Scotland v Ireland Shinty Hurling International

Scotland v Ireland

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Are come to Bught Park, where Scotland are taking on Ireland.


Today, it's all about this trophy, the Marine Harvest. After years of


Scottish dominance, the Irish have held the upper hand in recent


encounters. It has been tied. This could be it! That is a penalty,


surely? Given the corner... Ireland have won. This is certainly


let's that fly! It hangs in the balance. That was a fantastic


strike. Oh! He has dropped it. The The first test of the Shinty


Hurling International series here in Inverness. Scotland want revenge


after three years of misery at the hands of the Irish. Hello and


welcome to Bught Park in Inverness for one of the most feisty


international sports you will ever see. Here to guide us through this


afternoon are two men who have graced the turf several times,


Fraser Ingles and Gary Innes. Gary, you have been involved in this


since 1999 and you have not missed one year, except for this year.


What has happened? It feels terrible to be this side of the


white lines but I have been under a session too much. Other commitments


have taken away a lot more. Unfortunately, I had to pull out


for months ago, which is very disappointing but it's good to be


here in some part. We have got the sticks in front of us, it is a


strange fixture, two different codes against each other. You have


the Irish hurling stick? Yes, billed for playing in the air. Very


flat on the side and the other, quite easy to stop the ball but


then that way. Not so good for hitting the ball off the ground.


Considerably shorter than the shinty stick. Shinty players will


have to watch for that nasty metal band. You don't have to cover that,


that can give you a nasty injury. Gary, you have got your traditional


weapon of choice. Made of wood. It is a lot Thacker, and longer. So,


shinty is played off the ground and you have this loft to lift the ball


up. Great stuff. Slightly complicated but do not worry, we


will take you through the rules and you will not miss a thing.


Basically, it is like this. 14 players on each side and each have


lasts 40 minutes. Catching and kicking can only be done by the


goalkeepers. In terms appoints... One point for hitting the ball over


the bar from normal play. Two points for hitting it over the bar


from a free hit and five points for putting the ball into the back of


the net. That is a slight change to the rules. Last year it was just


three points. And what difference will that make? I don't think it


will make much of a difference to the result. The organisers are


trying to get more goals because the crowd wants to see spectacular


goals so hopefully today the teams of thing, let's concentrate on


getting goals, they are more enjoyable for everyone. Good


forward play and chances taken and points over the bar is good but


goals are what we're after. this is the first leg of two legs


and the second will be played next week over in Ireland. This is how


it works, two points for winning, one point for the draw. Bonus


points for scoring two or more goals in either game and in the


event of equality of match points and bonus points, the team at the


highest combined score from both games will be deemed the winner.


How are the Scotland team feeling? I spoke to the captain, Norman


Campbell. After a few years of recent Irish dominance, how do you


turn the tide? We have to be a bit more focused on what we're doing in


the last 20 minutes. We are losing the Games them. It isn't through


fitness, perhaps mental fatigue. We need to hold the ball up in areas


and waste some time in these areas where they can get the ball and


they are knocking the points of a consistently in the last 20 minutes.


We had been missing the game of the last few years with that. We start


strong. I think we have got the players in place today to do that.


It's like rule change, goals will give you five points. Does that


change things for Scotland? I think so. Shinty is a game that you want


to score goals in. That gives us a slight advantage. We have discussed


that and that is part of the tactics. If it does not go away and


the boys are not confident, we will drop the short play and go for the


five points. Best of luck. Cheers. The teams are about to make the way


onto the pitch with the Inverness pipe band leading the way very


shortly. Things about to get underway. It is a great atmosphere.


Every year. The teams are just coming out. In terms of Scotland,


who will be the key players? Kevin Bartlett is superb. He made his


debut last year and ended up in the points, the top scorer for Scotland.


They will want him to emerge again today. Scotland have experience and


they need this new talisman. Hopefully Kevin can perform that


role. A and the Irish, how much do we know about them? The really big


star is Tommy Walsh. Nine consecutive All Star titles, nobody


has ever done that before. Babel want him to lead by example but


they also have Shane Dooley. They also have men from a minor clubs


and they will want to come and make a name for themselves. Things are


about to get started. Let's get on with the action. Gary Innes has


left us to go to the commentary box and he joins up with Hugh Dan


Always a great sense of occasion as the Irish arrive. And a great sense


of anticipation. Admiration for the skills they bring but for the Scots,


there is apprehension for what is to come. The President of the


Camanachd Association, Archie Robertson, Allan Sutherland from


Marine Harvest, and Marty McEnvoy. And Jock Turner, the man from Kyles


Athletic. Welcoming the teams. That pipe band warming up the


proceedings. It is damp underfoot and try overhead, thankfully.


Torrential rain in Inverness yesterday and overnight. It shall


make the conditions difficult. Gary Innes has galloped across the field.


We shall have a word. We can just see what implication that will have.


The teams lining up. For the national anthems. It is always a


great part of the occasion. As you watch the main field. Both teams


lined up in the middle. Ready to take their tune. This is liable to


be a fiercely contested match. The Scottish anthem will be sung by UN


Dougal Robertson. He will give us Flower of Scotland. If you could


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 72 seconds


all be up standing for the national now, Iwan Roberts in will take us


O Flower of Scotland. When will we see your like again? That fought


and died for your wee bit hill and glen. And stood against him, Proud


Edward's army. # And sent him homeward to think again. Those days


are past now And in the past they must remain But we can still rise


And stood against him, proud Edward's army. And send them home


word. To think again. Come on, team, today, three men strong at


the back, Norman Campbell, Donald Irvine from Kyles Athletic. The


busy midfield will be tested. Up front, Jon Stewart would be


expected to bulge of the net. With Kevin Bartlett. Where will the


goals come from? You talked about Jon Stewart, he is a massive threat.


And Kevin Bartlett. Heath McRae, we shall see goals aplenty. And the


Irish team, well, there are big names. Top class. Tommy Walsh at


the back. -- Shane Dooley and Patrick Horgan will provide the


defenders with the ultimate test. Shane Dooley has scored seven of


the last 10 goals from Ireland. He shall be a very big day part.


substitutes, just four of them on the bench for Ireland. In Scotland,


they include Niall MacPhee. Rolling substitutes. Coming I'm going for


all of the 80 minutes. Both managers will make full use of all


their players. They will have to. Tough conditions. And tough for the


referee. Billy Wotherspoon. He is taking charge of an international


for the first time. He will have one heck of an afternoon keeping up


with this lot. BT minutes of mayhem. Scotland are shooting towards


Inverness, towards the town, for those of you who know that.


