26/02/2017 Scrum V


Sarra Elgan and Ross Harries are joined by Phil Bennett, Gwyn Jones, Andy Nicol and Craig Quinnell for a look back at the weekend's Six Nations action.

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The kickers did not want to. We went for the corner. You must give a lot


of credit to Scotland. They showed a hell of a lot of character. They


kept pressing in the second half. In the end, they definitely deserved


the win. They should have credit for that. We have about 100 Welsh people


in the house and one lone Scotsman. That is worth around of applause!


Andy Nicol... I was about to say can you have sat on the seat many times


looking forlorn and defeated. Ten years in a row Wales have beaten


Scotland. You have every right to look smug. I would gladly have


walked from Edinburgh to Cardiff. It has been a long time coming but


there have been painful times in the ten years.


have sat here at the start of the campaign saying to win matches you


need to be able to score 30 points. Scotland scored 29 against us and 27


against Ireland. Three tries against Ireland. We scored one try against


England and Scotland. The other trouble has been substitutions. We


make bad substitutions early against England and yesterday it was crying


out the substitutions when the momentum was leaving us. We feel to


do that. Picking up on the point about the two halves, what is it


about the second half? Wales scored three points in the second half


against Finland and no points against Scotland. Up to half time


you thought there was no way Wales was going to lose. It took about 30


minutes Scotland is to realise we are as good as this lot of not


better. When Scotland upped their game Wales had no answer to it.


Sometimes we can be too busy condemning the team without


applauding the team that has got it right. Many people in Wales want


appreciate this sentiment but what happened yesterday was a marvellous


thing for the Six Nations. Scotland have taken 20 years to become a


serious team and it's wonderful for the game in a part of the country


where they are constantly fighting against Celtic and Rangers that


Scotland have come up trumps. I go to matches and I think I've seen it


all but I obviously hadn't. A Welsh captain saying I wanted my kickers


to kick for goal. In that event why didn't you tell your kicker to go


for goal. In 1975 when Wales lost 12-10, Phil Bennett came on as a sub


and Mervyn Davies said kick the ball and you said now I've only just come


on and he said kick the goal and you missed it! It was calling out for


leadership in the second half. How disappointed I use that that wasn't


then. We were very good first half and we looked like creating tries


and I thought Sam Warburton and Justin to brick combined well. I


thought Rhys Webb had a great 40 minutes. I thought he played himself


into the British Lions squad yesterday. Then in the second half


why they didn't pick this man who came on as said, the Michu on, he


destroyed our ball the deck. He got there before war but in and we made


mistakes. The handling was far better. When you hear Alun Wyn Jones


saying that Dan Biggar had said he's not going to go for goal that is


incredible. When you are captain and he tells you to go for gold YouGov


goal. Sean Holley has been poring over the tapes and he has discovered


what went right for Scotland and what went wrong for Wales. A lot of


frustrations around yesterday and it was all about the second half. Wales


had plenty of opportunities particularly in that second half.


Here we see a great break. A good angle from Jonathan Davies and give


credit to Rhys Webb for the support when he makes on the inside. Dan


Biggar is on the outside. Can he bring one of these four players in


to finish on the space either side. From this line at an old Wales ploy.


All the backs are in their butt captain Alun Wyn Jones is penalised


for blocking at the front. And was it wasn't it? Rhys Webb a fantastic


game. But the TMO showed this was not to be. Scotland seemed to grow


whereas Wales capitulated. It was error after error. A knock-on here


from Scott Williams. Luke Charteris spills in the 22. Toby Faletau tried


to get individual in the 22 and Hamish Watson on it over the ball.


17 turnovers against Wales which was uncharacteristic. Look on the inside


for Scotland, Jonathan Davies is now lost, George North is worried about


the sharp Stuart Hogg and that is enough for the Dutchman to get over


for a great school. Look how canny Scotland were. Rob Evans and Alun


Wyn Jones are held in by Fraser Brown. They did this all game and


created a lot of frustration. They now can't fold around the corner.


