08/01/2017 Scrum V

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Featuring highlights and analysis of the Pro12, a round-up of the Premiership and a look at the CIACs, as well as a profile of Brecon's Paralympic gold medallist Rob Davies.

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2016 was a year like no other a year in which we lost some of our


brightest, most creative talents. And a year in which Wales came


second in the Six Nations and a record-breaking win over South


Africa left the fans wanting much more. A disconnect between the Welsh


team and their public. It is a strange act to follow by 2017 has


the potential to be even more confounding, even more historic. Can


Wales recover their attacking Mojo? Can the Lions pull off Mission


impossible down under? And will this trophy be engraved once more with


the name of a Welsh team? Welcome to Scrum V. Welcome to 2017.


We are just eight days into the New Year and it has already thrown


plenty talking points, not least the new directives on the tackle laws.


Jonathan Davies and Sean Holley have plenty of strong opinions on those.


But we start tonight with the Ospreys and a bid to return to the


top of the Pro12 table. They were hosting defending champions


Connacht. Good strength from the Bridgend


product. Sam Davies at scrum half. Alun Wyn Jones at scrum half this


time. A lovely angle from Hanno Dirksen. Just about holds onto the


ball. And that is a try, Dan Biggar over the line. Relentless pressure


from the Ospreys. -- Dan Baker. That is good, clean ball from the


Ospreys. A monstrous charge from Sam Parry. Just smashes the Connacht


defender out of the way. The Ospreys have really up the intensity. That


is another break and he is going to go all the way to the line. That is


a fantastic try for the blindside flanker.


It goes to Lloyd Ashley at the front. Tom Habberfield. Justin


Tipuric in support. Six or seven yards out. Cracknell.


And that is desperately close now. The Ospreys. That is over the line.


It is another drive. Connacht looking threatening. Sam


Davies takes him down but he could be in trouble here, the fly half.


Under the new directives, that is high. Is it reckless? John Lacey


thinks it is. That is ten minutes in the bin for Sam Davies. Desperation


from Connacht. It is a speculative kick. Eventually dealt with by Dan


Evans. Sean O'Brien picks up. It is messy


ball. He is not going to get stopped and he is over the line.


Four yards out now for the Ospreys. Desperate stuff this. Connacht


defending. Dan Biggar up with the floated pass out to Ashley Beck.


That is the bonus point for the Ospreys. They have secured the


maximum five points against the defending champions.


They got the bonus point despite going down to 14 men for the last


ten minutes of the game. Real spirit to do that. I think they are doing


exceptionally well. Very clinical. I like the way that the forwards are


ball-handling, getting over the gain line. They are going really well at


the moment and Cracknell is going well, but for me it is Alun Wyn


Jones. He is playing at a different level to everyone else. If you talk


about Lions and captains, he has definitely put his hand up. Jonathan


mention Olly Cracknell, but if you look at the back row riches in


general, yesterday Justin Tipuric and Dan Baker, but they have also


got James King, Joe Bearman. So many back row options. Steve is rotating


his squad really well. The style of play is outstanding. They are


scoring a bucket full of tries, especially at the Liberty Stadium.


You will see the forwards handling, lots of different try scorers. They


are in a good place at the moment. And Sam Davies orchestrating things


from ten at the moment. Over the Christmas period playing fullback,


that is a no-go for me. Doesn't contribute anything. For me he is a


ten and it is a straight choice between Dan and Sam. We saw him play


at fullback, Dan Evans on the wing. For me, it is a no-go. Dan Evans is


the best 15. It is a straight choice. They have got injuries in


the wing position but they must have one in the region. He is either a


ten order on the bench. He spent ten minutes in the sin-bin and we will


talk about that later because it has been a bit of a theme this weekend.


We will talk about that later in the programme. The West William rivals


the Scarlets were hoping to stay in the top four and the Ulster work


visitors to Parc y Scarlets. Got it away to Jacob Stockdale and


that is far too soft for the Scarlets.


