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Good evening. Stay with us for the next half hour as we reflect on the


fortunes of Chris Coleman's Wales in the 2014 World Cup double header.


There's plenty more besides on We've got football covered big


interviews with Joe Allen, Peter The daps are on as we look back at


the Cardiff half marathon and the I would not change anything.


Plus Gethin Jenkins shares his thoughts on his new life in Toulon


and the prospect of facing his old team mates at the Blues. It is


going to be a great experience. I cannot wait until I get back out on


the field. Well, it's been a week of mixed


fortunes for Chris Coleman's Wales in their World Cup qualifying


campaign. In a moment we'll hear from the manager on where next for


Wales and him personally. But first a reminder of the agony and the


Last Friday night in Cardiff and a They are back in this. Two minutes


Wales are right back on the World Cup trail. Monday afternoon and


renewed optimism in the air as Wales head of for Croatia hoping


for better fortune. Daunting maybe the word. Croatia have only lost


once in 46 games at home. A goal of their own making. Wales had lay


with price to thank for keeping the scoreline down. Wales could not


A much improved performance when you look at the Serbia game.


character and the team spirit were all working and fighting. A we did


not crumble like we did against Serbia. It was disappointing to


lose but we came out of there with our heads held high. I probably


should have a hooked it out. The ball just got stuck in the Med a


little bit. Croatia's headline act got the better. I wanted try and


keep doing my best and bring us forward. Hopefully, I will continue


to play well. The team return home with three points and three defeats


after their opening qualifiers. Back in Cardiff, we sat down with


Chris Coleman. Is it realistically all over now. It is out of our


hands. Belgium, Croatia. If we had qualified for the last couple of


World Cups and European championships and going into the


qualifying group on the back of that, OK. That has never happened.


Before the kick the ball, we were up against it in a very tough group.


Belgium and Croatia have to slip up. Do you write it off and look


forward to the next rung? We cannot. Football is a funny game. We never


ever write it off. They will be Twister and turns. If one of the


buys above us slip then we have a chance to put ourselves back in the


mix. Wales will need all the talent at their disposal. Will we ever see


Craig Bellamy in the red shirt again go stark I do not know.


You'll have to ask him that. I do not know if he is fit or not. I


will never go begging. I do not see why I should beg for any player to


come back. He is not getting any younger. We have not had him in any


of the games which is difficult because he is still a good player.


It is not something I want to talk about any more. If you want to come


and play for as and be involved, the door is open. He knows that.


That is not the issue any more. What people via is that there is no


Plan B if Gareth Bale is not available. Do you have a plan?


Gareth Bale out of any team will be a loss. He has been terrific for us.


Talking about his goals against Scotland. He is the only player to


have scored for Wales. You have to find golf. We have to start keeping


clean sheets as well. It will be nice to get a half-time put up we


are always chasing. Are you happy and confident that you add the man


to take us football forward? Probably more confident than a few


of you lot. If we had won every game so far. I would not walk away.


We have won one game and lost three. It is a tall order for us to


qualify. By contract is until the end of the qualifying games. I will


see that through. Would you accept that one good game against Scotland


has saved you? Maybe. But that is football. After the Scotland wing,


I said at the press conference that I was the same manager that there


was a touch of hours before. We have gone to Croatia, they were top


10 in the world. We lost. In terms of the players and their effort, it


was fantastic. I am the same One player who started both World


Cup qualifiers over the last week was midfielder Joe Allen who last


August followed his former manager Brendan Rodgers out of Swansea City


to Liverpool in a deal worth �15 million. 24 hours after returning


from Croatia Sport Wales went to Joe Allen returns to club action


this weekend after featuring for Wales in the World Cup


qualification game. A completely different feeling coming off the


pitch than when we played against Serbia. They were a good side. Many


have the likes of their players pulling the strings, it makes it


difficult. International duty over the summer for Great Britain in the


Olympics. That it is time to tournament football for the first


time. But all has not been running swiftly. There was a dramatic win


over Scotland. The Serbia the feed her to us in many ways. But the


victory over Scotland was a great winner to bounce back. The death of


Gary Speed has clearly affected this group of Welsh internationals.


