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Hello, welcome to a bit of a wet and windy Sport Wales.


But this week, we've come to the home town


Well a little clue for you - we're in Bridgend.


On tonight's show, Aled Sion Davies on winning yet another world title.


It's Wales at the ready - Chris Coleman and Joe Allen on


This campaign has proved that we can be in it for the long haul.


And it's full throttle as we talk rallying and Super Bikes.


I'm in a position where I can challenge for the championship and


hopefully someone will recognise that sooner rather than later and


give me a shot. Next week Sport Wales will be live


at the Cardiff City Stadium as Wales face the Netherlands at


their first Euro 2016 warm up game. Now one of their key men is


Joe Allen, a player we've profiled So we caught up with Joe,


delved into the archives and got the latest with life with


Liverpool and with Wales. 2007. Our first feature with Joe


Allen. He was 17, living in digs and breaking into the Swansea team.


I didn't have a clue. The women I stayed with did my stuff for me. I


can sort myself out more, get new clothes and don't have to rely on


other people. Those days back in Swansea in those


digs, loading your washing into the machine. Does that seem like only


yesterday or does it seem like an age ago?


It seems like only yesterday, to be honest. Time has flown. Good


memories from Dicks, still in touch with my Dicks parents. -- digs.


How has life changed since then? It is a fine balance between


rewarding yourself and your family and your friends but I think staying


in the real world and staying grounded really. I've always made a


conscious effort to do that. I am a private person by nature anywhere


in. I don't tend to live a very flashy lifestyle.


2011. He talks to us about his and Swansea's first year in the Premier


League and a different shade of red ticket he fancied wearing one day.


It has been a good time for me to step up to this level. I feel it is


the strongest and best condition I have felt in my whole career.


I am a manufacturing. I always have been. -- Manchester United fan.


You said it might be nice to play for Manchester United one day. As it


turned out, you joined Liverpool for ?15 million. Is that thing you


thought it would be? It is the stuff dreams are made.


Iran but the first time I played at Anfield, singing you will never walk


alone. Moments like that where you sort of... Imagined and visualised.


We did finish second, it certainly stands out as a very exciting year


and something I will never forget. The man who almost got you to the


title has now left the club. How did you feel about Brendan Rodgers's


departure? It was very sad to see him go. You


mentioned there that he has come so close to bringing that amazing


success to the club so it does show you how quick things can change in


football but I think we all know that's now. Everyone who is involved


in football understand is that it is forever changing and unfortunately


that means managers and players will come and go. But that is part and


parcel of the game. So what about the new manager? How


has it been under him so far? It has been great.


Everyone has taken to him straightaway. He is very


charismatic. He has got great personality and the passion he has


really shines through and I think rubs off on the players so, yeah, it


has been so far so good. 2013. 12 months into Joe's career


when Chris Coleman and Wales were at a real low point.


All the players are really happy with the management. That is not the


problem. We are faithful that he will bring a success. We want to see


him sign that contract and take us into the next campaign.


At that time it was a pretty low ebb for Wales, not qualifying for the


World Cup. The transformation since then has been astonishing.


Astonishing is a good word. I think in previous campaigns, I think when


you first get together and you are about to start it there is that


belief them but in previous years it has ebbed away quite quickly. At


this campaign, we're just kept ourselves in the running throughout


and getting there is an achievement in itself but to be there, to


experience it and play in it is the next age and what we all looking


forward to. It is not a 1 off. It is not something that is going to come


and go in our careers. We're hoping that we can make it something quite


regular. Good luck for next week against the


Netherlands. Finally, the King at the shot of you down the years and


the features we have done. We noticed your hairstyle was pretty


consistent. What is with the long hair and the beard this time


question mark laziness more than anything else.


