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Good evening. No, that's not the Severn Bridge behind me. We've come


up North to Humberside where this weekend Cardiff City will hope to


continue their promising start to life in the Premier League against


Hull City Tigers. That and so much more. Stay with us for Sport Wales.


Cardiff City striker, Peter Odemwingie, on winning over the


fans. Matthew Maynard on life after the tragic loss of his son. Talk


about Tom, that's still too raw. Wales midfielder Joe Allen backs


manager Chris Coleman. The players are happy with the management. That


is not the problem at all. We are faithful that he will bring us


success. Let's hear now from a man Wales could have done with over the


last seven days, another member of the so-called Golden Generation. Joe


Allen missed Macedonia and Serbia through injury, but Sport Wales


caught up with him to get his thoughts on Wales, on life at


Liverpool and the prospect of facing his former club, Swansea City.


Chris Coleman, there is a contract on the table for him. Should he be


allowed to carry on the other hand manage Wales into the next European


campaign? Yes of course. All the play remembers happy with the


management, that is not the problem at all. We are fateful he will bring


us success. We want to see him sign the contract and take us into the


next campaign. You know very very very very well, he has had harsh


ways to say in the wake of those two defeats. Is there anything you can


put your finger on, the way things used to work, under Gary Speed


speed, to how things now work under Chris Coleman? Raymond is outspoken


anyway. He is entitled to his opinion. From the players' point of


view who see it from the inside and the way we are trying to play,


tactically the way we are set up and the way we prepare for games is


almost identical. That is unfair criticism. We are doing everything


right except when the whistle goes out on the pitch, it hasn't quite


clicked. COMMENTATOR: Bale. Shot. Oh, almost


through. It's important you don't become a one man team. We can't make


a secret about the fact he is our key man. He is the most expensive


player in the world now. That represents how important he is to


us. When he is not out there on the pitch it has an affect on us. We


have to minimise that as much as we can.


COMMENTATOR: Back to Allen. Still not cleared. Until reconveniently --


recently you were the most expensive Welshman in history a move from


Liverpool -- Swansea to Liverpool? Just the 70 million difference now!


Extraordinary. If Gareth Bale walked down in the high street in Cardiff


where he came from, he would be mobbed. Could you walk down your


high street in Pembrokeshire, would people come up to you? I wouldn't


get mobbed, that is for sure. Not at all. When they meet me they see me


as a normal person. Yeah, nothing has really changed since I was a kid


growing up there. I wanted to ask you how it has been being a


Liverpool player, being at this club and the history? Everybody knows the


stature of the club from the outside and the history to a degree. When


you get here you realise how fanatical the support is and how


global it is as well. COMMENTATOR: Liverpool have the


breakthrough. There is a massive media focus on the club. Whether it


is good or bad. There has been a lot of negativity this summer. Transfer


window has closed. You are glad about that? Yeah. I think a lot of


people breathe a shy of relief. We all know someone like Luis Suarez is


a player that can make a difference in our campaign. On Monday, the


Swans face Liverpool, minus the suspend suspended Suarez at the


Liberty. Liverpool are the current league winners. Swansea stunned the


last time the sides met. A 5-0 thrashing at Anfield in February.


Two men returning to their old base, Brendan Rodgers, the former Swans


boss, and Allen back to fitness after shoulder and hamstring


problems. It is a strange feeling. There are are great people at that


club. I have some great friends, great memories. The fans are always


great with me. As a Liverpool player I hope we can go there and get three


points. Cameron ends his (inaudible) on the opposite man, Shelvey leaving


Liverpool in the summer after being denied regular action at Anfield.


I'm not going to try these Hollywood passes. I will play my normal game


and get settled into the game. There are a lot of links between the two


clubs with Brendan, Joe and myself. It will be a tough game. It will be


an enjoyable game as well I think. I think they have added some great


players to what is already a strong squad. So I hope they, bar Monday, I


hope they have a good season. Are joined by BBC football pundit and


form former roirld international, Kevin Kilbane kill. Joe Allen and


Brendan Rodgers back at the Liberty. Tough ask for Swansea. How do you


see it going on Monday night? The main worry, you are looking at


Sturridge, whether he will be fit or not, you have Gerrard, they are


quality footballers. They can take encouragement from the West Brom


performance. I was at that game, they were good on the counter


attack. They looked so good. At times against Manchester United so I


think they have a lot of quality. Everybody recognises that. They have


their eye on Europe. It will be difficult for Laudrup to get that


consistency from Premier League to European football. Do you see


Swansea at the end of the season? You said a difficult season for


them? If they finish mid-table again, have a decent run in Europe.


