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Tonight, it is huge, it is England against Wales and the gloves are


off. I am upset about the way they scrummage. They scrummage illegally.


Maybe he will get the advantage and the points from the penalties. We


are in camp with the Wales team. It will be a crucial match. Whoever


wins at the weekend could win the trophy at the end of it. A massive


game for us. Becky James is back and hungry for Rio. The Olympic medal is


the one I am missing. Swansea City safe from relegation? If we could


get two wins, if we get to 40, I think that would be enough.


One more sleep to go until what is effectively


a Six Nations Championship decider against England.


So, taking a closer look at the big one, here's Gareth Rhys Owen.


Wales, England. In the pub, in the office, in your living room, on the


go. We will all be watching. Hadley will make it. A second try.


Evans! Glorious stuff. Still going.


Cuthbertson with a try. He beats Bruce Ware. What a start for Wales!


For the Welsh rugby supporter, the thought of playing England is the


most depressing of all. I think we have the wrong clip. Put the other


one on, please. Beating England used to be a rarity, not any more. Warren


Gatland's record against the English stands at Hicks wins out of ten. Now


we are not hopeful, we are confident. -- six wins. Lots of guys


in our team have played in big matches, played on big occasions I


know what it is like to win big games was that it is about getting


your body and your mind right. Today. Warfare really on Saturday.


It will be that brutal. Welsh hopes of a grand slam ended on the opening


weekend with a draw in Dublin. England are still on for the slam


and this is effectively a championship decider. One thing we


have learned in the competition so far, defences tend to be on top was


that this will be a tough one. Throwing the ball all over the


place, we will be direct with it. We need to earn the right to go wide.


We have the players. Hopefully we will play some pretty positive


rugby. This is the biggest Wales - England game since the last time


Wales played against England. That was in the World Cup and we all


member what happened then. -- all remember. What a try! There will be


a fierce backlash on Saturday. The team will be very fired up. We will


have to weather the storm and play the correct rugby in the correct


areas. He is keeping with the team that beat France last time around.


Gethin is -- Gethin Jenkins is out with an injury. Rhys Webb has it and


Rhys Webb will score. A similar story for England. No changes to the


team that Manu Tuilagi is drafted onto the bench after nearly two


years away from international rugby. The coach is on a self-imposed media


ban that he came out firing with a shot gun. It is all about the dark


art of scrummaging. I am quite upset about the way they scrummage. They


scrummage illegally. They pre-engage all the time. We really want to have


a scrummage contest on Saturday. It is an important part of the game. We


hope the referee enforces the law in that part of the area. You'd think


they have been doing that illegally? 100%. Terribly illegally. This is


the big one. We all have our favourite Wales, England memories.


An opportunity become a hero and an opportunity to make history. -- to


become. Williams makes the charge. Williams!


Scott Williams. Gone are the days we had to wait for


one of these to you knew the result. What do I think? In my opinion, I


think... You're not getting that one out of me.


So what's the mood in the Wales camp?


Sport Wales caught up with the boys before they left for London.


It is going to be a special game like it or was is in Twickenham. The


championship is on the line. England go for the grand slam. It is about


maintaining focus and making sure we're ready for 4pm on Saturday. We


have been looking forward to this game since the start of the Six


Nations. It is the crucial match. Whoever wins will win the trophy.


People and players know it is almost a championship game. First thing


first, go somewhere where we have been twice in the last four years.


Beaten England four times since 2011. Probably only a few points in


it. It is Wales against England. An old rivalry. A great game. Hopefully


we can deliver. It would be a tough battle. We go into a game full of


confidence. It is England and it should be a good spectacle. The


atmosphere and the hype, it is about making sacrifices. These games are


pretty special. We are very -- it is very high profile. It has given


players a self belief and confidence. That is pretty important


going into the game. The players look forward to going to Twickenham.


We have been in the recent past and have had some good results.


Jonathan Davies, it is all on this. It got spicier in the week. Eddie


Jones, a clever game by him or does he have a point? Wales scrummage


illegally, 100%. I thought he was not going to say anything. It did


not last long. He has made it very interesting. For those statements, I


did really feel the scrum would be the focal point of deciding the


game. England fancy themselves. Rob Evans has done exceptionally well.


This is the really big test. He says every scrum has been illegal by


Wales. It is just a bit of a joke will stop I do feel the scrum is


getting beyond a joke. It is really boring for everyone else. It should


not be the be all and end all for any game. It is a massive occasion.


