St Moritz, Switzerland - Part 1 Ski Sunday

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St Moritz, Switzerland - Part 1

Ski Sunday comes from St Moritz in Switzerland, host of the 2017 Alpine World Ski Championships. With highlights of the blue riband events - the men's and women's downhill races.

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Up here, surrounded by breathtaking landscape and the magic of the


mountains, you're on top of the world looking down on a town steeped


in winter sport history that has twice hosted the Olympic Games.


COMMENTATOR: High above St Moritz, the torch marks the first meeting


the world's Olympic athletes. It is preparing once more to welcome the


fastest and most talented skiers on planet. This is St Moritz. In


competition here, speed is a determining factor.


COMMENTATOR: It's a Swiss racer in first. Feuz. The smallest of


mistakes can make the difference between victory and loss.


COMMENTATOR: The champion of the world. The pinnacle of ski racing


are those who demand the best of themselves, constantly striving to


go faster. COMMENTATOR: He's done it. He's the


word champion. Pushing themselves to their absolute limit. And these


marvellous yet challenging mountains will require their resilience and


determination as they dream of finishing here on top of the world.


Welcome to Ski Sunday. We're in Switzerland's glitziest resort, St


Moritz, the birthplace of winter tourism for the biggest show of the


alpine season. It is the World Championships. The town is packed


with thousands of fans who've come to experience the thrill of watching


the fastest ski racers in competition. If you're feeling the


need for speed, today's show is for you. We've both of the blue riband


events, the men's and women's's downhill races. In the men's


competition it is too close to call it. Promising to be a thrilling


race. In the women's Lindsey Vonn is making progress from her come back


from injury Who ever wins either of these two downhill titles will write


their names into the alpine skiing history books. Later in the show,


Graham's teeming up with our armed forces to find out how they're using


skiing to get the best out of their soldiers. First aid kit. Get him


out, get him out, quick. It was no walk in the park. The The men's


downhill on it is steeper than the infamous Stripe. It is truly


terrifying. Before he takes it on himself is, Graham wanted to give


you a taste of what the racers will see when they look down out of the


start hut. The legendries Swiss downhill race Bernard Russi


redesigned this course the last time St Moritz hosted the World


Championships in 2003. The cable car stops halfway up. The racers have to


climb this flight of stairs to the incredibly steep start section.


Apparently Rusi had the idea when he was racing the Third World


championships here in 1974, his visionfuls for a free fall start. If


you have a look at it, it is quite incredible. 45 degrees, it's the


steepest and fastest of all downhill starts in the world. By the time


they reach this spot, the racers will have accelerated to 140 kmph in


six seconds. There's plenty more meat lower down. Man-made features


using natural terrain. The great thing about these man-made features


is it is like a ski cross. This is called the Mauritius jump. Often the


fastest line is also the most dangerous. You could lose count of


the number of jumps on this course. For me, the toughest section is


this. Felson. Very steep and technical. It is so important to


carry the speed here to the finish. All in all, Bernard's done a great


job. It's one of the most audacious start lines I've ever seen. I'm


intrigued will it come down to maths and courage or is there a technical


element? All of these guys have courage in abundance and a lot of


mass. They spend a lot of time in the gym. The question is, who can


take that speed and carry it out along the flats. Two years ago we'd


a surprise winner in Patrick Kong. We've had a different winner in


every World Cup downhill so far this season. We've the Italians. Dominik


Paris won in kits very. Travis won in Garmis. And the Austrian's back


as well. You have your eye on the Swiss? You would say it is beat


Feuz. He is confident, he won the World Cup Finals here last year. It


promises to be a highly competitive if not unpredibilitiable race.


Here's a full taster of what the world's best will be facing. Rather


you than me, Graham, it's all yours. We've seen what this free fall start


looks like. This is what it feels like. It's like stepping into a we


will lit elevator shaft. Absolutely flying from the moment you set off.


Absolutely incredible feeling. You're going from 0-80 mph in just a


few seconds. On to the banks, bumpy turn. We're approaching the first of


these build-up man-made jumps. Will jump away a little bit to clear on


to the flat. That was the Soretto. This is the Lanjiro. Over it. Just a


fraction too high off that jump. Over the Mauritius. Now, we're going


to tuck it out. Coming to the next jump. Didn't quite make the landing


there. We're setting up for the tightest turns on the course. We're


going into blind gate as you come over the rise. Then you dive down


through this compression and over this other roller. That's the meat


of the course. Really tough down through there. Two more jumps to go.


