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Good evening from Cardiff. Tonight we have a bumper programme. The


Olympians, Paralympians, British Lions, Glamorgan Dragons, and a


Premiership manager. Stay with us for the programme. Coming up


Other home unions ready for the Rugby Sevens Team GB? You need Team


GB playing two years out from Rio. Dog days at Glamorgan, how can the


county recapture past glories? supporters have lost the will to


live. Tony Pulis on premier-league style and aspirations. If you said


to me I would be lucky enough to manage Wales, there would be


fantastic. -- that would be fantastic. All that to come, plus


we will be hearing from Olympic and Paralympic medallists Hannah Mills


and Ellie Simmonds. But first, here we are at their home of Welsh rugby,


and with a Lions tour at the end of the season there are discussions


already up and down the country on just he will make Warren Gatland's


scored two stadia? In four years rugby sevens becomes an Olympic


sport. Steffan Garrero has been looking at how will the Home Unions


plan to create the Great Britain As the Welsh side enter their 8th


consecutive season and defend their World Cup title plans for a Great


Britain side in Rio 2016 are being hatched. Rugby sevens has come a


long way from an end-of-season knees-up for the boys, to a full-


scale Olympics board. I was fortunate enough to do three of the


tournament, Adelaide, Hong Kong, South Africa, back when I was 19,


had a great laugh, very enjoyable, the first time exposed to those


crowds, you play for 50,000 people in Hong Kong, and at that age that


experience is invaluable. The first point I thought I could be a


professional rugby player was playing sevens. It was a really big


thing for me, boosted my confidence, my skills. It was a massive


platform for me, grateful for the coaches for bigamy. -- picking me.


Harry Robinson is the latest to the produced getting experience of the


Sevens series first. With the lure of the Olympics in four years' time


the spotlight is on the shorter form of the game as an end product


as well as a developmental tool. is now an Olympic sport, we have


had meetings, and there are so massive opportunities for Great


Britain. If we get the selection right and the management, there are


serious medal possibilities. There is no reason we cannot go to Rio in


2016 and win a gold medal in men's and women's rugby. You need to move


it on at a pace. Unless we get this organised fairly quickly now we


will run out of time compared with other countries who will be more


organised. One of the major hurdles to overcome is how to make a


British team gel. Sport Wales has seen the International Rugby


Board's initial plans for sevens over the next four years. They make


no mention of Team GB appearing until the Olympics. Qualification


which has yet to be ratified by the International Olympic Committee can


be achieved by the individual performances of any of Wales,


Scotland and England. Controversially giving GB three


shots at qualifying. It is quite a complex situation given the teams


that have been voting for this process, it bodes well be in a


position against the beat, so it is unfair, they understand it.


Separate nations combining for a one-off event is something we saw


with the Olympic football team in London, and the British Olympic


Association one lessons to be learned from that model. -- want


lessons. If you look at the Welsh players, they are brilliant. Deep


down they probably wished they had been better prepared in terms of


the actual tournament. That was why it was so annoying they lost.


you are plainly Zealand and cold, you will get beat. The team has got


to plan tournament. You have got to factor all this in. My big we shout


is we're not looking back in four years and saying we left it too


late, we left too much to do. Imagine playing in tournaments


before the Olympic Games, in terms of the I R b seven series that


works well, would you like to see the British side involved? I think


it has got to be. There has got to be some upfront discussions now


about how it will work. United in TD -- Team GB would be at least two


years before Rio. We need to get the organisation in town to give


them a realistic chance. They will obviously have the Rugby World Cup


in the previous year, would it be feasible for any of those, George


Joffe, to be dropped in? -- George North. Personally I think yes. He


certainly makes the lines to gather them up. He could make the sevens


team if he wants to. If you want to be the World Cup, that is your big


priority but in terms of the Olympic players, the sevens players


would be evicted for me -- big tick. Whether the British team is made up


of sevens experts or big name stars we understand the Irish RFU would


expect all of their centrally contracted players to turn out for


the Republic of Ireland in 2016, even if they qualified for Great


Britain. Four years is a long time but the Olympic cycle has already


begun. The current crop of Welsh seven players begin the World


series on Australia's Gold Coast in a fortnight, and for many this is


the start of a journey that could see them end up on a podium in Rio.


