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Good evening. And so the good times roll on for a Welsh sport. Nathan


Cleverly is still a world champion and our two Conference teams battle


for the last place to return to the Football League. Stay with us for


another action-packed Sport Wales. We have access all areas with


Nathan Cleverly as he prepared to fight Robin Krasniqi. I am prepared


to fight fire with fire. As Michel Platini helps look to the future,


how long will the current boss be in charge? If they find the right


man for the job for the next qualifying campaign, great. And we


asked Jeremy Guscott for his captain for the Lions squad. I do


nothing Sam is ready to be the captain. We will begin with boxing


and last weekend's Nathan Cleverly fought his 5th defence of his WBO


light-heavyweight title against Robin Krasniqi. We had behind the


scenes access with him for the fight at Wembley Arena. The team


was calm and relaxed ahead of defence No. 5 of the world title.


With Nathan supporting -- sporting a nice little black number in the


way in. We were meant to fight each other last year, then I pulled out,


so he thinks I am running scared. So he gave me a skirt saying Nathan


Cleverly, the Princess. I wanted to show it had no impact on me. It was


good fun. I will make him pay on Friday night. It is a hostile


environment sometimes. The press conferences can get heated, there


is a lot of intensity and there can be a lot of pressure, but you have


to deal with it as a champion. After the chaos of the way in,


Nathan Cleverly finds solitude in the hotel car park. Whenever anyone


sees that belt, they want to give it 120%. All the challengers are


targeting year. So there is pressure. You have to keep fighting


these hungry fighters. preparations begin at Wembley Arena


the champion's hard work has already been done. I had a nice


sleep and I listen to a bit of music in my room. The calm before


the storm. Make sure you do not get the adrenalin pumping too early.


Get it right for tonight. When he is in the ring he will realise what


he is in with. They have trained hard and they have confidence, but


when they are in the ring with me, they realised the champion I am and


I take them down. I will take this one down as well. Right, all set. I


am prepared to fight fire with fire. If that means going to war, then we


will. If he wants to box and try and be smart and clever, then maybe


I will have to put it on him and bake him work, but as long as I am


winning the rounds, whether that is boxing or fighting, I will hit what


I see and 10 times out of 10 it gets you the result. I anticipate a


clean fight. The rules of boxing dictate a member of each camp


oversees the bandaging of the opponent's hand. Despite Nathan


Cleverly being signed off by the authorities, Robin Krasniqi's


representative refuses to move until he puts his gloves on. We do


not want you here. You have done what you are supposed to do. We are


asking you politely to leave and you are saying, no, we are not. I


will have he removed. Security are forced to step in. There is just


one hour to go and tell the first bell. First thing you have got to


have his natural ability and the second his heart and he has got


bags of that. He is a really good boxer. I think he is going to go


places and I am confident he will do the job tonight. A have you got


the shield? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the


evening. Please welcome into the ring that WP a light heavyweight


champion of the world, Nathan From the first round, Nathan


Cleverly dominates. That was a brilliant right hand over the top.


Robin Krasniqi has not moved from the ropes. He is in pretty much the


same position. He gets another left hook through. That is the best of


the fight so far. Robin Krasniqi is looking disturb for the first time


in the contest. He tries to fight back, but he is pinned on the ropes.


The stubborn Kosovo and does his best to keep the champion in check.


A right hand over the top from Robin Krasniqi. When you are


walking away from him, I do not do nothing. Walk away from him and


snap, snap. However, the fight ends as it started, with the Welshman


The more accurate work of Nathan Cleverly gets through. Champion of


the world, Nathan Cleverly! Great hit him a few times at the finish


and he could not get that finish. It was quite tough. He was gutsy. I


am pleased with it. I think he could have stopped impossibly


sometimes, but it is his first fight after a long time. The guy


was tough, he was not a walk over, so I'm happy. The next fight could


be with a German. I want to challenge myself against the very


best, so I am looking forward to that. Football now and the two


Welsh teams competing in the Blue Square Conference plate of semi-


finals. Newport and Wrexham are both just one game away from


possibly facing each other in the final at Wembley. Ian Hunter looks


ahead to Sunday's second leg matches. It is the biggest game of


the season and will be the biggest game in the club's history. We want


to get there again. We are there now and we want to make sure we get


there for sure. Five years outside the Football


League, two successive play-off semi-final defeats against little


town -- Luton Town. Did these goals When we turn up everybody in this


league knows they are in for a tough encounter on whatever Derry


it is. We know we have to turn up the same way and give Kidderminster


as tough a day as we did in the first leg. We have gone into it as


underdogs this time. We have to make sure we are up for it again on


Sunday. Few would have thought it possible Newport County could be on


the brink of League football since -- for the first time since 1988.


Last year they avoided relegation. But they finished third in the


league and they have won for it in Wembley and after their first game


against Grimsby. I think it is going to be a fantastic occasion.


It will be one we have not seen and I am looking forward to it on


Sunday because it is going to be hostile in the right way. It will


give some players a lift and you cannot walk not want to play for


those fans. They will play their part on Sunday, no doubt about that.


