row, he is off anyway. Hadleigh Parkes will


go on the flank. Dan Jones looking to get the


Scarlets back downfield. Back in. It was merely an outstanding kick. Just


went over the touchline, unlucky for Dan Jones.


With all that is going on I can't believe the Scarlets in front.


19-8 the corresponding fixture at the Kingston Stadium finished. --


king span. Scarlets looking to stay in the top four. Ulster as fixed at


the moment and looking to stay in that place and getting into the


play-off position. Rory Best comes away with it. Shanahan.


McCluskey offering himself again. The Scarlets are aware of the danger


he poses. Marshall is next in line as they get nearer the Scarlets try


line. Working it wide initially through Henderson. Good gains on


every occasion by them. Again, they are getting nearer that try line.


Disciplined stuff by Ulster. They have rolled up their sleeves up.


McCluskey just two metres short. Brown is ready. He gets it.


Henderson and up comes the Scarlets defence led by Tom Price. But they


have got the ball away from the defenders. They are inching forward.


Players like Rory Best and Henderson. They are holding onto


possession so well. Trimble is holding his but that is a massive


gap between him and Marshall in Centre. That is turned over


possession. Have the Scarlets got the courage of their convictions as


Mac only as far as Jonathan Davies's effort. Trimble dropped back


immediately once the ball was lost. Shanahan to Rory Best, involved as


heavily as usual. Ian Henderson has put a shift in as


well. They are dragged away from it. Stockdale, seems a long time since


he got over for the early try. Such hard work to make any yardage. From


both sides. Just a question of keeping possession and not making a


mistake. Jackson goes for the gap but the pass wasn't accurate enough.


Rob Evans to Dan Jones. That turns again and back goes Ludik. Ulster


are backing their half for the first time in a minutes. That is up poor


kick. He got away with it. They will settle for that and a breather.


Ken Owens did a match saving tackle. He caught Paddy Jackson by the


shirt. That'll be his last contribution as a Ryan Elias and Wyn


Jones come on. This is the break. He just steps inside, a lovely break.


Great tackle. A forward pass there. That is a desperate tackle by Ken


Owens. That is what you have to do. You have to look up, see who is in


front of you and take it on. He has given everything has Ken Owens. A


dozen minutes to go. A charge down into the hands of Marshall.


Luke Marshall saves the day. The second line of defence for Ulster


and they needed him. Simpson with Icardi. -- the caddie.


Taken safely bet lost by Liam Williams.


What is interesting and charged us, what this. As Paddy Jackson goes if


you know he is going to kick you have always got a chance because the


right leg is always near the guy who is charging down. If I knew he was


going to kick it that way but the gas on and get to him. If he is


kicking the overweight he has the left shoulder and the left hip to


get away from the kick. It is a common start. George North


does it a lot. If you kick across your body... You could see the


pressure they put on. Jonathan Davies is a left footer.


The Dragons have beaten Treviso. The ball shot out the side of the


scrum. Ulster started their season with


five wins on the bounce but they lost the next three. Scarlets did it


the other way around. They lost their first three but then had a


winning run of seven. McCluskey back to Jackson.


Goes for the space that is covered by Aled Davies. He's got plenty of


green grass on the far side. The ball spins and Dan Jones sees what


is up. The game is opening up in the final


ten minutes despite the constant heavy drizzle. The referee is still


loath to give penalties in the tackle area.


Elias carries well. Timing the run well. James Davies


steps off that right foot. Keep it simple, keep it in hand.


Elias again. The crowd urging the Scarlets on. Liam Williams writes


the charge of Trimble. Eventually they have lost it. Good


play. All that builder and they come away


with nothing. It is better for the Scarlets, more dynamism and got over


the gain line. Anniversaries in the game was


breaking up, they were both down to 14 men. Back-up to 15. -- another


reason. The familiar features of Tommy Bowe, the leading try scorer


in the league's yesterday. Steff Hughes has come on for Liam


Williams. Steff Hughes, straight on that far wing.


Liam Williams is not happy being pulled. -- off.


Time is against Ulster. They are back in their own 22.


Simpson flat on the floor. Jackson gets the ball away and the Scarlets


will see that out of play. It will take up a bit more time for them.


The Scarlets need to kill the game now.


Steff Evans following Davis's kick. It is James Davies. Trimble, very


brave and that the high ball. They will have to use possession wisely


now, Ulster, with only five minutes remaining. Shanahan seeing if he can


get in the stake from Scarlets. They have held them up again. The


right corner now. Over Marshall's had full stop Elias has carried


strongly in the five minutes he has been on the field.


