Freestyle Snowboarding/Skiing Championships Ski Sunday

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Freestyle Snowboarding/Skiing Championships

Ed Leigh and Jenny Jones present highlights of the Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships from Sierra Nevada in Spain.

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Everything about Sierra Nevada feels different. It is warm, really warm.


What little snow that is close Orange tinted by sub Saharan sand.


At first glance this place looks like something from another planet.


When you see these giant courses chiselled into these mountains, the


backdrop fades into insignificance. The riders will soon take centre


stage, and elite group of athletes from all corners of the Earth. If


they are to take gold here, their performances will have to be out of


this world. Oh, brilliant stuff! My goodness


gracious! Oh, it is beautiful. Hello and welcome to Sierra Nevada


for the snowboard and ski freestyle World Championships. We have got a


packed programme of action for you. There will be no shortage of


creativity and skill on display. Plus we will have all of the mayhem


from the snowboard and ski cross. With less than a year to go until


Pyongchang, these athletes are looking to lay down their markers


ahead of the winter and pics. That includes the British team. This is


the stronger squad that GB Park and Pipe have sent to a Championships.


For the competition got under way, Jenny went to capture with a few


familiar faces. -- catch up. Here we are, ladies. Are you good? Yes,


thank you. How was practise? Was it all right?


I will show you my room. Probably not as tidy as I would have liked


but we arrived late yesterday. What are you expecting from the contest?


I would love to macro top fives. Slopestyle and I have two top fives


in January. To keep that run going would be awesome. It would be the


ultimate for me and I would be really happy with that. Where are


the other guys? Billy is probably doing handstands. Jamie is next


door. I will drag him outside make him do some yoga with. Yes! Jamie...


Can we come in? Oh, it is locked. You smell really nice. I was


wondering if you wanted to do some stretching with me. I am really bad


at stretching. I thought we could do a bit of this and this. I think you


need to do it anyway. It is not often you are in a ski resort and it


is 20 degrees, tops are off and you are playing frisbee.


Knees out. Now do it. There we go. I am doing quite well for an old bird.


Not bad. The snowboard is already here, chilling and training in a


couple of days, the skiers will arrive. Managing this programme is


Leslie McKenna. I wanted to catch up with her to find out how everyone is


feeling and how important the World Championship 's is to them. How does


this event fit into the bigger picture? This is the event we have


targeted, if you like, to do a good performance across the whole


programme. It is considered one of the most important, if not the most


important in a series of events. What would you like to see from the


team at this event? We have had some brilliant results, podium positions,


in both ski and snowboard. If they all had a good day, we would be


loving it. A few days ago when we filmed that peace morale was


sky-high. The very next day Katie Ormerod fell and fractured


vertebrae. It is a huge shame for Katie. I know she will come back


stronger. Our priority has always been the Winter Olympics now she can


rest up and get some tricks in her bag. We will kick things off with


the snowboard slopestyle. We decided to take a look at a course that is


undoubtedly the most challenging and creative we have seen all winter.


Slopestyle courses are traditionally linear. You have three rails and


three jumps. Since the Olympic test event last year, things have become


a lot more creative and challenging with the courses. This one is no


exception. We have your first standard kicker, into this, a huge


take-off. The more creative options on the side as the transition hits.


This is the third feature. Two standard kicker is and in the


middle, this. It is a ship's boiler. There is a kicker in the centre with


an uphill gap onto the centre of this. With the speed you have to


carry, it means you fly out of this into the landing was a bit is pretty


intimidating. If you think that is intimidating or take a look at this,


feature number four. A standard kicker but absolutely massive.


Coming out of that huge kicker, you must control your speed really


quickly. You are arriving at feature five, the rail garden. We have a


multitude of options. The first is the central run, the gap into the


Dragons Bay. On the right-hand side you have this flat bar. The centre


is the long ball. On the right-hand side to have another flat part. Then


the land in the Dragons and another kicker into the knuckle. These are


just the right hand and central features. You have a high flat damn


bar and a wide flat bar with a creeper row along the side and a


cheeky flat bar. The top athletes will look at interlinking these


features. The sixth and final feature is the most aesthetically


pleasing. We have a gap from that kicker onto the Casa. There is a


rail and you can ride onto the roof back onto the rail.


You have this gap onto the terrace with a close-out rail. That is just


the right hand side. On the left you have a huge gap to the high bar with


a slight step down. Then there is the damn bar with a slight kink at


the bottom. After all that, I think it is time for a cup of tea. This is


the life. You do know that is a rail? Yeah, I knew that.


OK, let's talk about the women's slopestyle finals. Amy Fuller did


not make it through. Of the women who did, who has impressed you most?


I think the Japanese rider for pure consistency and she is hard to beat.


What about the young New Zealand rookie? I know put at this girl was


incredible. She attacked the kickers like none of the other girls will


was brilliant. She did not seem intimidated in the slightest. Let's


take a look at the men. We have Billy Morgan into the final. He is


the only Brit left into the final. He did not look that comfortable"


the geisha but he has had more practice. We have had a bit of a


date clash with the X Games in Oslo which means we do not have some of


the big Canadian and Norwegian big names. That leaves this rising tide


of rookies to make a name for themselves. The top rookie is the


big kiwi. There are the one name I like the look of. You will hear a


lot about him. This kid is on fire. Tim is your commentator.


