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Good evening, a very warm welcome to Cardiff City Stadium. We are live,


head of the first Euro 2016 warm up game. We are going Dutch for the


night, a friendly against the Netherlands coming up on match of


the day Wales, but think of us as the starter to the main course. Here


is what is coming up tonight. The first test on the road to


France. We speak to be boss. It is another chance for us to perform for


our country, which has to mean everything. Guest reporter catches


up with some pals. Just wondering if you are missing me? Of course! Joe


Price, the Wales goalkeeper, hoping for an international rugby call-up.


I have been training with the squad and if that were to happen it would


be amazing. And legends reunited. Which one was the best player? The


best player out of the four, it is quite obvious, to be fair, but quite


embarrassing! Yes a warm welcome. The build-up to


France starts here tonight. A warm welcome to our guests, welcome. We


are not used this in Wales, warm up matches for tournaments, exciting


times. It is nice to be the bride and not the bridesmaid for a


change. Somebody has come to give us a game before we go to a major


tournament and not the other way around. The case last year when


Wales played the Netherlands, when the Netherlands were on their way to


the World Cup. No Gareth Bale, no Ramsey. This is a chance to practise


the doomsday scenario if they were not available. Yes, players out of


form, injuries to best players, Chris Coleman will have to get the


tactics right tonight. It will be a difficult game with two best players


missing but we are solid and hard to beat and hopefully we will be


tonight and we are looking for players to come in and see what they


could do. Let's hear from the man who is hoping for a big lift on the


road to France, Chris Coleman. The qualified, a friendly, no


pressure. I wish! There is always pressure, if you want to progress


and do well, you have to put yourself in a situation where there


is always something on it and if you play for Wales there is something


always on it. Has the preparation been different? Seven, nine hours of


football before your first game in Euros, does it start here for the


players? It has started. We have been monitoring them since they have


been with us. We know we're going to a tournament. Tom Bradshaw, it is


his first time with the senior squad, so good to look at him but


people like Adam Henley, Paul Dummett, they have been with us for


a few squads. Do you know you're 23? I know who the captain is. But


not the 23. No Gareth Bale, no Aaron Ramsey, with Gareth, will you have


to put him in cotton wool in the build-up to France? We need to be


careful. If they have injuries and/or in the danger zone, we have


to do that. The last game Bailey played for us, Andorra, before we go


-- Gareth Bale playing is Andorra, we would have to look at that. What


is your main objective? Another game for Wales and another chance to


perform for your country and that has been the foundation of the


success we have had up to this point. The journey is still on and


we must not forget what has made us a tough team to play against. We do


not give up results easily. We can find out who Chris Coleman


has picked to face the Netherlands tonight. Rob is down in the tunnel


with team news. As much as we predicted, Tom


Williams... Tom Lawrence making his first start for Wales after a good


appearance against Andorra and substitute, playing up front.


Jonathan Williams will come in on the one flank and Andy King will


play the Aaron Ramsey role. Chris Gunter earning his 64th cap. Wayne


Hennessey will start in goal, although there might be a change at


half-time. Both sides can play six substitutes. The Netherlands are


starting their build-up for a World Cup campaign in September but they


have experience in Wesley Snyder and Captain Arjen Robben, who has


returned tonight. Four players in the starting line-up with Premier


clubs, including two for Southampton. They include Virgil van


Dijk. Your reaction to the team news. A big opportunity for Tom


Lawrence, who starts. We look strong defensively, the back five, Wayne


Hennessey, and the strength is defence, but we lack going forward


because of injuries. I am looking forward to seeing Tom Lawrence, who


impressed me against Andorra. Good movement, and intelligent footballer


with good awareness. They had up -- a good opportunity for him. They are


coming out to warm up before the game. Your thoughts? I think he has


picked the strongest team. There are issues with injuries but great to


see Johnny Williams playing, he can light up the stadium. Certainly


someone that the manager thinks highly of and who could work his way


into the starting XI. Looking forward to seeing him and hopefully


we can be solid at the back. Chris Coleman said he knows who captain is


for the Euros. Is there room for some young players to force their


way into the squad, or will it be the players who have got Wales to


France? The starting XI, baby 14, 15 players, he will know in the back of


his mind. Because we have struggled to score, if Bradshaw or Lawrence


score on a regular basis, they could force themselves into the squad. OK,


thank you. You are on commentary duty for match of the day at 7:25pm.


