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Good evening. Weir at Royal Porthcawl, home of the Senior Open


in 2014, and with the likes of Colin Montgomerie and Vijay Singh


cunning 50 before then, we will be looking for some of the best


golfers playing here. Tonight, stay with us as we catch up with some of


our best golfers in Catalonia qualifying for the European tour.


That and plenty more on tonight's Sport Wales coming up, we bid


farewell to the autumn internationals.


Bruising, brittle, battered. I wasn't sure for definite if I had


scored, my head was in the ground. We look at the role of psychology


in top-class sport. I think successful schools coaching


forms part of what the coaches and the athlete's want to get the very


best outcome. -- skills coaching. Plus we meet at Swansea City


goalkeeper at Gerhard Tremmel, and wrote Wrexham's player shares has


plans for life after football. First, to rugby, and as the dust


settled on a disastrous autumn campaign, Wales were left lost in


more ways than one. Four morale- sapping defeats, a tumble down the


rankings leading to a place in the World Cup Group of Death, and a


string of nasty injuries. But, as the Heineken Cup resumes, there is


little time to reflect. It was a sickening case of deja vu


for Wales as their latest tussle with the Wallabies ended in a last


gasp of defeat. And Wales have done it again. When


the game was there to be one, they have handed it back to Australia.


By a heart Biggs soon gave way to fear. -- heartbreaks soon gave way.


The Leigh Halfpenny lot to himself into a kamikaze tackle and failed


to get up. Many feared the worst, but


thankfully he has been given the all-clear and will be back in


action in six weeks. I was worried to move in case it


was anything to do with my neck or anything. The physios brought the


stretcher on, but it was a precautionary procedure more than


anything. Obviously we had to take all the measures do make sure it


did not cause any more damage. I was not sure whether Australia had


scored or not. I was conscious, so I was aware of the atmosphere in


the crowd. It was not until I got into the medical room and the


assessed me and stuff, I asked them if we had lost, and they said, V


one, and it was devastating again. I know your mother struggles to


watch you anyway, normally through her fingers. What was she like


after your injury? I cannot imagine what she was like


in the stadium, probably trying to get out of there as soon as


possible. When she saw me in hospital she started crying a bit


and things, but it was a relieved I think to see I was OK.


Now that a week has passed, and you have had time to reflect, how do


you assess Wales over the last four weeks.


A we want to give 100%, and if you're wearing that jersey, when


you come off the field and you have not won the game, it is the worst


feeling ever. You start to doubt yourself, you know, your confidence


starts to go. You're wondering when it the next when will come. Your


last victory in any shirt was Wales against France in March. That is a


record you will be desperate to shake off. Definitely. It is


difficult, you know. It is hard to take. My last when there is one of


the best moment of my life, it is a great memory, but I am searching


for that next win. -- my last when is one of the best moment.


We also's momentum saw them drop into the third tour of the World


Cup and they found themselves in the so-called Group of Death.


-- Wales's momentum. We're going in to a tough pool, and


a huge challenge for us. Will every England game, if it is


possible, have an extra spice, and extra significance. It will always


be full on, the one in the Six Nations was probably one of the


most physical games I have probably played in. That just shows the


hunger and the rivalry between both teams. I am sure it will be no


different. At tension now turns to Europe as


the Blues attempt to reignite their Heineken Cup campaign. They are


bottom of the pool after two rounds and know nothing but a win will do


against Montpellier. It is physicality, especially up


front, they have a huge pack and I am sure the boys will be fired up


for it. The way the crowd is, it is unbelievable, it gives you a real


buzz. I know the boys will be dying to get out there and putting on a


performance for the girls Park crowd and for us. -- for the Park


crowd. That we wish the regions all the


best for this weekend. 2012 has been a great ear for many


sports in Wales, but that cannot be said for Welsh golf. Last week, the


likes of Reece Davis and Bradley Dredge had one last chance to keep


their place on the European Tour. Sport Wales went to Spain to see


how they got on. Jamie de Olsen has enjoyed his best


ever season. It has been ideal of war for Wales's best golfers.


Donaldson ended his career on a high ranking of 47, but for the


rights of Rhys Davis, Bradley Davies, all winners under -- in the


past, this has been a year of disappointment with them losing


their card for next year. There was a final throw of the dice. They


attempted to win back their playing right spike computing at the Q


School qualifying tournament in the cattle and we chat -- Catalan


region of Spain. It is hard, the nerves get frayed


and it is a tough grind for them to come here.


It gives you an opportunity to do something. It opens the door, and


it is up to you to perform on the main stage.


