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Good evening from Swansea were tonight we will mark the club's


incredible ten-year journey from bottom of the Football League to


the dizzy heights of the Premier League's top five. Stay with us for


that and plenty more on tonight's Sport Wales. Tonight, we look at


the implications of the row threatening the Heineken Cup.


cannot make his work and continued with a proper European competition,


it does not look good for Welsh rugby. We hear in Pembrokeshire for


the extreme cliff diving and it is no place for the faint-hearted.


you were to look at any diver before they took off, you will see


Mackay to top Bellamy, promotion and the rebranding. The club


manages to be promoted at some point, if that happens because of


the owners' Investment, there will be lots of happy people here.


first, we have come to a historic football ground. This is what is


left of the Vetch. It is exactly a decade since Swansea City trot to


the lowest point of its history, bottom of the entire Football


League. Tomorrow, they host Everton with the chance to go level on


points with Premier League leaders Chelsea. Last night's defeat saw


Swansea drop to the bottom of the Football League for the first time


in their history. Survival for Swansea City. Swansea are back in


the Championship for the first time in 24 years. # Do you realise...


Swansea City are the first Welsh representatives in the Premier


League. To appreciate where they are now, remember where Swansea


were 10 years ago. Ruck bottom after defeat at Boston, a turning


point that would, in time, end the decline and despair. It was thrown


together. Nick Cusack was the manager at the time and he was


given a budget whatsoever. The majority of the team was picked


from a trial match, where it was virtually people who had not been


taken up by other clubs. It is fair to say that the Swans were scraping


the barrel. Boston, I think it was a Tuesday night. To go bottom of


League that day, things could not have got any worse. Brian Flynn has


been confirmed as Swansea City's new director of football with Kevin


Reeves taking over as first-team coach. You probably wondered


whether the club would continue to exist. There was a general lack of


spirit and enthusiasm around the City for the club. That was the


first thing we had to do, I think, to get a bit of pride back.


Salvation came right at the last time of asking as they beat hull


mack on the final day, thanks to a invention of a special man.


stadium was packed. There were so many people there, so much emotion.


I think when I sang for the Swans, it was almost meant to be. --


signed for the Swans. I scored a hat-trick to keep us in the


Football League. Unbelievable. Everybody pull together. The game


at Hull was I think the biggest result in the history of the club.


Just two years later, with Brian Flynn a victim of Swansea's


progress, promotion from the bottom division under Kenny Jackett.


there were massive games, we would look at the club and see to find a


result -- try to find a result. And we did against Burnley. Moving to a


new stadium, we felt as if the club was gaining momentum. It was a


great choice at that time. Everything I thought he could give


us, he gave us, the structure behind the scenes and the way that


he approached games to make sure that we started winning more than


we lost. Kenny Jackett had taken Swansea to the League 1 play-off


final. His successor when further. Swansea were promoted as champions.


Roberto Martinez brought success in some style. IPT change the culture


of the club. I think in the history of the club, the Swansea teams have


always put in good teams. Roberto Martinez to cut -- to get back to


its traditions of old, getting us passing the ball from the back


through to midfield. It was a fantastic style of football. To


watch and to play. There was an identity for Swansea City. Back in


the day, it was play-off the frontman. But now it is about


getting into eye-catching football, so to speak. Looking at the likes


of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Spain. After coming close under piles sews


up, it was Brendan Rodgers' Swansea side who passed their way into the


Premier League via a Wembley play- off win. There was always a doubt


that we could go to Wembley and win. I think we have to congratulate


Brendan at the time for how he has managed the team, and we were


exceptional on that day. That is probably as good a day as I have


ever experienced in a club, as a player or coach. When the final


whistle went, it was that, I cannot believe this has happened! Even


when we start to the Premiership -- Premiership, it did not feel like


we are in the Premiership. It felt like we are playing a cup game.