There are members of the squad that will be in the GB squad in 2016 and


there is great motivation to stop we have seen how London has


influenced the country, really, in terms of sport, everybody got


behind it and it was an amazing event. That would be huge.


It is good to here World Cup- winning coach Sir Clive Woodward


giving the big thumbs-up to George North and his Lions heads. From one


man who polarises opinion to another. And tomorrow after two


successive defeats in the Premier League, it Swansea travelled to the


Britannia Stadium to face Stoke and a Welsh manager he is never one to


Stokes style is not to everybody's taste. It was once described by


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as rugby, not football. But what does


he make of the criticism? Absolutely fantastic when that


happens. It even he has so some kind words of a certain periods. --


said some kind words. We are happy with ourselves, with our lot. We


think we are doing it the right way. We like to play through the pitch


quickly,, we like to get around the box as quickly as we can. We are a


better team than what people give us credit for, we are not as direct


as people think we are but we don't mind them thinking that way. That


is fine. Everybody said we were absolute sets to be relegated the


first year, it has been a great journey. Since 18 promotion to the


Premier League in 2008 the Welshman has guided his team to three mid-


table finishes -- since getting promotion. Should heed look at a


more direct approach? There is nothing right a wrong, just adapt


the system to the players you have, or adapt the place to the system


you want to play. The team plays very direct, especially at home, a


lot of pressure a new, and you have to try to get out of that pressure,


we did have to defend too deep because they are very strong.


has signed some good players, they are physically more adept, have


given more strength, especially size wise. A proud Welshman, he has


offered to take -- take charge for the national side following the


death of Gary Speed. For two defeats in the opening World Cup


qualifiers he is a sympathetic observer. Been disappointing, I


watched the game, you want him to do well because the fact we haven't


done so well for a long time. What Wales have to do, they have to


start winning a few games. If they can pick up a couple of wins in the


next three, four games, the table might change. The back end of the


tournament to qualify for a World Cup would then become very


interesting. Chris is an experienced manager of. He is a


football man and he will get a few more breaks. He has come up and


spoken to Ryan about playing for Wales. I think there is a broken


leg there for the Arsenal player. This tackle broke the leg of the


Wales captain so was playing for Wales ever really on the cards?


has come up as they do Ryan, five minutes, it really over the


situation with Ramsey and what he had said about Ramsay, he would


have to give the all-clear for Rhine to play. Chris wanted to


clear that up with Ryan, what they said between each other. Ryan wants


to continue with his dream of playing for England. Chris is doing


as much as he possibly can to try and get as many good players


together as he can, and then put his plays in place to play well,


win games. In the cut-throat world of the Premier League he is now the


4th longest serving manager in the division. What about the switch to


international management? For me the Welsh job is for an experienced


manager. I think managing the Premier League club is for younger


manager. Having said that, look at Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, they ain't


doing too badly. And still a middle-aged man, a long time to go,


I hope. I don't think any person would not want to manage the


country, I would love one day if you sit in the I would be looking


have to manage Wales, there would be fantastic. Wales may have to


wait for him, club management is the place for him for the time


being, at least. I never take anything for granted, especially in


this game. That is why every day I wake up and try to work out what I


did the previous day to make sure I stay in it, because I still love


the game, still got a lot of energy and passion for it. You have to be


dedicated, you have to be full-on as a manager, had fully --


hopefully that light inside me keeps burning for a few years.


In an intern you can hear coverage of that match on Radio Wales and


Radio Cymru. We will stay with Swansea now as


the City can rightly boast being home to one of the stars of the


London Paralympics. She won more medals on her own than entire


countries like India and Argentina. We went to meet the golden girl of


It is gold for the 13-year-old Ellie Simmonds, a tremendous


performance. In Beijing 2008, aged 13, Ellie Simmonds became the


second youngest British Paralympian ever. She returned with two gold


medals, became the young sports personality of the year, she then


followed that up with 10 world championship titles, and five


European gold medals. A poster girl before the 2012 games, her


achievements in the Aquatics Centre placed her as one of the faces in


the greatest of British sporting summers. Born with a bone growth


disorder her father said Mike Gayle has made the world stop and think.


