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Welcome to our penultimate Sport Wales of the year.


John Fox Davies opens up on his return to Welsh rugby.


There is no other club. I couldn't play for any other region.


Thankfully, they are having me back. United at last - we bring you


Gabbidon and Earnie. We look like brothers here. Debris


quarterly before that? That's just great style. Not!


Paralympian athlete Hollie Arnold gives Christian a masterclass.


A little bit of a drop on the elbow. I'd stick to your day job.


And meet Romeo Romaeo - a very unique boxer.


Every boxer is not me and every boxer doesn't think like me. World


champion, that's how good I will be!


So Jonathan Davies is coming back to Wales, where he'll link up with


his younger brother James at the Scarlets next season.


Davies missed the Rugby World Cup with a knee injury,


After two years in Clermont, Gareth Rhys Owen went to France to


Recovery, a slow, painful, often lonely existence...


until it's time to get back on the tracks.


How are you feeling, how is the injury?


The first week back in full training now, so...


You know, hopefully I'll be able to get selected in the next couple


It's been a long time, but, you know, it's gone quite smoothly


The knee has been off-limits, but you still been working the guns,


I've had a big summer, literally always at the gym,


I think some of the boys would love it, but...


You know, it's part of rehab and it's...


If you look in the mirror, you feel good when you see a bit of gun.


Lyn Jones said this week that to the French clubs,


How you feel the difference between how you are treated in France


We get looked after really well here in France.


We know what we're putting ourselves through.


Travelling backwards and forwards after Internationals is tough, but I


You know, we don't play and we don't get pushed to play.


But Davies is going home to a region that is also flying high.


The Scarlets are seven from eight in the Pro12.


I loved my time out in France and I've still got, you know,


I want to finish my time out here and leave on a good note.


I look forward to going back and thankfully


I couldn't play for any other region, I don't think.


That's who I grew up supporting and, you know, for me, that was always...


If I was going to go back, that would be the club,


It's quite nice, really, to think there is still the sense


of loyalty or a sense of love for a region, because people tend to


Yeah, people might suggest that, but I don't think it happens.


Playing for the Scarlets for eight years,


you get the sense that whoever played for the club loved it.


The boys there when I was there were a great bunch


of boys and it's a sense that you go in there and you just have


Other people have been linked to the Scarlets.


There's a big bit of a buzz there, you know?


I think, you know, credit to the boys there now.


They've won seven out of eight, I think, and there's a good feeling.


I was speaking to my brother and stuff like that and the rest


of the boys, there's a good buzz around the club and people want to


That is what they are doing at the moment.


I don't know if we've got all night, or...


Let's start with the proper rugby stuff first.


He's playing really well. He is.


And I think people have been saying it for years, you know, look


at him last year when he just turned 24, people were wondering why


He just needed an opportunity at the Scarlets and he had that and


I think we both have our strengths, we both have our weaknesses.


I'm going to be quite political, but...


Who gets their Twitter account tattooed on their body, like?


Yeah, my mother might kill me if I'd...


I've always thought of having a tattoo, but I just think, no.


We'll have a look and see what it looks like.


We'll see what it looks like and then we can decide


I don't think it goes with a baby face, to be honest.


No, I don't think it's me, to be honest.


Well, thanks for getting those knuckles done, because I'll


And another Welsh exile who will not be wearing a Wales assured again,


the real Mike Phillips on Monday the 7th of December at 9pm on BBC One


Wales. Let's talk football and hear


from a duo who've played together for both club and country


and faced each other for different Sport Wales reunited Danny Gabbidon


with Robert Earnshaw. Just off the back of MLS season,


Vancouver, how is that going? We had the best season that


the Whitecaps has ever had. We finished in the top three, which


is the highest place that Vancouver Also the best thing was becoming


Canadian champions, which was... The team has never won a trophy,


so I was happy because it's been Do you see yourself going


into the coaching a bit more? I don't know,


coaching definitely interests me, so I think there's something great


about, if you can help somebody and then you see it flourish


on the pitch and you can see them How did you find coaching? It is


hard. But it was exciting as well. After two or three games, you think,


yeah, you get used to the day to day running of 18.


I saw the attire on the side. Yeah, I had my dear.


It was good, I would've loved for you to have been my manager.


You would have killed me! Just want to move onto some of your


achievements as a player. 13 clubs I think it is, over ?12 million worth


of transfers I think it is as well. Did you think that would happen at


the start of your career when you were a kid?


I thought I would score as many goals as I have, yeah, because...


It was like, that's what I want to do and that's what I'm going to do.


I never knew that I would play I think it is six countries,


I played in Scotland, Wales, England, Israel, Canada and the US.


So I never knew that I would, you know,


I've got to experience life and football at the same time.


