Camanachd Cup Final 2014 Shinty: Camanachd Cup

Camanachd Cup Final 2014

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The great Glen, a land of myths and legends. On the shores of Loch Ness


Glen, one of shinty's oldest clubs. 130 years of history, but never the


biggest prize, the Camanachd Cup. The closest they have come, the


fairy tale Final in 1988 when they lead but lost to Kingussie. Once


dubbed the most successful team in world sport the Kings were the first


winners of the Camanachd cup in 1896. 22 times they have listed the


famous trophy -- lifted the famous trophy, but in this land of myths,


legends and fairy tales and omen 2014 saw a famous club win their cup


after weighting 130 years. The 2014 Scottish Cup is St Johnstone's does


destiny now call for men from the Glen? The main moment in the shinty


world is finally here, and so to thankfully other teams. Glenurquhart


Shinty Club hoping to win the shinty cup for the first time in their 130


year history, the side that beat them the last time they were in the


final was Kingussie who they are up against. Welcome to the Camanachd


Cup Finals of 2014 here at Bught Park in Inverness, this year between


Kingussie and Glenurquhart. The action gets underway in 15 minutes


time and it's an absolutely glorious day in Inverness, it has to be said.


There is a hugely pungent atmosphere in the Highland capital and the


crowds have come with the weather absolutely glorious and you can hear


the strains of the pipe band in the background. This really is the big


one, this is the big one, both metaphorically and physically. The


Camanachd Cup Finals, the World Cup of shinty, the trophy that every


shinty player wants to win. Thankfully I'm joined by two players


who know exactly what it's like to wind this shinty trophy, Fraser


Inglis and another former Scotland international. How do you see this


afternoon's match going? It will be tight, they are third and fourth in


the league, they have played each other twice and got one each so it


could not be tighter going into the game and the managers will have a


pivotal role in what tactics to pick. It could be the decision that


wins the cup. It is a glorious day in Inverness, perfect for the


Camanachd Cup Finals, and both sides have a real reason to win today,


Glen Urquhart in the final for only their second time in their history


and Kingussie with a poignant centenary celebration, how do you


see the match going? Kyles will feel this is their best opportunity. As


Fraser said they are very close in league action having played each


other twice and one apiece, so we are in for a cracker today. I would


say it is too tight to call. We will discuss it in more depth shortly but


for the moment thank you very much. I've been talking to a few key


players and managers in either camp, including one player who made the


journey from Africa. My mother 's family was from John -- and after 11


years of living in Zambia we came to live here. I saw the boys in


training one day, the under 12, and thought I would have a go. And then


it took off as a shinty player. You only talk about the Camanachd, it's


the one thing to get to. The finally get there now it is unbelievable.


Our boys have been in three senior finals in the last couple of


seasons, so they are not completely un-used to the big occasion and have


played well this year and will finish third in the league and


Kingussie will finish fourth. I think Kingussie will go in


favourites in the big match location. It's only the third time


we have reached the final in 130 years so it's not a good record. The


Kingussie team of 88 were at the peak of their powers so we have


worked really hard to put in a good performance. Over Loch Ness and into


the Ken dawns, another veteran of the 1988 final has been casting his


eye over Kingussie's current crop. His fond memories of that famous


game. Glen Urquhart played very well on that date and Kingussie didn't.


They lead for a long period before Kingussie overcame them 4-2. It was


great for everybody and was a great spectacle and it was a great game.


Kingussie's last Camanachd Cup triumph came in 2006 with Ronald


Ross scoring all four goals in their victory over Fort William. Their


captain that date says they remain as potent a goal-scoring threat.


Ronald was one of the best scorers and best players the game has ever


seen. To have him back in the squad for tomorrow is a massive boost. You


will see him tomorrow. During the game and in training, he is as fit


as he has ever been. We have played Glen Urquhart a couple of times this


season and lost one and 11. They will be the same. The team that


plays best on the day will win. -- won one. This is a hugely poignant


day for Kingussie, 100 years ago in 1914 day won the Camanachd Cup


Finals. The players that played that day went on to fight in the Great


War, and six of them never returned. They died in battle. They will be


remembered today by the Kingussie team who are wearing special


commemorative shirts to show their respect for former Kingussie players


who died in battle. Let's have a look at this year's progress to the


Camanachd Cup Finals in this year's Kingussie team. It started with a 2


-1 victory over Lovat. Genini and Borthwick on the scoresheet. Then a


1-0 victory over Kelly's athletic, Genini again the goal-scorer. In the


semifinal it was nip and tuck. 2-2 against Fort William and Genini


again on the scoresheet -- Kelly's athletic. Eventually it went to


penalties which Kingussie's won. Ronald Ross, the great Rinaldo of


the Glens as he is known. He still going strong. He's the one player


everyone has heard of. -- Ronaldo of the Glens. Maybe seems to be quite


sure if there is life in the old dog. We saw that Ronald scored a


goal on 90 minutes and the two vital penalties. This is in an earlier


game. The semifinal. The ball breaks to Ronald and that's the power he


has. That gave Kingussie the upper hand in that game and when it came


to the penalties he took the first one so he has proved crucial in this


year's, edition and who is to say he will not be crucial again today? Is


this his swansong? He's achieved more than anybody else and yet 20


years after he played in his first final he is just as hungry. He might


be backs next year. He keeps himself fit and mentally he still wants to


play. It's going to be exciting to see him in action. Let's talk about


Glen Urquhart who made it through the various rounds to this year's


Camanachd Cup Finals starting with a 5-3 victory over Lochaber. In round


three and impressive 3-1 victory over in their area. James MacPherson


with two of the goals this time. -- let's talk about James MacPherson,


the top scorer in the Camanachd Cup this year. How important a player


will he be if Glen Urquhart hope to win the trophy at last? He's the man


who's been scoring for Glen Urquhart and they will look for him again to


hit the back of the net. In the semifinals against Skye, the ball


comes out, and he ran over and he shouts and slips inside the player


and unleashes an unstoppable shot. James has the quality that you have


two have to be one of the best players and it's a bit of


selfishness and he has that and that is why he is the top goal-scorer for


Glen Urquhart at this point. Absolutely. Let's talk about today


predictions wise. They are third and fourth in the league, they've played


each other a couple of times and one has gone either way. What is your


prediction for today's match? Glen Urquhart are the more settled team


and slightly younger and they have more options, more positional


options and more men on the bench. If they get the tactics right this


could be the day for them. One of their tactics has to be how to deal


with Ronald. If they get that right back or be the first time Glen


Urquhart win the cup. You think it could be Glen Urquhart? Yes. My


prediction is for a great game of shinty. I'd love to see Glen


Urquhart win, the opportunity to take the cup back to Glen Urquhart


for the first time would be huge and we have the chance for a bit of


history. I wish Kingussie the best but I would love to see Glen


Urquhart take it home today for shinty. Gary will be the


co-commentator today. It's about to get underway. Let's throw to your


match commentator today, the one and only Hugh Dan MacLennan.


COMMENTATOR: These are tremendous scenes. What many people believe to


be the home of the Camanachd Cup Finals, the Bught Park in Inverness


bought from a local farmer, Mr McBain, in 1923 by the local


authority and ever since it has been the spiritual home of this great


event, although it does go to other territories in the shinty playing


community, it is a fabulous setting today played against the background,


I must say, of hundreds of Highland athletes tossing the caber, throwing


the weights, allsorts of stuff going on in the immediate environment of


this wonderful pitch with the Inverness is leading the two teams


out. Massively important occasion for both teams in shinty terms, in


terms of their history as a club and in terms of the centenary of the


First World War, as we heard. It is not just Kingussie commemorating the


loss of many people. Glen Urquhart lost at least 50 people in that


particular period. But today's event is commemorating the 1914 final of


course and the Kingussie players now showing the special commemorative


strips with the names, each player wearing the name of a player who


played in that particular position. The President of the Camanachd


Association's Sun will be playing today. -- son. James McClean will


not be in the starting line-up. I'm sure he will appear in midfield.


Plenty of support from the Glen, 14 miles to the west of Inverness. And


who's to say that if the predictions are part predictions by my


co-commentator, Gary Innis, it will be a great location. If it went back


with them, maybe even Nessie herself would be there to welcome them. But


there is a very big obstacle to get past it for the can even think about


that. The Kingussie team. Eddie Tembo, the skipper. He has a


wonderful sense of humour. You would have to to have a haircut! And the


chieftain of the Camanachd Association Jock Turner in the


background of Bute and Kyles athletic. I know that Kyles athletic


would have loved to be here today but they found Kingussie that much


of an obstacle also. I hesitate to say, but he is meeting his own team


but I'm sure he will temporarily set aside his loyalties. No doubt there


will be a firmness to the handshake. Because there is an awful long


period here that the cup has not come back to the Glen. 130 years.