Still on a knife edge. They have been two draws between the two teams


in Llanelli. McNichol was nowhere near that one. Picked up and taken


over the touchline by Steff Evans. The Scarlets have up their game in


the second half, in the final quarter in particular. Different


change of tactics. They have won the aerial battle. They have changed


their game in the second half. The main talking points was that yellow


card, the decision was brave to go for the touchline and they got the


penalty try. That seemed to spark them to live. They have got to try


and hang on in because Ulster are going to throw everything at them.


Scarlets trying to keep Ulster's ball-carriers on their feet but they


have gone to ground. It has been a busy evening of


dealing with high balls from the back three.


The scrum halves have put in so many kicks this evening, totally


understandable under the conditions. They don't want to do that,


Scarlets. They need to keep it tight and they have given possession away.


Marshall tries to pin them back. The Scarlets now will be living on their


nerves. I can't believe he has looked


uncertain under the high ball. You would have peppered the full-back


under the conditions. That loose pass cost the Scarlets.


They have got to do the line-out and clear it.


The loss against the Ospreys, the only one in nine for the Scarlets.


Just one win, two wins, Sally, for Ulster. Aled Davies. He puts it


safely out of play. That was a good kick.


He has made a difference since coming on, Aled Davies. You could


see Gareth Davies was injured. Ulster on 32 points, Scarlets on 36


before this evening. But Ulster have played one game less. Price wins the


Ulster feral but they have lost it again.


It is like a bad of soap. Hang on. Who knocked on their? Now


then, a scrum for Ulster. I would like to see the incident actually. I


thought is less back from the line-out.


I thought so too. There is the tap back. Let's have a look. It is


difficult to see from that angle because the assistant referee has


got to see from the other side. He has judged it to knock it on. This


is it, do or die to see if the Scarlets can hang on. Can they have


win number nine? A penalty would draw Ulster level and a tribe would


sneak it for them. They have not had any point in the second half,


Ulster. They have dropped the ball. The Scarlets looked to have done


just enough as Ludik keeps it alive. Trimble, the captain, trying to


conjure something. Reidy is back on the field after ten minutes. He


should not have been in the sin bin, but neither should Jake Ball.


Masoe looks for the quick pass but it is over the far side. --


Marshall. The Scarlets have hung on. It might have been a controversial


decision but the home crowd are delighted. A hard fought effectively


for the Scarlets. Victor Li number nine in a close game. They did just


enough to sneak home by 16-13. I thought Ulster word in control of


the game and that's one decision cost Ulster the game, I felt. I felt


it was a brave call. I am not sure it was the right call by the


referee. But they've got the result and it is a hard fought game. The


Scarlets will take that result. It keeps them open air but Ulster will


be disappointed because they dominated most of the game, their


kicking game was better. The addition of Aled Davies and their


kicking game was better in the second half.


They will be delighted. All of Ulster's points came in the first


half. The new laws regarding high tackles worked for the Scarlets in


the end and went Aled Davies try to speak over, Sean Reidy was not just


penalised and yellow carded. The penalty try was the difference in


the end. Dan Jones converted that add three penalties from him and


that was just enough for the Scarlets because they kept a clean


sheet in the second half and wait as Ulster were in control of the first


half, Scarlets had enough control to see it home in the end and that by a


margin of 16-13. What a pity victor that was for the


Scarlets. Just the two tries, one in each half. Stop them going over for


all stay in the first-half and this by Aled Davies. He was not awarded


the try. Sean Reidy was yellow carded for the high tackle. A


controversial decision and we saw another yellow card within moments,


Jake Ball seeing yellow as well. Did not matter, Scarlets clung on for


the victory. Man of the match is with Phil Steele. You are the man of


the match. Well done. How hard was that.


It was nonstop. It was very pretty. It was like schoolboy rugby. And


chase the ball. It was hard to hold onto. We did awesome to come back.


If you get behind it is hard to claw your way back. I have to ask you


about the two yellow cards, do you have some sympathy with the boys who


got the yellow? Yes. It isn't for me to say, it is one we knew they had


changed the rule. They were pretty harsh. Still in the top four, well


done. The results we saw the Dragons won.


Babies Dragons. We haven't got a great deal of time


left. I guess the talking points were that yellow card. How fortunate


with the Scarlets to get the Windows Mac they got the field position and


the try. Unfortunately, it isn't what we want is even stop both


yellow cards were harsh. We will talk about "A much more detail but a


win is a win. -- the yellow cards. They will be happy with that. A


great victory for the Scarlets, a revenge for the defeat in September.


They are still forth and be in contention for those end of season


play-offs. We will see you on Sunday at 5:30pm for Scrum V.


Ross Harries presents coverage of Scarlets v Ulster from the Parc y Scarlets.