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On tonight's show, Jonathan Davies meets Rob Howley ahead of the Six


Nations. After the last two world cups, Wales have gone on to win the


championship, so no pressure really. It would be good if it happens


again. We look at Cardiff City and ask - why do the fans seem unhappy


with the club? I just think that people don't feel that the passion


is necessarily there and that Russell Slayed almost embodied that.


Newport County in the FA Cup and local boy cheering them on.


Tonight's game against Blackburn Rovers will be the biggest match


they'll have had in 30 years. It's all about Rio for our Paralympians


and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson is our guide. I'm proud of Welsh


athletes who show the other home nations how good we are. Win, win


gold. British cycling's Mastermind shares his psyche. Commitment time


minus distraction gives performance. They've got the talent. First up


tonight it's rugby. Only two weeks to go now until the start of the Six


Nations. So what are Wales' chance that's year? We sent Jonathan Davies


for a catch up with Rob Howley. COMMENTATOR: Support outside him.


He's on his own. What a repot by Wales! That is a superb individual


try. How's things then, Rob? It's come


round very quickly, hasn't it, like just a couple of weeks ago, seems


World Cup been and gone now Six Nations. How was the World Cup


experience for you? Obviously, it's enjoyable. I'd never been through a


campaign quite like it before. The last eight years, you know, the


time, how quickly it's gone, you go into Rugby World Cup and I think as


a coaching team, pretty much as a squad as well, to have the injuries,


which we did, at the times that happened as well, we all know that


sport can be cruel, but we didn't know it was that cruel. We pretty


much knew as a coaching team that ultimately we were all going to be


judged on that Wales-England game which has been built up for the last


two years. The biggest ever game I think for Wales. That night was


extraordinary. Before the game, I think it was the one place you


wanted to be, whether you were a player, supporter, or even a coach.


Yeah. Ultimately, you knew in 80 minutes destiny was going to be at


the fate of your hands really.. Biggest disappointment I had was


looking at the way we performed against Australia and there was that


eight-and-a-half minutes, where we had 15 against 13 and you know,


obviously Attacking coach, what was it like for you, and what's your


attacking philosophy for Wales? I think you take the 56 minutes to 69


minutes - Remember that, do you? I'll take it to my grave with me, I


can assure you. I suppose and the pressure, having that ability to


think at that moment in times and having clarity. Our attacking


philosophy hasn't changed over the last eight years. I think that the


key part of any attacking philosophy is determined on your personnel


available. We talk about creating mismatches, look, we want to kick to


ability to change positions in the back three, which then will earn the


right to play a bit wider. The object is to try and get in the


outside channels, as often as possible. You want your numbers on


the ball as often as possible. That creates the two on ones, three on


twos in the outside channels and the ability to execute under pressure


with 70,000 people watching. Interesting stat for you, after the


last two World Cups, the seasons after, Wales have gone on to win the


championship. So no pressure really. No. It would be good if that happens


again. Are you happy with the squad that's been assembled? If you look


at the age profile of the squad as well, this squad has been pretty


much together for nearly eight years. I think majority of them will


go on to the next Rugby World Cup 2019 as well. In terms of continuity


in selection in the squad, I think the players know what we're about as


coaches and we know pretty much a lot about the players. The


preparation in international rugby is key. The two weeks or probably


the week leading up to the game, because the first week now players


are going back and playing, so the week of Test... It's not like a


Monday, Wednesday when we used to play. ?13 a mile. That's changed,


it's 40 now I think! The preparation time is key. It's going to be really


interesting. You've got England with Eddie Jones at the helm. I think


they are favourite, I think that's right. The strength of players and


quality of players they've got I don't disagree but England should


probably start favourites every year in terms of strength and depth that


they have and their selection pool is far greater being probably equals


France, possibly. I think we've always performed well in the Six


Nations. Over the last eight years, the one thing which we haven't been


sometimes very good at is starting. That is a challenge. We're going


first up to Ireland. We went there in Rugby World Cup. We look forward


to playing Ireland. That's your focus now. Absolutely. If we can


start well against Ireland, we have got Scotland. They're like 16-1,


aren't they? They played well in the World Cup. There's no doubt Ven


Cotter has been a huge influence. They should have beaten Australia.


Scotland, Murrayfield, Six Nations, they will be looking forward to


that. We welcome Scotland at home then. Always good games, they are.


Always high-scoring games. They've got the capacity to play really well


against you in an open-style game. The Six Nations, the first game.


