Scotland V Ireland 2011 Shinty Hurling International

Scotland V Ireland 2011

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It has been around since the end of the 19th century and an annual


figure -- fixture at since the 90s. Scotland against Ireland. For the


last couple of years it has been the men in green who dominated.


Last weekend it was the same old story as Ireland started best.


Scotland fought back and they have a real chance of taking the series


if they win today. Welcome to bought part in Inverness. Scotland


need to win to stand a chance of claiming the trophy. Thank you for


joining us for what should be a fantastic occasion. We are joined


by Fraser Ingle's -- Fraser Inglis. The Irish usually catch and kicked


the ball and they cannot do this today. There are 14 players each


side, shinty is usually two more. As far as the points in the game go,


it is 1.4 over the bar in normal play and two points from over the


bar in three play. If you get a goal it is three points. Goals are


quite valuable. This is the second leg, the first leg was last week in


Ireland. Owen Kelly for the Irish racked up quite a lot of points. He


is missing today. He made a big difference last week. He will be a


big loss for Ireland. They are more than capable. Owen Nolan also got


on the scoresheet, scoring for Ireland. He took that ball first


time. He did not allow the Scotland defence to close him down. Scotland


fought back. They had one player who put four points into the


Scotland cause. You can see here he was composed and a great shot hits


the root of the -- the roof of the net. Gary Innes scored a second for


the Scots here? That right. It makes it competitive. These late


goals made up a bit of the difference. There is only five


points of a difference now. That leaves Scotland in fine fettle and


I talked to their captain today. You have got a few young guys in


the team, how do you assess their performance so far? It was a


learning curve for them. Those conditions did not quite suit us.


Long grass and a lot of sand in it and the wind played quite a factor


as well. Today conditions are much better for us and hopefully we can


stick to the Sinn take skills we usually do and start to put more


points over the bar this week. I think the difference last week was


we were unable to take our chances of when we had a chance. How big a


player will Owen Kelly be today? is a loss. We are not too worried


though we will just focus on who we have got rather than who we have


lost. What is the game plan today? The plan is to go out and win this


match. We are not too worried about last week. We know it will be more


important what we do today. what changes have you made? We have


made a few tweaks to the team having looked at the whole squad.


Hopefully we will go out there and when this today. The pitch could


not be better for us so why am really confident we can go out and


do this today. It is a good atmosphere at the Park today.


Fraser Inglis is still with me. What do the Scottish team have to


do to succeed here today? It was mentioned in the last interview,


they have to take advantage of their two. Opportunities.


Conditions were difficult for them last week to be fair. Conditions


are fine for them today. They have to make up the difference. If they


could get a goal -- if Ireland get a goal at the start to the


difference would then be eight points. Scotland have do make a


difference early on. Scotland have a good chance. Owen Kelly is a big


loss for Ireland. But hopefully we will see a Scottish victory.


should be a fantastic occasion. I will hand you over now to our


commentary team, Fraser Mackenzie the former Scotland coach and hour


match commentator, Hugh Dan It is always a pleasure to welcome


our Celtic cousins from Ireland to Bught Park. Allan Sutherland from


Marine Harvest being introduced to the Ireland team by their captain.


There is a stiff breeze from left to right as we watch the game. Left


to right as we look across the setting of Inverness. The town is


to our right. I am joined by a man with plenty of experience of this


kind of thing, Fraser Mackenzie, he has a big track record as a manager


and assistant manager on these occasions. Scotland have to come


back this week. Their mental State and focus must be right for the


game today. They have got one chance to make things right. The


Irish will be the same. They will want to go back with a win. It is


the second Test of course, I went to Ireland in the first Test last


week. -- when it to Ireland. -- a win to Ireland last week. First, we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


IRISH NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS. A great reception as ever for the


Irish will stop now, Flower of The old flower of Scotland, when


will we see, your like again? Who fought and died for your wee bit


hill and glen. We stood against them, Edwards army, and sent them


homeward to think again. Those days are past now. And in the past, they


must remain. We can still rise now and be at nation again. That stood


against him, it would's army, and sent them homeward, to think again.


And sent them homeward, to think again. Go Scotland! Hang on to your


Celts, it is about to take-off, it is going to be 80 minutes of


organised mayhem as this Scotland Roddy Macdonald, the newly crowned


But there are plenty players are here to come on. It is open


substitutions. All of these players will come on because the coaches


will have to use all the substitutes as the match goes on.


