05/03/2017 Scrum V

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Ross Harries is joined by Phil Davies and Ian Gough for a look back at the latest Pro12 action as well as a preview of Wales v Ireland in the Six Nations.

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The Ospreys continued to fly the flag for Wales and if Friday night


was an audition for Sam Davies, he didn't do too badly. Possibly Mr


Howley watching that. I just want to get back into camp and get on with


the. The Scarlets in doubling following last week's Munster


mission, could they pull off another shock on the road? -- in Dublin.


Webb and Baldwin coaching Bridgend this week but both have Ireland on


their minds. We know we are fine margins away from being a


world-class team and we have unbelievable talent in the squad.


Everyone is looking to forward -- forward to it and it couldn't come


quick enough. Good evening and welcome to Scrum V. Tonight we will


look at Round 17 of the Pro12 before heading to the big one, Wales


against Ireland. We are in the company of Ian Gough and Phil Davies


but we begin tonight with the Pro12, and the Ospreys away trip to


Edinburgh. COMMENTATOR: Just sizing each other


up and looking for mistakes. It doesn't take anything out of the


Edinburgh defence, they are still lively, double tackling. They


haven't had a lot of possession yet. James King set up the initial one,


Nicky Smith gets support to get the ball back from Habberfield --


Habberfield to Sam Davies, lovely dummy, straight through, superbly


done, Josh Matavesi underneath the posts, the magic of Sam Davies at


his very best. That's what the lad can do. He takes it so flat to the


line. You have to watch everything around him. Gustafson finds his man


Big kick, this one, for Sam Davies. Big kick for the Ospreys, for their


whole season. They need the breathing space of three points, and


it has been provided by Sam Davies. On the Ospreys 22, fouls, Du Preez,


the defence has been superb all evening but they need now to call on


every sap of strength they have, and they have done, it is turned over


from Appia, they just need the ball off the park and managed to do so,


and the Ospreys have held on, it has been a titanic effort in the rain.


The boys were pretty battered, some real tough games over the last


period, five-day turnaround and 27 boys missing but they battled hard.


Defence, we looked in good control apart from one set, they were


physically barred up. A man of the match performance, talk us through


the magic that got you the tri-. A lot of credit has to go to the boys


around me opening gaps up. A lot of options for me and luckily I picked


the right one and then Josh Matavesi's unification was world


class so I could get under the sticks. Hoping Mr Howley was


watching that? I will just get back to camp and get on with it now. You


think Rob Howley might have been watching? I am sure he was watching


because he is watching his boys. Having people like Dan Biggar and


Sam in the national camp is really exciting and I'm sure they will do


well for Wales. A rare smile from Mr Tandy and the line from Sam Davies


on the Wales question but the clamour is growing and he won that


game per the Ospreys soap Rob Howley will be watching with interest. I am


sure he will. Steve Tandy said, they are lucky to have fly-halves like


him and Biggar. He understands the game and plays well through the


hands and with the kicking game. Here, it is a great step and a


greater awareness and a sleight of hand to put Matavesi over. Superb,


great skill and step, Wirral the time, looking around, knows the


support players, and that is a great finish. An extremely talented


player. They are lucky to have both mark in the squad. They are but the


chorus clamouring for his inclusion against Ireland is growing louder


still after that display. Are you among them? It is like a symphony!


Everybody is batting him in, he is the peoples favourite at the moment.


