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open. Snooker, I absolutely love it. So it's a weekend off for the Six


Nations, but there's still plenty did -- to discuss. How have Wales


started, will they make changes and can they win the championship? We


went to the principality stadium to discuss. Two weeks under our belt,


what do you think of the Welsh performances? I haven't been that


disappointed. I know they drew the first game against Ireland but they


did a fairly good job. The intent is there to play and they will get


better and better. They are still starting a little bit slow, but I


think we'll see a vast improvement in the next three games. It's a


difficult one, it's a bit of an anti-climax. I was in Dublin and


Wales were the favourites. Ireland were decimated by injuries. Its


single I can anti-climax. I talked to Sam Warburton after the match and


he was disappointed. He thought they could have snatched it and it was a


great opportunity, but you have to applaud Ireland. Wales had uphill


battle to come back and they did well. That's testament to the morale


and the ethos within the squad. All in all, good performance, but it


wasn't a win. But Wales will improve.


A negative was losing Dan, but it was a pretty good positive for the


substitute to come on and play the way he did. It is great now to have


two players fighting for that Jersey. I know Dan is the number-1


talent, but Rhys come off the bench full of form. And you want to see


that. It will bring the best out of each other. What did you think of


the Wales and Scotland match? I'm not quite sure that they are the


team everyone thinks they are. They scared Wales and I think for a good


30 or 40 minutes me too. But Wales have that quality on the field. They


have winners and the biggest plus is the quality and standard of the


bench. Scotland did not have that whatsoever. Absolutely. I was


impressed with the way that JB Roberts has conducted. He has come


away with man of the match, rightly so. -- Jamie Roberts. How would you


think he plays? His form has been brilliant and I feel a lot of


batters down to you nurturing him. Standard. Developing him as a


player. Jamie seems to me, the more he he loses, the better player he


becomes. At the moment, he is on fire. He is trying to be you, Tom.


But his carrying ability and hit comedy gets in the game


straightaway. Some of them have been plundering and it is a massive plus


to be way Wales want to play. Do you think that will make any changes to


the French game? You do not change a winning team. Has the back row


worked together? I like the combination. If you want to play a


wider and faster game, you have to have speed. It depends on the way he


wants to approach it. I think he will stick with the same team. What


do you make of France? I think it is a good position. They have been


rusty, but they are coming on in a positive way. I led her to beauty


products -- island had to go to Paris and when. If Wales wants to


get that big scalp against England in Twickenham, we do not want to


fall this hurdle. How do you see the game going on Friday evening? The


team looks good. The first try. That is a big call to throw in a player


who hasn't played the rugby 15th in two years. I am a little bit


worried. The downpour to France is the uncertainty at halfback. They


seem to have different halfbacks every single year. It is difficult


to build a team on that. There are weaknesses. But they are there to


play. And as soon as they get their tails up, anything can happen. Wales


need to be positive on that. Wales need to sort down the breakdown


area. A war of attrition and that sort of area. Get the runners


running around and try, if he is going to keep the same team, get


people involved. Looking in that crystal ball, who do you think on


March 19, will be crowned champions? I think if Wales can win, which I


think they well against France, I think it puts it all up for grabs


between Wales and England. That will be a great conclusion to the six


Nations. I think Wales have got a fantastic opportunity. I have seen


England play. But I think they are still a little bit scrappy. But I


think Wales should have enough firepower to go up to Twickenham and


take another scalp. I think the winner will come down to that


England and Wales battle at Twickenham. I would love to see Ford


and Farrell playing together. England had look fairly dangerous in


attack. It will be a huge game. I think Wales will do it. Thank you


very much for coming around and sharing your thoughts. Bring your


boots. Nice one. To Swansea city and no much for them either this


weekends, so a perfect opportunity for me to catch up with their new


boss Francesco Guidolin. Good to meet you. How is life in Swansea?


How are you settling in? I like Swansea. I like people and I am


happy to be here. But my job is... A difficult job and I hope to do my


job well. And to have a good last part of the season, because our


table is not good now. But I am confident and positive for the


future. People want you to do well. People are willing Swansea to


survive and to stay up. How difficult is it, where Swansea are


at the moment? We are worried a little bit, but I think we have the


possibility, characteristics and quality is to survive the season.


