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Good evening. Two Euro 2016 warm up games for Wales and a world


superstar running through the streets of Cardiff, not a bad Easter


weekend of sport by head! Here's what's coming up. The Euro is less


than three months away, we sit down with Chris Coleman ahead of two key


friendlies. You're playing for your country. I don't expect it to be a


timid affair and I don't want it to be one. Danny Gabbidon goes for a


catch up with the captain. We've got to try and make sure we get the job


done because we are a good team. The world half Marathon comes to the


capital along with one of the greatest athletes on the planet.


Hopefully they will be cheering my name and hopefully will make a big


difference. Mo Farah can run a half in less than an hour, so we


challenged Gavin Rhys Owen to do it quicker in traffic. Surely there's


only one winner? It's neck and neck! And we catch up with one of Welsh


netball's rising stars. I've got some goals and the next World Cup is


definitely in my reach, so I will be doing everything to get there. But


only one place to start and that is with the man who tonight takes


charge of Wales's final home game before Euro 2016, Chris Coleman. A


warm welcome to Sport Wales. I'm guessing this week getting the squad


back together again for the first time since the autumn, there must be


a real sense of excitement with the Euros just around the corner? There


is, yeah. If you look at our players who have been at their respective


club who have maybe not been starting readily, they are starting


to go on loan so they can get the chance to play regular football and


be in the best physical shape the old enough to when we named the 23


for the summer. Credit to them for that. Some of the lads in this camp


have not been with us for a while will stop its a good chance for them


to get a feel of it again. The Northern Ireland game will a tough


one. They have done an unbelievable job to qualify. Michael O'Neill has


done a great job. There is always something on it when you're playing


for your country. Identity spectator be a timid affair and I don't want


it to be a timid affair. Once we put that to bed, we will start


immediately concentrating on the next one which will be Ukraine. Two


different games, two different challenges for us. The crowd will be


disappointed there is no Gareth Bale out there as well as Aaron Ramsey


this evening, but I guess the fact that he has just had his second baby


daughter vindicates your decision not to involve him in this, doesn't


it? He needs that rest. We need him to have that rest because we need


him coming into the summer to be peaking rather than feeling tired.


He has had a couple of difficult months with injury and of course,


like you said, his wife gave birth yesterday. So there is a lot going


on for Gareth at the minute. With the new baby he won't be getting on


a private jet and flying in for this one! I don't think he will. He


normally does, if he is not fit to play he normally has a few days with


us. But he has got bigger priorities at the moment and we understand


that. In terms of the Euros and the planning for the Euros, you have


been out to France several times. Are you happy with how it's all


looking out there in terms of facilities and venues, stadiums?


Yes, we went to see the stadiums and get a feel for the dressing rooms.


The different towns where we're playing, the Hotel where we will be


staying at prior to the games. It looks fantastic, to be fair. We test


it before it happens in the summer. That was important for us, as


representing Wales in a major tournament is the biggest honour we


can have. We're going there to enjoy it. We also want to make sure we


succeed and we make a fist of it. You talk about all the Hoo hah


around it and there will be a huge amount of hype, but there is a lot


of speculation about your future as well. You've been linked with


Swansea and Aston Villa. Out of about that? Two years ago at the end


of the last campaign my contract was coming to an end and I wasn't being


linked with anybody! It wasn't a fruitful campaign. This time around


it has been great and my contract has not been decided, so I have been


linked with clubs. You know that's going to happen. When you're an


international manager, you missed the day-to-day stuff. You have less


control because the players are not yours, you are borrowing them from


the clubs. You're always chasing round to get a squad together


because it's so difficult. When you are out club manager, you can affect


things everyday. You do miss that. That's not to say that when I'm


standing on the touchline as manager of Wales and it is a full house,


that feeling is not something you want to give up easily, I promise


you. It's been an absolute honour to manage Wales. I'm in a privileged


position and it's not something I want to give up easily. Equally,


things need to be right. At the moment I can't stop speculation, all


I can do is control myself and my group and make sure they are


prepared. Finally coming you had the manic Street preachers at the camp


is recording a song, together stronger, for Wales. They were


brilliant. Such big football fans and really humbling, really down to


earth. We had a great laugh with them. We were trying to sink!


Hopefully those guys can do great work and make it look a lot better


than it was from our point of view. The Manics were first class, they


were brilliant, but we weren't so good! Well, all the best against


Ukraine. Still to come tonight, the man


inspiring thousands of miners this weekend, Mo Farah on running the


Royal Half weekend, Mo Farah on running the


netball. My guess this evening is the former Wales international Danny


Gabbidon. We know there is one big name missing tonight for Wales


against Northern Ireland, Gareth Bale. But who is this? Danny


Gabbidon! Still on this mural. Because you are still part of the


squad at the start of the Euro 2016 campaign. Have you got your boots


just in case? Yes, always leave them in the boot of the car, you never


know what in the boot of the car, you never


job lightly but he does miss the day-to-day involvement of club


management, what you make of that? I think most managers would say the


same. But he has done a fantastic job. Two years ago, no one really


wanted him, as he said, and it shows how opinions can change in a short


space of time and rightly so. Clubs are interested in him now because he


has done a fantastic job with this set of players. It's a difficult


decision going forward, I'm sure. We will talk more later on and also


find out what happened when you caught up with an old friend. I


think it's another chance... LAUGHTER


I know what the question is! I know what's coming! No you don't. I do!


