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He Good evening from the Celtic Manor, Newport where two years ago


the World of golf descended on Newport as Europe beat the USA to


win 2010 Ryder Cup. We look at on the legacy of that win, plus much


more on tonight's Sport Wales. Coming up tonight: We talk to Wales


manager Chris Coleman ahead of their must win qualifier against


Scotland. Now we do it or where I want to do it. Wallabies legend is


in town and he says it's now or never for Wales to beat Australia.


After season ending injury we talk to Swansea City full back Neil


Taylor. It is one of those freak things that happen to. I couldn't


do anything about it. Two years ago, and no-one would ever have thought


that the celebrations that we saw here at Celtic Manor on that Monday


could ever be topped, but last weekend at Medinah, the Europeans


staged arguably the greatest comeback of all time. But what's


been the legacy of hosting the Ryder Cup for Welsh golf? Gareth


Rhys Owen has been investigating. The scenes at last weekend were


almost identical to the ones we saw here when Graham McDowell secured


that historic victory. The Greens might have been a Welsh but there


was no red blood here two years ago. In fact, a decade has passed since


the last Welshman played in the Ryder Cup. So, two years on, what


is the state of Welsh golf was Mark we will see maybe in another 10


years -- of Welsh off? The last Welshman to feature for the


European team was built price who stand up all my -- film they could


send back in 2002. Price is now ranked 379th in the world. The


current world rankings don't make happy reading from a Welsh


perceptive, with the exception of Jamie Dodleston who lies just


outside the top 50. Chris Davies has fallen 300 places in the last


two years. This man is now ranked 400 night. I think we stay this has


been our best potential, Jamie Donaldson. Probably struggle to see


other than those two. I was convinced early on that Bradley


would be a Ryder Cup player. He got close a couple of times. I would


loved to be part of the Ryder Cup. But whatever cup you can be


involved in the, you get with. hosting the competition made any


real difference? Probably not. We will see maybe in another 10 years


if there is any fruits to bear from that. I think we have got better


coaches in Wales now than we did before. The legacy is affording


better golf coaches. But this takes time. The year after the Ryder Cup,


we saw a huge increase in the number of people participating. I


went up by 10,000 people. That would be due to the schemes we have


been running to increase funding. Golf development Wales was


established as a result. Two players who have benefited are


these two. We now have a driving range and a four hole course.


is a complete pathway now from beginners to becoming integrated


members of the golf club. strength of golf in Wales now is


very high, too to the legacy of the Ryder Cup and that one coming.


There has been plenty of a Welsh success at an amateur level. This


woman was a key member. So it is there enough support if you want to


take the next step? If you well over a good player, there is. -- if


you are the really good player. If you're a very good player, you get


everything you need. But there has probably not enough funding or


coaching for the masses to get enough players to come through.


in a perfect world we would have the funding to set up some sort of


transitional organisation that would help players in the


transition from top amateur golf to top professional golf. But Olivia


Hall won her first professional tournament this summer after


winning financial help in the early part of her career. But now she


struggles for support. I don't feel there is enough support. When I


compare myself to other nations, other girls have the same age as me,


the girls in Holland have got a fantastic backing from their


national Netherlands golf, and it would be fantastic to gain that


interest in Wales. But I don't blame the Welsh Golf Union all


sport Wales. We need to have more people playing golf to enable us to


get those role-models out there. the time when I was turning pro, we


had the lottery funding. I was very fortunate that it helped me to find


myself. He in 2007, this man played in the Walker Cup, the amateur


version of the Ryder Cup, alongside the current number one Rory


McElvogue. But that is where the parallels end. Despite stint in


European and Asian circuits, his career has now stalled. My funding


continued into when I was a pro. It wasn't enough to cover a season, it


was may be enough to cover two to three events. And then I sold


shares and myself with members of the golf club to fund it. And they


helped me for two years and wants the money ran out, might


opportunity ran out. You can continue working on again correct


you have to have the aspirations to go outside of Wales -- she can


continue working on your game. Despite having a smaller population,


three players from Northern Ireland have featured in recent Ryder Cups.


Is the triple success simply a coincidence? One thing that the


Ulster branch is very grateful for is the support of the executive in


Northern Ireland and sport Northern Ireland in particular if, for the


financial support given to those elite athletes. As far as golf is


concerned, the boys received payments which enables them to have


a competitive programmes throughout the year. Legacies take decades,


not months. The success of the 2010 Ryder Cup will be assisted by the


numbers in the local clubs but measures -- but measured by the


faces of our TV screens be years to come. It will always be numbers, we


can't accept that as an excuse, but I will be very disappointed in the


next two Ryder Cups we didn't see more Welsh players. I think Wales


does not have enough golfers and enough budget to improve the


golfers. I don't see us doing any better. A I think we're going to


get a dozen Ryder Cup players coming out of it because we have


the Ryder Cup here. I think that is dreaming. It takes a while for it


to happen. It doesn't happen in five minutes. If you ask when that


question in 10 years' time, it could be a different answer.