They have made themselves at home in the top. You know you have made


progress when you were disappointed to drop to 5th as Swansea did last


week. Redemption tomorrow, perhaps, against Everton. David Morrison has


done a great job with them and that is something we can look at as a


club, we can see how Everton have progressed from a small team into a


well-established club. You will always look back and consider how


tough things have been, and how lucky we are. And how lucky we


should always think we are, to be at this level. Sad news this week


with the passing of former Swansea City chairman Malcolm stroll, the


man credited with appointing John Toshack as player-manager in 1978.


And there will be more football later in the programme when we hear


from Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay. From the cities, we head


west. Wales' landscape means it has become increasingly popular as a


location for extreme sports. Recently, the world cliff diving


championships came to Wales for the first time and temperature was


chosen for the event. -- Pembrokeshire.


The Blue Lagoon in a Abereiddi. After the walls of a slate quarry


were breached, the Pit Basin was flooded too great a sheltered pool.


At high tide, it can be 25 metres deep. It was here that the best


divers in the world came to compete in the penultimate leg of the 2012


championships. Cliff diving is thought of as being the least


complicated of all extreme sports. There is not women to buy, no


special clothing. You just jump off the equivalent of an eight-storey


building. Throw in a few somersaults on the way down and hit


the water at speeds of up to 55mph. It is claimed that cliff diving


started in the 17th 70s as a test of courage to a Hawaiian King. --


1770s. It has eventually become a competitive world sport. You were


an Olympic diver. How does this compare? A Olympic diving was 10


metres and this is 27. Essentially, it is the same at the start. The


same motion at the beginning, but is suddenly changes. You cannot go


head-first, because the impact is so strong. It is about getting as


little splash as possible, and as straight a line as possible.


judges will judge the take-off, the flight, and the landing. The


highest and lowest score out of the five judges will be taken away and


the middle three will be added together and then multiplied by the


degree of difficulty of the dive. Mentally and physically, it is far


more demanding than Olympic diving. I think if you were to look at any


diver before they take off, you will see fear. I consistently say


that you have to keep your fear at the right level. If it is too low,


then you do not care and you will do something stupid and get hurt.


If it is too high, likewise, maybe your body will tense up and you


will do something out of the ordinary. You have to keep your


fear at a friendly level. I was looking forward to this for a long


time, knowing that finally I was going to get to do a competition on


home turf. The crowd were amazing. It has been great to see what these


guys have been doing today. It is a pretty scary height. 10 metres is


high, you think, but 27 metres, I think they are mental. In third


place, Gary Hunt from Southampton. The current leader of this year's


series, the Colombian, came second. And the Welsh winner, with his


first cliff diving victory, was the American. Obviously, for me, this


has produced my best result so far. Really, when we get on the platform,


it was a nice weight. The plans for more sturdy, which is nice and the


water looks inviting. It is hard to not like a location like that.


have been to some of the most amazing locations. For me, Wales


has been the best stock so far. It is picturesque. The Blue Lagoon is


fantastic. Stunning scenes. Good to see Jamie Roberts and Lloyd-


Williams taking time out. And we turn to rugby now. Once again, it


is matches off the field -- matter us off the field that have hit the


headlines. The future of the Heineken Cup is in doubt after the


English sides in Premier League rugby announced a new television


deal. We take a look at what it means for the four Welsh regions.


