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Who will win Sport Personality of the Year?


Ryan Giggs has won it before, but there's one thing he wasn't able


to achieve. From Premier League to Welsh Premier:


We catch up with Swansea City cult hero, Alan Tate.


I wouldn't pay any money to knock ten years back off and go back to


23. And we put


the Seven Sisters girls through Well the countdown has begun, Monday


the 7th of December, the day we'll be celebrating the many achievements


in Welsh sport over the last 12 months, and of course announcing


the winner of BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year 2015.


Eight heroes. Eight inspirations. This man's schools have led as to


the Urals. A superstar for the Elmer Dredd. A superstar for his country.


Gareth Bale netted seven goals. He was named Wales Player of the Year,


players Player of the Year, and fans Player of the Year.


Cup. Man of the Match performance in the


victory over England for Dan Biggar. And deplored 12 semifinal.


Aled Sion Davies, a double Paralympic gold medallist in 2012.


This year he became a double world champion. He threw a world record


distance to win the F42 discus and a championship record in the shot put.


She is known as the head hunter. Jade Jones aims high. She was only


the third bullet to win a medal at the inaugural European games and one


Grand Prix goals. She is world number one. You will be able to vote


by phone or text for the candidate of your choice from next Monday


morning until Saturday evening the 5th of December. All details are


available on our website. So that's the first four


and we'll take a look at the other But now, to someone who's won


the award twice. He's also won just


about everything there is to win in football with one notable


exception, it's Mr Ryan Giggs. He is the most decorated player in


British footballing has to be having one no fewer than 34 trophies. But


Ryan Giggs never appeared in a major tournament with Wales. It is a


disappointment but at the end of the day the teams that I played and were


not good enough. We came close twice but we did not quite get there. To


say it no happen is great for me and obviously great for the players who


did miss out. But I would not change my career. I had a great career.


Obviously I would have liked to have played in a World Cup or European


Championships but it was not to be. The man who led Wales to the


promised land is a former team-mate of Ryan Giggs. Chris Coleman


achieved what many who had came before had failed to do.


It started off with the likes of John Toshack giving young players a


chance. Now those players are turning into world-class players.


Gary speed is taking up the mantle. And now Wales have got to a major


championship. He has created a lead team environment. They look a proper


team. They look like they are enjoying it and are playing with


freedom. It is a great achievement because we have not done it for so


long. As Ryan Giggs was highly up his Wales boots a new generation of


players was coming through. Whereas Ryan Giggs used to be the centre of


attention he now believes Wales together are stronger. Six or seven


players together have come through. Quality players. That has helped.


Gareth Bale of course. Together with the established players like Ashley


Williams, who has been fantastic in the campaign. They just looked like


a team. In the past with Wales had missed out on a few players to


injury or suspension we have suffered. But this time it did not


matter. Whoever came ended an equally good job. I just mention


Gareth Bale. When you have got some might put in the team you can be a


matchwinner in any team in the world. He is such a talent. If you


get your defence right then you have got someone who can turn a game at


the drop of a hat. Chris Coleman and we'll start to prepare for your all


2016 and it will be back to the day job Ryan Giggs. As assistant manager


at Magistrate United he is getting used to light on the touchline. I am


enjoying it. But that next best thing from playing. You can never


replace playing but working with the layers it is something I am


enjoying. I am still learning. I am 18 months in the job. I want to do


what I did as a player and improve and try and be the best. When I


taught a young lawyers who are coming to I can speak from


experience. I can say to them I have been in your position and I can help


you. If you need help I am there. There are ups and downs. If you have


not got that foundation to fall upon when things are not going right then


you sometimes need help, which I got, say from Sir Alex Ferguson. I


know how they feel and I want to help them. What makes the future


hold? Could he one day take over the helm at international level? I do


not know. At the moment I am enjoying what I am doing. Where ever


that takes me, who knows? If I am still coaching. I do not know. You


can never plan in football. Things change so quickly. All I can say is


at the moment I am enjoying being assistant manager of Manchester


United and I am enjoying going to work every day.


Now while Chris Coleman's side prepares


for France next summer, the Wales women's team are just starting their


After beginning with two defeats they were hoping


for a much needed home win against Kazakhstan this week.


With wheels rooted to the bottom of Group 8 opponents sat just above


them. -- with Wales routers. It was goalless until two minutes


into the second half. Wales at last, finally, have made the


breakthrough. 1-0. Good charge-down. Helen Ward. 2-0


four Wales. beautiful finish. Helen Ward is so


deadly from that sort of range. Plenty of room. She might fancy a


shot. Then towards wards to finish it off. That is the hat-trick for


Helen Ward. 4-0. What a difference Helen Ward made in coming off the


bench. She is our goal-scorer. We said in


the changing room that our campaign starts here and to start with a 4 -0


when, we kick on from here. We have got a big campaign coming up. The


fourth qualifying game is away against Israel next week.


