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The call John Hartson and Elliot Richards wannabes in cancer. I never


thought I could not come back, just wanted to get the treatment done and


get back to full fitness. Kristian is on the road to Rio with David


Omeregie. If I can just run really well I'll be happy. We catch up with


Newport County boss Warren Feeney. I'm not one of those people who want


to jump ship. And Non brings a surprise guest to training with the


seven sisters. Elite sports stars often


take their health for granted. But what happens when you're told


that you have cancer? Eliot Richards was playing


football for Cheltenham Town Six month after being given


the all clear he's back playing. John Hartson, himself a cancer


survivor, has been to find out more. I was lucky enough to be


a professional footballer I played for some of the biggest


clubs in the country. But my biggest victory


was surviving cancer. Well, we've both been


given that dreaded news, you know, you've got testicular


cancer and it's quite nice now to be in full health, both of us,


especially yourself. Just walking here in the fresh air,


how are you feeling now? It's nice to be back to normality,


kind of as it is. It's quite a long time getting back


to health but thankfully I'm When I look back it's quite good


to get back playing games and just I've not really had a pre-season


to get back there, but it's been 3000 men per year are diagnosed


with prostate or testicular cancer. Almost half of those diagnosed


are males under the age of 35. It's believed that one in every 195


men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer


during their lifetime. Obviously when you first get told


you have testicular cancer, I've been there myself,


it's not a nice thing to be told. My first thought was,


"My season's over," honestly. And then it hit me that


I was seriously and I thought, right, just do what I've got to do


to get through it and grind on and get through and it's


all worth it in the end. Mum and dad were there


all the way through, my wife was sat next


to my bed every day, so I've got a lot to thank her


for putting up with me. Quite grumpy going through it,


so I've got a lot of people to thank and then Cheltenham,


getting back fit, they were terrific and they've just been helping me


all the way through it. When somebody has that type


of illness you just feel for them. We wanted to make sure


we were there to support him, as a professional body,


if you like, he was professional footballer with us and he will be


again. It's just trying to keep his


positive attitude going. It must be hard at some


stage when you think, And you've just got to keep


their spirits up. In terms of myself I was also told


I had testicular cancer but it had spread to both my lungs


and onto my brain. I don't think I could have


resumed my career but with yourself you have resumed your career,


got the all-clear. I got it quite early so I've not had


quite as long treatment as you had. Going through it I've come back


and thankfully I still had a club that


quick to pull a hamstring. And you've also represented Wales,


played that one time under Williams I went away for a week


so it was a good experience to go there and very proud moment to put


the Wales top on and hopefully do well, and get back and never say


never, hopefully in the first team. It's still vital for thousands


of football out there Obviously some days you just


want to pig-out on chocolates Yeah, I ran for an hour


last Friday, so... Motivating each other


to get going from the go. As soon as we're up


there we're going for it. Right girls, I'm back here tonight


in the mud to watch you train and see how you got on since


the start of the season. The girls have been


working really hard on their fitness, skills, health,


diet, but they could be doing with a helping hand


on the pitch, so who Shane Williams, always


a buzz of excitement! Is there a sharper winger


in the world at the moment I've been working with Seven Sisters


all season, but you've Yeah, Rachel plays, my cousin


and she's been playing What do you make of


the training sessions so far? I've been hiding in shadows here,


and a lot of endeavour and I'll certainly enjoy each other's


company, there's camaraderie You can certainly see


a lot of these girls have lost weight and it's only


going to help in their rugby as well Girls, I've been really impressed


with you this season. I think there's one little thing


missing on the pitch and I've got Come with me and see


if you can sidestep. When you're sidestepping


you got to move There's no point


just going straight. If I'm just running straight


at the defender and I step she's just going to come with me,


and then hold me really But, if I move across as she comes


with me and then step. You're going to put the defender


off-balance, and it should work. At the moment you're


going over on your leg. It should make a noise


when you do it. It's good, even better


he's here, Keep doing it, keep doing it,


until it comes naturally. You are doing everything


right, it's just... It's hard for her to