If we cannot make his work and continue with a proper European


competition, I do not think it looks good for us. There are pros


and cons, and as a Welsh region, along with the union, are looking


at things that suits us best for our needs. It is not in the


interests of England for us to compete. Everyone says it is not


about rugby -- money, but in truth, it is totally about money. Not for


the first time, rugby's European Cup has been thrown into


uncertainty and confusion. Emergency meetings had been held as


the future structure, ownership and composition of the tournament has


been forced into debate. 24 teams from England, France, Wales,


Ireland, Scotland and Italy currently make up signs in the


Heineken Cup. Premier rugby represents the 12 top-flight clubs


in England. Beattie vision have agreed a deal to broadcast English


domestic league matches from next season and European games from 2014,


2015. The French and the English have given two year's notice to


withdraw. When the deal ends in 2014. The body who run European


Rugby say that Sky hold the right so it -- hold the rights to


broadcast European games in the UK broadcast European games in the UK


in 2014 and plan to extend that for a further four years, so where does


that leave the Welsh region? think it has been very provocative


by the English clubs to come out with the proclamation that they


have come out with. That they have a new deal, including the European


competition which is not theirs to sell. Having said that, whilst that


was antagonistic, it has actually raised the expectations of the


raised the expectations of the other countries, such as Wales, in


terms of what could be available. We need to look at ensuring that we


do not lose any more financial income. The game is on its knees


and we really need some help. We need to make sure we make a dash 8


it -- make an exciting domestic product. We need to make it as


exciting for the fans as possible. With the English and French clubs


having given notice to terminate, I think all it is going to do it is


actually antagonise the other unions. Because it is seen as a


further bully-boy tactic, perhaps. We have been here before. 14 years


ago the English teams, along with Swansea and Cardiff, pulled out of


the Heineken Cup. Cardiff's Chief Executive at the time can empathise


with the current disgruntled attitude. You could call the


English clubs arrogant, but they're probably showing a bit of


commercial reality. It is the big country, and rugby is a box to go


for commercial partners, and broadcasters. -- rugby takes the


right boxes. The is only one way with dealing -- of dealing with


bullies, to hit them in the nose or you will continue being bullied.


They have to stand up and say, look, if you want to be part in a


competition that we believe in, a great competition, you have to work


within the organisation, not throw your toys out of the caught and say


that you're not going to play. The French clubs have threatened this


before but they have the ability to threaten but it never actually


happens. If the French and English pull-out, it leaves just the PRO12


teams involved. The Cup tournament with the same participants with at


-- same participants at the league structure would not appeal to many,


so what can be done to placate the Have a moment, the stupid thing


about that Pro12 competition is that the team can finish 12 and go


to the Heineken Cup but a team can finish fourth and not go through.


It we say it is could be based on the top six in Pro12, you could


have some years where there are no Italians, no Scottish, no Irish or


Welsh. That is fundamentally wrong. There is almost an morality issue.


If you want to grow the game and encourage youngsters, I think we


need to make sure that all the countries have a minimum


representation. From the perspective of the RFU, greater


competition in the Pro12 could have an impact on the chances of England


in the Six Nations. It would not be unhappy if the regions were forced


to field their strongest teams more often in the Pro12, so that their


players get almost as battered as the English and French. The French


federation also gave notice to quote back in June. There is


opinion in both unions that the way that the Heineken Cup is set up


does have an impact on the international stage, especially the


Six Nations. Just as English clubs are able to rest their leading


players for large parts of the season, starting in late and then


resting before the Six Nations, it does have an impact on that


tournament. What is the likely resolution? The posturing will no


doubt continue and more meetings will be held. This is an


opportunity to stand back and have a look at where we want to go and


what we want to achieve. It is actually quite an exciting time.


England probably have to give a little bit in terms are bringing


their commercial cloud and experience to the table and Wales


will have to give a bit in terms of qualification. Hopefully all


regions can qualify. The one thing you can always agree on is, we have


not got any work, so we will agree to have another meeting to agree


something. That is the nature of the beast. Back to football. While


Swansea City enjoy life in the Premiership, Cardiff City have had


a great start in the championship. They made it three wins in a row of


on Tuesday night against Millwall. Does manager Malky Mackay can now


think they have the squad for promotion? Lisa Rogers went to meet


2-0 win at Millwall, never an easy place to go. Delighted. It is a


hostile environment at the best of times, and it is a place where in


their plea we have not done well. So to get two goals and come away


with three points, we are delighted. Third win on the trot. How much to


look at those kind of stats? cannot be carried away. It is far


too early. By you look at your run of form and how you are playing. To


have beaten Wolves, Leeds and Millwall is certainly pleasing.