First up it is the men's final. The conditions are warm. What a picture


that is! Goodness gracious! Billy Morgan, what can he do? He is a


gymnast turned snowboard. This man is no stranger to going upside down.


No stranger to a podium. A huge double flip to start things off.


A front side double ten and he has gone too big on it.


He has got core strength, like a silverback gorilla. He can get


upside down off pretty much anything he has to. Let's start things off.


Here is the Switch double. And foremost. Here is the front side.


Front side ten. He could not clean it up. He had a triple cork.


You are looking at a really good score. Coming out of whale tail the


midsection. This kid knows how to snowboard. Let me tell you that. A


goofy rider by trade. Sebbe, a big 900. The more you look at that jump,


you more than you think it landed a bit flat. Double cripple. Well hell.


I see landing with that. -- well held. That was a good run. They


switched backside 1260. Back 12 from Sebbe. Three and a half rotation is


both ways. Just gives you an indication as to the standard. These


riders a 180 on an 270 off the top rail. Here is this double. Double


crippler. Look at that ex-commissioner he was really


straight. The moment your legs lock, you lose all control. Look at that!


Easy. Nick Hooper, coming out Switzerland. So, to this first jump.


-- Huber. Beautiful. He could not have done better. Cab 900. Front


side 1080. He holds it. I really like this run. It is the triple.


Here it is the all new leader. If you can get through these next two


sections, 180 on. Hold it. Up now on to the roof of this house. Very


nice. Not perhaps the best style on the front 360. He loves that. Look


how long he is holding the grab for. Really nice front side 1080. Then


the triple cork. Grabbing melon on it. Not many people grabbing melon.


83.25. Keep your eyes peeled and prepared to watch something very


special indeed. This kid is good. Is that a frontside 14? A switch by the


way for them then is this which, backside nine. Another rookie that


is really turning heads with the big triple cork. Upside down three times


during that trip. Then a flat spin 14. Oh, my goodness! What a run!


Backside rodeo off the A-frame rail. First rider we have seen hit that.


Then switch into the damn bar. Then opposite way 360 off. He has to stop


his inertia, stop the movement and spin the opposite way. The judges


like that kind of thing. Two, three, four. 1440 triple cork. That was


just a blur for me. Frontside 1440. Four four rotations. I do not think


that will trouble the top spot. 82.5. So, Billy Morgan representing


Great Britain. He can sometimes be perhaps a little pressure affected.


You would not think it. Throwing out big cap doubles like that.


Frontside... Oh, my goodness! He has over rotated it and that is the end


of the World Championship is for Billy Morgan. The top three all


failed to improve their scores at the second attempt, leaving them a


touch disappointed with nervous wait in the finish area with the Belgian


ready to drop. A lot of speed into this first jump. You need it. A very


nice ten. 1080 the nose grab. Coming off the side of the 900. That is


really nice. A good use of course. The judges will like that. Switch


backside 1084 that this is what he wanted the first runaround. Into cab


12. Yes! We could be looking at the new leader. He need some points


through this section. Very nice. The final feature.


180 on. Oh, that is good! Look at what it means to him! I think that


is enough will stop the 1260 is absolutely tractor perfect. The


angles were spot-on. The 450 out there again, very nice indeed. Look


at that! Come on. A huge 91.4. So, Belgium's Sepe Schmid takes the


gold. -- Seppe Smits. In their women's final, run by macro proved


to be an anti-climax that all but one of the top riders failing to get


a clean run. Plenty of room for improvement going into run two. Out


of New Zealand she is 16 years of age. She should trouble the top


spot. A very nice start to things. A frontside 360. This is good.


Backside 360. Looks like she is just cleaning this run up a little bit.


Under good instruction. Double backflip. Oh, yes, well held! This


could be your new leader. Clean in the top section so far. Very nice.


The cameraman is not happy with himself. Up onto that rail and the


180 out. What a run! The 360 here with the new grab. Coming up a


little bit short. She wants to be landing further damp or I think she


will lose out on overall impression. For me, that was a bit Bon Jovi,


living on a prayer. What have we got? It is huge. I have been made to


look a right fool. 77.5. Karlee sure from Milford. -- Karly Shorr. Look


at that! Beautiful. The 360 of the hip. Going nice and big. The judges


want to see you going be. They want to see their tricks put down. Too


big. What a shame! Stays in third place. She has now got a very


nervous wait. There are two riders still to go. She will have to wait


and see what Laurie Blouin does. Coming out of Canada, just 20 years


of age. A big double flip. Well held! Goodness me. A switch double


flip. This is looking really good. A little short on the landing.


Throwing on the anchors, just trying to slow it down. I will tell you


what, she needs a clean bottom section and she is on the podium.


That was good. Look at her! She is happy with that. He is that switch


double under flip. Into the back seat a little bit but she holds on.


She needs bigger than a 68. 78. The new leader. Goodness gracious. She


gets a hug from Karly Shorr. Well, she is happy with that. That came


from absolutely nowhere. So, the final rider of the day. Needs a big


run here. And she is going absolutely guns blazing at this. I


think it will be too fast. She is flying at this first jump. A big 722


starts. She does have the biggest bag of tricks out of these ladies


were whether she has a double flip in Arsenal, I am not too sure.