Six in total. This is the Rollinger. A lovely little flight. Final jump,


the La tricks kinsprung. Press forward. A high-speed course all


right! Wow, really high-speed. Lots of air. From the start, it's just


free fall. Brilliant. You said it resembled a ski cross course? All


the jumps, I didn't have enough speed to make it. I had a real hard


landing. Everything else is beautiful. Beautiful rollers if you


attack it. It's note time for the running of the 2017 World


Championships downhill. Matt Matt has the commentary. Conditions were


clear this morning for the forerunners. A mid-mountain fog has


swept in and the race organisers have decided to lower the start,


depriving the racers and the crowd of the spectacular free fall course


opening. But, we have a downhill. There's a huge crowd basking in


sunshine in the finish area as we're set to get underway. Number 5,


Dominik Paris, the winner of the down I will had, the toughest of


them all on the 31st January. He's had solid results all season, in


fact. Solid flight from Dominik Paris, the 27-year-old Italian. Now,


the succession of high-flying spectacular rollers and ledges comes


his way. One after the other. Having to straighten his legs. Push


forward. Squash the jump, massive flight from Paris as he stands on


that left ski to make the following turn. Flies again. Awkward on


landing. 38 metres for the Frenchman. 99 kilometres per hour on


landing. He's into the green zone now. Dominik Paris for Italy. He is


fighting for top spot here. The Italian's on great form so far.


1:20.95 for Paris. He's the quickest. So, pushes his arms


forwards. Gets a nice early landing. One more turn and it's the finishing


line waiting for Paris. Will he have gold medal position? Yes, he does!


New leader in the men's World Championship downhill. It's


high-flying Dominik Paris. Number 7 for Italy. Number 1 downhill racer


of the season so far. Peter Fill. He hasn't won a race. Been second on


two occasions. He's been third on one occasion. Fourth in kits very.


Now he races. In the World Championship downhill. Nice jump


from Peter Fill. He's in the green zone. In the early


stages. Now he's going to have to fly. And fly again. It's good going


so far from Peter Fill. Now, he'll thrust his arms forward here and


wrap them behind his backside to maintain as much aerodynamic shape


in flight. He's gone a slightly different line there. Wide of the


blue line. And he flew 36 metres on take-off. Hand on the snow. That


keeps him in first position. Green all the way for Fill of the hi.


Italy. Another split coming up. Paris 1:20.95. Fill has lost a


little. .17. Still green for the Italian. It could be an Italian


one/two. Dominik Paris leads the way. Here comes his team-mate Peter


Fill. Final jump, fill gets low and goes for the line and takes gold


medal position. Fill is first for Italy. Pushing Paris to second. Feuz


third for France. The 25-year-old Slovenian is away.


Clean is notice green. -- clean is in the green.


That jump, took is solidly. Kept himself nice and low. Anticipating


every bump and jump. Getting better from Bostjan Kline. Having to react


to the changes. He put the brakes on slightly. 34 metres of flight. Is he


still in front? He's behind now. .05 behind. Very tight for Kline. The


quality of downhill skiing on offer has been sensational. We are seeing


men at the very top of their game putting down an astonishing feats of


ski racing skill. Kline is fastest of the them all by four tenths. What


a run from the Slovenian. He has the final jump to come. Lands solidly.


Can Bostjan Kline go gold? He has. First position. Bostjan Kline leads.


Jansrud. The winner of the World Cup race in Val d'Isere at the beginning


of December. Big powerful stuff. Looking for maximum forward prop you


wills. It's promising for Jansrud. Trails the shove of Slovenian by a


tenth of a second. Now, non-stop succession of rollers, ledges and


jumps to really test the overall skill of the downhiller. Long flight


there. Stands on that left ski. Gets a little wide and lower in the line.


Recovers. He's getting closer. 1 hundred wreath behind. Three red


lights. Will he get a green at the next one? 13 metres of flight.


Jansrud put the brakes on there. Kept it low. Kept the jump short.


Switches on his first green light of this run. Run..32 in front.


Norwegian's starting to anticipate something special here for Jansrud


of Norway. Last Norwegian to win this title, 2013.


