Day 14 Snooker: World Championship Highlights

Day 14

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So Enter The Dragon, Ding Junhui. World number one for a few years and


everything is stronger than before. I play my games and that will be OK.


The way I performed at the moment is the perfect way I could have planned


it. I hope I have not peaked too soon.


There is no place like the Crucible. Hopefully I can go one better and


get to the final. I am playing great stuff. I need to be at the top of my


game to beat him, that's for sure. Hello, a good evening to you.


Welcome back to Crucible Theatre. Coming up highlights of the day's


semifinal of the 2017 Bet Fred World Championship. First up a repeat of


last year's final at the Crucible. Defending champion and world number


one Mark Selby, taking on China's Ding Junhui.


Well, Selby had a 9-7 lead after the morning session, they shared the


first four frames of the eve Ming, including a fabulous break of 128 to


Selby. We join it in frame 21. Ding to play, leading by 12 points.


So coming off the side cushion to nest in the reds. Doesn't want to


slide by them. Has to hit it hard enough to reach. That is well short.


REFEREE: Foul and a miss. Mark Selby four. No reason I don't think, being


that close, there was a case there for playing a safety and opening up


the reds, but, as I said, I noticed in the session this morning, Mark's


game plan, keep it tight. Only open the reds when you have a chance of


doing so, off a colour, but tough shot this for Ding Junhui.


Played it into the green, and fortunately the red he played hit


another red, so it's OK. But that could have gone horribly wrong. If


the red doesn't kiss the other red, he would have had something on. Just


watch the way this red ran into the green, and was going back up the


table until it kissed the second red.


So, a slight run of the ball there for Ding Junhui. Deserves some.


Looked like being a good safety until I flicked the brown. Now is


this the time? I know he has a pot on. All eyes toer the pot. Not


looked at a safety. Play for the pink into the middle, so it doesn't


have to do a lot with the cue ball. Long put success is a bit lower than


what is required, at this level. But he could do with this one.


Wonderful. Wonderful, and he is on the pink.


So he gets another opportunity. Now if he is not straight enough on the


pink to cannon into the main bunch of reds, he has an angle to knock a


red to the right corner. There is no-one better round the pink for me,


than this young man. But he was able to get into the cluster and played


it beautifully. I expect nothing less, and he didn't let me down,


wonderful shot. Looking to see if the pink will go


into the same corner as he is potting this red, but, if it


doesn't, he still has the green at this end of the table. Just looking


for another 33 points from this visit.


To get to snookers required. Decided to come up for the blue,


inch perfect. I think he would rather have been on


the red that is near the right hand cushion. But he has bounced off the


cushion a bit too far. Eight hours of intense concentration. There is


quite a few Chinese players in Sheffield play at the academy and


they would practise eight hours a day, but this is a little more


intense. That is why the standard is so high, the amount of practise that


the younger generation of players put in, it is quite extraordinary


and that is why the standard, where there is so many playing to such a


high standard. Just about perfect, he has the angle


on the blue, to hit the pink, he don't want to hit it full ball, just


three-quarter ball would be perfect, it would bring the three reds into


play. This could be the key to the frame, if this goes right.


Well, he has got, I am sure like you Dennis, he played that cannon. I


can't believe he played for this loose red. He is on it, in a


fashion. It is not going to be easy. Cue ball tight against the side


cushion. Whenever you have not got your hand on the table, it makes the


pot difficult. He needs an angle again, though.


And I don't think he has it. So he has a 35 point advantage, and the


three reds are intact there. And there is no path through to pot a


colour, and move them, the green looks to be dead straight, the pink


won't go. Checking the scoesh, but still -- score board, still a long


way short of securing the frame. He would love to get the snooker


here, there is is a good line there, yellow, brown, black, but I know


that you set a lot of store adds quite a few players do, of putting a


colour safe here, but he is trying to get off the green, and cannon the


black, to get the snooker. Needs to run, needs to run. Missed


an opportunity there. I'd have been knocking the green safe and


attempting the snooker as well. He needs some bit of insurance. And if


this next safety shot works out, the game could be quite open, with a


chance for Mark to put in a counter attack. Not like that. You don't


mind coming to the table with this sort of chance. That was an error


and a smile comes to the defending champion's face. I don't know why he


felt the necessity to hit it so thin. Any way, surely it is frame


over now, after this green. Just one more red needed.