I like the way he plays and what he does I can't see it happening, not


for this game. But would you like it to happen? Potentially, I would like


to Celia map full-back and ten because those are the best attackers


we have at the moment but Dan is a fantastic player. Throw Sam in


against Ireland with their pedigree, I would like to see it but we are


going down again this week I think. I think Biggar to start and you can


see of Sam comes on at the game and bolts, maybe the island defence will


get tired and he can produce magic like that. That was the


match-winning moment but you could argue the Ospreys defence one than


that, they spent so much on the back foot, the stats showed they made


twice as many tackles as Edinburgh, testament to the word Davies has


been doing. It is amazing, the strength in


depth. I noticed last week against Glasgow. It is being built on,


fantastic defence. That wins you jumping chips, Iron Curtain like


defence. They have the line in place, excellent integrity, they


don't panic, they keep working hard against the inside shoulder, no


backs for -- gaps for anybody coming through. They are organised with a


simple policy, two first forwards on the far side then two nearside


forwards, get the line in place and off they go. Here, defensive


resilience, Paul James is aware of what is happening. They are aware,


around the ruck, they are physical when they need to be, Matavesi is


taken out, Underhill is aware what is going on, Baker is being a


nuisance, giving it plenty of physicality again. Again, James they


know, Gustafson coming round, not panicking, just making the tackles,


and they are difficult to break down. Fantastic mentality and credit


to the coaches. All part of the Ospreys culture. They are in pole


position for a home semifinal with five rounds to go. We can see the


remaining fixtures, tough ones among them but eminently winnable for this


squad. As we mentioned on Friday, to win this championship you have to


get a home semifinal. I don't think the stats have proven that. Very


rarely, I don't think anyone has won an away semifinal, but they have lit


the league up to start with, with the bonus point victory is, they are


superb, but games like that away from home in the rain, backs against


the wall, hardly any ball in the second half, the defence was


phenomenal. A moment of brilliance in the first half but their


defensive effort was superb and that's what wins you leagues and


gets you into those spaces to get you into pole position. They did it


and have to be chuffed with what they achieved. Thanks. It has been


an incredibly emotional week for Cardiff Metropolitan University.


Last week they had to say goodbye to one of their own after Ellie nor kit


was killed in a car crash. On Friday night they took on Loughborough in


the British universities cup quarterfinal and dedicated that game


to their former team-mate. On an occasion as charged as this


emotions would always come flooding to the surface. It may be as


quarterfinal but Friday night was all about honouring LE. Her two


duties, 12 and 14, were laid on the halfway line before kick-off, and


each team-mate Leda Rose on top as tribute. I will remember her with


positivity, the energy was infectious from her, wherever she


was, training, she would bounce in and be keen to get stuck in. She was


a talented athlete and a powerful runner. She was an integral ball


part of this side and had already do play that two cup finals. Not only


that but she had five international caps, being the youngest player at


the 2014 World Cup when she made her senior Wales debut. Friday night's


game was originally scheduled for last Wednesday and postponed


following her death, and it was moved from the University 's ground


to Cardiff Arms Park. Despite the tragedy her team-mates were


desperate to return to the field and do their friend proud. The players


were absolutely sure about playing tonight, they wanted to play. We


spoke to her family and they were keen that they would play, everybody


wanted to express their feelings they had for Ellie, a fantastic


student not just in her sport but her academic studies. On the night


Cardiff Metropolitan couldn't have paid her a better tribute, beating


Loughborough 84-0 to claim a place in the semifinals, a positive way to


end and incredibly sad week. Congratulations to Cardiff


Metropolitan University for honouring their team-mate the way


they did and as a special team-mate they have -- tribute they have


decided to retire her jerseys, 12 and 14, till the end of the season.


Moving back to the Pro12, the Scarlets hope they could continue


their heroic win with another win on Irish soil. Could they do it? --


their heroic win against Munster. COMMENTATOR: Strong scrum from


Leinster, they have already had a penalty. McGrath, and there is no


one in front of him, can he get it down? Yes, you can, and the


scrum-half opens the scoring for Leinster.


Evans out to Jones, being charged down, a chance for Leinster and star


man Luke McGrath. The interlinking between forwards and backs, a


prominent feature. Now they have men out wide, it huge pass, not taken by


Tom Williams. There was no one in front of the winger. On goes Leavy.


Head down, tries to borrow his way through McGrath. There are so many


runners and the try had to come in the end.


Jones, deep pass, but puts his team under pressure, and this is a


pick-up by McGrath. Tackle to save a try by Williams but recycled, and


their men out there floating out, and another try, and it is Carbery


who scores the try that could very well so this one up for Leinster.