It is going to be tight. Kline leads for Slovianskia. Jansrud takes it


from him for Norway. 13 hundredth of a second, the lead changing time and


time again. Jansrud into gold for Norway.


One of the big favourites Jansrud takes the lead, he had an unusual


line, he rolled too much in the air, to the right, landed, went straight


down, had to correct at last minute. Back to the left and into that long


right-hander again, it was. Will like he did a GS turn half way


through the return but it got him back on line and he was able to


carry that on the the steep section and clean in the air over the last


two jumps. Here is the difending champion,


wearing the white bib, he is the man that won this title. Two years ago.


Kueng. Matching Jansrud turn for turn across the snow. It could come


down to his skill in the air. Kept that one nice and tight. Just stood


tall for a second and pays the price. 15 hundredths behind but not


out of reach just yet. Patrick kueng with a slightly higher line there.


That is the line that Peter Fill took into this section, winding down


the windows Patrick Kueng and it has got away from him slightly. 16


hundredths of a second off the pace, getting bounced around the course,


cutting up as each racer puts their steel edges through the top surface


of the snow. It's a little clumsy looking at times from Patrick Kueng,


11 hundredths, he has clawed back a little bit of time. He might be in


the hunt for a provisional podium position. As he takes a risk off the


jump. Lands it, sets up for the next one. They are going crazy in the


finish. As Patrick Kueng goes first equal. They couldn't split them at


the top and Jansrud and Kueng are level. Sharing gold medal position


right now. What a race! Patrick Kueng was tied


with Jansrud on the first two splits. Splits. Went a bit behind as


he took a different line, it was much too high on the left-hand side


of the course, flapped in the air a couple of times and then his skis


skidded into that right-hander, but made it up over the only ger jump


and the Larkin to tie in the finish. Number 13.


Fouad Feuz is ready to race. He was quickest in the training run. He is


out on downhill day. The bronze medal list two years ago, first jump


solidly landed. Feuz wraps the poles round his body and shapes himself as


low as he dares for the next flight. Beautifully done. Lovely flight from


Feuz and he has himself a green light for his efforts.


Oh, what a jump there from Beat Feuz, he flew and flew and never


ending flight and the line is nice and early now, for the Swiss


downhill skier. 32 metres in the air, a little skid sideways but the


speed is fantastic. Two tenth, Feuz gets a hand down. The big man is


attacking the mountain in St Moritz, with a band this afternoon. Kueng


and Jansrud are the joint leaders but they might be denied by Beat


Feuz, who is leaving it all on the side of the mountain this afternoon.


Brilliant flight again. Beat Feuz clocks 119.2 kilometres per hour,


and tucks in, and takes gold medal position, Feuz into first, for


Switzerland. Fantastic run. That is how to do it. Beat Feuz owned the


lower section of this course, from the first jump he was faultless.


Great line over that jump. Set him up to carry the speed through that


compression right-hander, to the finish.


Now Johan Clarey, this is solid from the Frenchman.


Three greens all the way, he has the measure of the mountains so far. He


is in the hunt for the medals Johan Clarey. If he can hold it together,


that was a smooth flight, excellent landing. Left footed turn to follow


was beautifully executed. 1.03.9. 1.04. He is down, he is out


of the race. It looks innocuous enough as he thumps the snow in


frustration, thankfully off his speed was extinguished before he


arrive at the safety netting. Eric Guay is next to race for


Canada. He is off and running. Looking for the golden double. Guay


already the champion in the super-G last week.


Green all the way for Erik Guay, nothing wrong with this so far, that


is a good jump as well. Full control for Erik Guay. Still green for the


Canadian, 8 hundredth in front of Beat Feuz, massive flight there for


Guay. Slightly lower in the line, recovered well, didn't seem to cost


him any speed. Upper body slightly twisted. Was that a sign that the


brakes were applied? 1:03.9. Only just in the zone. Can't afford a


mistake, has to be absolutely clean. From here, to the foot of the


course. 120 flat. They are starting to celebrate that, the Swiss fans.


Can Erik Guay just squeeze in among the medals? 120.9 through the final


speed trap. Can he beat that? Silver for Guay. Erik Guay into second for


Canada. What a run, what a week for Erik


Guay. Erik Guay had a superb start, but then made a mistake, as he came


round the long right-hander, set up for the wall, just as he disappeared


out of view for a second you saw a ski flip away on him. He didn't


carry the speed down so lost time on that section.