Switch now into this jump. Riding backwards. No grab on it.


Backside lip slide. Getting the back foot over the rail. Onto the high


box. A drop of the end and she is happy with that. I don't know how to


call this. She very nearly went down there. That was a really nice


backside 720. I thought she was going to fly to big on that jump.


Here we have the cab 900. No grab on it. You have to be grabbing your


snowboard. She is guaranteed bronze. 77.4, she does improve her score but


not her position on the podium. There you go. We have a Canadian


world champion. The action is coming thick and fast in Sierra Nevada.


Snowboarding has dominated the first week of competition. The slate style


is done and dusted. -- slopestyle. We do not have any riders in this


competition. It is all about being exposed. This is a wonderfully


technical event for that it is relatively easy to judge.


Difficulty, execution, amplitude and learning. Amplitude is the height


they get out of the pipe. Names to look out for are the Swiss and the


young Australian, Scotty James. He has beaten Shaun White before. It


happened in the Korean test event for that the half-pipe finals take


place at night. As the sun sets on Sierra Nevada, time to get the final


is under way. Time for the half-pipe final. Each person gets three runs


were only the best school camps. The early run was set by the Finn. --


squawk counts. A strong first round. Throwing down the gauntlet to his


Australian rival. Mr Scotty James. The defending champion from 2015.


Second place in the U.S. Open behind Shaun White. Absolutely


stratospheric. Watch this! Absolutely huge start. Front side


nine into the 1080. Huge double. Look how big he is going! Oh, my


goodness! Four hits. What a run for Scotty James! Look at this! One,


two, three. A 1260. Excuse me. Here we have the huge double. So much


commitment on the trick. Get ready for the smile that can melt ice.


95.70 five. I'm going to say that is untouchable. Run two saw strong


performances from other competitors. The only person who looked like he


could match Scotty James was the defending champion. A switch


backside 14. A big double to start things off. Into 12, into a cab ten.


Back-to-back tens now. Hold on! Oh, my goodness ex-commissioner how on


earth did he land back. He cannot believe it. Look at him. He has


dodged a bullet without a shadow of a doubt. Let's see this again. Look


how high he goes! He lands right in the back-seat. He's somehow hold


onto it. 93.20 five. Is knocking on Scotty James door. This is


Australia's Scotty James. Grew up watching a female shredder who paved


pathway for Australian snowboarders. Winning everything in her path.


Huge! The backside 12. Beautiful to stop -- beautiful. Look how big the


final hit is. It absolutely defies logic and science. Isaac Newton


would be having kittens if he saw this. What a run! Eight double 1080


at the bottom. Look how big the final Switch 1080 is excavation that


he lands it perfect. 97.5 from Scotty James. That will take some


beating. The gold and silver were sewn up but the bronze medal is up


for grabs. Now for Pat. The front double 1080 to start things off into


a switch double 1080. Nice and high at the transition. There is the


1260. Backside 360. Blind the whole way round. Need to improve if he


can. No switch backside 720. Really nice trick. Looking for the landing.


Oh, look at that! 90.5. He improves on his score. Gets into the 90s but


he does not challenge for first. The Japanese rider pushed close for


bronze. Scotty James took a brilliant gold medal. In the women's


final, the overwhelming favourite was the defending champion. Dropping


before her was a Japanese woman. Let's see what she has here, hard


across the pipe. A big 900 to start things off. The camera is going a


bit while. Nice and tight on that shot. A front side seven. Switch


now. Switch seven. Back-to-back sevens from her. Front side five.


Into a back side five. Six hits for her down the pipe. It is enough for


first place. 84.7 five. And, the defending champion out of China.


The defending champion out of champion. A bit of a almost in the


middle of that half-pipe. Straight back across. Big frontside five.


Nearly over-rotates it. 5. 40.


And a nice 7. 20 to finish things off.


Held right at the top of that. This is now the third jump down. She


lands perfectly at the top of the transition. Look


The standard was set and the top two put water between themselves and the


rest of the pack. The closest to them was the Japanese rider. The


bronzed medal was there for the taking, going into run three.


Grimal needs luck on her side. She's got everything else there.


This is nice now. Back-to-back fives. Good, solid


grabs. Put the landing down a little early. Oh, she had to open up early.


She over rotated that. She opts for a switch air to normal at the


bottom. She has to open up there just to


stop the rotation to slow it down, otherwise she would have landed on


her chest in the bottom of the half-pipe.


Silver went to Haruna Matsumoto of Japan. With Grimal, from France


taking the bronze. Next up, we have got an event which


has given us arguably one of the most iconic moments ever in


snowsport - the border cross. Going straight through the fence!


This is a lap of honour for Lindsey Jacobellis. Jacobellis is down. Oh,


look at her! Freedom! Unbelievable! Lindsey Jacobellis has


grown a gold medal away in the last 100 metres.


I will never tire, Ed of listening to your commentary on that. Believe


it or not, 11 years on Lindsey Jacobellis is still competing and


con#2e7bding. It is ironic one of the most successful athletes is


famous for not winning an event. Make no mistake she'll be after gold


here and the men's race promises to be battle for the ages as well.


