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Welcome to the final Sport Wales of 2015 and what a show we have


fo' you, here s what's coming up. It s the end of the road for Garry


And we celebrate yet another great year of Welsh Sport.


A massive honour to represent the country.


And so, it's the end of the road for Garry Monk at Swansea City.


Sacked on Wednesday, this is how the story unfolded...


studio, at the minute lots of callers


the way the club has acted. The show is normally on-air on Saturday. A


special show this evening to get the Swansea fans reacting. This should


be interesting. We will get a few callers from West and some will be


pleased, some will be disappointed. Come on then, let's go. Ready to


rumble. I did Wales today I will call Rob in ten minutes. Do you want


to drink? Yes, no sugar please. A special call Rob for you to have


your say on Garry Monk. 22 months at the helm. What do you want to say?


It is an outrageous decision, to be honest. The


What a terrible way to treat a good man. Our Swansea getting relegated?


Unless we get the right person in... I am saying 20,000 people have been


under the misconception that we are too good to go down. I have said to


people we are not too good to go down. We need to get someone who can


hold the reins back in sale is out of the tough seas. What about Mr


Meuse. Or Brendan back. David Moyes, you failed at Manchester United.


Furthermore miserably at Sociedad. He dead ten years good work at


Everton. Setting his own agenda. Eddie is in Swansea. What a sad


indictment of football at the moment. To treat a man like that. Is


it right Garry Monk has gone, have they panicked because of the money


on offer as Jamaat Paul, right decision? I think it is the right


decision. Performances have not been good. I said all season, to even


match last season s achievements match last season's achievements


would have been incredible that the expectation of a lot of the fans was


we finished eighth, we can do better than that. An anonymous text and


Claire on Twitter said what about Leighton James? Fancy being the next


manager? What have I done to deserve that? We have to go now. Coming up


next on BBC Radio Wales, in the garden. What a lovely introduction.


Thank you. The end of a crazy day, Garry Monk has gone, who next?


He has shown last year that he has lots of attributes that will help in


its career at the future. It is a setback for him but sometimes you


need setbacks to shape you as a manager. Garry will recover. He's a


good manager, he has proved that after his last season at Swansea. A


bad run of five or six games just shows you are under pressure in the


league. It is a great shame for the relationship Garry has had between


Swansea City, the owners and the club but what they have achieved


together... As a manager you hope people are more patient but it is


the ultimate ringing in the ears of 120 million. The clubs have the


power, it is their decision, what can I say more than I feel sorry


about it. Garry Monk, what it achieved last season will be in


history for a long time. I'm sure he will get a real refresh period and


will come back. I cannot speak about if, first I


have to speak with Ryan Giggs himself. If its true committee is


coming to me. I never read papers and I think it is the truth.


England had more patients about managers,


I think for every team, my general thinking, those teams will play


better with the same manager, try to change because you're not happy for


one moment of the season, I don't think that is the...


And you can keep up to date with all the very latest


Tomorrow, all eyes will be on Paris as Wales


find out who they'll face at Euro 2016 next summer.


So what's the dre'm draw for Chris Coleman s men?


Who better to ask than the man who got them there?


Ian Hunt went to Madrid to meet the megastar that is?Gareth Bale.


What a year it has been for you, how do you reflect on it, your best ever


year? I am not sure if it is the best ever but a lot has been


achieved. With Wales we set out to qualify, no other team in Welsh


history has done it before, yeah, an amazing experience to go to the


qualifying campaign and to qualify and make history for Wales is a


dream true. I am sure in your mind lots of memories from the campaign,


what stands out for you, what was the goal? I don't know if it was a


specific goal, Belgium was a big turning point which put as clear and


gave us confidence and momentum in the rest of the games. That goal was


the one I would look back on and say was the most important. When we


qualified, the relief literally every feeling came out and it was an


amazing experience to share with the team. And you went back to Cardiff


to watch the friendly, what did you make of it? Strange to be watching?


Very strange. It was frustrating not on the pitch. Injury made that


decision for me. If I'm not playing, I want to meet with the team and be


there as much as I can and it was a good game to watch. We were unlucky


but good preparation for the year race. The one criticism people have


is the team becomes too reliant on you, did the Netherlands game


address that criticism because you had others popping up? Definitely,


there was lots of positives to take and me and were missing and it gave


the youngsters opportunity to show what they can do. We played pretty


well as a team. We were unlucky not to get a draw oral win but we scored


two against them and there. Whoever scores the goals, we don't mind as


mind as long as we get results. The Euro 2016 draw is around the corner,


I'm sure you'll be taking a close interest. Will it be the moment when


it's all sinks in and you realise? It is a shock but we know we are


ready for it and as the tournament gets closer, the draw gets made and


the friendlies before the tournament and it will get exciting. What are


you hoping for because Wales are in the bottom part, will you come up


against some of the big ones? Yeah, that is what we want though. We want


to play on a bigger stage and test ourselves against the best and we


will have to do that in the tournament and I'm sure any other


country will not be looking forward to playing us because we are strong


with a great team spirit and character and we play good football.