Is that all it is? It depends what people think of it, really. If there


are not positive responses I would say it was not on purpose. If people


think I look like a tramp it is time for a change stop I'm not saying


people have said that. And we'll have more football later


in the programme as Wales boss Chris Coleman tell us all about his plans


for both Holland and the Euros. We're very much going into the


unknown. There is a lot of speaking with other managers at what can they


do. Soon, Wales will have its very own


Motor Sports Track, fit for hosting And the way one Welsh rider's


performing, we could have a world champion by the time


the circuit of Wales is ready. We went to meet Chaz Davies,


a man speeding to glory. I've been surrounded by engines all


my life. I've seen pictures of me under the steering wheel with my


legs stretched out trying to reach the pedal. I just loving the back


love riding a motorbike. That is what it is all about.


Congratulations on what was a super season. How would you sum it up now


you have time to reflect? A mixed bag. We started off the


season with two podiums, which was decent, but we went through a little


bit of a difficult patch where I thought back we were a little bit


behind the ball in terms of development. But then from the


middle part of the season till the end it was exactly where we should


be, fighting for race wins every weekend and getting a lot of race


wins and it is a shame that came a little bit too late. We can have


done that with that back in February.


You're travelling the world riding a bike for a living, it is was been


the job you wanted? Definitely. I do remember having a


moment of realisation when I was about 11 or 12 years old remember


actually thinking that, that would be really cool. That would be a


really nice thing to happen, but I never really thought it would


happen. I just love riding a motorbike and that is what it is all


about. Here we are, 20 years later, nearly. It's just gone from sense to


strength. From a person who has never ridden a


bike before, just expend what is super bikes. Where does Super Bikes


is it? The Super Bike is more production


-based championship, pretty much everything that I can use on my bike


is something that anyone can go out and buy whereas you could never do


that with different bikes. That is the major difference. Obviously, you


have got a name like Valentino Rossi and everyone knows who he is but the


riders in Super Bikes, there have been a few bikes allowed crossed


over from GP and I think the level is really really high in Super Bike


at the minute and I would love to go to GP or to get guys to cross over


to Super Bike. Especially a huge name like Valentino Rossi.


You had a go at GP, was it something you would like to do in the future?


Yeah, definitely. I did a few races in 2007 and got the opportunity to


race for them and they were pretty happy with what I did at the time


and I am in a position now bracket challenge for the championship and


hopefully, somebody will recognise that sooner rather than later and


give me a shot with a competitor passage the package.


A nice life. Is it like Formula 1? Glamorous parties?


I would love to say it is as glamorous as that. It has its


moments, for sure. There is nothing negative about it. It has its


moments and there are some good events outside the races and think


it is all too easy to get caught up in the seriousness of it, which


obviously, it is my job and how I make a living, but at the end of the


day, it is all fun. And I'm trying to keep it fun on race weekend and


outside of race weekend as well. You travel the world and you live in


Spain but how did you become friends with some of the Welsh players?


It was one of those things, really. I was injured and broke my wrist a


few years ago. And after having surgery on it I was looking at the


quickest way to try and get back and recover for the next race and I


found the clinic was in the Welsh training ground so I just called up


and try to see that was possible to get a session in their and it just


happened that Scott Williams was in there at the same time and we had a


bit of a chat and since then we kept in touch.


In the chamber? In boxer shorts and socks.


I just finished up at the test track. I saw your line-up for later.


Keep him out on the wing. You put a call-out during the recent


World Cup? I did. Unfortunately it fell on deaf


ears I think. I did not get the call-back that I was hoping for. A


bit of a shame, really. If you get bored of the travelling


and the jet set lifestyle then Rugby World Cup in four years' time, is


it? I better start it in the gym now, I


reckon. So here we are in Bridgend,


home to one of Wales' top track Now every gold medal winner


at London 2012 got one of these - a specially painted post box


and since receiving his, Aled Sion I'm here in Cardiff and I'm going to


meet an athlete who has been clocking up medals for band since he


made his senior debut in 2011. He's got so many medals round his neck.


I'm going to call you the Welsh Mr T because you are dripping with gold


these days. How are things? It is nice to be


home. The weather is a bit more reference refreshing.


What do you do in the daytime? I keep my head down. I'm normally out


my dog. Enjoying the Welsh countryside. I'm fairly normal, to


be honest. This dog is a circuit could take a


lot of your time. Everyone says he looks like me but I


don't know if that is a compliment. He looks like he's growing a beard.