Are you worried about your two next games? High flyers? Spurs and


Arsenal? My opinion is we have three months of battle. Yes, difficult


battle, but I concentrated match by match. And now we have... And it is


a very difficult match, but I am focused only on this much. Swansea,


the Premier League, it has made such a difference to this town and to


Welsh football. Do you get a sense, do you understand, how important it


is to this city and to Wales? That Swansea are only Premier League? I


think for Welsh people, it is very, very important to stay in the


Premier League. I think Swansea is... The pride. The pride, one of


them of Wales. And, yes, I think it is very important for this country


to have a team in the Premier League. Are you happy here? Do you


like Swansea? Do you like being here? Yes, I like to walk and this


is a country fantastic for walking, for running. For cycling as well. I


know you love cycling, it is a great passion of yours and you are a great


fan of Geraint Thomas. Yes, I am. And I hope to meet him. We wish you


all the best with Swansea city for the rest of the season. Good luck.


Good luck. There's only 168 goes until -- days


to go until the Olympics. Athletes are battling through qualification


to make the cut. Only three women have ever won gold in history of the


games. Cathy Williams went to meet one of our leading ladies hoping for


success. Irene stare became the first Welsh female to win an Olympic


gold medal back in 1912. Another followed and Jade Jones in 2012.


Will Rio produce another? One athlete is fighting through her way


to make history. And the first to compete in her sport, she hopes.


Paris is the biggest Grand Slam of them all. It was the equivalent of


the worlds. Natalie Powell is the favourite for Olympic selection this


year and she is determined not to let history repeat itself. In 2012,


she was cruelly dropped in favour of her GB rival Gemma Givens. Do you


remember what you are feeling when you missed out on that place? It was


just really disappointing, but I think the fact we had only been


training for six months made it a little bit easier to deal with. If I


had been training for four years and put everything into it and then


missed out, I think it would be harder. I remember having dinner


with Gemma and Natalie and in my search notes I had said that we


should take Natalie, because she is the future. And that went down like


a lead with Gemma. And I'm glad that the rest of the selectors didn't


agree, because Gemma won a medal. Now I am working with Natalie and


hopefully she can deliver the same. I knew at the time she was the


better player, so it was fine. I was gutted, but I knew that I had a lot


more to give. Two years after her Olympic disappointment, Natalie was


challenged by Gemma once again. This time in Commonwealth Games final. I


remember, just before the final, of people said they expected Gemma


would step up and deliver the big performance. I had an inkling that


actually Natalie was going to be a big performer. She stepped up in


those times. If I am honest, she is such a nice girl, but she's a


different person on competition day. To win win the gold is always been a


massive goal of mine. To get to the final and do it the way it happened,


yes, that was really, really special.


The following year, 2015, you made history at the Masters. Tell me


about that. That's by far the biggest achievement of my career so


far. I took a massive step forward. Although I knew I could fight at


that level, it showed me I can perform at that level and I am


capable of doing it. But late last year her fitness was in doubt when


she suffered a knee injury while competing for Team GB. It sucked.


It's part of being an athlete. You get injuries. I'd had a tough year,


I've competed most weekends and it was my body telling me to have a


rest. The medical staff at sport Wales are fantastic and the second


she was ready, she was back on the mat. So for the Commonwealth


champion, there's just one more hurdle before getting a plane ticket


to Rio. If she focuses on the Europeans and she wins that, which


she is capable of doing, she'll definitely go to Rio. Seven of the


world's top ten are European so if you wins the Europeans, she'll go to


the Olympics knowing she can win that as well. If she wins the


Europeans, it's all systems go. What would it mean to you to get that


place and go to Rio? It's been everything I've been striving for


for the last four years. I've been concentrating on it every day.