It is going to be a very demanding 80 minutes. Anna Methody is David


Mitchell from muscle but. Norman Campbell has won the toss. -- hour


referee is David Mitchell from when it comes to the three's, that


should make a big difference. slightly different arrangement at


the start, Afro in rather than a throw up, and we are off. This will


be fast and furious in the opening stages as Scotland try and take


this game to the Irish in the early stages. The tactic surely has to be


teams. Absolutely. There is a chance to put the ball through the


posts here. He could get two points if this goes over the bar and


Between the two posts. That was not a bad effort for Bartlett. He was a


bit of a revelation in last week's match. I think it did go over and


they got two points. It looks like there is some doubt. It has


actually been confirmed that Bartlett had struck with at two


pointer. The referee has given that. It did not look to me as though it


had gone over. The Disney be just an indication that the wind is


going to play -- there is maybe just an indication that the wind is


going to play a big part in this game. The Scottish defence is out


en masse here. It is important that they hold the advantage. The early


advantage they have taken with three hit from the ground. -- At


free hit from the ground. The man in the yellow boots comes out


second best. What wonderful skill. That is a worried. Great skill from


Michael Price. Scotland did the great thing. If they can try to


push the Halles into wide area as that should help. -- the hurlers.


The Fort William man has taken an 0 to the chin. There will be plenty


of wood flying about. This is the sort of thing we are going to see.


Just at loose stick the year. The players do take time adjusting. The


Irish have not done it for a while. It must be difficult to walk into


this sort of pressure. It is much higher tempo than an ordinary


shinty game. It is very hard to keep composure and discipline right


from the start. There we go. The go-faster stripes. It is not David


Coulthard, it is our friend Mr Innes. He has stolen, borrowed and


baked for an new helmet. He had an orange one last week. You will


notice him get the opportunities with his new stick as well. I think


MacDonald is having to leave the field, whether he will leave as a


blood injury and come back, I have my doubts. Corrigan is a pacy


player. The difference between him and McDonald is experience. There


is a good chance now directly in front of goal. There are two points


up for grabs if he can get this over. The secret of this is that


you must take your chances. We saw last week that Scotland had plenty


of opportunities to take points and did not quite take them. It was so


wet and windy with the long grass Two's. There was not too much in


that. Here is Corydon again. Michael Rice, the Irish captain is


having to go back. No prisoners taken in the Under 21 match as we


saw earlier. This was a great chance. John Stuart maybe should


have jumped India and tried to clatter into D Gourlay at the same


time. -- jumped in the year. -- problem. The Scottish boys felt it


was not right. That is right. Hopefully the referee will keep an


eye on it this week. Towards goal! From midfield! Goodness me! From


absolutely dead centre of the field, this is at tremendous bloke. --


for Findlay MacRae. That is a bonus. Scotland could not have expected


and goalkeeper of that experience to make such a hash of that. Maybe


for the calculators at the end of this match to work out the scores.


Scotland have to be very careful when there are defending but


they're not just drawn towards the ball. They need to be organised at


the back. Campbell is playing like a spare player in the midfield.


There is a chance for Ireland here again. Again, this tactic of


Scotland using two defenders when an Irishman gets the ball. The


Irish players are having difficulty adjusting to the fact that they can


put their arms round the Scottish players. It is part of their game.


Scotland get another opportunity here. Just to physical, all over


him. It gives them another opportunity here from a wide area.


They need to keep the scoreboard ticking over. This time it is


Corrigan who is going to have a go. Surrey, it is Kevin Bartlett - -


sorry, that was Kevin Bartlett. That is another two points from the


dead ball. This is exactly what Fraser Inglis was talking about,


you have got to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Kevin Bartlett is a


corner. The referee says it was a push in the back this time. That is


a tough one to call. You have got to go into tackles like that, but


they think that was the right decision in the end. That was a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


Again it falls to Stuart who is now an old hand. What a save. What a


save from that man from killdeer. We will take a look at that again.


That was goalkeeping from the highest order. -- Kildare. Another


opportunity for Kevin Bartlett. save by the Irish keeper. The Scots


are still pushing forward. At flying save by the keeper, who is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


their chances while they have the in the game at the moment. You yes,


another great opportunity. That is a great save. Meanwhile, at the


other end, the Irish move it up. Again, this extra man, Ian


MacDonald from cute, driving forward. He cleverly held on to


double their, he knew the Irishman was coming in from behind. He did


well to draw the foul of there. He just shielded the ball and got the


He is a fantastic hitter of the ball. It was only six or seven


weeks ago that he was here picking up the man-of-the-match awards.


That was when they won the Cup. The Irish are having a few problems


with their footwear. They keep Irishman. This is good skilled bill.


