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It is another bumper weekend of sport. Here that the liberty stadium


they are looking forward to welcoming Arsenal. For all the best


build-up, look no further. Welcome to Sport Wales. Wilfried Bony has


high hopes for the season. Top five or six. A new event in the world of


extreme sport comes to Wales. England international Steven Caulker


is convinced that Cardiff will stay in the top flight. We have belief


that we can establish ourselves as a Premier league club. In a summer


full of record transfers, Michael Laudrup spent £21 million. £12


million went on a 24-year-old from the Ivory Coast who was the Dutch


foot wall of the year. I am talking about Wilfried Bony. -- Dutch foot


hole of the year. I am a quiet guy. Do not talk too much. I am from


Ivory Coast. There was a football everywhere. In 2003 I said to my


parents, I want to play football. Don't pay the school, don't pay


nothing, I want to play football. You will that confident? There was a


little bit of fighting between him and me! But now my father is very


happy and proud of me. I made a difficult choice. Almost nine years


later. After scoring 31 goals last season in the Dutch league he was


linked with a move to several clubs. But another Premier league start


from the Ivory Coast helped him decide. He knows the way I play. He


said, it is good for you. Swansea city is a very interesting team. I


like the way they play. My team-mates? I like everybody. Some


of them speak French. How welcoming has Michu been? Much has been made


of your partnership. He is an important player for the team.


Everybody knows it. What is it like playing with him, difficult? Not at


all. I know how he plays and he knows how I play. We will get to


know each other more and do even better things in the games. How many


goals can you get this season you think? I don't know. But it is very


important to me to score every game. Wilfried Bony Mark says Premier


league debut with the call! -- marks as Premier league debut with a goal.


We can you finish this year? Top five of six is possible. What about


that defeat to Birmingham? We tried to gain confidence but after going


behind it was very difficult to come back. This weekend Swansea face


Arsenal. Arsene Wenger Has been impressed with the Swans. Everybody


expects them to be in the top seven or eight and they have the quality


to do that. A very good team. What about Arsenal, they are flying? They


are playing well, but we are at home. Everything is possible. You


speak a number of languages, but how is your Welsh? I know nothing yet!


Everybody speaks English though so it is good for me to understand the


team and players. Let me teach you won the word that will come in


handy. -- the one word. Thank you. Good luck against Arsenal.


On the programme for the last year we have covered by an man,


triathlons, extremist sailing, and Cliff diving. -- iron man. Now a new


extreme sport. It visited Wales for the first time. We went along to see


what it was all about on the rolling, restful hills of the risk


Valley. -- Usk. Instead of running on roads do you


fancy a new challenge? You just need to sign a form, or a death waiver,


and you're good to go. Put simply, this is a hard-core 12 male course


designed by the special forces to test your all-round strength,


stamina, and camaraderie. It has grown very fast. We will have done


54 events across the world, sixth in the UK. Lots of people take place.


-- part. It is the people and atmosphere. You get such a wide


variety of society. People doing it for different reasons. Those who


want to challenge themselves and those who are getting over a


barrier. It spurs on people to keep living a healthier life. Half


marathons get a bit boring. We just fancied more of a challenge. Many


competitors dress up and some taken more than others. We decided to


dress in these coloured tops, sunglasses and a hat! Everybody


point to the sky. I can overcome all feels! -- fears. Let's do this!


Competitors stay clean for roughly one oil and then it is time to get


and 30. -- one mile. It is pushing the mind. Getting out of your


comfort zone. People are apprehensive. Can I do this? That is


the thought process. This is a spat comes within the first three males


and really does take the breath away. -- ice bath. You really feel


it. It breaks up the challenge. But the running in between? You have


beautiful landscape at least! Naughty event is time and there is


no winner. This is a team event, all about survival. Better not to go it


alone. All sorts of people helping one another. Men, women, all


nationalities. It is great. But with many obstacles you are on your own.