Conditions underfoot? Very slippery. We have had a lot of rain in the


north and especially in Inverness. I think we shall see it showing up.


And some of the boys slipping. will keep you posted. On all of the


rules and the changes. And the difference from this year and last


year. The big difference being five points for any goal. The difference


the ball is thrown up words between both players in the centre. For the


hybrid, Compromise Rules, the ball is thrown in, more like the


beginning of a hockey match. Scotland in their traditional blue


colours. Getting from left to right. Ireland, in their traditional green,


lining up with two in the middle. Billy Wotherspoon is the man with


Piccadilly Circus in the middle of the field. An Irishman coming out


at the last minute. Joseph Clarke is the missing one from the


triumvirate in the middle. He came on. And from now, anything could


happen. It is Scotland to move the ball forward. The Irish taking some


time to adjust. John Stuart, the late addition to the Scottish squad,


hugely experienced. Whether he will be able to use his pace on this


sticky surface, we will have to shinty hurling is that the ball is


in the air for more of the time. That is a good long ball. This is a


test of the Scottish defenders. Facing an aerial bombardment. There


was the clash of the ash. Unfortunately for Stephen MacDonald,


he has come across the player, and that is a clear for all. This gives


the Irish the chance for two points. If he hits it into the back of the


neck, then it is five points. But, this is a good opportunity for


Ireland to get on the scoresheet. If he rolls and jabs it, Stephen


McDonald is ready for the charge, that is a role on the jab, and that


is one point, a single point to violence. This is a difficult to


run Scotland, if they give early fouls in this area, they will kill


it. Some inexperience showing there. He will have been warning his


players not to give away fouls in crucial positions like that. But I


am sure that he will find his feet and rectify that. Or almost


immediately, a pat the other end, Scotland have a chance. -- up at


good. The perfect response from Scotland. Stephen Bartlett from


Caberfeidh got 10 points last year. That is two points for Scotland,


straight over the bar. Outstanding response for Scotland. Because that


was hit from a dead-ball, he gets two points for pitting that over


the bar. But because the Irish rolled and jab, it was one point.


This is the difficulty for Scotland, and that is a goal. The goal, for


Patrick Horgan. The challenge for Scotland is when the Irish get the


ball up on the stick, when you are choosing them, it is almost


impossible. All were the top, that was a beautiful flick, and he just


gets it on the end of the stick, like a big frying-pan, and he just


pats that in. Look at how he put the ball up, and at pace, and


because the defender was behind him, he had no option. The first goal,


passes the Scottish players by, because the Irish hit the ball so


long, and so hard. There is very little wind to worry about. Norman


Campbell has been pushed forward by the Scots, you would not expect to


see him in the back three. Billy Wotherspoon is going to have worked


with John Stewart. There will be no prisoners taken. I absolutely,


bought side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Billy Wotherspoon is


having a work. -- word. Good refereeing in the early stages,


because it takes a while for the players to adjust to the pace and


intensity of the match. Each half, five minutes longer for the Irish,


and five minutes shorter for the scores. -- Scots. This is


unfortunately a dangerous area, even though it is far out. They


will hit that ball up to 90 yards. It will be interesting to see it


appears when to strike the ball from that position. It looks as if


he's eyeing up for a goal, so it'll be interesting to see if he goes


for the short. He gave it everything he had. And that was


passes together. That was crucial o'clock and 2 o'clock. The club


must not come further down than 2 o'clock or further back than 10


o'clock. The shinty players are pulling the stick back more and


trying to intimidate the howling midfield, trying to soak up the


pressure. -- moving in pairs. That is a good point, Patrick Horgan


again, from open play. He has done that week in, week out, for years,


and nice, easy flick over the bar for a 0.4 Ireland. He just -- a


point for Ireland. That was a great effort by John Stewart, and a great


save by Bernard Rochford in the Irish goal. You gotta stick on it.


There are no core Mars, of course. -- he got a stick on it. And there


relentless. Moving it up the wings, but again, there is a spare


Irishman there. This is Norman Campbell all the way from that


field, he has given that everything. You see the goalkeeper, Bernard


Rochford, catching that quite comfortably. Norman has been pushed


up for his large hitting, to try to put it over the bar from 65 yards.


The Scots have half a chance, Bernard Rochford is on the ground,


and a good saved. Keith Mack Gray from Kinlochshiel, almost turning


it in. -- Keith McRae. He cannot do much more than that. That was a


great save. As I was explaining before, there is no corner. Two


Irishman on the line covering their goalkeeper. I think he's going to


have a go at goal, here. Just over the bar, beautiful golf swing, but


he is just wide. That would have looked good on the Newtonmore golf


course! It was just wide of the open spaces of the Bught Park. That


was clever, that change of direction from Bartlett, dropping


it in front of Stuart. Plenty of Scots here, and that is a chance,


but again, it is white. -- wide. Plenty of possession for Scotland,


which is encouraging. This is the difference just now, the Irish have


not missed any chances, and Scotland have missed a couple so


they start -- have to start topping up the scoreboard, before the Irish


start doing the same at the other end. There is John Stewart, but


to play off the ground again. The ground howling is an increasingly


used feature of the Irish team. -- ground hurling. The Scots, not


happy with that decision. I think that he actually kicked it if we


have a look. It was just his for it. In the Irish game, it is perfectly


acceptable to kick the ball and dragged along. This is another


chance for the Irish. It is Patrick Horgan from Cork. He will either


dropping short, or dropping over the bar. He has rolled and jabbed


it. And the flag is up. That is a single point. Patrick Horgan is


becoming a thorn in the site for Scotland. -- in the side.