While there's talk of pressure mounting on Swansea City


boss, Gary Monk, one of his old team mates is getting used


Alan Tate was the first man to captain Swansea


Now he's in the Welsh Premier with Port Talbot.


Who would be mad enough to put themselves under the managerial


spotlight? All that scrutiny and distress. Alan Tate is ready to


embrace it. Far from the big stage he was used


to in 13 promotion Phil Hughes at Swansea. How do you adjust and


accept your days as a full-time professional in the big leagues are


over? I would pay any money to knock ten years off myself and go back to


23 and go through it again. But you could not write the script. We have


been fortunate to be put in the Hall of Fame. I have won a couple of


layers of the year. It is something where I am not going to slip into


deep depression stop it seemed as if your face no longer fitted under


Michael Laudrup. He did not speak to me, he put


everything in the paper. He said Alan Tate was not guaranteed


to be playing or in the squad. He dealt with that in the wrong way. I


want to go into management, looking back I would not have dealt with a


senior player how he dealt with me. Ultimately it was Garry Monk that


said there was no future for you at Swansea City. How hard was that it


take? Very easy. I did not need a weatherman to tell me if it is


raining. I said if you need me to be here, if someone wants to leave and


you need me to come in and do a job I would, but in a perfect world I


want to play. He said, fair enough. Now I admit. He told you over a


round of golf that was it? We have been close for years. We


both just knew. How was that round of golf? Fine. I battered him.


It is a different experience these days for the mambo Stoddart is just


the stop he started at Swansea and it is a world away from the Premier


League. -- for the man that started at Swansea. In terms of where I


wanted to live, it made perfect sense. The boy is at school down


here and it was always going to be home for me. The standard is


different. When we went to Swansea we had to wash RM kit. It is like


getting back to how it was. It is hard as you up big players but at


the rational level. Sometimes you do not pass it there because you do not


connect properly. Hopefully you know what you are going to do. I would


too thick times out of ten I was pretty good at that at professional


level. Do you enjoy it as much as he used to? It is a big thing. We had a


pint after the game, which was a little bit different. Going back to


Swansea, are you still in touch with Garry Monk? Yes. How is he at the


moment? He has been under a bit of pressure. They have had a rocky


spell. If you keep sacking managers when they go through bad spells, how


can they get the experience of going through that bad spell? Look at the


blueprint of Manchester United and Alex. It baffles me to see owners


sacking manager after manager when the blueprint of the guest and


best, most successful club in the country is right there. -- biggest.


How has he dealt with it? He is the same as always. Get his head down


and work hard, like he was as a player. He gets his head down and


works hard, and he will be asking more of the staff and players. More


of everyone. Will Swansea be OK in the Premier League? I think so, more


than OK. We are at the Art Centre. You are into comedy. I like a bit of


a stand-up. I have been to the comedy club in Manchester. I like


stand-up on telly. Would you fancy going on to that stage and doing a


bit of stand-up? I will stick to playing football and hopefully a bit


of managing. Thank you. Still a smile on the face of Garry Monk, as


he faced more tough questions on his future. One win in ten for the Swans


but he said he still had the support of the chairman. He is


extraordinarily supportive. He has supported myself, staff, players and


the club as a whole. I am not going to cry about it and feel sorry from


cells. We will come out fighting, that is what we do. The players were


incredible hard to put it right. You can see even from the performances


where we have not get the results we wanted, you can see that commitment,


effort and desire. That is what I am saying. That is what you trust. They


are good players. It is not getting easier. Under pressure at Liverpool


of all places. Swans had to Anfield on Sunday with the Reds revitalised


under Jurgen Zopp. First what we did was we analysed the Swansea game. --


Jurgen Klopp. We have the defendant very well, for sure. Defend very


well and we move, it is more than enough, if we play football, we can


find spaces and if we can we can be dangerous for them and make goals


and forecast that is most important. This week it has been about


concentrating on the players and doing what we do best. I have seen


great to the nation with the players. -- great determination. We


have tried to improve on all areas. And get out there and be ourselves.