That was high and wide. You will notice Ireland's that's Brendan


Maher is in there as the extra man. Me be just a hint that Ireland are


missing the man who got all the time to clear it. Again, great


cover in midfield. The Scottish midfielder working their socks off


front, but it seems as if the Irish are getting to grips with the game


now. Everything is just bogged down in the middle at the moment. Became


just needs to open up. There is an example of what he would have done,


it would be natural for the Irish player to reach out his foot and


kick it away. Yes, but he has plenty of experience in his game,


so we should not be doing that and has given the Scottish another


opportunity to keep the scoreboard ticking over. So this is part klutz.


To get the ball over the bar between the posts would give him


two more points. Off the post! But was unlucky. That was curving away.


We were in perfect position there to see that when drift away. That


is a chance gone. That is a wild slash by Daniel Cameron. He could


be in trouble for that. Brendan Maher was running through their NT


just to come out to stop him going any further. He is a player there


really impressed me in the game last week. He has got a lot of


speed. That was a good effort from Kevin Bartlett. Now Ireland have


the chance. As soon as he picks up bad ball, the Scottish player wants


to charge him down to try and put him off. Again, wide. The Irish


will be very disappointed not to Remember, 40 minutes each way.


Scotland live - - Scotland lead by seven points to zero. That was a


poor effort. He is looking for a second attempt, but he is not going


to get one, is he? David Mitchell has reversed that one. I don't


think the Irish were too happy play. That was a wasted opportunity.


Am not sure if you miss hit the ball, but you want to be going for


Yes, it is a daft foul from John. You would never expect that from a


shinty player. It has given them an opportunity. This has to be charged


down. It is Willie Hyland again from County leash. But his wild and


wide again! That is the second golden opportunity for the Irish to


get back into the game. There will not be happy with that. - - that


men in the middle, and it is a goal! I think there was a kick here.


Ruddy Macdonalds has been pulled back. No score. Roddy Macdonald


kicked the ball. So, quite rightly You yes, there was. It was a great


opportunity but it just got his foot in the way in. The Scottish


coaching staff will be happy about the way things have gone so far. I


would like to see more White Bull's however, to keep it away from the


controlling the game. Look at that, three Scottish shirt around the


Irish attacker. There is MacDonald again and another rash challenge. I


would not say that was a foul! he only had one hand on the stick


it would have been a file. - - a foul. Here is Mr Campbell again. He


will fancy a go at this. Plenty of height, but not enough distance.


The keeper is allowed to pick it up to get it away. An Irish that was


being used there. The goalkeeper at the moment is my pick of the Irish


players. He is standing firm. Norman Campbell has moved 15 yards


forward. They are certainly putting the goalkeeper under pressure.


Getting towards the Inverness town end. Again, he has got too much


height. It gives the Scottish wonder a bit promising field


position. You don't want to give away fouls in that area. I didn't


think there was a great deal in that, to be honest. Again, the


Scottish Standing Firm into midfield. Cameron has been


impressive. The Irish coach is looking to make a change you. They


are not going to leave it too long. Interesting they are going to


change before half-time. This is a chance. Nice got no need to be


He just swung across him there. That was a silly foul to give away.


Just a little bit of argy-bargy here. It just seems to be part of


their game, a bit of pushing and shoving. You don't need to read too


much into that. The Scottish players are allowed to charge, but


goalkeeper. And that is what you want your goalkeeper to do. He has


got a lot of experience. He has got something like five under 21 caps


as well, so very used it to the rules. Gary Innes coming off,. Just


did change their to freshen the legs in midfield. That is all part


of this game, using your full squad. Corrigan to Stewart, could not


quite turn it. Scotland have got to add to this. With the wind in the


second half Ireland have come right back into this game. The have got


changes. Drew McNeil obviously not happy with the conversion of


possession into points. Bartlett, Divilly has got a handle on him for


the time being. Takes it for a wander. It breaks back. John Stuart


outnumbered this time. We create. Too ambitious in the middle of the


field near. Norman Campbell stepping end but MaCrae does his


best to tidy up and are does the job. -- Barr does the job.


Unfortunately for Scotland, it is an Irish all. That was a great ball


by Barr right down into the corner. That is what you want. Number 13


comes off. The Irish are not quite showing their hand in terms of the


substitutions yet. The Scottish hitting with the wind has been a


huge Bassett this afternoon. -- a huge asset this afternoon. It is


Bartlett again. As we look from behind Bartlett, from the main


stand at Bught Park. Will it drift in? That has gone in. That is


another two points to Kevin Bartlett. He is doing exactly what


he has been told. He is on very skilful and very accurate form.


ball going exactly where he wanted it after 33 minutes. Scotland in


through ball. A great touch. An opportunity that had to be taken.