Over at the summer, his former club, Norwich City, made inquiries about


bringing him back to East Anglia. It was something that was foist.


But I think given what the club had done last year, my link to they


Clarke and how I played, meant I was like there. But I was committed


here. They have put money into the team. They have invested in a new


training facility which I would like to open, I would like to shape.


These are real forward-thinking times at Cardiff City.


Investment came about because of the change in colour, we are led to


believe. There were a lot of had lined up the time. Do you think you


are moving on from that? We keep winning in red, which helps! But


there's a lot of tradition attached to football clubs and because of


that it was something that was incredibly off the wall at the time,


in terms of going from blue to red. The owner has stated by he was


doing it and what he would get out of the club if he was allowed to do


it. I think, after he stated that and how much investment he would


put in, clear the club debt, bankrolled the club and invest in


the team, invest in the infrastructure, when they decided


to make the change and invest the team, I think most people got that.


Change takes time but if the club managers to be promoted in the next


couple of years, then if that is because of Tim Bresnan, then a lot


of people will be happy. There has been some speculation about Craig


Bellamy following allegations about his private life and his commitment


to the game. He did not actually talk to the magazine, was an


interview there was chopped up and came out in bits and pieces. From


the moment he has come here he has applied himself fortunately well.


Unfortunately against Brighton he cut a calf tear. All of assault and


conspiracy theories were out that he was retiring from football,


which is laughable, really. He was injured for three weeks and he came


back and you saw the goal that he scored. He is committed to the club.


He is going to the Antichrist and talking to them. It is early in the


season but do you feel that more than any time since you arrived,


you can look at your squad and thing, perhaps this is the year


that we go up? You can any measure it in terms of the squat and


everything that has gone on here in terms of the last year, we are


certainly progressing. The squad that was hit by Stuart Ripley put


an effort in and ended up in top six and a Carling Cup final. -- the


squad that was here last year. The squat now are stronger, higher


quality squat and do have players that I feel are committed to


wanting to do well. I think the more of them that you have got,


both in terms of players and staff, the more Cheju have of doing well.


Cardiff City travel back tomorrow to London to face Crystal Palace.


But Nicky Maynard is added to having suffered a ligament injury


and Rob Earnshaw has gone one- season loan to Maccabi Tel Aviv.


will be a tough game. Thanks for talking to us. Her pleasure.


can listen to it like commentary of that match on Radio Wales. Staying


with football, and a look back at a day of reckoning for the Wales


women's team as they faced skull and did a crucial Euro 2013


qualifier. -- Scotland. Only a win would do.


Parc y Scarlets in Llanelli, and Wales arrive far pleased --


arguably the biggest game in their history. It will be close but I


would say to-want to Wales. It is such an important game, we have to


win. Chances were limited for both teams. Wales came close with this


effort. 37 minutes in, it was advantage Wales. Helen Lander


following up to score. But the lead would last just seven minutes.


Scotland equalised on the brink of half-time through Joanne Love.


Women's football in this country is doing fantastically. Ironically, in


the FIFA rankings, they are as high as our men's team. I'm sure they


will be a higher climate in the near future. In the second half,


Wales might have restored their lead. But it went past the post. A


costly miss, perhaps, as Scotland went on to end Welsh hopes of a


first ever finals appearance. Game over, dream over. Scotland beating


Wales to second place in the group and the elusive play-off spot.


disappointed that he eventually comes down to goals conceded. After


getting our noses in front with a good goal. We are proud of the


campaign we have had. It shows in how disappointed we are full stop


it shows how far we have come. are committed to train like


professionals and that is a big platform. We need to do at base to


support these players, so there we can provide a fair chance.


women's under 19th will be the home nations for Euro 20 13th. We want


to qualify ourselves but we are also happy to host. If you hosts,


you have automatic qualification, which we are delighted to take.


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