-- My Girl. Many congratulations on all your achievements. What has


life been like since the Games? Life since the Games has been


amazing, the experiences I have got to do, the things I have had the


opportunity to take part in has been unbelievable, I'm so lucky.


The success I have had at the Games was up there, yet the things I have


to do -- I get to do afterwards a rub their as well. Elly was born in


the West Midlands with a condition which is a form of dwarfism. For


her to realise her potential in competitive swimming she would have


to start training full-time with her coach, Billy Pye, in Swansea.


Rather than leave the whole family, her father, brother and three


sisters stayed at home and she and her mother moved to to Swansea.


only wait to get the best out of myself was to move to the Wales


international pool, and facilities, the group that trainer, it was


perfect for me to get the best out Leading up to London, I had a lot


of pressure on me. The atmosphere and having that massive crowd


behind you and having all the places sold out with British


supporters, it gave us that extra bit and it really helped. You have


to enjoy the success at the time. She was involved in an epic race


with the American in the 400 metres but broke the world record. In the


200 metres individual medley, it was another gold and another world


record. In the 100 metre freestyle, she swam a personal best by over a


second but still lost to the American despite swimming as fast


as she ever had in her life. I did not expect to swim as well as I did.


I said six personal bests. I walked away with two goals, a silver and


bronze. After you finish one of the races, the emotion is evident. You


splashed water over your face to disguise it. Was it really


emotional audit relief? It was emotion after the 400 metre


freestyle. It was such a tight race. She broke my world record


beforehand and since then I have trained so hard and to have such a


tough race, we were neck and neck all the way and it was every


emotion possible. The motto of the Paralympics was to inspire a


generation and to change people's attitudes towards the Paralympic


Games. To you think -- do you think that has happened? The support from


the general public has been amazing. Paralympics bought his right up


there now. It will have inspired a lot of youngsters and hopefully


they will be the next generation. Your father said, "My Girl has made


the world stop and think". Is that true? I don't know to be honest. I


think I have contributed but it's not just me. The whole of Team GB


did amazing. I played my part. what next for Ellie Simmonds?


have achieved everything I wanted to achieve but I've always want


more. I want to push myself to the best of my ability and when I know


I have done that, I don't know what I'll do, but at the moment I'm


enjoying it. If I don't enjoy it, I'll stop.


To cricket now and another huge blow for Glamorgan this week as


star bowler James Harris confirmed he was leaving the county to join


Middlesex. So will failures on the field lead to more top players


leaving? And where next for Glamorgan after another


disappointing season? Ian Hunt This is the new cricket museum at


Glamorgan where fans can reminisce about the glory days and trophies


won which must feel like an age ago now and when one poor season


follows another and you star players bale out, you have to


wonder what it will take for Glamorgan to ever have more great


moments like these? Recriminations and finger-pointing after another


poor season when Glamorgan won just eight of their 38 matches. A


radical proposal from the chairman who told us that heads should roll


in high places. I don't think we've got the right people there. From


the chairman to be chief executive to the committee. To be honest, I


think you need to sweep it all away. What Glamorgan a needs now is a


whole culture change. The supporters have lost the will to


live. There are fed up with it all. Quite frankly, Glamorgan has become


a laughing stock. I honestly believe that in order to change the


culture, we have to move some people on. Glamorgan's chief


executive was unable to respond because he is a hot up -- on


holiday. But he responded to up the criticism in a phone interview.


are halfway through the job and what is needed is not some radical


quick fix. What is needed is a lot of hard work and for the whole club


to pull together. We have a pretty clear plan of what needs to happen


through the winter. Nobody is making excuses and nobody is hiding


what has happened and everyone is determined to fix it. This is the


gruesome breakdown of summer 2012. games -- three games. There are


second bottom of their one-day league with just three victories.


