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This programme contains strong Welcomed where here tomorrow


afternoon, Swansea City take on Manchester City. More on that later


and plenty more besides on tonight's programmes. We


investigate the level of racism in Welsh football. The higher power is


needed to do more, they should set the example. We are in a camp with


the Wales rugby league team ahead of their clash with England.


There's always a lot of passion in these games. I don't think this


will be any different. It is back to school for full-back Ben Davies.


It has been unbelievable, just to make my professional debut and get


regular games is all I could have hoped for. First, the story that


has been dominating the headlines this past week - racism in football


and the refusal of Swansea City players and other figures to wear


T-shirts supporting the campaign, kicked it out. We have been getting


the use of Welsh players who have suffered abuse as well as


uncovering some disturbing claims of racism affecting Welsh football.


This storm has been raging for 12 months ever since John Terry was


accused of racially abusing Ferdinand. He was acquitted in


court but found guilty by the FA and banned for four games. Then


really was banned for eight matches. Last week, allegations that races


is chance against Danny Rose. Then her refusal to wear the T-shirt by


some big names and to the entire Swansea's court over a perceived


lack of progress in tackling the issue, supported by some Welsh


players who suffered abuse themselves. The Higher Powers,


these other guys who should be taking notice. We want more done


about it. From the top. We have been told about the red cards and


they are worried about your socks being the same colour, all these


stupid little rules but the main things about racism - these are the


things we should focus on and the guys at the top, they are the ones


who need to show the example. anti- racism campaigners in Wales


were unhappy last week. What upset as the most was that players


couldn't differentiate between the work we do and other organisations.


We are independent charity and work with hundreds of schools across


Wales over the past few years. Thousands of kids. They don't


understand the work we do and how important it is. The organisation


told us there are frequent cases of racism at grassroots level in Wales.


This man claims he was abused on several occasions here as a player.


I had one when I was playing for Bridgend where a player shouted at


me. 18 months ago when I was playing. At half-time, walking into


the changing rooms, I had a bit of banter with some of the players on


the opposite side and the fans are all round, quite close to us. One


of the other players decided to call me a black beak. Anyone found


guilty which had been dismissed but the players are denied anyone had


abused him. They said they investigated straightaway and found


the remark was made by a supporter, not a player. Book clubs stressed


they abhor racism. I reported it to the FA hoping that something would


happen. Nothing happened at all. All players are asking for is that


something is done, at least investigated, but if we feel that


no matter what we do, it is going to be brushed under the carpet,


because nobody wants to tackle it. In response, they stressed they


have zero tolerance towards racism and said the incident was brought


to the attention of them but nobody provided evidence to support the


allegation. They say the Games in question don't have cameras to


capture the abuse but since 2007 there have been four charges of


abuse, to proven. They also said they were investigating an


allegation of abuse towards a young boy in a junior team. There seems


to be horrific abuse towards him from other clubs. There are parents


involved and dare I say it, it seems there is a possibility of


people at the clubs or players involved with the situation, so


there are instances and situations out there in real terms and they


have to be looked at and taken seriously. Far too often, things


have been swept under the carpet. We need to know what support


organisations have made. Racism allegations made last week against


Serbia, which they deny, brought back painful memories for Robert,


he was racially abused on duty in that country in nine years ago.


There are or chance about monkeys and bananas thrown. We have


experienced all that. We try to block it out but it affects you


because it is something that is so deep. The previous day, Brown was


abused while captaining the under 21s. It was supposed to be a good


occasion for me and my family but it ended up being the worst day in


my football career. I was the only black player on the pitch and every


time I got the ball, 9000 people felt that they would stand up and


do monkey signs and a chance for 90 minutes. Coming off, I rang my mum


and I cried on the phone. I was angry, hurt. If Serbia are found


guilty of these allegations, what punishment do you think they should


receive? I think they should take points off them. You should not


throw them out completely, it is not the whole of Serbia, this is


not hit against the whole of Serbia because there are international


players who are good people and they are not racists. Cardiff City


say their players will wear the T- shirts before their match against


Burnley tomorrow. This week the Professional Footballers'


Association issued a six-point plan aimed at tackling racism while


there is talk about a separate black players' association. We have


Chinese players, Korean and players, Muslims, Arabs, all these different


things so I don't think that is a good thing, that doesn't ticket


fraud. It takes it back because then you bring in more racism


because you are categorising whether you are or white people or


black people. All we want is someone to come in who has a voice,


he is not scared to voice their opinion, to let everyone else know


that you cannot just hand out fines. You're never going to kick racism


out completely, I don't think it will ever happen, but you can


minimise it so it is as small as it can be. It is a good thing that the


media has discovered this over the last few weeks because without all


the media attention, it would still be the same in 10 years' time.