Lindsey Jacobellis is going all out for gold here in Sierra Nevada. She


sailed through her quarter final. Maisie Potter couldn't handle the


pace. She was pleased with a 14th place finish overall. It was a


similar story in the semis. Jacobellis crushed the field and


cruised into the final, leaving Zoe in her wake. She'll go again in the


small final. Right, the


Keep your eye centre of the picture there.


The Olympic champion, it is her's to lose.


So, here we go... Zoe, one of the better starts. Look


at that an amazingly fast start in the


So fast there out in red. The blue bib belongs to Bremmen.


Look at them, going as fast as they K


Samkova has done the business there. Oh, she's down... She's lost her


edge. The Olympic champion has gone from hero to zero in the small


final. She now has the hop of shame to get up to the top of that little


loop there. What it does Zoe up the inside here. Can she get it done?


Come on, Zoe! So Lapteva, currently in third and Gillings has taken her.


It will be a third position. Oh, the lazy boy straight to her back.


Gillings takes it. Lapteva just gets... It was like she


was fired out of a cannon! Oh, what a finish that was! The French girl,


I think a little unlucky. With speed like that she's unlucky not to be in


the final, really. This will be good. Eyes on the gate. It gives


them a two-second warning. The gate can drop any time in that two


seconds. Jacobellis in the brown trousers. Keep your eye on her. So


fast out of the gate. Look the French workers have worked on their

:36:41.:36:45. will not enough. Jacobellis now neck and neck with


Respeuch. You have to say the experience of the girl who threw


away a gold medal in 2016, Lindsey Jacobellis, should be enough to see


her through here. She's not stupid enough to throw it away again. We


saw her in the Olympics in soy n the final, after getting there so


convincingly. Maybe nerves might get the best of her here. At the moment,


Jacobellis, in the lead. Followed by the Bulgarian. Now the two Italians,


in Mr Tumble's trousers, contesting for fourth. Look at the it Italian


go. Brutto from third. Respeuch. So,


which way will this go? Jacobellis holds the line and the Italians are


battling for third. Respeuch could throw away a silver


here. Jacobellis, back-to-back world champion. Oh! And breathe!


I tell you what, can you hear the chat going on? She's saying she's


holding her line as you're coming into me. Let's see if's any


misdemeanours going on here. This is where... Should make the most of


this turn. Goes through the inside... I think that's fair.


There's nothing wrong with that. That was fantastic racing from


Jacobellis, oh, my goodness! Look at that! Oh, brilliant. It is


Jacobellis all the way. The big favourite in the men's


competition is reigning Olympic champion. He lived up to his billing


in qualifying. He cruised through his quarter final and semifinal in


style. It wasn't quite as smooth for the current world champion. He lost


control early in his quarter final and collided with Kevin Hill. That


was the end of his title defence. And with this being snowboard cross,


we were not short on carnage. The slushy course here taking out rider


after rider. Oh, my goodness! Oh, and he's gone


down! They have both gone down! Here we are the men's small final.


Kearney missed out after finishing forth in his semifinal.


Keep your eye on the man in the black. Kearney, he's got it down,


the Italian there, with the Italian flag, currently in third position.


Keep your eyes on the three as they fly through this section.


So, Kearney leads from our man, the Italian.


Momono, in the middle and nearly loses his edge. He manages to keep


it on the straight and nor row. Look at this, the Austrian now into third


position. Makes it stick on Momono. And this could have been the final.


All these guys so fast through. The eighth and the quarters and the


semis, but here we go... And it is a dive for the line.


That man, the American, Kearney takes the small final.


The men's big final then. The Olympic champion is in


Vaultier straight into the lead. He will not relen constituency that.


Pullin so fast. This is not over yet.


The Spanish crowd here in Sierra Nevada willing the man in orange


pants to the bottom. We have a man down. Forget about


him. His day is over. Pullin now in third.


Pullin is making a move on the leader. He doesn't make it stick


though. He loses speed. Nobody will get near the French man.


So Vaultier, now we... Ignore the placings on the screen. It is Pullin


now in third. Can he get second? Oh, there we go! It was Vaultier in


first. It was Pullin, Alex Pullin in Bronze


Medal position. There's plenty more to come,


including ski cross, which guarantees edge of the seat racing


and ski cross in which Britain has hopes in the men and women's events.


Now it is time for the last snowboarding event of the


championships. It is big air. This is an event where Britain had high


hopes in the shape of Katie Ormerod. Injury are a part of the game. I am


absolutely gutted for Katie Ormerod. Aimee Fuller didn't make it through


to the final either. There is a strong field. I always look forward


to watching the women ride. They are not as technical as the men. As


consequence there is way more style involved. Talking about the men,


sadly none of our Brits have made it through to the final. This is big


air snowboarding, these are the biggest tricks in the game.


Well, we can expect the riders to live up to Ed's big billing tonight.


The athletes get three jumps each, with their best two scores added


together for their final total. Sandbech, from Norway.


One of the most stylish riders out there. There's one, two, three,


there's four... Goodness gracious! Now, interestingly, a little bit of


a slide out of the bottom here. Be a bit of a grey area, really, as to


where that control... Where did the judges judge to? Watch the spins


here. There's one, two, three, there's four... Getting it done so


clean. Rocking the nose grab there.


