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Coming up: after the draw in Dublin, Wales will hope to get back to


winning ways against the Scots. If you go into a game against Scotland,


you think you will have to be there to win the game and you will come up


short. Can Robert Croft get Glamorgan back on song? I will be


trying to achieve more as a coach. Christian Malcolm catches up with an


old friend. It was fantastic and something I will always look back


on, one of the highlights of my career. Welcome to the programme,


that was a stormy old week. Wild weather in Wales and pretty eventful


in Dublin as well. Brutal and compromising, but who really wants a


draw? No Grand Slam, notable crown on the cards, but the championship


is still very much on. -- Triple Crown. For more than two years his


has been one of the first names on the team sheet, but after Saturday's


early exit it was feared that Dan Biggar would not get better. But his


powers of recovery have astonished everyone. After the game we spoke to


the medics who thought that the injury was a five-week injury, but


the scan came back clear and he has worked really hard. He has made a


pretty miraculous recovery. It is a timely boost for Wales and if they


need another one, how about this or statistics. Wales have never lost


when Warren Gatlin has been in charge. Their Six Nations record


under them reads six one and six lost. I would always find it tough.


The sides look more settled as we go along. They will be a tough nut to


crack. They become a difficult side to beat. If Welsh fans expect us to


roll away, it will not be, it would be a tough game. The Scots will have


tough memories of their last game, one reckless challenge ended the


game. That is a red card offence. The remaining team-mates were unable


to stop the advancing red tide. Wales crossed the line seven times


to record their biggest ever Six Nations win, but they say it will be


of little significance this weekend. It is always a close game. As I


said, we know we need to start the game in motion the better this week


after Ireland, the first 20 minutes we were half asleep. We cannot


afford to do that this week. Dan Biggar's recovery means that Warren


Gatland can have a clear side. George North will be on the wings.


Jonathan Davies wins his 50th cap and extends his record-breaking


championship with Jamie Roberts. Gareth Roberts resumes his


partnership with Dan Biggar. Upfront, Evans is holding off the


challenge. Alun Wyn Jones is even closer to his century of caps. It is


the same with Sam Warburton remaining on the blindside and


Justin Tipuric on the other side. It will be a fast and open game. We


have a game plan and we want to play a bit more. We have said that.


Firstly we want to make sure we get in the game, get points on the


board. If it does loosen up and we are chasing tries to win the game,


that is what you have to do. It is a measure of how far Wales have come


that they are disappointed to draw in Dublin. Cast your minds back to


2013, Wales lost to Ireland on the opening weekend and still won the


tournament. The grand slam may be out of reach, but the championship


is still on. I am delighted to say that I am joined by Rhys Webb, you


were injured just before the World Cup and you are just about ready to


get back on the field. How does that feel? I am excited, it is like


starting school again. It has been a long five months, but the last two


or three weeks I have been ready, but I just needed to touch up on


some other skills, the fitness and feeling good, feeling sharp, excited


to do well this weekend. Have you parked to one side your


international aspirations that the Six Nations? Yes, my focus is on the


Ospreys, I need to earn my stripes there. I have worked hard trying to


get that back. Wales draw against Ireland, no one is really satisfied


with that, looking ahead to Scotland, what will be the message


this week? The main point will be the slow start in the first half and


obviously going 30-0 down, that is pretty tough. The message is that we


need a good start, they know they cannot have a sloppy start. Just


getting off to that good start. Just playing well. Dan Biggar, somehow he


is passed fit. He is world class. The other day, he was one of the


best World Cup tens. His leadership, the way the team involves around him


really. He is a key part of the Welsh success, it is all to do with


him. Missing out on the grand slam, does that make any real difference


in terms of the team morale? It will be difficult, there are a lot of


people in the team who want to win trophies. Two trophies are gone


already, but hopefully we can still win the championship, there is no


reason why not. There are the coaching staff and the players


there, hopefully fingers crossed they can get off to a good win. Stay


there, we will catch up later. Now from the road of Wales to the red of


Liverpool and Wales has strong links to its football club, Ian Rush, Joey


Jones, Craig Bellamy and Joe Allen and now Natasha Harding!


