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Good evening. Here at the Millennium Stadium, tomorrow Wales


faces Australia, and the Grand Slam champions need a win to avoid an


autumn whitewash. Coming up tonight:


The All Blacks came and conquered, but now the Wallabies are in town


with so much more than pride at stake for Wales. We've got to


redeem ourselves and get back up to where we were last season.


A win against West Brom in midweek and now it's a trip to Arsenal and


Laudrup v Wenger. And for top-of- the-table Cardiff City, the return


of ex-manager Dave Jones. Plus we capture the home-coming of


Olympic silver medallists Fred Evans and Andrew Selby. It's the


best of the creme da la creme of boxing over five rounds. A


But we start with tomorrow's game. Last weekend's defeat against the


All Blacks was Wales' sixth in a row, and it's a loss which means


Wales has to beat Australia tomorrow to stay in the top eight


of the IRB World Rankings. Lose, and they face a much tougher draw


For a month ago, Wales were officially the best side in the


world with ambitions of making the top four in time for Monday's World


Cup draw. But after three autumn defeats they are in danger of


slipping down to 9th. However, it was not all doom and gloom last


weekend. Outstanding second-half performance. They really took the


game to the All Blacks in the second half and I am proud of the


way we finished and dominated territory and possession in the


second half. We were not able to debt and the game got away from us.


There was a time not so long ago when finding positives in the game


did not suffice. We need to take the positives from last weekend and


we need to look at ourselves and think, what are the mistakes we


made in the first half that we can fix? Here and if we are more


accurate and clinical ourselves, the gain can give us a lot. It was


not only the results the players still not see coming. They have


been battered and bruised through the autumn season, losing three


players against the All Blacks. But one is back. These injury problems


the team has will test our strength and depth. You know, it would


expose players to weigh fantastic rugby environment. If Scott Andrews


comes in after an impressive game against the All Blacks. Aaron


Shingler gets his chance in the back row. Been trying all week. We


just had to wait for a medical report on him. Fingers crossed they


will come through so when you look at the team on paper, it is pretty


strong. But earlier in the week it did not look that way. Rhys


Priestland, low on form and confidence, keeps the number 10


shirt. If I spoke to him and said, look, you know, it is tough when


you get personally criticised or criticised on social media and how


you respond to that. I said, look, I was coaching Ireland one we got


knocked out of the World Cup quarter-final against Argentina. I


didn't get out of bed for three days! I was a lot older than you


were! So it is just... You will remember if he had somebody good


experiences in the last 12 months but he Warren bought the last month


has been like and I think hopefully it will make him that stronger. --


he will remember. If Wales lose on Saturday they will be out of the


top rate and out of the top seeds for the World Cup draw. It could


see them in the same group as New Zealand and England. Surely, then,


this is the most significant match in the history of them?


important thing about rankings is if you finish in the top four and


then you'd get a southern- hemisphere team in your group, so


whether we are 4th, 9th, 8th, 12, apart from possibly drawing France,


there is a good chance you will have raised southern-hemisphere


team in your group. This is such an important week. If we can get a


victory, we can get a confident squad into the Six Nations next


year. They came second in the championships and that is by a no


accident, so it will be a great achievement faster win this weekend.


So it's all about just getting a win in the Wales camp. I'm glad to


say I'm joined by former Wales captain Gwyn Jones. I will take you


back a few weeks, ahead of that match against Argentina, and she


told us on this programme that anything less than three wins would


be a step back. -- and you told us. Yes, my crystal ball was not


working! Massively disappointing. They have not perform to the


standard we expected, that they expected to and they are miles


behind where they wanted to be. Warren Gatland's involvement with


the Lions - has that been to the detriment of Wales? It is difficult


to say for this autumn's series. It has always been in the background,


not far away from the players and coaches. We will probably see more


in the Six Nations Howard becomes official with him as head coach --


how it becomes. And if we do not take many Welsh players or take


players and do not use them, that is the real trouble. What we are


getting now is what will become after the Lions tour. For an extra


international with the game against Australia. The coach said this week


there is too much rugby being played. Andrew Hore, the chief


manager, he has called for people to look at the rugby calendar. Does


it need looking at a what changes can be made? It is very simple. You


can play a less rugby if people are prepared to have less money and


that is what it comes down to. We are playing more games so we can


get more money and send it back to the regions. If everybody is happy


to say, yeah, I will do less than 10% -- 10% less, then OK. But they


are not. We do well in terms of filling the stadiums so that is the


reality of the world. And the reality is that everybody wants a


part of the pie and they want more money so they want to play more


games. If a what changes have we seen? Only one real change. But the


promise not the back row but what is happening ahead of it. OK, they


have barely had a chance. I think the big trouble is whether they


should play Warburton as well. There is not Tayside in the world


that would play two sevens. -- not a side. Only in the last 20 minutes


with a place and the like Cooper. I don't think there is room for it


until the last 20 minutes. Are you surprised Jamie Roberts is


starting? If he is fit, he starts. No question about that. In big


games in the past he has proven himself but I think Warren Gatland


has put out the warning shot of saying some stars who expect to be


on Lions trips need to stop playing letter -- better. If we will turn


our attention to the Australian team shortly.