Get into position if you would. We are changing tack. In June, the


rugby world was rocked by the tragic deaths of the all Black 's Jerry


Collins and his wife in a crash in France. Their daughter survived but


needs special care. This week some of his Ospreys colleagues got


together for a special evening. Advice, a long time since we have


been at the Liberty Stadium. Three years for me. This is the first time


I have been back. I am surprised they let me in, but nobody stop me.


It is a shame we have to come back for a dinner like this. Out of


everyone, when there is beer and food involved, Jerry would be the


first there. It is a great cause and hopefully a massive success. It is a


fab four events. Anybody good at mathematics can tell there is only


three of us. This guy, possibly the best looking scrum-half in rugby! He


cannot make it because he has a European commitment and hopefully we


will catch up with him soon. We have been giving cards Sport Wales do not


trust us to come up with topics. Best player? I assume that is the


best player out of the four, which is quite obvious to be fair, but


quite embarrassing I cannot answer that. That is not fair. Best try for


Wales? Wales, France for me, in France. COMMENTATOR: Superbly timed


run. Probably Wales and England, I think. COMMENTATOR: A wonderful run


by James Hook. Probably the try against Scotland. Six Nations 2008.


He can create magic again and Williams!


Next one, Champions Cup. That weekend when the Champions Cup


starts. Clermont. I do not think they can can peak 's -- compete, so


I am going for Clermont. Scarlets could do well. I think at the start


of the season, you would think Scarlets have the best chance. But


Toulon again. Next one, Jonathan Davies, I assume the current player


and not the 1 that played in the Thirties! It would be great to have


somebody like Fox back. What region do you fancy? Fastest. I thought it


said fattest, which I could not possibly answer. I am assuming at


the four. There is only one there. Here he comes, any minute now! I


would probably say Shane. Fair enough. I will not argue. Best


looking, right? That is a nine or ten. Self-proclaimed best looking


rugby player ever. The George Best of rugby, Mike Phillips. He wins it


hands down. Last but not least, Mr Jerry Collins, the legend himself.


What tonight is all about. By doing this tonight goes to show what Jerry


meant to everyone. An absolute legend and free spirit. Completely


off his tree, and I mean that respectfully. He was straight and


honest. He had a big impact on the pitch and off the pitch. World


rugby, his face was well known everywhere but he turned up at the


rugby club in the valleys. The most recognised face in world rugby and


on Sunday he would be drinking with the guys who came back from the


minds and the steelworks. Talking about work, how is life? -- mines.


That is what tonight is about and we will raise a lot of money for his


daughter and have a good night and enjoy ourselves.


Good job. These are the European fixtures for


the regions this weekend. Coverage on radio Wales and online.


Some big games coming up for the Wales women's side and one key


player could end up putting on the red jersey in two sports. Cathy


Williams went to meet her. 2015 has proved to be a successful


the men's side, Wales women are in the middle of their Euro campaign,


still searching for the first major tournament. There is one key player


who can help achieve their dream. She has been capped for Wales at


every level and after a five-year sabbatical, she is back and hungrier


than ever. It started when I was young, I was


six years old and my brothers were involved with the club and my mum


and dad brought us two games. I came to a training session. Ronnie, my


brother's coach, said, David, is that your sister kicking a ball over


their? She needs to come to training. We went to a game against


Milford. I remember their opposition. Saying, they have got a


girl! In the second half, the coach was saying, keep it away from the


girl! Fun and games! It is not just the football game she is enjoying


after being spotted at university, she is also having success with the


oval ball. I was playing for all and being a goalkeeper, kicking the ball


long, goal kicks, the rugby coach saw it and asked if I would play as


kicker for the rugby team. Despite not knowing the rules, she has


quickly made a mark in the rugby field and has high hopes of coming


the first international foot taller to play rugby for Wales. It would be


a dream. With football it is difficult. I had been training with


the rugby squad so if it happened, it would be amazing.


It brings back fond memories. A trip down memory lane. This is where we


used to come after the game. Everyone would congregate in here.


You can tell when you have made it when you have got a massive frame


like that on the wall. This was one of my first shirts


given to us when we played for Wales. You are among good company.


