Day 12 Snooker: World Championship Highlights

Day 12

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Hello. Good evening. Welcome back to the Crucible Theatre. It is the


final day of the 2017 BetFred world super championship. First of all we


have Mark Selby who had a 6-2 overnight lead over Marco Fu.


Beliefs were -- stretch to 11-3 this morning and he was looking to win in


the two sections. This is what happened in frame 15.


He was definitely playing for the cue ball to hit the side cushion


first. The potted the red in the right-hand side of the pocket as he


looked it. This is a tough black. Brilliant. Cuts are easier when you


have an eight frame lead but that is still excellent cueing.


Three or four shots ago there were about eight threads on the back


crush on in the black was there was well and now all of a sudden after


this next black he should get rid of the black that is stopping the red


-- he should get rid of the red that is stopping the black potting in the


left-hand corner. This is a very strange game. He doesn't really want


to lose the black onto the brown spot here, he wants it to spot. 16.


Seven. 32. With those reds on the black


push and he will obviously finish low every time on the black because


he doesn't want to stun of the cushion. 33.


40 points ahead now so he is going to be able to win this frame without


doing anything of out those awkward rents. -- about those awkward reds.


You can see the determination in the face of Mark Selby. He was so


disappointed to lose the last frame and he made a break of 57. At least


if he wins this frame he has a chance of closing the match out


before tonight 's final session. He knows this is a great chance now to


lead 12-3. Well, he thought he had a very bad


contact there. The obviously played for the pink in the corner of but he


felt he got a very heavy contact and he took all of the pace out of the


cue ball. You saw the red bounce and leave the table.


62. So, red, pink, red. 63. So, one frame left in this session, one


frame needed by Mark Selby. What willpower, what desire has Marco Fu


got left to bring this match tour final session tonight?


It goes without saying that Marco Fu has not really been at the races in


this match but the way that Mark Selby has gone about it has been so


clinical. He is playing one of the best players in the world here and


he is 12-3 in front. He is cueing brilliantly. Four or five cushions.


That will do it. 84. No he could not actually see that


red, he had to use the left-hand side to bend that cue ball which is


why he could not play a proper positional shot. The pockets really


seem like buckets at the moment Mark Selby, to put the black in the


middle at that pace and at that angle.


This for the century. Is it there? It is. Brilliant.


The chance of making the first 140 plus break in this championship now.


A possible 143. Incredible. The last few shots have just been, to keep


this break going, have just been incredible. 108. I don't think I can


remember session where there have been three total clearance is in an


eight frame session. I have no marks since he has been a


12-year-old lad and he has played thousands of frames but I don't


think I have seen him play better. No he is in a great place at the


moment. The game is just seeming so easy. He has finished a bit straight


on this green, though. He may just have to play for the brown one of


the middle pockets. 121. He is screwing this off the push aside,


what a shot this will be. Stop it! 125. He potted the black in the


middle at 1000 miles an hour and then brown in the middle at 1000


miles an hour. Kyren Wilson made the biggest break last at 143 and this


will equal that. Does he have to go in and out of baulk once more?


Magnificent. That was one of the best century breaks I've ever seen.


An unbelievable break. Highest break of the championship so far, 143 and


Mark Selby needs the last frame of this session to win the match. A


lovely touch from Marco Fu, applauding Mark Selby and in this


form he will take some stopping. He was quite brilliant today but Marco


Fu, something was clearly not right at all today. Mark Selby is into yet


another semifinal here. I think that is the first time I


have one with a session to spare and normally I am being taken off and


there is another session going on. Really, really happy. The best match


I have played here for a long while, especially consistency, scoring wise


it felt as though I was playing well in the first session yesterday


against Marco Fu. I felt I controlled the game and I could have


possibly come out 5-3 and I would have been disappointed but 6-2 was


huge and is seen to continue the momentum today. The way I perform at


the moment is probably the perfect way if I could have planned it.


Just play really good match snooker in the first two matches and then to


pick up as you go along as I did in the game against Marco. I just hope


I have not peaked too soon. Tonight he was back in this practice room


and getting ready for a huge semifinal. Next up is Ding Junhui


against Ronnie O'Sullivan. Ding Junhui had a lead overnight and then


Ronnie O'Sullivan cut the deficit to two frames and then doing one


another. Then this... What a pot. What a pot.


He just needs to get that Reddaway, the one that is to the right of the


black, and I think he can play for it here. Maybe not this time, but


certainly the next time. As long as he gets the correct angle this time.