McAllister will also be involved in presenting the trophies at the end


of the game. Absolutely glorious setting looking towards the town end


of the pitch from the ice Rink end, for those of you who know the


Inverness setting. It is shirtsleeve order. The chocolate biscuits are


melting in the commentary position. The window is open. Mr Innis is


calming and cooling having taken off his very swanky jacket he's wearing


today. Much too warm for the conditions, I suspect. The teams are


splitting up now. Let's have a look at the line-up formations because


they are interesting. Kingussie in their usual lines. They have very


strong defence, very good midfield and up front is the key. Is today


the day that the Borthwicks and Geninis of the world will make a


name for themselves? Glen Urquhart very strong at the back. John Barr


is a rock at full-back but there is an issue about his hamstring. Up


front they have goals aplenty. MacPherson is perfectly capable of


breaching the Kingussie defence. The captain is Eddie Tembo, who has


lined up in midfield. I suspect Glen Urquhart will make a tactical change


here pushing Fraser Munro forward. We will have a look at that. The


referee is David Mitchell, who is having a bit of difficulty getting


the ball in play. So we have Glen Urquhart in the red and black hoops


and we have Kingussie in their red and blue strip. Glen Urquhart team


heading towards their home area to the west of the town, right-to-left,


Kingussie playing from left to right. Gary Innis has joined me in


the commentary team. You were sitting on the fence before the


match, it's time to come of it. I would like to see Glen Urquhart take


it and they have a great chance but we've seen time and time again the


Ronald Ross show and you could not put that passed them today. We will


have a look at the great man who has lined up way over to our right hand


side at the moment. The collision between himself and John Barr will


be key in this game. As the midfield will be in particular, for allsorts


of reasons. That is a good ball. And well dealt with by Craig Dawson. A


converted goalkeeper, if we can call him that. A leading goal-scorer in


his day. One of Kingussie's many green keepers. He will have a view


on the state of the pitch which we will come back to, the immaculate


Bught Park. A few of the players with a feeling that the grass might


be a shade long. We will get Gary's view on that shortly. Let's see how


Eddie Tembo deals with this. Good ball into the heart of the Kingussie


defence and a chance, early chance for Glen Urquhart. The first goal is


a cliche, it is always crucial. We saw in the 88 final, although you


may not have seen it, the Glen got ahead in the 88 final and then they


blew it. Could they do the same again today? Will they go for the


early lead? Both teams will set out their stalls and try and get the


early lead. That was the first effort of the day. Glen Urquhart


will want to get ahead of themselves and settled themselves because


Kingussie have a lot more experience in these positions. Just to go back


to the bench, is there a feeling from some of the players the grass


might be a shade long? Yes and unfortunately I'm one of the


critics, Bught Park is never short enough and even when it is cut short


it is not short enough for a final. Just a little bit too long for


myself. I don't think any of these players will be caring about that at


this point. The referee David Mitchell exerting his authority


early on. The ball kicked away. He didn't like that, understandably.


Kingussie breaking through, but a trip. Gibson from midfield. This is


key to the game, clearing your halfback defensive line. Glen


Urquhart. Looking pacey and looking interested. Huge support for Glen


Urquhart today, as I said just 14 miles away. Lee Bain is an


interesting character playing in the heart of the Kingussie defence. He


went to school in Glen Urquhart, would you believe, and has now


turned out for Kingussie. His loyalties must lie with Kingussie.


The loyalties lie here, absolutely. Lee Bain has been upfront for


Kingussie most of the season. What a ball that is into the heart of the


Kingussie defence. Glen Urquhart trying to clear it, danger, but the


extra man in defence counting. At the moment Glen Urquhart running the


midfield, there is a chance here for the Glen! He could have done better


and should have done better with that because it broke eventually to


Craig Dawson. That is a key moment early in the game. You would have


wanted to finish this. The ball comes in from Eddie Tembo, the


captain and he took too big a swing, he just had to slip it past Dawson.


He could have taken it down and taken one step. Here is Ronald Ross


for the first time, pulled back by John Barr, good block. John Barr


getting it away again. John Barr holding the jersey, is the call from


the referee. These are tense moments at both ends. The first opportunity


for Kingussie to threaten the Glen goal. Oh! Side netting. That was


straight out of the training manual. Absolutely. Everyone's eyes were on


the Ronald Ross and Genini ran to the front post, the young


18-year-old, who has scored in each match they have played Thurau this


competition, and he took his first shot of the afternoon just wide. I


seem to recall you doing something very spectacular from a very similar


spot many years ago back in the day. They will not be thinking about that


just now. Here is Eddie Tembo. Interesting to see Eddie Tembo with


a helmet on today, another player who switched to wearing a helmet and


face guard after a recent injury. The full mohawk on display. In the


MacTavish final which Glen Urquhart famously one I remember seeing him.


Shoulder to shoulder is the rule, unless there is some sort of other


intent established. What do you make of this? John Barr comes out. It


looks pretty shoulder to shoulder. John is a big built man and used his


weight to his advantage and has been penalised. I think it is the issue


of not being within playing reach of the ball that really went for him


there. That is a good ball across the face of the goal, at too much.


There is a character we enjoyed a night out with last night, Stuart


McIntosh. He appeared on stage with Gary and I at Eden Court in a


special commemoration event as part of the festival. We will come back


to Stuart McIntosh's playing ability shortly. Eddie Tembo has come back


to help the defence. Good block by Gibson. And again, again. Now, there


is an issue here for the Glen defenders. They are testing David


Mitchell's patients in the first few minutes. If they start to pick up


cards and give away fouls there is an inevitable conclusion. Very much


show. Mitchell came in a bit heavy-handed on his back and gave


away the foul. As the game progresses over the next few minutes


we will see less and less of these fouls as Mitchell stamped his


authority on this final. Andrew Corrigan of Glen Urquhart has gone


down in midfield. He has taken a knock. I think that must be pretty


difficult for us to see behind his back. But I think there is going to


have to be an early substitution here eight minutes into the game.


Thankfully with the new rules as well, with rolling substitutes, you


can go off and get treatment and come back on at a later time if he


feels he can. I would guess that might be the end of his day


unfortunately. Here we have a very interesting swap here. It is Ali


mac. He was ruled out earlier in the season and here he is coming on, Ali


McIntosh. The historical interest in this is that Ali Tosh, father of the


current Ali McIntosh, played in the 1988 final between these teams. I'm


sure he is here somewhere but he will be here. Certainly watching his


namesake Ali McIntosh. Just a disruption. Any change like that is


a disruption. Ronald Ross sends it down the line to Fraser Munro who


has been pushed forward by Kingussie. That is a good ball which


had to be dealt with. Tembo. He turns and bang, all the way.


Hutchinson is after it, just overheating. Well, he needs to keep


that kind of supply going. That was a good ball by Eddie, just a little


over exuberant but it was a good idea. He almost gave them their


first goal recently. There was a strong breeze earlier but looking at


the flag to my right it is pretty limp at the moment. I don't big it


is to any side's advantage but we will see if it will work that way.


Slightly ambitious from Thomas Borthwick. -- I don't think it is to


any side's advantage. Aaron Donald with the hit him, he


gets one chance at it, he can throw it up as often as he likes as long


as he takes only one swing. Two Kingussie defenders. This is where


pace takes over. Single-handed run by Fraser Munro, who is beginning to


make his mark in the game, he turns inside but that is a good block. And


fired back across. Strong tackle by Lewis McLennan, returned by Gibson.


Looking for Munro but it is Michael Brady who is busy in that left-hand


defensive corner for Glen Urquhart. He took two swipes. What we have


seen is a lot of the balls from Glen Urquhart being pushed up the middle


rather than wide. Ali Mac pushed it wide there. It is a bit frenetic. We


need somebody to take the ball down and play at around, because this guy


will. Ronald Ross against John Barr, twisting and turning. He turns away


from the angle. Maybe that would have been better cut back across the


goal, Gary, but just an inclination here that Ronald Ross is beginning


to move around the territory. Yes he is. He has got the ball and was in


the position and saw the goal with nobody in front of him and he took


his opportunity. He could have pulled it back but in a Camanachd


cup final when the ball lands in front of you you just want to hit


the target. The goal isn't that big given the length of the field but


either side would settle for 1-0, believe you me, at the end of this.


I have a funny feeling it's not going to end that way. Barrie


Dallas, one of the elder statesmen of the current Kingussie team, if


you can call him that. That was confident play from the Glen


player, he just played it perfectly. Davy Mitchell, the referee, getting


a bit of a shouting match from the sidelines.


It is interesting. I'm not sure about this wind, whether there is a


bit down at pitch level a little bit more than we can feel. A couple of


the throws have been difficult to control. I would say that is more


down to the Sun than the wind at this point. There was no noticeable


wind, or nothing that would affect the ball in the air having run


across it. That is better. The second attempt. That is right on the


goal if it is turned the right way, the Glen creative. Dallas gets it


away. The heating is not the best at the minute. That is better. That is


a great swing, bringing out the goalkeeper, forcing him to play.


Stuart McIntosh has put the cap on, the sun is bothering him in the


goal. This is a good run from Euan Lloyd in the middle of the Glen


midfield. Tembo. And again Glen being patient, working the ball.


That was good play, strong tackle from Lewis Monroe. You could see


Fraser played for that -- Louis Munro. He got the foul and now there


is an opportunity to attack. Good position and plenty of options. The


one option he can be not use is to hit the ball into the goal because


he cannot score directly from the free hit. Tembo again fires it in.


That was a good height and Hutchison got it away. That's the sort of


clearance you want your full-back to be making. Genini finding it a bit


pacey and a bit of an occasion at the moment. That is an issue for a


player as young as this. For all of his talents and everything else he


is bound to feel the pace in the early stages of a game like this. We


have to remember the young man is 17 or 18 years of age and in his first


cup final it's a big occasion and probably a lot is expected of him


having scored in each and every other round. As a young man you need


to calm down a little bit and basically restart your game again as


he has not had the best start so far. Tembo, digging in already. This


ball up the middle, no use against Lee Bain. He will get that all day.


