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Hello and welcome to the first Sport Wales of 2016 - yet another


jam-packed year for Welsh sport and one which we'll be


What is the message from the Swansea fans? He needs to put his hand in


his pocket and help us out. As for the national team the Welsh players


are feeling upbeat. We believe we can do something special. Christian


Malcolm finds out what is cutting ahead of Rio. I have come to focus


on the Welsh hopefuls for the Olympic Games. And Jazz Carlin means


business. 12 hour days, a tireless pair weak. There is no easy way to


win an Olympic medal. Lee Selby. I believe my brother could be the best


Welsh boxer ever. And Lee Jenkins talks about his first cap 25 years


ago. Something I will never ever forget. You have made it.


But we start with the hangover from 2015 - Swansea City battling


against relegation and still looking for a new manager.


Ian Hunt has been finding out what's happened to the Swans.


Swansea City. A shining example of how to run a Premier League club the


right way. Part owned by the fans. Run by fans. Never threatened I


relegation. Always prepared for any emergency.


That is how it's used to be. That is how the club was viewed from the


outside. What has gone wrong in recent months? Why this time was


there no Plan B in place when things began to unravel? You cannot help


but think this is very much unlike Swansea City. Here we are in the New


Year. Only two victories since August. The club is in deep


relegation trouble. After Leicester beat Swansea at the start of


December as the great game over for a Garry Monk. Pressure was growing


on chairman Hugh Jenkins. On the 9th of December Garry Monk was sacked.


Alan Curtis was placed in temporary charge. With the likes of David


Moyes and Brendan Rodgers appealing to pull themselves out of the


chairman for to South America where it is believed he spoke to the


former boss of Argentina and Chile but TV turned to Wales zero neither


an appointment. But there was festive cheer with a victory against


West Brom on Boxing Day. It seems the club had consolidated under Alan


Curtis and on 7th of January he was placed in charge until the end of


the season. For all office at is not the Swansea


way. Hugh Jenkins always seems to have managerial Midas touch. He did


not sack managers. He lost them when they got booed at the bottom


somebody who was better. Not this time. Now it has a job nobody seems


to want. Wednesday night. The mood among fans


was about to get worse. Defeat to Sunderland left the club deep in


relegation trouble. Swansea should not be in this position. We are


struggling. What should the club do? Stick with Alan Curtis and spent a


bit of money. You do not want to play pretty and lose. Hugh Jenkins


needs to put his hand in his pocket and help us out. I am heartbroken. I


am sorry. We asked Hugh Jenkins for an interview but he declined. In his


statement on appointing Alan Curtis for the rest of the season he said


they had spoken to a number of potential managers. Some do not want


to leave their clubs at this stage of the season and others did not


want to put their dedication on the line by joining a struggling side.


Swansea do not know which division they will be in next season. That is


a crucial factor. Hugh Jenkins hinted at it in his programme notes


for the Sunderland game. He topped about financial uncertainty.


Difficult for the club to commit a long contract to a high earning


manager bearing in mind that it could be that they are not in the


Premier League come the summer. Whenever they have got rid of it


manager they have always quickly brought someone in to fill that gap.


This is not the case for one reason or another. I do not think when they


got rid of Garry Monk the plan was to give the job to Alan Curtis until


the end of the season. No pressure on Alan Curtis but relegation would


prove more costly than ever. Costly to the tune of ?81 million. That is


what each club stands to get next season from the eye watering new TV


deal. Assuming they survive, who might Swansea turn to in the summer?


David Moyes appears to be one of the early favourites. Appointed as Alex


Ferguson's successor as artist United things did not work out for


him at Old Trafford or in Spain and he was quick to rule himself out of


the job. Bielsa was manager of Argentina and


Chile. Brendan Rodgers, after leading


Liverpool to second in the Premier League, his financial expectations


are one possible stumbling block. And what about Ryan Giggs? A one


club man, he is being tipped as the next manager of Manchester United.


Taking over at Swansea looks a long shot.


They could be in the bottom three by the time they face Watford here on


Monday. Who would be Alan Curtis? 17 days left to save Swansea and ensure


their fifth year in the Premier League is not the last.