Jumping from a 12 foot platform and cold water make your your fears. --


make sure. -- may cure. The race ends with a threaded electric


conflict. Do it is a tough course. Lots and lots of mud. I was not be


peeled. Hard graft. It is the hardest course in Britain at the


moment. Hopefully next year we can make it even more challenging.


Plenty of spectators, it has been fantastic. If you are a fitness


fanatic or even just want to watch, the BBC has a new website called Get


Inspired. It provides information about a range of sport. You can type


in your postcode and it will tell you what is being held in your area.


For that, and more information, visit the website.


Back to football. Wales and women opened the World Cup qualifying


campaign for the finals in Canada. -- Wales women. We joined up with


them to see their preparations for the game against Belarus.


Obviously the contact time when you actually get the players is


extremely short. Three days. It is important to find the balance


between recovery and preparation. It is the first of two training


sessions. Friendly results have been encouraging but the serious business


is about to begin. Wales are hoping to reach the finals of a major


tournament for the first time. We have a good young team. And lots of


experienced players. We want to continue the development process.


There are plenty of support staff on hand to help give Wales the best


possible chance. My role is to make sure the Devils get recovery after


training sessions. -- the girls. These sheiks have carbohydrates,


protein, fat. -- shakes. It is exciting to get a new campaign


underway. We have a lovely patch at Cardiff to play on. In the last


campaign we let ourselves down. We should have been in with a chance of


getting to the European Championships. We know that the next


few games are vital for setting a standard. We must not leave anything


to chance. To qualify automatically Wales will have two top a group


including England. The best runners-up will face lay-offs. --


play-offs. We need to forget that result including England


immediately. It is not a true reflection of the capacity of


Belarus. They will not play, for some reason. They missed their two


best attacking players. After training it is a pet stop for lunch.


Only the right kind of fuel load. Then the players get the chance to


switch off with rest and relaxation. Those with stresses of strains had


the treatment table. We have all the facilities that the mainstream have.


Therapy, machinery, we have access to things like scanning and


consultants. They are looked after very well. Are they all in good


shape for Thursday? Absolutely. Top condition. We already had one


training session. Quite a lot of things covered yesterday evening. We


will go through the individual statistics. We cannot take anything


for granted. This is an international game and we can't take


it easy. But if we play our football we have a good chance of three


points. If we do everything well and preparation we will get a good


performance. And we might even get a result. No complaints with the


surroundings. Wales playing at Cardiff City's Stadium for the first


time. If you quiet moment of contemplation before the action


begins. -- a few. The team led out by star player, Jessica schlock.


After coming close in the worst European campaign would this be the


start of something special? The start of the match was encouraging.


20 of possession and chances. -- plenty. Despite the dominance, a


scare when it seemed Belarus had taken the lead. But the goal ruled


out for handball. Wales continued to press without finding a way to


Gaul. Frustration, until the striker 29 goals from 40 games did this. She


has got two inside the box, past one player, a goal! A 30th goal for


Wales! Finally the goal they deserve. My 50th cap was a big


enough occasion. To score a goal, I cannot ask for more. It was a


hard-fought performance and I was just pleased to see it all in. We


will approach the England game, try to get points for the match and


prepare properly, as we always do. They will be confident, as they


should be. We know enough about them to cause them problems. If we play


the way we can, I know we will upset teams. England will take some


stopping. They top the group after following up their Belarus bashing


within 8-0 mauling of Turkey. Wales are second in group six with all


eyes on the match away to England at Millwall on the 26th of October.


Here in Swansea at the Wales National Pool, one Welsh swimmer is


determined to put the disappointment of missing out on last year's


Olympics behind her and concentrate instead on turning Commonwealth


silver into gold in Glasgow next year. Sport Wales packed its best


bathers and caught up with Jazz Carlin slightly calmer waters than


she is used to. It was my first major senior


competition. I was on the team with the likes of Becky Adlington.


