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Good evening and welcome to Sport Wales.


Well, this week, we have had rain, we have had wind,


we have had storms, which can mean only one thing -


yes, the cricket season is nearly upon us.


We will find out how confident Glamorgan are feeling very shortly,


but first, here is what else we have got coming up


A new stadium for the Cardiff Devils,


but can they end the season on a high?


I think it would be a symbol for a lot of great things.


a new season brings new hope at Glamorgan.


My ambition is to make the most out of every individual


it is everybody that is here representing Glamorgan.


Two friendlies in the bag, what is the verdict?


I still maintain, mate, that with everybody fit,


we're more than capable of getting out of that group in France.


You know, you put Bale and Ramsey into that Ukraine performance


and, you know, I think we probably win that game.


We catch up with one of our most experienced competitors


It's going to be a tough competition, it's the highest level


my dream would be to bring back another medal.


And it's a special occasion for everyone involved


It's fantastic how, you know, the standard has raised this year.


they have literally just stepped up a level,


so I think we will have our work cut out today.


Cardiff Devils are aiming for their second trophy in two seasons


in the Elite League play-offs on the weekend


and having just moved into a brand-new stadium,


could the good times be coming back the capital?


the Cardiff Devils was the hottest ticket in town.


Since then, they've fallen on hard times, but in recent years,


New owners, a brand-new arena, it feels like a new dawn.


You know, we've got a new ownership group in that just loves hockey.


They want to do things right, they want to treat the players


and the off-ice staff the right way here.


It goes back to that passion with the fan base and the team.


I think we feed off each other, we understand each other,


and it has made for a really kind of fun snowball effect


Get that over to Andrew Lord, who steps inside, looking


I really like as a club where we are going, with everything,


on the ice, off the ice, the fans, the building, everything,


I really like where we are going and I think


this organisation is only going to get better in the future.


For ten years, the Devils had to play in a big blue tent


Now they are in a custom-built arena.


The managing director of the Devils is Todd Kelman.


We have moved into what I would consider a perfect sized arena


for this league and a great facility to play in.


I mean, it is huge for us, it is huge for all of South Wales.


It is a real game changer for us and for any ice sports


Is this another step in the Devils' Renaissance,


We took over two years ago, this is our second season in charge,


and they were kind of, you know, the last placed club


and weren't getting the big crowds and we added probably 1,000 people


to their average crowd and had some success in year one last year under


us and this year again, competing for the league title,


Challenge Cup final and now going for a play-off championship.


One last weekend, but it won't be here, it will be in Nottingham.


but we have got a huge game on Saturday and if we win that,


we have got an even bigger game on Sunday.


Another brilliant save by Ben Bowns on the rebound.


There'll be two semifinals on the Saturday and then the final


on Sunday, so we will play a one-off game on the Saturday,


If we beat them, then we will play whoever wins the second semifinal


It's going to be a really big challenge.


I mean, we know we don't have an easy route there,


Coventry's playing really good, they won it last year,


so it's not like we are going in there thinking


Last year's trophy was the first trophy in a decade,


I think to get another trophy this year would be, just


to show our consistency, to show how far we have come


in such a short time, I think it would be a symbol


At the same time, if we play like we are supposed to play,


I think we should be fine and it would be huge for the club


PRIMAL SCREAM: # I'm moving on up, now...


So the Devils are just two wins away from another trophy and finally,


Yes, it really does feel like we are back in the '90s.


Still to come, former Wales internationals Iwan Roberts


and Danny Gabbidon give their on Wales' performances


against Ukraine and Northern Ireland ahead of Euro 2016.


The way we play, we're set up very well for tournament football.


Hard to beat, we've got the pace and the power on the counterattack


and I think that can serve you very well in tournament football.


The clocks have gone forward, spring is in the air


and the new cricket season is upon us and it is probably fair


to say that Glamorgan will start this new season with renewed


optimism under the guidance of new head coach Robert Croft


and with last night's news that club legend Alan Jones


It's a new dawn at Glamorgan County Cricket Club.


Calmer waters, it seems, off the pitch and a new head coach


A new role but a more than familiar face.


I realise the responsibility that goes with the job.


I also realise how many people would love to do this job.


When I looked at why, it was because I know that there's


an academy system that is well set, well in place.


Off the field, as well, there are good people,


a sound balance between business and cricket.