Max Franz, 27-year-old Austrian who was in great on the downhill last


month, before he lost a ski, and lost his chance to challenge for


what was looking like a potential victory.


And the Swiss are starting to get a little concerned, the atmosphere has


changed slightly at the foot of the mountain as they have seen Max


Franz's times come up. The jumps haven't been so clever for Max


Franz, oh, he's flapping, and his knees are pumping in midair. Hasn't


looked anywhere as comfortable some and another shaky landing. A inside


of his full commitment to the course here, but 0.13 off the pace. That


puts him in bronze medal position here, Max Franz. Can he hold it


together, because there are plenty more jumps to come? Smoother there


for Max Franz. Still skiing for bronze potentially. Oh, he's gone


all freestyle. A little spread-eagle and his arms were all over the


place. Max frands for Austria. Can he get it among the medals? He is


into bronze. He snatches a bronze for ace that. The leader Beat Feuz


had a terrible start, schoolboy error he kicked the wand over before


he made his move to start so every racer is quicker on the top section.


Franz was no exception but he made a mistake on the Rommi again, er jump.


That is what cost him his race. -- Rommigeer. Beat Feuz is the champion


of the world. A second medal for Erik Guay with silver today. Franz


the best of the Austrians takes the bronze.


The women's downhill is being contested on the historic course and


as is customary in the build up to any of the women's speed events


Lindsey Vonn has been the centre of attention. What can we expect from


her? She made a fantastic recovery from the broken arm she suffered


last November. Won her second race back in, but a week later she


crashed out, and I think that crash is starting to play with her mind,


and knocked her confidence slightly. And in training she hasn't looked


that good. If she really nails one down she might end up on the podium


but not for the win. One of the people who should have been able to


take advantage was the home favourite but she has broken her


cruciate ligament. Who does that leave? There are two women that have


shining on this course. And it is Ilka Stuhec and Sofia Goggia, they


both have incredibly contrasting styles, Stuhec is so clean, so


smooth, you never see her make a mistake whereas Sofia Goggia likes


to cut the taufrn, flailing off every jump like a mini Franz


clamour. It promises to be an incredible spectacle. We are ready


to run the 2017 women's World Championship downhill.


Weirather away. Already a medallist from the World Championships. She


took the silver in the super-G last week, looking to add to it. For


Liechtenstein. Hugely popular, trains most of her time in


Switzerland, with the Swiss team. So the Swiss fans see her pretty much


as one of her own, and she is having a sensational run here. Tina


Weirather. Long, controlled flight, perfect landing. Nearly half a


second in front. Drifts slightly right. That big bank turn, on to the


next. The final jump and we will have a new leader. Tina Weirather,


into gold medal position, for Liechtenstein.


Laurenne Ross is away for the US. A couple of ten results in the


campaign so far, one hundredth of a second slower than Tina Weirather at


the split. It is a promising start for Laurenne Ross of the US of


America. Their big hope today of course Lindsey Vonn, who starts with


number nine, Ross attacks the middle part of the course. And gets the


green light for her efforts. 14 hundredths of a second faster than


Weirather. Has to keep it clean here, getting bumped round, it is a


challenging bottom section. No time to relax on this course, a massive


flight there. 14 metres. 0.46 in front. The aggression may bring the


rewards for Ross. Laurenne Ross skis for the lead in the World


Championship downhill and gets its it by just under half a second. Ross


into gold for the USA. Ready to race is Sofia Goggia. The


Italian has had a superb season, and is renowned for her fearless skiing


style. By contrast, she is a skier with a literary soul, and loves


reading Shakespeare, when will we three meet again? On the podium of


course. Sofia Goggia, ready to race for


Italy. Couple of green lights. Early in this downhill for the Italian.


Who has never won a World Cup race, but has come so close on so many


occasions. And only knows one way to attack.


That is full speed ahead. The exciting Sofia Goggia, taking


risks on this World Championship downhill run. Has the reward so far,


it is fast from the Italian, 0.37, quicker than the current leader


Laurenne Ross, hand down. Super aggressive ski racing from Sofia


Goggia, she is after one thing today, and that is the gold medal.


0.37 in front. Perfect jump. Almost overcooked it. Landed on the tips of


her skis but recovered well and now has a massive advantage, got her


skis locked in together. She is struggling to stay on her feet. What


a finish from Sofia Goggia, she has got the lead, yes. Two tenths of a


second, lucky to finish at all, finishes in gold medal position.