86. 25. They have not penalised him for that landing, have they? Now Now


this man is so good at snowboarding. Keep your eye on this! Oh, my


goodness, right to the flats with it.


Oh, that would have given the scientists at zern a headache how --


Cer, in a headache. The backside triple. There's one, two, three,


four rotations. Look how high he is. He knows he's good. New leader. That


will take some beating! In the Norwegians were looking


strong, so too were the Americans. A stunning backside triple court saw


this rider into second place after his run with his compatriot in


fourth going into run two. Sandbech... As far as big area


results go, this year not been too lucky, really.


Chucking the backside triple. Oh, my goodness gracious! Backside triple.


14. 40. And he knows that's a good one.


So those arms on the backside there. There are four full rotations.


Upside down four times. There Indy grab. Boom! Doing it all!


Look at that, 92 for jump number two for Sandbech.


Leader after run one Kleveland, the Norwegian. This is switch. Throws


the switch front side. 16. 20. He just holds on.


And there's one, two, three, four-and-a-half.


A bit of a hand drag. He's traversing off.


Marcus Kleveland will have it all to do on his third run.


Corning dropping in here. Oh, my goodness gracious! That is as


good as ten, ladies and gentlemen! Oh, my... Let's just relive it!


There's one, there's two, there's three, there's four. The front side


14. 40. And he absolutely locked it in. His


hands go nowhere near the snow. There you go... 91.75.


Last to drop in round two Sven Thorgren with a typical stylish 14.


14.40. He would have to land a big trick in


run three to catch the competition leader, Sandbech.


Now, Sandbech then. Can he improve here? It will be the 16... Oh, my


goodness gracious! Front side, 14. 40. A awaiting score from the


judges. He's happy with that. So there's one, two, three, there's


four... A little hand drag. See him try and pick his hand up from the


snow. Fist-bump there. What do the judges


make of it? It's huge! 96. 25. If anybody can upset the apple cart, it


is this boy. He will bring a sledgehammer to the apple cart.


Kleveland, oh, look at that! Oh, it's huge! Did he stop his spin


mid-air there almost? Switch 16. 20. Well, normally rides goofy. There's


one, two, three, four-and-a-half. He had time to spare on that. That's


going to be a big, big trick score. Now, what does he need? Sandbech, 92


and 96. So he needs a 96.5 or higher for the win here. What are the


judges going to give him? 84.5. Someone call the police! There's


been a robbery! 84.5! I think they saw a different trick to me there.


Kleveland into second. Can he bump this man out? Oh, my goodness! Yes,


Chris Corning getting it done there on the final jump. He got bumped


down into third position. He's gone and answered Marcus Kleveland


straight back! He's thrown the backside triple 14. There's one,


two, three, there's four... Oh and he goes so deep into the landing.


The judges will love how big that was! There you go. 91 for jump


three. It does, it pushes him above Marcus Kleveland into second. No


catching Sandbech there. Now, the man that currently holds


the second highest single trick score. 93.75, Sven Thorgren,


dropping in switch now. What can he do? How can he answer his man back?


Oh, it's not enough! He's popping his arm back in. Oh,


goodness! That's not good. I'm wining here!


Look at that... Chicken salad or roast beef? I will go for chicken


salad on that one! Through the legs... And Sven Thorgren cannot get


it done. Marcus Kleveland in third. Chris


Corning, from the USA in second. The winner here tonight, from Norway, Mr


Sandbech. To the women's final. Boom! There it is. Look at that, she


says! There's one, two, let's go early.


Opens up. Brings the landing gear down!


Not Winning a few weeks ago on home


soil. Rukajarvi, a veteran. She gets the


7. 20 done. You can hear how icy it is getting.


It's been a warm day out there. Backside, 7. 20. She shows her back


to the landing first. There's one, and there's two.


Enni... Have a resurgence. Good results shown from her.


Gasser, she can jump. Gasser, signature trick almost for her.


Takes off switch, chucks it side ways. Upside down twice. Throws down


the landing gear and rides straight for the bottom and says, what you


worried about? Because look at that. 89.5 from Gasser.


Norendal... Backside 7. 20 from her. Very nice indeed.


Very composed. Very composed from the 23 year old.


Right, 162.75 for Silje Norendal. Rukajarvi, from Finland.


Dropping in, riding switch here. That's backwards to you and me.


Switch front side. Going to be a seven. Oh, very nice. Look at that,


look how bumpy that run out. That was the trick that won her first


place at the Innisbrook. It is very clean.


85. 72. 165. 25 is her two jump total.


The Finn briefly took the lead. Gasser's second jump saw her regain


top spot. As neither could improve on their scores in run three,


Gasser's final jump had something of an exhibition feel to it.


One, two, oh, it's proper! Oh! It's beautiful! Oh, my goodness! She can


not believe it! Double ten. Look at this! It's a work of art! Oh, she


went massive. She had to ep up to slow that down. If she had stayed


grabbing that board, she would have landed on her head. There's no-one


catching her now. 100! She's got 100!


100 points! History in the making, right there, ladies and gentlemen!


You have a new world champion. Norendal from Norway in third.