This is Anfield, a place where plenty of Welsh heroes have made


their name. Tradition, pride, trophies, there is a weight of


history when you wear the Liverpool red. I am really excited to join


such a great club with such a great history. Meeting my new team-mates,


adding new additions, we all have bonded. I am excited, we have the


prospect of what we can achieve this year. It is not like I am going to a


low-level club, it is huge, it is probably on the same level as


Manchester city and probably has more history. The forward move to


Manchester city last March when there was a switch in the United


States that fell through, then she signed the Merseyside Giants. I was


happy, I did not plan on leaving and the opportunity came up with


Liverpool and football is a business at the end of the day and I have not


really looked back since and I'm happy that I am here now. I'm happy


it is all sorted and it is time to move on and get used to my new home.


She is a great signing for us, she has a lot of experience, technically


a very good player. Very quick and she can play numerous positions over


the top line. For us to bring in Natasha it is brilliant. This will


galvanise us to do really well and be exciting to watch and hopefully


win things. That is one of my best attributes, I am good at winning.


Halfway through their Euro 2017 qualifying campaign, Wales have four


points from four games. There is still a mathematical chance of


making it. I will always say that we can, whether we have one game left


and we need to get six points, you always get faith. We have made a bit


of a hard job of it and we all know that and Jay knows that as well, it


is down to the players. If we can start with Kazakhstan and get a


great result there, hopefully that will snowball into an effect we can


get results against Austria and Norway. We have those teams to play


at home and if we can do the right thing, take all the positives that


have been taken from other games and not concede as many goals as we did,


it is still possible. You don't have to look too far for inspiration, the


male counterparts have not qualified for a tournament in 58 years. I


think it is a great achievement from them. It is putting us on the map


and the men's team have great individuals and they know how to win


as a team and they are a great squad and that is what Chris has


implemented. That is what we are trying to inherit, we are not a team


of one or two stars, we are a team. I do not get one or two points, my


team does. If we can take all the positives than men have used, then I


hope we can do the same thing. Like Iain Russell, Dean Saunders, Craig


Bellamy, goals at Liverpool often lead to goals in the red of Wales. A


legend as a player has now been given the task of bringing the glory


days back to the Morgan. How does he plan to go about the job. Sport


Wales caught up with Robert Croft as he took training the first time as


the county 's head coach. -- for the first time.


Congratulations, how long did it take you to say yes to this one? Not


long I imagine. I did not finish the sentence! He did not finish the


sentence before I said yes. I will have it! Was this always your


ultimate goal? Did you always feel it was your destiny? I always had an


interest in becoming a coach, yes. It is a dream come true to be a


coach of Glamorgan. Did I go out and chase it, no, but it really appealed


to me. I believe everything I achieved as a player I worked hard


for and double try to do the same as a coach. It was a job that was


advertised far and wide and we had applications from far and wide, some


coaches who had been in international cricket, some in


domestic critics and we whittled it down to rob. He was the best


candidate we saw. He has been with us for a coach for four years and


shown as what he is capable of. Out on the field and now as a coach. We


know him and we know what he will expect of us. He will be putting his


stamp on things. You know these figures off by heart, 1997 the last


time you won the County Championship. How would you bring an


end to the long wait for success? Before we think of championships it


is movement from division two. There is a mission statement which is to


make Wales proud. We want to make the country proud and we want to do


it in the right way. Every time Glamorgan side goes onto the field I


want them to be fiercely competitive. When they do play, we


want to win more than we lose. Robert Croft in less than a minute,


how old are you? I am 46, not yet, 45. When did you make your Glamorgan


debut? Number of first-class wickets? 12,880! The number of


England appearances. 50 ODIs. Closed irritating team-mate? I would


probably say myself. Three words to sum up yourself. A proud, Welsh,


man. People know Croft, the player, that was a heck of a long time ago.


You mention we won in 97 and I was 27 them. I fell off that passion


when I was a player. -- I fed off. I appreciate everybody motivates


themselves and likes to go about their job slightly differently.