Straight back up the other end. Just lacking a bit of discipline at the


moment, committing little fouls. We have not had a save in the last 15


minutes. Both teams are clearly quite nervous and the hitting is not


great. As this game goes on hopefully both teams will settle


down and play the ball a bit wider as well. A packed stand at the Bught


Park. Here is the Glen again. Going towards goal. This time Barrie


Dallas gets a second swing in. That is lovely play. By the Kingussie


number six. Barry Munro. Just snatching at the ball. -- Garry


Munro. That is a strength that the Kingussie bench will be having a


word with the sage, Anderson, he will be having a quiet word. He was


the only Glenurquhart player booked in the 1988 final. That is the


trouble with the hit in, it is not working for either team. We are


seeing this once again, there was no excuse on that occasion. It was


possibly the sun but at this level it should not be happening. Now,


this should go into the heart of the Glen defence. Thank you. Well


delivered. John Barr. That was a good clearance, he gets the ball out


of play and that gives us our first opportunity to join Jonathan at the


touchline. Thanks very much, lots of hurly-burly so far. Fraser Inglis,


who has had the best of it? They seem to be first to the ball when it


goes loose. And when they get there there is no Glenurquhart player


inside. Kingussie will be the happiest with the start. When you


start to give that amount of uncontested ball, there is only a


matter of time before they get an opportunity. Fraser is a dangerous


player. David Smart has shown quite well, going past few defenders. When


Glenurquhart get it into the third bail looking dangerous. The game is


yet to take shape. -- they are looking. Just looking at the amount


of possession that Glenurquhart have, that is giving them an edge in


the game. No score after 90 minutes. Barely any effort on goal at all and


that tells you it's own story. I get the feeling that the Glen getting


more of the ball. They are, Eddie Tembo has been quite good


distributing down the middle of the field, but he is not keeping it low


which a lot of his forwards in joy receiving the ball that way, he is


playing it higher and over the top of the defence. -- they enjoy that.


I do not know if that is coming from the management or it is his own


decision. Again, that is a long, good hit. WHISTLE


Well, that was just a flick, a suggestion that Fraser Munro was


caught with a hand. Here we go, he turns it beautifully, running


through. All that has happened is that he tries lifting the stick,


McDonald, and it has caught in the fingers of Fraser Munro. We will


come back to that. That is a good move. I was going to say that sooner


or later all of these fouls will have to make them pay, and Genini


almost did it. That was straight off the training ground, as we were


talking, they were caught short, Genini goes across the face of goal.


He tries to slip it in the bottom corner and give Kingussie the lead.


The first and best chance of the lead so far, Samuel Genini firing it


past the right-hand post of Macintosh. The Glen defence gave it


away and went to sleep, I have disabled -- I have the say.


Borthwick. The skipper has started well, setting by example with


another high ball in. Again, another loose ball. That was over


exuberant. The adrenaline is still flowing even after 20 minutes. Now


they get a welcome breather. He lines it up. This is a fabulous day


for shinty. Barr alt, but he will not want to come out. Here is a


chance. Samuel Genini! He has set the ball rolling for Kingussie. That


is one way to set his confidence in a cup final, what a ball from that


man. The weight on the ball was just perfect. John Barr pulls it to the


left. Playing it straight through. And the young man slips it past


Stuart McIntosh, not giving him any chance whatsoever. The first thing


was the little switch from Ross taking it on to the other hand which


completely out foxes the Glenurquhart defence and then the


pass and the finish was absolutely sublime. The finish was beautiful,


playing it past McIntosh and then slipping it into the back of the


net. That was beautiful. Well, Samuel Genini started as a member of


the Kingussie team in 1990, picking up the cup. He could virtually fit


his son inside the cup, if I remember rightly. How time flies.


McGregor with a better hit. Tembo is under it. The Glenurquhart midfield


has to get up, especially now they are behind. This is what they have


to be careful about as they get sucked into defending too often.


John Barr gets it away. He has a chance to fire it onwards. Not


taking any chances. Gibson fires it on. Here is Ross. Barr is all over


him like a rash. Ross again, turning onto the other side. Showing great


skill. Of course he is equally strong on both sides. Incredibly


strong. Glenurquhart this time. He is harrying and chasing. The ball


has gone over for a corner. It is important, Gary, that the Glen gets


back into this. It is, they do not want to be behind for two long. --


too long. This will give them an opportunity to get on the scoresheet


and level the game. There will be a chance from this corner from the far


side. McDonald plays it into the middle. That was far too high for


his team-mate. Munro at the front post. They are playing the high ball


more often upfront rather than the lowball. Certainly the ball is going


to run, try to get it further forward because the Kingussie


defence are dealing with everything. Absolutely, this is rule one shinty


as a defender. That is wasted. Lots are shaking heads. In the


Glenurquhart area. Chance wasted. They really will not get that many


chances. When they come, you have to make the most of them. Craig Dawson


is taking his time. That was a beautiful strike. Up to


halfway. That was a good challenge. It is beginning to get tough out


there. Barrie Dallas just gets his head out of the way of that one.


Dawson Shepherd is it behind. Dawson is trying to reorganise the


midfield. He is feeling as though he has more work to do than he should


have. That was a good ball. There was just nobody there. They came out


wide, expecting it down the wing but it came inside. Unfortunately there


has been nobody there to collect it. 26 minutes gone in this pulsate in


Scottish Hydro Camanachd Cup vinyl. Both teams are trying to create


their own bit of history. -- cup final. Collecting it from David


Smart's initial chip. Lloyd is going to take this one for Glen. Dawson is


doing his own bit of organisation. The Glenurquhart players cannot go


into the circle around the goal before the ball. Otherwise they will


be offside. They get it away. There is a spare man for Glenurquhart.


That was well saved by Dawson, I think he gets his stick on it. I


think that sound was the stick against the post but we will go back


to that. The best effort from Glenurquhart so far. Kingussie now


are under some pressure. The defender gets it away, goodness me,


he runs like his father, same style. He has made his mark in the midfield


since coming on. Well, that is just a bit of panic. This man kept


Kingussie in it. Let's see if it was the crossbar or his stick. It was a


great ball in. I think that is the crossbar. It is the bar. It has


beaten Dawson. It was lucky it did not going off his stick. Well, he


had the line. Give him his due. That is off the bar, we reckon. That is


the closest chance yet. Modern technology proving our point. Wow.


CHUCKLES That might be worth a lot if we


could have a look at that one again. Again, making his mark. The ball


landed and he realised it was in his way. Well, it is hot and hard and


very tough out there. That will be an issue for the players as they go


along. As we come into the 30th minute. That is a monstrous hit. It


works kindly for the Glen but again it is going high. Let's go back down


to the touchline where Jonathan is with the Kingussie Benj. -- Benj.


You must be pleased to be ahead? We are playing quite nicely. And we got


the goal. You have to expect that they will have dominant periods in


the game. How important is the first goal? It is important, obviously,


but there is still a long way to go. Thanks very much. Bain. This is a


good ball into the area but it goes too far, too fast. That was a


chance? I would not say that was too fast, he should not have let that


get away from him, he was seeing his name in lights and it comes to value


through and his first touch lets him down, on my Genini at the other end,


and that has been the difference. -- unlike him. I am not so sure. I


think the pace has just beat him. Well, I don't think so! Ross. He is


on the move. Well, I think the flag is up and he was taken out, there


was an attempt to take him out the first time and then the second time,


the assistant referee is John Angus from Skye who is a referee himself.


There is a final warning for Lewis MacLennan. Next time you're going to


get booked, OK? That is quite clear. Next time and he will be booked.


This is why, there. Yes. Oh, what a chance. I thought Ronald Ross would


have taken that shot earlier, he went one step too much. The swing


more than anything was the problem there. That is what happens when you


are 39. The mind and the spirit may not be quite in sync. 23 years


incredibly since Ronald Ross played in his first Camanachd Cup vinyl.


This is his 16th appearance in the final having won 11 and lost four.


Quite incredible. -- final. 17 years ago. He has won man of the match


three times and very few people have done that. It is the record, three.


Do you think McInnis might have it? We have had this discussion a number


of times over Shandy! You had to get that in. That is a good ball, nice


flick, but there was plenty of time for Dawson to take a look and he


lets it run. That was always going to be an issue and we knew that in


terms of the defence, the likes of John Barr and McLennan, they do not


stand on ceremony but eventually the referee has to draw the line with


persistent fouling. It is not about the seriousness but the position. It


is the Camanachd Cup, they are trying to give everything. They will


do everything to try to stop him scoring or anyone else in the


forward line. He has now been picked up for persistent fouling, so they


will now have to be careful. Tembo again. He makes it his business to


get it but the referee, Mitchell, is on his case. Just taking a quick


check on the Albert Smith Medals. He does not have three, only 2. Thank


you! Gary is one up at the moment CHUCKLES


Glenurquhart, then. Plenty of movement but too much movement. They


have dealt with that and dispatched it to the other end. John Barr has


to make this count. His defensive colleague gets it away. That is an


asking one. He has caught that in the face. -- nasty. He takes the


stick down on David Smart, it was completely accidental, you have to


say that, his eyes are on the ball. That is a big swing. He gets his


block in. Look where his eyes are at the time. All eyes are on the ball.


