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Wales' greatest ever boxing champion.


I think boxing went bowling. I just watch myself.


We meet the sailing duo with high hopes for Rio.


We are in a much stronger position as a team. We will be on the top


With rugby stars coming home, is the grass always greener?


We catch up with Swansea's South Korean Midfielder Ki Sung-yeung.


And we're with golfer Rhys Davies - back in the big time.


I played golf to win tournament and coming out on top makes it that much


better. Yes, coming soon to a cinema near


you, he's Wales' greatest boxer. He's been on the biggest stages


and now the glittering career of You have a film out about yourself.


Introducing Joe Calzaghe. I am happy with the end result. It


is not just about my boxing. It is about my upbringing. Winning all the


titles, it goes to show it has been a hard road. It's touches a lot of


things from my upbringing that developed me.


Doesn't every song start off with a verse? Jab. Jab. Bring it forward.


Then you've got the chorus. One two, three, four, knockout part. He seems


as much of the character as you are? He makes the film. He is brilliant.


It is emotional for me watching it. Seeing your life story of 25 years


in the ring in those 90 minutes. Because I have always been quite


private. It assures it is not just talent and dedication that makes a


person. It is always having a family, people that support you when


you are down. Even when you are injured. It is a real life Rocky


story with a good ending. Seven years since you retired. I was


trying different things. I was doing our bit of acting. I tried acting


lessons. I felt I had to get away from Wales. When you do something


for 25 years and retire, even though you retire on your own terms at your


peak, it is hard to find something else you love. People say, just find


something else you love. Before the Roy Jones fight I knew I was going


to retire. My hands were gone. Losing the hunger. If you fight just


for the money and you are not fighting for the championship, for


everything else, you lose. It was time for me to quit. Since I retired


people can sit back and appreciate what I achieved in boxing. At the


time it took me a long time to get the respect. I cannot believe it is


nearly a decade since I beat Jeff Lacy. I can remember the fight like


it was yesterday. Dear me. Fantastic. Winding up the right


hand. Left hook. What are the next few steps? A


manager 's license? Yes, push on. First things first. Enjoying this


time. Hoping this will do well. Hoping people will enjoy it. Being


inducted into the Hall of Fame, the International Hall of Fame. A Jean


Campbell two to be there with the greats of the ring. Life is good.


And there will be more from Joe Calzaghe later.


Next year Team GB will be heading to Rio to take part in the 2016


Amongst them, a sailing duo hoping to turn the silver they won


They are the 470 girls with their sights set on Rio. Welsh sailor


Hannah Mills and her partner Saskia Clark are leading hawks for the


Olympics next year. For years at ago they came away with a silver medal.


Before London, we had trained for three or four months together. We


then got selected and it was just a whirlwind. Stuff going on but we


could not control and that all felt very rushed. We have so much to do


me could not put it all in. This campaign we have had a lot longer.


We have broken down are ceiling, our teamwork, are communication and


rebuilt it. That has taken time. It is a difficult thing to do because


you feel you are stepping back. But we are in a stronger position as a


team. Different pressures obviously. You are going in as


silver medallists. Maybe there was not so much expectation in London.


We had a lot of expectation and London. We went in as world


champions and knew we could deliver and we got pretty close. But this


for years has been about trying to make a difference to win in Rio. We


need to make sure that we manage that pretty well. It could be a big


distraction for us when we get racing in the Olympics. We need to


make sure that we turn up and but a Mac 50p. It is a funny sport,


ceiling. If you had a tiny bit more like at the right moment, or the


better performance matey better than yours. If we feel we have given all


we, delivered our best, then we will be happy with where we come. But if


we can achieve that end we will be on the top step of the podium.


Displayed your rules. You are on the trapeze. Attached to the back. I am


the helm. He steered the boat. I make the final decision. I rely on


the input of Saskia Clark. Apple wind trying to make the boat go as


fast as possible. Downwind I am focused on tactics, positioning,


getting in the late place compared to the other boats to try and


passports or stay ahead of them. Downwind I am speed of the boat. I


have got the spinnaker. Up went I am the eyes of the boat. Trying to make


a decision. And the important job of Bal asked on the wire. What does the


next nine months in jail? Popping across the Atlantic to Rio most of


the time? Yes. The more time we can spend in the venue the more we will


learn the wind, how it moves alone the mountains, the tides, how they


change, depending on rain. It is a complex one of the trickiest we have


ever sealed at. Really important. Just so we can


keep refining our skills and keep an eye on our competitors and how they


might change things and if they come up with anything that we might need


to have a look at. When you are the country's leading hope for a gold


medal you have got to have complete faith in your partner. How would the


girls displayed each other? A lively, intelligent bundle of fun.


Great fun. Very inspirational. And very kind and caring person.


What's going on with Welsh regional rugby?


The player drain is slowing down - in fact stars are coming home.