Sometimes less is more. Does that mean you as a coach will be more


serious? I guess when you or play a larger EU are interested in when you


perform. The captaincy taught me that everyone needs to be happy on


their own. -- when you are a player, you are interested in when you


perform. He is very firm when he needs to be. As a player that is


what you want, you want someone who will pick you up when you are down,


but also give you a kick up the backside. What you want the players


to call you these days? Crofty is fine. But all I want is respect not


just to me but players to each other. Good luck.


How would you cope when your professional sporting career is cut


short by injury? That happens to Tim Benjamin, one of the finest 400


metre runners who was 27 when he had to retire. Stu Malcolm went for a


catch up with his old Wales and Great Britain team-mate -- Christian


Malcolm. Benjamin Wednesday! He is the


Olympic champion. How has life been since he retired? A complete


journey. I look back at my career and it feels like I did not do it,


like another life. Really different, loving what I am doing now.


Completely immersed. Just as much as I was as an athlete. A lot of


athletes do not make the successful transition, some of them suffer with


depression, whether any times you thought, I wish I was still in the


sport? No. I fell out of love with competing, mainly because of the


injuries they suffered, my body could not withstand the training and


the competition. I was quite numb and I did not enjoy competing, even


at a high level. I did one European Championship brace before I retired.


Tim Benjamin, coming through superbly, superb!


I felt I was not able to fulfil my ambition through athletics. And that


was causing me to get down. The second thing is suffered from, which


I guess most athletes do, is the identity. What am I, who are my,


what I do? It was searching for what I like to call that a personal best


feeling. When you cross the line and you feel that... Nothing beats it,


you could not be happier. I had to recreate that. So I had to find


something to recreate that. I have certainly found that in what I do


now. Still got it!


I think I could probably lived more weights but in terms of power coming


he is better! Power and speed, all day. Anything


to do with endurance... What are the highs and lows of your career? The


best moment stands out as breaking 45 seconds. Is a prized myself that


season and was able to consistently run 44 seconds -- is a prized. New


territory and they made a World Championships final, fantastic.


Well done, Tim Benjamin, fifth place in the World Championships final.


Beating the Olympic champion on home soil who had not been beaten for


four years. Tim Benjamin on the near side. And


he gets that, he has beaten the Olympic champion. What do you look


forward to the most after the Olympic Games? As a British


athletics fan, I am really looking forward to having British sprinters.


I think we have awesome opportunities for British renting to


put themselves on the map. And from a Welsh perspective, is there


anybody you have an eye on? As a 400 metre runners, Sarah Davis is doing


well. I would love to see how he progresses. I am a big fan. I would


love for her to make it onto the plane. Not everybody thinks you were


born in Wales because of your accent and it has changed. But you are from


Cardiff. Yes, I am from Cardiff. You are Welsh? I am, yes. You are not


born in Southampton? No. That is a big thing for me. I am looking at


relocating back home as soon as business allows it. I want to bring


my family up in Wales. It is important to me and my wife. We are


both Welsh and we will be back. Sad news this week with the passing


of a Welsh sporting great. John Leslie was born and raised in Wales


and he started out as a PE teacher but his talent took him to the


bigger stage of them all, the Olympics. I decided to do athletics


in 1951 and 1952, worthwhile as I got a Bronze medal in Helsinki.


Almost two miles long and a lot of obstacles. It was still a great


achievement by one who only took up steeplechasing two years ago.


John Disley will be remembered for setting up the London Marathon and


last year, over 37 thousand runners finished the iconic race.


Playing for Wales must meet the proudest moment of any player's


career and it is no different for a night of the realm. So Gareth


Edwards scored one of his most iconic tries against Scotland and


his pride in the red jersey is as strong now as it was four decades


ago. It is laid back for Gareth Edwards.


Edwards over the line. Over halfway. Can he score? It would be a miracle!