He comes up and unfortunately catches Smart in the face. But he


gets up and he is fine. Smart this time, it ricochets. He has had a


really solid game for Kingussie. Down the middle. Read fully packed


in there. Glenurquhart need to open up the game, I feel. Dawson makes a


good save. That is a good save around his feet. Then it is a way.


Playing it into Tembo. That is good play. Glenurquhart are beginning to


string passes together. That is a silly foul. He plays for it again.


It is clever play. He did. That is good linkup play by Glenurquhart. I


am not so sure. He comes in, it is his first touch. He does not need to


take anything else from that. Mitchell is having a word. Eddie


Tembo, nipping the era of the referee. He is entitled to have a


word because he is the captain after all. It can also be


counter-productive, though. This is good, this is good. Again, that man,


Lee Bain, picking up the loose ball. Here is Ross. Look at the weight on


the ball. Playing it into Genini. That is twice. Genini gets it in and


Stuart McIntosh has to get involved. That is a good clearance. Guess who


it was? Ross. It is often forgotten that Ronald Ross is much more than a


goal-scorer, the deft touches are unbelievable, when he picks out a


pass like that, the vision and the touch are incredible. He is arguably


shinty's greatest ever player. Look at the physique and the skill and


everything that he has. Over 1000 goals, but he still delivers balls


like that so it is not just about the scoring for him. Well, again,


that was a wasted opportunity. The little bit of chat from Lewis


Munro, and the supporters, there. Quite a lot of supporters down the


back line as well. I think this is one of the biggest crowds I have


ever seen at a Camanachd Cup final. And no wonder on a day like this.


McIntosh is on the case. It goes too far. Genini. A little bit of a touch


too much in front of his manager. This is the man who has been hitting


the shies extremely well today. Beautiful rhythm to get his swing,


bang on. This is good skill. It has made his team-mate run wide. With


the yellow boots. WHISTLE Oh, that is a hefty challenge from


Lee Bain. I have seen a lot more cynical, and now Glenurquhart at


creating more chances now. -- they are. Not really, they have sold him


a dummy and he comes out against the shoulder. Seven minutes of the first


half remaining in this increasingly tench Camanachd Cup final. They have


to be five metres away from him. Dawson saves it! Well, that is twice


now that they have needed him to save, they have given themselves the


chance to take the save away from him. That is great, solid


goalkeeping once again. Good anticipation from Dawson. He is


merely a way, Genini. Getting it away. -- nearly await. Look at the


way he takes it down. He gets away this time. And he has completed it!


He has gone the whole way. Well, was there any doubt? One on one. Ronald


Ross. 20 plus years. And he has done it again. This is beautiful. One,


two touches. And it is one-on-one, him and John Barr. Well, if you go


back to the very start of the move, he adjusts his stick in both hands.


Unbelievable. Absolutely fantastic. It is 2-0 Kingussie. All of a


sudden, this has become a massive mountain to climb for Glenurquhart.


Five minutes left in this first half. Where does this leave


Glenurquhart? I think the difference also is that we have 2 goals from


Kingussie, and I do not think we have had a save, he has only maybe


had to make one save and yet at the other end they have had a couple of


saves so far and good chances for Glenurquhart. We always knew that


the Goalkeepers would be key in the match. They often are in Camanachd


Cup finals. This time Dawson has secured Kingussie's position in this


magnificent match. Stuart McIntosh has got the best out of Ross and


Genini early on. 17 minutes between the goals. An awful lot of


possession. This will annoy them. They will have to try to sort this


out at half-time. Here is Ross again. Twisting and turning. Then he


turns completely the other way. He sets Genini are off down the left


judge line. He is way over on the far side. We have our backs to the


river. We are bathed in glorious sunshine.


Well, he does not lose any of his appetite for the game! He certainly


doesn't. And he was absolutely right. David Mitchell I think was


having a look to make sure that Davie Anderson was happy with where


the ball was sitting! It was only about five yards but he was making


the point. He himself is a legend. The son of a legend. Here is another


one. He is on his way. Thomas Borthwick. That is a great save!


Great save. Here is Kingussie again, though. These are critical


moments. Critical moments. WHISTLE Now, I think there could be trouble


here for Lewis MacLennan. Lewis MacLennan is in trouble here and I


think it will be no more than a yellow card, but the referee has had


enough, Gary. Yes, going back to this earlier incident, Borthwick


runs down, he knows where the goal is and he lets it go. What is saved


by the goalkeeper. Look at that. Had that gunning it would have been very


difficult for them to get their hands on the Camanachd Cup. Yes.


Lewis MacLennan. Well, he has been warned a few times today. And again.


Well, they have twice done that, they have a tendency to go to sleep


at the free hit. We saw it before with the goal for Genini. That time


they went wide and McIntosh got a chance to clear. They know they need


to settle down and get on the scoresheet soon because there is


definitely more goals in Kingussie this afternoon. Well, it has been


breathless in its own way. It has not been a classic. It has had its


moments and the wind has picked up all of a sudden. You can see it in


the players shirts. Yes, certainly looking at the flag it is from right


to left. That will favour Kingussie in the second half. It is said it is


easier to play against the wind. That was a good ball towards Genini.


He gets away. That is a clever nudge. The Glenurquhart defenders


are furious that Genini was not pulled back for that clever little


nudge. He is a clever man as well, Genini. He must have got into the


right position, there or the referee has got it right on that one.


Genini fires it across, a bit loose but still there for Kingussie. This


is the final minute of the first half of regulation time. Though


maybe some added time. Certainly Kingussie will be the happier,


because it is 2-0. But they've converted their chances, the


difference. They have and they have looked sharper, Glenurquhart have


had their chances to be 2-2 or even leading the game but good defending


and good goalkeeping has kept a clean sheet so far for Kingussie.


There is going to be just this minute of the added time. Just the


one minute. And then we will call it a day for ten minutes, or


thereabouts, and see if the chocolate biscuits are any better


than they were 45 minutes ago. Gibson has set one off again to


Ross. Lovely touch. Good clearance by Euan Lloyd who has stuck at it.


He's been by far the busier of the wingbacks. Extravagant touch from


Munro. Gibson. Solid. Borthwick has taken one in the nose there. Thomas


Borthwick going down. I think Ali Mac caught him in the face. They


were both going for the same ball. Because it is a head knock the


referee quite rightly just getting the Kingussie trainer to come on.


But they have been told it is half-time virtually. Thomas


Borthwick, the son of David Borthwick, more Camanachd Cup medals


than you can shake a stick at, 14, even more than Ronald Ross, would


you believe. Gibson, the last play perhaps. David Mitchell lets it go.


I think Stuart MacKintosh will probably be allowed to get the ball


back into play. Great save. That was the highlight


of the game in defence of terms. David Mitchell has indeed called it


a day for the first 45 minutes. Genini with the first goal on 22


minutes has made his mark. Certainly with his elder statesman colleague


Ronald Ross he will be happy with his performance. Dawson has had a


good game in goal with Hutchison at the back. There is a lot to be done.


There is a lot to be played for, because what we have had is two


goals, both to Kaan Ayhan -- Kingussie. At half-time Kingussie


2-0 Glenurquhart. It is starting to get a bit chilly at Bught Park. And


it will be a bit chilly in the Glenurquhart changing room. I'm


joined again by Fraser. They have played better shinty and outclassed


Glenurquhart. Glenurquhart had to get their tactics right as we


mentioned and unfortunately they haven't and they are getting


overwhelmed slightly so they have to make some big changes in the second


half to get back into this game. Early signs Kingussie might be the


team on top, Savio Genini leading from the front and he went close


early on. This demonstrates Savio Genini's movement. The free hit


played in by Fraser Munro, Genini running across and he hit it well,


running across the goal as you should, just past the post, that was


a warning from Glenurquhart that he has good movement and he's quick and


you have to keep an eye on it. Later on with the goal it was crucial with


his movement and Ronald's pass. We talked about Ronald Ross before


because we have two because he is critical. Ronald is class, no doubt


about it. He came deep for the ball, here is Ronald with the ball, John


Barr was a bit too far away from him and Ronald spotted the run by


Genini. For a boy of that age it is tremendous composure. It was great


skill the way he finishes it off Mac. He looked up and saw the pass


and Genini with his first touch and then the second touch is a goal,


that is class and not everyone can do that and for somebody of his age


to do that in the final it says a lot about him. Savio Genini has


scored in every single round of the Camanachd Cup this season so that is


an achievement in itself. Kingussie on top at the moment. Glenurquhart


having to react. They came as close as they have come in the first


half. Aaron picked up the ball and he played in a lovely pass. Craig


Dawson was worried at this point and it came back off the bar and


Kingussie managed to get it clear. There is the ball dipping in,


difficult for the goalkeeper to deal with, off the crossbar and luckily


it didn't come back off his stick and go in. He started to back off


onto the post and thought it could bounce back in. It would have been


great if they could have got a goal because they would have got a


foothold in the game. Glenurquhart's goals from the


midfield have been poor, they are lumping the ball forward and I don't


like their attitude, standing with their hands on their hips as if to


say you have to give us better ball, this is the cup final, you have to


make a bad ball into a good ball. That man once again, Ronald Ross,


very much to the fore. This was a good move from Kingussie. The ball


went wide, fed through and first touch out to Ronald and this a bit


ISAs Ronald Ross's strength, power and determination, and when it comes


to the finish, he finishes it. That goal is a tremendous finish. He


brushes past John Barr and carries on running, this man is 39 and then


he has the composure to find the finish. We were talking before the


game whether Ronald would make the difference. So far he provided the


crucial pass for Genini's goal and now he has the second goal. Plenty


of life left in Ronald Ross. Thank you for joining us. A short time


before the Camanachd Cup Finals took place this afternoon we went to see


the McMaster 's cup final, the under 14 competition. This year it was


between Skye and Oban. COMMENTATOR: It was a repeat of last year's under


14 championship, a great privilege for them to play at Bught Park to


play before the first match. It was important to get the first goal and


that fell to Oban Camanachd's main striker due to some poor Skye


defending. He was to be the main man for Oban as they went further ahead


and took control of midfield and became the stronger and much more


creative of the two teams. The second goal came very convincingly


from the caman of the same player. They got back in it, Skye, and


probably the best goal of the game, Rory McLeod flashed the ball home to


give Skye some hope that 2-1. It wasn't enough, though, and Oban


increasingly dominated midfield and again began to create the chances.