And also, when I look from the playing side of it,


there's a group of players there that are ambitious and capable.


It's always nice chatting cricket to Crofty.


He always challenges your mindset in terms of how you want to go


about your game and I think for him, it is also a new chapter


in his coaching career and something he is really looking forward to.


The big thing is, I think, when he walks into the dressing


room, there is definitely a bit of respect for him,


so I think we can expect some big things from him.


Robert's, you know, part of the furniture.


Obviously he has been one of the best players


He has had the experience recently of spending some time


with the England squad as well, which I know he really enjoyed


and learned a lot from and, you know, these young players


He's got a great track record over a long period of time at Glamorgan


and he is somebody that is really looking forward to working


with and supporting our young players.


Having benefited from having a large part of their debt written off


by its main creditors, the club have announced an operating


profit for 2015, thanks in part to staging an Ashes Test.


Glamorgan are now seeking a return to the top division of county


It'll be a little bit tougher this year, there is only one county


going up but that doesn't necessarily mean we


We had a good first half of last season and then tailed away.


I think this year, slightly bigger squad, everyone has got


I think if we can take our form for the first of last season


there's no reason why the top spot can't be ours.


It's not made any easier by the fact that only one team


is going to be promoted this year, but we are excited, we got a good


blend of youth and experience and, you know, I think we certainly want


as we do in the other two competitions.


We played a very strong brand of cricket last year,


we won four games in a row, which I think would have given


the guys a bit of belief that we can actually achieve something


and we actually had a small squad last year, so in regards to that,


I think we have got to be focused on trying to get promotion.


Our depth in our squad this year is also a lot better.


What I want is players in that dressing room,


as well, enjoying other people's success.


You know, we are here to produce successful team on the field,


representing Glamorgan and representing Wales,


yes, but part of the responsibility as well is to try and develop


We have talent within the squad, but so does every team.


What is important is that I see ambition in the eyes of the players


that are representing Glamorgan and, yes, to play well for us


but ambition as well to walk out on the field representing England,


which I have always said for a long time is like the British Lions.


With little over a fortnight to go ahead of their opening


County Championship fixture of the season, pre-season


Somerset the current opponents, over three days.


My ambition is to make the most out of every individual and make


My ambition is is to make the ability...


It is everybody that is here representing Glamorgan.


There is no doubt that you need more than just going out


there with the ambition of making Wales proud,


because you have to focus on what you are doing,


but ultimately it is something that we would like to achieve.


With Euro 2016 drawing ever nearer, what kind of shape are Wales in


Here are the thoughts of former Wales internationals


Dan, on the back of our two friendlies against Northern Ireland


and Ukraine, what have we learned, if anything, from those two games?


I think the first game was tough for the manager to get


I think the fringe players that kind of came into didn't really perform


that well to put a thought in the manager's mind,


but the Ukraine game was a lot better.


You could see, obviously going back to the normal formation,


a few more of the mainstay players in the team.


It was a much better performance and one or two players coming in,


the likes of Emyr Huws did very well, Jonny Williams


There was certainly more to take out of the Ukraine game and,


you know, it has got myself thinking a little bit,


one or two places up for grabs now whereas a few weeks ago,


We can't depend on Gareth to get all the goals.


I'd put Tom Bradshaw before Tom Lawrence.


Look at his goal-scoring record, 27 goals in 63 league appearances


What did he come on for, the last 15 minutes, was it?


And I saw enough in those 20 minutes to think he has got a chance


As you said, he looks like a natural goal-scorer.


We don't really have too many of them in the squad.


I thought his movement was good, he looked lively when he come


Someone asked me, do I take eight defenders,


eight midfielders and sacrifice a forward and just take four


My original squad, I think I had eight defenders in,


Does that mean you had Dummett in there?


Yeah, I think I had Dummett in, but I actually totally


I think they are very versatile, all the defenders, they can play


in different positions, so I think Chris Coleman might


I think five strikers going to the tournament


Friendlies, now, I don't know if you feel like me,


I don't get too carried away with it all and I don't get too disappointed


when we lose them, really, because it's not about the result,


it's about the performance and I still maintain,


mate, that with everybody fit, we are more than capable of


You know, you put Bale and Ramsey into that Ukraine performance and,


you know, I think we probably win that game.


From a defender's point of view, I was probably looking at it...