It is the biggest game of the season and probably the biggest


game in the club's history for 25 years. We know what is at stake.


The way we dealt with the game on Wednesday and the way we went about


our business is all that could be asked for. They know their way


around Wembley. Last month, Wrexham won the FA Trophy. The county had


to settle for loser's medals in the final of last year's competition.


We want to get there again because that means we are in with a chance


of going to the Football League. know what Sunday means. It gives us


a step closer to that promised land and what a fairy-tale end to the


season it could be. But we have to focus solely on the second leg


because Grimsby are going to give a good account of themselves and it


will be a tough encounter. I am joined now by an absolute legend at


the racecourse, former Wales international Mickey Thomas. Who is


happier going into the second leg? Justin Edinburgh getting that one


goal away from home. Newport have got passionate fans. I think they


are favourites to get to Wembley for sure. Wrexham have got an


advantage, but they have to go to Kidderminster who have got a very


powerful strike force and they are in form. I think Wrexham and


Newport are going to Wembley. deserves it most? Newport have been


outstanding in the league and they have got a good strength force as


well. They have gone to a new stadium. Their pitch has not been


conducive to good football. I think Andy has done well. To get to this


position again after last season his incredible. Newport probably


shaded at the moment. Who is under the most pressure, Andy Morrell or


Justin Edinburgh? I think the pressure is on Andy and the simple


reason is because he has spent a few bob. Welsh football has


blossomed this season with Cardiff and Newport and Swansea and Wrexham.


We will be back for some predictions vary sharply. Next week


Warren Gatland will announce his long awaited selection for the


Lions tour this summer. So, we spoke to some Lions legends to find


out who they think should be on the plane. The Six Nations was the


final chance for Lions hopefuls to press their claims in the Test


arena. With four days to go and tell Warren Gatland reveals his tan,


you can bet there will be chewed fingernails and sleepless nights.


wrote down a few names and I got to 85 names. It is staggering. He has


got to reduce that to 37. I would not like to be a player in the back


row with days to go and you could be counting every time you missed a


tackle. Could I have made a tackle? What happened in Scotland? All the


doubts will start going through the player's mind. Perhaps the biggest


decision of all is that of the captaincy. A number of bookies have


stopped taking bets on Sam Warburton. But there are a number


of leading contenders. I do not think he is ready to be the captain


of the Lions. He has proved beyond doubt he can captain Wales. Winning


the Grand Slam, and some of them have done it a few times, but there


is a doubt over his selection as a Lions captain. The stand-out


candidate is Brian O'Driscoll. He has world respect. The breakdown


will be one of the key contests Down Under. There are a raft of


quality open sides to fill the breach. If I am Warren Gatland I am


not thinking too much about Australia, I am thinking about our


game. No. 7 has been the best so far. But Warren Gatland might have


a different game plan and strategy. He may think, let's just smash them


out of the park every time we play them and it does not matter who


plays No. 7. If you are demolishing them, you do not need somebody to


do the fetching. Sam Warburton will come in there, take Australia on.


And Robshaw will come into it as well. Who do you think over these


next few days will be biting their fingers the most? Maybe Alex


Cuthbert. His first game against Ireland was not particularly


brilliant. Chris Robshaw. He played brilliantly for Harlequins and did


well as England captain. Tom Wood was the last name I put on my list


and how could I miss a player like Tom Wood. He was one of a number of


players whose reputation suffered when the red rose was trampled upon


replicate that. I don't think it will be dominated by the Welsh side.


After that. That is four play players guaranteed. North?Oh, yeah,


Remember the time for a small period of my life I was proud of. Wales are


expected to make up the bulk of this squad. Is that how you see it? Do


you expect most of this squad to be Welsh? They certainly saved their


best performance to last. You need to be in a winning environment to


produce the best form in the British and Lions campaign. If they win the


first two, it's very difficult to pick yourself up to get the


whitewash. If I look at the talent available for Gatland to pick, we


can play them off the park. It's gelling it altogether, yeah, 2-1.