The scrum is going to decide who will win and who will lose. That is


what he may be tried to do. They do look superior, especially in the


scrummaging. He has highlighted it to put pressure on everyone. Maybe


he will get the advantage and points from the penalties. Two changes for


the teams. Where are the talking points? The scrummage. It is vitally


important. I feel the experience and ball carrying by Wales will give


them the edge. I do feel that, if you look at Wales and Gatland has


said they had been criticised for the way they have performed. I do


not think it is criticism, it is because the side have done so well.


It is such a good side. They need adaptability in the game. Against a


Southern Hemisphere side click you need adaptability to beat the player


in front of you. If they are clever and plan a works, great. It is all


about winning. You stick to the formula and win the game. If it does


not work with any have to change and go wide. They have to be clinical


and finish of opportunities. It is up to Wales to work that out.


England play with a refreshing attitude. They get Billy Vunipola


running on the wider channel so they can attack both sides. They are


getting it wide and seeing can attack both sides. They are


world title at stake. Becky James is the champion of the world. Becky


Jones with a great chance to be double world champion. She has done


it. double world champion. She has done


to make the team but to make your mark? It was so important for me to


make my mark here. I have not won a medal in the world is full two years


because I have been injured. I have not been on the podium or winter. It


has been slow slog and hard work, not getting the results I wanted. To


go out and win a medal being an Olympic year, it is a good start for


the year for me. I knew I only had that one chance to prove myself. I


took my opportunity and went as hard as I could. I came away with a


medal. 2013, double world champion. How far off are you from getting


back to the top? Do you think you can surpass that in Rio? Just riding


the Kieron, I did not really have the chance to show what else I could


do elsewhere. I am definitely on the up. There is more room for progress.


It is quite exciting. Every athlete aims to be the best and take home a


piece of silverware. What happens when you suffer multiple injuries


and even a life threatening scare? It was a scare which said, clear,


moderate, severe cancer. They said, you are here on severe. Is giving up


ever an option? There are many dark moments. I was sure every athlete


has been through it when you want to quit and do not want to touch a bike


again. If someone had said to me, you can quit and move home, I would


not have done it. I wanted someone to say that to me so I could say no,


this is what I want to do. That is why had so much determination to get


back. How does it feel to now be able to put your cancer scare, your


shoulder injury break your knee injury to bed and just focus on


training and competing? It is so nice to hear that. I have not really


thought about it. I think that is why winning the bronze meant so much


to me. I feel like it is a new me and a new beginning. I can move on


from the past and forget about all of that. It is good to hear you


saying that. The Olympics. What would it mean to you to get there?


Everything. I have missed out on so much over the years. I have missed


out on London and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I am so determined


because I have achieved so much in the World Championship 's and I had


Commonwealth Games medals. The Olympic medal is the medal I am


missing. So, for Becky, even on a family trip home to Abergavenny, her


drive for Olympics is that is not far away.


How things have turned around for Swansea City?


A fortnight ago they looked in trouble, but with two wins


against Arsenal and Norwich, they may have saved


But how many points do they need to finally secure their top flight


Its theatre say it's been a stormy season for these ones. In the last


seven days the clouds have been clearing.


We've got some breathing space. Nine points. It's big. It shows you that


in a short space of time you can really push on. We got the win at


Arsenal. A fantastic win there. Going into the Norwich game it was a


case of six points up into games. The table looks completely different


now. Feel for weeks ago we could never have imagined that.


It comes down to a numbers game. He is our guide to what the Swans need


to do. They are 16th in the league, nine points above the relegation


zone. They currently have 33 points, but that is not enough. No team has


ever survived with so few. 14 is regarded as the Magic number to stay


up, but last season Aston Villa survived with just 38. Based on that


Swansea could be safe with just two more wins, but don't count your


chickens yet. In 2003 West Ham were relegated with 42 points.


I can't see anyone putting a three or four lead, because they haven't


done it all season. You can't see them going to win half the next


games. You can't see them winning half because there's no evidence


that all season. Two more wins and I think premiership football is


guaranteed next year. If we were to get two wins, 39


points, with our goal difference as well being better than the below us,


that would be enough. I think we are looking at, probably, to wins and a


draw. You still look at that 40 points which isn't too far a way for


us. The first chance to get one of those


wins comes next weekend at Bournemouth. They will be without


their head coach who continues to recover from a chest infection. He


is back in work, but talented as we once again lead the team.


We see football in the same way. The Premier League is difficult. We won


Arsenal, for example, and we have only to see match by match. We have


to concentrate for Saturday because on Saturday we are very important,


very difficult. You could say that the winner of


Saturday's match will remain safe will stop whatever happens at


Bournemouth the Aston Villa game is won here, the team will hopefully go


at full of confidence. Aston Villa have been the worst side


in the league by a long shot this season.