Do you have a dream scenario and group? People say it could be


England. England would be nice, I suppose, a local rivalry, one that


has been there for centuries but whoever we play we will go out to


win and get the points to qualify. Confident Wales would beat England?


Of course! In terms of the Euro is, how can Wales do next summer in


France, how far can they go? I honestly believe if we have let


along the way and we play football, we have a great chance. Of winning.


Of winning? Of course. We are not making up the numbers. We are doing


a serious job to win the tournament. If you don't go to win, there was no


point to just be a second fiddle team. We want to do the best we can.


That would be something, not to qualify and then win! That is the


aim. You have to dream big. That is the plan. You have to beat a lot of


top sides. It has been done before, Greece, Denmark. Yeah, we know it is


an incredible task but no reason why can't be done. Wales would need you


and Aaron to be there right through to achieve that. Yeah, we're not a


massive nation, we have a good squad but we need all our players to be


fit and you need a bit of luck along the way and hopefully you can get


that. Do you miss home? To enjoy life in Spain. Of course, home is


home. You can never change that. I love going back and playing for


Wales and will never get the chance to go home I do. How you are


perceived in Madrid, in Wales who are idealised. You are the face on


every teenager s wall. I'm filling my dream for Wales stop


stay tuned as Gareth Bell gets us into the Christmas spirit. Favourite


chewing? I love my Christmas songs at the moment. Of course, every


Christmas. As soon as the Christmas songs are on! Earlier in the


week,... Earlier in the week,


the Wales Sports Awards took place in Cardiff, with the coveted BBC


Cymru Wales Sports Personality We sent a very dapper


Christian Malcolm to mingle I'm here at the Wales sports awards


to celebrate what a fantastic year it has been in Welsh sport. I'm


going to see who I can catch up with. Here, I am here with one of


the main contenders here, Alan Shore, however you. I'm good, mate.


All fun and games, these nights are great because it's just great to see


all these amazing athletes celebrating Welsh sport. Is there


anyone in particular you feel deserve the award tonight? Allott,


because he honestly had setbacks and then been amazing, like ridiculously


amazing, even so. And then obviously Gareth Bell, because our year has


been ridiculous. Who is tipped to win? It's got to be Dan Biggar


playing week in and out. He seems to be working, he might add some more


to it, we never know. When we are off camera, I'm going to get the


real answer from you! The winner of the team of the year is the Wales


senior men's football team. What an achievement for the Welsh team to


make it to the year is like that. It's fantastic, I know it was just


the one game in a ten gallon campaign, and the manager, what a


job he has done. I think, in the Euros, in the summer in France, I


think we can make a serious impact. You are covered this year's unsung


hero for Wales, congratulations! Congratulation, the BBC like unsung


hero! Was it a shock? Was it a shock, indeed it was! I think you


are a hero, helping people like me getting involved in sports. Thank


you and well done. Congratulations, how do you feel? Really pleasing,


you know. There are so many people my age that are up for this award,


it feels really good to receive it. Hannah, congratulations! Thank you!


How does it feel? It's amazing, looking back at everyone else who


has won this award, there are so many big names will stop its


amazing. The winner of coach of the year is Chris Coleman. It's not just


his award, it's his backroom staff, because I think he would admit he


couldn't do it on his own. The recipient of the BBC Wales lifetime


achievement award goes to say Gareth Edwards. Long overdue. I didn't have


an inkling. What a lovely moment for me to cherish, it is a bit early for


me to really appreciate the whole occasion. In third place, Lee Selby.


Third place, the night. Happy, disappointed? Being a prize fight it


it is always a long wait for these things. It was never going to be


first place, because I'm surrounded by good talent but I'm happy stop


second place, Geraint Thomas. Thank you for all your voter in means a


lot. 2015 was a great year for me and hopefully I will continue to


improve. And now BBC's sports personality of the year 2015 is Dan


Biggar. Dan, sports personality of the year 2015, congratulations. It's


unreal, all the names getting rattled off, I was never thinking I


was anywhere near they shout, I couldn't be the hands down


favourite, but I'm really proud to pick this up, it's a massive honour


to represent the country, and receive something like this. I've


got to ask you this question, I know you get asked all the time? The big


arena, the shuffle of the shoulders. Talk to me, you are in the moment


stop I was just in the zone, it's hard to sort of realise what you're


doing stop you don't even worry about anything else, I find gets me


a little bit more relaxed and comfortable, it worked for the


England game, and I can relax a bit with it now. Wow, what a fantastic


event, what a great evening. Welsh sport has been thriving this year,


and for Dan Biggar at the top, he was the man. He might be doing the


old... Big arena! See you guys again.