Rhys Webb is in on the tackle but watch was John Barclay does, the


holes on the floor. Now again Alun Wyn Jones have not got around the


corner to create that little bit of wit that Liam Williams needs to make


a better decision. There are too many options to defend and it's a


sublime finish from Tommy Seymour on the wing. We look at those examples


and the words that come back is composure, accuracy. Their execution


deserted them. Yes and not for the first time. We are not scoring


enough tries. I don't think we have made of evolution. It's hard to see.


Scotland burst into the game on the 30th minute when they took a quick


line-out and through two very long passes. We don't play rugby in our


own half. We kick it up in the year. The game is moved on. We have talked


about before a long time. Wales used Justin Tipuric a lot in the front of


the line-out. Then we send Scott Williams down the ten channel so


Justin Tipuric is out of the game. If we are going to use Scott


Williams like that we may as well pick Jamie Roberts. We have talked


it up but I don't necessarily see we are making the evolutionary steps we


need to to open the game up. We spoke about those points in the


autumn. If we can see it then why cant people closer to the team. I


went to a meeting in the principality and Robert Harley was


talking about evolving. They blew us away, the All Blacks in the third


test. That one thrashing we had against Australia in the first game


of the autumn series put us back and put Rob Howley on the defensive and


we had to go back to the old ways of doing. We have not evolved at all. A


great servant for Wales, great player, but to see Jamie Roberts


coming on as sub yesterday said it all for me. Where are the young


kids? Whereas we have lost composure, you guys grew in


confidence. Hamish Watson was phenomenal, -- at the breakdown.


There was a key moment when it was 13-6 and Leigh Halfpenny missed that


penalty. Although it didn't result in a try it gave Scotland the


confidence at half-time to say this is how we need to play. But that


point Wales had dominated the tackle. Alun Wyn Jones and Ross


Moriarty made a big hits and Sam Warburton was getting over the ball.


In the second half they are at their game. Scotland had a variety of


attack. There were long passes, short passes, they were loops, they


were Danny passes. When Wales had the ball they were just very


predictable. It was too easy and there was nothing there. Sam Davies


had to come on before he did because it was only when he came on there


was any variety in attack. I've been saying from afar, and that needs to


change. Over the last three fixtures we've seen this recurring theme of


turning down points. Alun Wyn Jones said he wanted to go to the points


but the kickers overruled. Let's have a look at exactly what


happened. Dan Biggar overruling John Lacey


there are free and his captain. It may be misleading to fixate on one


morning -- moment but we all know how momentum plays a part in


international rugby and had they kicked that they could have levelled


at 16 all. It was a classic example of how Wales had lost the


leadership. The captain has to telling you have to take that kick.


He has to be decisive. He didn't and it all unravelled. In many ways the


most telling shot of all was the one of Wales head coach sitting with his


Lions kick in the stand. My views are well known on this. I don't


think Warren Gatland should be with the Lions, he should be with Wales.


That is a massive job to be done. Once Wales realised they had to


evolve their game, he should be with Wales. Wales have done more than


their share of the Lions and there was an overestimation of Wales'


