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Alternate's sure, we are gearing up for another Six Nations. The best


team will win the Six Nations. We sent Danny to London to meet James


Collins. To be involved now still at 32 and having such a successful


period and enjoying it more than I ever have is great. We catch up with


Robbie Regan 20 years after becoming world champion. Actually picking my


daughter up again, daddy is travelling the world. And we meet


Anna, just nine years of age and a table tennis sensation. So it is


rugby we start with again tonight, just win week to go on to the start


of the Six Nations and where better to get the lowdown on this year's


tournament than at the official launch, and that is exactly where we


sent Ross Harris. This is where Europe's Premier rugby tour of it


gets its big launch. It is a bit of the Oscars. You get exclusive


interviews, three minutes with each coach and captain and that is your


lot. Hopefully we add in the mix. This is getting to be like deja vu?


The 50 of in a row and then as a cap on ten year so only have we! I will


start with an easy one, who is winning the Six Nations? Stake in


the deep end. It is a good question but I would have to say Wales will


be favourites. Congratulations on the captaincy, but first I want to


ask you who will win the Six Nations? That sort of a loaded


question that I will probably not answer. Who will win Six Nations?


Definitely the best team. I think every team now is aiming to be the


best team. We will see in the next couple of weeks who the best team


is. Who will win the Six Nations? The best team will win the Six


Nations, the most deserving team will win the Six Nations. Pardon? Do


you enjoy doing this kind of thing? A bit of chaos? Absolutely, I


suppose it is part of the job and I understand it is all about media. I


try and do as little as I possibly can. Do you enjoy this aspect of the


job, talking to the press and talking about the tournament? You


have to enjoy it. It is a major part of your job and you have to come


here and try to put your best foot forward. We want our team, every


time they do something, for rugby. Rob becomes a bit more naturally to


me. I understand the need and the role to do this, but it is


interesting. I think we are looking at about five hours of press but I


have done this a few years now so I know what to expect. The six


Nations, a competition steeped in history, even those from down under


have their favourite memories. I always remember our PE teacher


showing us the Welsh backline and watching Phil Bennett's running with


beautiful balance with the ball into the hands, and that is how you want


your stand-off to play. Obviously you say 33 and they know what that


means but that is probably the best rugby experience I have ever had,


never mind Six Nations. That would fantastic. For me, anyone on the


road is pretty special, going to another nation and you're not


playing against just the team but you're playing against the nation,


and the feeling is that whenever you want this to a limit to the probably


my best memories. And so to the here and now, England have new coach in


Eddie Jones and his first big call was controversial one. The


appointment of fiery hooker Daniel Hartley as his captain. The greatest


risk was not to take a risk. England hasn't been in that situation in


Rugby, eighth in the world, and you look at the Six Nations trophy since


2003, England is ranked four and that is not acceptable. The only


thing he said to me is get yourself in the team, be the best player you


can be in your possession, and that is what I am trying to do at the


moment. Wales's campaign starts in Dublin against an Irish side in


search of an unprecedented third consecutive championship. Next week


we are going to try to be competitive against what is probably


the team that have the most continuity going into this


competition. Talking to Sam it is his fifth visit and we have got a


lot of consistency. It is a really settled team we have got no not just


the players but the spine of the staff has been the same as well, and


I guess that is an advantage us. When you that I mentioned Ireland


were potentially favourites, that was talking from the heart? I was


asking a question at the time and I hadn't really thought about that and


I suppose as defending champions, two years in a row, you cannot go


past Ireland and some people printed it as me sort of giving an opinion,


other people thought I was playing mind games. I am not as smart as


people think I am. I am just a simple Kiwi who often speaks from


the heart. Done and dusted for another year. All the coaches and


captain spoken to. All fairly friendly and amenable as it


happened, I wondered if it will be that way in two months' time. That


is done, Cheers, boys. You are in the form of your life! No


worries and seeming to play well and that is what is happening at the


moment, probably playing the best football I have in my career. The


work I had done to get to where I was and it was taken away from me in


seconds. I turned to drink. My name is Anna and I'd like to be a table


tennis champion. To put the seal on the when! And so to enter national


football and our build-up to Euro 2016 this summer. This week we said


Danny to London to catch up with an old friend.