So many highs in what s been yet another fantastic year,


of the telly and relive all of the most magical


and memorable moments from Welsh sport in 2015.


So, who were the heroes of Welsh sport in 2015? Gareth Bales strikes


again! Who shone the brightest, who hit the hardest, who went the


distance? How good was Dan Biggar? Come on! Who did you celebrate? Who


made you dance? Who made you sing? Waltzing Matilda! Who made you mad.


He was rude! And why was this guy so happy? Find out on Friday December


the 18th, on BBC Wales. was watching Wakes


qualify for Euro 2016. Their first major tournament


in almost 60 years. one of Wales most esteemed


journalists has been delving In 1958 the Wales football team did


something they had never achieved before or since. They qualify for


the finals of the World Cup. The return match for Cardiff would mean


for British teams in the final. The team when 1958 were a good team.


People will say today that Wales are a one-man show, Gareth bail. People


were saying that about 58. It was John Charles then. He was idolised


as one of the great players of Europe, not least for his


sportsmanship, a man who was never booked. Comparisons will be endless


between Charles and bail, who is the greater player? I have no doubt that


Charles was the greatest footballer that this country has ever produced,


that is not to say that Gareth Bales won't be as great. Sweden, in 1958,


a draw against Mexico won all stop hungry was one all. Sweden, the


hosts, one nil nil. We had two play-off against Hungary to reach


the last stages, the mighty John Charles was given a rear severe


hacking by the Hungarians. They had a 17-year-old kid that nobody had


really heard of playing for Brazil, Palais. It was the first gold at the


Palais scored. One nil was enough to do for Wales, but the story was has


John Charles not been fit, had he not been put out of the game by the


Hungarians then who knows, Wales might have even gone on to the


semifinals. I think maybe the worst players are complaining. There can


be no doubt as to the enormity of what Wales have already achieved in


qualifying for the finals of the European Championship. Of the


world's most popular sport. It is time for everybody to get together,


there is one opportunity for the whole of Wales to go on a European


stage, and show, not just that they can play football, but that Wales is


a pretty good place. Earlier on, we saw the more


serious side to him, but what about the lighter


side of Gareth Bale? What makes him tick


away from football? We put Mr Bale under the spotlight


to find out one or two things I was always good at athletics, so


when I have had this question before I might say maybe athletics,


sprinting, long-distance or something, that sort of event. My


sporting hero would probably be Ryan Giggs. When I grew up, he was a left


footed Welsh player, a similar style to me, and I always watched him


growing up, I love the way he played. Wherever there's a golf


course! What do you play off the? Six, at the moment. Favourite


food... Probably chocolate, or pizza. My friends and family. I love


my Christmas songs at the moment. Do you? Of course, every Christmas. As


soon as they come on. What sort of songs, wham, Slade? Everything, the


Christmas album. Worse team-mate, I'm not too sure. I'd probably have


the say David Beckham. The Masters. Masters golf? Yeah. To always keep


working hard to melt no matter where you are in your sport, just to keep


working hard, and that will give you a great platform to get you where


you want. One word to describe myself? I'm not sure. Modest?


Modest, they go, you said it. And that s it from the team for this


year, congratulations to all those Here's hoping that


2016 is even better. We've invited a Wales international


to the seaside so we had to buy him ships. There we go, I'll share them.


I'm looking forward to England where the winning the World Cup. There is


only one game, guys, this is the one to win. Go on, Wales! Listen, I've


just finished up at the test track, seen the line-up for the game later?


What are you thinking, Keith Northey out on the wing.


Mum! Hello. My name is Romeo, and this is my environment. Probably the


best looking scrum-half in the rugby world. Get out! Best looking man in


history. I'd just go on YouTube and watch myself. There are two things


that I had to ask you and one of them is about that big hairy thing


on your face? My name is George Green and I would like to hear...


Get it right! Do you know what that means? Hug.


They speak Wales, thank you very much, thank you! We


are currently having a home-made bagel. How much have you lost? ?7!


So, don't forget the Welsh sport review of the year, next Friday here


on BBC Two Wales.


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