cannot give the Irish position there, because that is a guarantee


point. Scotland need to get themselves sorted out. John Stewart


is experienced up front, at keeping the ball low, and this is where


Scotland have their biggest opportunity. We are directly in


line with that and we can see it dropping over the bar from the dead


ball. They have said that that was wide, and that thing I would like


to have a look at that again. Let us have a look at that again. That


looked to me, let us have a look again, and that is clearly between


the posts. We were in the perfect position format, so that is an


injustice for Scotland. Who do we speak to? We need to get this


sorted quickly! Big Norman is not the sort of guy that you would like


to rob or two.S. -- of two points. Here is Kevin Bartlett from the


cameras. Well, this could be an important talking point at the end


of the game. Definitely. Two. Going missing for Scotland. The rest of


the team have not seen that. They are just focused on the game. The


game goes on. Occasionally, the referee will allow that if it is


accidental. Kevin Bartlett terms that in. Acres of space. Bringing


the goalkeeper into play. They did not get that away. The Scots are


getting into the front part of the field with plenty of possession but


they need to be more correct on the goal, I would say. The Irish get


that away. But... Shane Dooley. There are positions in hurling but


then you have the top class players, Shane Dooley, for example, he can


play anywhere. Everywhere. As I say, there are no key positions. They


have areas and they seemed to wander off and make themselves


available for their team-mates. Scots dropping the short ball,


obviously the tactic to drop the short ball in front of the keeper


and make him play. Three Scots Irish. Just a little bit wild about


the swing. Brendan Murtagh. One of the more experienced players. He


knows what it is about. One handed. I'm not sure if there was anything


wrong with that. It was possibly from the hand at the back. This


gives Neil MacDonald an opportunity. Two. To Scotland. Eight points for


Ireland. The referee, Billy Wotherspoon, asking the Irish who


charged at the Scottish free kick. You have to be 20 yards away when


taking a free hit. It takes a brave man. Yes. Especially with shinty,


the ball will be coming up law. In hurling, they flick it upwards.


Much more chance of a hurley player managing to stop the ball. McDonald


will send this to the other end of the field. Again, dropping at short


into the danger area. It takes a brave man to go up for that ball.


Interested me, in the Irish game, when they're playing, they will put


their stake up to bring the ball down. In the last couple of years


and hurling, you can see, they all wear helmets and face cards. That


is compulsory, now. Yet there are two players out there... In action


again. And he has done it again. Patrick Horgan's pace, that is the


key thing. He has got the second goal for Ireland. Beautiful. It


dropped, there. But let Macintosh with no chance. -- it left


Macintosh. He had the presence of mind to change his mind and because


he was so fast, he just managed to readjust. That gives Ireland the


bonus in terms of the series because they have a second goal.


That takes him into a pretty comfortable lead. Norman Campbell.


He will need something of the inspiration. Because the Irish have


not even brought Tommy Walsh into the game, much. Why do they have to


win they have someone like Patrick Horgan rattling the scoreboard. No.


18, that is our man. Mr Walsh. Stephen McDonald has pumped it up.


Dealt with beautifully down the wing. Good passing. From the Irish.


And good defence from the Scots. Campbell moving back. His team-mate,


Steven MacDonald. And again, it is wide. You really have to be on


target, you cannot squander any chances. The Scots making an early


change. You cannot squander any chance but Scotland seemed to be


hitting the ball using John Stewart as the danger man. Rather than


using the wings and keeping the ball low. He has taken a knock on


the hand. He has gone off. Donald Irvine coming off. Mark MacDonald


coming on. I think it is an injury. No. 8, Niall MacPhee. These are


tactical adjustments. Ireland also making a change for an injury.


Steven Clynch, I think it is. He is coming on. Norman Campbell,


meanwhile, is trying to get on with things. The referee blows.


Substitute. Barry McFall coming off. The Antrim man. I think that is an


injury. Steven Clynch is coming on. Donald Irvine looks like he has


taken a knock. Steven Clynch has come on for the Irish. There is


absolute mayhem. Norman Campbell isn't having a good day. He just


lost the 10 metres that he's the Irish. A leading to players up


front. -- leaving two players. John Barr. He did not catch that as well


as he would have liked, giving Ireland and opportunity. Plenty for


Drew McNeil to ponder. He knows that he has got... There is no-one


real place that they are breaking down, they are strong, all 14, the


Irish. Very difficult for any manager to pick some key location


to break down. Anyone there's Ben has given a file. -- Billy


Wotherspoon. Neil McManus, from Cushendall. You would be looking


for Kevin Bartlett to have a shot at goal? No, far too many people in


his way. Get this over and give Scotland two.. He duly delivers.


That was a good strike. Two points for Scotland. Kevin Bartlett. And


that was a good strike. Nice and clean and very steady. Straight


down the line. Perfect. Scotland 4 points, Ireland, 13. That was


careless. You don't want to do that just as his score. He should know


better than that, he is a very experienced international. That


gives Ireland another opportunity. Guess who? That man, Patrick Horgan.


He can roll the ball onto his stake and wanted over. Coming as a lines


man to give this one a mess? -- can we ask the lines man. That gives


him the chance to try again. Stephen McDonald is trying to put


Patrick Horgan off as much as you can and he actually did miss that.


But because he went early, the referee has pulled it back. He gets


another chance. Meanwhile, Stephen McDonald is going to charge from 20


yards. Trying to put him off. And it worked! Well done, Steven


MacDonald! After all that. That just shows you, it is all about


using the rules, they are there to we used. That was pretty close as


well! Giving a chance to Scotland, this time. Becoming just a little


bit broken. We need the net bulging once again. Where is it going to


come from? The wonderful thing for Scotland is they have for brilliant


forwards. They don't seem to have had the opportunity get. -- it yet.


Two points. That was a beautiful strike. That was like Rory McIlroy!


That was a beautiful strike. That is better. Another two points for


Scotland. The scoreboard is ticking over, which is a good thing. It


would take over faster if they could get five points. Finlay


MacRae, looking for Keith MacRae. Down again. Just a little bit too


clever, I fear. It has worked, across into the middle. That was a


good ball. And that quick whip gets it away. And it looks as if Walsh


has taken a bad one. Tommy Walsh has taken a knock on his legs. At


the other end, the play rages on. Patrick Horgan takes off. From open


play... Sending it over the bar for one point. From open play.


cannot give the Irish any chance. Here we have the All Star, Tommy


Walsh, limping. I am not exactly sure what has happened but perhaps


we can come back to that. This is a man who broke Gary Innes's knows, I


detect some sympathy for his injury?! I am sure he did not mean


that. Tommy Walsh, from a standing start. Straight in the front door,


Norman Campbell. Over the half-back line, that is always the key. Loads


of skill. Deft touch. And the Irish have conceded the front third. They


Campbell, given the chance to get his first points. Well, Norman


Campbell has given Steven MacDonald short shrift. If this goes over the


bar and they do not give it, I will be out of this box, giving words!