But now away from the fortunes of Welsh rugby to the feel-good factor


surrounding our leading football teams, with Cardiff City still top


of the Championship and Swansea up to eighth in the Premier League


after their midweek games. And, as Ian Hunt reports, an intriguing


weekend ahead for both clubs. Can Swansea get that first Premier


League win at the home of one of the big four sides? It is Arsene


Wenger who is under pressure, not Michael Laudrup. The Swansea boss...


Would always say about Arsene Wenger? He has been there for so


many years, just so great. -- what would I say? Just because they lose


one game does not mean he is a great manager. Key is. So on Sea


could not be in better shape after this stunning win over West Brom


midweek. But, hang on, there is another side with the same


philosophy, isn't there? Arsenal, anyone? The possession, the players,


who can move and dominate on their own hand. The way they played


against Liverpool here. But still, we still have a lot to learn.


a festival of football, perhaps, at the Emirates, where the professor


of football has admiration for the way Michael Laudrup has picked up


tips ability stadium. It was a question mark created by the


manager and the season. And could intelligently. And of course that


gives them the places ahead last year and with the players they


bought in, it makes them very dangerous. The first return of a


familiar face at Cardiff City on homes -- at home on Sunday. It


ended in tears for Dave Jones last year, sacked after they lost and


the play-off semi-finals. Never any bitterness in me whatsoever because


bitterness eats away at you. I have got a problem at the moment which


will come to light at -- in a moment. But not any bitterness.


be at a football club for six years is a long time now. They got the


play-offs, the final, then the FA Cup Final. So I think that is a


good achievement for a manager to have at a football club. Sellers is


the Cardiff do what they could not quite manage under Jones? But the


former manager stressing the clubs still made good progress under his


time in charge. For the last six years, another have an investment.


They never had investment before. They always had to sell to survive.


Now they have got backers in and hopefully they can go where they


want to go. I've got no animosity towards the football club but so


have. I hope they achieve what they are trying to achieve. These were


the scenes at Sheffield last spring, when Wednesday won promotion to the


championship but they have struggled to adapt to the high


level, currently just one off the bottom. I suspect they can come in


and give us a tough game. I don't suspect anything different. But on


the back of a poor run and going one Beach, anything can happen in


this league and usually it does. To boxing now, and Olympic silver


medallist Fred Evans returned to the ring last Friday in Newport


alongside fellow Welsh Olympian Andrew Selby. They're taking part


in a tournament which allows them to sample professional boxing


without giving up on representing Wales at the Commonwealth Games in


2014. Steffan Garrero spent the week with them, as they started a


The traditional dilemma for boxers at the end of an Olympiad is


whether to remain amateur or join the paid ranks. The World Series of


boxing has changed this a Andrew Selby and silver medal winner Fred


Evans. It is a franchise based tournament which takes place under


professional roles but crucially, it allows boxers to remain eligible


for the Olympics. The British Lion Herts join the competition this


year, with four Welshman signing up. In match one, a way to the US


knockouts, Sean McGoldrick was victorious. Match two saw them had


to Wales. When I came back from the Olympics I could not go anywhere


without getting recognised. If people came up asking for


autographs but it was all to the good. I enjoyed it all. But now


back into training camp and trying to get fit. I had a lot of fans


coming to watch me in the Olympics and it was hard but now we have


nearly all of Wales following me and Fred, so it is good. Obviously


after we got back from the Olympics, we had a break can got back into


the gym. It is only an extra two rounds so I think we were just hand


lead easily. Yeah, excited now, my opponent is a big, strong kid. I


have seen bits of him from amateur tournaments. So should be a good


fight. This gives me more time to get into the fight more. Is there


any kind of fear factor? Smaller clubs, no head guards? It is going


to be a bit tougher. Just getting used to it will be different.


Probably feel the shots more because now your hands can be done


a professional, taped up, so I will be a bit tougher. Longer around


stop see the shots are coming now. And think it will be better. Just


have to keep watching with your head because it is easy to get cut.


If you get cut on your eye, the blood goes in and you cannot see.


Do you both know anything about your opponents tonight? Mine is


professional. Level one, drew 1. I know he is tall. He is a pro,


heavier than me, so she has come down and weight. He will probably


shoot back up and be a lot stronger! I have seen mine. I know


he has had nine fights, WSP. Loss You have the best fighters in the


world. Tonight, we have four Olympians. To silver medal-winners.


Fred Evans is silver medallist. It is the best in boxing over five


rounds. This is a wonderful tournament and the first time we


have had a programme like this at home. I am thrilled to be involved


in it and I can't wait to watch. Is it plaster of Barry? Good luck


everybody. No rushing it. Side to side, balance and a smack him.


opponents in Newport with the reigning WSP champions. Selby,


clearly disappointed to miss out on a medal at the Olympics, he came


out a unanimous winner. It is just like the Olympic Games. That was


how nervous I was. As soon as I got out there, all the nerves went. He


was head butting me across the eye. If he had got me in the nose, it


would have been me and a fight. you going to watch Fred later?


go up and watch him. They lie in heart held a 3-1 lead in the match.