Cross kick from Byrne, who puts on the afterburners, dragged short, but


Carbery is going to go over for the double.


McGrath has really been the star of the show, another cross kick for


burn to chase and the same result, burn going all the way, jinking past


one and exactly the same result. Out in midfield, there are gaps


appearing, and it is Leavy trying to get that pass back inside, McFadden


in there, bridging, Gibson, Park, gets it out, Park goes himself, and


the nightmare is complete. To many in the first half and it was hard


work in the second. Certainly with the turnover they were scoring the


other end. You have to give credit to the opposition, they were


clinical, good side and just better than us possibly. The pressure


perhaps increased on the Scarlets following that heavy defeat to


Leinster. Ulster remain a point behind in fifth place but have a


game in hand. They just failed to get the bonus point against Treviso


themselves but the Scarlets still have destiny in their hands, those


are their five remaining fixtures, they cannot afford more slip-ups and


that last game against the Ospreys will be tasty. Could be critical.


For a while it looked like it would be a tight, intense game between two


top four sides but at some point Leinster cut themselves to the break


and I guess that tells you all you need to know about the depth of


their squads. Yes, 12-9 at half-time and you are thinking, they were not


firing but they were well in this. But then, a couple of silly


mistakes, handling errors, once the floodgates open, you give the team


like that confidence and they show you what you can do. You have to


stay in that arm wrestle and on the front foot and they lost their way.


They have been going really well, and they had a decent run in to do


damage but they couldn't cope then once that tide turned. And it did


turn in dramatic circumstances. I know you have picked out one pivotal


moment when things began to go awry. It was in the first half, 12-9 down


and the pass to Tom Williams. Park had great vision and if it went to


Tom's hands he would have been in but uncharacteristic others, Jones,


normally taking that. Evans had a knock-on. It didn't allow them,


kicking straightout didn't allow them to get a foothold in the game.