John Stuart had a blast, you cannot blame him for that, you cannot


blame him for having a go. It would have made a completely different


complexion on the score if he had managed to get that. You will be


happy to see Mark spiral coming on. -- Mark Sproul. This game will


probably suit him better than shinty! Again Mickey who is having


a Stormer in midfield. -- Macrae. That was a rash challenge again in


a dangerous area. Yes, he was turning their when he just came in


and pick the shoulder into him. They have not done very well with


their free-kicks so far. Norman Campbell is on the line with the


keeper just in case it does not make the distance. It is long, high,


straight and did. At long last Ireland get on the score sheet. The


first points for Ireland. A good conversion. Ireland needed to get


some points on the scoresheet here. That is a single point to Ireland


because he did double touched it. He rolled it. Again, the referee is


struggling with this the rule of the charge. That is a great tackle.


Great timing. Up the middle. Here come the Irish again. Trying to


create an opening. And look at that, another three dark blue shirts. It


is a curious combination, but it works. At the heart of the Scottish


defence Barr is having a better game than he did last week. He has


stuck to the task. This is another chance for Ireland. Here we go


again, the running with the ball. This is Mr Barr in the middle of


the field. Socks around the ankles. He does not like shin pads. Here we


go again then. The man from Tipperary lobs it in. A good, good


Scottish defence. Yes. I did hit in from the wide area. Scotland just


crowded it out. That is exactly what they needed to do. Norman


Campbell came in the year. Scotland leading by nine points to one. This


is a good ball. A dangerous ball. The Irish keeper deals with it well.


He has had a quiet spell. The Irish get it away. MacLeod of Kyles got


his stick to it. That is Norman Campbell, he has got all the gear


as the spare man. Look at the two Scots. This is great play by


Divilly, taking it all the way up and delivering it to his forwards.


McIntosh and Barr, the two Bergin men get it out. A mistake by


Macleod here. I good tackle again by Scotland. Roddy Macdonald could


have done better with that. It is wide, but is it too long? They have


kept it in play, and they have turned it into a goal! That is at


fantastic strike from absolutely nothing. Kieran Divilly did well.


That is exactly what Scotland did not want to happen. It is the worst


time for it to happen. Scotland really have to pick themselves up


now. Look at the clock. You would not bet against the Irish getting


another strike before have time because they have pulled themselves


back to 9-4. That is exactly what they have done! More points for the


Irish from open play. The Scotland manager is not a happy man. The


clock is ticking. David Mitchell has told the Irish we are in


injury-time. We have played one points for Scotland. That is


Bartlett again. This is Bartlett from the touchline, this time. I


think the goalkeeper got his stick to it. It might have hit the bar


Scotland we make it. We will just checked these scores but this is


the latest. -- 11-5 to Scotland. That was off side. The player was


in before the ball. Yes, that was an offside decision, a correct


decision. And David Mitchell brings the first half to an end. It has


been scrappy in parts. There has been some very, very tough tackling


and some great skill from both sides with some great goalkeeping


he in particular. At half-time we have Scotland with one goal and


eight points, that is 11 points to Ireland's 5. From Scotland's point


of view it has been highly successful. We have to take


advantage of the opportunities. The striking of the ball has been


fantastic. Look at this first, very early on. Again from that side,


that is fantastic striking. Here is the Scotland goal, and huge hit


again. There is Finley MaCrae hitting it. The goalkeeper thinks


it is going over the bar but at the last minute it drops and goes in


behind him. It really is a fantastic goal. Do you see that


kind of goal very often in shinty? I think he was trying to put it


over the bar. It just dropped short at the last minute which surprised


the goalkeeper. Some great saves in the first half. Absolutely. Stuart


hits the ball through. He knocks it onto the bar and completes the


clearance. The goalkeeper just gets his step up here and it hits the


bar. That was at fantastic save. This one again. It is saved first


time. A diving save this time from the goalkeeper who knocks it wide.


There is the first stage. It seems like the Irish took quite a while


to warm up. They were guilty of missing a few chances as well.


were and they struck wide. All the points they tried to get where a


real points. Scotland were doing well to close them down at that


stage. Here is another one white. Here is at three coming in. -- a


free coming in. There are so many set-pieces it is vital you take at


least 50% of them. Joe Bergin on the gold sheet. Absolutely.


Unfortunately for Scotland it is right on the byline here. Joe


Bergin did fantastically well. This ball should have been turned and


shuttled over the byline but it was not. Neil did not know where it was.


That was a huge boost to Ireland because at that stage Scotland were


starting to move away from them. thought Scotland would win the game


and the CDs, but have they done enough? -- the CDs. I would say it


is anybody's guess. -- the series. Ireland were in ascendancy at the


end of the first half. They could step in and make up the difference.