He wants that rednecks to his hand out of the way. Then the black will


be clear into both corner pockets. You could not have the reds in a


better position. We have had a magnificent, one of the best breaks


I have ever seen, 143, from Mark Selby this morning. This could be


better. Was certainly a higher break. I know you don't want to say


it, but it is all right is, and all blacks -- Allred 's and all blacks.


The first thing is to make sure you score enough to take the frame, a


frame that he badly needs, as the boys in the studio were saying.


12-8, you wouldn't give him much of a chance. 11-9 all to play for.


Yes, I think pretty much as soon as he potted red and then black, he


would be thinking about it. Then it will be for the glory of making a


maximum at the Crucible. It won't be the prize thinking about. Because


that is, well we work it into it too much, because it is disappointing.


There is ?10,000 for the high break, but there is only ?5,000 for a


maximum break so... This sitting absolutely perfect, and the last


gentleman to make a maximum break in the Crucible Theatre is not too far


from me. In 2012, that is not the kiss he wanted. He is smiling,


Ronnie, and the cannon has kept him on the black. He is smiling. He is


looking at Stephen Hendry in the commentary box. He was trying to pot


the blue. He is a naughty boy! 86. He tried to get on it but he didn't


manage it. Well, he has done it 13 times. He could still beat the


highest break. It is 143, as we mentioned. 103. Well, even Ding


Junhui was smiling in his seat there, match on! Let's just say, I


don't think he was giving it 110%. 111. 112. Still under six minutes,


just coming up to six minutes for this. Quite... Outstanding. Under


the circumstances. 121. 124. He is flying around the table


at the moment and he is still smiling up at Stephen Hendry. We had


to wait over a week for 140 or above break and now a nice finish on the


blue and the Wii will have two in the space of a few hours. Absolutely


incredible. Don't miss the black, Ronnie. Genius! And he hasn't.


Ronnie O'Sullivan, what a break he has made there! He has made the


highest break of this year 's World Championship, a magnificent 146, and


he goes to the mid-session interval just two behind, 11-9. What a match


this could be! A joy to watch. 12-10. Could Ding Junhui win it in


the end? Here really is playing next. Back to Dennis and Stephen. He


scattered everything all over the table and he is on the blue. Another


terrific chance for the Chinese player. Almost got into the semi


final in the last frame, can he do it this time? Yes, he has just got


to really concentrate on one shot at a time.


Already he is putting a little careless one. He may have to just


cannon into the three reds that are together. If only just to stop the


pace of the cue ball. That has worked out OK. It has


worked out perfect. He can play for the black. The black or the pink


here. What a chance! That looked harmless enough shot,


didn't it, Dennis, when Ronnie was playing into the back of the bunch?


Yes, it was Ding Junhui 's safety shot that left Ronnie in an awkward


spot. Just clicked off colour and got in the brown. -- in behind the


brown. It didn't matter what side of the blue he got to there. But like


you, Stephen, I thought Ronnie, coming off two cushions, would have


left everything safe, but he picks one out, did Ding Junhui. I don't


think he was as close to the learner -- yellow one that last shot, he was


just taken up a little bit, understandable after what happened


on the last frame. This is not the blue he wanted to play. Safely in.


If he doesn't win it from here, can he win the match? He has got to win


it from here. He was a little unlucky in the


previous frame when he was on 63 and to red over a pocket and it finished


a little awkward. There is nothing that can really go wrong because the


reds are there for him. The pinks are in the open and the black is


available. He is not that many more pots away.


This is a very important victory in Maguire 's career. I have to admit


that I did not think he could beat Ronnie O'Sullivan over three


sessions. He has got the game but I don't think he is mentally up for it


but he has shown fantastic character, especially after what


happened in the first game -- the last game, to come out and win this


in one visit is very impressive. You see it is a 68 ahead with 67


remaining. Ronnie gave it his best shot here. He made the highest break


of this year 's World Championship, a magnificent 146, but he has been a


big help to Ding Junhui in the past and, as I mentioned previously, it


is ten years since Ding Junhui has beaten Ronnie but this, without


doubt, even all the titles he has one, this will go down as one of his


best matches ever, you would have to say. What a great feeling it is when


you are clearing up and knowing that you are going to be playing in that


one-table situation now at the Crucible. I used to love this pot,


when you are clearing up in the quarterfinal, just to know that you


are through to that stage. It is hard to describe to people how you


are feeling inside, but you are absolutely delighted. Could he


possibly clinch it with a century break?