If we get those solid performances, a couple of good results, we are


more than capable, we will see confidence grow. That is what you


do, you go back to basics, grow again and when the time is right,


unleashed the players with that confidence and bring back the


football we have shown and are capable of. Here are the football


fixtures this weekend... It is a Sunday fixture for Swansea


City. Away at Liverpool. You can follow the action on BBC Wales,


radio Cymru and online. Now it is another instalment of the


Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is on. Are you enjoying this kitchen? I promise


I have not been eating it. You will be fitter and stronger. This is the


reason they are taking it. Girls, we have talked about diet,


fitness and eating healthily. Rugby is after all a team game. Today we


are going to really gel you together as a team. Are you up for it? Yes!


Would you rather be in bed? No! Well, Rachel, you have not played


since the first game of the season. How is your injury? Not too bad. I


played the other day and it was not too bad, getting back into it. They


call you twinkle toes. At they missed you? They say they do but I


do not know. I would not say twinkle toes so much. Heavy feet more like.


The Boot Camp, how has it affected your rugby? Obviously not carrying


as much weight. Feeling a bit better. Still some way to go and I


need to push on my fitness. How much have you lost? One and a half stone.


Is it making a difference on the pitch? Definitely. Feeling fitter in


general and in life as well. Even noticing small things, walking up


the stairs. Are you looking forward to it today? Yes. We will have a


good go. We are dreading where we are going! But I am sure it will be


fine. Right, girls. Look at these quad


bikes. We not going on them! We are going on the assault course.


We are going to be doing an assault course today. One box per team. The


aim is to get the box around the assault course. Two people must


always touch the box. And the box must never touch the ground. Just


like rugby. Brilliant work, brilliant work. Just tackling, keep


low. Rugby is all about teamwork. All about talking to each other.


Teamwork, girls. Go on! Oh, look at that! Easy, brilliant! That is what


it is all about. That is the one! She is wet!


LAUGHTER ... Good girls! This is all good for your rugby. Come on, girls.


Keep hold of that box. Come on, get under it. Keep it going. Come on,


girls. Good teamwork, good teamwork. I like the tactic. Holding up the


tyres. I am liking bad. Go on, Beth. Getting soaking wet.


Are you soaking wet? She is all right!


How was that? Added you find that? It was really fun, but really cold.


Really cold? Cold? Freezing! Was it good fun? Good fun. Really good


teamwork. You could see the leaders in there. They have really directed


us, how to do the task to the best of our ability. Will it help you on


the rugby pitch? Definitely. Just what we need it as a team. We got


together, got stuck in. We communicated much Better Together.


It was a really good laugh. I think we all enjoyed it. We need all this


to get on together. I learned a lot about the girls I did not know about


them today. We have bonded so much better. I think it is going to help


us all the way through. OK, well done. It was brilliant and I hope


you enjoyed it. I will be back after Christmas. Do not let it slip, OK?


Come on, girls. Back to the sports awards and


on the 7th of December we'll find BBC Cymru Wales Sports personality


Of The Year. Now for a look


at the final four contenders. BBC Wales sports personality of the


year 2050 eight heroes and eight inspirations. -- 2000. Ash 2015.


The assassin and now a world champion. Lee Selby, only the 12


Welsh man to be crowned boxing world champion after he pleaded his


opponent for the title in May and he crossed the Atlantic and defeated


three which division world champion Fernando. He has signed with Floyd


Mayweather's advisor and the world now beckons for Lee Selby.


Swimming, cycling, running. This woman can do it all. Triathlon is


the most demanding sport. Non Stanford once again can claim to be


among the best. After almost two years out with injury she finished


second in the World Championship final and the elliptic test event.


Her podium placing in Rio de Janeiro has guaranteed Olympic selection. --


the athletic test event. This man is a machine on two wheels.


Geraint Thomas is as comfortable on the Alps as he is on the cobbled


roads in Belgium. It was the winner of one of the toughest races in the


world, and the week-long tour of the Algarve. He rode through the pain to


lead Chris Froome to a second Tour de France yellow. All in green on!


Go, now! This man has led us to the Euros. The Welsh rocket at the back,


Ashley Williams. The first man to and Wales the way major tournament


in 57 years. The defence it only four ten matches and Williams led


his club Swansea City to the highest ever Premiership then. Up by


telephone or I'd actual date of your choice Monday. -- you can vote by


telephone or by text for the person of your choice on...


Congratulations to all the nominees and the winner will be


announced at the Sport Awards in Cardiff on the 7th of December.


There will also be an award for coach of the year,


And the three nominees are... Rowing coach, Robbie Williams. -- Robin.


Wales football manager Chris Ullman. Welsh rugby coach, Warren Gatland.


-- Chris. -- Chris Coleman. but before I go, let


me remind you, will take place on


the 7th of December in Cardiff and they'll be live on BBC Radio Wales,


online at bbc.co.uk/sportwales


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