capacity to do well in this tournament. I thought before the


tournament they would do well to win two games. I don't see where the


second one will come from now. Rob Howley, it's a tough world. You can


win the Premier League in football and it doesn't guarantee your job so


for Ireland and France he is fighting for his job. The Warren


Gatland issue comes up time and again. He's going on a second Lions


tour along with Rob Howley Neil Jenkins. Treble Townsend was sounded


out and he did not take the opportunity. The think Warren


Gatland should have taken a longer view and should have stick -- a step


to the day job. The president was set four years ago and Rob Howley


took over and you won the championship. It was Warren's


decision and he wanted it. I don't think Wales have evolved in those


four years. Warren Gatland has been coach of oil to nine years with that


coaching team. The coach has always go at shelf life and I wonder have


they got to that. In Scotland Fearne Cotton is leaving after two games


having dinner great job and Craig Lawton Townsend is coming in. This


is not the end of the job, the Scotland team is in the middle of


its development. Both our countries are at opposite ends of the


spectrum. The coaches have overstayed their welcome and in


Scotland were getting rid of one too quickly. I just think that Andy


knows far more about Scottish rugby but I watch Glasgow quite closely


and week in week out the play the best rugby in the Pro12. Its


outstanding 15 man rugby. They play with style and pace. Townsend will


become the next Scottish coach and I can see them going from strength to


strength. What worries me is when you look back at the bloodshed


Williams. James Hook is still playing, Gavin Henson is still


playing. When you look at the Scottish back three and that Stuart


Hogg, he looks up and has a go. The Welsh back three normally dealt a


downfield and that has got to change. Are the Welsh team not given


enough freedom because I spoke to Finn Russell a few weeks ago and he


was talking about the freedom the coaches give them as a team to play


what's in front of them. Is that a reason why? It's part of it. Rob


Howley has also been in charge with Warren for those years. The success


of Scotland are getting is built on the way that Glasgow play. When Finn


Russell gets the ball and Stuart Hogg is in the backfield everyone is


on edge. You know something is going to happen. That has come through and


it's taken them a while to come through with Scotland. We are


predictable, we are physical and direct. The only way you can change


things is either change the way you play with the tactics that the


easiest way is with personnel and we are in the same position now as we


were before the autumn. We have not learnt anything and we have not


developed any players. We had a glimmer of hope in terms of the


intensity against England and if we had played with that intensity


throughout the champion ship we would have been mid-table but we


will struggle to get there now. What frightens me, I look back at the


Black Tom Prydie, Hallam Amos, Tyler Morgan, Ashley Beck and all those


young men coming through and we have seen no sign of them. We had a great


chance in the autumn series to play those young players. After that


first loss against Australia Rob Howley went on the defensive and


picked the tried and trusted. But we did have some guys on the bench or


could have made a difference. Rob Howley was castigated for taking


Ross Moriarty of two early last week but yesterday the knot bringing on


the impact players when there was time to turn the game around. Sam


Davies should have been on ten minutes earlier than he was. In the


end Wales' locker was so empty that the brought on the old warhorse


Jamie Roberts who has been a wonderful player. He is the last


shot they have got to fire in a losing cause. Who would've thought


you could lose the half 20-0. I love the Finn Russell and the way he


plays with a smile on his face and he is prepared to take chances. He


plays like a Welshman. It concerns me. For me I thought Gavin Henson


was probably the best midfield player Wales have had over the last


12 years and it's a crying shame he has only played 30 odd times for


Wales. He had a good game for Bristol today. He is 34 years of age


now. I think in many ways Gavin will admit his is an unfulfilled talent


audition at international level. But where are these new players coming


through. We've batted Alex Cuthbert because of his defensive


deficiencies but what about George North yesterday? Sometimes you


wonder about the attitude of these players. It ceases to amaze me. The


skill set, coaches are there to improve the skill set. With the best


will in the world level not seen any improvement in the Welsh skill set.


We saw the passes going astray and the fumbles and the lack of


decision. Going back to the attack, the attack us to be a collective


attack. It's not about individual brilliance, that is the result of


the space that has been created. You add Rhys Webb and Liam Williams why


the only two players with any creativity. Scotland now have Finn


Russell, Ali Price, Hugh Jones, Tommy Seymour, Stuart Hogg with two


sublime bits of skill with the grubber kick and the pass under


pressure to Tim Visser. Scotland have now got a collective attack.