Ken Owens seeing how close that try line is. In go the backs as well to


join in. A dozen Scarlets players in there. Aled Davies gets it loose,


comes to the blindside. He hasn't got the ball to ground. Sean Reidy


with the all-important tackle saves the day for Ulster. I thought he was


in here but he glows for glory. That has got to be looked at. Is that a


high tackle? Is it a penalty try? Is it a yellow card? All sorts of


questions are going to be asked her. It is a penalty try, a yellow card,


and that is a big break for the Scarlets.


That is such a harsh call. The Scarlets will take it though. It has


put them back ahead. The player was going low as well so what are you


supposed to do? He was diving for the try line. I think he is looking


at Jake Ball for a high tackle now. Here we go! We will be here all day


now! Was that any worse? It is a yellow card. He has gone again.


Where row we going? Where are we going?


As a rugby man, do you have any sympathy for the boys who got yellow


card? On the try line, if he hadn't gone hi, I think you would have


definitely scored the try. Jake Ball, the new rule, we talked about


it before the game, zero tolerance. Congratulations to the Scarlets on


what could be a significant win but the talking point worth the yellow


cards. The new laws on the high tackles. I am going to come to you


in a minute. Let's clarify what those new directives are. Will Grigg


Bizet, -- world rugby say... Accidental tackle is the second one


and this is the interesting one. We saw three incidents on Friday


night, we were all there, the first, arguably, the most contentious


because this is arguably decided the outcome of the game. Aled Davies


lunging for the line, he is tackled. Possibly a swinging arm by Andrew


Trimble. It was a yellow card and a penalty try. That followed moments


later. And this one we saw in the opening match will stop Sam Davies


spent ten minutes in the bin for that one. Jonathan is having a


chuckle. I think I know what he thinks. Let's take them in order.


The first one decided the outcome of that game. The first thing, nothing


has really changed. Now that the referee is being scrutinised, the


inexperienced refs have gone berserk. They have gone to the


letter of the law, no empathy, and it has gone crazy. We are all going,


the letter of the law and everything, but common sense to


prevail. I have got a cousin who has been in a coma for four years. He


has got brain damage. He made a legitimate tackle under the hip and


he has got injured. Now we are worried about the ball-carrier, not


the tackler. If you are going down and leading with the elbow or the


knee or the hip, the tackler is in danger as well. It is just common


sense. But all of that is about player safety. Do we not have too


broad a move that is at least trying to avoid the number of concussions?


Yes, and if you watch the Saracens game yesterday, there is a dangerous


effort there. But for coaches and players, he has tried to prevent the


score, which is ultimately his job. It is a good tackle. It is not even


a penalty. Andrew Trimble's is the dangerous one. As for Jake Ball and


Sam Davies, we are going to switch people after the game if we are


going to be sending people that. You know a high shot, you know a cheap


shot, you know a fair shot, and the referees have got to understand the


difference as well. The first one, I don't think it is a penalty. Andrew


Trimble, that is a yellow card. Maybe a penalty against Andrew


Trimble. I agreed the Jake Ball one is nonsense. And then the Sam Davies


one, he goes into the tackle, the player is falling because he is


being dragged down, and it is a yellow card? It will be interesting


to see if something like that crops up England against Wales, say


England scored a try and Wales have a player sent off for ten minutes


and lose the game, there is going to be absolute ructions. And the point


is, these are coming in midway through the season. At the start of


the season, teams have a chance to get used to them. Is it too much to


ask to tell players overnight, this is the new law? No, but they are


ingrained in multidimensional facets of play. Things happen really fast.


Loads of runners, stopping people on the gain line, they are very


physical. You are going to have incidents in a contact sport all the


time. What will be interesting is southern hemisphere Super Rugby,


South Ireland players, they are used to doing that. They have just


pointed it out and they are being scrutinised now. Nothing has


changed. You know if there was a high shot before, great if we are


going to scrutinise it and make it a point, but it has got to be managed


properly. It is a brilliant directive but it is not being


referee is properly. Experienced referees will make better judgment.