Let us take leave of this international action just for the


moment. Last month was the Camanachd Cup final which turned


out to be an epic encounter between Newtonmore and Ross County. Let us


look at some of the action. -- Newtonmore inverses Kingussie. Per


Danny Macrae were the first chance. Great! And a goal! My goodness, a


across. Persistent play. A chance for Newtonmore again. Oh, yes, a


second goal! It is Stephen McConnell with a second for


Newtonmore. My goodness! Here is a chance for Kingussie. Fraser man


wrote with that magnificent strike for Kingussie to get Kingussie back


in the Camanachd Cup final. -- at the other end. Here he comes


again. Danny Macrae! Danny Macrae has had a quiet spell and he has


tired Newtonmore further ahead. is looking for a quick 12. --


acquit 1-2. Goal! It is Martin Dallas! He has scored Kingussie yet


another lifeline. It is the-2. Ross! Ross has done it again. -- 3-


2. What a goal! It is now 3-3. They are fighting for every ball. Here


is a chance! It is Danny Macrae! It is a Danny Macrae hat trick!


Newtonmore have won the Camanachd Cup for the first time in 25 years.


A great game that was. A bit of chat about the goal there from


Danny Macrae, a very, very fast goal, but was it the fastest of all


time? The referee of the Scottish Cup final had the fastest goal ever.


Here is that goal. The ball runs through, he just catches up with it


on time and that turned out to be the winning goal for Fort William


that day. Here we have a split screen to see who had the fastest


goal. We will find out very shortly. A huge coincidence that Derek went


on to referee the match. Derek Cameron wins it with 10.2 seconds.


There will be a lot of discussion in shinty circles about that.


think because Derek Cameron was refereeing that they he had to take


the time and put that down but he still holds the title for the


fastest goal in as Scottish Cup wind in the second half? Hopefully


the rain will not get any heavier. Though more wet the bald guts to


heavier it gets and the less it turns in the air. Ireland will be


hoping the wind keeps up to give them the chance to shoot from


longer range. At this stage it is anyone's game. It is down to who


takes their chances and he shows composure. It will be hugely


exciting. Will Scotland hang on? They can hang on, but I think


Ireland are probably favourites now. Let's get back to our commentary


series over the two Tests. We understand Scotland are going to


replace their goalkeeper, with Gavin Stobbart coming on. To my


mind Stewart MacKintosh was playing well. I don't think Stewart


MacKintosh did anything wrong. Maybe he picked up an injury, or to


give Gavin Stobbart a run out. He is a big presence in the back there.


Very noisy! We have wins and just a into the face of a stiff breeze.


Scotland lead by 11 points to five. I think Ireland will have the upper


Stewart. The flag is raised. He cleverly saw he was. No, it is a


corner. It will come back out for a free. The flag was raised, but that


seems to be an indication of where. Let's look at it again. Just a


That was easy for the Irish. That is just giving the ball way. Sean


Nicholson, no need for that. player was just told them on to his


stick. Again, not a great deal in it. The Irish will launch every


possible attempt now it because of the wind. Am sure they have been


drift. Keith MacRae is probably the best player in the game at


defending from the front. He has got a grip engine on him and he


will defend very well from the front. He has one man of the match


at under 21 and I'm glad to see him back on the park again. Norman


Campbell. He keeps it flat so the every loose ball and firing it back


pick that up. I'm sure the Irish coach was going to be making a lot


of noise to make sure that the referee sold that the shirt was


now, moving in packs. The goalkeeper has had to play the ball


and put it out for a corner. He did not have much option there.


Scotland's man of the match so far has to be Kevin Bartlett. He is a


real live wire up there and is doing really well for Scotland.


has got for free hits so far, Kevin Bartlett, but this time it is


Findlay MacRae. That is a huge hit. The wind held it up, though. The


goalkeeper gets down and back quickly. What a chance for


Scotland! It has gone wide. It is Bartlett. What was I saying about


him?! Famous last words. It felt perfectly to compare and he will be


dangerous area at this stage of the match is not good. Scott will not


will be disappointed at conceding that freed there. It is Willie


point for Ireland. Keeping the scoreboard ticking. With the wind,


it is ominous for Scotland. They need to get the ball in the met at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


their going to have any chance of still with the ball. Again, at big


challenge and half an Irish stake there. Good challenge from Neil


MacDonald here. Just trying to put him under pressure there. He was


pulling him back as well. This is Willie Hyland with another


chance. How often have we seen this, Ireland picking up the score. The


Scots have packed the goalmouth and Kizi goes for a goal, but he has


chipped it over. The two points entire island. 11 points to eat. It


is starting to look quite ominous for Scotland. I was quite surprised


that he went for that there. I thought he would have just flicked


moment. - - are just off the pace. There are three Irishmen that her


running the show at the moment. That has gone wide. In the midfield,


the Irish are running the show. should be hitting it out wide.