Townsend has forged a lot of that through Glasgow. Both were asked by


Warren Gatland to be attacked coaches for the Lions and the


attacked coaches Rob Howley and you look at yesterday and is it the


right decision? We have heard about from our guests but let's hear from


the experts who were at the ground yesterday. Today I thought we were


in control. We had good possession and territory. Our defence was


strong. But unfortunately we're not creating anything and we don't look


like scoring tries. International rugby has moved on. It's all about


creating and scoring tries. Scotland learned their lessons from the first


half. It wasn't about getting the ball wide, they didn't give us


opportunities to turnover as easily as we did in the first half. They


build pressure on us. Scotland to be fair to them scored two wonderful


tries. Wales had some decent line breaks but they couldn't continue or


retain the ball to make a good attacking to try. I don't think


anything happened in that second half would have been from coaches


orders. It's a case of keeping it tight, stay in the game and try and


make Scotland make errors. We didn't do it. Ten minutes into the


second-half Scotland have a lot of momentum and we needed to do


something. If you are looking to change something that ten is the


obvious one to do that. Justin Tipuric around the half-time period


was fantastic. A turnover on Hugh Jones was brilliant. Rhys Webb


worked his guts out. He was unlucky not to score. There were some


positives but although the guys went off script and locks composer. --


lost composure. I think the pack have got to step it up as well. The


front row have got to get more involved in the game around the


field. It was like a holding operation in the scrum today and we


have to find a way to fire up the pack as well as getting the backs to


take their chances. Let's speak to someone who has


always got plenty to say for himself. I am falling all over the


place! Let's hope he hasn't drunk the bar dry, have you, Craig?


Malabar and Coke? I have a gin and tonic after. You're a Welsh rugby


fan like the rest of this now so what was your assessment of


yesterday? It was a hard game. If the kicker is not confident, you


don't kick, you say, OK, we go to the corner and score. Being a big


fatty upfront you relish the chance is, you don't have to run 95 yards,


you only have five yards. You blame Alun Wyn Jones for going with his


kickers? If the kickers don't want to kick it you go to the corner but


you go with confidence. Why do you not want to go to the corner? You


want to push them over, do whatever you have to do, but have confidence


in doing it. You have been in this position like the Welsh boys are in


now, off the back of a bad defeat. Yes! They will be feeling so much


pressure, everyone has an opinion, how will they be dealing with this?


It will be hard, they have two weeks before the next game, they could


prove -- would prefer next week so they can put it right but it is hard


for them. They don't seem to enjoy it when they are winning so losing


will be worse. We don't play any rugby so where is the fun in chasing


the ball in the air and just hitting it up? Chase the ball wide, spread


the field, get running around, enjoyment. You get ten Russell, big


smile on his face, Hogg, smile on his face, Williams smiling when he


runs, that's all they want to do, play rugby, and I don't think we do


it. For the rugby fans to get that enjoyment, what changes would you


make ahead of Ireland? I don't know, it's difficult to make changes now


because we have played the same rugby for 89 years as the boys said.


We are too late to change, we should have made it last summer and brought


fresh coaches in. You know Rob Howley well. I do. Our defence was


outstanding. The players attitude is fantastic. It is brilliant what they


do on the pitch. It is just fine tuning and the way we play and that


has to be down to the coaches. Can be fixed in a fortnight? No. How


about that? Craig Canal, everyone. APPLAUSE.


-- Craig Quinnell. According to Craig Little to cheer in Murrayfield


yesterday but the under 20s and women have ambitions of their own in


Scotland. Here's how they got on. COMMENTATOR: Can Wales score of


their first attack? The drive, a powerful one, Scotland struggling to


defend it, Wales at the line and they are over. Going a little


sideways, difficult control for Harris, can she pick up? The ball


just short of the goal-line and the referee goes straight underneath the


posts for a penalty try. Thomson with the charge, lovely angle. On


the hour, pick-up, going herself, lovely off-load to Law, and the try


for Lloyd. That is another penalty and a chance for Scotland. This


could be a winning shot. From Law. Our scrum looked superior and our


line-out was good, it is just our discipline let us down. COMMENTATOR:


Only three four metre short, a route one ball, and is it a try for


Cameron Lewis? No problem with the line-out again, taken off the back


by number eight, a simple walk-in for Baldwin. Jones does well to get


it to back-up, I the halfway line, defensive ball, and he does.