change angle there, seen? You've got to move the defender


as much as you can. I've personally done one sidestep


in my life before tonight A lot of us just


automatically look for It's good to have


another option there. I think I taught Shane


how to step more so. I think we've seen already she's


a better sidestepper than me. The girls have done


well though, Shane. Do you think they can make good


and get back to the Premiership? tonight to tell me they are very


committed and they give 100%. If they keep working


like this could be To athletics, and one young athlete


who's hoping to make the GB team Christian Malcolm has been to meet


the U20's World Record 60m Back to what I spent the last 18


months of my athletics career to meet someone who is just starting


out. How's it going? Not too bad. You're


not a get any more. I've improve the lot in two years, I'm a big diet


now. Competing with the big guys, enjoying it so far. How was it last


year for your first year as a senior? It was interesting mainly


for the first reason that I lost my coach in December so between


December and February I did not have a coach. I still ran very well and


run a personal best indoors but this year I hope to build on that. The


transition from junior to senior and your expectations, would you say you


made the progression of the way you would like? I think if I progress


the way I would have wanted to I would be breaking the world record


now. I had high expectations but in reality there is a lot of setbacks


and it is a long process. Especially in my event which is very technical.


It's about how efficient you can be but I feel I am getting efficient


and over time I feel I am getting better. From the start of the first


model is a stride is, a lot of the world's best to do seven these days.


My coach said in the 70s everyone was doing seven and then a 28


strides and now it's going back to seven. I can get a lot of frequency.


What is the one thing you think of when and as a sprinter it's building


up the speed. But that's not until you get to 25 metres. You've got to


get your hips up at eight strides. I think about touching down as fast as


I can for the first horrible and embossed three of the most important


because that is the acceleration phase so getting the first view is


very important. I these days and I think, how do I


get over that? They're very tall. They are up to my waist. It has just


taken time, really. Working over the smaller hurdles allows you to work


on your technique, which is what a horrible event is about, efficiency.


The more efficient you are, the quicker you can run. That's what we


aim to do. How has this progression been over the last 12, 80 months?


He's a great kid to work with. I think the progression is coming on


really nicely. You can see the big jump in his performance yet but the


way he is running, that is going in the right direction. I've got to


ask, you've been the best Welsh hurdler since Colin Jackson. Do you


really sense of pressure on your shoulders because of that? Not at


all. At the end of the day, I'm myself. I will achieve whatever I


achieve. Colin Jackson had a really exceptional career so that's a very


big thing for any hurdler to kind of achieve no matter what so I'm just


going to do my own thing and see where that takes me. From the


coach's perspective, what you think David's chances are of making it to


be woody Janeiro this year? -- Rio. It's a tough event from the British


point of view but I think he has a good chance. I wanted to progress


nicely and go from 40 to 30. I think he has a good chance to do that.


This September, season's over, you're relaxing on a beach holiday,


what would you be happy with for the season? If I can get myself on the


team for Rio it is is going to get me so much confidence. If I can just


run so well and consistently this year, it will put me ahead for next


year and make me happy. We wish you all the best, mate.


Next week on Sport Wales we'll be previewing the crucial England v


Wales Six Nations game - It's a fixture which every youngster


dreams of playing in - but imagine it being the game


where you make your debut, and on top of that you're captain!


This, in his own words, is the Clive Rowlands story.


Wales is the best country in the world. Put a red Jersey on it and


it's even better. The first game I went to see, at a


caravan park, was Wales versus all Blacks, 1953. Wales winning. Wheels


haven't beaten New Zealand since. In the final trial, they picked the


team and announced that evening. It was unusual. I have spoken to my


wife Margaret and everybody stay behind in the clubhouse and all the


press were after him. He said, I don't think he has done quite


enough. He was being honest and very true. The big five said yes, I'm in


the side. They were coming from all sides of the world. I could cry now


thinking about it. He travelled down on Saturday morning to the match and


each village as you passed to get to Cardiff, everybody was the same. We


had bobble hats and scarves. -- and they had. All you could see was red


and white of these bobble hats and these scarves.