As we have said they have been consistent Oblak, the Scarlets with


good performances. This was the start of it here, poor kick from Dan


Jones and a real cross kick, Leinster worked out the Scarlets


defence had been tight, then burn picks it up, gets round the


full-back and Carbery supports and over he goes. It was a disappointing


night but I think Wayne Spivak will be disappointed, but the errors made


are fixable and they will need to do that in the next fixtures to finish


in the top four. Couple of weeks before the next game so time to


write the wrongs. Onto Wales, in interesting week in the Wales camp


this week. Most ex-players will tell you they would much prefer a game


this weekend to right the wrongs of last week, but that hasn't been the


case. Some will be keeping busy, web and Baldwin spending much of the


week at Bridgend where both are paving the way for a future career


in coaching. We are bang in the middle of the Six


Nations on a wet night here. But he managed to sneak away for nights. We


have had an intense week training but it is great to be back here now,


just giving some advice. My first semiprofessional game was with


Bridgend so I've always been down here. I know quite a lot of the


coaches as well. Matt got me through my level one and level two. These


guys are really bringing in a lot of the current detail and technical


aspects of the game. It is a two-way street where we are learning from


them in favour maths. So you have a bit more sympathy? Yes, at that more


of the beaver dam. When you make those errors on the pitch you see it


from a different point of view, which only makes you a better


player. It has been really refreshing for me as I have had a


lot. What is the atmosphere been like this week? Some pretty harsh


words. For the last 40 minutes, errors crept into our game and the


referee was against us. Next thing you know, Murrayfield crowd was on


our backs. It also divided up than. The last three games, just basic


errors have cost us. We need to finish the campaign on a high. Are


you looking forward to our lives? Yes, we lost to Scotland's. A strong


Irish team. We know we are a fine margin away from being a world-class


team. We have unbelievable talent. The players need to back their own


ability, have confidence and play smart. We know what Ireland can do,


whether strength for. Everyone is looking forward to it. It couldn't


come with enough. We know the quality they have. If we take those


errors out of our game, we need to put in those performances that we


are proud of. We owe that to the coaching staff. With the game plan,


we have started to evolve. It is our execution of players. Once we know


about, we will be in a good place. A strong team and strong play. That is


a challenge you will be relishing. I don't really look at the scrum hours


on a personal note. Things like that, I don't repay attention to. I


do it's the best my ability, so things should be good. Phil Bennett


last week said you have been... You allow yourself to think about it? I


appreciate people talking about me. But I need to concentrate on each


game as it comes. The next time we will see you, you will be in front


of 70,000 in the principality. You lining up Conor Murray? Are you


confident using do it? We go into every game. You play a Wells, you


put the jersey on and play the game to win. There is no reason why we


can't next Friday on the Dunagan performance. The players often get a


bit of flak from spending all their downtime on the PlayStation. Only


those boys have plans of the future. It is a great initiative, because as


Matt Silver said both sides get the benefit. Absolutely. The players get


the expertise of Scotland Greece weather. Recent Scots are getting


the appreciation of the coaching process as well. In times that helps


when they get back into the Wales cap. I think it's fantastic. Do they


ever show any future signs of becoming future coaches? They came


up... Scott went through Milan for a little while. West and some class


nines in front of them as well. They really took the time and large the


game, dead the hard way. Webb has come through some serious injuries


as well. It is great to see them doing it because it gives them a bit


of empathy with what they're doing. Webb is hot-headed that he is a


tenacious character. To cool them down a bit and see him from a


different perspective will help his game know when. The Ireland game is


fast approaching. If we look at the table, while in fourth place. Five


points adrift of Scotland, two games left. The championship is gone but


there is still plenty of pride to play for. We talked about selection


in terms of fly-half 's earlier. The see other talking points are the


composition of the back row and the back three. Starting with the back


three. What would your back three B? I would like to see Liam. That


Halfpenny on the wing. I think you Williams has proved to be the best


attack. He needs to be utilised in the best position. He can create


more damage where he is. I think they will retain George North. I


would like to retire -- see that when they do it. Phil Bennett said


it is time for George North to be given a rest after Seth Evans to be


given his chance. What do you think? Is a fair point. Set has been


playing really well for the Scarlets. George is an international


established player. He is slowly coming back to the form that we


would all like to see him delivering on the field. But as Ian said, I


think they will go with the tried and tested. Lee has been playing


well on the wing. Lee is established at full-back. So you would keep them


in full-back? I would. I think the battery will be what started the


Scottish game. Back row? Probably more your expertise. To look


developed out is back to full fitness. I guess the dilemma is


whether you start him, and if you do does Moriarty move forward as he


rocked the bench? Russia's been playing some fantastic rugby, but


fixes is his normal position Gloucester. I would like to see


Moriarty at six and one at seven. Then you have a real good balance of


energy. Ball carrying, work over the ball in particular. August and I


still believe is one of the best in the world are making decisions.


Ireland's back row was one of their strengths so that will be fantastic


contest. But that is harsh on to bridge too has done nothing wrong.


Iron nothing wrong at all. But I can see, they always revert back to


type. Gatlin does the same thing as well. He loves people in positions


that he likes. I can see Moriarty may be being sacrificed. I think


Toby will come in and is he will stick with Tipton and Warburton. We


should be governed from Moriarty because I think he is superb. But I


think that's the way it might go. You said Rhys Webb FA feisty


character, so it's Colin Murray. Arguably the two best minds and the


turn in so far. That is going to be one heck of a game. They're both


electric. Every bit as good a threat that came from Wales came from


where. He was electric. He is on the ball at the moment. He has had to


partake over the years from injuries and has come back and super-quick


time. Some of those injuries, nobody thought he could come back to play.