The impact he had on his profession should not be underestimated.


was a massive influence over me. He gave me a fantastic opportunity to


play for my country. I was privileged to have that chance and


it is all down to him. He was a great man. Outside of football, he


was someone you looked up to and was inspiring. He was someone you


really did admire and was the kind of person he would like to grow up


to be. Having been raised in West Wales and having played for Tenby,


he became part of the Swansea City set up. He moved away from Wales to


join Liverpool at the end of this summer. It was an hour up the road


to Swansea City. I spent many years Many have been somewhere for so


long, it is a difficult decision. You are sorry to leave in some ways


but I saw it as a fresh challenge for myself and I had always do


dreamed of doing it. I left on great terms. Having the chance to


join was exciting. To play in front of the crowd at Anfield was an


experience you do not get in many places in the world. It is early


days in terms of my career here but my only aim and focus is purely on


going out there and doing my job for the team. As long as I can


focus on that and become a better player, and my career will continue


to go on. At Anfield he has linked The last couple of years were a


great time for me personally at Swansea City and for Swansea City


as a club. They are heading in a great direction. That is a very


successful period. It was great to be part of that with him there as


manager. In terms of bedding in here, it has made it easier. It has


been a poor start for for the season for a young Liverpool side.


But the Welshman expects the club to stick with the style of football


for some time to come. You need people to show faith and have


confidence in your ability and confidence that you can add


something to the team. There are some world-class players here and


that style of play will only enhance Liverpool Football Club. I


am looking forward to seeing how the season pans out and getting


Well we're turn our attention to rugby now and the Cardiff Blues are


desperate to get their Heineken Cup campaign back on track this weekend.


But it won't be an easy task. While the Blues, like the other Welsh


regions, have been tightening their purse strings, Sunday's opponents


Toulon have been splashing the cash and are top of the French league.


One of their many international stars, Gethin Jenkins, is a former


Blue and is relishing the chance to Six years ago, Toulon were a mid-


season -- in mid-table club. It is a very different story today. They


are tipped for a European and domestic double. Millions of pounds


have been pumped in and a galaxy of international superstars have been


assembled. Gethin Jenkins is the When I first came here I was a bit


weary. I had not really spoken to some of the players here. I have


been here for two or three months and I get on really well with them.


There are boys from South Africa and New Zealand and some from


England and Australia. It is a good environment and we all get on very


well. Playing against Botha over the years, you think he is a bit of


a stubborn bloke to get on with. But he is hilarious. He keeps the


squad going. He is a great player and it is great to be in the same


team as people like him. You have spoken of your frustration this


season. Once that so far and you are up against Andrew Sheridan put


up how frustrating is it for you to come out here and Spencer much time


On the positive side, the team has gone it really well. I have been


involved in 12 games. So, whereas it is not the same as starting, I


have had some at rugby under the belt. Definite will start this


weekend when his new team faces of old team. And there is history


between the two. The last time they met, Gethin Jenkins led them to a


victory. A strange experience for me. Keeping a good diet on the


Blues this year. It will be a great experience. Hopefully, I am short


there will be a bit of banter being thrown about. It will be a tough


game. A great encounter. Toulon it remains a big concern for Welsh


rugby. The regions are desperate to stop other big stars following in


Gethin Jenkins's footsteps. The Union's chief executive has claimed


to the offer of contracts has been rejected by the regions. Gethin


Jenkins has now seen both sides of the coin. From a player's point of


view, 80 or 10 years, I was based in Wales. It does not make a


massive difference. You get looked after in training because, at the


end of the day, the main goal is to get the national team as good as


possible. The these players coming out, they do need to be playing in


Wales. No idea how old you go about it. The money being offered in


France is significantly higher, but I do think we need to keep our


Welsh players in Wales. There are some concerns you may well miss the


game in the autumn, and potentially the first game in the Lions tour.


Have you done anything to address that? Firstly, with the Lions


situation, I am not even thinking about that. A lot of things can


happen. With the Australia game, I really want to play that game.


Country always comes first. If it came down to read, and to none said


you can play for Wales and the Australian game, it would you take


that? Definitely. You don't want to miss one of the games again. It is


a case of me and my agent going in and negotiating with the club.


And you can listen to all the European action on Radio Wales and


Radio Cymru. Last Sunday, more than 18,000 people took to the streets


of Cardiff for the city's annual Half Marathon, cheered on by one of


the true greats of British distance running. A Welsh legend was in town


to raise the profile of the event and help inspire a new generation


of runners. Sport Wales went to He was a humble RAF technician


whose achievements were anything but a modest. In the '80s, he was


the man to catch, winning a marathon some breaking records. But


he lacked an ego. His superstar runner but a super shy man. I am


comfortable in my own environment. This is not comfortable. I am a bit


fidgety. It was hard to come to terms with. But it has been great.