Back to the big game now. Most Premiership clouds -- clubs have an


international flavour and Swansea is no exception but 19 year-old


full-back Ben Davies is from just down the road and has grabbed


chances with club and country in two short months. We went to meet


him when he visited his old school. Two months ago, Ben Davies had


never played a game of first-team rugby. This week he returned to his


old school as a Welsh international. It has been under -- unbelievable,


to make my professional debut and get ready to games, it is all I


could have hoped for. He is is just 10 miles from the home of the swans


but it is definitely oval ball country. Be it is definitely more


of a rugby school. I played more rugby definitely than any football.


People tell me you are a decent 10 as well, rugby wise? I thought I


did a job at this school although football was always my priority.


could quite easily have gone on as a rugby -- football professional.


He has been that Swansea City since he was nine years of age, by which


time he was already at fanatic. have always followed the swans. I


used to go down with my friends when I was younger and watch the


games will stop to be out on the pitch wearing that Jersey is a


dream come true. He is still under development contract that he signed


in the summer and had a modest expectations ahead of the new


season. I was hoping perhaps I would get the odd appearance here


and there but then it down the line after a terrible injury, at the


time, I first game, I had to do my best against some of the best


players in the world. Every time I see Neil Taylor, someone like that,


it is great to have him there are offering advice to make. Despite


drafting in another player, the manager has kept faith in the


youngster. What does he tell you? Just to keep doing what I am doing


and he said I will only get better from playing these games and I


think he must be happy with what he has seen so far otherwise he would


not keep including the in the team. He knows he still has a lot to


learn. Maybe too fast in three months, he knows he still has a lot


to do. That is very positive. is the better player? Michael,


100%! In what sense? The experience he has got and how well he reads


things, it is all through playing the game and you can tell he still


has so much ability. Maybe his legs gone, I would not run him around


the pitch. The 19 year-old has started every single match since


his first chance and to top it off, he made his international debut


against Scotland. The game for Wales was a great moment in my life


so far, just to be out there are singing the anthem for my country,


it was unbelievable and it was one of the best experiences of my life.


Next, the star studded line-up of Manchester City and an opportunity


to test himself against some of the best players in the world.


Unbelievable that I am competing against those kind of players. At


the end of the day, it is happening now and I have to work hard and see


what happens. I do think quite a few people fancy as to cause an


upset tomorrow. Last season and we walked away with a 1-0 win. And


besides, we got a good result against. We have a good chance


going up there, hopefully we will get a result. It will not be easy


to stay the same person because I have seen the car park and the


blink summer players wear. Off- course but I cannot see me turning


up every day like you see that footballers in the papers, I am


quite happy to live my life and be happy with what I am doing and at


the end of the day, what comes with football, I might get a few


luxuries but I don't want a change as a person and coming back to


places like this shows me who I am The I have probably enjoyed it more


than a prolonged time because the pressure is off. It is like going


back in time from before I became professional. Normally I would be


called Williams but for some reason a lot of the youngsters now are


calling me Mr shame. Great to see him enjoying Japan. This summer's


Olympics saw much debate on Wales's involvement in a Team GB football


side. But basketball authorities have now pulled the plug on


permanently linking up with England and Scotland is to form a Great


Britain team. Two-and-a-half months on from the


London 2012 closing ceremony, and the post-Olympic blow is starting


to fade. In British basketball, the harmonious outlook of the past six


years has hit the buffers. Basketball Wales had decided to opt


out of the Great Britain team, leaving England and Scotland


forming Team GB. It retains a Welsh national side but the move has not


been welcomed by the governing body. I want to be the best basketball


player and if I am the best I want to play in the best competition.