But he has come back with than expected and Billy displays like


that in. Long may he continue. He is a fantastic guy. All those extra


sessions. The other massive matchup is bigger against Sexton. Fax


intends to bring the best. Is in terms of that one, you have two of


the most competitive players on the international stage. He will come


out on top? It's downsides. Hopefully it will be done. They are


both outstanding players. They're both technically good fly-half 's,


good passers, good kickers. There is not a lot of error in the game. It


is a fascinating contest. Both outstanding players and players in


good form. If you look at Sexton last week, you could swear he had


never been away. All takes place against the backdrop of world


rankings. We know what happened last time when Wales dropped out of


topics and ended up in the pool. They are in danger of doing the same


again. It is almost certain to say that Wales will drop tonight if they


lose their remaining two games. With that in mind, does Howley go purely


bizarre preservation and pick teams to win these games will do you


think, forget the world rankings, we have to evolve this style, like new


players, that's just go broke? I think they have got to win the game.


Rob rankings is a cognitive process that we are playing a team that is


above us and if we beat them we get extra ranking points. That will be


in Rob 's mind. We've already mentioned about the tried and tested


and I think that's what will happen. I think Wales have played well in


the championship. Lost a bid of accuracy but overall play some good


rugby. Friday night for me is about winning and retaining that place in


that top eights. We can't let it happen again. It would be


disastrous. The pressure is on. As it is at that level anyway. We are


creating chances. I know people are getting on the bandwagon. The


chances against Scotland were clear-cut. The accuracy wasn't quite


there, they weren't quite clinical enough. But the connotations, they


are mind-boggling. If you beat these, what happens when we play


France? I think the coach is that they will revert back to type. They


are going to do what they think is tried and tested. If you want more


Six Nations chance, make your way to our Facebook page and our website


for the latest offering. As with the last one, keep your eyes peeled for


a cheeky cameo. I have been expecting you. How can we help?


Funny you should ask. My friend is Welsh. He has lost his mojo are they


want to make him feel like a real man again. Mannequin? Man again


although you do look like a mannequin. We're going to show him


how it is done. Nice boys. The shark. Well worth a watch, I can


guarantee. Right back to the Pro12 now. The Blues were hoping to follow


up their narrow victory over Edinburgh last week with another, at


the Arms Park. Marshall with the throw. Solid in the first half.


Referee shouting breakaway, as you could hear there. And a bit of


actors. Starting off the ASBOs convention. Didn't even deserve a


Doctor Clyde 's cameo. It's going to be a penalty against red two.


Throwing into the ball is not needed. That is just about perfect


as well. The Blues retake the lead. Five tries already this season. Is


that a close liner from hallow Hollow? The referee is playing


advantage. Some use and as from the crowd on that one. It looks very bad


there are so I'm hoping those cards the pocket. He is going to go to the


BT. To see how bad that was. It wasn't releasing tension but he has


missed times that. -- it wasn't really intentional. Gets his part


in. He is well over the ten metre line. Williams. It is intercepted by


Summerhill for the Cardiff Blues. This is going to be a runaway try


for Summerhill! The monster attack broke down. Summerhill was in there.


Like a good poacher. One from Academy. Into the... How easy is


that? Monster keeping the ball alive. They


have upped the intensity since the yellow card. Is that a try out of


nothing for Andrew Conway? No try. That is Coco in again. Scannell back


in the pockets of the drop goal. And it is there. Lloyd Williams. This


will give Munster a chance to plant the flag. They have gone through the


back row. Oliver going all the way to the post. The Blues court again.


That defeats means the Blues slips to eight place on the table. Nine


points adrift of the top six. If they do go on a run and displace


Glasgow in the race for Europe, Glasgow would still qualify for the


Champions Cup ahead of them. They would therefore use the Blues.


Looking at the points it is unlikely but it is possible, and surely adds


weight to the argument that it has to be top seven regardless of


nationality. It has to be. It would be better to go on a run now, leave


everything out there and still be told on a technicality, sorry, all


the best, off you go! You would be gutted. The Blues have their destiny


in their hands. They started the season so well and slipped up.