Sometimes, I say to myself, I wish I could not break a world record,


but I would not change anything. And turn still riding on the crest


of a wave. In 1984, and broke the world record, that was the first


full marathon you completed. I knew something was happening. The race


director leaned over, and I was a minute and a half in front of him,


and he shouts up, Steve! A couple more miles and you will get the


record. I still did not know what to world record was until I crossed


the line and everybody were shouting about it. Jones, looks to


me as if he is feeling the pain. stomach problem meant that Jones


had to relieve himself at the roadside! But he still managed to


beat his great rival. I said to Charlie, stop. You did a Paula


Radcliffe? Yes! I stopped, and Charlie thought he had got it. All


of a sudden, I was not there. But within another 150 yards, I got it.


The fastest marathon ever runner in this country! And the same year,


you go back into the Chicago Marathon and set another record for


a British runner. I missed the world record by one second. What


does it say that 27 years on, you are still a British record holder?


It is a good record! Some people like to bring in garlands and


therapists and chiropractors and physical therapist some dieticians


and everything, but really, all you need to do is put your running


shoes on and go for a run. Simple as that. Jones now coaches young


athletes, but is back in Wales to turn the Cardiff half in up to one


of the UK's top three marathons and encourage fresh running Tarrant --


talent. I am not quite sure where to go. When they see a great event


on their doorstep, that is great for Wales. There is known run for


old time's sake but Steve Jones - he has got a hamstring problem. But


he is here to see off the 18,000 runners. And you never know, there


might just be a start in the future to follow in his tracks. The 30


mile race was won by a Kenyan. He came in at 62 minutes 21. For Carol


Jones, and the best Welsh Male, the prize at - or a week's training as


Steve Jones's Colorado training camp. One of those guys whose


distance running was a good thing in Britain. It was great. I said, I


am sure I will learn something. It is an incentive to keep pushing on.


He was such an inspiration. He was fantastic in his time. If he does


not inspire, nothing will. philosophy and how my group trains,


the kind of group spirit we have, and hopefully some of it rubs off


on you. That desire and ambition to become great. We have got to get


good, quality races in Wales for Welsh athletes. And ask for a


better ambassador to. Very emotional, to see so many people


enjoying themselves. What a shame they could not see a legend that


there with your hamstring injury. Maybe they will next year. It


inspires me as well. It just brings it back to me.


Back to football now and this Saturday, Cardiff City face a trip


to the City Ground to face Nottingham Forest with the


Bluebirds bidding for a fourth win in a row. Lisa Rogers has been to


meet two of the players involved in The championship season at this 10


games old, and Cardiff City are at You have a kind of here it -- been


here before. How does it feel this time? It is nice to be at the top


because you know you are doing something right. It is one of those


that is the championship. It will be tough, but we relish it. Doing


well, top of the league and winning games. Just got to continue. Craig


Noone signed for �1 million from Brighton Hove Albion, and it seems


he has revelled in it rather well. The first day he came in, he had an


interview where he sank a mysterious girl! He got quite


embarrassed. Rightly so, to be honest. He is a great lad and done


poorly in a for us. He is something we have not really got. He is very


direct. It gets us up the pitch. Slowed people like me can try and


I wasn't particularly worried because I knew I would score at


some point. Peter Whittingham, on the other hand, has been smashing


the girls end. -- the goals end. am just happy about how I am


contributing to the team. He always wants me to improve. It is going


well, but we cannot rest on our laurels. In my first game, but I


scored. He was just relaxed and not bothered. The issuers - can they


stay at top? The last time Carbeth it up after 10 games, they ended up


finishing 13th. We were still going through the transitional phase. But


now, things have settled. The new gaffer has come then, with his own


way of thinking. The takeover has changed things as well, but now, it


is starting to settle down. It will be hard for everybody to gel, but


at the minute, we have gelled OK. want to be here. Even before that,


I knew Cardiff as the team always up there. The first thing I thought


about was I have got to get a goal in at some point. We do not really


want the whole play-off thing again, especially with me. People say it


is the best way to go while. Forest on Saturday. It will be a tough


game. We have played Forest that many times again. They are quite


solid at home, but the way we are feeling at the minute, we are happy


to be playing games. But we were ready to pick up and go again.


That's it for this evening, but just a reminder, do you know


someone who deserves to be our BBC Cymru Wales Sports Unsung Hero this


year? They have to be unpaid and over 16-years-old. All the details


are at www.bbc.co.uk/sportwales and the closing date to nominate


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