Stewart MacKintosh has come back on. I am not sure why they made that


decision, but they have got two very good goalkeepers. Scotland


foul there. Kevin Bartlett is against the wind for this freak,


but hopefully he can get another couple of points. Scotland could do


with getting the ball in the net. There are 30 minutes left in this


match, the second Test. That is another huge hits and another great


blow. Another two points to a Bartlett. That is his 5th


conversion of. Kevin Bartlett is doing this single-handedly. You


would maybe expect Gary Innes to be doing this, but Kevin Bartlett has


been fantastic. You just can't relax again the Irish attack.


Temple of the game is really high. - - but the tempo of the game is


each school would take three points of that lead. Willie Highland


flings it over the bar from open play. Another. Thailand. That is


another ball straight down the centre of the park. He had all the


time in the world to hit that over. That is just too easy for Willie


Hyland. Willie Hyland is becoming a bit of a thorn in the side of


Michael Rice, the captain makes it 13 points to 10. Ikea - - a great


the field there, it is a natural instinct for them to be all over


the Scottish player. That was packs. Gary Innes lets fly. That is


from open play. Gary Innes has added to his remarkable tally of


points for Scotland. That will do him the world of good putting that


over from there. It just shows you what at trendy Helmut will do! He


has not been in the game as much as deep. The rain has come, from left


to right so they have it in their face. They had the wind in their


faces and an increasingly strong there that probably didn't help.


was surprised there that the linesman asked him to do that. But


is just part of the game. Maybe the linesman did Scotland a favour


the pressure building. This is all about momentum for Ireland.


Scotland are not helping themselves because they keep dropping the ball


into the middle of the park and the Irish half-backs just keeps picking


it up. The need to get into the of a challenge here against the


wind. He might struggle to find the distance here. That would have had


the legs, if it was straight enough. He did find the distance, but just


slightly off. Big game is on. The Irish don't hang about. Their


natural inclination is to build up the pace of the game as we head


towards the final quarter. Just a little kick there. Sharp refereeing.


just a little bit too far. He is the player that we need to be


getting involved in the game as much as we can because he has been


very influential. We have a substitution about to take place


is the substitution for Scotland, Andrew Corrigan coming on for Gary


Innes. That is a bit of speed coming on there. Andrew is a very


quick player and he has got a Harkness to his game and this last


year or two where his tackling has standing appealing, because if the


referee does not blow his whistle, He is a very skilful player. He is


very creative from the centre of the park. He is doing very well. He


has got quite a few points. I think it is Brendan Maher who has picked


up an injury cure, and he has been very influential. When we get balls


into the wide areas for the likes of Kevin Bartlett, we to look


dangerous. Keith MacRae did make a little bit mistake thereby not


going after the ball when he Year award. -- Hurler of the Year.


He is certainly deserving of his place in the team. Now here is a


huge hit from the Irish. That is another point from open play to


Ireland, from the middle of the field, 14-11. Le CAT that launched


from the middle of the field. -- Look at that launched from the


middle of the field. That was the captain, Michael Rice. There is


appealing that the game could be slipping away from Scotland unless


they get another score. That is what the Scottish captain needs to


be doing in midfield. The Irish have lined up three players.


Mackintosh has to be very careful here. Again it is the same player


stepping forward and firing it from distance. I would not be surprised


if Scotland made a tactical change soon. They have really got to go


for it now. The ball goes out. That is at loose ball from Norman


Campbell. He knows he should have kept that in play. Scotland should


have kept the ball in play. At furrowed brow ooh. -- a furrowed


brow. Mayor will not be quite as used to the short grass of Bught


Park. -- Maher. Scotland will be making more changes. As a wild


swing by Bartlett, just a bit of experience showing here as the


Irish charge again. It is this thing of picking up the ball in


midfield. The only way to stop it is head on. You have to get tight,


tried to drive them into wider areas to try and cut the angles


down. Robbie Macleod of Kyles is coming off. The Irishmen are in


full flow. It is a wonderful sight, a fantastic display of athleticism.


The scene to go -- grow stronger. - - they seemed to grow stronger. It


is just impossible to get the ball off them when they start. This is


exhibition stuff from Ireland. man is having a very influential


game. He has just changed direction and knocked it in. It is just wide.


