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On tonight's show: It's time, it's here.


Our guest, Jonathan Davies, shares his thoughts.


We catch up with the man who couldn't stop scoring


And we're on target with an Olympic hopeful.


I want to get a medal. It is one of the QA have not got in my


Just two more sleeps to go until Wales' Six Nations gets


Recent matches between Wales and Ireland have been, well,


a little nerve wracking - so the question for


So, here we are a game. The build-up to the opening weekend of the Six


Nations. At home, in the pub, when you watch television, you will hear


a lot of these phrases. Momentum is key. We got to get off to a flyer.


We just can't afford to lose that first game. And basically, everyone


is beating one emotion. And that is hope.


It is a really open competition I think. We bowl gone to a couple of


new coaches and the World Cup is over. Three or four teams came out I


think so hopefully we are in the mix.


Cast your minds back to the World Cup. Apart from one or two long-term


lay-offs, he has more or less got a full squad.


The millionaire Richie does help in terms of putting things together. I


just hope it does give us a slight advantage to go into the Six


Nations. For Wales, things may be calm. Not


so for Ireland. They got hammered by Argentina in the World Cup. Oquendo,


the captain, has retired. And if you look at the injury list. It is


extensive. They may be going for a third successive title but Ireland


are certainly in transition. The problem is that trophy can be


gone after one game. We can be scrambling to get some sort of


decent placement after Round 1. Never one to shy away from making it


the big calls. And it comes to Sunday's selection there is no room


for Gethin Jenkins. And no space on the back three for Liam Williams.


There is a selection for Rob Evans as a prop.


What he has achieved on the field at the moment... He has matured well


and he was seized the opportunity. We know what a wonderfully deliver


wonderful rugby player he is. Hopefully the weather conditions


might allow us to play a bit of rugby. Gethin knows he will not get


through, how do we manage that process where we bring someone on as


a replacement and the reserve potential exit strategy as well?


Late penalties. And Wales have won in Ireland.


Controversial tries. Wales have scored and Ireland are rushing up to


the referee. And heroic defence.


Recent matches between these two sides have been slipped by the


smallest of margins and nothing suggests that Sunday will be any


different. We can guarantee one thing. This one will be tense.


The Six Nations are upon us. Such an exciting time. Wales chances then.


What are the headlines for you? I think that the shock was the


proper getting out will stop Paul James has playing exceptionally


well. Rob Evans is in, looking towards the next World Cup. With the


safety blanket of Gethin on the bench. That was the big shock. The


other one is Tom James comes in on form, deserves his place, and


Cuthbert is trying to find his form. The full-back. That was the


interesting one because Liam Williams has played one game. So


neither of them are really match it, so to speak. But times have changed.


They seem to pick on reputation. If they fit they are in. That maybe


shows that they're going to play a little bit wider.


Ireland, then. Injuries. Our baby? They will be


worried but it is a bit soon. The pressures of them because of the


injuries. But they will know the significance of this game. Whoever


wins this game will be... Do you really think how big this is?


Two big games. Scotland and England, and Ireland and Wales. If Wales win


that game. Three home games. Then they are in with a shout of the


championship at the end. And maybe a Grand Slam. That's how important


this game is. With Ireland, I think it is going to be... I don't


think... Pol O'Connor is a big mess. They have got injuries. They've got


enough cover to be a real threat to Wales. I don't think the injuries


will affect the Irish performance. Think it is going to be one hell of


a game. We're back for predictions very


shortly. Thank you. For many teams in the Premier


League, goals can be hard But a few years ago


Swansea City had a striker Since then, that man has left


the club and battled Come to northern Spain to an old


industrial town. A far cry from the glitz of the Premier League. It is


also the home of a fourth division football team, where Michu is trying


to rebuild his career. I have come to meet the man who, two


seasons ago, was one of the most feared strikers in the Premier


League. Michu was the man at the moment. Playing for Spain before an


ankle injury brought it all to an end.


I can't remember when my last game without pain, so probably I will


have paid all my life but I can play. I cant live without football.


Three years ago it was a different story. He was scoring.


But then Swansea manager valued him at ?30 million. Not bad after the


Swans had bought him for just ?2 million.


I was really happy there. Best of my life, my career. And also the crowd.


I miss the team-mates and the city as well.


Did she wants to leave? Was that your choice? Yes, because


football is really difficult to play for the crowd without my best level.


Struggling for injuries, Michu had to impress a new manager.


How is that playing under him? Did you have a good relationship?


Yes. And with Jenkins? Yes. I want to


speak about him and he worked really good


Maybe when the season finishes might help first iPlayer bit. Back to the


Six Nations. What is your highlight? For me it was the first cap. Growing


up as a kid wanting to play for Wales then you your ambition.


Waiting to go out on the field the motion is amazing. All your friends


and family, the adrenaline, the cocktail of the motion is


unbelievable. Can you remember it? Yes. Standing there shaking like a


leaf and then running out and looking for my mum in the crowd and


then singing the anthem with my family and friends there. Then I


failed miserably to hold back the tears. Everyone that helped me along


my career was there to watch and it was an amazing feeling.


She was one of the first Welsh sport stars to book her place


at the Olympics this summer, but we're not talking swimming,


athletics or cycling here - we're talking shooting.


But what drives you to take up gun sports in the first place?


Ian Hunt went on a shoot with Elena Allen.