On the International stage, the countdown to Euro 2016 has


begun, and we've been to meet one of the key members


Hal Robson-Kanu plays his club football for Championship club,


Reading, and we sent former Wales striker Iwan Roberts to meet him.


Thought you had scored the winning goal. It was not to be. But you have


got a replay. Could be a chance to start another cup run this year. Of


course. Last year they cap run was potassic for the club and the


players. We showed what we could do. We got to Wembley which was an


un-believable occasion for the fans and the club. 2016 is finally here.


I am excited. How excited are you at the prospect of what will happen to


you in June? The anticipation is sometimes unbearable. It is what we


have worked for. It has been our ambition to be performing at that


level and competing at that level. With you 2016 coming up we believe


we can do something special. It is no secret that you are a huge fan of


Chris Coleman. Can you explain how good a job he has done? He is


phenomenal. He has taken the mantle and put his own mark on things. He


has taken the nation forward again. I cannot speak highly enough of him.


Long may it continue. Explain to people your family connections in


Wales. My grandmother was born in Caerphilly and wanted me to play for


Wales. England came calling first. I prefer them at youth level. Brian


Flynn knocked on my door. He said we have got a group of young players


that if you are part of we can achieve something. I sat down with


my family and to the delight of my grandmother I said there is no


reason why I should not. To be a great opportunity and I made a


decision to switch to Wales. June 16 you play England. There will be no


sports loyalties. They will all be wearing the Welsh red shirt.


Correct. My partner as Scottish. My child with her is half Scottish.


They will all be wearing Welsh shirts on the day.


You are a firm favourite with the Welsh fans. You have got your


status. They have got a special song for you.


Just a message to wish you all the very best in France. We will see you


there. Brilliant. Looking at the build up


now. Couple of friendlies in March against Ukraine and Northern


Ireland. How important are these preparations going to be? Massively


important. The manager and his staff have been preparing right. As


players it is important that we turn up from March. What are your hopes


and ambitions for this year? Every year you want to continue to


progress. You want to have great moments in your career. Going into


2016 there are some fantastic occasions coming up. I am looking


forward to being ready for them. And we will be meeting at with other


members of the squad between now and the start of the tournament.


Another big event taking place this summer is the Olympic Games


in Rio, so our very own golden boy, Christian Malcolm selects his Welsh


This summer all eyes will be focused on the Olympic Games in Rio.


This is Barry Island. Not quite corporate cabana beach but I have


come to focus on the Welsh hopefuls for the Olympic Games.


Entire four we could have two Welsh ladies. Non Stanford has qualified.


In 2012 Non Stanford was a newcomer, by 2013 she was world champion. In


2014 she admitted she did not get preparations connect. In 2015 she


has qualified for the Olympics. In 2016 I think she will be ready.


Having won the team pursuit in 2008 and 2012 Geraint Thomas is a


decorated Olympian. The two would advance will be a main focus as he


walks to assist Chris Froome. After which Geraint Thomas could be in his


element on the hilly roads of Rio. Seren Bundy-Davies had an excellent


season last year. Top of the season with a World Championship bronze. It


will be tough. She has an outside chance of making the final. Even


major has to try and make the team. But for the really I am sure she


will be in there. There we she anchors the team home last year she


has to be certain. Holding on for a bronze for Great Britain.


There are two Welsh girls looking to shine on the water. Vicky Thornley


will be paired with Katherine Grainger who won gold in 2012. They


are quickest in their field individually but can they come


together as appear to win a medal at Rio? Second is Hannah Mills. She won


a silver in London. She only partnered Saskia Clark for ten


months. For use training, does that mean golf is on the rise in? After


missing selection in 2012 Natalie Powell has her sights set on 2016.


In 2014 she was a star of the Welsh team in the column of Games by


taking gold. Who could forget Jade Jones? The golden girl. She said she


struggled after that. But since then she has got her confidence back. She


looks ready. Last time round there was no expectations. Before 2012


nobody had heard of Jade Jones and she came out with a medal. This time


around she will go in as defending champion and one of the favourites.