And he's perfectly on the red and this red will put him 40 ahead with


just 35 remaining. But surely after this red he gets a


colour. Just been a bit surprising Dennis,


so many mistakes that Mark Selby has made in this frame on the safety


side. Very unlike him but he can't shake


off Ding Junhui, he keeps come back at him every time Mark opens up a


two frame advantage, Ding Junhui bounces back.


He had a three frame advantage at 10-7.


Is a lot of people would love this player to win the World Championship


this year. There's three other players with a different idea. He is


very popular with the public all over the world, this player.


He had won everything in the game but the World Championship.


Is he going to bother with the black? Why not, he played such a


good positional shot he might as well roll the black in as well.


Doesn't matter that the black doesn't drop. Ding Junhui will be


absolutely delighted, he takes the frame and now he's just one behind


the defending champion. Ding Junhui digging ever so deeply,


let's go into the next frame, back to Dennis and John, Mark Selby at


the table. Well, he seemed to hit that much


harder than he needed. There is a choice of reds for Ding


Junhui here, he doesn't like that as he walks back to his seat, looking


up at a few of his friends there. Didn't fancy that one little bit.


He had no option in all fairness but to play it.


If this goes in it's a frame-winner. Ooh it just struggled in off the jaw


but he feels he can pot the pinkful I'm not certain if the black goes.


But the pink certainly is pottable. But he, his heart must have been in


his mouth when it was I aming for that left hand jaw.


If it is the pink it will put him 50.s in front with just 67


remaining. Just got to screw back and the black will stay there and he


has a red below the black spot. Oh, he doesn't want that to cover the


red. Has it covered the red?


Red, colour, red required. Now the black covered the potting


angle on the red, would you believe it? He didn't see that coming. And


I'll be honest with you neither did I, but the run of the ball went


against him that time. Just looking at that again, Dennis, I don't think


he could pot that red. He couldn't, he almost hit them simultaneously


which would have been a foul shot if you hit the red and black at the


same time, it is called a split ball, and the referee would call a


foul. Yes, I don't think he could pot that


red. This first red is very difficult.


The pocket is out of your eye line. Tough shot this.


But he has played it well. APPLAUSE


He has held it nicely for the yellow. Any colours will do. He has


plenty of points to play with at the moment. What a frame and what a


steel this could be. -- steal this could be.


That is a big ask with where the reds are situated, but, he has done


it plenty of times in the past. What a time this would be to steal the


frame. He is a right handed player, so


they're not the wrong side of the table, but he's not nicely on the


pink to get anywhere near the reds, he would have to go all the way


round the angles here. He has play it badly. OK, normally


you would think he could pot the pink and come off the side cushion,


but the black is stopping that route, so as you say, he has to go


in and out the baulk, you are going to dig in, so he has to avoid the


kiss on the yellow and be careful of the right middle pocket. The middle


pocket and the yellow. Well, he has avoided it. Full ball kiss, would be


perfect. Fraction out. Good effort. Was it ever a good effort here, as


we show you the white arcing slightly, missed the yellow, and


just touched the red. Is there a path back behind the


brown here? He has to avoid the black.


Here he come, this is pretty good. If not the brown, he has the green


there. That was an excellent shot. This frame now taking on massive


proportions. In the 29th minute. What a big


frame. Ding Junhui has had a couple of opportunities in it, it really


hurt, if he was to lose it and go two frames behind again. Well, that


was strange. Ding Junhui, he seemed to be looking up at a monitor.


That's not bad, he hasn't left anything easy.


This red will cut back, looks like a natural angle to cannon into the


pink, if he did take it on for the left corner.


He has to be a bit careful he doesn't pass the pink and black and


go into the middle pocket. I think that's, that is a natural angle the


white would take if he plays the plain-ball, so, let's see the path


that the cue ball is going to take here.


Oh, that's a great shot. That's a terrific shot. If it bounces he's on


the brown and he can get up to the two reds.


Avoided the pinks just avoided the middle pocket.


Played it well, nice angle on the red.