Stephanie Venier away for Austria. Venier, one of this young crop of


aggressive Austrians who are hugely capable. She has the early


advantage. .22 over Sofia gong ya. -- Goggia. Eke we will seventh is


her best result in the current campaign. 1:02.44. Going yachlt


Venier is faster by a tenth of a second. Remember, Sofia Goggia had


three or four big errors on the final quarter of this run. If Venier


keeps it clean, she might be able to steal gold medal position away from


the Italian. 31 metres in flight. Goes into the red. But only just.


Then drifts. It wasn't the ideal line off the final jump. Stephanie


Venier tux in and goes first. New leader, the Austrian Stephanie


Venier into gold. Next up is Ilka Stuhec who proved her pedigree with


fine wins already this season. When she's not busy racing down the


slopes, she enjoys trekking on horseback through the hills. Can she


gallop to the finish in first place today? Now the World Cup downhill


standings leader, the best downhiller of the season so far. The


winner of three World Cup down hills. Did the double at the start


of December. Backed it up with a win in Val d'Isere just before


Christmas. It's green all the way for the Slovenian whose mum prepares


her skis. .38. Still in front. Just a slight skid sideways. Look at how


calm and relaxed she is over her skis. Goggia has been pushed into


second. Venier leads for Austria. But for how much longer? Ilka Stuhec


is on a roll here. Just into the red zone. Might be able to claw it back.


Takes the final jump. Stands fractionally tall. Has she done


enough? Yes.40. Stuhec's into gold for sleeve Ian ya. The best


downhiller of the season leads the World Championship downhill. --


Slovenia. Scombl Up next is Lindsey Vonn. She won her first World


Championship downhill title back in 2009. She will be looking to repeat


that success here. She's suffered a string of injuries but refuses to


stop chasing history. Will she be the come back Queen here in St


Moritz? Lindsey Vonn is ready to race in the World Championship


downhill. Vonn.21 behind at the inter immediate. Since coming back


from injury, she has registered victory. Vonn took the win in Garmis


h on 21st January. Not going so well here for Lindsey Vonn this morning.


She's a long way off the pace. It looks slightly cautious. No surprise


when you think of all the injuries she's had in the past three or four


seasons. .37 behind. Skiing potentially for third position.


Let's see if she can make up that time on the final third of this


downhill run? Vonn, the American, stands on that left ski. And gets a


little closer to the time of Ilka Stuhec, our leader. Lindsey Vonn,


such a good glider. Can she glide her way into gold medal postings?


Vonn's gone third into bronze. Ilka Stuhec confirms her status as the


world's best downhiller by taking gold in the World Championship.


Lindsey Vonn taking the bronze for the United States. The World


Championships continues this week with every medal race live on the


red button, BBC Sport website and app and connected TV. The men ace


alpine combined starts at 8.15 am. The action concludes on Sunday at


8.35 am with the men's slalom which is our feature race next week on Ski


Sunday. Elsewhere in winter sport, at the World Cup in quay he can


Canada, Britain's Isabel Atkin made it to the final finishing in a


respectable fifth place. Katie Ormerod has just come fourth in the


slope style. Earlier this week at the Paris noble champs in Canada,


Britain's Owen Pick and Ben Moore won in the slalom events. Moore


Moore third in the SBUL. If you're enjoying any snow sport in an alpine


environment, there will be elements of risk taking and physical


exertion. Doesn't matter if you're going uphill or down, you'll be


taking out of your comfort zone which means you need a hint of


adventurous spirit. Graham travelled with our armed forces to find out


why they're icing skiing to get the best out of our armed forces.


Soldiers regular risk their lives for our country. The environments


they work in don't usually require the ability to ski. Interestingly,


the army are using this as part of their developmentment training for


their servicemen and women. I've been invited to a base in


Bavaria to see how it works. Unless I step out of line, thankfully,


there won't be any combat involved. The Armed Forces add Sven rows


training programme covers a range of activities such as rock climbing,


mountaineering, as well as adaptive skiing for wounded or injured


soldiers. From here, we'll cut right. We'll traverse up.