David Smart coming on for Scotland. Keith MacRae coming off. Norman


Campbell is having to wait. Which is a good thing. The Irish have


also changed. No. 7 is coming on. Shane Fennell. And Darragh


O'Connell has come off. Norman Campbell has launched one. No doubt.


He is wide. Again, has he fallen between two schools? Would she have


been better dropping that in front of the keeper? He has done this


many times before. He has to go for the goal. Scotland need to keep the


scoreboard going. Especially because of the distance. The Irish


can pick the ball out of the air so easily. Here we have another


opportunity. S Steven MacDonald puts this one over, well, I think...


With his range, it will not be an issue. He will fancy that. That is


the halfway line. Just outside the tunnel. He did not catch that one.


That has dropped to Tommy Walsh. There is more than capable. Stephen


McDonald, shortly -- slightly unorthodox shot on that one! Look


at few Irishmen are up and thus have? -- out how few Irishmen are


up in this half. The Gary Innes Another opportunity. This loose


swing by Norman Campbell has cost them dearly, I suspect. Both have


gone for the ball. It isn't Norman Campbell he is the issue. It is the


other a Scotland player. Easy, easy Inverness, after an appalling week


of rain and desperate weather. You would not have put much money on it


being a pleasant afternoon, but it is gorgeous. Half-an-hour of the


match gone. Another chance for Stephen MacDonald who is having


something of a personal duel at the moment. Again, this is becoming


wasteful. That is exactly what is happening just now. That is


something Scotland need to start looking at. Scotland have made


another substitution as well, but it is becoming something of a waste,


so they need to address that. is Neil McDonald going off. And


substitution in midfield again. Drew McNeill looking for something


different to test the Irish. It is by no means a lost cause, nowhere


near it, but, again, you have to be disciplined and the tackle. Both


sets of players know how to handle themselves. It might look like they


are swinging at each other, but they know exactly what they are


balls and the tills. -- in midfield. Again, Stephen MacDonald penalised.


He claims that he is going for the ball. The first one was John Barr.


The end, here we go, we see Stephen MacDonald coming in. There was


nothing wrong with that, in a shinty hurling, that is completely


acceptable. We have a free for the Irish. It is the interpretation of


whether or you can reach the ball, you have to be within reach to make


a legitimate swing. That is the deal. We haven't I the substitution,


number 19. -- we have an Irish substitution. Good to see a big


crowd at the Bught Park here. to come on. Brendan Murtagh is one


points before half-time - that would be very helpful. Mackintosh


can only look, because that goes completely over the bar again.


Irish seem to just keep picking away at the points in these games,


over the years. Scotland need a goal to get themselves back into


this game. It would certainly give Norman Campbell in midfield is


working, because the game is passing him by at the moment.


midfield often gets passed by because of the huge hits out of


defence, and Norman has picked up clear of the year again as a


defender, so Drew McNeil will possibly have to start looking at


that. His hitting is not being used. That struck the Irishman Darragh


O'Connell Right Hon the Helmut. If he had not been wearing it, it


would have laid him out flat. -- was absolutely effortless by Reidy.


So Scotland have to try and close down, even from the fall was. --


away from us for what thought, and that is a big injury for the Scots.


Daniel Cameron is down. His helmet has taken a whack. It was just as


he went down. It was not the original collision. He's feeling


his groin, the way he fell. It's possible his studs caught. I think


maybe that the studs caught, and he has caught that up the inside of


his leg. He might be speaking in a higher voice for the rest of the


Campbell. Interestingly, Norman did not look like he was trying to hit


it over the bar, but to put it wide for John Stewart, but there was


just a little bit too much pace. Remember, it is 40 minutes each way,


in this compromised Rules match. The Irish have dominated in terms


of the scoring. From open play, that is wide again, but that is the


best shinty move that Scotland are put together. It is the first tour


three balls that have been played on the ground. Unfortunately, he


has just put that wide, but, if Scotland can keep the ball and


moving down the wing they can be effective. Maybe this Office is


trying out, and that will suit their hand up to keep the Sun out


of their eyes. So the sunlight is becoming an issue as well. There is


an opportunity from the touchline. Stephen Macdonald of Newtonmore is


coming over. He fancies a pop from the site. For Norman Campbell it is


not quite at the level it could be. He has disappeared over to the


left-hand side. He will take a nosebleed if he goes much further


forward! A smite thee a tactic if Stephen was to drop a short, but he


knows what he is going to do. the final minute of the first half,


he has kept it in play, cuts it across, and John Stuart just about


got there. For Scotland now, there was a chance. That is while they,


they are looking for a goal before half-time. -- that is why they. One


minute of injury time, we understand. As long as the ball


remains in play, Scotland have a chance. The Irish, cleverly keeping


it for themselves. We now have shadows on the pitch, as the Sun


comes out. Absolutely beautiful. And Billy Wotherspoon brings a


dramatic a staff to an end. That was a very tidy Irish performance


which has seen them score two five pointers. And Patrick Horgan of


Cork has kept the scoring going. He has got everything, popping them


over, with almost nonchalant ease. this first half, to say the least.


I am joined by the former Scotland international Fraser Inglis.


Ireland dominated. Two bookable goals. Ireland have been solid, not


giving anything away at the back. Scotland have competed well but


need some composure in front of goal to get the scores back again.


I am joined by the Irish joint- manager Michael Walsh. You must be


delighted with that first half. They have performed very well in


the first half. Scotland have missed quite a few chances. Patrick


Horgan having a tremendous game. is very sharp, he has come off with


an injury, but hopefully, he will be low-key. But that is down to the


hard work of the rest of the players out on the field. If we can


keep the same momentum and the same spirit going, we will be very happy.