London, the city with it takes a lot to make an impression. The man I


meet today arrived with me and West Ham in 2005. Like the building I am


meeting him in today, he stands out as one of our best. James. How is


life treating you? Good, mate. Obviously playing at the minute


Bernat West Ham so enjoying life. Here in the shard in London, a


fitting venue to interrupt us back to interview one of my good friends.


If you are happy off the field you have no worries and seemed to play


well and that the minute that is what is happening with myself. I am


probably playing the best football I have in my career. I wanted to take


you back now to where it all started. I am here! Here on the top


of your head and not on the bottom! Cardiff City, started off as a


striker, how did that come about? I signed originally as a centre half.


In training I liked to wander upfront and goals and made debut


upfront. Which was an ugly front two to say the least! But I scored on my


debut. Was it a bit of a surprise when you got the West Ham moved? To


be honest I still think I jumped on the back of yours, but it was


surprising. I think at that time, when me and you were both playing


well, in the Cardiff team that was doing well, as surprised as anyone.


I thought I would have to play a few more years than the aim was to


eventually if not with Cardiff moved to the Premier League but it came


early because the first job I went to West Ham, you were unbelievable,


and I struggled a bit, the first time I moved away from home. I was


still quite young, 20 or 21, and I didn't perform and it hit home that


I had moved for relatively big money. Do you remember the first few


days and the lads and me and you gone back to the hotel thinking,...


It was a tough dressing room! Didn't understand the London Lingle. I


think they were looking at my clothes more than anything. --


bat-mac. Your Newport style wouldn't go down too well in London. --


lingo. So after that initial three years at West Ham, you then got the


move to Aston Villa, how did you enjoy that? For me, that is when you


elevated yourself to your top premiership play. It came out of the


blue, the Aston Villa move, and no disrespect to West Ham but to move


and have that chance at European football was massive and Martin


O'Neill was fantastic. Touch on a little bit about Wales as well. 46


caps, I think it is, do you feel there is a bit of unfinished


business on that side of things with Wales? Definitely, I should be on a


lot more caps than I have had, think I made my debut when I was 20,


maybe, 32 now, and only two beyond 46 caps is not enough. Stuck on 49!


I pulled out of the lot of games through injury and as you know


yourself I was out for two years pretty much from international


football with my knee, and to be involved still now at 32 and having


such a successful period and enjoying it more than I ever have is


great. Do you still feel you have to impress Chris Coleman and try to get


yourself back into that starting 11 for the summer? 100%, it is the


strongest Welsh squad all-round. Before we have had individual


players that are world class but as an all-round squad at the moment, it


is a great squad. At my age now, it could possibly be my last chance to


play in a major to limit and to go down and just be involved is going


to be amazing but obviously the ultimate goal is to get there and be


playing well and performing well for Wales. While ago, looking up my


Welsh career, I thought it would never


happen, and to be involved and going to it hopefully playing well in a


tremendous Welsh team is very exciting. James, pleasure talking to


you, great to see you, have a great end of the season. Looking forward


to seeing you performing in 2016. Can't wait, it's been


great, mate. Next up, one of Wales's forgotten


sports stars. 20 years ago he became a boxing world champion, but since


then he has gone through very dark times. Here is the story of Robbie


Regan. He's got it! Hardly energy to lift it is hands above his head but


they are going wild, Robbie Regan, the new WBO bantamweight champion of


the world. Great memories here, beating Joe Kelly.


This is my house I was brought up in.


Has it going, all right? Andrew, how are you?