Wales has decided not to. You have to have a leap of faith, in those


matches, you have to believe this is the way forward for basketball


in your country. The for the good of Wales and


players, it wasn't the right time to sign away independent membership


and the opportunity for our players to take part in meaningful European


competition. While Great Britain finished 9th at


the Olympic Games, playing against the world's elite, earlier in the


summer, the Welsh side were 5th out at seven teams playing in the


European Championships for small countries.


The key question here is whether basketball way as a practising self


preservation or isolationism. are looking after the national team


but is that to the detriment of individual aspirations? If we were


amazed that the decision in Wales. We have a lot of support and we


don't want to be the place hated from a basketball standpoint, and


unfortunately that is what's going to happen. No disrespect to Wales


but they will never play at the top table by themselves, and it is


quite absurd that they made this decision. I actually agree with the


decision because if we had linked up with England and Scotland and


become British basketball, we would have given up our nationality is.


Although it is not such a high standard as British basketball,


there is still a level they can aspire to, and even if they --


imagine if they said they would take away the Welsh national team


because they have the Lions. There would be a hue and cry. In the last


40 years, one player has made the British under 20 team.


difference in class between this team and battered the Olympics is


so large it is practically The but they aren't about to give


that up to form Team GB. It is a pity but not a surprise, and


certainly, there are some points you can't argue. You can say, is it


better for a number of players to play in a lower division all for


one talent to play in the British game, in my view it is that one


talent. It would be better to be part of something bigger than


trying to close yourself on yourself and avoid it, hoping the


storm passes by. This storm is not negative, it is as an army of


basketball popularity, which will go through whatever one wants to


block or defend his interests, it will not stop. It will put them in


a difficult position to stay in in the long run, and the more time


goes by, the less choices they will have. The Olympics are the zenith


of the international games. Great Britain now have a seat at the top


table, but the actions of basketball Wales mean no Welsh


players will be welcomed. I would think if we are not part of it, I


would find it strange if we were allowed to play in it. We won't


give away -- we want our players to take part in European competition


and not just Friendly's. But those actions would stop someone playing


at the Olympics? It may stop one of two players from attaining, it is


highly unlikely over the next four years. We are content with the


backing and the funding to build Welsh players. The man in charge of


the Association has said there is a scenario -- Maxim army coming your


way and you would get out of the way of the unstoppable concept.


are all taking swimming lessons at this moment in time. With regard to


a wave, I have all respect for Patrick. With support and as a


nation, we can build a steady programme for our players, and the


need for the players to play in meaningful competition. To us,


divisions see is meaningful, and I don't believe we will be left in


the woods. -- division at sea. What support we can build and it will be


M -- would be remiss of us to take away that opportunity for the sake


of one or two players Max to play Something a little different for


you now: Last weekend we send former Olympic and Commonwealth 400


-- 400 metre runner Iwan Thomas to the coast to find out about an


event which mixes sport and You may think I am in sunny


California, and you would be 100 per cent wrong. I'm in Porthcawl,


but it is as beautiful a place. I am for the first ever splash up


It is a fantastic weekend down here. You are heavily involved with the


serving side of things as President of the Welsh surfing Federation.


How proud I you to see youngsters having a try out this weekend?


is marvellous. Obviously myself and the older guys have been involved


for quite a while, we have enjoyed it and been fortunate to trouble


over the world with it. Yes, it is different, but it is a good thing,


you are out in the elements, it This was the base for the surfing


events, and the Life Guards had their very own Iron man competition.


But trust me, this was tough, it involved paddling, swimming and


So, some, first event, and you are the winner. Yes. A brilliant event


put on down here. The weather has turned out really nice. You have


local knowledge because you live around here. Yes. I also run a surf


Club here for the juniors in the summer so we are here every day


coaching, so we know the place Very bizarre bumping into you


Nicole, walking along here. I didn't know you were a surf chick.


I make the most of it Wenham back. I grew up just down the road in


Wick, and the bitch -- beaches are It's nice to do other things in my


off season, and there is so much to It has been a great event, I take a


lot of hard work and planning has gone into it. We feel sport for


kids is important, so we need to make sure at there are


opportunities through the local authority to make sure kids can


take part. There was lots going on in the town and the Esplanade as


well, with plenty to keep everybody entertained, perhaps get involved.