They have the style of football that can suit European football, the


difficulty is the Thursday night European matches and coming back


from where they are playing in Europe to get the full squad back


together for the Sunday game. Whether or not the squad is big


enough to cope with that remains to be seen yet. If they finish


mid-table or in and around 12th or 13th that will be a good season for


them. Thank you. It's been another difficult and painful week for Welsh


football having lost in Macedonia and at home to Serbia. The national


side now are at the bottom of their World Cup qualifying Group. The


pressure is building on manager Chris Coleman. It's been a tough


week for Chris Coleman. COMMENTATOR: That is the final


whistle. Wales have been beaten by Macedonia by 2-1.


COMMENTATOR: Kolarov, oh, what a goal!


The boos will tell you, it's another defeat for Wales. I don't blame the


supporters for being this disappointed. I don't blame them if


sections are calling for my head. As if to rub salt into the wounds,


Scotland's win over Macedonia leaves Wales facing the prospect of


finishing bottom of a Group for the first time in almost a quarter of a


century. He is isolated there. They need more experience in and around


Chris. One experienced manager has already paid the price for a poor


campaign with Ireland's Giovanni Trapattoni getting the sack. In


comparison, Cole's results are less favourite. His 25% ratio is the


worse of Wales' managers. Criticism comes with the territory for all of


us. When we lose games, that's going to be the case. We are where we are.


The manager has been backed by most fellow professionals and pundits.


That is no surprise to Gary Speed's assistant, Raymond Verheijen. It's


jobs-for-the-boys. Jobs for their former team-mates. Haven't been the


only source of Cole's blurbs. A forgotten passport caused delay and


match embarrassment before the trip to Macedonia. James Collins didn't


need a passport having not been picked. Was, according to Coleman,


was given a call up for Serb yachlt He explained he didn't want to come


into the squad after being on stand by, psychologically he was


disappointed. OK. -- Serbia. That is not the attitude I'm looking for.


I'd rather someone turn up and say, I got it wrong. I should be in the


squad. Player and manager with two different accounts of the story.


It's as clear as mud or Cole's new contract situation. I should really


be signing a contract very soon. We need to get this block of games out


of the way. He is still under contract. It two or three months to


go, if I'm correct. Whatever was two months ago is still in place. He is


still there at least to November. Who know what is happens after that.


When he was offered this contract he was in a good position with two wins


under his belt. The one fault is that Chris hasn't signed it yet.


Kevin Kilbane, 110 caps for the Republic of Ireland. Onto


international matters. Would Wales hold any fear for anybody? Losing


3-0 at home to Serbia? It can be a mentality thing with the players,


perhaps. If you are not playing well enough and not consistent enough you


can go into every game with dread and fear and expecting the worse to


happen. You give Chris Coleman that bit of time he would want to help


that team progress, I'm sure they have the quality within the team.


Chris Coleman said after the Serbia game, James Collins had made himself


unavailable for that game. Collins himself has since said, that is not


true. He always wanted to play for his country. This whole thing leaves


a bad taste in the mouth, doesn't it? It does. It puts a negative feel


around the next squad when they meet up. There would be questioned asked.


That bridge may not be -- cap may not be able to be bridged between


them. Should Wales think of foreign managers? I don't think so. Chris


Coleman has not been in the job that long. I don't know how many games he


has had off the top of my head. He won three from 12. 12 games in


charge. Not a lot when you look at it like that. If Chris Coleman is


given more of a chance, get to the end of this Group campaign, review


it at the end of the Group and see where he is going to. If it is to be


a foreign coach you would look for immediate impact. Wales are down the


seedings. They are in a lower Group, lower pot when the Groups are drawn.


Would want it? There would be a lot. Would there really? I mentioned


about the players they have got, even Craig Bellamy and other players


within the squad, they have quality. Everybody recognises that. We will


talk more shortly. Now then, last weekend one of the toughest long


distance triathlons on the European circuit took place in Tenby. The


Ironman Wales event attracts athletes from all over the world in


which professionals and amateurs can take part. So we sent a Welsh


Olympian, Christian Malcolm, to see what the day is all about. It is


Saturday night and as you can see it as a little bit quiet here. Athletes


will be competing in a three-day gruelling event, like a triathlon


but much tougher. What made you want to do it?


I'm not too sure really. Just to prove to myself that I can do


anything I want to. It is a big accomplishment and everybody is


proud of me. I couldn't swim so I had to learn to


swim. I've had so much support from family and friends. I want to do it


for them and my dad who is not with us any more. And my mum who is not


so well at the moment. I want to try and please a lot of people.


It is nearly 7am and there is no turning back now. It is looking


pretty cold in this they. They were led out by the


professional athletes on a two 1/2-mile swim. Each stage of the


race a cut-off time and for this when it was two hours and 20


minutes. Elite professionals finished the swim in just over 47


minutes. They make their way to the first


transition and here is the first of the women athletes.


I couldn't help worrying how Pat, who couldn't swim until recently,


was getting on. Now they move onto the bikes.


I was so relieved to see Pat set of on the 102 mile bike ride.