Cutout pass finds the number eight. He gets over the line and the


pressure tells for Scotland. He kicks and finds green. A try for


Wales, and Williams, in the shadow of the posts of Scotland. Form an


orderly queue at the moment for Wales, they look to be over the


line. Steaming up towards the posts. The


referee awards try. One more pass should do it, and it does for Wales.


And a bit of a break. Hutchinson, one of the replacements, still


going. It's going to be a Wales try.


Pleased overall, I thought it was excellent to watch, real pressure,


some of the tries we scored, scored 65 points away from home, full


credit to the players. APPLAUSE.


A real bounty of points for the under 20s. That takes them back into


the top half of the under 20 in the Six Nations table. England and


Ireland leading the way, both unbeaten, England reigning supreme


with maximum points from their first three fixtures. Similar story for


the women, England and Ireland leading both joint on 14 points but


England ahead on points difference, Wales force after that agonising


last-gasp defeat against Scotland. And there has been some Pro12 action


this weekend of course and big results, let's look at the


highlights, starting with the Ospreys at the liberty this


afternoon. -- the Liberty. COMMENTATOR: He has missed this time


that good off-load. Fantastic pick-up from Howells. Giles, he is


away, you have to credit the try their for Howells. Incredible


pick-up. Jones making his presence felt. Matavesi, Giles, spins this


time, gets away, off-loads to Price, has he got support? What a very good


kick indeed from Price, it will go all the way, and great play.


COMMENTATOR: Boyds to Davies, Davies, a little chip over the


defence, and it is a try for the Scarlet. -- the Scarlets. Leading by


example, lovely chip from Davies. Boyds controlling again. Gets it to


Davies, Davies on a cheeky run, get the tackle, outside him as the


full-back McNicol, a lovely dummy, he comes back inside, a wonderful


score for the Scarlets. Davies again, changes direction, Jones with


a long pass to Williams. Fantastic rugby from the Scarlets.


The Dragons conceded eight tries and 50 points against a below strength


Leinster at Rodney Parade, this is the first to open the floodgates,


taking advantage of a purely ornamental defence before sending


Conan to the first of a first half brace. Six tries came after the


break including this one fashioned by Deegan and finished by scrum-half


Dixon- Park. Dark times indeed for the Dragons.


COMMENTATOR: Not getting much change in this Edinburgh defence at the


moment. Williams chooses a different route. He streaks for the line,


pop-up to Williams and Bennett gets a try for the Blues.


A little kick for nothing for Williams and it may work out anyway,


yes, indeed it has! So, a great gutsy win for the


Cardiff Blues meaning they close the gap slightly on Glasgow ahead of


them, sixth in that race. Ospreys back second and strong contenders


for a home semifinal, Scarlets remain fourth with a 5-point cushion


over Ulster who have a game in hand and it would be rude not to ask you


about the Scarlets, Phil. Any win is to be treasured but to win when you


are 15 points down at time this monumental. It was probably the win


of the season with a side they have, and missing so many players. They


have a strong squad then now with good forwards and guys like Shingo


playing the best rugby I believe of his career, outstanding form.


Eliasson, lots of good young players, but the basis of it all,


Parks controlling in the centre but the half-backs, Davies when he


plays, and Jones, Wales under 20, I don't think he has missed a kick for


five or six games, he controls things. When you are missing key


players if you have a key outside-half playing well like Dan


Jones, they are firing on all cylinders. Big match against


Leinster coming up. John Barclay, what sort of welcome will he get? No


one will talk to him! He played well yesterday, captained Scotland with


pride and dignity. . Let's round up the rest of the Six Nations action


this weekend when Ireland hosted France and England welcomed Italy to


HQ. COMMENTATOR: OJ the capture. Reset


on the floor at the moment, on comes the drive. Farrell joins in, tries


to clear him out of the way. Try awarded. Back to the 22. Penalty


He has missed it. Something good could come of it though, it has!


Solid to begin with, moving patch. Penalty to England.