For Robbie Regan, the big fight nights have come to an end.


Retirement at 29 was a bitter pill to swallow but they failed scam made


it inevitable. -- failed scan. How things, all right? All good.


I've got a lot of the old photographs in the house. A lot of


them still remember. I walked down by there and people shake my hand!


All the best. Cheers, take it easy. From an old champ to one for the


future. It takes years of dedication to


reach the top of any sport, but for one Welsh youngster, playing with


the best means leaving home and moving to China. Remember this name:


Anna Hursey. My name is Anna and I would like to be a table tennis


champion. One day I am going to be an Olympic medallist, I will hold my


medal like this. Meat and Hursey, a tiny table tennis


star with a big future, she is the best in Wales that under 18 level


and is just nine. She is exceptional for her age, the best player I have


seen, one of the best under 18 's. She has probably beaten everyone


under 18. She has been a lot of the top girls in Britain's. She started


playing at just five, barely able to see over the table yet good enough


to beat opponents three times her age. Fast forward a couple of years


and she is regularly beating adults but her talent has become a problem.


For table tennis you need to be in a good environment, which is a lot of


good players with you, so they can make you better. Wales is a smaller


place, not many table tennis players, that's why we need to make


the effort to take her to different places to


have important competitions with better players. And trains five days


a week spending over 18 hours hitting ball after ball that it is


not enough. Her parents have decided if she is to become the best she


needs to train with the best, which means moving to China. Table tennis


is a sport you need to practice with a reasonable level player or a


better player who can make you better. That is why I have to take


her to different places, especially some in Europe, Asian countries or


maybe the best, China, to enhance her table tennis skills. One day I'm


going to be alert Olympic medallist. Everyday I played table tennis. I


like competing. I'm going to hold my medal like this! I haven't seen many


other top players in Europe, but I would like to think she would be up


there with them, and I think she can be as good as she once. I don't


think many people want to play her! She's just very aggressive and very


strong, and for such a young player, she is exceptional.


Exceptional in sport, but still in school. Anna goes about life like


any normal 9 euros, shy, hard-working but never boastful. I


couldn't believe it, I said, you haven't told me! She shrugged her


shoulders, just one of those things. She is very modest, bless her. It


will be very different in China, School in the morning, nothing but


table tennis after that. She is happy to lose, she is happy to win,


she is always happy, whether you see her playing with a player may be


double her age, some of them, I am really proud, but


those people are not her target. Players in Asian countries should be


her target. If she can beat them she probably will be one of the best.


Don't forget scrum 56 Nations Preview is


on Sunday with Ross Harris, Gareth Thomas, Martyn Williams and Jeremy


Guscott, that is at 7pm on BBC Two Wales. That's it for this evening


but we leave you with a celebration of this newly named sporting arena.


We have delved into the archives of the stadium formerly known as the


millennium, so here is a collection of its greatest Six Nations moments.


Enjoy. In it comes. Scott Quinnell is


there. Gareth Thomas with a corner, gets it! That's the one he's been


waiting for. That breaks Ryan Evans's try scoring record for


Wales. Mike Ruddock's Wales have beaten


England. Ronan O'Gara. Kevin Morgan! To put the


seal on the win, to put the cream on the grand slam cake.


magic Williams! Dragged out of retirement, and here he is, a second


grand slam for Wales! Ogawa, back in the pocket for his drop goal


attempt, he goes, oh Garre... He has done it. That surely is the grand


slam! Bradley Davies in field. They are


all there for Wales. Shane Williams! Shane Williams has won the most


dramatic game in this Six Nations, perhaps in any Six Nations. What a


game! Priestland, long to Cuthbert, Cuthbert is clear, Alex Cuthbert is


going to score! Wales striker against France. Wales have won the


grand slam, the third for Wales since 2005. Cuthbert for the line!


Tipuric, still going to Cuthbert! Cuthbert's second try. Wales are


storming to the title.


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