The 2020 campaign was ruined by the rain and poor form. It is pretty


simple in cricket to see how well you have performed because it is


black and white. It is in averages and way you finish in the table. We


are short of where we want to be. Glamorgan have been a losing side


for a long time. When it comes under close matches, they know how


to lose better than they know how to win. That is something that


needs to be turned around. There are no quick fixes. I watched a


fair bit of their cricket this season and it seems to lack that


absolute determination. We won three championships and those were


done by teams that actually believed they could win. I don't


get the feeling when I watched that there is a passion out there.


are a side were not used to winning games of cricket, they're not going


to have the belief. We have to give extra players in war are used to


win games and their attitude can become infectious. All we have to


get our support staff and coaches to drum into the guys what we need


to do to win games of cricket. Doesn't it come down to talent and


perhaps that you don't have the talented players that this county


used to have? I think we've got a team that is talented enough to


perform. We are not the best team in the competition but we do have a


team that can perform. When we did perform to our ability we competed


with anybody. But they keep hearing the same thing over and over again.


This year will be better, we will work hard, but there is never any


change. We are looking at a few tours, potentially a tour to South


Africa, India or Australia. We are keen to take the players away on an


intensive 12 day-trip and get them working hard away from the winter


here. We also want to bring in some specialists. You have to think


outside the Square and look at different people. But failure comes


at a cost with Glamorgan's star bowler James Harris confirming a


move to Middlesex this week's. -- this week. To lose a player you


have seen since he was 13 or 14, it is disappointing. I think if he'd


have stayed, England honours would have come. But he feels that going


to the first division will promote his chances further and I can't


blame him for that. Cricket is getting more like football with the


transfer system. James Harris things he's got a better chance in


the first edition so off he goes. The danger is that all second-


division clubs could be feeder clubs for the first division. A


player like James Harris feels the only way he can further his career


is to move on. It is disappointing. Supporters might put up with


anything as long as there are more moments like these again. As long


as another winter of hard work brings something to smile about


next summer. Ian Hunt reporting there and Sport


Wales will keep you up to date with all the news from the SWALEC


stadium as it happens. But back to the Olympic success now. The first


Welsh woman to win a medal in Olympic sailing was Hannah Mills,


who came home with a silver. Steffan Garrero caught up with her


at an event being held in Cardiff for the first time.


This is what is known as extreme sailing, designed to redefine


sailing as a spectator sport and it gives the cloud -- the crowd a


close-up few. The competition attracts some of the best


professional sailors in the world. What have the past few weeks been


like? Manic. We finished the games and went to the closing 7 --


ceremony. We then went back and forth to London to do all kind of


random things like for two days and media days. When were you happy


with your silver medal? Wednesday when our fleet racing


finished and we had a day off before the final race. We secured


the silver that night and we were pretty excited that night. Standing


there, getting the medal you have dreamed of your whole life, it is


kind of frustrating when you wanted the gold but it is just a bizarre


feeling. You can't describe what emotions you go through. We feel we


have got some unfinished business in Rio. We definitely want that


gold medal. Back in her home town, Hannah Mills has joined Team Wales.


It is going to be very exciting racing out here. It is really nice.


The Olympics was a high pressure event and they wanted to nail it.


It is nice to come here and enjoy sailing and enjoy a different


challenge. Compared to the rest of the sport, budgets on the extreme


series are relatively small. boats are not too expensive but


they are made of carbon. They can break quite easily. It is full-on


when it goes wrong. They are big boats but the concept is exactly


the same. It is just a bit quicker and mental at times! The series is


a change of of eight races all over the world. Races are 10 minutes


long and courses are mostly oval in shape. It is sailing's version of


the Velodrome Warwick running track. To adjudicate amongst the chaos,


umpires on the water issue immediate penalties for


infringements. As the teams move to the retreat -- Riviera for the next


leg, the Welsh group are looking forward to next year. We want a


Welsh brand represented for the full tour and the eight events.


We wish Hannah Mills and team Wales all the very best.


That's it for this evening. Remember to let us know if you know


someone who deserves to be our BBC Cymru Wales Sports Unsung Hero this


year. They have to be unpaid, and over 16-years-old. All the details


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