It will sort itself out but not much will change. It is simple, if it's a


reckless high tackle, it's a straight red. We all knew that


playing. When Jake Ball does that tackle, you watch every player


involved in the next ruck or the tackle, the tackler, the plane being


tackled, not one player pauses or says anything. It wasn't a tackle


worthy of a yellow card. One more to show you, this one from Hanno


Dirksen didn't. Was that the right decision? For me, it looks worse


than it actually is. He is trying to smother his arms from behind to


prevent an off-road or a kitten. It is a legitimate tackle you would


coach. It gets a bit high because the player is falling. If I am the


guy getting the ball, I would rather Hanno Dirksen tackle me around the


shoulders than drill me into my lower back. That is the safety of


the player. That is not a yellow card, it is a penalty. I have a


feeling we are going to revisit this over the coming weeks. I had a new


beer sit down with the new chief executive of the W IQ, Martin


Phillips. We talk about an awful lot. -- of the WRU.


What about the regional game, it is no secret that since the regime has


changed here, the relationships seem a lot more cordial between you and


the regions. Is the current model sustainable? In terms of the


relationship, that is good. We work very closely together. We are


interdependent and neither one of us can be successful without the other.


The regions are in very different places. They are very strong at


certain things and they need support with the others. What we are working


on is to see what we can do collectively to help each region to


be as strong as it can be and then what are the things we can do


together that make sense to do together. We want to be within the


Pro12, we want to be getting to the latter stages of the European cup


editions. Money is a factor but I think great coaches can get great


things out of teams. Hence our focus on coaching. We are at the place


where we are getting into gritty conversations.


Money not to be all and end all, but when your competitors operate on


budgets that are sometimes millions more, it's a significant factor.


Yes. At the moment if you look at successful sides in most sports,


it's down to money. A lot coming through the academy, but they need


the money and I think the money will come. It won't come from the


benefactors so it has to be from the WRU. The relationship is a lot


better between the two sides. I think the money will come and it


will hopefully benefit the regions as well. If there's to be further


investment, they need a guarantee money will be spent wisely. Are the


relationships good enough that the mutual trust has been as Mike is


getting better. When I was coaching regional rugby 12 views ago there


was no relationship. In have guys willing to engage in some sort of


relationship. We need a coaching structure we haven't had the ten


years or so in Wales and it's showing now. Ultimately what makes


great coaches? Great players. You look at attendances. They are trying


to get them up. In all my travels around the world, the attitude of


those sporting bodies and teams outside Wales is get the media in,


get PR, marketing, allow players to do interviews and promote the brand.


We are slightly behind in Wales. Slightly negative, the relationship


between the media and the regions has to be better. There is a


knock-on effect because of the interest shown from that Fassett,


more people can watch the game. That has to benefit the regions. One of


the things we talked about was the appointment of the Wales coach is to


go on the Lions tour. I asked him if that was wise given the way let --


Wales are trying to change the way they play. We know some of the


backroom staff will be joining them. He said the experience they get will


benefit Wales in the longer term. Might Wales shuffle in the sort --


shorter term? They might, but you can't blame someone like Rob Howley,


it's the pinnacle of your coaching career. It will be a massive tour. I


can't blame them for that. It's what they are doing with the summer and


the Six Nations that I question. If we want to bring on young Welsh


coaches, maybe we should be doing that, not Alex King, an English


coach. I've worked with great young coaches. English men. What are we


doing in the short term to help Wales and help Rob Howley? What's


done is done. They are going. It's contractually done. I don't agree


with it, but it will benefit those individuals, but will it benefit


Wales? Wales is the priority if you're a Welsh coach or assistant


coach. Interesting to see how the Six Nations goes. The proof of the


pudding will come up soon. To the Premiership first because it was a


critical weekend, the last week of fixtures before the league splits.