Ian Walsh. He is a massive character in this football club. Simon


Davies. He used to play with my brother here. Five years ago, you


retired from football. What are you doing backplane? I had a call from


Jane, the manager for Wales. She said, do you fancy coming to camp


next week is to mark what was it like coming back into the Welsh


team, being part of the Europe campaign? -- next week? Amazing, to


find out you are starting against Austria, the first game in the Euro


qualifiers after being out for so many years, the butterflies came


back. With Kazakhstan and Israel up next, they are hoping to bounce back


from the two defeats against Austria and Norway. We are looking to


prepare and get stronger and better and we have got the defeats but we


are looking to take the win against the teams in the next few games.


Good luck to Wales when they played the giants of Kazakhstan later this


month. We have got Danny still with us. We have been joined by the


former Wales captain, Barry. Difficult question to answer in one


sentence until we know next month exactly who Wales will be playing


because the draw is made in December for next summer, but how do you


think Wales can do next year in France? I would be very disappointed


if they did not get through to the knockout stages. Need a little bit


of luck because the groups have not been drawn yet, we do not know who


is there. You know you will get one of the massive teams and you need


luck with the other teams. With that, with the four best placed


teams going through, I would be disappointed if Wales did not


regress. How far can Wales go? First major Championship. -- progress.


Anything beyond in a quiet is a bonus. 24 teams, a lot of really


good teams in that competition. Danny, Chris Coleman refers to the


Dutch as a wounded animal, they did not qualify amazingly for the Euros.


They will have to come up against a side like the Netherlands, one of


the big sides of world football. Of course. That is why we would have


taken this fixture. Every friendly will be tailored towards the


tournament. They did not qualify but they are still littered with quality


players in the team and Wales are missing two of the best players in


Europe. It will be a difficult task. I am really looking forward to the


game. It will be really intriguing. The fringe players, it is great for


them to be involved in a game like this. Let us get a feel for the mood


inside the Wales cap. We sent Danny Gabbidon to catch up with old pals


-- the Wales camp. Wondering if you are missing me at


all? Of course! It has not been the same without you. What has it been


like? Dead. Definitely not the same. We used to be roommates before I


hang up my boots. Wayne has come in and replaced me. I was just


wondering how he has done? Is he better than me? I cannot say that! I


get more sleep with Wayne. No Eastenders omnibus? No. A few core


-- cough thes. Both of you were good roommates. The first thing I should


ask you is how life has been since qualification last month? It has not


sunk in. On cloud nine. It has been a fantastic achievement what we have


done and all of the boys are buzzing and looking forward to the future


and going to the Euros. Unbelievable time for us. I think it has got to


the stage now where we are hungry for it, to turn up and do well and


hopefully sooner rather than later. What are the things you are really


looking forward to when the tournament comes around? To get


through the group stages is one of the key things for us and to stay in


the competition for as long as you can is the icing on the cake. That


is what we want to achieve. Getting through the group stages will be


very difficult with the seedings. But I think we are capable of doing


it with the players we have got. With the fans behind us as well.


That is the main aim for us. Two things I have got to ask you and one


of that is the big hairy thing on your face. First we started the


Euros and I had a little bit of growth and I said, listen, things


are going pretty well, I am not going to shave until we qualify. We


kept on going and eventually we qualified. I have to give the vote


on Twitter and see what people will do. It is costing me a fortune with


the oil and shampoo. I think you should keep it. I would not


recognise you. What about going on to the dance that went viral? Did


you think that would go so big when you strutted your stuff at the


time? I did not realise there was a camera there, I thought there were


photographers taking pictures and we started singing and I got too


excited. Especially out in Bosnia, the heat of the moment, all


together, I think he just went for it. I just went for it. There is a


camera here today. Do you fancy it? I do not think my hips are warm


enough! Personally, I know there is another date in the summer which is


just as important. Just wondering, the wife to be, a little bit worried


when qualification was achieved. She was not happy! That is what... We


were supposed to be getting married. Which date is going to be


more important? Would it be... Being married to the nation for a couple


of weeks or married to the wife for a lifetime? You cannot ask that


question. You need to be diplomatic, be careful. I know Ruby


well. Say the right thing. It has got to be the wife. Pleasure talking


to you. Thank you very much for your time. Cheers. Thanks a lot, mate.


The right answer! Joe Ledley. The rock and roll life of a Premier


League footballer, staying up late to watch the Eastenders omnibus.