Well done, so far, thank you for joining us. Patrick Horgan the


dominant player in that first half. You must have been impressed by him.


Very classy, the way that he took the goals. Look at the composure to


put the ball up in the air and then knocking over Stuart McIntosh. An


extremely well taken goal. With the five points, he went for the goal


and he got the goal, that was a great start for Ireland, then he


broke away, he went to volley it, he checked and readjusted himself


and put it into the net. It was just too far out for Stuart


McIntosh to get at it. scoreline looks ominous for


Scotland, but, the way that the goals are now, five points for the


goal, so Scotland are suddenly right back in it and it is game on.


And it could have been better for Scotland in that first half. There


was some controversy. Norman Campbell took one that was


definitely over the posts. It is difficult for the linesman to look


up at the right time and get it, but that was a legitimate for two


points for Scotland. Ireland had won that they did not get, so maybe


it evens itself out. I think Scotland are shooting from to find


out. They should play the ball in and might get a goal, at least put


the Irish defence under pressure but when you are hitting it from


that far out and putting it wide, you're not asking any questions of


the Irish defence. But these will be against Scotland now has they


will have to play the ball short, and get it to the forwards. We can


take a break from the International at the moment, and think about the


Camanachd Cup final from last month. Kyles Athletic took on Inveraray.


Some great Cup finals in that competition in recent years, but it


was fair to say that this topped Inveraray! The Kenley! The danger


area. Right in front of the goal. McDonald causing trouble. Roddy


Macdonald has done it! At the Roddy McDonald is the way. All the


way! Roddy McDonald from Kyles Athletic has turned the tables on


Inveraray with that magnificent and has struck back! With that


sublime finish, again. Giving Kelly Macdonald no chance. Four goals in


20 minutes in the Camanachd Cup Final. Inveraray again! Oh! That is


the third goal for Inveraray. This time, Chris Crawford. Karin


McPherson, plenty of time. On the chase. Killed in an instant. He


finds David McPherson. Another goal for Inveraray! It is that man,


McKinley. Kyles Athletic. Out comes MacPherson. The flag is up. The


goal judge has got his flag up. He fearsome on his good side. Goal!


Oh! Derek Ferguson! What a great strike! -- Gary McPherson! My


goodness! Macdonald! Anything he can do, Fraser MacDonald can more


than match. 5 - 4! Here it comes again. Fraser MacDonald, he will be


happy. Macdonald! Oh! Unbelievable! The 10th goal of an unbelievable


Camanachd Cup Final. And a hat- Macdonald! And a goal for Kyles


Athletic. His 4th goal. This is What a game that was. Hugh Dan


MacLennan had to sit in a darkened room for a week afterwards. An


incredible Cup Final? There have been very exciting finals over the


past couple of years and that had the most number of goals. The


defending was not the best but that made for a very exciting final. No


matter what the score is, Kyles Athletic can come back and when.


Body McDonald, it is goals that Scotland needed in this second half.


Why is he not involved? He could not attend any of the training


sessions and to refer to the management team, you have to go for


the boys that are committed to the training sessions and he could not


make it. These guys are amateur, they are playing for their pleasure


and they have also got full-time jobs. It is a big commitment.


have the commitment to their club and they are being asked to do more


for International. I mentioned Kevin Bartlett at the start and he


showed up quite well, particularly against Tommy Walsh. But it is


always teamwork. Today they have to use teamwork to break through this


Irish defence and if they can do that, another goal, there is a long


way to go. It's about to get started for the second half. Gary


Hugh Dan McLelland. Ireland now what the sun on their backs,


playing from left to right. Mayhem ensues in the middle of the park.


It is now at all about Scotland digging deep and trying to find


some way to abolish the Irish net. Able get five points for a goal, an


increase on it harder from last year. Looking at the back of


Scotland, Norman Campbell has been drafted back into defence. Jon


Stewart up front. Kevin Bartlett, another key player. Jon Stewart is


amazing if you get the ball to his feet. He has not had the service so


far today. Campbell. His more favoured role. This is where he has


produced his Man of the Match performances before. He seemed just


a little bit lost. There are a couple of changes in the Irish team.


This will be quite difficult for the Scotland defenders. The sun is


very strong in their eyes. The Irish are playing with the high


balls. We might see some mistakes being made by the Scotland defence.


Number 10, Tommy Walsh, has come back on, the legend that he is.


Just below us in the commentary position. Number 10, Neil McManus,


from Cushendall. Norman Campbell deals with that. Ably assisted by


his team-mate, McDonald. The danger man, Patrick Horgan. This is more


like what we expect Norman Campbell to deliver. Looking for Jon Stewart.


That little push on the back give Scotland the free kick. He should


know what it is about. You cannot put your hand on the back. Kevin


Bartlett should step up and put Scotland into position with the


first points in the second half. is hitting directly into the sun,


which does not help. Or the referee, watching where the ball will go.


And again, that is wide. From there, Gary... He will be very


disappointed with that. Scotland need to be putting points in from


that area. He knows that there is nothing worse than that. You can


expect it yourself, easy to put over the bar but it does not happen.


We will see him again on the scoresheet again. This is a huge


problem for Scott and, as soon as the Irish launch the ball, the


Scottish players put their hands to their eyes. They cannot see the


ball. Mackintosh has put on his cap. That is how much of a glorious


afternoon it is. We cannot excuse the two points that Norman Campbell


lost. But that will be a talking point as the match goes on. That


would have taken them two. Closer. Steven MacDonald, made field.


Certainly capable. That has gone to the left of the post. And that has


gone wide again. Jon Stewart went up there. He amazingly lost his


front for teeth last weekend. It is great to see him there today.


cannot justly that hanging. How did he do that? Chilling too many


sweets! It was a friendly first and Shane Dooley. I think he might have


used the other end of the stick. He put his hand halfway down. The if


he had got a little bit of a connection on that, just at the


last minute. Mackintosh was in no man's land. At the other end, there


area. Scholl went mad raking at again it has gone white. And


quickly, McIntosh gets the ball out. Scotland trying to raise the pace


away. That was a good chance into the middle. Oh! You would have put


your mortgage on Shane Dooley, the man who has obliterated Scotland in


recent years, on getting that. It just went wide, unfortunately. That


was a good chance. Very good chance. Thank goodness for the Scotland


team, he was on target this time. That is right over. And that has


gone wide. That must have been all of 19 imagers. -- metres. There is


a huge crowd. It is a glorious afternoon at Bught Park. That was a


huge shot, keeping the pressure on the Scottish defence. He just came


round the back of his team-mate. Scotland keeping the ball in play


more this second half, stringing the passes together. Kevin Bartlett


away across to the far side. Tommy Walsh having a difference of


opinion. That little kick from Tommy Walsh. Limping slightly.