156 hopefuls competed over the opening four romance with the top


70 ties competing to play the final holes of the competition. Only at


the end of a gruelling six rounds would the 25 p awarded full playing


rights on the tour for 2014. All of Wales's golfers were in contention


by the ancient -- end of day three. Liam Bond was struggling to take --


Bradley Dredge is behind be on the first tee.


Round four, he has a team to make the cut and save his career. -- 18


to make the cut. The two bogeys in his first two


Michaels left him with a lot to do, and a final score of four over par


was not good enough and his 13 consecutive years on the tour came


The tis there, but unfortunately for Bradley it is too little, too


late, he will not be on the circuit We tried to ask about his future...


That I don't want to say the wrong thing.


While Bradley Dredge made a sharp exit, Rhys Davis was looking good


to pick his place in the final two days, at two under par. But a


disastrous round including four bogeys and a double bogey meant he


had little chance of making it either as he walked down the final


hole. Yes, a winner, but he is a loser of


this season. He will return home, he is just too good.


What has gone wrong in the last couple of months?


It is a good question, I am not really sure. It is utterly not my


dedication or desire to do well, it is just not been very good golf.


Where do you go now? I honestly do not know at the


moment. In some ways it might help me, give myself a little break from


the game. I have put a lot in in the last few years and sometimes


giving more is not always the right thing. A little break might help me.


It is a bit of a blip in a long career. It is not very nice, feels


horrible, no doubt about it, but yeah, it is one of those things we


have to deal with. It was left to the 2005 World Cup


winner Stephen Dodd to carried Welsh hopes. His score of 68 left


him on one under par and safety in to the last few days of qualifying.


Are you confident? Certain aspects of my game I am pretty confident,


but there are other areas I am struggling in, so libel tried to


work and see how that pans out for the next two days. -- I will try.


He knew that another sub-par performance would move him up the


lead report to the all-important 25. Three birdies and one dropped shot


in 16 holes placed him in a good position, but a bogey on the 17th


meant by eat the final hole he was two under par.


That is not a pleasing result. Stephen Dodd for a bogey, good


Stephen Dodd for a bogey, good lighting, but it is not there, it


is a double bogey. The source As morning broke, the better


weather conditions give fresh hope ahead of the last day.


Stephen Dodd is going through his final preparations ahead of his


sixth-round. He is currently level par to make the place on the


European Tour. He has to go five on the or more. He has a lot to do


today to win back his card. He never looked like picking up the


shots he had carelessly thrown away. A run of five drop shots in his


first nine holes meant he finished on three over par.


I a quick word, Steven? Well, sorry I have a flight.


As he flew off, John Parry charged into the lead, the Englishman


winning with an impressive 19 under par, gaining his place back on the


What does it mean when you see the likes of reset Davies, Bradley


Dredge, they have all won and have gone home early?


Are it shows how strong the standard is now. You only have to


be a little of your game and you will get found out. You will miss


the cut, and I think we have all been there when the standard is


that strong. What a disappointing week it has been. None of the four


Welshman have made it out. Next year, only Jamie Donaldson and


Phillip Price will play on the European Tour.


For football now, and when Swansea City face Norwich tomorrow they


will be hoping to extend as seven- game unbeaten run, included women -


- including wins over Liverpool, Newcastle and last weekend's


fantastic victory at Arsenal. But, while the forward players grab all


the headlines, what about the last line of defence? Ian Hunt has been


speaking to a man who is happy, like so many goalkeepers, to stand


out from the rest. He do not have to be mad to work


between the posts, it just seems to be that we sometimes. Bravado,


bravery, eccentricity - anything to ease the loneliness of the job. A


caricature that seems to fit Swansea's custodian, who has been


starring in the absence of Michelle Bond. -- Michel von.


Off the pitch I am very grounded. On the pitch, I am a bit different,


I think. He won a new light on the pitch?


I just want to win. At your team-mates are not working


good enough, you cannot run out and just tackle someone, and that is


where aggression comes into you sometimes. That is why, in some


situations, we just... Goalkeeper is our own position. Of course, it


is part of the team, but I think they are a bit on their own


sometimes. A special position, Your time in this side has


coincided with some of the most impressive results Swansea have


ever achieved. You cannot dream or write it down like that, maybe.


Liverpool was special, definitely special. But the Arsenal win as


well, where we performed really good. The thing is that we actually


desert the results we got. So it was not likely if just had the luck.