The last opportunity to get your place in the top eight. 17 's had


done so and it was a shoot out between Cardiff and Deborah Vale.


-- seven teams. Our reporter went to avail to see if they could sneak in.


Plenty of big games in the Premiership, but none bigger than


the east Wales derby. It's the must win game for Ebbw Vale. Lose and


Cardiff might take their place. I'm looking forward to this one.


The crowd is up for this one. A lot of fans getting behind their boys.


Attacking scrum. Penalty given by the referee, Craig Evans. Points


mean prizes. Josh Lewis chips it over and Ebbw Vale are on the board.


Top eight, bottom eight, what's all that about? We looked at the


Premiership at the start of the year and had a discussion in terms of


adding excitement and jeopardy at certain times of the year. Over


Christmas and New Year we definitely added excitement in terms of media


attention and players and countries. The teams are trying to play, but


there's a lot on it. To be in the top eight and win the principality


Premiership. Good to see you back, you have a big reem it. I love the


job and I'm happy to be back. My glasses or was half full. We have


the Six Nations, a tour in the summer, the under 20s, the seven is


doing well, youngsters playing, women's World Cup coming up. Next


year we have the Commonwealth Games. We do need to make the product


better, but that's why I came back. The glass is always half full. Good


to see you back. I thought the glass was always half full because you


were waiting for somebody to get the next round! Lewis will need to give


this somewhere Lee. The halfway line. He's given it a fair old farm.


Has it got the legs? Yes! I say! Over the 22, out to Josh Lewis.


Flash and dance from Lewis, can he make the line? That's it, Ebbw have


secured the last place in the top eight of the Welsh Premiership. Left


it late, it was hard work, but they did it. You must be very proud but


also relieved. Very relieved. We've left ourselves a lot of work to do


with our performances earlier in the season but we've come through. A lot


of jeopardy in this new league and we were at the forefront of that. A


tough Christmas. Our last four games we knew we had to win at least two


and we've eventually done it. In the rest of the Premiership action,


Cardiff's American import can do and scored a hat-trick but it wasn't


enough to stop Adam Williams from securing the win. First against


third here. A half-break by James Garland and an neat inside ball to


Joe Thomson Reeves helping the wizards to the win. A thumping


victory for our GC against Pontypridd. Sam Jones coming off the


wing to weave his way through the defence and supply Aaron Evans with


one of the tries. Carmarthen Quins consolidated their top eight finish


against Bridge end. Josh Barrett cup with a pass and Gavin Tomlin is with


a chip. Lee Williams with the finish. A regional derby in the West


as clear Nestl squeeze as clear Nestle squeeze through.


Jones with a chip ahead and a defensive error allowed Jones to


pounce. Llanelli one of the big names missing out on the cut.


Our GC have had an impressive debut season in the top-flight. -- our GC.


Baba Rahman -- Aberavon probably wish they could fast forward a few.


Congratulations to Ebbw and all the teams who made the cut in the top


eight. Some sad news this week. David Thomas, the former Abrar Osman


chairman, who both these guys knew, Dave -- died this week at the age of


75. There he was scoring against Fiji for Wales. He was a bit of a


character. Yes, I played with his son Gareth. When you grow up in the


town, you talk about the legends like Alan Martin Ama Maxwell Sheard,


John Bevan. And Thomas, who used to like the soft centres in a box of


chocolates. We used to have great derbies and I came across a couple


of times. Lovely guy. Commiserations to his family. Great to see that try


against Fiji. The fixtures for the next round of Premiership action are


coming up over the next few days. Let's go somewhere else. For many


clubs at the grassroots of Welsh rugby its weekly struggle to even


get 15 players on the pitch. Phil Steele visited an iconic Cardiff


club that after a few troubling years it's beginning to find its


feet. When I was growing up and playing


rugby in Cardiff the kayaks were always a team to be reckoned with.


