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Good evening from Burnley where tomorrow Cardiff City play knowing


that promotion is safe and that next year Wales will have two teams


in the Premier League. So after another historic week for Welsh


sport, stay tuned for a bumper sport Wales.


-- Sport Wales. We've been to catch up with Malky


Mackay to reflect on a magical week for the club. We're taking as much


advice from as many people as I can to keep Cardiff City in the league.


Nathan Cleverly is talking to us ahead of his title bout against


Robin Krasniqi. Plus we're at the liberty to meet some of Swansea's


Well, Cardiff City players can relax when they play Burnley here


at tur moor tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that promotion -- Turf


Moor tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that promotion to the


Premier League is in the bag. The journey back to the top tier of


English football has been a bumpy one for the long-suffering


supporters. Gareth Rhys Owen looks at a promotion that's been a long


time in the making. All the players have moved over to


the tunnel, sensible refereing. Marshal with a goal kick. Cardiff


City are going to the Premier League. 51 years they've waited to


go back to the top flight and this time, after all their recent


failures, the nearly men have Despite being out of the top tier,


the Welsh Cup gave Cardiff City a chance to face some of Europe's


biggest clubs in the 60s and 70s. Domestic success became a rarity


over the next two decades with the club bouncing between the lower


divisions and only the odd magical cup run to save her -- safer. --


savour. Cardiff were just drifting to be honest with you. The chairman,


when I signed was Tony Clem enter. He tried his hardest. He done the


best he could, kept the club alive. Then Rick Wright took over and


pumped a little investment in. All of a sudden, it was like planting a


seed and next morning waking up and there was a bean stalk there. It


was fantastic. It wasn't really a long-term plan. Cardiff could


probably have been in the Premiership, you know, 10, 15 years


ago. What's the key to success? What do Cardiff need to do?


investment. Cardiff would have to spend probably in the region of �30,


�40, �45 million to give themselves an opportunity. If they spent like


�20, with the TV money going up next year it will be a struggle.


Money has always been an issue at Cardiff. With the dawn of the


millennium came a new saviour, leb neen businessman Sam Hamam arrived


with a cheque book. Despite being just one more step from the top


tier, the foundations below were creeking. The dark days were there


just before Sam arrived. He was a lively character and put a spark


back in the club. This club has had so many dark days and good days and


where we thought this could be it. This is where Cardiff City is going


to the next level, but we haven't. Sam put more and more in. He got


carried away with the whole scenario. You know, his ego was fed


by the fans. They fuelled each other. Then obviously, that money


suddenly stopped. It was as if somebody turned the tap off. All of


a sudden we had a problem. With the unpopular Peter Ridsdale in charge


the club faced reasonable ruin. certainly wouldn't have wanted to


be part of seeing the club go to the wall. When I was faced with


that decision, do I put my family at risk, my business at risk? Or do


I put the football club at risk? You know, it was one massive


dilemma. Wind Winding up petitions how close were you to the abyss?


I always say the one particular point we were ten minutes from the


abyss. Turmoil off the pitch ah, cheefplts on it. Whilst the club


fought to survive they enjoyed an FA Cup final and got within a


whisker of the Premier League at the 2010 play-offs. It was the


worst I've ever felt after a match. It was a big hurt that one. I think


this more than makes up for it. There's a lot that's happened in


the club. We changed our manager and owners as stuff. I think we've


always been up near the top of the league. We've probably been doing


really well, although we've always seemed to fail at the last hurdle.


It keeps into your mind it might never happen. But no, it's a great


feeling to eventually get it done. Realistically I think we would have


done it any way, even if we had lost the other night, but you want


to do it especially at home, in front of your fans when you have a


chance to do it. As I say, a lot of joy and happiness, but after the


last few years it's relief more than anything. It's where everybody


wants to play and obviously I've got friends who have played there.


It's just some are you want to play, want to test yourself and against


the best in the world. I'm massively looking forward to it.