Courtney Lawes gets the pass away, Care again. Elliot Daly scores


again. Campagnaro, the strength of Michele


Campagnaro. Brilliant finish by Campagnaro!


And still short, penalty advantage, though. Young's had spotted it at


last, George is out there, it wasn't the best pass but he has the speed.


England are going to finish in style.


It has gone backwards, no, can he score a second? He can.


COMMENTATOR: Still advantage to France, still their penalty, again


back to Lopez for the crossfield kick, it might work for France. Back


it goes, and it is a try for France. They might just want to look at


something. No try. Back for a penalty. Held at


the back there, and the decision of Nigel Owens. Flat ball to within two


metres, Conor Murray goes for himself, now gets to within a second


move, try given to Conor Murray. The ball turned over, no advantage to


Ireland, penalty coming, so a free attack, chance or drop goal, and it


is good, Ireland have the three points.


Henshaw again, so quick off the mark. Skip infield by Jackson.


Ireland have the penalty and this will be a chance for Jackson. 13


from 14 for Jackson, Ireland ten points clear with four minutes of


this match remaining. Still Ireland's chance to finish with


another try. Stander set sit back and they say that is enough, they


will take the victory, Ireland with just that one try, a ten point


victory over France and their title challenge is still alive.


STUDIO: Let's look at the table after three rounds, England still on


track for another Grand Slam. Scotland still in the championship


after their win over Wales yesterday. Italy despite a good


first half performance at HQ not even a losing bonus point to show at


the bottom. England roll on, then, top of the table, but they were


spooked in that game, Quinn, and perhaps the most abiding memory for


me was James Haskell looking bewildered and asking what the rules


were. You know where the offside lane is normally all where not to


be. It was interesting to see because I have not seen it at that


industrial level, it was obviously a premeditated tactic to chat with the


referee, saying we will flood the areas. You can't go to the ball


because it is an offside line within the tackle but you can stand


anywhere else. But I think it will cause problems if everyone starts


doing it because if you don't have offside lines the game will be


unstructured and people when put anyone in and flood the other side


of the ball, but it worked brilliantly today. Obviously people


will do it on going from here and it will be in testing to see how


coaches come up with strategies to stop them. Matt Dawson has already


tweeted that he agreed with you that it could ruin rugby. I can't wait to


see all the clubs here tonight, Armageddon next Saturday! Italy


needed to do something today. They have been bad in the first two


games. For credibility in the whole debate we could have about


relegation and promotion, they need to do something today -- needed to.


They were innovative. England took too long to cope with what it was.


It is used a lot in the world sevens series, without the offside line.


They took too long to work it out today. My issues it is almost over


coaching, the players do what the coach tells you. It crystallises the


moment when no coach had thought about it and the players took time


to think on their feet. I have never seen a team is flummoxed as England


for 40 minutes, it was hilarious and they looked eminently beatable but


no one has got round to doing it and they are 17 in a row now. I wouldn't


rule out Scotland winning at Twickenham in two weeks. Stop it!


Law of averages, 34 years since the last happened. Ireland of course


beating France in Dublin. Jonny Sexton was back. How much of a


difference does he make, as Jackson has been playing well. Great form


for Ireland but Jonny Sexton on his day is one of the leading half a


dozen fly-halves in world rugby and is vital to Ireland, a great


tackler, good defensively, but what he brings, different angles and ways


of playing. He is vital for Ireland and has come through injury free and


will be a huge threat to Wales next Friday. Great win for Ireland in


what is evident for me as the ball carrying on the back row, Sean


O'Brien, Stander, huge ball-carriers. Which leads us nicely


to Sean Holley, looking at Ireland during this championship, what have


you made of them? A tough two weeks for Wales but in Ireland we have a


confident team gunning for the title. They are also difficult to


beat. As Phil Bennett said it is about their ball-carriers in the


back row, using them to cut the line. Get them into midfield and it


cuts down the space they have. Look at the gain line, give Jackson and


Sexton space to allow the outside backs to get over the gain line.