You've certainly been one of the best players that I've had


That time at Cardiff was phenomenal, good times we played together.


You had a lot of fun with Sam Hammam!


You cost him a fortune, scoring all those goals!


Do you remember when Gouldy was manager?


You guys would be wrestling on the floor in training


while training was going on, he's trying to beat you up!


I remember when we were training and Bobby is like jumping all over


Bobby Gould has just come from being Wales manager, perspective and


everything like this and then he's chasing Robert Earnshaw down...


Like, 20, 21 and I'm being chased by Bobby Gould and he's diving


on me, tackling me, there's people jumping on, rubbing Bobby's face


So we both kind of played together at Cardiff.


We've both retired from International in the same year that


How's that been, watching the success of the Wales'


It's made me proud to see them, to watch them, to see them do well.


I think Baley really gets a lot of the credit because, he should


But I think everybody else, I think, everybody should start crediting


So no kind of little bit of envy, not being a part of it?


No, I've not got much envy, I still...


Yeah, there are times where I still feel like, yeah, you know, maybe I


I would love to be going to the torment next year.


Is there any way of getting Gabbidon back on the pitch?


Anyway, pleasure to catch up with you, Rob,


You make yourself ready for next season.


Athletics now, and Great Britain and Wales' Hollie Arnold successfully


defended her F46 Javelin title at the World Championships in Doha


last month, throwing a championship record of 40.53 metres.


Christian Malcolm went to meet her earlier this week.


We're indoors today and you don't really associate Javelin throwing


within doors. No, of course. The weather is bad


today, and not just the weather, it is slippery on the track. We can't


go out, we don't want to risk any injuries and getting wet. We will


throw behind us with safety nets. We are able to throw, we have special


javelins that have a robbery and so we don't affect the Javelin.


Obviously they can break. Especially carbon once, Buckley we have these


in our training facilities. Talk me through the event cure


itself. You are in the F 46 category?


Yes, it is basically all of our guys are amputees.


What is the weight? The weight is 56 grams and baby


bottles -- able bodies are able to the same.


You know what, you've got a hell of a quick arm, but your arm is quick.


That's what we've been working on over these last months coming into


Doha. The point, as you will hear a lot of Javelin people say that.


Quick arm, fast explosive hips and legs and you're on your way.


A lot of it is time as well? Timing is massive in Javelin. If you


get everything together, it just happens, you get that one throw


right and the world is your oyster, really. Do you want to have a go? Do


want me to did you have to do it? Show me, show me. I was always


rubbish at this as a kid. Hard.


Like that? Bring your arm back to, do you have a good rotation in those


shoulders? I am all right.


Turn your Palm that way. Yeah.


OK... Take a little lean back. And then throw.


See, I was scared that Javelin was going to hit the back of my head.


It was good power, but you dropped your elbow.


You dropped your elbow there. I would stick to your day job! How old


were you in Beijing? I had just turned 14. I got selected and it was


an amazing experience, I don't think now, looking back, me as a


14-year-old, I would ever be there competing in front of 19,000 people.


It was very scary, I didn't see my mum and dad for a month, so I was


like, thank God! My mum was like, are you OK? I was like, I'm fine,


don't worry! Beijing was an amazing experience. Bring on Rio! Now you


are a World Champion. Huddersfield? -- had as? You have the unfixed


round the corner, how does that feel? There was a lot of pressure on


me in Doha, I was number one in the rankings when I went there, doesn't


mean you're going to win, you have to go out there and produce the


goods. There is a lot of pressure on me but I knew inside I had trained


really hard this year, not just them but reading up for the next World


Championships and I knew that I could take it and go up and win the


gold. I was gutted I didn't break the world record, but that is


athletes, you are never happy what you come away with, but in Rio, it


is definitely going to be there for the taking and it will definitely be


me, I think. I am looking forward to watching you in Rio, I have my


fingers crossed for you. Thank you very much.


Last weekend, heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury became


He is a colourful character who has reached the top of


Sport Wales has met a Welshman who has similar dreams, but this


This is my home. I left off roadkill, we would go along and pick


it when it was in season. I have never eaten chocolate or sweets or


drank a fizzy drink. It is beyond extreme. My name is Romeo Casanova


Valentino Romaeo. And this is my gym.


I have had a very unusual upbringing. People think, you have


probably lived around the forest and lived in house, but no, we made our


own Cottage, lived off roadkill, we just get what we find. The wild


berries, wild mushrooms. Whatever is in season. I have never eaten, a lot


of people wouldn't believe it, chocolate. Never eaten chocolate,


never eaten sweets, I haven't even drank a fizzy drink. If you think


about it, if you go back hundreds of years, you didn't have sweets,


cakes, biscuits, burgers, pizza is, fast food, that never existed back


in those days and I tend to think, back in those days, yes, that is


normal, that is how I am living, I am living how they used to live.