It is not all about power, it is about balance and peace and all the


rest of it. -- pace. There is Bartlett sticking with it and Roddy


Macdonald comes back. It does not quite reach John Stewart. Norman


Campbell driving out that mistake. A mistake by Joe Bergin who has had


his moments but it has not quite come off for a burden. He got that


goal in the first half but he was unlucky the year. -- unlucky there,


Joe Bergin. It has been an expensive weekend for the Irish in


terms of a broken timber. This time there are plenty more to choose


from. Each one is better than the last. Finley MaCrae, will his


effort be better than the last? Off it goes to the post. John Stewart


and again the Irish put it out. Will Bartlett go? Nobody is going


to take the ball off him. He has only one thing in mind, give me the


ball. He has done fantastically well for a young player. He has got


his confidence up and he is exactly who should be taking this three. --


free. Let's see where this one ends up. He has just shaved too much of


it. It is difficult against the wind brought. That's right. This


went is difficult. The interpretation of the referee also


plays a big part. -- this when it is difficult. -- wind. It has gone


out for a corner. That man thought he was playing shinty. He will be


disappointed. The corner is taken from midfield, just like a Rugby,


in line with where it crossed the line. Ireland have a chance. Over


it goes, home and Drew. That is another point to Ireland. Scotland


need to step up the pace. There are ticking away. There is Norman


Campbell. It is not his best afternoon. He had a very good first


half but it has been difficult in the second half. The Irish are


crowding the Scots in the same way as Scotland crowded the Irish in


the first half. There is a little bit of tiredness creeping in.


Finley MaCrae swinging through. The game is starting to slip away from


Scotland. Scotland to can charge best from 20 yards. A free-kick. 10


critical minutes for this series to be decided. Highland swings it a


long, since it wide, a lucky break for Scotland. Scotland charged that


down, they sent two men which put him off. Scotland are just not


getting it past midfield at the moment. They need to get a


goalscoring opportunity by taking advantage of the differences


between shinty and Harling. -- hurling. John Stewart does not want


to give a file away. -- foul. He does not get it far enough. Here is


Norman Campbell. He hit his own man with that one though. In midfield


Scotland have at platform to attack. I would not be surprised if Norman


Campbell stepped forward, he has. He is unlikely to have a shot at


goal. That would be outrageous tea even think of it. What do you


think? He might try to get it close and give someone else an


opportunity to hit at it. He could just drop it in in front of the


goal and try to get a goalscoring opportunity. As things stand,


Scotland could still win this series. It is a great ball from


Norman Campbell but again, Scotland going into the box before the ball,


they just cannot afford to give this away at this stage of the game.


An opportunity gone! They really need to focus towards the end of


the game. It was quite clearly offside. Now the ball is at the


other end. Norman Campbell quite clearly doing the business of. Here


comes Roddy Macdonald. Maybe that is what they need to do. Here is


MaCrae. Well closed. That is the difference for me in the second


half, the way the Irish have closed down on the Scottish players. He


still gets away with it. Two goes at it eventually. They are living


on borrowed time here. It is really a struggle now for them but you


never know which way this game is going to swing, not long now.


are six minutes to goal in the gathering gloom at. -- to go.


Bartlett fires it forward. He will want to keep it in play to create


more chances. There are two points in it. Meanwhile, the Irish have


not given up on this match, never mind the series. It is not over


until it is finished. There are five minutes to go. It is still


Scotland's sees if the score line remains as it is. It is that Tibet


there is no margin for error however. Mackintosh weights. He has


dropped it. It has gone over his head. I think, that is in the net.


There is uncertainty here. This is crucial. This is at really big


decision. If this is at goal the Irish have am bonus point. Let's


watch it. The ball drops. Mackintosh gets his hand. That for


me is at all. I think the player is offside. But the referee has given


the goal? No, he has taken the ball back to the medal. He has given de


Gaulle because he is restarting the game. -- she has given the goal. It


is complicated. In the blink of an eye Ireland have taken the lead. It


is now at 14 points to 15. We will have to take a look back at it just


to make sure who it was that launched that ball but it was down


has disallowed it but the referee has overruled that. It is a goal,


the score sheet shows it is at goal. It has turned the match and the CDs


in the favour of Ireland. -- the series. There are three minutes


left for Scotland to be retrieved best. After they hit to Scotland. -


- after they hit to Scotland. -- a free hit to Scotland. We have got


the calculator out. Scotland have to win by six points. Another goal


will win this for Scotland. Bartlett needs to get this on goal.


He has to go for gold here. He has fired it along the ground. It is


worried. Two minutes left. I think he dropped a bit of apps Manor


there. -- a clanger. He will be very disappointed with that. It has


worked out in Ireland's favour. Scotland desperately need a goal. A


goal is all it would take. They need the ball up the other end.