Munster had five or six players released from Ireland to play last


night. Hardly any were release for Cardiff. Is that a legitimate


excuse? I think so. The extra edge you get from that. Second half,


Munster played Munster rugby and close the game down on the Blues


struggled to get out their own half. With that extra depth that would


make a massive difference. Dacey and Cuthbert, the guys held back, you


argue will not make the 23 for the game against Ireland so Wales would


have lost none nothing. It would have given Cardiff more strength in


depth, but going back to top seven places, the Champions Cup is


supposed to be elite, so for me it doesn't make sense, in the top


seven, you've got to. What about the argument that to make it


pan-European you have to guarantee entry to other nations? I accept


that but I have to go back to the argument that when you are looking


at the Champions Cup it is an early competition and you should get the


best teams in Europe -- and elite competition. Sometimes that doesn't


happen. Ian touched on it, the Blues did contain the Munster Power game


for 75 minutes, how frustrating were the last five when it unravelled? It


will be but Munster are savvy team. They can pick weaknesses and they


did towards the end of the game. The Blues defended to restrict League 2


throughout but they were a bit looser times. Moving on to the


Dragons, they suffered a mauling at the hands of Leinster last week so


they were out to restore wounded pride when they took a trip north to


Glasgow. COMMENTATOR: Pretorius off the back


of the scrum, Howard crashing through, nearly gets there himself,


can the Dragons that anything from here? A charge from the captain


Evans inches close, Lambert next to arrive, Brace having a look at this


and this will go to the TM O. Did the ball touch the line? His


momentum is carrying him overran the ball touches the line. Correct. Big


score for the Dragons, a 10-0 lead away from home.


That is a very good line from Gregan, the centre, Powell taking it


all the way over the line. Burgos, Grigg again, lovely sidestep, three


more defenders to beat and another step over the line, his second try,


Nick Grigg is on fire. They goes Rory Hughes coming in on the angle,


he has beaten the first three defenders and his power taking him


over the line, nothing Bridie could do about that. Burgos to Murchie,


shot to nothing, advantage being played, and Tagive, no one is there


to block the big man on his home debut, the Australian scores. Nice


pass from Burgos, Murchie, and Lee Jones on his shoulder, and the


Dragons are in disarray. The Warriors looking to attack from


their own half, and there is Bennett, who has the pace to go all


the way, and he scorches past Bridie, and Glasgow are romping home


now. Full of endeavour and enterprise, Glasgow, and that is the


reserve Thompson with support either side, goes inside to Peter Horne who


has had a great game and capped it with a try, and Glasgow's seventh.


Another mauling for the Dragons. Bit of confusion there, wayward pass.


Morgan has pounced on this, nothing more than a consolation, but the


Dragons will have the last word. Tough time for the Dragons, a


century of points conceded in their last two games.