What's Gats like to work for? You've been with him a long time now. The


one thing is trust. He wants players and coaches to challenge him and ask


questions, because he'll certainly come back and challenge you. I was


fortunate late in my career to go to London Wasps. I learned more under


Warren. We should cut that out! Are you still enjoying it? You've still


got your hair, just. Bit grey. We're both getting like that. We're at an


age where I'm just happy it's grey and I've still got it. We're not


Dying it, are we. I'm grateful I've got a head ever hair. Rob, thanks


for sparing the time. Good luck, mate. Good to see you again. Cheers,


mate. That was really interesting to catch up with my old mate Rob. Very


interesting conversation. I think that they're looking forward to the


Six Nations. They've got players coming back from injury, which gives


them better balance and more of an attacking threat. As usual, you just


focus on the first game. First game - Ireland. If they win that,


Scotland home. France home. They'll have a great chance of winning the


championships. So, as everyone else in the home nations, really excited


and now looking forward to the Six Nations. Tara.


So, Swansea City have a new head coach. But some Cardiff City fans


would like to see a new man take charge of their team as well. But is


Russell Slade doing such a bad job? We look at some of the issues


affecting the club on and off the field.


The football club at the heart of its community, a place to forget


about stress at work or at home. A place to be entertained, to dream,


to reminisce, to worship new heroes. For many Cardiff fans, though, it


doesn't quite feel like it should, they don't find it entertaining.


They're not enjoying themselves any more. Thousands are staying away and


those who do still go, well it's like a marriage or a love affair


that's going through a very rocky patch. Loads of Cardiff City


customers are very depressed. Compared to the glory days, in the


Premiership a couple of years ago. We're 3-0 up, we're drawing. 2-0 up,


we're drawing. That's not good enough. If you love something, you


love it for life. I've loved Cardiff City all my life. But it is harder


to carry out that relationship with the way things are at the moment.


Cardiff are only five points off the play-off places, yet the owner


Vincent Tan is rarely seen at games these days. Russell Slade is


criticised for his tactics, his playing style, the signings he's


made even the body language. We don't have out-and-out goal scorers,


that's an issue. Yet we have a good, strong defensive team. I just that I


that people don't feel that the passion is necessarily there and


that Russell Slade almost embodies that lack of passion. He's never


been the supporters' choice. I think the man and what he's got has done


remarkably well. I expected him to have a relegation battle, not a


play-off battle. Everybody slaughters Russell Slade. I think


that's completely out of order, because he's been asked to did a job


of work under certain circumstances. He's doing. It he's saving the club


money. Vincent Tan is the issue. Vincent Tan and the running of the


football club, I don't feel Cardiff City at the moment,


behind-the-scenes, really have that drive and determination to want to


get back to the highest level. Sometimes you've got to tell the


fans the truth, what your ambitions are, which direction you want to go


in. If they know the truth, then they've got a choice then. Either to


back it or leave it. And they are voting with their feet.


The average gate in Cardiff's one year in the Premier League was


27,500. Still healthy at just over 21,000 last season. But this year,


down to 14,500 so far. One way to get people pouring back through the


turnstiles and off their seats is of course exciting new signings,


someone to bang in the goals. Then last week, the transfer embargo


emposed for alleged breach of financial fair play rules is not


going to help much. There is a total bar on paying any kind of fee to


bring a player in, where that's a permanent transfer fee or a loan


fee. If you bring someone in, there is a cap which says you can't pay


more than the equivalent of 600,000 a year to the player you're bringing


in. So on loan with no fee. I still think they are sadly lacking in


football knowledge at board level, which leads them into problems like


FFP. If they'd have sought specialist advice before putting


those accounts in, they'd have had a better idea whether they were


compliant or not. We invited the club to put their viewpoint across.


They declined to be interviewed. They said in a statement last week


that they had taken expert vice and thought they had complied with the


league's financial fair play rules. It's understood they will post a


profit for the first time in several years when their latest annual


accounts are published. Though they are still heavily in debt to their


Malaysian owner. How much money do you believe they still owe to


Vincent Tan? I believe, I mean, the figure in the last set of accounts


which we've got, which goes back to May 2014, was over 130 million.


We're told, I was told by the board that Vincent Tan has written off


some of his debt. I believe the amount was reported at 13 million in


the year for the accounts we're waiting for and also converted


another three million of debt into shares. So that debt should be


coming down. But the figure will still be substantially over ?100


million. While it remains as a debt, there remains a significant risk to


the club. If you take the money out of it, Cardiff City's lost its soul


as a club. Because of what's going on, the negatives, Malky Makay, the


situation, blue to red. Ole Gunner Solsjar coming in. All the millions


that he's had, most probably to be paid off, Vincent Tan has said one


thing: I'm trying to save all that money now that I've paid out.