77. He has had eight centuries so far, more than any other player.


This would be the 60th. If he goes on to make it. 85. It is all about


the green, you would have to say. Showing terrific character here, is


Ding Junhui, he really is. Nicely on the green. 92. 95. Can he


get up to the blue? He certainly can. Absolutely fantastic. He is a


Chinese sensation. He has won this most important match in style. 110.


Ronnie will come forward and have a little chat with him and wish all


the best the semifinal. It has been a cracking match all around. Some


brilliant breaks. Ronnie smiles. That is lovely to say. Well done to


the two players who gave it a fantastic match, but Ding Junhui is


a little bit emotional there because he has beaten his idol, who he


hadn't beaten the ten years, and he did it in style with that the


magnificent century break. Well done to both players, but congratulations


to Ding Junhui, you beat your idol, and you are through to the semifinal


by 13-10. Just the second time I met him in the World Championship at


this time I win. I played this lucre how I want. It was not a terrible


result and I enjoyed myself. I couldn't pot a ball last night and


now I am perfect to 146, that's their 147! I am looking forward to


the game against Mark Selby. I think he is a top player, number one for a


few years and he is good tactically and everything. Everything is


stronger than before. I hope it will be OK. What a lovely interview. A


repeat of the World Championship final from last year. Mark Selby


will play the conqueror of the Rocket, Ding Junhui. In the bottom


half of the draw no problems at all for another former king of the


Crucible, John Higgins. Well, that time he caught the jaw,


and it didn't go in. Very unexpected miss.


Just one frame away from a place in the semifinal.


Mmm. Oh, the vital frame ball. How many


times do we see this? Well, he decided to go for it.


It didn't matter about the blue and Sir David Higgins stays in his seat


O John Higgins stays in his seat. John Higgins through to his eighth


semifinal. Wins by 13 frames to six. There was no place like The Crucible


when it is down to one table. Just deing lighted. 2011 was the last


time, you have the thoughts where I was pretty close last year, you


begin to think you are never going to get there again to sample it.


Luckily enough from here, I would be willing to now go, go one better and


get to the final. And John Higgins will play the winner of the Barry


Hawkins Stephen Maguire match. Maguire won the first two of the


evening session including a break of 135. Into frame 19. Maguire to break


commentary from Willie Thorne and Steve Davis.


Frame 19. Stephen Maguire to break. Delighted Stephen Maguire getting


the 19th frame under way. Can he win the remaining two frames in this


mini-session? Barry Hawkins needs to win one of


these two frames otherwise he will be feeling that his, he is on the


8-ball as it were. Very easy miss brown.


Well, could that be the turning point? There is always something


that changes matches. Missed it by a long, long way and


when you consider the cue ball is supposed to be near the baulk line,


it shows you how badly he hit it. Every time you play a shot like that


and miss it, it puts a certain amount of spin on the red ball. It


is always likely to go back against the line of dugs. As the player


sitting in your ball is supposed to be near the baulk line, it shows you


how badly he hit it. Every time you play a shot like that and miss it,


it puts a certain amount of spin on the red ball. It is always likely to


go back against the line of dugs. As the player sitting in your chair,


you think "Oh, don't. Not that one". Sometimes you think it's not fair,


because Stephen Maguire has done all the hard work to take them, seen


baulk miss the two easy shots we have talked about and now he has


been gifted an opportunity through good fortune rather than good shot.


He will be seething. The red closest to the pack could be


used to open the pack up a bit. Certainly blocking, using the black


at the moment. You get low on that red perhaps you


can pot it, glance across the pack. Nudge a few out.


He has left it low as you suggested, Steve. It is one of those where he


is going to have to stun it to make the cannon on the edge of the pack


and of course then you have to play the stun run through so it breaks


away from the pack. Could screw it back across the face


of it. He has judged that pretty well.


Every one of these balls that Barry Hawkins is potting will be hurting


Stephen Maguire knowing it came off that amazing fluke, the first red.


But from baulk's perspective, he o won't be feeling marvellous, so all


of these are effectively helping him to recuperate.


Three more loose reds, and probably will come some 60 odd points in


front. He will have to come into that cluster of reds at some stage.


Of course Barry Hawkins will know how much this is hurting Stephen


Maguire. That is probably what has give him a bit of a boost, because


he was not feeling good in the opening two frames.


When you flick a couple of reds into play here, and glance off them. He


can play for the blue but if he flicks another couple into play, go


for the blue baulk colour, that makes things easier at this end of


the table. Amazing how different people break


differently. Now he will have to leave an angle


on this blue to pot, get on the red and flick a couple of reds out.