His find it was a cagey affair. Both unwilling to give too much


away. Evans lost the first round but clawed his way back. Both


needed to win the 5th and final round to it seal the victory.


Evans has done it. Very close indeed. Nerves were kicking him.


They was a new experience. Didn't know what to expect. He was a good


kid and a close fight. This was his 12th fight and he has only last two.


It was a good win. We will keep you updated with the progress of both


Andrew and Fred. As a professional sportsman, how do you go about


rebuilding your career and your life after serving time in prison


for violent conduct? There was the challenge for one former Wales


international who has helped transform Newport County from the


did it -- relegation candidates into promotion candidates.


David Pipe seemed to have it all but put it in jeopardy with one act


of mindless violence. David Pipe has been jailed for three years


after wounding a man in an assault aside a club in the city.


fractured the Scarva man by his mashing a wine bottle on his had --


head. Now there is a remorse and regret. I was excessive drinking. I


put myself in that position. If I hadn't had drunk as much as I did


on that night, I wouldn't have got out of control. Lots of people get


drunk but not many it smashed a bottle Ovett a head. Exactly. Until


I saw the footage, that is when it sunk in. I couldn't believe I had


done that. Where I am from comic you look after yourself. There is a


lot of camaraderie with the rugby clubs are going on. You look after


yourself. On a lot of people get into scuffles and I can look after


myself but in the right way. That was totally out of character. I


can't describe what I felt. guilty plea, a fall from grace from


a man they used to captain the Welsh Under 21. His career at


Bristol Rovers was over. I will not lie and say you get upset and think


the worse. Whatever you think, in there, it is magnified by a 10


times. You have limited access to your family. You have to put it in


perspective. I probably enjoyed my life a bit too much and looking


back on it now, after learning on it, I can still enjoy my life but I


get my enjoyment out of the lesser things whereas before I was taking


it for granted. Going out for food whenever I wanted, the amount of


money I was earning two getting eight and 54 scrubbing floors. It


is set fair to do what he does and it worked from me. Going from one


scale to the ever, you have a different perspective on life.


release from prison, a new start with Newport. Now, he is the camp


10. We have given me the chance to get back into wet. -- now, he is


When somebody is standing by your side when you have made a mistake,


it gives you the chance to see things are not impossible.


positive person to have around and the Football Club. He is the fans'


favourite now. He is a good role model and a good example for people


that have made mistakes and have been given an opportunity and have


grasped it with both hands. Retention for him, promotion for


Newport. They were down and out when he arrived 14 months ago and


now they are joint top. I will not sit here and say that I have turned


it around by myself. I would like to think that there has been a few


positive things going around lately. They didn't think we could do it.


We are in December and we are top three. People have to sit back and


look at us and to realise that we have come on leaps and bounds. That


is thanks to the players. We have the right people in. We have had a


few slip-ups by we are still in the next. I don't think many people


would have put us there at the start of the season.


Time now to take a look at tomorrow's a payment Das --


opponents. So far this autumn, Australia have lost to France but


have beaten England and Italy. Sport Wales went into the Aussie


camp to assess the mood ahead of Two months ago when Robbie deem --


Robbie Dean came under criticism. The set-up was called toxic. Under


pressure. You keep going and concentrate on the things that are


important. Success and failure can force you to take your eye off what


is important. Sometimes it is easier said than done. Their form


on the European Tour has seen them hammered by the French, struggle


against the Italians but a victory at Twickenham is always a welcome


boost if any side as they look to press on to the end of 2012 with


victory in Cardiff. Australia celebrate. There is the intensity


against England. It is where we are as a group. We have to find


consistency. You see patches of it. Sometimes we play well. It is a


reflection of where the group is at. It is something we are still trying


to work,. Tomorrow, they welcome them man that led them to a 3-0 win


in the summer. Captaincy duties remain with Nathan shop. It is his


final Test match cap. -- Nathan Sharpe. We will do all we can to


help him. There has been no winners for the answers. In 2005 and again


in two pairs and donate. The two sides faced each other with


Both teams are going to be highly motivated to go out there. We can't


expect anything less than the Welsh team playing to their full


potential and capability. If we underestimate, we might be going


home disappointed. They are playing for their country like we are. We


have to put it on the line. It is their last game for a while as well.


This is our last outing. They will have to think about their


performance for some time before they get the chance to play again.


They are keen to finish on a good note.


Robbie Deans admitted the pressure his team are under. Australia are


second and have drawn with the All blog -- All Blacks. He is under


pressure. He is not very popular in Australia. They feel he has


abandoned that style of play with intricate passing and lots of


angles. That has gone and they are a more pragmatic side now.


Consequently, he is not popular. They need to win. David said if


Wales won't be there now, they never will. I think Wales are going


to struggle. You have to play against Australia and we haven't


got that power at the moment. Afferent five are not as good as


they were. We have lots of creative back line players. They are a tough


team to slow down. We have already lost against them three times this


year. Can it be 4th time lucky? hope so. I don't think it will be


through lack of effort this time. Australia have just won at


Twickenham. It will be close. I think Australia will just when it


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