Adventurous train something just another form of military, individual


training. But we use this austere, extreme environment, to put an extra


challenge in. There's an aspiration a third of our regiment will go away


each year and do five days adventurous training. It is part of


the offer which hopefully makes the army attractive to people wanting to


join but it is a training measure that makes them better. It is about


taking them out of their comfort zone, exposing them to risk in a


controlled fashion. More likely do an avalanche scenario. It is


enhanced self-awareness. If they have that, they make better


decisions, they lead better and have a greater all-round ability to


operate in the conditions we need them to.


After a detailed briefing, it's time to head to the mountain. The plan is


to tour to the peak and ski down through the back country. The


reality is these soldiers may need to lead their teams in high pressure


situations. They may never do their day job in the snow, but here,


they're out of their comfort zone learning invaluable transferable


skills. The emphasis is for them to lead the group in a risky and


difficult environment What are the key things they're having to learn?


As well as the technical aspects of skiing and to teach them skiing,


safely travel in the mountains as well as off piste ski kit. Probes


and companion rescue. There's aim on developmental skills. What are you


doucheing in the decision making process in danger? Ski slopes and


snow pack. Getting a feel for what's upped their feet. If they're leading


a group of six people, to space out. We've steep aspects and ultimately


make the right decision. Grab your maps. Work out where we are. Shall


we have a change of route because of radiation on the south facing piste?


Just changed from a southerly aspect to the shaded aspect. The snow's


much colder, much safer travel for us. Out here, there's time to


consider their decisions. Whilst on operations, these soldiers could


face dangerous or life-threatening situations. How they radio act is


vital. This training involves an of a an avalanche exercise. Let's go.


First aid kit. Get him out, get him out quick! Any comments you'd make


about this particular scenario? Started digging maybe slightly too


close to where the casualty was. You can be quite often digging on top of


somebody. It is much more effective to be digging downhill. That's why


we practice these. The more times which practice it, the slicker and


quicker they'll become as a team. The plan is to skin out this track


here to the final bowl towards the top of the mountain.


Ski touring may be scenic but it's exhausting. As we reach the top,


it's another reminder of the physical condition required if you


want to be an effective soldier. So we ski steep slopes one at a


time. Got to have safe practice. I've done my fair share of off piste


safety courses. It is interesting the Armed Forces deem the skills


needed to be transferage to what they need. It's all about putting


people into potentially hazardous environments so they can make the


right decisions under pressure. It's fascinating to see how much snow


sport can offer different people in different situations. Before we


leave you, it's time for ski social. We always ask you to send in your


photos and video. You never disappoint. This week, kicker have


been a strong theme. Dominik caught nine-year-old fearless Millie


perfectly in mid-air. We've one from Superman in the snow park. Nice


cape! And fittingly, we've three-year-old Lillith who has her


sights set on being the next Lindsey Vonn! Alongside your photos and


videos, we need your questions. Send them in using the hashtag Ski


Sunday. What is the coaches and racers discuss during course


inspection? Mostly about the racing line. How much you can cut a turn


off. Of course, if they get it wrong, the coaches can always get on


their radios and make a course report after the first few skiers


have raced. Another diamond from the human mind of alpine information.


Ben also wants to know why do you grab your board? Where do the names


for the grabs come from and how to do them in the snow park? To do


this, I'll needs a snow park and snowboard. Follow me. There are


three reasons to grab your board. It looks good, feels good and it shows


you're in control. This is the mute grab. Front of hand to toe edge.


Once you've got hold of your grab, you can tweak, bone and poke it in


any direction. Just be sure to counter the movement with your


trailing arm and upper body. Nose, roast beef, stale fish. Japan.


They're all grabs. My favourite is the most iconic and stylish of them


all, the method. How's that? More questions like that, please. Whilst


you catch your breath, we've one final request. Next week is the last


show of the series. It has become tradition, we want your suggestions


of music for the closing montage. Your track could be the chosen one.


Send in your suggestions using the hashtag Ski Sunday. We're sticking


around here for the world champions is. We'll brings you more world


class highlights, including Dave Ryding a slalom race. See you then.


Out of the start lap and away. Krystof son is king of the hill.


Dave, the rocket, his second. That's sensational. The first British racer


on a World Cup podium since 1981.


Ski Sunday comes from St Moritz in Switzerland, host resort of the 2017 Alpine World Ski Championships. There are extended highlights of the blue riband events - the men's and women's downhill races. Graham Bell also gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the British army are using ski touring to train their soldiers.