Just come a fraction too far. He is OK though, he can play that stun run


through, beyond the pink or the black.


It is all about that cannon. This could be a frame-winner, this shot.


It looked like it may well be. Just catching the red thicker that would


have slowed the white down, but... If he thinks he's can kiss the red


ball loose on, he will play that. If he doesn't catch it full ball he


may not be on the a red. There it is. The full ball.


Well it can be a cruel game sometimes, and this forum has


certainly been cruel for Stephen Maguire.


-- game. What a time to get a fluke when you haven't potted a ball for


two frames. APPLAUSE The thing about it, is if


Barry Hawkins was totally reeling, everyone the fluke isn't good


enough, because he messes the positional play up, so this, this is


an excellent effort, because no, obviously he didn't play the fluke,


just had to respond to the situation. But he's got plenty of


expense here at The Crucible so he knows the significance of trying to


hurt his opponent. Amazingly enough, we could have had


six total clearance in one day this is another chance of a possibly red


clearance. The standard today has been ridiculous.


Similar to Stephen Maguire, Barry Hawkins until this point had only


had one century so far in the tournament.


This is the first time he has had to play a difficult pot on this break.


Amazing with the pressure off what a difference it makes.


He has had to work hard for this break, hasn't he.


We have had three frames so far in evening, this could be temperature


second... Fabulous break from Barry Hawkins, although he did start with


that amazing fluke. The rest has been played to perfection.


You have to take you hat off to Barry Hawkins, he couldn't put make


a pot in the first two frames. Barry Hawkins is once in the lead, he


leads by ten frames to nine. What a terrific break from Hawkins. Maguire


to play, trailing by eight points into the next frame.


Oh he has another kick. Can you believe that kick, that was the


worst of the lot. If the reason for the first kick was chalk dust, on


the ball, sometimes it is no, sometimes it is, if it was a kick in


and the reason perhaps that was the shot that Stephen Maguire, if he


sensed it, should have had the ball cleaned.


Perhaps he didn't think that Barry Hawkins got a kick.


That is ridiculous. I took the pace out the ball, went square.


Exasperation. Gb Don't want to predict anything in


this frame any more. I don't know what Barry Hawkins's,


sorry Stephen Maguire's usual procedure is after his opponent gets


a kick and misses a shot. Some players just get on with it.


He will have to play a little cannon here.


Maybe a lifeline for Stephen Maguire. This could go wrong.


This red more or less guarantees the frame.


I think there'll be a dressing room door banging, should this black go


in as well. Yes, I think on what we have seen so


far, two all would have been a fair result, wouldn't it. Yes, I suppose


so. Favouring Stephen Maguire for 3-1


perhaps. That fluke that Barry Hawkins got.


I think 2-2 is bad for Stephen Maguire out this session. That is


what I meant, I didn't say it right. He is very aggrieved, he has,


everything that could have gone wrong in this mini-session has gone


wrong. Not too sure if Stephen Maguire is


the type of player who has someone in his dressing room, but they will


get an earful. That is the end of the frame. Barry


Hawkins will be the more delighted of the two player, they he came in


two frames in front, he goes into the interval two frames in front.


And Barry Hawkins won the next frame to make it 12-9. And then sealed his


place in the semifinals, in frame 22, with this break of 77. And so


for the fourth time in five years, Barry Hawkins is back in the last


four, here at The Crucible, as for Stephen Maguire, well, he will be


bitterly disappointed, having had to play three matches to qualify for


this year's World Championship as well, but it is Barry Hawkins who is


through to the semifinals. Obvious, definitely good win, wasn't


great Stan #2k5rd through the match but it is a good win, how badly we


were both playing. I think I stayed a bit more patient than he did, and


handled it a bit better towards the end. I had a bit of Lady Luck on my


side tonight. I fluked a red at nine all, think it was nine all, and I


still had to make the balls but I managed to clear up and it probably


served me better. It is the calmest I have felt throughout the match.


That is something to take forward. He is a force to be reckoned with.


Barry Hawkins talking on John Higgins and four time world


champion, what a story if John Higgins could win, making it five


times a champion here, at the Crucible Theatre.


Well, tonight is one of the best moments at The Crucible, during a


World Championship, the arena undergoing transformation from two


tables, to just the one, the perfect stage for what has been a wonderful


tournament so far, and it's going to get even better over the next few


day, stop whatever you are doing, at one clock and join us on BBC Two,


for the first semifinal, as Mark Selby takes on Ding Junhui, thank


you for watching. Bye for now. Our crack team of experts


use pioneering research


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