More football now and a true legend of the world game, Michel Platini,


has been speaking to Sport Wales about the chances of Wales hosting


major European games in the future,but first Chris Coleman on


his future as manager of the national football centre, a


permanent base for Wales and they hope a football factory to produce a


conveyer belt for the next Gareth Bale's and Aaron Ramsey's. What


about the future of Welsh current figurehead, will Chris Coleman be


around to benefit? I will sit down with the powers that be and discuss


the best way forward. The most important thing is that Wales


qualify one day. If I'm the right man for the job for the next


qualifying campaign, great. If I'm not, then if that decision is made


by someone else so, be it. The laths six months I am heapier with the way


things have gone and more settled. I think the players now, the team are


grasping what we are trying to do. I'm not a quitter. I knew it was


going to be tough. I also knew when we losing it I'm breaking up one


else's legacy. If I win I'm carry on someone's legacy. I wanted the


honour of doing the job, not under the circumstances under which I got


it. It is what it it is. Are signs of growth after a stagnant start to


Coleman's re Gill n. Three wins from the last five game and the Welsh F A


have been urged to extend his contract and lead him into the next


campaign. There are many conversations still to be had. I'm


sure Chris would want to have a conversation with us. We have four


matches to go, Ireland at home, friendly. Great, great friendly


match against Republic of Ireland we have four more qualifiers. Let us


not jump to the guns too soon. Everybody is thinking we are doing


the right thing now. Everybody is behind Chris Coleman. Qualifying for


a major tournament nothing ranks higher. Welsh F A have lofty


ambitions. Platini poured cold water on European matches saying the


infrastructure isn't good enough. It's the question of the players,


it's the question of the airport. There are a lot of questions. When


you bring 60,000 to 80,000 people in the game for the same game, you have


the big games we have that. It's different to have 30,000 and 60,000.


You need rooms, airports, you need planes. Everything. That is more


complicated. No problem endorsing Dragon Park the new centre in


Newport that is modelled on similar HQs in France and England. All the


teams under one roof nurturing Welsh talent. You are waiting for


generations and generations. They have to work somewhere. That could


be important, interesting, then you need good educators and good


players. If you want to winsome games you don't need a centre, you


need good players. This centre can help to good players. Are trying to


catch up with most of the countries around Europe who have something


like this in place. You can see the players that France have produced.


We have to try and keep up with everybody else and produce good


players. A place like this is ideal. The important thing for me or


whoever my successor is in the future, Welsh football will be here.


How best we look after that and how much we invest in it. This is a


strike forward. Back to rugby now and a look at how


Cardiff City's rise into the Premier League might impact on their capital


neighbours, The Blues. Ian Hunt assesses the challenges


facing the rugby team in a capital city that's preparing to host some


of the biggest sporting sides in the world. The football landscape is


about to change in Cardiff. Promotion to the Premier League for


the Bluebirds in a few short months some of the world's biggest teams


and biggest stars will be on the doorstep. Best football theatre


around as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and the rest


descend on the capital city. How might that affect the Cardiff Blues.


It's not a worry. It will force us to be Bert at what we do. It will


force us to reanalyse our marketing strategies and be Bert and


competition in my mind can only be a healthy thing. We have to engage


with our community and develop the Blues as a region. Their optimism


isn't shared by everyone. Former Wales captain, Mike Hal, raised big


fears. For me a league which is dying on it is feet. The Blues have


worked hard to engage with all the clubs in their region covering not


only Cardiff but Merthyr and taking a session to Christ College. Winning


back hearts and minds seems more important. The kids will want to see


Manchester United, Liverpool etc. They want to see Leigh Halfpenny's.


There will be individuals who support rugby and those who want to


support football. When you get the individuals to the ground to see the


product you are providing, it has to be right. If it is right, they will


continue to come back. You need a successful side. The Blues have


played in front of 30,000 a couple of years ago in the Heineken Cup,


where have the spectators gone? The product has dipped. The team's


performance have dipped. People have drifted away. The average attendance


has been under 8,000. 14,000 less than Cardiff City averaged in the


Championship. Swansea have averaged 20,000 at the Liberty Stadium,


double what the ospreys average. How have they Combed having the Swans in


the Premier League for the last two seasons? Has it changed things, no.


Have we to sharpen our focus on where we are and what we are doing,


yes, it does. There is a distinct rugby crowd in Swansea and a


distinct soccer crowd. It made us sharpen up a bit. The latest


development to break the deadlock between the union and the regions


over the governance of the game saw the Chairman meet with the board of


the Welsh Rugby Union last night. With the benefactors set to walk


away things could go from bad to worse. They operate under one of the


lowest salary caps in the world. Leading Wales stars like Jamie


Roberts have said goodbye to the Blues, there is concerned that the


trickle could turn into a flood. They want to see the George North


and Goth Berths and Leigh Halfpennies. They need to be kept in


Welsh rugby. There is a big job ahead. They have to get it right.


Certain people will always watch rugby, certain people will watch


rugby. It's form have both cases showcased. To have two premier


sporting teams in Cardiff is fantastic. Conservative estimate is


a million fans coming through the football stadiums next season. The


role moodels of a new generation of supporters rather than Leigh


Halfpenny or Ryan Jones. Sport, more than ever, is about the experience


for the fans. No place then for substandard pitches. The facility we


moved back and we, if the truth be non -- known we were in a rush to


get it down. We are looking to improve the pitch and facilities for


the fans. The Blues or the Bluebirds or maybe both. It's up to the fans


to decide. It is back to football. Who is going into the football


league next season? Wrexham. Newport have done well. I have to go for


Wrexham. I have played for them. I have a love for them. They gave me


an opportunity to play professional. I will go for Wrexham. Midfield will


win them the game. Sorry about that. Thank you very much for joining us.


Thank you. That's it for tonight.


We're back next Friday, but don't forget that you can hear full


commentary of both games this Sunday on BBC Radio Wales and Radio Cymru,


but next week hopefully with a preview of two Welsh teams about to


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