The final word from pats Maclean who lashed a tremendous shot home. It


made it 3-1 and gave Oban the championship again, and the captain


Craig Kirkpatrick will take the trophy home. Congratulations to


them. It's been a huge weekend of shinty in Inverness. A real


celebration of the sport and last night was the big night out, part of


the festival, and a celebration of Gaelic culture and its starred Hugh


Dan MacLennan and Gary Ennis, and Stuart MacKintosh who is playing


today for Glenurquhart. And some great music was on show. Let's


listen to it. GAELIC MUSIC.


How was the night, a few sore heads this morning? I've been better.


Stuart MacKintosh was not drinking last night, he went straight home to


his bed, as we saw from some of the cracking saves he made already


today, thankfully for him. How would you assess the first half? Is there


any way back for Glenurquhart in this match? Yes I do. At two - zero


there is a chance for Glenurquhart and they have created some chances.


Craig Dawson has made a couple of good saves, the crossbar came to his


rescue as well. Glenurquhart are not out of this competition but if the


ball continues to land at Genini and Ronald Ross and they put the ball on


top of Macintosh in the goal as they have done they will struggle to get


back into the game. A further goal from Kingussie will put their name


on the trophy this year. Thank you for joining us. More from Gary in


the second half and there is more shinty coming up on BBC Two shortly


next month, October 18, the date to put in your diary for the next


shinty action, the shinty hurling international between Scotland and


Ireland on October 18, BBC Two Scotland, so do join us for that. It


should be fantastic. But today is all about the Camanachd Cup Finals.


Fraser, I mentioned to Gary that it is a long way back for Glenurquhart


in this match. They play a different type of style of shinty. How would


you describe it? It's a more physical and long hitting game but


unfortunately today they have not played the ball well and not played


it into the right areas and the forwards haven't made an impact so


far but they have got positional changes and a couple of guys that


are versatile. I would put Fraser Heath into the centre for his


ability and movement and Lewis Maclennan at full-back and John Barr


at halfback, I think that would work better. Obviously the management


knows them better than I do but they have to do something to get a


foothold in the game. It was a superb save at the end of the first


half from Stuart MacKintosh. Let's have another look at it. It was one


of those stunning moments where you have to admire the goalkeeper 's


inner shinty for their skill. That was Borthwick pushing forward,


Thomas was about to hit the ball and it was difficult for Stuart


MacKintosh because it was across him, not just the angle to deal with


but the pace of the ball and he picked it out with his stick and if


that had gone in the game may have been over. It is not just their


skill, it is their bravery. Most people watching think it must be the


toughest job on the pitch because the ball is flying at you at such a


rate of knots. It is the most thankless job because one mistake


everybody blames you. Thomas hit that from quite a distance but


people could hit these shots from inside the circle, five or six yards


away, but it has been good so far and we have not had too many


goalkeepers suffering injuries for the other reason, probably because


they have these skills. They are brought up saving these shots and


they use the stick and get their hands and eyes out of the way. Very


briefly, Fraser, what's the prediction? They have one hand on it


and whoever gets the next goal could be vital. If Glenurquhart get it


they could get back into the game but if Kingussie get it it could be


their cup. It will be an interesting second half. Let's go back to the


commentary team of Gary Ennis and Hugh Dan MacLennan. COMMENTATOR:


Thank you very much. Changed circumstances at Bught Park. Very


spooky looking man on the other side and the sun is breaking across the


park. There is the setting. That is quite spooky looking. Back to


business, we have Glenurquhart and Kingussie who are comfortable at


this stage two goals to the good. David Mitchell, the referee, his


patience has been tested at various points and we have a crowd in good


order who have enjoyed the house but our teeth in the last ten minutes.


The captain, Eddie Tembo, no doubt will have had stern words in the


Glenurquhart dressing room. Two are right we have the Kingussie


defence and to the left the Glenurquhart defence will stop


Glenurquhart hitting towards the town. David Mitchell gets the second


half under way. If there is any way back for the blend I think they need


to score next. John Barr. That is an easy ball for Kingussie to deal


with. We have a substitution for when a cart. That is another foul --


Glenurquhart. Deep in the heart of the defence. David Mitchell just


checking to see Genini who has gone down, he has a knock on his leg, I


think. Can you see a player down. He may need a bit of assistance this


time. I think James MacPherson, sorry David MacLennan has come on


for Glenurquhart at number eight. We will just confirmed the details of


that. James MacPherson has been taken off. Does that surprise you?


James MacPherson has not managed to get into the game. It passed him by


unfortunately. He is a top goal-scorer. We may see them get


back into the game. James had a couple of chances that he has not


converted or done as well as he usually does. This is the first


chance of the second half. Kingussie will have worked on this on the


training ground no doubt. Lots of running, Ross, MacKintosh with a


good save. That was off the boot because they all ran in the same


direction and it came to Ross. Ross brings it down beautifully.


Beautiful take. He is trying to open them up, turns him twice, Barr, and


Barr cannot see where it has gone. That was a good effort as well.


Fraser Munro this time on the backhand. Good save from MacKintosh.


Very good, the ball came in low, he saw it late and kept it low and his


defence did a good job to get it away. There is a clear chill in the


air, let me tell you. Although it is a beautiful day. The climate has


changed dramatically. Maybe to the relief of the players, I suspect.


Ross in one-on-one combat with John Barr. He's not happy, looking for


the protection of the referee, Ronald Ross, asking David Mitchell


to take this further. He's having a word with John Barr. John is asking


what the problem is. You can see he is hanging on to him as well. To be


fair Ronald Ross cleverly... Good save! Another good save from Stuart


MacKintosh, this time it was Borthwick. Clever play. I think it


was possibly going wide but he had to look lively. He had to make sure


he is earning his crust in the early part of the second period. That is


rattled out again. The subs quite understandably, I would say, keeping


themselves warm now that it is cooler. It a B doesn't look as bad


as it actually is because of the camera work but we can feel it from


the commentary position, I can tell you. -- it may be doesn't look as


bad. Ross against Barr. Bar needs to be careful. They are threatening to


cut loose. They certainly are and they have started stronger in the


second half. Ronald Ross just holds it and he knows that Barr will come


into the back of him and he just flicked it out, first time over the


crossbar. John Barr needs to be careful but he has to do his job and


Shepherd Ross and he cannot give him a sniff of a chance. He has a tricky


position for himself. Gibson, exactly what you need in the middle


of the field at the moment. He has lost his stick. The Kingussie


attack, Genini away again. Like a bunch of these in one little


package. -- Bees. Sweeping right-to-left now so that will


favour Kingussie in terms of delivering the ball. It is almost


like there is a fire but trust me it isn't. I would say that is a close


call but Genini might have stepped inside the box and it might even


have been Ronald Ross. They would claim their timing is impeccable.


That is the difference we are seeing, Kingussie are keeping the


ball low from the corners whereas Glenurquhart are trying to put the


high ball in. That's the point you made in the first half.


Lee Bain looking lively. He is beaten this time, he is beaten all


ends up and Glenurquhart have a chance to take their time to take


the short ball along the ground this time. They had to leave it. But it


is blocked and there is a chance for the shot. It is on the goal and


Dawson deals with it. Goodness me! How on earth did that stay out?