Obviously it's going to be very, very difficult. But I'm sure with


the manager and the staff have got in place, we'll give it a good shot


and hopefully we can stay there for a few years. Right, in a moment,


I'll be joined by Wales international Sam Ricketts, but


first, what of the last few days -- what have the last few days ln like


for the man would got Cardiff City into the Premier League and how is


he preparing for life in the top flight? Ian Hunt caught up with the


Cardiff City manager, Malky Mackay. We are going up, say, we are going


up! Great to see you. I wonder, how are you feeling? Is it all


beginning to sink in yet? Gradually. I think the local newspapers


yesterday, and walking around yesterday you see a lot of happy


faces, the emotion of everyone on the pitch and a good night for the


club. I think as the days have gone on you start to reelise the


magnitude of where the club is now. Is your head still racing, are you


still thinking? You didn't bother going to bed? No, we are still


planning for the next three games. You're not having nightmares


already of how to deal with the likes of Percival and the players


you will come up against? I will find out from Brendan Rogers how to


deal with Schwarzer. No we'll leave that to a -- suarez. No we'll leave


that to a later poipbtd. You are apparently going to get �25 million


to spend on players. If figures are to be believed, Reading spent �5,


West Ham �19 and West Ham it's 27 - - if you can get the best players


for as cheap as you can to improve the squad. Do you do what Swansea


have done and go to the spinnish market, somebody said you might


need 12 Michu's in the summer? think most of the Premier League


was looking for Michu! You're never going to have a sure thing. There


will be one or two that we get wrong or doesn't work. It's about


hard work. It's about sifting through long hours of videos and


dossiers and documents. And having our scouts to watch games far and


wide and myself to go and do that with the staff as well before we


decide to spend any money. Every penny that we have, up to this


point, there's a reason it has been spent. He wants a reason that it's


been spent. It's about why money needs to be spent and it's up to


him to decide whether to authorise that. In the main, he's given mef


great backing as far as that's concerned. For the fans, the South


Wales derby back in the Premier League, what will that mean to the


supporters? It's something that we have spoken about. On day one, when


I came to the job, to have Cardiff City and Swansea City both in the


Premier League and to be playing in a derby against them, I'm sure the


two games will be interesting to say the least. They'll not be a


ticket to be had. That can only be good for South Wales. Have you


spoke ton Sir Alex or any of the other top managers as to how you


survive in the Premier League? got a nice text from him before and


after the game. That was really nice. There'll be a point where I


go and have a cup of tea with him beforehand. I've had four or five


others from the Premier League texting me, good luck and I'll be


giving them calls.Ive spoke to Brendan Rogers last night. We'll be


tying up as well. I've always said the Premier League will be a better


place with the two Welsh teams in there. It will prove that next


season. As I said, it's a brilliant achievement by Malky Mackay. I'm so


pleased for him. He's a good guy. I've known him a while now. You


have to earn your right and chance to come into the Premier League as


a manager and coach. He's done that. It's about taking as much advice


from as many good people as I can as to how to manage to keep Cardiff


City in the league for as many years as possible. It's something


that won't be done through lack of effort and hard work. And


understanding of the task that's at hand in front of us. A very proud


Malky Mackay there. I'm joined now by Wales' international Sam


Ricketts. Sam, how important has Malky Mackay been in Cardiff City's


success? He's brought changes to the team and the set up probably


behind the scenes as much as anything. They have the consistency


this year which they haven't had in the past. A fantastic start as


always, like they have for the last four, five years. This year they've


maintained it to the end. Vincent Tan said he doesn't want to spend


what �25 million, does that sound about right? Going off what the


teams have spent this year, I think that's a fair amount. I don't know


if you need to spend that much. He'll need to be careful not to rip


the side apart. There's been reports about the side needed


strengthening, every position. I don't really believe that. If you


look at QPR, a side who has spent a phenomenal amount of money to stay


in the Premier League and are struggling. It looks like they're


going to go down. Swansea maintained nearly lay side,


certainly players from League Two that they've accumulated through


the league. The team spirit which got Cardiff there, you need to be


careful and protect that and give the players a chance to got the


club promoted. What players come to your mind, when you think, oh, that


would be ideal for Cardiff City? Phil Neville, someone with


experience. You need two or three players to add experience. You have


Craig Bellamy there. Add Phil Neville to the mix. And then you


need young players who are hungry to prove themselves in the game, a


bit like the Michu effect. He was hung Troy prove himself in the


English football style and he's come in, along with the other


Spanish players. It's a real mix to keep the team spirit is the most


important thing. Can they stay up? Definitely. I don't really see any


reason why they should be scared. They've obviously enjoying the


promotion party at the minute and rightly. So it's been a long ten


months for them. When the season starts next season, they'll have


the euphoria of being in the Premier League for the fis time.


The fans will be fantastic every week. Don't go anywhere. We'll turn


our attention to boxing now. And to a very big night in the Welsh


amateur boxing calendar. Sport Wales cameras went along to catch


the action. Boxing was a key part of the


British success at last year's London Olympic Games. It provided a


boost for Welsh amateur boxing when Fred Evans won a silver medal in


the welterweight final. Last weekend some of our hopefuls for


Rio 2016 were on show at the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association's elite


finals. It's the pinnacle of the year really. It's the ultimate for


our up-and-coming boxers who are going to go forward hopefully in


boxing, European Championships and limb Bic Games. This is the scene -


- Olympic Games. This is the scene it's set on. Nicola Adams Gold


Medal performance was a stand-out moment of the Games. This year, the


lightweight effort, Jones in the blue vest proved far too powerful


for ef ans on the night winning the tightal -- title by a points margin


of 25-8. I've worked hard for it. I think I


deserved that. How much inspiration was Nicola Adams to you last year?