The defensive side of things, with those two not playing,


and I thought we were very good defensively, so hopefully


we will get Bale, get Ramsey back, firing, put them into the 11


and the way we play, we set up very well


Hard to beat, we've got the pace and the power on the counterattack


and, you know, I think that can serve you very well


You too, mate. Take care of yourself.


Now, Wales will have a strong presence in Team GB at this year's


Paralympic Games in Rio, just as they did in


London four years ago - and once again, one of our most


experienced competitors will be there.


Not far from Pontypridd, in the former mining village


of Beddau, there is a very special tribute to one of their own.


Paralympic bronze medallist Sara Head.


What does it mean to you to be recognised by the community


And I'm so lucky, I'm so lucky to have everyone's support.


My community has been my scaffolding.


They pick me up and build me up when I am down and they are there


I became disabled when I was 15 and it was a difficult time,


it was dark times for me and sport is what came and saved me


A guy came into school, got me involved in wheelchair


basketball and then it all moved on from there.


So how did the move to table tennis come about?


Well, I was at a wheelchair basketball event and I met


a boyfriend who played for the Great Britain table tennis


team, and at that point, finding out it was rather


competitive, went through TTAW, Table Tennis Wales, they told me


which club I could go to, took some very sneaky lessons,


got hooked and now I totally adore playing and I've even beaten him


And your main partner in crime is Jane Campbell.


Tell me about your relationship with her, then,


You know, I am so lucky to have her and she says the same


We have a fantastic bond and we both want the same thing.


You know, that is what is really special, we both want same


thing but we both want the best for each other.


So for us to have that together, we are so lucky and the friendship


What are the main highlights for you so far in your career?


I think, you know, it is difficult to condense all of my


I've been fortunate to win 50 plus international medals.


I've been European champion in the team event, with my fantastic


I've been part of an incredible GB team over the years.


But to win my Paralympic medal and to receive this bench,


With Rio only months away she is busy training for the second


Paralympics. At the moment we are still working on intensity and


consistency, working on movement and recovery and table tennis fitness.


We may go to Slovenia and the back year for some competitions and then


we will see where we are and come back and ramp up the intensity a lot


more. What about your chair in particular? Any modifications for


playing the game? We sit as tall as we can so we have big coercion is


but one of my modifications is that I have when my wheels go around, if


I flicked this lock it allows me to move the wheels back and forth while


remaining in a stable position so that I can lean and reach for the


ball without worrying about the chair. It is so fast, have you ever


fallen out of the chair? I have been close but fortunately I tend to fall


over the table more. Months to go now until the big event, what's the


goal? The goal in Rio is to go out and do myself and everyone proud and


really know when I've worked hard. It will be the highest level we can


compete at but for me my dream would be bringing back another medal. Not


many get to compete on the biggest age but now to a tournament that


means the winners get to play at the Principality Stadium. Football teams


from minority groups in Cardiff have been taking part in a competition


set up by the police, the community cohesion cup. Sport Wales went to


meet them. The cohesion cup, a football competition celebrated by


diverse communities living in Wales. It is the first tournament with


different communities coming together to play in one tournament.


The Kurdish community... Cohesion wise it has been a big positive. I


was asked to put on a charity game in 2014, playing against the


Sudanese. It was such a success that we thought it would the good to make


it bigger and better. There are now a couple more teams playing this


year. The relationship between the police and young people doesn't


always... It's not always positive within certain communities. I think


this sort of tournament has taken down barriers and created better


communication in the community, especially with young people. It was


my first encounter with the police, I normally see them day-to-day on


the streets, but we are seeing a different insight into their


personalities and who they are, they seem like human beings. Hopefully


this will be the start of something concrete between us. The Somaliland


team had beaten six other squads to face the South Wales Police select


11 including format professionals. Last year the police defeated the


Yemeni team. The boys have worked hard to get here and obviously it's


a great occasion. Hopefully we the back. You have the experience.


You are going to have to start talking to him, pulling the strings.


You do this week in week out. That is where we are going to win the


game. After 12 matches played by over 120 players it has come down to


the Somaliland 11 taking on the police, watched by over 600


spectators. It's all about understanding the communities and


understanding them, they understand us, building bridges and confidence.


understanding them, they understand to give them a better game. That's


it from Sport Wales for this week, good luck to the Cardiff Devils this


weekend, it would be nice to see some silverware.


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