I noticed there was a fallen over there, so you can start doing the


squatting with the tree trunk. OK, away you go. Me and my dad, we have


always had such a close Bond. We are like that. Wherever my dad goes, I


go. My dad has always been there for me, he has pushed me to be who I am


right now. And right now I am making a name for myself and I am going to


be a World Champion one day. That is all thanks to my dad. That's it,


good boy! Well done, well done. Are you OK? I make no excuses, I can't


give up. It all starts in there. Because I am so strong, mentally


strong, if you tell me to do something I will do it without


question. You could tell me to jump in the north Atlantic, which I did


last year, on the Isle of Skye, I swam in the North Atlantic on


Christmas Day. I would just jump in and do what I was told. There you


go. Are you ready to go? OK. World Champion. That is how good I


will be. Every boxer has told you that. But every boxer is not me, and


every boxer doesn't think like me. When I tell myself I can do


something and I am going to be something, that means I am going to


be aired. A lot of people say, yes, I am going to be disavowed, but they


can't do it because they do not have that mentality. Because I tell


myself I am going to do it, there you go.


Now then, it's FA Cup weekend again, the chance for those in the lower


leagues to make a name for themselves and get


Among them, a Welshman who is taking his first few steps as a


manager, having fought his way back from a life-threatening illness.


You love football, you love it when Saturday comes, game day. Chris


Tardiff the same, a Swansea boy now managing at Eastleigh. Living for


the game, but just glad to be living. Seven years ago he was


diagnosed with chronic leukaemia and he couldn't be sure another Saturday


would come. How is your help now? Yes, I am billing. Touch wood. I


really am. -- brilliant. I am in remission and I have been for the


last four years. My life changed a lot, it really did. Getting told


that I had leukaemia and my life could be over, within days. The day


I got told, I was thinking, am I going to be there to see my child


grow up? It is hard to explain, people who have been in my position


who have cancer or had it, they could tell you, you worry about


everything around you, your family, how they will feel and that really


cut you up more than anything. Has it gone away completely? I still


have my treatment, I still take tablets. I have checkups every once


a year just to check everything is fine. Long may that continue, I am a


lucky person. I don't take anything for granted. Welsh managers, there


are not too many, Mark Hughes and Tony Pulis leading the way, 2 more


in the Football League, then Chris Todd in the National League. I


always believed I could do something as a manager, a Welsh by, a solid


Welsh boy, as you can imagine, my accent has changed a little bit! It


is a bit stronger when I go home to Swansea. I am a Swansea boy at


heart. Seeing Wales do well in football is brilliant. What he has


done for the Welsh team is amazing. I think he needs more praise because


it is incredible. To achieve all they have done. You must look up to


those people because it is incredible. I want to be as


successful as I can, I am hungry and young and I have a lot to learn. I


am in a good place and I can really do that and with time hopefully one


day, who knows? If things work out the way I plan in my head, I could


be sitting in Chris Coleman's seat. Just two months into the job, Chris


Todd could be stepping up a level in May, Eastlake competing with the


likes of Wrexham for promotion. It is a club that are very hungry. --


Eastleigh. That is why they got me for the role. Hopefully, I can be


successful, because I want to be a league football manager, Beckham


wants to be there as well. -- the club. He has already seen off Crewe


in the FA Cup and the big beasts await in Round 3 of the get past


Stourbridge. It was a great achievement for this football club


to do what we did, the first time we have played in a proper league


competition. We went out and we should great determination, and did


some giant-killing. What would be your dream third round fixture? Do I


even have to ask? Obviously Swansea is the main priority, I am a big fan


of Arsenal as well. For me, to be able to play Arsenal, that would be


the end, it would really top it off, please could it happen? It would be


superb. Maybe Arsenal then Swansea? You never know.


Not long now before we reveal who the


BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year for 2015 will be.


There are eight contenders, and here they all are.


There are eight nominees for the BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of


the Year 2015. Gareth Bale Camara whose goals


helped Wales to Euro 2016. Dan Biggar, who had a standout Rugby


World Cup and six Nations. Double World Champion and world


record holder Paralympian Alex Davies.


Tae kwon do athlete Jade Jones. The new IBF World Heavyweight Champion,


also defending his title this year, boxer Lee Selby.


Back from injury to qualify for the 2016 Olympics, try athlete Non


Stanford. Cyclist Erling Thomas.


Wales and Swansea City Captain Ashley Williams, who led his country


to next's European Finals. To vote for your favourite sports


personality, dial these numbers. A reminder, voting closes at 6pm


tomorrow evening, Join us next Friday for


the final Sport Wales of the year.


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