He may well get to it, and he has. You cannot get anything better than


that in international rugby. To represent your country is still


one of the highlights of your career. I can well remember


listening to the radio, wonderful commentary. If Wales happens to be


losing or going behind, I would leave the room and go out to play


and kick a ball on the road outside, hoping when I got back, things would


have changed. Sometimes they did and sometimes they never did! And I


remember on the Black and wide television watching Clive Rowlands


being captain for the first time against England. Dab went to buy a


car in the Blackwood area -- my father. He arrived half an hour


later with England leading and winning so that was a huge


disappointment for my first television game! When you are young


and you see these heroes playing, eagerly the game is beyond you and


that captives beyond you. You dream about it and the desire is there to


play for Wales. And when it actually did happen, I was in college in


Cardiff and my friend and I just remembered that the team was being


announced. I said, do me a favour and drink Cardiff and find out the


team. He did that. I could see from his face, he returned with great


delight. He gave me the thumbs up, you have got in! I said, I cannot


be! I could not believe it would happen. And I made him telephoned


the club again in case it had been a mistake.


And the man playing scrum-half today for Wales, the young 19-year-old


virtuoso, Gareth Edwards from Cardiff. There is a peer of playing


and a fear of failing. The nation now rests on your shoulders -- beer.


The expectation is great. All of a sudden, I am thrust in the company


of my heroes. Guys I had been watching on the terrace five, six


years before. Am I really playing with these guys, in the Welsh team


Mr Mark but then of course you do not wish to become a one cap wonder.


And once you get your second cap, you feel even better. And the


adrenaline begins and it becomes a drug. Edwards is going! He is going


to score. Bennett. Edwards. After Lewis.


Inside the Davis. Davis... Gareth Edwards! I will never forget


the jersey being presented. I picked it up and I kissed the badge and I


put the jersey on. It was like no other jersey I had ever put on. At


the very end, they still had that feeling, the same feelings I had in


the first. It is something which is almost beyond description. To


represent your country is still one of the highlights of your career.


And all the hard work and all the dreaming has been realised. It is a


wonderful moment, just make the most of it.


Sir Gareth Edwards in red, a special feeling, do you also relates to


that? It is one of the best feelings ever, you just want to play for your


country and he scored amazing tries and I have been fortunate to score


tries for Wales and it is something hopefully I will never get up also


scored a special try against Scotland. I was on the end of a good


attack in Wales, it has Williams was up it would not be as good as Gareth


Edwards. The tri- scores for Wales, always a special moment remember the


Scotland, I remember they would be restricted after that defeat


England? Yes, very disappointed. They were favourites. They did


create a lot of chances but did not know which side England would go


out. They will be hurting. They will be geared up this weekend I'm


looking forward to Wales. A lot of the play revolves around the


skipper, number nine, Greig Laidlaw four is not what influence will he


have the threat Wales? Is a threat. The try was a soft try for Wales,,


of concentration. They need to sharpen things in defence on the


fringes. I am sure they will look forward to coming down here for the


after losing to England, they will want to get a win on the board. In


terms of that squad are so well and the fact that Warren Gatland has


never lost against Scotland, how will Wales be feeling? They will be


disappointed at this. But they were very unlucky


not to get a win. They will be hurting but excited now. They just


need to play smart and sharpen up. I am sure they will have no problem


getting a win this weekend. I did not expect you to say anything else!


I have the back of the boys, they have done so well. Nobody should


write them off. Good to see you back and fit, thank you for joining us


here. Thank you. 48 hours until the Six Nations show


rolls into Cardiff? Excited? Excited, the championship is on and


Warren Gatland has never lost against Scotland. Do not jinx it.


That is it but these are some of the great moments between Wales and


Scotland over the years,, Wales! Davies, from Browne. Beautifully


laid the Arab Edwards. Can Edwards score? -- Gareth Edwards. He may


well get to it, and he has. Jonathan Davies. There is a chance here.


Evans all the way! What a blistering run by Evans. That is a magnificent


try! Mervyn the magician could not have done it any better.


Bradley Davies. They are all there for Wales. Shane Williams has won


the most dramatic game! Jonathan Davies with the tackle. Is


that the try? Yes, it is. Under the post, he goes!


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