Can't afford to pot this red, I don't think, and try and bring the


other red into play, because he's not certain to be on the colour, so


just play for the pink or blue. Now he looks to have landed


absolutely perfect on the pink to screw over to the right-hand side


cushion for in last red. Massive frame this, big chance. He would


love the -- that's where he would love the white ball.


That's not bad. He will screw back for the blue here. To give himself a


chance to get to the yellow. As we saw from the score, any colour


will do, he doesn't want to be straight on the blue, though.


If he is, it means he can't get close position on the yellow,


believe me, now, and he couldn't be much straighter, there is pressure


on every shot here. Trying to dig down but there is not a lot of room


when you are in the jaws of the pocket. If he is going to try and


screw this back, it may be making this blue so much more difficult. A


very timely cough or whatever it was just as he was going to deliver the


cue. That was pretty good under the


circumstances. Boy is he good under pressure, John.


I mean, this, what a steal this would be. Yes, this will really hurt


Ding Junhui, when he looks for all money he was going to get back to


all square. I always think that the key to this


type of clearance is this shot, now, from ground blue, if he lands


perfect on the blue, it should be a formality.


And what I'm looking for, John, here, is see what sort of reaction,


if he does win this frame, from Mark Selby, because he's been looking up


as a few of his friends in the balcony. I think we are going to get


a big reaction, this was a big frame.


Ding Junhui had his opportunities, this will hurt.


Pink and black required. This to go two frames in front, once


again. It's there. What a frame that was.


What a steal. Ding Junhui, he will be really hurting over that one, he


had a few good chance, Mark Selby fist pumps his way out to go to the


dressing room. 12-10 he leads. Mark Selby loved winning that frame, let


show you what happened in the next. Here he is back at the table.


Leading by a point. And what about that shot? Fabulous


pot. Well that's as good as pot as you could ever wish to see under the


circumstances, especially what happened in the previous frame. Ten


out of ten for that. Ding Junhui. Played for the reds, to the left


middle. Seem to be a few loose reds, maybe available to the right. No


need to play any pack breaking shots, but he needs to have nice


control of this cue ball. Decided to come back for the black.


Couldn't have played it better, beautiful shot. And this is where,


as I say, he is as good as anyone I've ever seen.


His little stun, screw, litten cannons.


-- little cannons. Yes, I mean he has made 451 sents in


his career, turned pro in 2003. -- centuries.


Mark Selby has made 471, so two of the games great break-builders here,


just let that one slip away a little bit. He would be all right if he can


pot the blue and avoid a kiss on the red on the right-hand side side of


the stable. I don't think he can drop it in, he has to avoid the kiss


if he is coming off top and side cushion. He thinks he can drop it


in. And nailed it too, amazingly enough.


This is a delicate little shot. Play the cannon on to the other red, he


might even pot it. The other one is over the corner


pocket. Lovely little shot there. He made it look very easy.


And what a positive shot that was under the circumstances, that is why


he is one of the game's great break-builder, a lot of players had


a couple of reds to play for, he went straight into the bunch, and


that could pay great dividends, he is having a smile there because he


wants the cue ball cleaned because he is just going to roll this red


in, the last thing he would want was a heavy contact. I know it is is a


bit of a tricky spot to have the cue ball cleaned. But Brendan Moore will


be up to the task. Yes, and Stephen Hendry and Ken


Doherty in the studio were asking could that last frame have knocked


the stuffing out of Ding? It certainly hasn't. As you say Dennis,


what a positive shot that was to go into them. And the fact he was


smiling there, when he asked for that cue ball to be cleaned, that is


another good sign. Once again, lovely control of the cue ball.


And just 311 points needed from this position. He would be very surprised


if he didn't do it. Didn't want to be that straight on


the black. It is just running out of position slightly.


You are always looking to have a slight angle on the colour, or on


the red, have to find the gap leer, to get back on the black.


Played it well, just the kiss off the second red. He will be mighty


relieved he is back in perfect position.


Just letting his cue ball run loose at the moment. There is a lot of


pressure on him. He can't afford to miss this opportunity. The last


frame he should have won, at full stretch here.


Well, once again he is probably a bit straighter on this black than he


needed to be. Just another couple of reds, and colours after this black


will see him over the line. Had enough angle there, just to


force it in. And he can reach this, he can stretch round. Bit of a


stretch but he'll be OK. Fabulous response, this, from Ding


Junhui. It really is.