Working hard as everybody is. It would be nice to get myself back on


the track of improving quicker now. I would definitely be thinking


Well, from the drama of Medinah to a man who's hoping that some of the


European comeback magic will rub off on Wales. After two defeats


it's Scotland next in the World Cup Qualifiers so I caught up with


Wales manager Chris Coleman From international football to


international rugby, and in just over a month's time Wales' Autumn


internationals get under with a Argentina who this year joined the


To create the Ruby Championship Wales has been hit the six! It has


been just over three weeks since that defeat in Serbia. We have had


time to reflect. What role feelings now? Three weeks feels like six


months. We are bitterly disappointed. I felt the players


couldn't have done much more in that game. It was a very committed


performance, which was the opposite some days later in Serbia. For me,


it was probably the worst I had felt after defeat as a manager.


After the Serbia game, I felt sorry for the players. A was disappointed


but them but I also felt sorry for them because I think they thought I


was trying to do something that someone else had been doing and it


wasn't necessarily my way. It hasn't been working. For me, after


the Serbia game, it has given me three weeks to sit down and say,


right, now we have got to do it for the where I want to do it. There's


a lot of changes I need to make and I will make for this next camp. I'm


looking forward to it. After that defeat in Serbia, you seemed quite


angry with the players. You said it was time they proved they were the


golden generation. Do you still stand by that Audie regret it now?


A why don't regret that. They will be the golden generation of this


exceed. -- if they succeed. Don't forget, that is not them but in


themselves out there and saying, we are the golden generation, it is


other people. You have mentioned Gary Speed. How much has his death


in affecting the players and do talk about it and the Changing


Room? He will never be forgotten. Not by me or anybody else. But in


terms of football, we have got to move on and go forward. It is a


highly sensitive situation. I felt the pressure of that, I have done


all along. And almost, I have been walking in somebody else's


footsteps because Gary put a lot of good working. As soon as I got the


job, it was not necessarily my way. So what is Chris Coleman's way? You


say you want to draw a line under the last two games. What now?


we meet up with the camp, how we do things. I spoke with Adam Ramsey


yesterday because I think ready to go in another direction. -- I think


we need to go in another direction. It is time to change the captain,


which I will do. When he has turned up, he runs himself into the ground.


But I think he's trying too hard a lot of the time. He feels he is the


captain, he needs to be doing more, and are probably lose Adam Ramsey


as a player. But if you just concentrated on his own game, we


will probably get more out of him. That was at a tough decision. I


spoke with him yesterday and he was magnificent. He was very mature


about it and I think it is the pressure lifted off home. So here


is your new captain Christopher Hunnisett my new captain will be


asked to -- who is your new captain? Ashley Williams. He has


got enough experience on an international level. He is one of


the best defenders. He has been since he has been in the Premier


League. What is the latest on Craig Bellamy? Is he in or not? We have


picked 21. There waiting for confirmation from Fifa about James


Collins his suspension. What I don't want to do is pick him and


then for him to play loud. How much of Craig Bellamy is about physical


injury and how much is about what is going on in his head? He spoke


candidly recently about the effect Gary Speed's death has had on him.


Have you had that conversation with Cray? You can't physically makes


somebody, and play. If Craig is ready and wants to continue, great.


We welcome him. If he doesn't, like you said, he spoke very openly


about one or two problems he has in his personal life, and if that is


something he is trying to concentrate moron, and he feels


coming away and playing international football is too much,


then we have got to respect that. Either way, we need to say, right,


which way are we going with Craig? Ever a game as a must win and it is


almost a case of what happens next? I am not looking at it like that.


Scotland is another game and a chance for us to win. Are you


enjoying it or have you enjoyed it at all since he took over? I would


not Colleter enjoyment. It has been tough. -- call it. Not because it


is an international job but because of the circumstances. Thank you for


talking to us. We wish you all the very best for the upcoming games.


From international football to international rugby and in just


over one month, up Wells's internationals get under way with a


match against Argentina to this year joined the Southern hemisphere


try Nations to create the Rugby Championship tournament. The Pumas


are widely fancied to defeat the Wallabies who have had a less than


successful year. An Australian legend came to South Wales this


week. We cut up with David Campese. -- caught. David Campese, capped by


the Wallabies 170 times between 1982 and 1986. Often absurdly


brilliant. And occasionally slot. - - flawed. But 64 mostly inspired


rise of an discredits the Diego Maradona other international rugby.