Lewis Maclennan has been thrown into the forward line and that's the man


it felt to. He did nothing wrong, the shot was on target and Dawson


did as much as he could. It is coming in low, he goes to deal with


it and he actually hit it off his foot. It should be a corner. I think


it was saved by Dawson, or certainly at least deflection. They got away


with that. Clever play by Eddie Tembo. Lets go down to the touchline


where Jonathan is being joined by Glenurquhart comanager Billy


MacLean. Glenurquhart with it all to do, what was your message to the


players at half-time? We've created a lot of good chances we haven't


created and on a normal day we would have taken those chances. I would


have expected James to put them away having been our top scorer. I


changed a couple of things at half-time and told them to keep


doing what they are doing. Kingussie only had three or four chances that


were clear-cut and scored two goals. We lost Andrew Corrigan from


halfback which is a big loss. But our deputy in Ali MacKintosh is in


there. Just keep it going, it is the Camanachd Cup, it is only half-time


and we have 45 minutes to come back. There is a long way as Billy MacLean


says but the longer it goes without Glenurquhart scoring the more


difficult it becomes. Dawson fires it long, extremely long and wind


assisted this time of course. He has made the most of it. 20, 30 yards


past halfway. Good play. Kingussie swiftly upping the pace. It is


Genini in the corner. Oh! Straight in and out, a 1-2, Genini. It is all


in there somewhere. Genini played a 1-2 with himself. You always hope


for a bit of luck in a Camanachd Cup Finals. I think the ball came off


his face and landed perfectly at his feet. He was quite unlucky as well


as he made his way towards the goal. There was a bit of a skirmish which


David Mitchell is sorting out a bit of afters and the end result is a


corner. The coolest man on the park, Mr MacKintosh. Genini with another


chance. As time goes on Kingussie can take their time. There is not a


lot the keeper can do about it. Magnificent setting the Bught Park


is on a day like this. Let's see if this one goes in on the ground or


upwards. In between. And a little bit of afters there. Barr went


spinning after the tackle with Ronald Ross. Tembo just missed that


one. Gibson thought about exchanging views. Tembo just mistimed it. The


referee acknowledges that. Here we go. Ross again. Barr holding him


with his stick. Ross needs to be careful. Just an element of


frustration creeping into the game. He's not happy with the treatment he


is getting. REFEREE: Next time you are in the book. He has asked


Mitchell couple of times. John Barr, though, has to do his job and


that's the only way to stifle him. It's just he seems to be holding


him. I think Ronald was cleverly holding onto Barr's stick and it's a


good point and a question of who does what first. Here we go again.


They are zipping around. Oh! My goodness it is beginning to get a


bit scary out there. There is a flag at the far end to our left. The


referee has passed it up though. He doesn't have to go to it, he can


choose to ignore it. That is what he has done because the Glen have set


off to the top of the field. There is the suggestion that there was a


little bit of afters creeping into some of the tackles. The referee


David Mitchell coming under a bit of pressure here. It is a critical


point in the game as we approach the one-hour mark. The refereeing is


critical in terms of keeping balance in the game. He has to be careful


not to let this boil over. He's trying to be as fair as possible but


he must have to take a harder stance on some of these afters we are


seeing off-camera. That has just gone out, I think. Kingussie players


are taking water below us here. That is Michael Clarke dispensing.


Standing over a heap of shinty sticks ready to replace any but I


don't think we have ever seen any broken ones in the game proper. They


will be knocking lumps out of each other for the rest of the afternoon,


I think. Good ball at the minute -- up the middle and Lee Bain was on it


but the defender was on it. That is a good defensive three with


Hutchison in the middle, Barrie Dallas on the right and Lee Bain on


the left, a very solid unit. Very solid and Glenurquhart are having to


come deeper to fetch the ball and when they fetch it and put it up


front there is nobody there to collect. The only way they will get


the ball in is to get it over into the gap. Yes it is. And feed the


bear style, let Lewis Maclennan have a one-on-one with Hutchison. Here he


is, let's see if he makes anything of it but he doesn't as Hutchison


hits it out. Hutchison will knock them away all day. He's only there


to hit the ball-30 yards away from the goal and that will do him. More


water being taken. -- to hit the ball 20-30 yards. There is that


rhythm, it's obviously the system he has got which enables him to get


that all that distance. This is a testing ball now. Barrie Dallas was


the bravest. There are sticks and bodies flying everywhere now. Tembo


gets it out into the space. Unfortunately for the Glen they are


going to have to work harder to create the chances. Through to


McLennan again. One handed a way but it's not far enough. That is through


but Barrie Dallas covered Hutchison they're very cleverly. And again the


Glen manoeuvring the ball away. Good play, though. They are giving their


defence a bit of a break. But I don't think we have seen a shot on


Craig Dawson in the second half. It was an interesting point that Fraser


Inglis made. A lot of them are turning on the referee and you might


think they would direct that into a bit more pace and directness at


goal. I will correct myself and look at the previous click when Craig


Dawson actually saved it with his foot from McLennan to get one back


early on. Apart from that there has not been a lot to worry the


Kingussie defence. Hutchison and Bain are lapping it up back there.


Gibson with a wild slash. Well, not wild, it was fearless. I think he


may have taken one on the chin there. The end of Hutchison's swing


caught him. If that had been a ?300,000 per week footballer he


would have been rolling around all over the place. Good ball again. It


is in the danger area but again Kingussie step in, no messing.


That is good play in midfield by Rory McGregor just there. He has not


been the most noticeable of the Kingussie players but he did the


right thing there, holding onto the ball. Using the traditional


Kingussie socks, there, their special uniform to the day. Lovely


touches at times. He knew what he was doing, it was trailing leg.


Catching McGregor as he going down. It does not seem so clear-cut


because he seems to have done something which requires attention.


He is still limping a bit. We might see a substitute coming on in a


moment or two. You are asleep after last night,


aren't you? I am wondering which big substitutes they can bring on.


Anderson or somebody. That's my point, they do not have a big


substitute. Here are the changes. Coming forward is the Kingussie


substitute now. They have sorted that. They might try to get McGregor


back on. Infield again, Kingussie. That goes out to the substitute,


James Falconer. And again, one of the very youngest Kingussie players


here. It is a measure of how they have 2 regenerate their squad all


the time. It is something that they are particularly good at, Kingussie.


He is a famous name, Faulkner. In the history of the Kingussie club.


Tembo. That is a good effort. Just a point on the substitution, there.


This was possibly a good chance but it fell to the wrong man, and I mean


that in the nicest possible way. John Gibson would not have thought


he would be playing here in another cup final at the age of 39. Flying


off in a helicopter after winning a Camanachd Cup final with Kingussie.


I was not referring to his age but the fact he is a midfielder and he


rarely gets close enough to the gold to shoot. It ricochets for a corner.


Glenurquhart need something here, 65 minutes now into the game. Dawson


really has not had much to deal with but this could have gone anywhere,


really. MacLennan fires it across. The defender gets up to deal with


it. Dawson had to make sure. Getting it away. In it comes again. This


time Barrie Dallas with a veteran's merge, there. -- nudge. He knew what


he was doing, heading for the corner flag. If I go out there, it will


take me a while to get back. Alan Madonna has been playing for the


last ten seconds or so. This is now a chance for Glenurquhart to create


something across the goal. In it goes. Taken on the volley. That was


an ambitious chance. You have do have a go now. It is at the point of


no return, really. Very much so, they need to hit the target and get


some goals. There was a good effort, it was a good height. Doing


really well. Just not getting as much connection as they would have


liked. Craig Dawson is like a green keeper, hacking bits out of the


turf. That is what you get, you see, the ball falls off. That was a huge


hit. He is technically superb with his hitting out. Genini just slips


off the pace of the game again. Another chance to redeem himself. He


played that a bit high. It is all part of the learning curve for


Genini. If they get away with 2-0, he scored the first. Guiding him


from the touchline, I just spotted that below us in the gantry. I


guiding arm, I think. A word in the every so often. -- in the ear. He


has made a real contribution since coming on so early in the game as


well. It has got flat a bit. I thinking you see no day at -- know


that they are on the verge of something. They do not know how to


get out of this hole at the moment. Kingussie are lapping it up. Going


across the elbows there, and here he is again. That is a very tough


tackle from Alan Macdonald again. Yes, we need to have a look at this


again, this is great running for Kingussie. He has actually kicked it


on the way through. Well, this is a chance here for Genini. He has the


ball in the corner. It goes high to Ross. Ross is in. Well, you just


cannot turn your back on Ross. A chance again on the far side, James


Falconer will take this. They are happy knocking it back and forth,


back and forth. Running down the clock. That was a lovely touch.


James Faulkner! What a save. It is off the stanchion, it is a goal! It


is in! It is Genini. He has done it again. Samuel Genini. What a burst.


What a burst of play. It was Faulkner first and Genini finished


it. Look at the skill. He finishes it. Great reflex is. What a strike.


Straight off the stanchion. That skill is unbelievable. He is such a


young man. And from the second young man, putting it away like that, we


were not even 100% sure that it went in until we saw them celebrating.


This will be a real of hell battle now. Trying to get back in the


match. -- uphill battle. Oh, he is down again. He is down again. Ronald


Ross is growling. Davie Anderson is laughing. That is the only way,


really. There is nobody in shinty that can stop him. John is obviously


doing his best today to try to eliminate Kingussie's threat of


Ronald Ross. Genini has 2 goals and they are forgetting about him.


Another opportunity here. Goodness me. What a wonderful save. Thomas


Borthwick on Macintosh. First time, straight off the training ground,


that was going right into the top corner. Absolutely wonderful


goalkeeping. Wonderful hitting too from Borthwick. As we touched on


earlier, Stuart's father lifted the Albert Smith Medal and he will too


if he carries on with this formance. It is like shooting herring in a


barrel at the moment. You get the feeling in the last 20 minutes at


the floodgates could open if Glenurquhart are not careful. That


is a magnificent volley. That is what you dream of, catching a volley


at the back post and putting it in the back of the net. It was not far


away. Great camera work, the way they are capturing these incidents.


They happen at such speed. A Glenurquhart substitution here. I


think McPherson is coming back on. It is Tembo. Let's go down to Fraser


and Jonathan as Eddie Tembo leaves the field. 3-0 now, it is fantastic.