Second place, Rukajarvi, from Finland. Taking the win, with that


perfect 100 points, for her third and final jump it is Austria's Anna


Gasser. So that was the final event for the


snowboarders here in Sierra Nevada. They make way for the free-skiers.


The first we have for you needs little selling or explanation. Sit


back and enjoy the ride! Smith in the red trousers very fast


as is the yellow bib of David. The French have a very good ski cross


programme. You have to say business as usual. Smith, look at the start


she's got here. She's been so fast through qualifications, has the 24


year old. She's commanding this... Oh and some scrapping at the back.


Oh, some skis tangled. It will not affect the proceedings though. Only


the top two advancing through to the final. Oh! And David... Going huge


in the yellow bib. It is all about timing and rhythm.


She's right in the slipstream. Doesn't want to do anything stupid


here. Now into... Oh, and she's caught that there... That little


mistake might have cost her. There's the blue bib from Canada. She won a


medal at track-side in cycling at Rio. It don't think it will be


enough from her. Smith and David will be advancing through to the


final. Keep your eye on the green bib of


Thomas. Thompson... She is the current leader. Oh, look at the


lead. She's into that first turn. And the battle for second place is


on. A couple of podiums between them


here. Oh, and she's making the move on her


here! Look at this. Naeslund, she's going to take it through... She


does. And she's got the insideline here. In the pink helmet, she's


going to push out. Thompson is getting pushed out here. Can Zacher


hold on to this? The German has gone on to take second place. Oh, what a


race! Relatively comfortable for Naeslund, but she'll be joined by


Zacher in the final. Finals time. First, second and third


are all that matter here and that all-important World Championship


title. Zacher with a good start out in the


yellow. As we know, Smith has a very good start on her, in the red


trousers. Keep your eye on her, from Switzerland. But she's being kept


true here by Naeslund. Look at the Swede. 20 years of age... She almost


cuts in front of her there. Stamps her authority on this race!


Brilliant skiing. Brilliant start from the young 20 year old.


Can she now win Sweden's first medal of these World Championships? She's


got just probably around about a kilometre to go on this track.


And she looks very comfortable, doesn't she? Fanny Smith, she's


playing chase here. That's when mistakes are made, as


you are pushing yourself, Naeslund, she's got the bracing line here. And


there is a racing line through this track. Definitely the fastest line.


Looks comfortable. Smith needs to go here. What can she do on these final


jumps? I don't think she'll do it. No, so, there we go!


Naeslund, from Sweden takes the goltd. Smith takes the silver. A


very respectable bronze for David of France.


A commanding run from start to finish. She led from the off. That


first corner, she did it all. And the 20-year-old is now a world


champion. In the men's competition there were


a handful of crashes in the early rounds. We had a big shock. The


Olympic champion failed to progress through the round of 16. The


Frenchman was the one noticeable absence from the semifinal line-up.


Jamie of New Zealand in the blue. The Canadian in the green. Look at


Jamie Prebble. No business being at the front and he is leading


semifinal number one. I thought it was all going to be about the


Canadian. So far, he is chasing the kiwi. He went very big. Prebble very


nearly ended up on his back. Lent back of the jump and he has managed


to keep hold of it. The same again from Leman, the Canadian. Trying to


chase these boys, waiting for any mistake was that he will make a


move. Oh, my goodness! Leman nearly went down. Now Prebble and Place


will advance. That is ski cross to 18. Look how fast things can change!


Leman was in contention. He just came up short and look how wide it


took him! The men's semifinal number to. The Austrian bronze medallist.


Flisar from Slovenia in the luminous yellow. He is the defending


champion. The Austrian in the yellow. Turn one relatively clean.


Look at Flisar! Out in front. The defending world champion. How he


would like to retain that Crown. Being chased here by the Swede. So


far so good. A high line. Very nearly getting unsettled through


here. You have to say, business as usual upfront. He is without a win


is Norberg, the Swede, so far this season. It looks very comfortable


for these two and they will both be in the final. The defending champion


Norberg and the Swede, Flisar, advance. The men's ski cross final


setup for a very good show. -- Norberg and France. The unknown


quantity, the outsider, Jamie Prebble from New Zealand, who has an


absolute flyer. Look at Prebble in the grey trousers at the Mizrachi


has pushed the defending champion. Flisar, the defending champion, has


gone back to last place. They are coming together. They have both gone


out. Oh, no! Let's get a handle on things. Prebble in second in the


yellow bib, chasing Norberg of Sweden. Will it be a Swede and


double in the ski cross? The gold medal well and truly up for grabs.


The unknown quantity, the kiwi, Prebble, he has never been on a


podium before and he is fighting for gold. This is the last corner. He


tries to go around the outside. The door is closed on him. And it will


be Norberg to take the win, closely followed by Jamie Prebble. That is


Flisar. He has his skis back on. It'll be a bronze for the defending


world champion. He is not happy with it. Look at that! Under review. What


has gone on here? So, Flisar... His skis are everywhere through there.


Tries to push Prebble out. I think he straddled the gate and come out


of the course. Oh, look! He has been demoted to fourth. Hard lines for


the defending world champ but that puts Place into third. There is your


official podium. The action here in Sierra Nevada is relentless. Next up


is the ski half-pipe event. Like the snowboarders, the British riders


struggle against the top athletes. The half-pipe is not something we


can replicate in a snow dome or a dry slope. A special mention to Ryan


Cheshire for making the finals. Take it away.