Amazing inspiration. It's got me more determined. It makes me work


harder as well to chase my dream. In the flyweight division Jayme


Beasley gained a narrow points decision over Ben baker. Wins for


an yell Evans in the welterweight division and the experienced Jayme


Evans proved too strong for Aaron Bird at middleweight. One of the


best success stories in Welsh amateur boxing in recent years is


St Joseph's gym in Newport. It's home to the Olympic Silver Medalist


Fred Evans. McGold Rick's fight had to be cancelled at the last minute.


I'm really disappointed. I'm not fighting tonight. That's just the


way it goes. The European rgs World Championships coming up. I need to


be on top form. I feel I'm in good form. Hopefully I'll get


transferred to the Europeans which is first, at the epd of May. That's


what's next. Another of St Joseph's rising stars


was on show in the 60kg lightweight division. Former Welsh champion Joe


Cordina. Over the moon. I've put in hard


work over the last couple of weeks and months. Tonight it came off.


It's like sleeping to me, boxing. Yeah, it's, this is like playing


football to like Ronaldo or Messi. In the 81kg light-heavyweight


division another hopeful Morgan Jones had a very tough encounter


with Nathan Thorley. Then it was on to the big boys. In the heavyweight


division Callum Evans was give ago way a height advantage against Tom


King. It was Evans who took the title after one of the most


exciting fights of the evening. In the superheavy weights saw Phil


Davies scoring an emphatic points victory over Rhys Tom Williams. The


most dramatic performance came from another very well thought of young


boxer and member of the Great Britain squad, Zac Davies. In his


light welterweight bout against Jordan Fisher.


Started off quite good. I got in a few good shots. I finished him.


This year is busy. I have the Europeans in May. And the World


Championships at end of the year. Hopefully medal in one of them now


and try to make my mark on boxing. For a small country we are punching


above our weight and I'm sure before the next, before the Rio


Olympics, there'll be a few more Welsh lads up there.


Remember, still to come: We pound the streets with Nathan Cleverly as


he prepares to defend his title against Robin Krasniqi.


Well as Cardiff City make plans for life in the Premier League, there's


strong speculation that Swansea City will look to Spain once again


this summer to strengthen their squad. Can they find another star


like Michu perhaps? Well, Ian Hunt has been speaking to an expert in


the field as well as two current members of Swansea's Spanish


contingent. Their faith in the virtues and


products of Spanish football has been rewarded this season.


Michu, you know the rest. After raiding the Spanish league's for


Michu and three others last year, how many more Spaniards will


Swansea snap up this summer? How much more Michus might there be


undiscovered? There's no more Michus. Michu is a guy that has


come in, has adapted really well, has a fantastic first touch, is a


goal scorer. He doesn't need to play the ball that much. He affects


teams. Like Michu, none. You talk about bargains though, players that


have quality for the Premier League, you've got a dozen there. People


that are actually, I would say desperate even, to leave their


clubs. There's lots of names linked with Swansea, can you see some of


them turning up here? If you follow regularly La Liga in England, you


would know some of those names are regular in their teams. We've seen


them play. Some of them will be here. How did Swansea get Michu?


How did they get him ahead of all the other Premier League clubs, who


were supposedly looking at him? lot of clubs were looking into it


and they thought no, he's a number nine that probably is tall but


doesn't head the ball well. He's in the a midfielder that passes the


ball, so what is he? While they were trying to find an answer,


Swansea said come to us. I can tell you, there's been investigations


within clubs, big clubs, in the Premier League to find out why they


missed Michu. How could you think that for �2.5 million, somebody who


scored in double figures could not work with your boss. Defenders


Angel Rangel and Chico Flores were at a news conference. Do you enjoy


public speaking then? I prefer to be kicking the ball in front of


probably as many thousands people as you want. If I have to do it,


it's part of your job as well. It's not my best, but I try it. As the


longest serving Spaniard here, are you kind of the leader of the


group? I found it difficult at the time when I came here, but now I


see the new comers coming and it's the same. I am trying to make it


easier for them, help them with everything on and off the pitch.


It's a guider trying to help them and make them feel comfortable and


I'm enjoying the life in South Wales. Chico, you're learning


English, how's it going? A little bit English. He's saying that he's


been here for about nine months and he's found it difficult to learn


English, but it is improving. He doesn't think he's ready for TV


interviews yet. His English is OK but sometimes it's a lot of


pressure. He's happy I'm here to help him out. Getting a reputation


as a tough tackling player? English game is a lot different and


the Italian game, so obviously he remembers attacking when he got a


red card. He thinks if he had done that in Spain, he wouldn't have got


as many games ban. He works hard and tries to improve all the time


and for him that was a lesson. He knew he made a mistake that day.