What did you think of his interviewing technique? A second


career beckons! Danny, Wayne Hennessey saying they are hungry to


do well at the Euros and hungry to keep doing well at Cardiff City


Stadium, they have not lost here for two years. They want to keep this


going tonight. That is what it is about, creating a willing mentality


in the team and that is what Chris Coleman has done. Going to France,


they will not rest on their laurels, the work starts again. It is not


about having a holiday. They want to do well when they get there. It is a


winning culture that Chris Coleman and the team are breeding. You know


how hard it is to beat the Netherlands, Barry. You have tried


and failed with plenty of others. How do you think it will go tonight?


I have to say, I think this is more important for the Netherlands than


from Wales. They had a disastrous campaign and they have got to


reinvent themselves. They will be up for it. It will be difficult for the


Welsh lads so soon after a really intense qualifying campaign to come


back and start again. It is part of the building process, a couple of


young lads coming in who will stake a claim. -- claim. -- staked a


claim. I do not see too many of those players. They are good players


but not players you go, wow. That was then, they have changed a bit,


the Dutch, since then. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you for watching


Sport Wales this evening. We hope it has whetted your appetite. It is


time for the main event. Standing by, Jason and guests. France is on


the horizon and football, it seems, is taking over the nation. Wales's


quest for a place in France starts here in Andorra. He hates it! 2-0.


It is Gareth Bale again! -- he hits it! Straight to bale. Gareth Bale


strikes again! The final whistle goes. A nation


believes. Wales have beaten Alger, ranked


second in the world. -- Belgium. Wales will be in France next summer


in the Euro 2016 final. Chris Coleman's men have taken Welsh


football from the shackles of their history.


Football fever has gripped the nation. Just under 18 months ago,


Wales were warm up fodder for the Netherlands. Wales were ranked 43 in


the Fifa rankings. The Dutch almost reaching the World Cup final. 18


months on, Wales have made it to Euro 2016, the first major finals


since 1958. Wales sit 15th in the Fifa world rankings above the


Netherlands who amazingly have not qualified. The Dutch arrived at


Cardiff City Stadium to help us with our preparation. Good evening to


you. Welcome to the Cardiff City Stadium. It is a very damp Cardiff


City Stadium and I hope that where ever we are based in France next


year for Euro 2016 it will be a lot warmer and sunnier. A big test for


Chris Coleman's side. Alongside me, Kit Symons, part of the Euro 2016


qualifying campaign before taking over the reins at Craven Cottage. We


will talk about follow later. First, when you are Chris Coleman and you


arrange a friendly like this, what do you want to get out of your side?


A good test against a strong side. The Dutch are having a tough time at


the moment but they have got quality players. A great work-out for the


boys. You know the squad in the dressing room right now, when you


are missing key individuals like Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey, what


is the spirit like in the camp? They will be missed but the spirit is as


if they were here. A good mood in the camp and it has been building.


It is a solid environment we have got and it will be good. So much has


been written about Chris Coleman as well. What does he bring to the


side? He is a leader of men. From playing days when we were together


years ago, people follow him. He is very honest, heart on his sleeve,


the players respond. He is a really good leader. We have been talking to


key members of the Wales team to find out what Chris Coleman brings


to the Wales party. He came in in impossible circumstances. He treats


every lap the same, he has got the best out of the lads and he has


proved it on the pitch -- lad. We saw how tough it was and some of the


stick he was getting, probably very undeservedly. To see how well he has


done now is great for him, and as players, we are really happy. We are


a tight group, team spirit is big. I am sure that shows on the pitch.


Every performance we put in, only good things for us. He has got us


working together, he has got us organised on the field and I think


he has got the feel-good factor back about Welsh football, really. He has


got a great personality and the players want to play for him. You


can see they love him and they respond to him. His management is


second to none. Also, he has developed tactically. He is very


tactically astute. I do not think there is another international


manager we have faced who has got the better of him. He has been


absolutely magnificent. Could you understand that in the World Cup


qualifying campaign, there were questions about you and Chris


Coleman, could you understand the criticism? That is football,


everything is down to results. They want them immediately. We did not


get them. It was disappointing in the end. I am delighted Chris has


been given the time to prove how good he is and people are seeing it


now. Certainly the decision to stick with him has been absolutely


vindicated. We are delighted to welcome Howell who was part of the


Wales side as well, not here this evening playing because of injury,


having a great season for Reading. How much would you love to be out in


this wonderful Welsh rain? I would love to be out there. I got


an injury against Andorra. The boys will be relishing this. It is


against top


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