As ever, it's what happens on the pitch that matters most to fans.


Some have already delivered their verdict on manager and players. For


others, well the jury will indeed remain out until the summer.


# Last Monday night Newport County played their rearranged FA Cup tie


championship side Blackburn Rovers, and this was the first time since


1986 that they had got this far in the competition. Local boy Christian


Malcolm went along to support them. Newport. This is where I was born


and bred. Football was my first love, I got into athletics when


Irish anger. -- I got into athletics when I was younger. It is great to


see you put in the third round of the FA Cup, and a night's game


against Blackburn will be the biggest match they have had in 30


years. One of the few clubs which are owned by the fans, how is that


working out? Very good. In October we raised around quarter of the


medium to take over the club, and we spent a lot of time with our


supporters and they dug deep -- quarter of a million. We were able


to take a controlling influence on the club and we have been running it


accordingly. What does it mean to the club, tonight? The third round


in the FA Cup is the best date of the football calendar, it's a free


match for the players, they can share what they can do in front of


TV, and financially it is a great thing for us. How big a night is


this four-year? It is a massive night, the first time in 30 years


that we have reached this stage, since we played at Sunderland in


1986. -- is this for you? Predictions? 1-0. Too? Us. I am with


one of the finest buyers to come out of Newport, Nathan Blake. --


players. I think it will be a difficult game for both parties, the


pitch will be a level, if you like. If they can get themselves a goal,


that will lift the crowd and I can see Newport getting a couple of


goals, definitely. Newport visual hometown club, you played for


Blackburn Rovers, as well. -- is your hometown club. It is nice to be


the guest of honour, and it is nice to see two teams playing each other


in my hometown and I can come watch the game. I can have some free food.


LAUGHTER COMMENTATOR: Marshall, the right


back, that is a great run, down he goes, is that a penalty? Yes, it is.


No way. It is a fine penalty kick from Marshall. Blackburn have taken


the lead. It is a red card. That is


astonishing. That must be for the challenge, and all of a sudden


Newport County have a one-man advantage. See you later. Snapshot.


Oh! What a goal from Mark Byrne. It has been a good game so far, both


teams going at it. Even Stevens, I said Newport would score, so fingers


crossed they can get the winner and go through. COMMENTATOR: Right


footed cross. And that is 2-1! Teasing cross. Over the bar. Oh!


I know, I know. I feel your pain. You know, you want that dream, that


glory and the fourth round, and a bit more money. But our priority now


is safety in the league and to get ourselves say. I wish you all the


best. -- safe. Cheers. Last week we looked ahead to a huge


summer of sport by profiling some of the Welsh hopefuls heading to the


Rio Olympics as part of Team GB. This week we are looking ahead to


the Paralympics, and who better to guide us than our very own


Paralympic legend Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson? I'm really excited