She backs herself to win again and so do life. Those are some of my


predictions. And for the rest of the Welsh athletes, good luck.


Well, another person aiming for Gold in Rio is swimmer Jazz Carlin.


No one claims that winning an Olympic medal comes easy,


but some have to work harder than others.


Here's a day, a very long day, in the life of an Olympic hopeful.


Four years ago, I was absolutely gutted not to be on the Olympic team


and it was tough. I nearly walked away from the sport.


But I thought, you know what, I have got something left - I want to give


it one last go. We're still this building until 8pm


tonight, that is when Jazz will finish. She has a full day and four


sessions to complete until then. It is full on. Let's go... Come on! And


breathe. Working hard. Right until the end! We need to leave no stone


unturned in our pursuit of that medal for her. She needs to be fit


and strong, and have a number of attributes. Three, two, one... Rest.


Well done! That's you done now. Day done,


finished? I wish. I moved to Bath at the end of 2014. This is the


national centre for Great Britain. Swansea used to be a national


centre. I get on really well with David McNulty, so I thought I would


give it a try here. Hold the line. To your box...


Jazz got in the pool at 8am and she will swim until about 10am this


morning. She will probably cover 7500 metres. This week she will


average 70-80,000 for the week. Swimming is tough and when you do


the amount of metres Jazz is doing it takes a special person. Not


everybody can do it, I don't mean physically, I mean mentally. I have


just finished my gym and swim for the morning. I am having breakfast,


refuelling and back to bed, I think. Back to bed? Back to bed. I always


need to recover between sessions. I have not swim and gym later on. It


is a full-on day. I need to get in as much rest as possible.


Training here and everything is organised. We get sent a weekly plan


of what we need to do. It is a full on day. I am tired most of the time.


It is not the most glamorous lifestyle. I would not have it any


other way. I love what I do. She's had a tough day today. We have a


race model we would like her to do in Rio. Tonight we have all of the


race pace on target. How is that going Jazz? Last 100. Spot on! I


don't want to take anything for granted. I don't want to say I'm on


the team, I am definitely not. There are a lot of people fighting for


spots. The first stepping stone is making the team. We will put 2. 12


behind us. -- 2012 behind us. She's a European


and Commonwealth champion. We are not just going to the Olympics to


make the final or enjoy it, we are going there to bring some medals


home. Obviously as your coach he's got every confidence in you, but it


is about the Olympic trials for me first. I will obviously keep my feet


on the ground and see how it goes. So it is 7pm now and we are at the


end of a long training day and Jazz is doing her key strength focus


session. We will be here until going on 8pm. Probably doing a good earner


and the S and C work. Squeeze up. This is a long day. It is a 13-hour


training day. Jazz will be back home probably 8. 30pm. She will refuel


and relaxing before starting again tomorrow. This is what it takes to


make it to the Olympics and compete with the best in the world.


There's no easy way to win an Olympic medal. 12-hour days, six


days a week, 80kms a week. There's no short cuts. You have to give it


everything. Now, 2016 promises to be a really


exciting year for the Selby family. Andrew has started on his path


towards becoming world champion and his brother, Lee, well, he's already


there, at the top of the tree and knows all about the Welsh greats


that he's following. To really appreciate your sport you


must know the history. I follow my boxing history,


especially Welsh boxing. My brother boxes too. He's a professional now.


He boxed in the Olympics and represented Great Britain. My father


claims he boxes, but there's no evidence and his father boxed too.


There's been 11 more champions before me and I am the 12th world


champion. The first Welsh man to win a world


le was Percy Jones. He won that in 1914. He was born on boxing day,


funnily enough. Next up was Freddie Welsh. They called him the Welsh


Wizard. He was born in Pontypridd but made his name in America. Next


up was the Ghost with the hammer in his hand. He learnt his trade and


the boxing moves. January 1968 Howard Winston was world champion.