After what happened in the previous frame. This to go 69 ahead with 67


remaining. Superb. Superb.


And now he can relax and concentrate and see if he can make histth


century in this year's World Championship, way ahead of I think


it's probably twice as many as the next player to him, which is Mark


Selby, think he has had six, Mark Allen had sixth before he got


knocked out by John Higgins. There is Mark Selby, nothing he


could do about that, about this situation, because the opening red,


from Ding Junhui, was, well, nobody could play safe against a pot like


this. Look at this. Absolutely perfect, run it round off


two cushion, got on the black and in an air of inevitability about him


winning the frame, which is remarkable after what happened the


frame before. It is just brilliant. It is a real


treat and a pleasure to be commentating on this semifinal. It


really is. We have had 67 centuries so far, I


don't think they will reach the record of 886, but you never know,


the way these boys are starting to play.


And there is another one. Absolutely fantastic.


And one more frame to be played. He has had three centuries in every


match he has played so far this year.


Absolutely perfection. Yes, he is a delight to watch when he gets in the


balls. Cue ball control of the highest order. Scoring machine. And


an exhibition type shot to get on the blue. Hasn't hit it hard enough


so it will be into the corner. Doesn't matter about that, but what


a response from Ding Junhui. The pressure was right on him and he


came straight back with that magnificent break and now he is just


one behind again at 12-11. STUDIO: Brilliant stuff from Ding


Junhui and we didn't want the match to end. Let's show you what happened


in the final frame of the session. Selby to play and there is no score.


COMMENTATOR: Where is the black ball going? No free ball. We'll Ding want


to play the top cushion or will he want Mark Selby to play it?


Personally, I would let the other man have a go at this.


He has got to make sure he avoids the cannon onto the red near the


cushion. That is an attacking safety shot, if ever I have seen one. That


is superb and that tells me, John, how positively this young player is


thinking. To be honest with you, when I suggested he let Mark Selby


play the shot, I thought he could only hit the red made the top


cushion. Have a look at this, surely there is not a 3-ball plans. Read on


to the pink, pink onto the red. It might just work. What a body blow


that would be because Ding played a superb safety shot, but that is a


distinct possibility. Yes, very positive safety shot, Ding Junhui,


trying to keep this frame open. But there is a possibility of this


three-ball plant. But it's not a certainty. He is looking to see if


he can avoid cannon in into the red if he takes the three-ball plant on.


There might be a gap... Well, he is back looking at it. If


anyone can pull off a three-ball plant, it is this fella. So, here we


go. Not only the plant, but keep an eye on the cue ball here as well.


Ding Junhui must be thinking, how on earth did I leave at three-ball


plant. It wasn't the best of kisses on the green for Mark. Did well to


spot it. But he's not out of the woods yet. This is a tough pot on


the green, should he take it on. He didn't play it that convincingly,


did he? He knew there was Reds adjacent to book corner pockets and


the one to the right corner is available. The only problem is, how


do you get on a colour? OK, the green is over the pocket, but how do


you get the cue ball in a position to pot the green. The pink is a


possible ball to get on. Nicely onto the blue. He can take the green, if


he hasn't got the correct side of the blue. But he has the red near


the left corner. Good cueing. He is OK here with the blue. As long as he


hasn't blocked the path through to this red. I think he should be all


right, Dennis. He couldn't do a lot else with the cue ball. Once again,


he won't want to play the green, keep it as reserve. So lay again for


the blue. Now, he may decide to play the green. He's not good on blue.


The blue is miscible. The green isn't.


Regardless of what happens in this last frame, what a final session we


are going to have tomorrow afternoon. He has taken the more


difficult pot. It's not too bad. Well judged. OK, he will have to go


up for the blue again. Not a good chance just yet. Reds are


nicely placed. Pink and black are not.


Having said that, the black is available into the left corner


pocket. There is a red next to the black


which is preventing it going into the right corner. He is on the


black. If he can get on the red, that is closest to the black, it is


a terrific chance. Just a little bit further back would


have made it a lot easier to hold for the black. He has got the other


red into the right corner, so he can leave that for the time being. What


a session of snooker, John. Well, if you don't enjoy this, then you don't


like snooker. This has been absolutely brilliant. The twists,


the turns, the run of the ball, the bad run of the ball for one player.