Shaun Nicolson, we have not seen much of him. We should see him


going wide and been more involved in the game. I am not so sure how


long Tommy Walsh is going to survive because he is limping


heavily. Two changes, 11 and 13 for Scotland. Louis Munro. And Keith


MacRae. David Smart coming back off. Norman Campbell being sent back


from whence he came. Not having the best of afternoons. The game has


just passed him by. The Scotland captain, as well. He could be one


to get involved as much as he can. The son is a problem, as we can see.


To the left. Looking for Kevin space. It returns to the midfield.


The Scots just about manage to keep it in play. Good chance here for


Scotland, and just wide. A different approach from the Scots,


much more of a passing game. That was a brilliant ball in from John


Nicholson, he turned, and that was just wide. Great effort from Keith


McRae. Another six inches and you would be looking at a different


result. The Irish keeper was forced into diving, but now, at the other


end, the Irish have headed wide. That is increasingly difficult for


people to pick the ball out of the action, with the autumn sunshine.


Just as the Sun goes down, for those of you who know Inverness, at


the Ice Rink end of the field. Scotland making another change. No.


14 coming on, that is the Callum McIntosh out of the game, but John


Bach covers his team-mate. -- John Barr. Billy Wotherspoon has given a


foul to Scotland. The hand and a back, again. This is very close.


Today Norman Campbell back to the position we think he should be.


would expect and hope that Bartlett could get something out of this.


Looking for five points is ambitious, he will have to take the


two points, or roll it in, he will have his orders. That is more like


Scotland back on the scoreboard. Beautiful strike. We have a perfect


view, from behind. The Sun has gone down behind the hills now, that


for the Irish launches 1 at Macintosh. And you can see that


dripping pass. That is unusual for the Irish because they usually have


a metronomic rhythm from that sort of distance. You could see, he went


further two points. -- for the two Walsh. Kevin's stick is in Tommy


Walsh's chest at this point. He is looking to the referee for some


support and the referee is having none of it. And a little bit of


From Walsh. Toward Stephen MacDonald. And Tommy Walsh is


taking no nonsense. The referee saw it, he was looking straight at it.


You can see exactly what happened going well for his first


Norman Campbell keeping it in play, and Stephen MacDonald sense it up


the left, looking for John Stewart, Again, Ireland have enough men back


to get the ball away. Scots playing in twos. Picking up more of the


Giving Scotland the chance to launch another attack. It is a two


points, they have got to keep it in it very difficult for the Scottish


defenders. The chase is on. Clever tactic by the Irish, one player


flicking it up for the other to the face of the goal, Patrick Maia,


Tipperary man. -- Maher. Poetry in motion, the Irish, when they are at


full flight. There is nothing like it, an Irishman at full tilt with


men, John Stewart with a chance, he flicks it through, chance for


Scotland, it was a chance for Scotland, but the goalkeeper


Bernard Rochford did well. And Stuart Pettit white again. Two


chances in succession to John Stewart. Sean Nicholson could not


believe the time that he had. Another great bowl in. He has


missed that, cuts back across, and John Stewart bangs it just wide.


That is one of the only chances we have seen Scotland have in front of


goal, this whole match. Barrie McCall has come on to her island. -


- on for Ireland. Darragh O'Connell chance. -- foul. Scotland seeking a


quickly, moving the ball, passing it up the wing to next day, that


turns and fires it, but he is wide again -- McPhee. How many more


chances are Scotland going to squander? That was, at best,


heading for one., so that is another wasted opportunity. It goes


down as another chance. Ciaran worst places to give away a free it


to an Irishman. Very dangerous, 25- 30 yards out. The Irishman Cripps


himself up, he kicks himself on the back of the leg. -- trips himself.


The Irish have not scored and the second half, but Patrick Horgan is


about to change that. He flicks that up, and it is just over the


bar, single point to Patrick Gordon. -- Patrick Horgan. Horgan has


Scotland, dear me, that was Sean Nicholson, John Stewart created it,


and Shaun Mickelson missed it. -- Nicholson. That was down as a save.


He did well. That goes down as a good save rather than a miss.


Stephen McDonald a with a chance, the corner taken from 65 metres.


Eases it in and, again, it is wide from Scotland. Scotland have had


their chances. They certainly have. Each year, this happens. It is a


difficult thing under pressure to get it consistently over from that


distance when we are not used to that as part of the game. I have to


say, I thought I Niall MacPhee's swing was under way, and I do not


think that he could have pulled out of it. It is a swing the Irish


player is not used to. He would not be used to the stick coming at him


at that angle. I do not think in any shape off-form there was any


malice or intent, because the swing from Niall MacPhee was well under


way before the Irishman appeared. And unfortunately for Rhyl he


caught cull Square on the ankle. -- unfortunately for him he caught him


on the ankle. They are not used to defending themselves. In shinty you


would have gone with a block between you and they swing. It is


the thick this and soullessness of the Camanachd as well. As long as


Billy Wotherspoon is giving it as a was giving that up to Ireland, but


he has yet to score one. Barry McFall is fine. Just a little bit


sore around the ankles. Paddy Reidy coming back on. Norman Campbell


just having a look and see, they are carrying on at the moment.


was a good save. From Keith MacRae. That was a good effort. Scotland


have it. Gets it across again. The keeper catches it. Sends it long


and hard. That was good. That is twice that he has saved the Irish


in the last few minutes. Not over yet. Finlay MacRae. Here he goes.


Into the heart of the Irish defence. And they get it away. Niall MacPhee.


With that long, high ball. That will count. And a point. This is


how the keeper kept them in it. He has had a good couple of minutes.