LAUGHTER So, on Saturday thousands of runners


will make their way across the barrage here in Cardiff Bay and


weave their way through the streets of the capital for the World Half


Marathon championship. Among them the champion Mo Farah.


I'm really excited to be taking part in the World Half Marathon. It's


going to be my first half marathon and what a place to do it, in


Cardiff, so exciting. The guys will push along and I can just sit back


and get the home crowd, the support of the home nation. It makes a big


difference. It's going to being credible to have so many people


taking part. It's an elite race but the rest of the guys are just


running for fun. It's a great chance to talk to them and cheer for them.


Hopefully they will be on the streets of Cardiff and everywhere


cheering my name and hopefully it will make a big difference. It would


be amazing if I could add to my collection, another global medal


would be amazing. I have not done a half marathon before, so it will be


my first one. If I win, it will be another title, hopefully. Mo Farah


is coming to Cardiff and the race will start just outside the castle.


We will head down towards Penarth, I crossed the barrage, around the lake


and finished by the Civic Centre. Mo will take an hour, not as quick as a


taxi, I would say, but what about eight taxi in the city during rush


hour keeping to the speed limit? I think there's only one way to put


this to the test. Let's have a race. Drive? Follow that Mo!


Just passing the Cardiff City Stadium. Six minutes 27 seconds on


my watch. Three miles is touch and go, actually. Mo Farah will be doing


splits of four minutes 40, and we have a straight run as we speak.


This is the only uphill section on the whole course, which means most


of it is flat. We've put a good field of runners together like at


the weekend and they will be close to the hour or just under. For your


club runner it's a still significantly fast course. Scenic


horizons which is very important and the crowds will make it a great


place to be on Saturday afternoon. 18 and a half minutes, four Miles,


it's neck and neck. The barrage. It's when the burnt kicks in for


many of the fun runners and frustratingly they will know that


the winners may have finished by then. That's the amazing thing about


the Cardiff half marathon. Technically you are in the same race


as Mo Farah, an amateur can run against the world champion. I'm


running my first half marathon and I'm very excited but also a little


bit petrified! I'm going for the fastest half marathon record dressed


as Superman! I have never run this far before, only started running in


April last year, so a year ago thinking I was going to run a half


marathon, I wouldn't have even considered it! You can make it


whatever you wanted to be really. For some it will be about getting


round the course and for others it will be about getting certain time.


I'm very proud of myself for considering it and if I finish it, I


will be over the moon. We could actually do with a Tardis! Now we


have hit another snag. It's just delaying us.


Mo is flying, but we are stalling. I had a good run from the wharf, dual


carriageway, straight run, lucky with traffic, so we are catching up


with Mo game. Straight on, follow that transit van, stay in the left


lane and straight across Newport road. We turn left on this one and


then it is a straight run. The runners will have stewards and guide


marks all the way. We haven't got that. We've got to rely on maps. It


is even been collection day. This is really close, 45 minutes, nine and a


half miles and I think we might do it. The lake is absolutely stunning.


The one thing that really hits you doing this is the amazing scenery


that Cardiff has to offer, and the world will see these views. I think


over 50 countries are being represented in the mass raids, and


TV pictures will be beamed around the world. -- the mass race. It is


the best spotlight you can have. I can't believe it, we have had a


straight run past the lake. What has happened to the traffic? I don't


know, but happy days. One mile to go and seven minutes to do it. We are


going to win! We are going to do it! DRIVER HONKS HORN


Come on! We are literally there, three, 400 metres away. Why we


haven't moved for the last three minutes, I don't know. It is


literally round the corner there. Right at the last minute, Cardiff


traffic is going to scupper us. Oh, here we go! Left here... Six, seven,


eight, nine... No! We've lost! One-hour, 11 seconds. We just missed


out, because Mo Farah's British record is 59 minutes 32. The world


record is another minute faster. As for the mere mortals, they will get


to the finishing line in a bit longer, but I tell you one thing,


they will have a blast. The welcome will be fantastic and the scenery is


great. As for me, well, I reckon I could do it again.


The Celtic Dragons are the only Welsh team in a competitive netball


super league. Despite a narrow defeat to Loughborough- lightning


earlier this week, they possess a big threat, bigger than most.


I'm Georgia Rowe, I'm six foot five and I play


Through school, I was always known as the tall one and it had quite


I knew my mum and dad were discussing things that


could maybe turn it into a positive and get me a bit more confidence,


I remember going to my first Celtic Dragons game when I hadn't


had any trials, and I was amazed watching the game.