Stander has been a principal ball-carrier in the Six Nations


already. Heaslip, more of a ball player, then the basher O'Brien.


They work in tandem all the time, it sucks defenders into the rucks and


earls and Carney have benefited in the wider channels, but they work so


well in tandem. Here is seven, guess who follows, eight. They suck


defenders in, and there is six, Stander, doing the rest. Wales must


combat this. They are almost marauding players at the moment but


there is one saving grace. They do have run around techniques and a


smart coaching team and in Sexton they needed to get him in the game.


This full France a little because they expected big ball-carriers but


the forwards into play pass got the likes of Ringrose and Henshaw into


play. Watch Heaslip, the French defender is expecting a big


ball-carrier but no, he is also ballplayer and puts Carney and on


the angle. The saving graces they get isolated, they carry so much


that you cannot attack them at this area. If Warbler and -- Mark


Warburton Agger Bridge are true to form there will be opportunities to


steal it. Can they target Stander or Rob Ryan on their own? How can Wales


beat them, how did Scotland beat them? They expose them in the wider


channels. If you get good go forward they get tight around the rat, look


at this angle with Earls, the widest back, offering space. As they did


against Wales Scotland but their white guys here and exploited them


with the gas. Hogg does the rest. As I said, a long fortnight of planning


for Wales, and I will ask you, Phil, will it be about selection, do we


just the performance or is it a must win game? That is a great one there!


I think it is about time we took a chance and said, let's go for gold.


That means for me Liam Williams has to go back for full-back and let him


attack from there. Then I would choose from two wings in one


position, either Evans or Giles, whichever is red-hot in training.


Made his comeback today for the Ospreys. The other wing, the liver


to George North, between and Halfpenny. I would say is it time we


gave Sam Davies a chance to say, starred, if you are good enough,


play the game at number ten, and upfront... APPLAUSE.


I don't know... Just to go back to Sam Davies, we can keep on bringing


him on with 15 minutes to go but he has to start. Upfront quickly I


might bring Charteris back into the second row and if he is fit maybe


fell at our number eight but we have to really give our youngsters a


chance -- maybe Toby Faletau at number eight. I think we can expose


Ireland. We said it in the autumn, we spoke about the back three and


fly half, we never seem to be in a position to throw caution to win.