And that is what makes the World Championship, these longer matches


so special. It gives chance for the look to go to and fro and Mark


Selby, who came into this session with a two frame advantage, can see


that slipping away here. Ding Junhui, he has played absolutely


brilliant. He has taken everything that has been thrown at him. Some


people could have wilted with some of the bad run he has had tonight.


But he has hung on, lost the frame he should have won, not bite you are


entitled to win any frame, you have got to do it yourself. Lovely cannon


on the pink. I can't see him slipping up now, but having said


that, he is having the white cleaned because of the way he is playing the


next shot. He looks pretty fresh out there, this has been a gruelling


session, mentally, for both players. There you go, just over nine hours


and six minutes of hard concentration and some brilliant


play from both players. This to go 64 points in front with 75


remaining. Just another red and a colour required. And that now looks


a formality. Red and the black to go 72 points in front with 67


remaining. Just slightly hampered. No problem, he may take the pink.


The pink would put in 71 points in front with 67 remaining. Mark Selby


looks to have lost his two frame advantage. In it goes. Well, what a


session of snooker we have seen the night. It is incredible. It will go


down as one of the great sessions for me, in Crucible history. It has


been an absolute pleasure to commentate on what we have witnessed


this evening, it really has. I have loved every minute of it, even the


first frame, 18 minutes before a ball was potted. Even then, they


delivered a century break. Mark Selby did. But, every respect to


Ding Junhui, as I say, he has taken everything that has been thrown at


him, losing frames he should not have lost. Bad run of the ball. But


he stuck at it, he never dropped his head. And the last two frames have


been absolutely scintillating. Wouldn't it be fitting if he could


finish with another century? He has looked very comfortable. We


did see him having the odd smile and a laugh with the referee when he


asked him to cleaned the ball. He is in a very comfortable place at the


moment. He is where every snooker player wants to be, in the semifinal


of the World Championship and he is playing some scintillating snooker.


So, this red, the green wouldn't be enough. He needs a red and possibly


go back for the blue. Get in! Get in! This is the icing on the cake.


And his 13th century, John, this year. Fantastic! Absolutely


fantastic. You will not see many sessions of


snooker better than this. Well, John, we are on this match tomorrow


afternoon. Can't wait. Know, and pick a winner. Can't do that either.


We will just have to see how it unfolds. Mark Selby, great


competitor. He will appreciate what Ding has done this evening. With his


back against the wall, he went -- seven behind, but nothing was going


to detail him. He wanted to win this session and he has won it 50 plant.


The black, perfect position. To finish the night in style.


Fantastic. Well played, Mark Selby says to Ding Junhui. What a match.


Got a climax we have tomorrow afternoon. Ding Junhui takes a


standing ovation. He has won this session five frames to three.


Tomorrow, all square, 12-12. STUDIO: Standing ovation from The


Crucible cried. Ding Junhui has made 13 centuries. The record is Stephen


Hendrie, 16 centuries, can that be broken? Can Ding Junhui write his


name in Crucible history? We have time to bring you up today


with the other semifinal, John Higgins taking on Barry Hawkins, who


reached the final in 2013. 5-3 after the first session and then it went


9-6 to the Scott and Higgins kept the advantage. Barry Hawkins has it


all to do in the third session when they return later this morning. John


Higgins would be overnight lead in his first semifinal since he won his


fourth title in 2011. And Barry will pretty much have to do what Ding


Junhui has done in the other semifinal against Mark Selby and


stay in touch with John Higgins. But Barry doesn't have a good record


against Higgins and needs to rediscover his touch. Time now for


shot of the day. This is a cracker. Wow! Look at this for a shot.


Unbelievable. Wow! Stunning from Mark Selby. Has to be


one of the shots of the championship. We return at ten


o'clock on BBC Two from The Crucible as John Higgins takes on Barry


Hawkins. Thanks for watching. Goodbye for now.


As it comes down to this final pink. But is it, the World Snooker


champion in 1981, Steve Davis. Full disclosure - you're looking at


a room of double glazing salesmen.


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