Founded 70 years ago in the docks area, Cardiff internationals this


letter club have always been a proud multiracial team. Their most famous


son, Billy Boston, was given the BBC Wales lifetime achievement award


recently in terms of his legendary rugby league career. There were


others such as Carl Smith who played 239 games for Cardiff and was one of


the best back row forwards of his generation. Now the club are bottom


of the league with no points and struggling to find players. A lot of


it is to do with the massive change that's happened on the docks. And


the influx of different culture that are just not interested in rugby.


Football has completely taken over in this area now. It is a struggle.


It's constant messages, e-mails, texts, to other clubs and the boys.


We tried to rope in a few others. But it is really, really hard work.


What help her view had from the WRU? None. None at all. They've been more


on ask for not fulfilling fixtures, for not getting in touch with


players and the other team to let them know we don't have a team. We


don't know whether we have a team by the Thursday. We are still trying to


get a side. We've been penalised for trying the hardest we can't and not


succeeding. People on Facebook, Twitter, advertising boards as well.


You've had influence with the WRU to try to get college boys down here


who want to play, but can't get a game with their own clubs. They take


them to other clubs but don't send any down here.


We've done as much as we can in terms of advertisements, going to


local schools. That's the way to do it. A couple of seasons ago we had a


junior side, but it fell away. We are trying to do it again.


You can't fault the effort, but sometimes when we are turning up to


games with 13 players, there's not a lot you can do. It's been hard. But


we enjoy the game and that's why we're trying to keep the club going.


There was no problem with player numbers yesterday, although not


quite the same multiracial balance as teams of the past. We were called


names that blatantly wouldn't happen now because they all got respect for


one another. We lost by two points, but for me it was a win. The closest


score we've had is 60-0. Definitely one of the best performances we've


had. Still capable of breathing and standing, I'll be here supporting,


working for the CIACs. I can't see us going backwards, only forwards.


That's the way to keep going, keep climbing up the hill until we get to


the top. Great story and congratulations to the CIACs for


getting their first league points, albeit in a losing cause. They are


also looking for a coach so if you fancy it, get a coach.


Look no further for inspiration than this story. 12 years ago Rob Davies


was backing down for Hezbollah bid Brecon RFC but collapsed scrum led


to a devastating neck injury and he was told he would never walk again.


As of last week, he was a member of the British Empire and Paralympic


in. Pretty amazing year between


everything. Getting married next year as well so a lot to look


forward to as well as this year being pretty amazing. Going to see


the Queen hopefully next year. I'm assuming your fiance will watch so


that will probably eclipse the other events, your wedding? Yes. I think


that's the right answer. Well done! Can you even begin to put into words


how you felt when he won the medal? Didn't think it was real and when it


actually happened, it was an amazing feeling. A fair change from a few


years ago, playing rugby, able-bodied and then being in that


final, playing in a wheelchair. I got over a lot to be in that


position. Lots of ups and downs, but made it worth it in the end. It was


while playing in the front row over Brecon that he suffered his life


changing injury. Remarkably, at the exact moment he broke his neck, his


twin brother was involved in the serious car crash en route to the


game. The air ambulance was called for both of them. While Rob refuses


to dwell on the past, his memories remain vivid. I still have a really


good memory of what happened. I tend not to think about it much now. When


I first had my accident, I was constantly thinking of it, but you


have to keep moving forward and make things better. Be positive. You


would be forgiven if your passion for rugby had disappeared given


what's happened. I just missed it, I just wish I could do it. I played


since I was four. It's been my life. It's made me who I am, team sport,


camaraderie, lifelong friends because of it.