There is a shot a view on Match of the day just punching the air. What


is going through your head? If it comes to a game like Arsenal, or


the big teams, and to win one of these, this means so much for them


and I was just have before the team. When Michel Vorm picked up the


injury, a part of you will be thinking, I feel sorry for him, but


another part, it refers part, must be thinking this is the chance. --


a ruthless part. It was always my dream to come over to England but I


felt I didn't have my opportunities to show myself. So this year, a


couple of things changed and I am very happy that I can play a couple


of games. At 34, Gerhard Tremmel has spent most of his career in his


native Germany. What else can we learned about the man from Munich?


How many different ways to people pronounce your name? In France, it


is different, in England it is different, in Italy, different.


did you dream of playing for? How would you describe yourself?


Efficient, grounded and ambitious. The craziest character in the


Swansea dressing room. Leroy Lita. I love him, but he is later. David


Hasselhoff or the scorpions? Neither of them! Karaoke Song?


a bad singer. A what will you do when you retire? Laid-back, put my


feet up and left my wife work. How could the manager now leave you


out of the side and how would you feel, how would you cope if that


happens? I know that I'm going to play our the weekend again -- at


the weekend again. And that is what am focusing on, try to do my best


again and helping the team to get a result and keep the momentum going.


Of course, it will be very disappointing. We have tweeted a


few fans of Swansea to ask what their observations might be, and


players. Danny Graham says you might -- always been a horrible


satchel to training. A I guess it has got what everyone has their in


their man back, Keys and wallets. have two phones, one for Germany


and one for England. By Keys, my passport. What is strange for me is


they are all tweeting. If we go out for lunch, everybody is sitting at


the table with their telephones of. I n used to having a chat with the


boys and they are all tweeting -- I am used to. I feel like, what am I


doing here? I Kenny's by myself next time! -- I can eat by myself.


That is maybe the next generation already. Maybe I should get used to


it and start tweeting as well, but... The last sounding like an


old man now. Then queue. Thank you. -- thank you. In these moments, I


feel like it. And that looked to Gerhard Tremmel


and Swansea City against Norwich tomorrow. -- good luck. Now to


something that plays a part in every sport, psychology. In the


wake of the Welsh rugby team's for displays in the Autumn


Internationals, that poor displays in the Autumn Internationals, much


of the media focus has been on the psychological side of the game. We


have been looking at the influence This is the inner sanctum, where


games are truly won and lost. Those final moments alone with your


demons, confidence, nervousness, and self-doubt all rush in and out


Sport psychology has been around in the written form for about 100


years and ever since there has been sporting competition, people have


been interested in the mental side of sport. I think if you look back


perhaps to London 2012, you will have had more elite athletes from


around the world working with sports psychologist and skills


coaches than ever before in history. I was pretty down at the last week,


I didn't leave the flat at all. I thought I should get some help,


sort it out. So I have started seeing the sports psychiatrist, who


we started sing during the World Cup. It doesn't help himself by


saying he is not playing with confidence, I am not happy, I am


staying in the House. Front up, toughen up. I would like to think


that people would start to see the role of the sports psychologist or


psychiatrist in a very positive way, because we are not there to try and


brainwash people, we are trying to help them like any coach would do.


Traditionally, if you see a psychiatrist, you would expect to


be unwell and there is a stigma around that. It is time we matured


as a City, so I am hoping things will turn eventually into a


positive light for sports psychology and psychiatry. As you


enter the arena, you are still protected from outside influence.


From your opponent, from the crowd, but not from yourself. It is quite


a long period of time, it feels like a long period of time as a


player, when you are in the changing room. You are pretty


pumped up and then you listen to the anthem, which is a national and


you are trying to keep your emotions can't -- which is


emotional. It can be quite difficult which is why I sometimes


don't sing the anthem. Not because I don't want to but because it


helps me concentrate, I like to listen and stay focused. It all


helps with different ways and you want to make sure that that five-


minute period when you live the changing rooms and go to kick off,


that your mental state stays the same. -- leave the changing rooms.


You can just block something out. It is all about you and what you


can do, and what the Australians or the Kiwis or the Danish, it is not


going to affect our riding. We just go out there and do what we know we


can do, and that is our best. Anything more and they deserve to


win. The most nerve-racking bit is probably waiting in those shares.


That is when you get a bit nervous and that is when you are prone to


coming out of that little Babel you are in, the zone as people call it.


That is when you just keep going over and over and visualising the


ride, and not go out and enjoy it. Sometimes it is quite hard to do


that when it is that intense and you want to win that much. You are


not there for a laugh, you want to go out there and do a job.