Despite hurting his hand in a factory accident, he lost one of his


fingers, he became feather weight champion. On to the 90s, Steve


Robinson. The Cinderella Man. When he sat here eating pies and chips,


gets a phone call, two days later, he's world champion. The hardest


part of boxing is the sparring. Robbie region. He was the best at


it. -- Regan. He was the best at it. Freddie Jones, superflyweight


champion. Despite punching power, he proved you can become world champion


on boxing of ability alone. Calzaki. Undefeated, a retired world


champion. Say no more. Enzo Macanelly he could punch.


Gavin Reese. He had one of the best jabs in the busy. Nathan Cleverly,


as intelligent in the ring as out. Next up, what will I say about


myself? One of the hardest working boxers in the sported. I never give


up. I stay focussed. I am determined and I find a way to win. I have


proven my worth for Great Britain. Now I want to establish my name on


the world scene. You look at some of the past fighters that went to


America at the latter part of his career. I heard him say he wished he


did it sooner. I am doing it now. Have my defence out there and I will


go to America and try to build my name. The 13th world champion, I


believe will be my younger brother, Andrew Selby. I believe he could be


the best Welsh boxer ever. It is a big claim, but I have been watching


boxing from eight, 10 years of age and he's one of the mostal lented


box - most talented I have seen. Lee's next opponent will be Eric


Hunter. Good luck to Lee and Andrew in 2016. Now, there are just three


weeks to go until the start of this year's Six Nations. And it is a


special anniversary for a former player who made his Wales debut 25


years ago. We sent Martyn Williams to catch up with an old friend.


I have come back to a very special place which holds fond memories for


myself. I will meet an old team-mate here today.


Here he is... Doing all right, Sir? Good to see you. Good to be back. It


hasn't changed much, has it? Not at all. Nothing has changed.


Everything's in the same position. I've had some fantastic times in


here. We had some good times in her. We


had some fantastic times. Good times in here. We had some


fantastic times. It is 25 years this year that you


got your first cap, famously you and Scott Gibbs. 19 years, running out


against England. Can you remember much of it? As you would, your first


cap. You think, I am a player. much of it? As you would, your first


lump in your throat, playing against England. The other side, you think,


here we go. It was proper rugby and proper stuff. It is reality, it is


when you run out, it is like yes! You have made it. You've done it. It


is something I will never, ever forget.


It is always an ambition to play for Wales. Up there, as we both know, is


the very first one, which we wanted to explain. On the front of it is


Neily, Neily. For my mum and dad, they thought, what can we get him


for his 18th birthday. Having one made might cost an arm and leg. That


is what they gave me for my 18th birthday. My old man messing about.


One of the best presents I have ever had.


Unbelievable international career. Over 1,000 points. 87 caps. One


moment that stands out for you in all that? It is difficult to look


past '99, it was at Wembley. Still in London. That was a ridiculous


day, that was. Obviously for us to beat them it was a special day


really. And that, if I am honest, will probably take some beating.


Ironic, we mention you and Gibbs and Gibbs scored the try.


Scott Gibbs has scored. What an amazing try. I remember Gibbsie


doing all that. I thought get yourself under the post.


I realised we were still behind. Scott, don't do that! Touch down for


the try. It was not right in front of the sticks? Probably one of the


easiest for that level for something on the line, probably. Your mind


goes to your jogging hand, kicking the goal and making sure we get in


front. What wrould you want to kick this in world rugby? That man.


I would probably have been lynched. Of all of the goals he's kicked in


his life, this will lift the roof. An incredible atmosphere. An


incredible way to finish the Five Nations. For you, what was the best


highlight at this ground? It is difficult to pick a game. Grown up,


you probably said it earlier about the changing room, being nervous.


That would be the start of it. Especially as a young kid and


knowing what is around you. And the old school wonder test. If you were


not together you would get it in the ear. I think that alone was probably


a special place to be in the changing rooms before we came out.


Chief obviously walking around about being aggressive.


It was a scary place, if you were a young kid and not sure what is to


come. Coming out here and I think, for me, it is what it was all about,


playing for the Jersey, for the team. There are no prima donnas. It


didn't matter who you played for, you came back and your feet were on


the ground. There was one thing and one thing only and that was to


represent Pontypridd and play for the shirt. That is it for this week.


We are on at 7pm next Friday. From the Sport Wales team, have a good




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