Safety is tantalisingly close which would win a share of the big-money


broadcast deal next season which could keep the clouds away for a


long time. We want to make sure we get the job


done. We don't want to leave it until the last game, or a couple of


games towards the end of the season. We want to get it done as soon as


possible. I still believe we will OK.


Back to the Six Nations, and it's bound to be a titanic


battle at Twickenham tomorrow, but one particular match up that's


got everyone talking is the one between the two number 8's,


And theirs is a rugby story very much made in Gwent.


The the obvious similarities between the two players, the Tongan heritage


and the upbringing in South East Wales. They run exclusively through


tackles, they both have soft hands that are strong in a tackle.


One decided to stay in Wales, the other went to England. There was no


doubt that they are friendly means. They arrived when they were seven or


eight and were big boys. Lee was particularly talented, he wanted to


play with the big boys. He wanted to play with the older age groups.


Talupe Faletau joined later and was a quiet lad. He was very keen on


getting things right. He didn't want to let anyone down. The doors are


always open for life of that calibre.


One of my earliest memories of Billy Vunipola is taking my son to play. I


saw him running through all the kids, it was ridiculous. He was


bigger than everybody. He'll never be able to do that at senior level,


shows how much I know about it! I think you've got a special story to


tell. We trained up here, they were ten or 11 at the time. Billy


Vunipola came in, Tongan style, highly of normal and broke my ribs.


I remember rolling on the floor and you laughing at me!


I've been laughing ever since! The first thing I did was to give them


drill tops, socks. When he was 11 years of age she was like that. He


was passing, right, left, it was a natural ability. Every district we


played against, people would be saying, who are those Tongans?


Heeding the perfect match will stop a Tongan Welshman. When he finished


playing for the district Billy Vunipola turned to me and he said


I'd like to thank Hugh for all you've done for me this season. I he


promised that he would never play for England, that's before he saw


the money! I often get asked to was the best


player I've coached, and Talupe Faletau is right up there. He is


first in and last night and he really enjoys what he is doing.


Billy Vunipola has been excellent for England but to be Faletau has so


much to his game. He's in the best physical condition of his life.


It's fantastic. It's probably one of the most mouthwatering games from


our point of view the buzz around the town, because these youngsters


are carrying the name of this place on their backs. It's a proud moment


for our school. We've had Welsh internationals before, but we never


thought we breed English internationals. One of the lads


needs to score a try, but Wales have got to win! Whoever wins the game on


the weekend, that they will get man of the match. If it's Wales it will


be Toby, if it's England it would be Billy Vunipola.


If Wales are going to win this match and Faletau needs to get the better


of Billy Vunipola, but trying to stop the bulldozer is difficult!


But wouldn't it be good if this head to head was reduced to nothing, that


instead of smashing into each other all afternoon they gave more passes,


they actually avoided each other. Both are elusive, they have built


this up as thunderous, wouldn't it be great if it turned into something


very muted, and some poetry broke out and the mayhem?


So many talking points in this account, but this story is


fascinating. The back story, Jeremy Guscott says that Faletau is the


best in the world, do you agree? I think he is the best in the world


at the moment. He has people who will challenge him but at the moment


he is playing exceptionally well. Billy Vunipola is playing well at as


well, but they are different players. He carries the ball all the


time and causes havoc. Faletau does all the work that you don't see. His


support play, his racks, the ball carrying, Scott Williams scores a


tray for years ago and the first one to support him, Faletau. Tom James


makes a break against Gartland, the first layer, Faletau. -- against


Scotland. He does everything exceptionally well. He is a real


team player. Billy Vunipola is an impact player. He does the ball


carrying and the glamorous stuff exceptionally well. It's a very


interesting battle. One that everyone is looking forward to.


It's inevitable that we talk about what happened in the Rugby World


Cup, that remarkable game. That footage of you celebrating after


Wales beat England. How much will England be talking about that? How


much is this about revenge? The motivation, whether players,


management or ex-players supporters, that was a bitter pill for them to


swallow in the World Cup. Wales spoilt 2015 World Cup for England,


the host nation, that was the big news. I don't think they'll ever get


over that disappointment, it was that big. They seem to be playing


with a new lease of life. They seem to be enjoying it. They are in a


better state and under less pressure because the World Cup was massive.


We'll thoroughly bad state as well because they've got players back,


they can play the game they want to play. It is set to be a fantastic


occasion again, and hopefully the finish wouldn't be as tight as it


was in the World Cup, but I think it will be close.


What does your gut tell you? Who will take it? The scrum is so


important, if Wales get it I think they will win because they are the


better side. If not I think England could win by six to nine points.


That is how crucial the scrum and Craig Joubert will be. That is why


it has been highlighted. A massive game, thank you, Jonathan


Davies. Pleasure.


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