Everything is tailored towards it. That's all I'm looking at. I haven't


seen the other option of not going. If you made a list of Welsh sporting


greats, Colin Jackson would be It was his birthday this week


so we sent his friend, Christian Malcolm, along


to his house to celebrate. Colin, you finally


invite me to your house. I know, it's been a very long time,


but yeah, you've made it here. Your Olympic history -


you've won a little bit over the years, a couple


of European Championships, World Championships,


Olympic silver medal. What has Colin Jackson,


the legend, won? We've got Olympic silver medal,


two World Championship golds, two World Championship silvers,


one World Championship bronze, one world record over 110 hurdles


that's lasted for ten years, and you've still got


the indoor record. One indoor gold, three


world indoor silvers, three Commonwealth golds,


four European gold medals and three So what happened


in your career, mate? I got a couple of


Commonwealth medals. European indoor gold,


European indoor silver. The only thing I missed


was the Olympics. You did all right, no,


you did all right! I was blessed, I was


blessed, I was blessed! Were you happy,


disappointed with that? You're so competitive,


I know what you're like. I'd won the World Championship


bronze medal the year before so for me it was kind


of like anything I got above a bronze was going to be


a great performance. Kingdom is going to win it


and Jackson is going Kingdom wins it, Jackson second


and Campbell in third. It was exciting because it was my


first Olympic Games. I think when you go to a major


championships like an Olympic Games in a brand-new culture,


you get the total experience of what the Olympic Games


can really be like. You're meeting new people,


you're in a village. It was really cool, but also,


you can imagine I was thinking, in four years, I'm


going to take the gold. The expectation, Barcelona,


the next Olympics, was gold. McKoy wins it, McKoy


is the Olympic champion. That would be one


of the good things. Dai Greene has been world champion,


we know what he's capable of. He's been just shy of the British


record on a couple of occasions It would be good to see


if he could get back truly on the international stage


and raise his game to be up there, We know she had a cracking indoor


season last year and she's started this indoor season


really well as well. David Omoregie, your event,


great hurdler, great talent, everybody saying he will be


the next Colin Jackson. Yeah, a lot of people have been


comparing David with me because of his success as a junior


and coming through in that sense. He's been injured, as we know,


and those injuries can hold you back, especially when you're


doing a technical event. Because you are trying


to learn a skill. The good thing about high hurdling,


though, you can get to the age of 31, 32 and be still at your


best and progressing. Have faith in the young boy


because I think he's got the skills and the attributes that a good


high hurdler requires. Colin, there is something


I'd like to say. You look so young, you look


like you haven't aged I heard it was your


birthday this week. Yes, it was my birthday


yesterday, actually. All I can say is congratulations


and happy birthday from Sport Wales. And thank you for inviting


me into your house. Snooker now and the Welsh Open


reaches its climax this weekend with the final being


played on Sunday. Mark Williams is the only Welshman


to have ever won it, So we sent an old friend of his,


Pritchard from Dirty Sanchez, We've got all the world's


best players here today. We've got O'Sullivan


stirring it up again. We've got my mate, Mark Williams,


playing the world number one. Do you think I've got


the right foundation? You've got quite a good record


with Selby, haven't you? Played him quite a few times when he


was a youngster coming through. I played him a few


months ago and beat him. If you beat him now,


who could you go through to play? There he is, big crybaby,


Ronnie O'Sullivan. I'm here with Mark


Williams' wife and son. How do you reckon he's


going to get on today? Well, hopefully he'll do OK,


playing against Selby so it will be Apparently he's actually beaten


Selby more than Selby What do you think


the score might be? Here he comes - the man,


the myth, Mark Williams. He didn't even say hello


to me, cheeky git! Michael White has led


the way for Wales early on. The young man into


the quarterfinals here. Let's find out if the veteran,


Mark Williams, can join him as he faces the world


number one, Mark Selby. Mark Williams, with 58,


secures the first frame. Oh, mind you, just when he had


the game at his mercy! I think Williams has given him


a few too many chances. Tell me about the game,


what happened? I just missed three


simple balls that you... Well, maybe not you


I had VIP seats, I was there watching.


Who said snooker isn't rock and roll?


Don't forget you can keep up with the latest from the Welsh Open


all weekend here on the BBC, starting straight after this.


Stay tuned for quarterfinal action with our very


We're back next Thursday when we'll look ahead to Friday's Six Nations


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