When I saw the new cats and there were five others with me, my face


must have been a picture as well. I'm sure it's the same feeling,


every player that gets that Jersey for the first time. If he doesn't,


he should, because it goes through there and it registers very quickly


up there what you have achieved in playing for Wales. Richard and


myself as captains. I remember coming on the field together. We


played very well for half of the game and England won 13 points for


six. The nice thing for me was, for the


next 28 years, at Cardiff, Wales always one. -- won. I wanted to beat


England and that has never changed. Clive Rowlands hoisted shoulder


high. Triple Crown winners and international winners for the


season. I can see the ground running on, I can feel them holding me up. I


can feel them lifting me up and I'm crying but that's what... We Welsh


are lucky. We show our feelings. Those guys that run on that pitch,


I'd surely all played the game that day and they were on the winning


side. I Welsh supporters, without a shadow of a doubt, are the best


supporters in the world. That's the cat that each player


receives when he plays for Wales for the first time and it is the most


treasured thing I've got in the house. I pass it every morning and I


say, thank you. Playing for Wales and having a cap is something


special. Wales and Northern Ireland


continue their preparations for Euro 2016 when they meet


in a friendly later this month. We've been speaking to one man


who'll have a particularly keen He's played for both


Cardiff and Swansea, and now it's his job to keep


Newport County in the League. Talk about being in the deep end.


You're 35 years old, you've never managed in the football league


before and then all of a sudden you've got the hopes of a city on


your shoulders. It's your job to save a proud old football club from


the worst relegation of the lot. 15 months as boss of Linfield in his


native Northern Ireland, Warren Feeney's only previous experience as


a number one, but when John Sheridan left in January, Newport asked him


to step up from his assistant role, the brief simple, keep us in the


league. It's a great opportunity for me. No one wants to get relegated.


You don't want relegation on your CV. As a manager, I want the best.


It's not something I would want on my CV. I love the club. It's


excellent. I live in the area, I know the club want stability but I'm


not the type who wants to jump ship. I want to stay here for years. It


was easy for me. I wanted to get back in full-time football so it was


a no-brainer for me. There's not many dull moments with him. He's


enthusiastic and what is the best for his players. He lets them


express themselves. He certainly is a character. You can still see his


quality every now and then when he joins in on the training sessions.


Good communication and good technique. His sessions are very


similar to an enjoyable. Look at our results since he's come in. On the


training pitch every day, he drilled it into us how he wants us to play,


every day. We believe he is the right man to take us forward. He


certainly knows his way around the streets of South Wales. He spent


three years at Cardiff city and became one of the few players to


switch from blue to white with a loan spell of Swansea, on thinkable


for some -- on thinkable -- unthinkable. A lot of people said


you must be mad. But Rebecca was fantastic. We won the league by 15


to 20 points -- Roberto. I remember warming up and a lot of Swansea fans


were telling me to go back to Cardiff in a nasty way. I remember


my loan spell was up and taken back to Cardiff. There was an 80% boom


because fans knew I was back! I don't look of rivalry, fans are


fans. I'm there to play football. It was a great move for me to move down


to Swansea because I enjoyed five goals in ten games. Later this


month, a nice distraction from the stresses of the job here. The


friendly between Wales and Northern Ireland, who Warren Feeney played


for 46 times. But did he think both countries would ever be preparing


for the finals of a major tournament? We got very close one


year. I think we needed one point, two points, but we ended up not


getting them. It's good to see both countries going to the Urals. I


think it's absolutely fantastic and obviously you know it's a friendly


game but we want to do it right. How do you think Wales and Northern


Ireland can do? It will be tough early on but you have to be


confident at the group stages. Probably no, but they've done it, so


I think once they arrived there, fantastic opportunity. It's a big


stage and the players will want to show off on the big stage and I


think they'll do OK. I think it was -- they will surprise a lot of


people. Newport stay up and Northern Ireland get to the quarterfinals,


semifinals? That would be a nice bet. My main aim is for Newport to


stay up. That's my only concern at the moment. The aim is to keep us up


and that's all I'm focusing on. That's it for this


week's Sport Wales. Next Friday, we'll bring


you all the very latest on the eve of the massive England v


Wales Six Nations match. Join me at 7pm next week


for that, but from all of us


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