I'm going to the Olympics to compete in shooting. I was born in Moscow,


Russia. I been living in the UK for the last 25 years. I represented


Wales in 2010 for the first time at the Commonwealth champion chips in


India and also I competed at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in


2014. Is it a glamorous sport at all?


We're sat here and it is freezing cold, were sat outside a Portakabin.


It doesn't look glamorous. It's not very glamorous. It is not


very often I wear make up either. Especially for you guys. I'm not a


girly girl and I don't particularly enjoy make up shopping. I am more a


country girl so for me this is perfect.


I do Olympic shooting. It is quite a technical sport because we had to


shoot from a gun down position. We have not to three seconds delay and


when it could eventually comes out, you have to mount the gun and shoot


it from eight different stations. You know exactly where it is going


to come from. You don't know when it is going to come. And the difficulty


is that your gun is down on where the line is. The gun has to touch


the latter cannot be above it completely. The targets are fairly


fast so you don't have that much time.


Russian athletes accused of widespread cheating.


They could be banned. Amongst Russia's champions there were


cheese. Tonight the Company was kicked out of international


athletics in disgrace. You were born in Russia and grew up


there as how do you feel about this whole Russian doping scandal?


I think it is embarrassing and it is very disappointing. I think anyone


who does try to cheat should be punished. Severely punished. Is


going to be very sad for those sportsmen and sportswomen who didn't


do anything wrong but I going to be punished. I can sympathise. Being a


competitor myself. But, of course, I don't know. How do you deal with


that? It is not for me to decide. It is for other people to make those


decisions. There are number of Welsh sportsmen who are expected to do


very well. You are expected to be up there. No pressure. I would like to


win or get a medal. You are not going to take part, you're going


there to win. I just want to do my best. I want to make my husband and


my family proud and get the medal. It is one of the few that I do not


have in my collection. You have the World Championships and the


Commonwealth Games. I would like this one.


Back to the Six Nations, rugby's greatest championship.


Year in year out, it gets fans excited and even gets the juices


Ian Gough and Dafydd James share a tale or two from the past.


Ian Gough keeps his position in the second row for Wales. That the James


keeps his place on the right wing. An incredible atmosphere. I remember


the old Blancs Road, in the changing room the trains would make the


changing room rattled. There was a house on the corner. I have not been


very fortunate. We had some bad performances there. It is very


difficult when the Irish get the table top. They are a difficult team


to play against. However, historically Wales has won the same


number of games and drawn the same amount. A different stadium and


different atmosphere but it was fantastic. Winning the game helped.


Another moment of brilliance from Shane. What is your favourite -- who


is your favourite player? The most consistent player for me... I played


against him. In the first four or five minutes I had not even got my


warm up jacket not properly and figured out who had the jelly


babies. I was up against him and I was not prepared as well as the


first 15 had prepared. As for myself opposite him several times. If you


knew what I was thinking then he wouldn't run it me every time. If


you knew how scared I was seaward running me every time. Any moment in


the Six Nations the standout to you? In your career or any that you


watched? The special moments was when you want into the changing


rooms, when you get off the bus and the cameras are there, you're trying


to keep your focus that then you realise the magnitude of what you're


walking into. You walk into the changing room and you see your shirt


on the peg. I get response thinking about it. Millions of people want to


do this but only a small number again that opportunity. I used to


really enjoy grabbing the jersey. I used to sniff it and think that I


had at that. Little moments like that stand out to me. In 1999 we


went to France and we had not won there in a number of years and we


went there and Neil Jenkins gave me a white pass and I went into the


corner. It was an amazing game. My career highlight was the 2008 Grand


Slam decider against France. Those girls leading him onto the pitch and


the fireworks going off and then we won it, it epic. What matches really


spring to mind when you think of the Six Nations? Watching the last year,


I thought it was a fantastic tournament. The last day really


stood out. It epitomises the Six Nations campaign. It came down to


permit issues in the end. I was in Rome at the time. Wales cutlass


after 30 minutes and we'll not wild. -- cut loose. -- and we all went


wild. Then it was down to permit patients. Other games you could not


control. That builds up the euphoria in the air and the web 20 last


moments. That is the third try. It just engaged everybody across the


nations. What a tournament. Great to reminisce on some of the great


moments in wacky moments we have had across the years, and I'm looking


forward to catching up with you in Ireland.


They enjoyed that. They still have not grown up. We hope that they


never do. France versus Italy. Watch and hear? None. Italy performed


badly in the World Cup so I would be very surprised if they win any games


this year. France's interesting. How will France play? I think they will


be less structured and more dangerous and hopefully the flair of


the French will come back. It is a big game for England coming up. They


have picked a side to attack and to play-the-ball wide. It depends on


the conditions. If Scotland can get over the gain line and attack they


can pose a real threat. England are going to impress because of Eddie


Jones. I have a sneaky feeling that Scotland will win. The best game of


the weekend will be Ireland against Wales? It is a huge game. The


kicking game is going to be vital. Ireland will kick to the corner is.


-- to the corners. Neither side are scared because they play against


each other in the Pro12 and they are familiar with each other. They know


what they need to do and they know what the opposition is trying to do.


It is an intriguing game and a great game, but I feel that Wales,


considering perform in the World Cup and their defence, if they can build


on that attacking wise they will edge it. The championship is on. If


they win that game it will go down to the wire with Wales. Thank you


for joining us. Stay tuned for Scrum V Live -


Ireland U20 v Wales U20. That is coming up after this


programme. And a reminder that we will be


on at 7pm next Thursday,


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