Good pace. Pushes it wide. Maybe Niall MacPhee isn't the man you


would want at the end of that but he has done the business.


cannot say anything better than that. The Big Man takes it in his


stride and puts it straight over the bar. 9 - 17. Further


substitutions below us. Paudie Reidy is now on, number 19.


Scotland have been outscoring Ireland in the second half, not by


much. They have added three points to their total. It is a bit of a


moral victory at this stage. 9 - 17, and a goal would bring them much


closer at five points. But the Irish have a chance, here. Patrick


Horgan. He has done just about everything for the Irish. Off it


goes and that was a beautiful strike again. Another one. He picks


it up, looks at the spot. Kate said quite low. But beautifully struck.


-- keeps it quite low. Nine - 18. The Irish raiding, comfortably. As


things stand, enough to pick up the Queen's harvest -- Marine Harvest


Cup. 15 minutes left. Or thereabouts. Still plenty of time.


But the last 20 minutes have always been a problem for the Scots.


Mackintosh brings it down. Mrs that completely. -- misses that. The


Scots really have to chase the game but all the Irish after do is sit


on what they have got. They seemed quite comfortable doing that, even


with five or 10 minutes left of the first half. They left the top third


of the field. They know they have the bonus point and they have got


two goals. But a goal for Scotland could change that. That was well


kept out. That was a brave tackle from the Scots. And a shot from the


Scots. It is in the danger area. Panic stations. There is an Irish


man down. Jon Stewart, he has gone down. What on earth is he doing? He


has left a huge gap in defence. Steven MacDonald has given a fould


a way, I suspect. For that wild swing. Jon Stewart is still down.


Frustration for Steven MacDonald. Yes, he has come down in this game,


and I don't know whether Liner's. The Irish have been doing that on


afternoon. It has not been an issue. Patrick Horgan, they do not want an


Irish point. They have the defection. McIntosh had to be


careful. The defenders got their stick on to that. That worked. It


stopped them scoring. Gets it back in. The Irish stepping up again.


Perhaps sensing that the Scots from the back foot. Here he goes again


and he was wide this time. That was a good save. Two good goalkeepers.


At both ends we have seen good goalkeeping. We have seen that


deflection, straight into the hand. It does not take much to make the


ball fly just that little bit differently. We are using the Irish


sliothar, as it is called. Used for compromise rules. That is what it


is all about. That has to be the Scotland ball, I would think.


think he is calling it quits, here. The Irish player goes down first.


Scotland is on top. So, instead of the throw-up, we have the thrown in.


And we are off again. John Barr. That is a good ball and the crowd


is getting behind the Scots for the first time. Jon Stewart. The keeper


catches it. Look at how he picked his man out, here. That is part of


the game. When the goalkeeper catches at and just puts it out.


Not even the long legs of Niall MacPhee could catch him. Scotland


stepping it up. The challenges are better and quicker. And the Irish,


this is the fastest part of the game. Both sides giving it


everything. They know that it is all or never, now. Keith MacRae.


Stopped in his tracks. It falls back to Scotland to get it back in


from midfield. Jon Stewart is after it. Tommy Walsh, eases him off the


ball! That was a strong shoulder. He might be a bigger name but he


can graft like the rest of them. That was a good take from John Barr.


Just drifting out. Just that lack of concentration, there. No. 17.


Drew Howie. Making his first appearance. He was caught on the


hop, there. This is probably too far right to strike from the dead


ball. Great skill to get it off the ground. John Barr, he has had a


good, stout five minutes. Look at that. He could put that up the High


Street. And it was white, which is good news for Scotland. Ireland


seemed to have missed an awful lot in the second half. I cannot recall


any match were the Irish have only scored one point in any have. It is


good defending. Scotland playing well midfield. That has changed


that. Here we go again. Good chance for Scotland, away to the left.


That overran. Jon Stewart. Tommy Walsh swung in the opposite way to


put the ball back to his own defender, which caught Jon Stewart


out. Norman Campbell does well. There is a lot to be said for


Norman Campbell coming back in the second half, it has certainly


tightened up the Scotland defence, Him and John Barr, the stalwarts at


the back. The man-of-the-match, three times. Scotland's Player of


the year. He was newly crowned last night. The captain of the Premier


League champions, Newtonmore. No. 5 for the Irish, coming back on. Any


Wotherspoon trying to get to groups. Shane Dooley. I would bet on him


picking something up in the latter stages because he knows that


Scotland will be tiring. This will head for Shane Dooley. Look at that.


It has gone over the bar. From open play. One point to the Irish.


McManus it was, this time. Scotland this time. Niall MacPhee. Nine - 19,


the score. The Irish breaking again. And again, they have raised the


pace and they are adding to the score again. 20 points, Ireland.


They have added another one here. Who else but Patrick Horgan. Picks


it up and it was perfect. So easy. Absolutely effortless for the Irish.


When they are in this frame of mind. Just as we talked about scoring one


or two points in the hall have, and now it is two points in 30 seconds.


It shows just how quickly they can turn it around. The other


difference for the Scotland team was the impact the dynamic Fe has


had. He has been sold. He is such a big lad. Known as the rhino. He


gets stuck in. He has been pivotal in games like this. Less than six


minutes left. Jon Stewart On The Run, down he goes again. There has


been a drop in temperature because the sun has gone away. The picture


will become increasingly slippery. Great credit to the ground staff,


the condition that the pitch has been end. Wonderful skill from


Patrick Horgan. Will he go all the way? Oh, no! Absolutely


outstanding! Complete performance by Ireland and Patrick Horgan from


County Cork. Taking it to 25 - nine, Ireland. Like the way back, we can


see this touch. Look at this. All figures. He only has one thing in


mind and he actually loses it, but still... Look at the ankle. Oh!


That was a half volley. And the sheer pace of the ball, taking it


beyond Macintosh. He knew where it was. But the sheer pace of the ball


past Tim... Stuart MacDonald is in goals, now. Limits, really. --


blameless, really. Scotland get that free HET. Well, it has been a


bit of a tanking, really but it has all been about the finishing.