Though women's half-pipe final here. All British hopes lay with Rowan


Cheshire. A big 540 to start things off. Into the 900. Very nice. Into


the right side 540. 720. Coming backwards across the half-pipe. Now


they switch. Oh, no! She just slightly overcooked that. She has


left it into long. She pops that a bit too high. She has over rotated.


That must have affected confidence. That turns out to be the best score


of the night. Next up was the French competitor. The super pipe gold


medallist, Martineau. Here with her mum and her daughter. Back-to-back


540 40s would look how high in the transition she lands. Generates so


much speed. Back-to-back flares. Good from the Frenchwoman. Ends with


a big 900. What a run from her! She knows that is a good one. Number one


on the bid for a reason. A huge flare. A left side there followed by


a right side there. With a 900 at the bottom was getting the grab. A


perfect rotation. Martineau lead going into the second rounds. Not


everyone was finding it as easy as her.


Next up, trying to put some pressure on Martinod. Got the bronze in


Sochi. Starting off with a big 904 that she is a technical skier.


Kryptonite definitely is the amplitude. Not getting as high. This


is a nice run for the spinning in all directions. Finishing with a


540. Look at what it means to her! What will the judges make of it?


Start things off with the 900. The judges rewarding the risk for such a


big trick to start with. A 720 here. Then a clean 540. Down at the


bottom. Landing nice and solid. I think they are going to like this


run. 89.8. First place for Onozuka. That proved too much for the rest of


the field and Martinod fell to improve on her best run but held on


to second place. Onozuka adds to her other win with her first World


Championship gold medal. Next up, the men's final in Sierra Nevada.


First to drop in will be Aaron Blunk. Known for these big


back-to-back doubles. Into Switch double ten. A huge 900 tail grab.


Has a tendency to land a bit flat. Then the 1260. It is a work of art.


He knows that is a good run. A stylish rider, technical. Has a


tendency to land that. The judges want them to land at the top of the


transitions. This is the 1260 at the bottom with their tail grab. He puts


it down very clean indeed. That is a solid run from the American. Look at


that! 91.8. That will take some catching. Next to drop, the French


skier. Goes absolutely massive this guy. A Switch double. Into a huge


right side 900. A big 1260. Back-to-back 1260 's. Oh, absolutely


huge! The Olympic bronze medallist from Sochi 2014. Eight gold in the


World Championships back in 2009 can he make it a gold here? Back-to-back


1260 's. What a run from the Frenchman. 88.4. He looks a bit


surprised by that. So, Blunck lead from Onozuka into the next round.


Sometimes the half-pipe as a way of bringing you back down to earth with


a bump. The Canadian Mike Riddle next up, trying to upset the apple


cart and getting onto the podium. Amplitude seems to be something the


judges are loving this World Championships. Switch seven is like


that will definitely help his cause. The rotations with the tail grab. A


big double to finish. What a run from the Canadian! He has an Olympic


silver medal to his name. One of the older guys on the circuit. A super


nice style. That is what it is all about. The judges will like that. A


little high load to his mum and dad. It is 89.6 four Mike Riddle. So, he


jumped above Onozuka into second spot going into run-through. No one


could topple Blunck at the top of the leaderboard. So, Rolland takes


home the bronze and Riddle gets silver and Aaron Blunck takes his


first World Championship title. The last event of the World Championship


is the ski slopestyle. We have genuine medal contenders in this


event, both men's and women's for the first up is the women. Katie


Summerhays got a silver medal in the World Championship 's but she has


competition and it is within the team, which is exciting. Izzy Atkins


came first at the last World Cup of the season. I think she has taken


inspiration from Katie at the last World Championships. Katie


Summerhays has not made finals, such are the margins. Then the man, Jamie


Woods is arguably the most consistent rider. He just won gold


at the X Games. That event is not recognised by the Olympics or FIS. I


think Woodsy is the best pound for pound float skier in the world for


that this is the most competitive category in the World Championships.


I am excited for this one. First up the women's final and in difficult


conditions. Only two riders managed a clean first run. Devon Logan and


Izzy Atkin. A stylish run saw the 18-year-old move into second place.


The rest of the field found it tough going with the French skier showing


how difficult it was to judge the course. She will be hoping to get a


handle on it in run two. Big young French skier. A big five. She


crashed on it last time. A switch 540. It is the switch seven. Trying


to scrub a little bit of speed. A Switch five. Just caught the


knuckle. Now the left side. 720. This is a really tidy round from the


first place qualifier. A big 450 out.


Oh, there we go! Ladies and gentlemen, that is what she wanted


first time around. From France, tests with that run. In my opinion


she has gone into first place. Everything was really tidy, apart


from that one, as I said it. The 450 out was lovely on the A-frame. For


me, she had control. 85.6. We have a new leader. The Swede for her third


and final round at the world champs. She is flying into this first jump.


A big super Cork 720. Fully upside down on that, followed by a left


side 540. Now Emma Dahlstrom. She has tackled


the house. She has bested it. A former Olympian is Emma Dahlstrom.