He's learned from that. You can see he's a better player and enjoying


it more. In terms of the season, what is the target for Swansea? Is


it to ensure you finish in the top ten? We won the cup. We're in the


top ten. With six games to go that is the biggest achievement Swansea


can get. Hopefully if we stay in the top ten that would be a mass a


chee. For the club. It's not over yet. We have to work for 18 points


and hopefully we'll get as many as we can. Beating Southampton


tomorrow is key to the top-ten target. Could the architect of


Swansea's success be seduced to Spain? Just after winning the cup


and 70-odd per cent of fans want him to replace Mourinho if he


leaves. But he's signed a new contract. I know Brendan Rogers did


that as well but a different situation. This is a man who has


been in the elite. He has been at Real Madrid, Juventus. He's seen it


and done it. He just wants to be happy at what he does. Heefz happy


at Swansea, at a club he's taken to Europe and with a possibility of


making the squad better. Sometimes it's not about getting to the top,


and then you sign for Barcelona or Real Madrid and six months later


they sack you. What kind of enjoyment is that? I think Liam


McLeod is looking for happiness and he's -- Michael Laurup is looking


for happiness and he has it here. We saw them there, the Spanish boys


at the liberty, what or who will this summer bring to the Liberty?


I'm expecting a few more astute signings by Michael this summer,


given the business model that Hugh Jenkins has installed at Swansea


I'm not expecting fanfare arrivals. Pretty much more of the same. If


they can add another Michu to the squad I'm sure they will try to do


that. The fact they have silverware now and the name Michael McLeod


does that make the club more attractive to bigger names? --


Michael Laurup. More than that it's the way Swansea play their football.


They've gained a reputation for playing attractive football.


There's admiring eyes not just in this country, but abroad now as


well. As players, you want to be part of a team that plays like that.


I think that plays as much a part of the fact that they're now the


League Cup cluns. Fans will wonder what will next season bring for


Swansea fans, what's the next goal, do you think? I'm not sure how far


Swansea can go. They keep surpassing expectations every year.


They've got better and better for the last six years. It's the case


of doing the same thing and possibly trying to nick a European


place. As a former swans yip player, can you imagine what that South


Wales derby will be like next year? It's already been spoken about not


just by me, but anyone I speak to now is looking forward to the derby


next year and what it's going to do for Saj Wales. Sam Ricketts, thank


you for -- South Wales. Ricketts, thank you phwoaarr


joining us. Tomorrow night Nathan Cleverly will make his fifth


defence of the heavyweight title against Robin Krasniqi, a fiegtder


that's described as -- fighter has described as the best he's ever


faced. Nathan made time to speak to Sport Wales ahead of the big fight.


Boxing is part of me. It's in my DNA. It tests you mentally,


physically and phylosophically like no other sport. You need dedication,


mental strength and the will to win. I box because the buzz of boxing,


the adrenaline it gives me. It's an incredible feeling. For my


background as a kid I was very competitive. I found myself


involved in a lot of street fights on street corners. Boxing wagz a


way out for me. It provided me with discipline and a vision. I love the


fear. I love just charging towards it. I feel that's the best way to


overcome fear. Take it on head first and just destroy it. I knew


right from day one, even before I stepped in the boxing gym, that I


would become world champion. My fifth defence of my world title has


come around so quickly. I'm looking forward to it. Just like every


other defence, just embrace it and being world champion and enjoying


the moment. Krasniqi is a very credible opponent, very tough.


Knocked out his last four opponents. This is a tough fight. He's coming


in with a great deal of confidence. He's a hungry fighter, they're


danger fighters. I have to be on the ball for this fight. He will


give this everything to rip this world title from me. Training has


gone very well. I love pushing my body hard, physically feeling in


great shape. More importantly mentally I've been focused. I have


to take this guy on. I'm going to prove I'm a true world champion.


Natural ability is something that you must have to reach the top in


boxing. But the majority is the will to go through the work, the


training, the work edgic that's got to be -- it's got to be extreme.


You get to a stage in the fight where your body can go into a kind


of trans, where you're so tired and exhausted, your legs, your arms,


your lungs, they get so tired that you kind of end the transstage


where you just are working on instinct. When you've prepared your


body to do that, it becomes much easier in the fight to go through


that, that threshold.. Still the world heavyweight champion, Nathan


Cleverly. Two individuals in that boxing ring


fighting like two gladiators who've trained and prepared religiously to


win in battle, it's definitely the toughest sport of all. And let's


hope that Nathan Cleverly can keep the Welsh sporting success going


tomorrow night. You can listen to the fight live on both BBC Radio


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