Even in the throes of competition, your mind still controls everything.


Your temperament can pursue a career forward or hold you back.


will take Craig Bellamy as an example. Without going into detail,


he approached me for help in understanding his emotions in mind,


on and off the pitch. He had difficulties with aggression at the


time. So we had a look at this. The reason I said to him not to go


public about working with me, although he did, he was very open,


was for two reasons. One was that they may suddenly attached this


stigma, something is wrong with his head, when actually it was a very


mature thing for him to do and there was certainly nothing wrong


with him. The second reason is there a Sunday is that no matter


who we are, we will get it wrong. - - Sundays. My fear has always been


that that is the point where the public or press may point the


finger and say, then you go, he hasn't changed at all. It is


without doubt a highly individual science, but there are tiny margins


between victory... This is the Olympic gold, I just the to start


going for it. And defeat. I can't believe I didn't finish in the top


two. I and devastated. And these are often found not in scale, but


in the dark recesses of the mind. - - skill. Some people might start to


really think about that particular challenge five or six days in


advance, and they will be very calm and collected when the challenge is


right in front of them. For others, they defer thinking about that for


a few days. The key for somebody like me is to know when to sort of


help and when to stand back. mental side of things is what wins


and loses the by Chris on the day. Physically, you haven't changed,


you are in the best shape possible -- wins and loses the race. The


only thing that can affect people's performances is the mental approach.


So many thoughts can empty your mind, like what if I fail? Being


strong mentally is probably the key factor.


Back to football that, and at the last week's look at Newport County,


what about Wrexham's wish for promotion from the Blue Square


Premier? They have had to get by without one of their key players,


Mark Creighton, out injured for the season. But it has given him time


to think about life after football and after -- as we found dead, he


has run decide on a completely different career -- as we found out,


he has grand designs on a completely different career.


It has been a decent start to the season for Wrexham, 4th in the


league, three points behind the leaders Newport County, but they


have had to do it without a key player. We have come along to


colliers Park, the training ground, to check up on his recovery.


Mark Creighton's season was over before the end of August. The


defender suffered a serious knee injury in only the third game of


the campaign and knew immediately that he was in trouble. Painful?


Yes, the worst pain I have felt for sure. And you took it as a man?


really, there was a nice little squeal. I knew it was a beer and


there was damage. I didn't know exactly how much -- I knew it was


severe. At first, we thought it might be media will damage and that


is what we were praying for, or six to eight weeks -- media all. But


having the scans, it looked like we have done an awful lot more. The


season is written off, it is about getting ready for next season.


Keeping busy, the man known as "The Beast of" has set up a tattoo


I love taxes, myself, personally. It -- tattoos. It is something I


have been mulling over for about three years. How many have you got?


He couldn't actually count them, because they are all amalgamated


into one, but I have had certainly over 100 hours of tattoos. It is


very popular there, the likes of David Beckham starting the whole


trend off with his taxes and people have jumped on they bandwagons that


bandwagon. Gareth Evans had his Olympic rings tattooed here. Gareth


Thomas is coming in in December, he is yet to pick what he is happening


-- having but he is coming here. I have also had other messages on my


Twitter Page from players at other clubs asking if they can come down


and have a chat with us about getting some work done. He claims


to offer to make the diskette and ahead of Saturday's gain, to fellow


injured Dragons popped along to the studio -- of the teammates that


this can. What about the quality of the


players tattoos? Who has got the best and the worst? I have clearly


got the best. On the pitch, have you missed him? Of course, I think


glasses and he was one of our best players, strong that the back. --


last season he was. We had a strong defence and at first, we were doing


all right, but if you look at the last six weeks, we have been


shipping goals and having a few injuries which hasn't helped but


when you have got someone like him at the back, missing him for what


will be the whole season, his is a big blow. Looking at this season,


are you pleased with way you are, three points from the top? The we


are pleased with where we are but at the same time, we have dropped


some points that you look back on and think we should have been


winning those games, getting something from that. So although we


are pleased to be where we are and what we have done, there is much


more to come. There is no better place to start than against the


side that on paper you would expect to beat on Saturday.


Yes, I think they are battling relegation but that we have -- as


we have seen from other teams are the league, you have got to go out


and win. But we are looking forward to coming up to Christmas, three or


four games for are trying to get some wins on the board and then at


the turn of the year, tried to be top and kicking off the season.


And you can listen to Wrexham against Nuneaton are Radio Cumbria


and Radio Wales FM in the north. -- on. We are back next week at the


earlier time of 7pm, when we will be catching up with a Welshman


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