Yes, but that is the same team I was picked as Bill has outlined and we


haven't been chatting earlier! The championship is gone and unless we


waste more time, we don't know if Davies or Evans can do it at this


level but the longer they stay on the touchline is the longer we will


not know. They have deficiencies but Russell had deficiencies when he


started and look at the player he has become. It is unfair on Biggar


because he played so well against England, but we know what is unfair


-- what we get from him when he plays, that competitive spirit, we


want to see if Davies offers something different. Rob Howley was


saying yesterday, I trust my bench. If he trusts Sam Davies and other


members of the squad he would start against Ireland and give them their


head because otherwise he is saying basically he doesn't trust them. I


think we are in a position with George North as we were with Alex


Cuthbert, picking a guy who consistently doesn't play well but


we keep picking him. They chopped Rick -- dropped Jamie Roberts for


poor defensive mistakes in the autumn. They will have to do the


same for consistency with George North. Here is the dilemma, if they


throw caution to the wind unpick all the players Howley hasn't entrusted


with that responsibility yet and winning becomes not the priority but


performance, what about world rankings? We know Wales are likely


to drop to 7000 result of that defeat now and we know what happened


before the World Cup when we dropped out of the top eight and ended up in


the pool of death. I don't give a fig for World Cup, World Cup


ratings! That is irrelevant at this stage. There is no way he can name


an unchanged team on Friday week for Ireland and I agree with Phil


Bennett I can't believe Keelan Giles didn't play in November and Steph


Evans didn't play against England last week. Why were these changes


not made three weeks ago? But this question is predicated on if we take


this team we have a chance of winning which no one can see


happening. The championship is gone, let's make changes and see what we


can do if we open it up and counterattack and let Davies take


the ball flatter, see if we can create chances and score more tries,


otherwise we will not beat Ireland or anyone else. And Stuart Hogg


looked up one occasion in midfield and said, what is in front of me, I


will go here, other times he will kick the ball. We don't do that at


full-back for Wales, we don't have people looking up and saying it is


on, and we have to give them license to play. Williams could do that at


15. Your last two games are against the sides playing our first two


games so we know it is power. The analysis, not just Ireland, against


France, it is direct, physical, it is brutal. Sam Davies will be


targeted, absolutely, but you have don't -- to find out about this kid


and see if he can cope. I am not sure they will but I think they


should. They think they will go with Dan Biggar because they know what


they will get and they need to win, Wales needs to win a week Friday. Is


the way to beat Ireland is to get the ball into wide channels, Sam


Davies with his distribution is the man to do that, isn't it? He has


been outstanding with the Ospreys. The thing we don't know is if you


can do it internationally. We have to find this out and forever we can


have them on the bench and say he played brilliantly for the Ospreys


and come on for ten minutes. We have to take a chance and see if he can


do it. I think Ireland are vulnerable on the wings. If we have


two decent wingers with Pace had somebody with metal -- in midfield


to move the ball we have a chance but for goodness sake let the young


man have a go. Dan Biggar has been outstanding for Wales, let's see if


he can offer something different. Would you consider Biggar at 12 and


Davies at ten and have the two playmaker role? Wales lacked


creativity, get two playmakers in and see if that makes a difference,


try something different. Are we in a position now, such as Ireland ten


years ago and England a couple of years ago, do we not need to do what


they did, throw youngsters into the mix? Every nation has been through


what we are going through. We can only come out of it better, right?


I'm trying to be positive, do you think that? If you keep doing what


is not working nothing will change. That's my point. We have been saying


this for a long time. I think we all agree, everyone is, we need to take


that step forward, make a leap of faith that may be a step back before


reaping the rewards Scotland are doing now, that if we keep playing


the same way, conservatively, without the power players other


teams have, we will keep having the same results. What concerns me is


the Lions distraction. We have the Chief Executive and chairman saying


it is good, our coaches will learn more by going to New Zealand with


the Lions. I don't buy that because didn't rub off after Australia in


2013. I think the Welsh coaches should be with the Welsh team in the


South Pacific. It is a big tour now. I don't think Welsh will get a say


in that one. Martin Phillips has said it is good for our country is


to go on Lions tours because they will learn more which in the and


will be good for our team. I don't see evidence of that, that's all I'm


saying. Oh! We will discuss this further because we have run out of


time. Please, please, give a round of applause for Phil Bennett... Gwyn


Jones... Peter Jackson... And Andy Nichol. APPLAUSE That is it from, so


Scotland have beaten Wales for the first time since 2007, just pride


left to play for now for Wales and title chasing Ireland are the next


visitors to the Principality Stadium.


We will catch you soon. Good night. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


It was such a glorious world of music and culture and connections.


In '90s Wales, confidence flourished.


What you wanted was actually happening.


We celebrated our differences and felt liberated like never before.


I was gabbing an opportunity to give my kids a better life.


On the day of the vote, it was a no-brainer for me.


So, apparently Red Nose Day is back. Cool. We love Red Nose Day.


Yes. So, Comic Relief have asked if we could maybe help this year.


Comic Relief? Yes. So, like, what is that? Right.


Like, I don't even know what that is. No.


So, Comic Relief is the charity that actually invented Red Nose Day.


OK, cool. Yes. So that's, like, who knew?


OK, cool. So... Like Red Boot Day. No, hang on! Red Toes Day.


So, the thinking was that, as head of brand, you could perhaps... Sure.


Phil Bennett, Gwyn Jones, Andy Nicol and Craig Quinnell join Sarra and Ross as we return to the club to discuss and analyse the weekend's action from Scotland v Wales, Ireland v France and England v Italy.