She does have a winter X Games gold medal back in Aspen. Oh, 83.8. Look


at that! Second place. Izzy Atkin from Great Britain,


qualified in third. She has topped the podium already this season at


the World Cup. She has got it all to do in this third and final run. With


a very nice silky start things off. Followed by the opposite 720. So,


spinning in both directions. A really nice 450 out. Coming in


switch. Switch seven. Really tidy run.


This is looking very good indeed from Izzy Atkin. And she claims it.


I don't want to get too ahead of myself but that was definitely her


best run. She has done. She needs to best and 82.6 to get third full if


she wants to get onto the top spot of the podium she needs 85.6 or


higher. An anxious wait for that she is hoping and we are hoping. Look at


that! 83.2. Izzy Atkin currently sits in third place. It is an


anxious wait now. This is the Swiss skier. She is currently out of the


top three. It is only heard that can not Isabel Atkin of the podium. --


only her that can knock. Switch five. Very tidy. Very fast out of


the flat bar. 900. She is down and gone. She has dropped a ski. She is


absolutely gutted. Well, ladies and gents, it does mean that Great


Britain is guaranteed a bronze medal. So, there we go. Tess Ledeux


from France goes home the world champion in ladies slopestyle with


Emma Dahlstrom collecting silver and Isabel Atkin of Great Britain


getting the bronze. I was nervous thinking about my tricks and what I


needed to do to improve. I knew I had them all. I just needed to clean


them up. In the men's competition, the early pace was set by the Swede.


The best run was from James Woods. Sheffield's finest made it look


really easy. Run to was littered with mistakes. James Woods for Great


Britain looking to improve on his lead. Huge. A massive switch 1080.


Into switch 99. Opens up to slow the rotation down. This boy knows where


he is in the air at any point. A little loose on the trip. That is on


point. -- the triple. Absolutely huge from Woodsy. The style on that.


Just to stall at mid-spindles his legs stay in the same position. One


of the few skiers to hit the high bar. I don't know if it is an


improvement that it is a solid run. -- but it is a solid run. The triple


Cork. Oh, he has improved! 90.4. McRae Williams. We like him. He is a


good dude. Huge! A big 99. A Switch double. Ten. Into this flat bar.


Really nice from McRae Williams. He just needs a few... Oh, goodness me!


1260, was it? And then the 450 out from the flat bar. This is looking


good. A solid run for McRae Williams. 70 points in his first run


and a definite improvement. A cheeky little mystique off there. I think


it will be a podium. Second place. The nemesis for many of the riders


proved to be the house at the bottom of the course. Some dealt with


disappointment more gracefully than others. The gold medal for the


biggest tantrum of these championships!


So, the man from Colorado, Kenworthy. The switch double ten.


Really nice. Flying off the flat bar. Of the huge


rocket rail. And now a double Cork 12 into the


flat bar. This is looking very tidy from gas Kenworthy. Careful on this


one! So smooth. He made that look effortless. My barometer for schools


and judges more often than not is to look at the riders. -- schools. If


they celebrate and know it is a good run, you know it is a good run. Is


it enough a second, or is it enough for third? Oh, my goodness! An


absolutely huge score. 91.8. Kenworthy, straight into the lead.


Great Britain's James Woods next to drop. 98.4 and he is chasing a 91.8.


What can he do, the man from Sheffield, on his third and final


run. That is the biggest ten eight we have seen all afternoon. There is


the double 900. A huge triple. His head nearly came


off. I am holding my breath between every single run. Oh, the jumps were


absolutely faultless. Oh, no! He had to bring allot of speed into that.


He needed to clear that and hit the transition. He caught the nose of


his ski there. I think that, right there, would have been a gold medal


run. Still sitting in silver position. From the US of A, McRae


Williams. Bringing a lot of speed into this first jump, as he throws


the double 900, straight to the flats. A switch 1080.


Again, we see that cheeky little slip of the end of the flat bar from


McRae. There is a triple. Oh, it was absolutely seamless! He did not land


that, the ground came up to meet him. Oh, he could see -- we could


see a change on the podium here. Solid, solid from McRae Williams.


There is one, two, three. Triple 1440. 93.4. Look at that! And pushes


Kenworthy down into silver. James Woods is now down into bronze. James


Woods now has a very nervous wait at the bottom. Now for the final run of


the slopestyle World Championships. Starts off very nicely. The switch


double Cork 1080. It is looking very tidy indeed. The


1260. Now... ABM from Canada needs to get through these rails


unscathed. He is looking very tidy. Oh, no! Oh, and he has been undone


by the house. So, McRae Williams takes the gold with his compatriot


Kenworthy taking silver. Great Britain win their second medal of


the championships with James Woods taking the bronze. I am really


happy. I got on medal at the World Championship Samak is huge was


really happy. Iggy pop doing fantastic. Everyone doing brilliant.


I think we all did really well, considering the conditions as well.


Performance wise, I could not be more proud, to be honest. That is


it. The World Freestyle Championships are done. It has been


a case of both highs and lows with special moments to savour and


special riding across Sierra Nevada. Excitement and expectation levels


are rising ahead of the Winter Olympics. Our build-up will take


place before the games with the return of Ski Sunday. We will see


you then.


Ed Leigh and Jenny Jones present highlights of the Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships from Sierra Nevada in Spain.