Take us back to where this table tennis journey began. A member of


the Paralympics GB invited me into having not. First of all, I told her


to go away in no uncertain terms because it was a bit of a girly


sport, or so I thought. I thought I was going to get back on my feet and


play rugby again. But it wasn't to be. A few months later I got in


there and gave it a go and use that as my rehab, almost, and I haven't


stopped since. What next? Retire at the top? I am number one as well at


the moment so I want to stay there as long as I can. I am looking to


try and win the European Championship for the third time in a


row in September so that is my next goal. We wish you all success in


defending your European title and holding onto that number one spot as


long as possible. Thank you very much.


A top bloke, Rob, and thank you very much for Brecon for their kind


hospitality. An inspirational story and very best luck with the wedding,


not least the stag do as well. Back to the Pro12 now and the Blues had a


very tough away assignment in Glasgow last night.


The Blues holding out again. Can they keep on doing so? Just one


missed tackle could cost them dearly in this sort of situation. It is


loose for Swinson. Swinson for the line. Could not quite stretch his


six foot four. Glasgow hurdling bodies at the line and eventually


the home side have got there. The pressure had to tell in the end. And


the Glasgow pack producing the first try of the game. The cross kick. It


falls for Blaine Scully. And when Cardiff Blues couldn't create, they


have been handed a gift try a minute before the interval.


Russell into midfield. Tommy Seymour into the line. Alex Dunbar. Just


tackled short. Have Glasgow got the momentum? Forcing their way over and


they have scored. And Seymour finding another lovely


angle. In from the wing. Not held. Able to keep going. Two metres out.


They should be a try here. It is another one for Peter Murchie, seven


minutes after his first try. The Blues trying to drive it


sideways. Here come the Warriors. The Blues in


a little bit of disarray. And Glasgow have the bonus point try


with 16 minutes to spare. The line-out throw is a poor one


from Malcolm. Shingler with unexpected ball. Nicky Robinson


flick set out to Rhun Williams and their teenage winger slides in four


Cardiff Blues' second try. Glasgow are a very tough side and we


saw what they are all about tonight. Far too many errors from is that


gave them a lot of opportunities to build pressure and they are very


clinical. A pretty sobering night for the


Cardiff Blues and Glasgow as inventive as always in attack. But


at times the Blues made it easy for them. They were totally outplayed in


every part of the game. They are on a bad run at the moment and they are


making far too many errors. Their defence is very passive so they are


always on the back foot. They are not making the aggressive hits and


getting turnover ball. And when they get it they just squander it. They


have got to try and get that elusive win and get back on the horse. At


times, the possession stats were overwhelmingly in Glasgow's favour.


And the Blues just too porous at times. It is the first time I have


had alarm bells with the Blues. Very easy to gain yards for Glasgow. And


although this phase defence was good at times, some crucial line errors


and we have picked out a couple. Glasgow will take advantage of


those. Look at Seymour. Lloyd Williams is the inside defender so


you have got an extra defender on this set piece. If somebody comes


back into that channel, Shingler can slip off and allowed Lloyd Williams


to take that guy. The extra man is Seymour. Halaholo is left high and


dry. Either they all defend one way or they all drift inside. Look at


Seymour. He gets the second marker and is a double pump and holds him.


The outside guy, you have got to step in. Once one steps in, you all


step in. Unfortunately, it is the same problem. One goes in, one steps


out. Seymour has put his hand for a tour. I know Graham Steadman will be


saying, you have got to step in. If they get on the outside of you then,


they deserve to score the try. But they have got to communicate,


otherwise, if one goes in and one goes out, there are going to be


natural gaps and they are going to concede a lot of tries. So it is


communication rather than attitude? I can't talk about attitude, you


have got to go into the environment about that. But Seymour is ruthless


at the moment. But some of their home losses were against some of the


bigger sides and that was a little bit of alarm bells. I think Danny


would have expected a little bit more. The Dragons were hoping to


recover from two derby debates over the Christmas period. The visitors


to Rodney Parade were Treviso. Elliot Dee to feed the line-up for


the Dragons. Angus O'Brien goes vertical. It is a


bit too vertical. And it is picked up by Tito Tebaldi who goes into the


22. Get around his man. He scores! Out of the blue for Treviso.


Adam Warren. Does well to step inside and get over the gain line.