A question for Gareth Rhys Owen - have things really changed?


Leigh Halfpenny is the latest rugby star to leave.


When it came to Welsh rugby did you ever get a sense of deja vu?


Jonathan Davies is to become the latest French player -- latest Welsh


player to leave for France. Hang on. The Ospreys, the jargons


and the Blues won on the opening weekend of the European season and


despite losing the Scarlets got a decent away bonus point at


Northampton. And it was announced this week that Jonathan Davies is


coming back here. Has the tide turned? With out a doubt there is a


good factor. The unions are talking to the regions. Tour to three


seasons was bitter rivalry. It has been all change at the top of the


pyramid. The new chief executive and chairman in the last 18 months. It


may be premature to say the tide is turning. Things are on an even keel.


It is trying to put the entire game into context and trying to ensure


that everyone is pulling together. The weekend results in Europe were


very pleasing. It has been a good start to Europe.


Jonathan Davies is coming back on a dual contract. His wages will be


sheared between the union and the region.


It will possibly save Welsh rugby. It did feel that everyone was


leaving. When players leave other players do not want to come in. The


standard goes down. It was a bit of Wadi. It is a positive move. We are


pleased that Jonathan is coming back. Players like that bring a lot


of experience. They are good players. They help the players


around them. It is fantastic. Lots of people have had a look to see if


the Gas is cleaner but those players have to understand that in Wales we


will look after them. Gareth Davies did initially suggest that contracts


would be used to keep players and Wales Rather than bring them back.


Things have moved on since then. Nothing is set in stone for error.


If there are opportunities to bring the stars back, this star is set in


stone for error. If there are opportunities to bring the stars


back, the in which the union and region are trying to formulate


plans. Let us be honest, if those players come back, all of our


southern there is a good feel factor. The acids test. Would you


stretch to bring those superstars? We have got to be fair to the other


players. We do not want to much of an imbalance. There is a finite pot


of money. As for this weekend the Blues lost against harlequins on


Thursday. The other three face French teams. The ospreys are big


underdogs. I do not think many expected us to come away with a


victory. The Dragons do know how to win on the other side of the


Channel. We are getting a lot of confidence and understanding of how


to win the games in France from last year 's fixtures. As long as we can


hit the target is the results will follow.


It is unlikely the Welsh regions will be able to afford ?1 million


salary but perhaps in the near future, they might get a little bit


more competitive. Each year the best Asian footballers


are honoured at a special awards do. The 2015 ceremony took place


this week, and two Swansea City


stars were among the nominees. The Swans defender whose mother is


from eastern India won Player of the Year at the Asian football awards.


One of his colleagues was nominated for Best Southeast Asian player. Ki


Sung Yueng. He steps up and turns it on to put Swansea level. A man


raised in a different continent in a different culture but one who


idolise the familiar European stars. My first hero was Sudan. I was


watching the World Cup and I started playing football. Zidane was the


favourite player. The performance was incredible. I started to play


like him. He was my first hero. And then four years later the World Cup


came to South Korea and Japan. How much of an inspiration was that for


a youngster like you? They were in the semifinal, South Korea. I didn't


think we could make it. It was like a miracle. It was a big thing. That


tournament, they should Asian football can achieve higher than


what people expected. But still we have a lots of work to do compared


to European football. Cardiff has got a few Korean restaurants, a big


Korean community. Do you go in disguise as a Swansea player?


I have a good relationship with them. URLs are married to a famous


axis in South Korea. Some might compare you with being the South


Korean David Beckham. It isn't like that. How do you and your wife share


your time between South Korea and Swansea? She look them over in


January. How have you reflected on your time in Swansea? That loan


spell at Sunderland. How do you assess your time you? I am satisfied


with what they have done in the club. Last season was the highest


position on the table. I think we are improving ourselves. Just play


good football. That is the most important thing for our team.


It is back to business as usual. Swansea city and return to


Bournemouth. Cardiff City travelled to Derby County. Newport County host


Yeovil towns and Wrexham are way to Aldershot.


As the top names in European golf wrap up


their season in Dubai this weekend, one Welshman is preparing to make


Back in 2010 Rhys Davies nearly made it into the Ryder Cup team


but since then it's been a rocky road.


He's hoping 2016 brings a smoother journey.