Plenty of possession and besides but the difference has been that


lethal bit in front of the goal. Ireland are making complete use of


any chances. There was a chat before this that the goals would


help Scotland but as we have seen, that has not been the case. There


might still be something in this for the Scots. Tommy Walsh with the


clearance. The clash of the ash. That has been copyrighted at the


getting the ball from the Irish. Niall MacPhee, here. And the Irish


are making another substitute. The team were taking their time. They


will run the clock down. There is only three minutes left. Bionic fee


is going to rush Tommy Walsh, her. This should be something


interesting! What the big smile on his face! Here comes the rhino!


Bang! Wotherspoon did not quite like that. He would not want to be


Tommy Walsh. He is nobody's fool, he knows exactly what he is doing.


The nine-times All Star been nine years. This is all about the clock.


He is just having a laugh. ABBA let you tell him that! Beautifully


poised. Watch this. And he has put it wide. The end result that he has


run 30 or 40 seconds off the clock. Wonderful experience to be here at


Bught Park. For the second time. He was here two years ago. He is just


class. Knocking the ball into the corner, now. As the Irish look


towards the end of the game and two minutes to go. Comfortably ahead.


Just one goal in the second half. always seems to be somebody in


every game. There are going to be two minutes added on. It could be


an opportunity for the Scots, or likewise, for the Irish. John


Stewart sense it down, and across it comes. Again, good tackle by who


else? Tommy Walsh. A jazz for Scotland, it is stopped, and a goal


for Scotland! -- a chance. That has a goal to Bartlett for Scotland.


The high ball in, Norman takes a big swing at it, and a glance


perfectly. It could not have been better for them. He strikes it high


into the net. Leading the keeper with no chance. What Scotland can


only hope for now it is another call and tried to get the points


back. And here is a chance from midfield. Scotland have the ball.


This will go in front of the gall to give them a chance to try and


sneak another goal and possibly a bonus, which could count. Macdonald


has scored for Scotland! Remarkably. On the end of the match. A second


goal for Scotland. 19-25. These orders last year. The high ball


comes in. They are not used to this high bar, and as the goalkeeper


jumps up, that has gone in. And the referee has blown for full-time.


Shane Dooley at the far end. The game is over. The first tie is over.


Ireland have a taken the match, but an extraordinary closing sequence,


Ireland have taken the match by 25 points. Patrick Corbin, the star


man for the Irish. And another wonderful afternoon under the


compromise rules, Ireland have sportsmanship and friendship. Not a


yellow card in sight. Hardly an injury inside. The game was, as


ever, piers the contested by both teams in a wonderful spirit. --


fiercely contested. Wonderful finish from Scotland to got two


late goals, to turn it into a much from Scotland, not quick enough to


win the game, but certainly it keeps them alive and in the tie. It


was a dramatic close to the game. It was really all about Patrick


Horgan of Ireland. He was the dominant player. Fantastic, the way


he took his goals and created his goals, he was the stand-out


performer. That last goal, any shinty player would have been proud


of the way he turned his man had to get on a half volley. -- and took


it on the half volley. The have a chance to see that goal from


Patrick Gordon. It was great skill. That turn was absolutely fantastic.


The ball drops to the ground, he gets it back up, half of the, and


Stuart Mackintosh is a good goalkeeper but he could not stop


that one. At that stage, it looked as if the game was gone. But


Scotland Doug in and came back into it. -- dug in. At that point it was


looking ominous for Scotland but right at the death of they rallied


and it was inspiring, and suddenly the goal for Kevin Bartlett.


said that he would be a danger before the game, because of the


quality of his striking. He can hit it with both hands. He took his


points with his left hand, dropped it on to his right hand, and he


still hit it beautifully, that is a quality strike, from a great player


who can hit the ball with both hands. Scotland started to put the


Irish defence under a bit more pressure. If you do that, the ball


might drop. So that was fantastic. Their egos, Tommy Walsh does his


best to stop him but the goalkeeper and has got no chance from that


distance. Where did this Scotland resurgence come from? They kept


battling away. The goalkeeper produced many good saves and


Scotland finally got the water in the last few minutes. We're going


to cut away to the presentation and you Dan MacLennan can talk us


through it. -- Hugh Dan MacLennan. The Irish captain picks up the


Marine Harvest Quaich from the managing director of Marine Harvest.


Deserved victory. The man-of-the- match is Patrick Horgan, with a


complete display of harming skills, and then that wonderful rally --


hurling skills. Scotland keep the series alive, getting a bonus point


for those two goals. It has been a great afternoon, and there is more


to come next week. The presentation, Ireland, winners on the day, but


Scotland very much alive in this series. The way it works, Ireland


get two points for winning, plus two goals, a bonus point,


Scotland's scoring two goals, that is a bonus point, so there is


three-when in points at the moment, but, Scotland will be sorry to lose


but they have given themselves a chance. To get two goals and the


last couple of minutes is incredible. But they did not get


that last goal, the Irish would have the extra goals and points and


they could not have won the game next week, but this gives them a


fighting chance. The goalkeeper just seems to have jumped. We saw


it last year, with the goal from McRae, but that was an incredible


ending. In the first half, Scotland were giving away silly little bowls,


and the Irish were picking them up, left, right and centre. Those


couple of goals lifted the crowd and sent everyone off, on a better


than high. -- bit of a high. John Stewart missed that first chance,


and he just ran away from him. John Stewart playing that across again,


and again the goalkeeper did very well, he came out and blocked a


Shaun Nicholson. He did well to deflected wide. Scotland started to


put the Irish defence under a bit more pressure, and that was Keith


McRae with a good shot. He hits the ball and the Irish goalkeeper gets


his stick to it and manages to deflected wide. Scotland certainly


did better in the second half, as far as putting Ireland under


pressure, and it was not just in the last few minutes, they caught


the rock. And Scotland can now look forward to the second leg. There


was a stage when they were broking. The crowd were not getting behind


the boys, but here we have everyone walking away, getting excited, with


a bit of a buzz, looking forward to next week in Island. How difficult


would be? It will be difficult for Scotland, but they can go over to


Ireland the day before and get a full training session in, and they


know what they might have to do, they must win, and get some goals


to win the series. Can Scotland do it? Yes, but they must come up with


an answer to Patrick Horgan, if he shows that form again, if he is


playing next week, they have got to come up with an answer, because he


scored 23 points to the, All- Ireland's points. It has been a


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