I got in contact with the coach and was asked to go down


I sat in with a training session with the seniors.


Because of my age, I went straight into the under-19s.


It was a massive surprise how quickly it happened.


I didn't even play netball at school so when it all started and picked up


I had a year as a goalkeeper when I first started.


It's definitely helpful, being able to have the experience


at both ends, because, as a shooter, I know what my defence


She's certainly catching up in some aspects, as she came to the sport


Height is an advantage, particularly in the shooting circle,


but it's what you do with that height that is the key,


so using that height to the best of its advantage is what Georgia


People think the closer you are to be net, the easier it is,


which isn't the case because it all comes down to technique


She has worked very hard on her shooting technique.


I have had more court time this season than ever.


I played for Celtic Dragons two years ago, missed out


on the opportunity last year, but I am the main shooter or one


It is a lot of pressure, having to get those last shots


We took her to the World Cup obviously last year.


I don't think Georgia expected too much court time,


and we were able to actually put her on the court far more


Even getting on for a quarter here, a quarter there, you learn so much,


and that is the main competition that has


By performing well on the court, I am hoping to inspire girls out


there who watch the sport and play it in schools.


The experiences that I have had have made me so much more determined,


I've definitely got some goals I'm aiming for.


The Commonwealth Games and the next World Cup are definitely


in my reach, so I'll be doing everything to get there.


Right, back to the big game, Wales against Northern Ireland, coming up


right after this programme. Danny Gabbidon caught up with an old


friend and former Wales team-mate, the skipper, Ashley Williams.


Great to see you, my friend, looking forward to this week? It should be


good, I think. We had a couple of good sessions. Nice to see the boys


again, after not seeing them for a long time. Always nice to get back


on the pitch was not a couple of boys are out, so it is a chance...


Sorry,! I've never seen you like this before. What was the question?


I don't even remember... I know what the question is. Is this another


question? You set to move on. Come on, I'm on it, man. Oh, come on.


Obviously, no Gareth Bale or Aaron Ramsey, but it was a similar


situation in the last friendly against Holland and the team


performed well, so does that give the squad a lot of confidence? I


think so. We have missed some players before and everybody that


has come in has done well, so we will be looking for something


similar. When you play against another home nation, you always want


to win it especially. It is not a throwaway game and we will be


wanting to get two wind out of the next two games. With 2016 drawing


ever closer, have you allowed yourself to have one eye on the


summer? A bit, it is at the back of my mind will stop with the Premier


League season, it is difficult to take your mind off that. It is such


a big thing. All of the guys are thinking about it a bit. You have


had some good moments for Swansea as a captain and some recent good


moments in a Wales shirt captain. Would walk out on that pitch, first


game against Slovakia, major tournament on the world stage, would


that dwarf any previous achievement? I think so. It's probably the


proudest moment in my career. I don't see how you can top that,


especially the first game but it will be massive. Knowing how many


people are watching back home, it is something I think is important for


us to enjoy and not feel too pressurised. We worked hard enough


to get their so we have to enjoy it but, at the same time, to try and


get the job done, because we are a good team and we can go far. What


constitutes a good tournament for Wales? Getting out of the group


stages? We would like to get out of the group stages. It's difficult,


because we have no experience to think of what we did last time, so


just trying to get as far as we can, whether that is to get out of the


group stages. It would be nice to definitely do that and see where it


goes. You have seen smaller nations progress really far before in


tournaments, so we will be trying to follow some of those nations and


drag it out as long as it can go. You have got -- if you look at what


we stayed in a few years ago, the Premier League this season, very


topsy-turvy, does that give you confidence that a lesser nation can


go all the way Mr Mock -- if you look at what Greece did a few years


ago. If you get a bit of momentum, and our squad is how we work for


each other. Hopefully that can take us far into the tournament. That is


why I think these friendlies are important, to try and get as much


momentum as possible and run with that through the tournament. If you


pick up a viewpoint, you could find yourself through the first stage and


you could get a good draw. -- if you pick up a few points. Last question


I wanted to ask you is if you are feeling a bit tired. I am more than


willing to dust my boots off, 49 caps... I still think you could do


the job, mate. Thank you. caps... I still think you could do


Ashley Williams flaking under the pressure of being interviewed by a


former team-mate. You got there in the end! Thank God for retakes and


editing! It has been a difficult season for him with the troubles at


Swansea. Can he easily put that on one side when he pulls on the red


shirt and focuses on what lies ahead? I think so. Look at his


character, a fantastic player for club and country for a number of


character, a fantastic player for the squad can do before the


tournament starts. That is it from us. We are back next Friday, but


don't go anywhere. Coming up right now, Wales against Northern Ireland


in match of the day Wales, the perfect start to your Easter


weekend. From all of us, goodbye.


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