Is it game over? Not necessarily, with 20 minutes to go you can score


three goals in 20 minutes but the way it is going at the moment,


Glenurquhart are not creating any chances and they are being pinned


back here. The problem we are seeing is two different styles, the


cultured style of Kingussie, it is all about composter, and perhaps we


are seeing why Glenurquhart have not won the Scottish Cup before because


their style is not cultured enough, they have had great individual


players over the years but as a team in the big games, they do not have


the composure to make the difference. The Kingussie team is


not necessarily as great as Kingussie teams in the past, but


they have won at the moment in the Kingussie style, by playing better


than the other team. It is an uphill battle. Here is Ronald again. He is


39. I would sit back and enjoy the show. We will see him passing the


mantle to the younger guys. Savio Genini, two wonderful strikes.


Congratulations to Kingussie so far. It looks like for Glenurquhart Time


is running out. Fantastic insight from Fraser Inglis. Ross was always


going to unleash it. He was winding up for that. You could see it


coming. Very much, the ball comes and he turns in. We have seen him


stopping the ball and going one side or the other but that time he just


turns and unleashes it. I am not convinced we are finished between


Barr and Ross for the afternoon. It is still nip and tuck, every ball is


being contested. You and I both know, Ronald Ross and John Barr,


they will both won the final word. The final word rests with Kingussie


at the moment. Genini, Ross, and then Genini again. Our thoughts are


moving towards the man of the match. There is a committee looking


at that. It will be interesting. Stuart McIntosh Forshaw has made


some great saves. -- certainly has made. And you have the young Genini


with two goals as well. There are a few candidates out there. We still


have 15 minutes. I would say it is still all to play for, nobody is an


outstanding candidate at this stage. WHISTLE


LAUGHTER James Falconer should pick on


someone his own size! Absolutely brilliant. Great talent from the


16-year-old on the far right hand side. He is the last thing you would


want coming up against you in a Camanachd Cup final, somebody who is


16 and can run and run. Here in years again. He has the full bag of


tricks, this valour. Lovely ball into the middle, well taken by


Macintosh. This is what Fraser Inglis was talking about. It is


panicky and loose, there is no structure to it. They are willing


and eager enough, but at the end of the day, it looks to me as though


they have just not enough class. They will be disappointed not to


have taken some of their chances earlier today, which has


subsequently left them 3-0 behind at this point. It is their first


Camanachd Cup final. Ross. Genini. He thought about it. He scoops it.


That is inventive from Genini. He plays it to Ross. This is a


masterclass from the big fella. Look at the way he is taking John Barr


for a walk. Brilliant from Kingussie. Macintosh. He gets on top


of them. It is the full panoply of threats from Kingussie now. The


shadows have gone. At the moment Kingussie have gone. Lee Bain. There


are three Kingussie shirts. Here he comes again. A little pass. That was


nonchalantly from Ross. John Barr has no option but to put it out.


Well, this is classy stuff will stop very much so. -- classy stuff. They


are starting to open up the defence. When it is getting to the forwards


the defence are stifling them, feeding the forwards. Here is one of


the older hands. The captain. James Maclean has come on. And Fraser


Munro is headed off. Into the middle it goes. That is a good ball,


though, that is a good ball. Dallas. That is well taken by Barrie Dallas.


Hutchison. Then it comes in again. Dallas is underneath it but he


misses it. That is a good save. Dawson has been taken down. Off the


ball, there. Back it comes. It is wasted, there. Well, he is a big man


to take down! If you look here, it comes through. And he catches him


with the stick on the way through. He is trying to grab his own stick


back and he pulls the feet out from underneath Dawson. Just an


interesting point here, it is worth watching, when Dawson takes his hit,


if we can just stay on Dawson and see what he does immediately at that


he takes the hit... On the 18th hole again! He sold us a dummy. Look at


what he does. He swaps his stick. I wonder if he has a pound of lead


shot in the first one. I will let you ask him. He is just explaining


to the goal judge why he changes the stick. Usually you have more loft on


the stick underneath the ball, and possibly a flat ahead. To stop the


ball after. Well, that shot sums it up. Some of the despondency really,


that is all I can describe it as. Eddie Tembo. So much food for


thought. It is written all over his face, really. He will be


disappointed, his first ever and at cup final, possibly his last as the


captain. He will be very disappointed with 11 minutes left.


They have competed better than they did in the other final this year,


when the opponents run away from them. They have not really allowed


Kingussie to do that but they have been better than them. He has put


himself about since coming on. He is like a


-- whippet. They do not know how to control him. Absolutely fantastic


approach to the game. All credit to Kingussie for throwing him in. If he


is young enough, he is good enough. He is here because of his talent. To


be 16 years old in a Camanachd Cup final, trying to lift your first


ever Camanachd Cup final trophy, that is incredible. He tees up Ross.


Would you believe it? The confidence is oozing out of Kingussie. It is


very significant. There is a huge hole in midfield. There is just


nobody there. They have conceded territory. Again, great running by


Borthwick. He knew exactly what he was doing. He wants his name on the


scoresheet now as well. Ten minutes and less to go, the Kingussie fans


are massed to the left-hand side behind Macintosh's goal because they


want to put him under pressure as well. I am sure that the banter is


of the very best nature. They cannot quite get it away. This is a chance


to relieve pressure. Look at the acres of space here. What happens


is... That was a hefty challenge. The referee saw nothing wrong with


that. Fired it up the other end. They are not going to hang about. He


was lurking within tent. The referee has stopped the game. -- with


intent. Over on the far side there was a bit of concern about the


player, I think it is David Smart. He is down. That is who it. It is


not quite clear but it looks like his arm, actually. What happens is


that he goes down... Oh, he was trodden on, really. Yes, that will


be a sore one. There is some concern for him. It is nice to see Lewis


Munro as well, the Kingussie player, trying to help him back to his feet.


There is a great atmosphere around the pitch, one of the best crowds,


the best nature natured -- the best natured crowds I have seen. There


are hundreds and hundreds of flags around the field as well, and there


is great support for them as well, in their first ever Camanachd Cup


final. They will be horribly disappointed not to be able to take


the cup back because it is looking increasingly unlikely. We have lost


David Smart. Really it would take a miracle now. But you never know. One


goal would do it. It would like the touch paper. We have seen it happen


so often before in other cup finals. Tembo has come on. He has gone down


in midfield, James Maclean. Ronald Ross. Oh, and that was very very...


He has got a file. If you lie had not got that... -- foul. He has gone


down in the middle of the field in some distress, I think it is


cramped. There must have been some issues with that man coming on. I


think it is more than that, I struggled to believe that a player


of his fitness is getting cramp after only ten minutes on the


field! I think something else must have happened down there. Let's go


down to Jonathan who is with Russell Jones, the Kingussie assistant


coach. Is it game over? The game is never over until the final whistle.


We are not taking anything for granted. But you must be delighted?


We are delighted with the way we have played. It is Ronald Ross


again! It is game over. Incredible scenes here. Look at the crowd,


embracing their hero once again. That is bread-and-butter for him. It


is almost casual, almost casual. Look at Stuart McIntosh, he knows


that they were beaten all ends up because there is no way you can stop


that, Gary. No, and he had so much time as well, one-on-one, he is


lethal. Once more he has delivered, adding to his thousand plus goals


that he has already scored. A very strong contender for man of the


match as well. His play, his goals and his contribution. It has 2 B,


with the way he has guided the forward line, that has been immense.


At 39, he does not have the legs. Well, he has the same legs but not


the same staying power, perhaps. A lot has been made of his age in the


final, but to be honest he has absolutely delivered like he did ten


years ago and ten years before that as well. I think he will be fairly


happy with his contribution and very much the puppet Master today with


the forwards, he has controlled them and use them. Garry Munro has left


the field at the other end, and Dawson is happy to let that go for a


corner. A goal for Glenurquhart would give


them something to cheer, the supporters have come in their


thousands, so it would be great to see the net bulging. Just wide.


Well, it is all becoming clear. It is beginning to run the clock down,


only four minutes left and we are expecting the man of the match


announcement shortly before the end of the game. That is a good stop by


Dawson. Tembo. And he gets it away. The Glen never say die. With July to


guess at the man of the match award? -- would you? That is quite simple


because I know who it is! LAUGHTER Because this is him, this is the


man, the main man, Ronald Ross is the winner of the Albert Smith Medal


Memorial medal as man of the match. And he adds to his record, now


having it four times and it is well deserved. He has broken yet another


record, as you say. Was there ever any doubt? Well, I am sure at one


point Genini might have had aspirations. That is a good ball but


again it is wasted. At this stage in the game he is trying to lob it in,


make Craig Dawson work. The one time we saw that it hit the bar and it


beat him almost. Only a couple of minutes left, why not have a go? It


is only slightly wide. We are going to have a couple of minutes of extra


time actually. Let's have a look if he goes with the change of stick


again. Everyone a winner. It is hanging on the post! Good defending


from the forward line in classic style. Bain. At the other end of the


field, so they do not care now. Well, what is going through that


young fella's head at the age of 16? He has just come on. He will have to


ask his mum and dad if he can stay out and party with the boys tonight!