The cycle route took them on this journey. There were some punishing


climbs. They are approaching the end of the


big race and of the leader has a time of just over five hours. The


woman's leader is at just over 5.5 hours.


I needn't have worried about Pat as he finished in just over 7.5 hours.


He was well below the deadline and looking pretty fresh.


Whole of the county has engaged with Ironman and throughout the year you


see people out cycling. It has a really positive impact on the


county. Just the small case of a marathon


though. The four lap circuit was as demanding as the bike ride.


Here he comes in a final time of nine hours and ten minutes.


It is the best feeling in the world. The support was incredible. It is


the best race I have ever done. I waited nervously for Jonathan and


Pat at the finish line. Jonathan eventually completed the course in


just under 13 hours. I did feel that smack how did it feel coming across


the finish line? It was great. An outstanding achievement. I wish


you all the best. Cheers. As darkness fell, Pat was still out


there. With nearly 15 hours on the clock, it was a great site to see


him coming through to complete his first Ironman at nearly retirement


age. All Mac that is my CV finished now.


I can't top that. This is for my dad. I past the church where he is


buried several times and said hello. That got me -- that kept me going.


These men and women truly deserve to be called Ironman.


Back to football and while all eyes were on Gareth Bale on transfer


deadline day, a Nigerian international who grew up in Russia


was making his way from West Brom to Cardiff City. A reporter caught up


with Peter Odemwingie. When Cardiff since Nigerian striker


Peter Odemwingie from West Bromwich Albion they knew what the word


getting -- what they were getting. My transfer was the last to go


through. I wish it was before that but I was happy.


They have also signed a player whose transfer deadline day whereabouts


had made headlines. The most bizarre sight was Peter


Odemwingie. He arrived without any deal agreed.


When I got there there was no deal in place but there was a deal and it


fell through and my calculation because of problems on the rent. --


problems on the end. I found this in you the full city. It is a great


group. -- a beautiful city. They have been very helpful with


advice. After just one week here, I can see why they were so successful


last season and have started the season so well.


The team has already had a headline-grabbing victory over


Manchester city. I was told that the atmosphere was


fantastic. Hull city had a great start to the


season. They looked really good. I'm not at 100% yet but I have got the


confidence. How many goals will you score this


season? First of all it is the team. If they


get everything they want to achieve I will feel fantastic going on


holiday. What have the players showing you?


They have shown me this. I am prepared for it. Thanks to people at


the club. I will happily join in and have a laugh.


Peter Odemwingie, certainly pleasing the Cardiff fans. How do you think


you will do? I think he will do well. He is a


quality footballer and can score goals.


Will Malky Mackay's approach to this weekend's game the difference? I


think Hull will be slight favourites with them being at home but the


mindset of both teams will be different to that in the previous


games. I hate myself for saying this so


early in the season but is it a six pointer? You could argue that. I


don't think the managers will be telling the players that but they


could see it that way. I would probably set on the fence and say it


is going to be a draw. It has been a pleasure having you on. Thank you.


Cheers. The cricket now and Glamorgan's long


wait for silverware could come to an end next weekend as they travel the


Lords of the YB40 final. Sport Wales went to meet Matthew Maynard, who


won for Torpey is the county to reflect on their chances and to talk


about life after the tragic death of his son Tom, the last Welshman to


win at Lord's -- 14 trophies for the county.


14 months have passed since Wales lost one of its brightest sporting


lights. Tom Maynard was just 23 when his life was tragically cut short in


June 2012. I can talk about tone but not the


event. That is still too raw. There is more of a network of support for


us here and it is good to be back. Even though I am going off for


little periods the coach. When you think of Tom Watt brings a


smile to your face? It is still hard to think about the good times. But


just his demeanour. Not so much cricket stuff, just how he was as a


guy. I've had to get the players here but


the support of them has been terrific. Virtually all of them knew


Tom and they've just offered the services which has been incredible.


Tom again his career at Glamorgan with Matthew as head coach. Both


left under a cloud in the winter of 2011.


It is a huge commitment. I just haven't got the time or the


inclination or drive to have 12 hours every day involved in the


sport. Matthew Maynard lasts the Lord's


final but he did when they trophies including the 1993 triumph. Hugh


Morris is now looking for a new coach.


Does that open the door for the potential return of yourself? Not


for the full-time position. I would like to get involved with the team


and one day be the health head coach but if I missed that opportunity


because I'm not applying this time, I will support the team.


They seem to have turned the corner this year. I thought they were


absolutely brilliant in the semifinal. I will be going down with


a group of friends and enjoying the day.


And the last Welshman to win was Tom.


Yes, we've got lots of photos and videos from that day and it was a


great occasion. We will be with Glamorgan as they


travel to Essex for the four dayer for the YB40 final. That is it for


tonight. We are back next Thursday at 7pm. Until then, nostalgia. --


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