What is that like now that you are a superstar? I call you Captain


marvellous. What is that like? What does that feel like when you walk


down the street and you recognise? It is very surreal. I don't see


myself as anything special. Sports have come along way since I began


and I bought was wanted to just change perception of disability


sport and if I could be taken as an athlete along the way then that is a


bonus and the fact that I could recommend that now was obviously


really, really exciting. But it is a long way from where I want to be. I


want to be pushing the barriers on my sport and I am all about


delivering the performance when it matters and you know would you


deliver the performance medals will come and everything else is just a


bonus. How many medals have you won since


2011? 2011 was my first senior international. Well jabbing chits in


New Zealand, winning that, I was 19. I got a silver there. -- the world


champ in Gypsy New Zealand, I was 19, I got silver. I got into the


discus. -- Championships in New Zealand. I needed to show people I


was not a 1 off. What Championships one year later, two gold. And my


Commonwealth silver. And two gold medals last week in my third World


Championship. Last term. Getting them nicely, slowly. You are


breaking world records for fun. What is all that about? Why are you


breaking the world record? I am very young in my sport. I have brought a


different approach. For years it has been about big, strong guys. Slow. I


am nothing like that. I have not got the height and width of these guys.


It is about speed and technique and I caught up the big guys quite


quickly and overtook them. Next year, Rio de Janeiro, you have got


to be excited. Crazy to think it is just ten months away. Feels like


yesterday we were talking about London. So much has happened since


then. With the disappointment of not defending my discus title, I'm


looking forward to fighting for that gold in the shop but. And turning


some heads. -- shot put. I am looking forward to putting 100% into


the event and saying where I can take it. You are still a young guy.


A baby in athletics terms. What does the future hold? I want to chase


able-bodied guys. That is my aspirations. Chase able-bodied


standards and get into the indoor British Championships this year. It


would be nice to be poaching for medals next year. I hope I can do


Rio, 2017 World Championships and Japan. I said I will go as long as I


am healthy and enjoying it and winning! I hope to find sure belly


is still burning for many years to come and wish you all the best.


Cheers, buddy. Thanks for coming out this morning. I know, I do not like


the cold. You have dragged me out today. It is colourful! It is that


time of year again. It's that time of year again


Wales Rally GB is upon us and this year's race holds huge significance


for one Welshman in particular. It is that element of speed and


adrenaline rush which we all love and just accept the risk.


Rallying. For many it is in the blood. Co-driving was the passion of


others Dai Roberts and Gareth. It does not matter what happens in


life, you have got to go and do it because it is a way of life at the


end of the day. No matter where we were, if he was


in some place you would always phoned me and say how are you


getting on and buys her serve. The biggest part is getting on and


making sure you were fine on the rally. We do not see a danger. At


the end of the day, you are in a car and you are there to do a job. 300


foot drop on your left hand side, you do not see it. You are there to


drive on the road and that is it, purposely. In 2011 Wales Rally GB,


Gareth was crowned world Academy champion with Craig Breen. He would


never compete in the rally again. He certainly did have the ability to go


a lot further. They were on the road to success with Craig, and his


driver. Given time it could have happened. I actually had the phone


call saying what had happened. And having to phone mum and dad. Good


evening. Tributes have been paid to a rising Welsh star in motor


rallying, who has been killed in an event in Italy. It has been a


struggle at times. The way we see it, he would never want us to stop


doing anything and would always push you to carry on in life. That is


what we keep doing. At the end of the day, if we had stopped doing


anything, he would be on your case. That is what we have done. He was


soon back in action with Timothy Cathcart. But in this sport, term of


the -- danger is never far away. We went to go and prove a point. On the


third stage, the car was not handling over bumps and we lost


control in excess of 100, 110 mph. I felt it a bit in the lower back and


they cut the kidney open. At the scene of the accident, I got out of


the car myself and you do what you can for yourself and then I did not


realise till afterwards that my team-mate sadly losses life. After


my accident last year, people started asking questions again.