When you pass, you pass the ball like this. David Campese was in the


Vale of Glamorgan this week passing on his thoughts about how rugby


should be quite a local school children. You are not the enemy,


they are! The opposition! I have had a problem trying to coach in


Australia but that is because people see me as outspoken. I love


rugby and people have been over here talking to me, but things have


moved on. You look at the current Australian side in the way things


are going, and last season pretty much sums up how things are going


for them. We have struggled in Australia because we have a Kiwi


coach. He does that understand the way we play. He got rid of one of


her best players because he did not like them, they did not get on. We


struggled in the World Cup last year. I do not know where we sit


into the game just now. I have been on at him week in and week out


saying we need an Australian coach. Seeing some of the comments that


have been made by Clare's, it is a toxic environment. For Cooper to


see it is affecting his game... It is about the team. I got into


trouble last World Cup because somebody interviewed me, and they


criticised Cooper. He is a great player, a great individual, but he


has to play as part of a team. I was a winner. I was the last man


but he has a Number Ten. His comments would be taken more


seriously if he was actually playing well but he has not been.


We are one month away from Wales playing against you guys. Is it a


good time for us to be playing? Look at it this way - if you cannot


beat us something is wrong. You have had for Test matches and you


have still struggled. If you cannot beat us this time, forget it. The


thing that has always not amused me but that has been interesting is


that when you play us, you give up to us. You play really well but


then with other teams you do not play with the same enthusiasm. You


have to play with that enthusiasm week in and week out. That is how


you win and how you get respect. You look at the series of games


Wales has coming up - Argentina, New Zealand and then the Wallabies


- is that at a series of should they be looking for three


victories? It depends what you want to get out of it. If you're looking


for the next World Cup, then pick a team and say, this is what we are


looking for her. It is no use chopping and changing. Argentina


has learnt a lot. They have been built up well and they're not used


to that. They're not used to playing rugby week in and week out


but in a couple of years, they will understand the pressure and be


better. Some more up, a very physical team and they know they


can beat us. -- Samoa. Superbly done their by Leigh Halfpenny. Do


you like that spell of weather? You need the guys outside to feed them


the ball. When North comes up the wind, he is huge but give him the


space to move and give him one-on- one opportunities. We've got some


really talented players and Leigh Halfpenny is one of them. You have


some really good players. Let them control and if that does not work,


change. See if they can work it out for themselves, that is what rugby


is all about. We turn our attention now back to football and to a


player who would certainly have started again Scotland next week.


The summer had started so well for Swansea City's Neil Taylor. Eye-


catching performances for Team GB met Premier League clubs were


rumoured to be ready to pounce. On 1st September, his world was


shattered. Swansea City appear to have found some punch over the


summer. Their passing style won many fans last summer. -- last


season. Neil Taylor's and Cole was dislocated and broken. An injury so


severe that he is likely to be out for the list of the season. His


recovery has started already here It's horrible to think back on it.


It is just one of those feet things that happens. I could not do


anything about it. -- freak things. We had an orthopaedic specialist


beside the pitch and he helped to put my ankle back in. That and


another combination of things really helped me to stop it being


worse. Up his rehab has been overseen by the club physio or Kate


Rees, where he has five physiotherapy sessions a week.


first couple of weeks there really hard where they had to lie down


with my leg above me. It was really tough mentally watching the boys


carry on playing. I have now been able to get back into training and


be around the lads and it is easier. The Paralympics was on the


television while I was lying in hospital and it was easier to watch


people like that. It was inspiring because they have gone through much


worse than I have and they still want to be the best. I took heart


from that and realised that it they want to compete at whatever level,


I can do the same thing. Not only does he faced regular sessions on


the physiotherapy table, but he travels to a multiple sclerosis


centre of the week for an hour-and- a-half in the oxygen chamber. How


often do you have this treatment? As often as I can for as many weeks


as I can. I try to go three times a week if possible but Sunday is a


different. Two or three times a week is ideal. He is breathing


medical grade oxygen under compress their conditions. She is under two


at this year's at the moment which is double the pressure we have just


now. He does not feel that pressure but the body recognises it and is


pushing oxygen into places that needs to be. During his absence,


Swansea City's early season form has taken a dip and beer on a run


of three successive defeats, the latest being at 2-0 loss again


stocks city. -- Stoke City. lads need to gain confidence


because they are coming off a run of losses. Another team that you


think will be down there... With Reading been the visitors tomorrow,


while Brian Laudrup get stuck into his team? He is quite laid-back and


quite a quiet man. He is laid back in his approach and gives his


players the information they need and expects them to collect and


deliver on it. He already have a go at them if they need it but he has


been very calm so far and the players need to use that come. The


boys have been around for up long enough. They know what the need to


do. Not only has his club side missed him but the Welsh national


side have struggled defensively. Mentally, the boys have not to


forget the last couple of games but learn from them and start again. In


terms of how we played, they were not good enough and any one will


admit that. We have the players to do that and we know that and have


done it before. Even the manager will say himself, if we do not turn


the tide over the next couple of games, we will struggle to qualify.


With the recovery programme in full swing, when can we expect you back


in action? It comes in stages. I am walking now it and soon I will be


back running. I have been lucky and the last couple of years have been


great playing in the championship and in the Olympics and for Wales.


Now is the time to stand back and build myself back up and get ready


to play again. We wish Neil Taylor all the best with his recovery.


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