At least they will know where he is. I would hope! If they are watching


on telly. But they won't become they will be here. There will be an


explosion of red. The red and black of Glenurquhart. Kingussie is going


to go berserk in a few minutes when David Mitchell calls a halt to


this. It was not a classic but it has had its moments, it has had some


finesse and class. One or two good finishes. I think it has been, as


you say, not a classic but Kingussie have been very classy in their play.


Their approach. WHISTLE It is not finished. A bit of actors.


Glenurquhart will think they could have done things differently. We


have talked about a future answer is earlier. -- Afterburn. They are the


Scottish champions for 2014. Dawson will want to keep a clean sheet. He


is not going to concede anything. Because the Kingussie defenders are


not giving an inch. He has been outstanding at the back. The hind


Barrie Dallas. Barrie Dallas, who I think has strolled through this


game, has never had an easier ride in his life. Getting towards the end


of the game. He has mopped up everything, it has been very easy,


quick, simple. You are right, key has strolled through the game. It is


an interesting tactic. Kingussie look as though they are playing a


back three which is unusual. It has never been breached, really. That is


because Glenurquhart are happy to look for the ball more and more


often and it has not worked for them today. Beyond the point of no


return. The 90 minutes are up. Kingussie are heading for victory


and Genini is heading for a party. He blasts it straight across the


face of goal. I wonder if he has taken a bet with Ross about getting


a hat-trick! He is certainly on par for it. He was told off by Ross for


not passing the ball. Well, for a young man of 17 years old, scoring


twice in the Camanachd Cup final, he has every right to tell him to shut


up! The high ball, the dangerous ball, there. Gets underneath it.


Well, it is going to rock the Bught Park when the final whistle goes.


There is the weight of history on their shoulders. Today McLean has


recovered from his cramp -- McLennan. He seems to have dropped


deeper. He won't want to do too much. Interestingly he works for the


match sponsors so they are going to be very happy, Scottish Hydro. He


may have a week off after this, I might say. Glenurquhart, they know


the clock has beaten them. But they are not going to concede much if


they can. Barrie Dallas. Again, twice in recent minutes I have seen


three Kingussie players against a Glenurquhart player. They are lining


up to hit the ball. Here they come, Falconer. What a finish for this


young man to get a goal for Kingussie. Has he got the legs to


get a goal in his first cup final? He's got the legs, it's just whether


it will land for him at this stage of the game. Now then, Genini and


Ross will be looking for the ball first because they are on a


hat-trick each. Oh! That was of the stanchion at the back. Still firing.


They might be 4-0 up but it doesn't matter, they will take another pop


any time they can get it. They want to finish the game in style. Unlucky


not to get his name on the scoresheet today but he has been


very close on a number of occasions. You can see over on the far side the


Kingussie bench are massing for a pitch invasion. It's going to be a


Usain Bolt type finish because Kingussie are the 2014 Scottish


hydroelectric Camanachd Cup champions and they take with it the


title of Scottish champions, largely due to the efforts of Ronald Ross


and Genini. They shared the goal-scoring honours. But really it


was a very complete and adequate performance from the new seaside who


dominated the match in virtually every respect. They never put a foot


wrong. And they delivered on the great moments that they were


commemorating today. It has all been done. They have signed it off,


because the final score at the Bught Park in Inverness is Kingussie 4-0


Glenurquhart. Huge congratulations to Kingussie Camanachd the Camanachd


Cup winners of 2014, superb performance today as they thrashed


Glenurquhart 4-0, queueing a pitch invasion. Fantastic. Fraser Inglis,


there is no doubt about it, Kingussie were the dominant side.


They were and 4-0 didn't do it justice, they outclassed


Glenurquhart. As we said in the analysis Kingussie's cultured style


and movement and having the ability to take the chances, Glenurquhart


could not cope with it. Ronald Ross and Savio Genini with the goals but


it was more than that, it was more of a team performance overall.


Kingussie were dominant in every department. They didn't really give


Kingussie defence any problems and occasionally the midfield was


dominant as well. We are picking out Savio and Ronald because their goals


were fantastic, but Barrie Dallas, James McClean, these guys have been


playing for years and will be delighted to get another Scottish


Cup win. These are great scenes and it means so much to the Kingussie


players and the fans and people like Ronald Ross, in his 12th Camanachd


Cup Finals victory. Absolutely. Kingussie are world record winners


as far as sport goes, they had all of these record wins. They have not


won the Scottish for a long time so they were desperate to get back. In


fairness to them they were probably surprised to get into the final but


they made the most of it. We hope Ronald Ross will join us at some


point. Let's look at his goals, two goals today, Fraser, and he so


important. He had an assist as well that we will see. He's a


goal-scoring machine. He is. He has the technical shinty skills and he


is a fantastic athlete and he combines them for the first goal,


power, strength, composure and the will to win, the determination to


get there. He came through the tackle, through another tackle, even


though this one came in and now he is in a race with John Barr, and


Stuart MacKintosh does his best but cannot keep it out. That is the


difference with Ronald compare to other shinty players. He's such an


athlete. He is a consummate sportsman. He could have been a


tennis player. It means so much to him. Absolutely because Ronald


probably thought he would not see another Scottish final again. In


these areas, you have to remember when Ronald goes in there there is a


good chance he gets hit but he still goes in and has the peace of mind to


pick the right decision at the right time and find the goals. At the


other end of the age scale lots of young players in this Kingussie team


and Savio Genini, 17 years of age, but what a role he played, not just


today but in the whole Camanachd Cup journey for Kingussie. Nominee


people have scored in every round of the Camanachd Cup and to score the


goals and play the way he played, he is a great young player -- not many


young people. Great ball from Ross and that gave Kingussie the full


hold in the game. Fantastic composure for a boy of that age. --


foothold. William goal and we will also see his second goal. Here he is


with the second goal will stop it was a stunning strike. -- brilliant


goal. The ball dropped and he took it with no hesitation, bang, no


chance for Stuart MacKintosh. The only guy we see finish like that is


Ronald so it's a coincidence they are in the same team, it came back


off the stanchion before Stuart MacKintosh knew anything about it.


We've been joined by the man of the moment, Ronald Ross. What does this


mean to you? You're 12 Camanachd Cup Finals success? It is special, we've


been trying for so long to get the 12th medal, we've come so


agonisingly close and it was the crowning moment today. Delighted for


the club. Our local rivals up the road have dominated the last while


but delighted to win this year and get the monkey off our backs. Is


this your swansong will you on? Probably is my swansong. I kept it


secret, I might play for the second team next year, I've enjoyed it this


year. No better way to go out. It's time for the trophy presentation,


over to Hugh Dan MacLennan. I think we've just heard a moment of


history, Ronald Ross's retirement, it seems to be. Meanwhile, the rest


of the team get on with the business. Mr Dawson leads the


charge, accepting the medals from sponsors, Scottish Hydro Electric,


the sponsorship manager. Jock Turner, the chieftain Archie


Roberts, the President I mentioned earlier, having made a good recovery


from his recent operation. As we said earlier he has thrown away his


crutches. Kingussie, not one failure in their ranks, as we said. There is


Barrie Dallas. The same age as Ronald Ross. Young Borthwick, his


famous father took 14 medals home. A bit Borthwick. There is Ronald Ross


himself coming up, just taking that one medal at the moment. And we will


see the precise order of events taking the winners first, to enable


the presentation to be completed for us in time. The great setting and


magnificent trophy. And here is the captain, the winning captain of


Kingussie, who follows a great line of winning captains from this half


of Badenoch. The winners of the Scottish championship and the


Scottish Hydro elective Camanachd Cup -- Electric Camanachd Cup,


Kingussie. These are great scenes.


The glorious day of weather has given way to a grey day but it's


been a great day for Kingussie as they once again lift the Camanachd


Cup Trophy, absolutely superb for them. I'm joined once again by Gary


in this, our co-commentator this afternoon. It was a dominant


performance from Kingussie. Kingussie were outstanding from


start to finish, from defence to the forward line and what a fitting


end. Ronald Ross gave us an exclusive that this was his


swansong, to pick up the Albert Smith and the 12th winning medal of


a Camanachd Cup medal is incredible. Absolutely. Ronald Ross said this


was his swansong. Do you believe him first of all? Ronald has said that


before but today I think Ronald was near his best and Kingussie were


fantastic and in the manner they won it would be a fitting way for Ronald


to leave the stage. I know that Ronald enjoys playing and wants to


play in the second team but I would say for the first team for Ronald it


would be the right time. A quick word about Glenurquhart, how do you


some up their day? A little bit disappointed. They will feel the


opportunities they had at the start if they had taken them they would


have been in a different position. Craig Dawson, their goalkeeper, made


some good saves. They will be disappointed. Losing your first-ever


Camanachd Cup final as well, they will struggle over the next couple


of days but they have a great squad and there is no reason they should


not be there next year and the year after. Thank you for joining us.


They will be more shinty shortly on BBC Two Scotland. Next month it is


the shinty -hurling international on Saturday 18th October, Scotland


versus Ireland. Join us for that. It will be fantastic. And fantastic


scenes here at Bught Park today. It's been a hugely memorable day for


Kingussie. A resounding victory for them in the Camanachd Cup Finals and


Ronald Ross, one of the great phenomenons of this sport, once


again very much to the fore. And if this is to be his swansong for


Kingussie he could not go out in much better way. Thanks to everybody


in the team today. It's been a great day, a great day for Kingussie,


commiserations to Glenurquhart. Until next time from all of us here


at Bught Park, goodbye.


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