Ireland have got a bonus point because of their second goal which,


in addition to last week... Down to the left. We understand there will


be one minute of added time. In it comes from Scotland. Can they get


it on the goal? One goal would clinch it for them. Still a chance.


Bartlett to Gary Innes. A corner to Scotland. It was more than half a


chance. What an opportunity. That fill it to him to hit the target


and it just hit the player. What a defence. There are 30 seconds left


in regular time. I am not quite sure if that takes in the minute


extra. We have one minute of injury time. Up it goes from Scotland.


They need de Gaulle do get the bonus point. -- the gold -- the


goal. Ireland know they can still hold on here. They will throw


everything at it. It is another corner. Surely the last chance for


Scotland. They should bunched it here. If they can get a bit of


width when the ball is hit rather than just a static start. Now it is


a case of who is going to go for glory here? The Irish can pack as


many men as they want on the line. It is too far, it is worried. That


to me could be Scotland's last chance. -- it is wide. All eyes are


on the referee. It is too late for Scotland. The Irish have done the


business. In the very last closing period of what has been another


titanic struggle of Scotland and Ireland. It has been a very, very


brave effort. Scotland, it has to central in the game. There was a


slight mistake at the end there with the offside because Coleman


dearly. There was only one point in its, but it was enough because the


two gold the Irish have got today and the nine points to give them 15,


in addition to what they had last week against Scotland's one goal


and 11 points has given Ireland's did two Test series against


Such a disappointment for Scotland. And narrow victory for Ireland and


they take the series. Heartache for Scott and there at the death.


Absolutely. They got a fantastic start, and really in the second


half Ireland dominated and the ran out worthy winners. We are drawing


by the Scotland coach. How hard was that its it right at the end.


thought we had one of the series at the end there. All we had to do was


scored that goal at the ends, but it didn't happen. Let us show you


the goal of that won it for the Irish. Suspicions of offside.


own, it was just a mistake but the goalkeeper, unfortunately. It is


not offside. The referee made a good decision. A fantastic it as


well from Brendan may hand, but you must have been so gutted. No oh,


because if we had got another goal at the end we would have got the


bonus points and we would have won. We would have won the series.


are quite upbeat. The guys have left everything on the park. You


can't ask any more. A bid you assess their overall performance?


Disappointed in the second have. We not - - we did not manage to get


the ball down and show that we could play a bit of shinty. Well,


thank you very much and commiserations. Let's go to the


presentation. Well, it is the Irish who are going


to go up first of all to take the honours. Michael Rice is the


Ireland captain who will eventually take the honours, but some


confusion at the moment about he will lead them up. He has passed up


the chance to take the trophy because the captain is someone else.


We're waiting for the Irish captain. Michael Rice will eventually join


Alan Sutherland to pick up the cup. Don't worry about the Scottish


shirts, it is just that the Jersey's have been swapped. A bit


of Scottish chaos! It is all being dealt with in the best possible


nature. The Irish are delighted with their winner. Eventually we


had the winning captain, Michael Rice of Kilkenny will excepts the


cat on behalf of the Irish hurdlers who have taken the Test series. - -


hurlers. A big reception for the Irish who probably deserved it. An


disappointed Scottish team, obviously. They gave it their best


shot, but it wasn't quite enough. There is Michael Rice with the


silverware. The disappointment written all over the Scottish


team's faces. They know they had the chances. The inquest will


starts. Norman Campbell, the manager. The Irish are now coming


back for their medals, it seemed that they did not take them on


their first effort. The inquest on whether it was a goal or not will


go on long into the night no doubt. The other match officials now going


through taking their awards. Let's go down and rejoin Jonathan, who is


with the Irish captain, Michael Rice.


Michael, right at the debt you won it. You must be delighted. I am


delighted. We don't often get the chance to play for our country and


we really wanted to win. In fairness, Scotland started so tough


and they were really flying. We knew it was going to be very tough.


Agree it had from Brendan May and at the end. Yes, we needed a bit of


inspiration. What sort of opponents would the Scots? We have got the


goal here. Tammy how you were seeing it. I was just hoping it


would not go wide. We knew it was more difficult for the Scots to see


if at all like that than it would be for us because of our sticks. We


knew that had a chance. Fantastic stuff. You must be so proud to have


come over here and won it right at the death. This game is difficult,


the hybrid rules, is depressed much yes, it is. Use us all kicking the


ball, which is just second nature to us. Michael, well done today and


thank you very much. A final thought from me is that arrogant


deserted over the two matches. Scotland can take a lot of credit


because of their great start, but Ireland prepare with the stronger


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