about Rio, it will be huge, a beach party. There is part of me that


still wants London to be known as the best Olympic Games ever, but Rio


needs to step up for the Paralympic movement to move forward. How is Rio


set up for the Paralympics? What is it looking like? It will be OK, it


will be finished and ready, there are some tensions around facilities


being ready, and the water quality, for rowing and canoeing and the


triathlon, and to be honest, we were worried about Athens, but the


quality of competition was fantastic. What I can't get any


feeling for, how many people are going to come and watch, and that


will make the difference, that is what made the difference in London,


the stadiums were full and that makes a difference for the athletes


competing. This is a big opportunity for the team, plenty of expectation


in terms of winning medals, if we win the same, we will be one of the


only countries which has done that, and this is a chance to show the


world, that the British team are an amazing Paralympic team. In terms of


Welsh success, can this group of athletes live up to what happened in


London? There has always been a big expectation for the Welsh athletes


in terms of punching above their weight, and how many get to


represent the British team, in London it was 25% of the gold


medals, I was proud of that. That is added pressure on them, but also


that can be very motivating for them to want to do really well. Who is


coming home with a medal? Hollie Arnold, I've known her since she was


on the junior talent programme, even when she was 14 she had more


confidence than I did when I was 25, which is amazing. She has had a few


ups and downs and has now come back and she was amazing last year, she


was looking like an incredible javelin thrower. For me to watch her


and to see the way she threw, it was, OK, she can do this, she can


win gold. Alan Sean Davis, how will he be feeling? Exciting, a huge


amount of pressure, I've seen him develop over the years, I remember


when he was a kid, he was skinny. The confidence he got from London,


that has set him on a new level. He will feel the responsibility of


being one of the best-known, not just Welsh but British athletes, he


will see himself as a poster boy, in terms of young athletes looking up


to him. That is why he's an amazing team captain, he has time for many


of the athletes and he knows what it is like to be young on the team and


to have these aspirations. Easy our main hope for a gold medal? -- is


he. Yes, not just in terms of winning goal, but the way that he


wins, do not just sit on his laurels, and to be better in Rio


than he was in London, and that's a tough decision for any athlete, but


it shows how important it is, that he wins and wins well in Rio. What


about Olivia Green, the bundle of joy? I have never seen her anything


but really happy all the time, and this is great to see, she loves


athletics so much. She has had a tough time in sport, as well.


Looking at Long jump, sprinting, but I see her come into her own when she


is part of the relay, she is the glue for the team. Plenty of


pressure. Yes, but they need her in the team. As part of her category,


she competes, and she needs to be there, she can be the one to help


them deliver a gold medal. I love watching the relay, it is such a


dramatic event, it in terms of whether they get the baton around,


especially athletes with cerebral palsy. Whether she wins or loses,


she comes off, she is smiling and happy, and that is quite infectious


for the rest of the team. Tanni, what would you say to the Welsh


contingent ahead of the Olympics? Enjoy it, have an amazing time, I


hope Rio brings everything you want and try to win gold, because I'm


proud of the Welsh athletes who show the other home nations how good we


are. No pressure, but please win, lots. If I was to ask you, who is


Wales's most successful coach or manager in the last decade, who


would you say? Warren Gatland, Chris Coleman? What about a Welshman from


North Wales who is a legend in his sport? He is in Spain preparing for


another big year and we have been finding out the secret of his


success. It is Team Sky's said Dave Brailsford. -- Sir. Determined,


organised, obsessed. Dave Brailsford, away from home, plotting


another relentless year. I don't get much of a winter break, we are there


until the end of the season, the racing season, I was over 200 days


on the road, that was quite a lot. You come back, you take stock, you


try to review, you review this season and do that while it is fresh


in our minds, reflective practice is when you take the time to reflect


and that is when you are going to learn. I try to learn in October,


November, and then we are back here again. Marginal gains, Dave


Brailsford's mantra, tiny improvements multiplied equals


significant gains, nothing is left to chance. We come here all the way


through December, January, and it is like a drop in centre, as well. You


look at the group dynamic, and you look at the people, you think, what


have we got as a group and what is going to move them forward? What you


do know, a team is in a constant state of flux, the dynamic changes


all the time, and unless you spend the time thinking about the group


you have got there is no way you will decide about the best


intervention to move that group forward. Take the copy and paste


kind of thing, from last year, that will not work on and that is lazy.


Dave Brailsford is a winner, but it is not he who wins, he guides,


motivates. They come to the start of the season and they will have the


hunger for the next year, the desire, and some of them will be


really hungry, and some of them, you think, OK... Every rider has a


hunger index and I try to work out where they are in terms of their


desire for next season and we monitor that quite carefully, we


have got commitments I must, as well as performance -- we have got


commitment times. You talk about them and you talk with them, and off


we go. Last year, Durant Thomas was elevated to the elite, but our Team


Sky is -- Geraint John must was elevated to the elite, but at Team


Sky he is still behind the main man, Chris Froome. The issue,


potentially, defending my Tour de France title again on the cards, and


it will not be an easy season, that is for certain -- this year. He won


the Tour de France and he would like to win that again, and he has the


Olympics. Is up for it, it is exciting for him. The -- Geraint


John the Thomas eventually win the Tour de France? -- good he


eventually win the Tour de France? I hope so. He has the headache of


getting up to the level of Chris, but this is a big year for him, very


exciting, we are right behind him, supporting him. The plan is set,


from here on till October, there will be no respite. -- on till. I


feel really up for it, the most for a long time, I don't know why, but I


love what I do, I guess. And that is it for this week, we back at nine


o'clock next Friday, but from the Sport Wales team, have a good


weekend. On your marks, get set...


Bake for Sport Relief. sift and whip their way through


the Bake Off tent... Burnt on the outside


and doughy in the middle. Look at his little legs.


THEY LAUGH I got a Hollywood handshake.


I'm this happy.


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