Would you go back? It does not matter with dad, my partner, Louise,


does not matter what happens, she would always say, you would not be


you if you did not go back. The passion to do it is greater than any


other rescue wants to take. He is outcompeting again. It sums up


exactly why we are all as mad and as in the UCS tick as we are. -- in the


UCS tick. It is the same as people that want to go skydiving. They


would get a buzz out of that but I go nowhere near it.


Chris Coleman has just 216 days until Euro 2016 gets underway


and the preparations really do start when Wales take on the


Netherlands next week, a game you can watch here live on BBC Wales.


Chris, welcome to Sport Wales. Good to see you again. Tell me how you


have enjoyed the last three weeks since qualifying. How have you


reflected on it? Initially it was a bit surreal. The fact that we had


waited so long to qualify and actually did it. After the Andorra


game, four, five days, I was laid up, I have lost my voice. We were


working so hard trying to achieve the goal and when we finally did it,


I got back home and it was like... I was laid up, for three, four days.


You could not celebrate... I thought I would get back and have some games


of golf and take the wife out for a nice bite to eat and glass of wine


and naturally none of that happened. How preparations going for France?


We have got to get it right. Going on past experience, obviously. It is


into the unknown. Speaking to other managers and coaches that have been


there, I asked what did they do. You cannot plan properly until the draw


on the 12 of December. Until you know who you are playing and where


you are going to play. Absolutely. We have got the Holland game coming


next week. The next camp will be March. Another friendly. We will


know what group we are in them. That will be a more in-depth meeting of


what the summer will hold for us. Looking at your squad list. Two big


names conspicuous by their absence, Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale. Aaron


Ramsey first, the Arsenal manager was accused of taking a cheap shot


at Wales and showing lack of respect towards you. He can call me up. I


have not got a problem. The job is hard enough as a manager. Without


having a chip at each other. Especially a cheap shot, which is


what it was common his comments. Firstly, that commerce Ocean should


have been between him and me, in private. -- conversation. I am


talking about it now because he took it away from that. When you start


speaking publicly, the accommodation is out. Maybe was overloaded a


little bit with games. -- conversation is out. Ideally, I


think he would have played against Andorra because they were qualified.


But unfortunately I could not decide that. He mentions Gareth Bale, which


has nothing to do with him, whatsoever. Thirdly, if you look at


all the facts, the problem lies with Arsenal, not ourselves. We said a


fit player back to play for Arsenal. We had no word, no correspondence


from Arsenal saying he can play in both games. Hence why he played in


both games. Had we had worked from Arsenal, had he called me up like he


did Roy Hodgson to talk about Theo Walcott, I promise you I would have


said, I understand and I would have made sure I did not play him of 90


minutes. That call did not take place because he never bothered


calling me up. Gareth Bale, were you under any pressure from Real Madrid


not to pick him for this friendly? Pressure, no. They never put me and


us under pressure and said, you are not having Gareth Bale. They have


been fantastic. Talking of Gareth, also, he is a Real Madrid player and


he wants to do well for Real Madrid. He is proud to play for Madrid and


he wants to win things there. If he had came into this camp he would


have been at risk. That is not a risk we want to take. In terms of


the squad, some new names and players. And I imagine they are


saying, give me a game, gaffer. Is this a chance for plan B, C, D,


whatever, to experiment? We have a strong squad. We will be given one


or two players, we will give them playing time, a first match, maybe.


But if I am honest with you we look at where we want to be competing,


here. There is still Holland. It is still going to be a tough game. It


is a match we want to do well in. Hope you enjoy the night, Chris. Do


not get poorly afterwards. Enjoy it. Thank you. You can watch Wales


against the Netherlands live on BBC Two next Friday from seven. Ian


Hunter will kick off the build-up from the Cardiff City Stadium and


Jason Mohammad takes over with match of the Day Wales. Follow it live on


BBC red Wales and on the BBC Wales sport website.


And that's it for this week, but don't forget, you can keep up


with all the latest news in Welsh sport via our social media.


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