We are going to see a lot of this this evening. Phil Price this time.


Sarel Pretorius picks up and he is over. Superb opportunism by Sarel


Pretorius. That is the line of Treviso in the


background. Elliot Lee now. And back in the pocket is Angus O'Brien. To


try and take the Dragons two scores clear. And he does. Angus O'Brien


neatly done. And here comes the caveman stuff for


the Dragons. It is Nic Cudd. Lewis Evans gets the touchdown. And the


Dragons are well clear. So a welcome victory for the Dragons


and the Ospreys will end this jungle fixtures at the top of the pile in


the Pro12. Hot on their heels are Munster and Leinster. Munster do


have a game in hand. They had a bonus point victory over Racing in


Europe yesterday in their rearranged fixture. The Blues remain seventh.


And as you can see, six points adrift of the top six and that gap


beginning to widen. On the Dragons, Martin Phillips


hinting that the WRU may have no option but to take them over if the


investment they are seeking does not come to fruition. Stuart Davies


saying this week that they are people invested and we had Michael


Owen, the former captain, saying in the week, take them over, turn them


into a franchise and stick them in Pontypridd or North Wales. The first


thing is, that is what the problem is. It is great to get a result. But


I do think it is the investment and off the field is the priority for


the Dragons at the moment. If they can sort that out. But is it Newport


running the Dragons or Dragons running Newport? Sometimes I think


it is a little bit mixed up and I am not sure who is running the ship and


for what reason. Sometimes the board of directors and directors have got


to sit back and decide what is good for the region. I saw something with


Ben Jeffries in pottable, maybe you need a broad running the


professional game, a board running the semiprofessional and a board


running the amides. That is what happens in rugby league. Clear the


muddy waters of what is going on in the Dragons and Newport. But they


need to get that right. They need to get the investment right and if it


is not the people there now, maybe it is time to step away and look


elsewhere. And is the option of positioning the region elsewhere,


Gwent is the biggest district, the strongest representations of teams,


73 historic lives in Gwent, would it be a scandal? Yes, I was at Ebbw


Vale there and it was a good crowd. They are good people, they have got


a lot of young players. There has to be more positivity around the


Dragons region. There is always negativity, whether it is the pitch,


the team isn't good enough, they are not winning. The coaches are working


really hard. It was great to see them get a win. They need some


positivity, better facilities, and as you say, it is a big area. It is


a big area with great history. A region has got to be there. Once


they get people buying into that region, it could be one of the


strongest because having played at Ebbw Vale and Cross Keys and all


those clubs, it is a difficult place to go wherever you go. If they can


combine and everyone go in the same direction, it could be a very


successful area. I think it is all down to what is happening off the


field and not what is happening on the field. It is not all about money


but unfortunately most of it is. Wise words from Jonathan. At the


other end of the table, the Ospreys looking in fantastic form. Champions


elect? I think they could make the top two, which is really important.


They need to get a home semifinal. The Scarlets knocking on the door of


the top four. The Blues losing touch because Ulster have a game in hand


and they will be Treviso with five points. The shakedown is going to be


intriguing. Thanks for your company. Scrum five takes a little bit of a


break now. European action. When we return, we will be previewing the


greatest tournament of them all. I can't wait, neither can these two.


I'm sure you can't either. See you soon.


To put the cream on the Grand Slam Kate!


A second Grand Slam for Wales! And George North all the way


himself. This is the most dangerous,


the most despicable human being


Featuring highlights and analysis of the Pro12, a round-up of the Premiership and a look at the CIACs, as well as a profile of Brecon's Paralympic gold medallist Rob Davies.

Ross Harries is joined by Jonathan Davies and Sean Holley.