Arguably the most telling stat of all, two games, one home, one away,


century of points conceded. As a Gwent man and a former Dragon it


must be depressing viewing for you. Yes, I remember the inception, when


nobody rated us and we were superb in the last game of the season at


Lansdowne Road and we had a bonus point against Leinster in the first


25 minutes and were hunting for the league, and to see where they are


now, they need a lifeline, impetus put in there, players, coaching


back-up as well to help them, they have good young coaches like Jones


and Connor, but they need assistance supporting them and to push the


region through. We want them to be pushing for things and putting


performances in, which they have done in the past, so we know they


can. Moorefield developments this week, but first on the game itself,


as we have seen often from the Dragons, early intent to play and a


decent position after half an hour but it all unravelled spectacularly


after that. They did. As we see here, there is intent to play, and


here they get the ball through the hands, some great attacking play,


Beard involved early on, kicking strategy, this one goes into the


air, a decent chase coming in behind, and off they go. Nice


off-load their, but then, just that final pass goes to deck. This is the


Glasgow power with Alainu'uese, who is a big carrier, took its toll. As


they evolve they struggled and drop tackles. Some powerful running by


the winger and a score. As Ian said, it is the strength in depth that


doesn't allow them to continue the intent to play for 80 minutes, when


the empty the bench, they have young players with great enthusiasm, but


they make a little too many errors towards the end of the game and are


unable to maintain that consistency. They desperately need investment,


coaching, support for the young coaches and also strength in depth


from a player perspective. Experienced people who can gel the


young fellows together and push the performances forward. We are seeing


the many fixtures coming up, I spoke to Shaun Connor a week ago and asked


him what the motivation was when you know you are out of the race for


Europe and out of the league and he spoke about the importance of


getting wins in the bag. Next season is more positive perhaps but can you


see potential victories there? It will be tough. Every game will be


tough for them. The confidence you get from that win then carrying it


through next week, it leads on, but they are low on confidence at the


moment. To start the game I was listening to it on the radio, 10-0


up, I thought this could be the point they turned the season, then


it all capitulated and fell through. They need that belief to carry it


through, couple of wins then get some back up and get the squad


going, then pushed through. They are in a tough position. On that point,


we understand the WR takeover is imminent, whether with private


benefactors as well adding to the investment, what change will that


bring out what needs to happen? Hopefully it will give strength in


depth as we mentioned. Coaching expertise could come in, an


opportunity with private investment for extra players to come in and add


depth to the squad, so they at least have 27 or 28 players who can play


comfortably at Pro12 level and bring the youngsters through. Gwent is an


unbelievable rugby region with 70 Rugby clubs and great history and


tradition but the union will hopefully come in and the direction


welcome and extra investment on and off the field to drive it forward.


Hopefully news sooner rather than later on that point. Moving onto the


national cup, quarterfinals day on Saturday with tasty fixtures among


them. Katrin Halep has the round-up. Holders Llandovery are out of the


competition after losing to our GC. There was plenty to keep the crowd


entertained, 11 tries in all. Despite leading 34-22, our GC had to


rely on a late Worthington try to secure the victory. Rob Nash


couldn't inspire championship leaders Pontypool two victory over


the club he captained to cup glory in 2012. A moment of inspiration


with number eight Jones setting up Trowbridge with Cross Keys's second


two tries. Not a pretty fair as both Ebbw Vale and Merthyr were reduced


to 14 men before the first points of the game. The only try from an


unlikely source, Trevett bundling over, the iron safely through to the


last four. Pontypridd complete the semifinal line-up after an away


victory at last week's losing finalists Carmarthen Quins. Three


first-half tries one than the game, Williams with the pick of the bunch.


A late rally and a penalty try for the home side couldn't prevent the


2014 winners from being a step closer to the final at the


Principality Stadium next month. So, congratulations to the winners


in that. That would have been sweet for Mark Jones that our GC, knocking


his old club and holders Llandovery out of the cup. Tier one of the


Premiership, in the semifinals, on for the double, aren't they? They


have a chance, they put themselves in the position. There is such an


enthusiastic bunch of people there and they work so hard, it is great


to see and well done to the players, coaches and the supporters behind


them. We heard your selection decisions for Wales against Ireland,


what is your prediction, Ian? 21-19 to Wales. Two years ago I saw the


defensive effort they put him and was sat behind the line where they


absorbed and fought back. I think they can do it. Webb, he just wants


to prove himself. They just want to prove themselves, get on the field


as quickly as you can, the extra week must be killing them and they


want to put it right. Loving the possibility -- positivity, Phil,


will you back him up? Absolutely, close game on the night, obviously,


but our emotional ability to get better and win will be there.


Kalandia and say yes, the bookies say Ireland but they are wrong


sometimes! That's it from Scrum V Sunday, we will see you in a week's


time. Good night. Phillips is away. He is going to


score. Jonathan Davies, has two B, Jamie Roberts and Leigh Halfpenny,


Leigh Halfpenny scores! We have had an absolute thriller. Wales can


celebrate. How well do you know


your Six Nations? OK, then.


Fingers on the keypads, everybody. Who's made most appearances in


the Six Nations in an England shirt. Scott Gibbs scored our


last ever Five Nations try. Who scored our


first ever Six Nations try? 2011 was the first time


an Italian player has been named Player of the Tournament.


Who was it?


Pro12 action and analysis, and we preview Friday's Six Nations clash against Ireland.

Ross Harries is joined by Phil Davies and Ian Gough.