He was a golfer with the world at his feet. Five years ago Rhys Davies


was one of the European to its brightest prospects. Winning titles


and making big money. But when his form that he tumbled down the


rankings, losing his playing rights in 2012. It has been a long hard


road back for him. There is no question I got extremely down at


certain points. Golf wasn't fun. I couldn't perform all play as I would


like. There is no question I was, at times, unhappy with it. But even


when I was really at my worst moments they still felt I could come


through it. But it was extremely tough at various moments, no


question. Did you achieve too much too soon when you turned pro? I


don't think so. At the time I felt I hadn't achieved enough. I felt there


was a lots more. There were a few things that are evident in my game


that I realised were not up to standard. If you imagine you are


progressing right front junior golf to amateur golf, college golf into


pro golf and everything is going up and then all of a sudden you hit a


wall and you sort of say, crikey, I can't go any more. I almost felt I'd


maxed out. I had to get over that wall. It would've been to say,


stop, and except where you are and carry on at that level. But that is


not really me, that is not how I am a dog. I had to find a way of


getting over that wall. There was never a given moment? Never. It was


extremely challenging and their worth very dark moments. The last


three years has seen Rhys play on the challenge tour, a level beneath


the elite stage. You have to graph out a living. He was supported by


Deirdre, they got married, he put the wife Ann the bag and the new


caddie's influence paid. We tried it at the start. The first event we


tried we won. She did most of the tournaments. It is a bit


intimidating but it is Zidane so it was fun. Which I to protest really


professionally. But there were instances when it got intense and


I'd make a joke or I'd say something inadvertently funny. There were...


Making light of a few intensity patients. -- intense patches that up


how hard it is going to be next year? It will be extremely tough.


Those playing at the top 50 are playing exceptional stuff and the


guys below it. I've got a progress may way through it. It will be


harder both on the fact the standard has gone up again, I believe, in


European golf but also I've got a brain a bit of baggage with me on


the mental side. I played golf to win tournaments, I love to compete.


I love to play down the stretch of a Sunday afternoon to take to win a


tournament. That is what they strive for every time a play. To come out


on top makes it all that much better.


We've already heard about Joe Calzaghe's incredible career,


Does he have any, does he wish he'd taken on any other


fights, and what does he make of the current crop of Welsh boxers.


I'd told a few of my mates today that there was interviewing you.


Carl Froch coming back. Really? Is he retired? And not really


interested. I always get bored with the Carl Froch question. He was


always asking me out and not had a good word to say about me. I didn't


have much to say about him. If we had fought, our paths would have


crossed they would have been one outcome. They would have been


stoppage or a one-sided fight. Nathan Cleverly had just a brutal


fight in the States recently. He has impressed people more in defeat when


he did in wins. It is bizarre. He lost the Kovalev which is no


disgrace. He is one of the best pound by pound fighter. He fought


the venue fight 34th outside his weight, he isn't a cruiserweight. He


did himself very proud. He showed he had massive heart, lots of courage,


massive respect for him of going 12 rounds with a broken nose. If he


hadn't broken his nose he would've won fight. He should have used his


boxing skills a bit more, standing in front of the guy, he could have


won the fight. If there was a rematch he would win. While we're


talking about your mates, Enzo Maccarinelli against the man U 40


last fight against, Roy Jones Jr. That is a weird one but it intrigues


me. Yes, what can I say? Enzo is a big puncher. Roy is getting on a bit


but he still a good fighter. He should have retired a while back.


I'm not sure what Roy Jones has got left in the it is an intriguing


fight. Lee Selby brothers, they are coming through now. Lee's world


champion and Andrew is just that thing. What you make of them? Lee


Selby, I've been impressed with him. He struggled in the last fight.


Going to America is difficult, it is a tough division. He's got some of


champions in its weight division. He should take it gradually. I'm


impressed with him. He dug deep last time for them he didn't fight his


best, he struggled. But will struggle at times. But a win is a


winner that all that matters. Who do like watching these days? Is there


one fighter where you go, I've got a watching? I find boxing quite


boring. I do is go on YouTube and watch myself! Joking! Noel! I like


watching... Seriously? Do you do that? I watch the DVDs. I like


watching Mayweather, Pat Keogh. I'm really impressed with some others.


Some good fighters out there. Thank you for your time, it is nice to


have you in house. It is nice to do this. Lovely to see you. When is the


film out? It is on general release on the 23rd of November. I hope you


enjoy it. Tonight we end by reflecting


on the tragic news this week of the sudden passing of All Black


legend, Jonah Lomu. Tributes have been pouring in


for the first true global superstar of rugby union,


a man who transcended the sport. While we all remember Jonah


the player, for Kingsley Jones They welcome the Welsh gave me every


time a come here is phenomenal. For myself, I call it a home away from


home. My father was counties rugby union


and spotted a 15-year-old, six foot six, 17 stone at that time. He was


running through everybody. He could see Jonah 's potential and he became


part of the family. The first time I met him, this big fella, my little


Big Brother, if you like. My father's relationship with him was


much like a father-son relationship. Here is Jonah Lomu! He is


unstoppable! I was lucky enough to play the Barbarians with him. We


played together against Ireland. It is a great moment for us both to


play together. We played a couple of charity games as well. He was


running with an aggressive face. After the field, he was totally


different. He used to embarrass with me. I'd say, that's nice, and he'd


say, have it. He'd be like that with everyone. He enjoyed giving things.


He would do anything for anyone. He was a great guy and he will be sadly




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