The afternoon activities have finished, unfortunately, the serve


wasn't brilliant. We are hoping for night-time surfing, but one thing


is for certain, the atmosphere will You were going to serve tonight but


you have a damaged back. You have a nice tasker been a judge. That's


right. I will use the years of experience and see what the guys


can do in the conditions. This is the first time we have run a might


serve event in Wales. It promises to have a good future but we want


to encourage youngsters and get them to come along and get into the


Welsh surfing Federation, which is a stepping-stone for grassroots and


competitive surfing. What will it take to win it? Knowing your bra


there is one of the judges? -- your Whoever get the lucky wave will do


the business. This is really novel, I have never been asked an event


like this. It is like Grand Slams Once we started running the final,


a couple of waves came through, I thought we might be able to give


our eye on other boards, but it was just fun, enjoying serving in the


Having my the whole family judging tonight wouldn't have helped. All


good fun, the boys having a good time, and that's what it's all


about at the end of the day. serve has hardly been California


style, but you know what, I can't fault the atmosphere. Young, old,


everybody has been truly inspired by this event. The Cadet -- we cut


it. This is what it is all about. Getting young people to it get


involved in sport. Long may it continue.


It is a year until Wales kick-off their rugby league World Cup


campaign against Italy in Cardiff. This weekend, they take on England


in the second autumn Test. So will the current crop emulate the class


of 1995 and reach the World Cup final, which will be played here at


Reaching the semi-finals in 1995 was the high point of what


contributions to the World Cup. Under the flag of Great Britain,


Billy Boston and Clive Sullivan lifted the trophy. As a separate


country, Wales have played three times. A third-place finish in 75...


Semi-finalists in 95, and again in But having failed to qualify for


the World Cup in 2008, rebuilding has begun under the familiar faces


of Les -- Iestyn Harris and Lee Briers. Haris's first season in


charge saw Wales win the European Championship and qualify for the


four nations, but against the Kangaroos, Kiwis and England they


found it tough. We are about learning to play at this level of


intensity, and what we need to try and get out team prepared to do is


learn to improve and tweak and are just things. We know we are on low


budgets and we are building nation, we need to keep working hard. Once


we get success we will get more sponsorship, and until that happens,


we will be in the second year of rugby league. In June, Wales lost


to France in Wrexham. Last weekend they went down again in a physical


matches. I got there first cap -- you got the first cap out of the


way. How was that? I really enjoyed it. I was over the moon to go out


against France. Making my debut against a team like France was


really good. The Welsh Super League cyber Crusaders only lasted three


years before going out of business. Their longer term legacy is a base


of players, the squads and the 70 - - of the Seventies and Nineties


filled with union, -- converts. Last weekend's 90 man squad


contained nine home-grown players. -- 90 man. In 99 and 2000 when I


was involved, ultimately we have good players around us, but we


scratch the surface and there was nothing else coming through and no


real infrastructure in place before Wales' rugby league. What we have


tried to do over the last four or five years his book that


infrastructure in. They are coming through the systems. We have people


playing rugby league for the last three or four years, and we have


them at the top of the international season now. If they


can do that in three or four years, give it another four or five years


and the future looks good. Next year wales face is to leap -- Italy,


the USA and the Cook Islands for more cost -- at quarter finals, and


another world semi-final is a possibility. They will all be


together, 12 months older, knowing assistance to play, and we are


building, we have never had this before as the country. We have


always turned up and played but now we have a fantastic set-up as the


country deserves. Is the World Cup a big tempting thing for you guys?


It is massive for us. We are spared -- inspired. We want to be in the


top three or four in 2017. We want to be up there with the likes of


Australia and England. This time next year we will be in a position


where we have played the best four teams in the world consistently for


the last two years, which means we should be very well prepared come


the start of the World Cup. England this weekend, even without man of


sit -- man of Steel some Tomkins will be a tough prospect. Wales


having beaten them in 17 years and few would bet on it being different


tomorrow. They have world-class players in their teens, so for as


boys it will be a massive challenge. We have Boys Under 20, amateur


players, it will be a massive ask for us, but we have a lot of pride


as a side, and we will give it to them and make sure they are in the


game. There is always a lot of passion between England and Wales


games, and this will be no different. All the players in


groups -- in the group are beginning to understand what is


required of them, and part of that is to have heart and desire, so I


think we will see that in abundance this weekend. And very best of luck


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