COMMENTATOR: She is pulling the rest of the field


on. It was a special moment, I want to do part of individual events


because when you do it for yourself there is a different feeling of


accomplishment that all the work you have done has paid off. Jazz


Carlin... It was an amazing experience, a culture shock for all


others. I am a bit biased because I came away with two medals, a silver


and a browser. Jazz Carlin of Wales, what a massive surprise for a


silver. It really interrupted my training. I tried to do the best I


could and keep pushing because when you have a dream you don't want


anything to get in the way, so you try to put it to one side and focus


on your goals, but looking back now I just wasn't ready. I wasn't


healthy and I wasn't fit. I was absolutely heartbroken watching the


Olympics, it was one of the hardest things to me. Especially a home


Olympics, it was absolutely devastating. You don't remember all


the good times and great friends come you just think about that one


thing because it seems like the world and it took a few months out


of the water free to realise that I still loved the sport and racing and


I still believed I had more to come. Oh, to New Zealand, oh, my goodness


me and Great Britain's Jazz Carlin has been touched out by 14 one


hundredths of a second. I have got a best time so I have to look for the


positives of that but 14 100th of a second is nothing when you think


about it and now I have set my home page as the fourth place and I am


getting up in the mornings and I am tired and hurting and I don't want


to be there. I look at my phone, see that you came forth, you shouldn't


be for sex mac it makes me push hard in training. -- you should not be in


fourth place. In a second Commonwealth Games, a silver and


bronze, so it is obvious what I am Commonwealth Games, a silver and


aiming for. I will do everything I can this year hope it happens. We


will keep following Jazz Carlin all the way to Glasgow. To football and


after his £8.5 million summer transfer fee to Cardiff former


Tottenham and Swansea player Steven Caulker has been making a big


impression at the heart of the Cardiff defence. As Sport Wales


found out, he has been making a pretty big impression off the field


as well. Earlier this week Steven Caulker had


a chance to put last weekend's defeated Tottenham behind him by


getting involved in his important role as Cardiff City's ambassador to


the disability programme. Which involves people with a range of


disabilities in football sessions run by the club. It is something I


wanted to be part of, to boost and let people know there is work going


on and there is help for people and kids that want to get involved that


are slightly less fortunate than the rest of us. It is nice to see the


kids here and put a smile on their faces, I am proud of it. He has no


regrets about joining Cardiff from Spurs with White Hart Lane manager


Andrew Villas-Boas admitting it was a tough decision to let him go. I


wanted to play games and I knew the gaffer here was going to be offering


me more game time. There is still competition for places but so far I


have managed to play all the games. I am really enjoying that. I have


been on the bench and it is slightly more difficult and being so young I


wanted to get out and get as much experience as possible.


COMMENTATOR: Into the box, it is in. Cardiff's


second away defeat of the season to West Ham, this time in the Capital


One Cup. They trailed to two goals before fighting back with the beauty


and then a first for the club for Peter Odemwingie to draw level but


another late goal, this time bar Ricardo Vaz Te, inflicted the


Bluebirds' second last gap -- last gasp reversing a week. He has no


doubts about Cardiff's ability to do well this season. We have a great


manager, a great squad, 25 players who can perform. We have strength


and depth and we have the belief which is key to performing well this


year. Since joining in the summer, Steven Caulker appears settled and


ready to press against an England call-up for manager Roy Hodgson. I


spoke with him and joined up with the camp. He was saying, continue to


play well and hopefully chances will come your way. The more I am


playing, the more opportunities I will have two hopefully impress


Hodgson and get my name in the squad. There must be something that


caught the lights about South Wales. Having spent a year at Swansea City,


in their first year at the top-flight. Coming down as a Cardiff


City player, I look to go above and beyond, respect to Swansea, I


enjoyed my time there but I am settled at Cardiff and enjoying


myself. Bellamy, off the post and in! Shot away, and Swansea lead. It


is going to be a big day in November, a big derby day, but it is


a game I look forward to as much as the fans and it will be hopefully


three points. He is likely to get a mixed reception from the fans on the


day. I have respect for the club we have to wait and find out. After


being rested for the West Ham game, Steven Caulker will be returning to


London on Saturday to face Fulham. Fuller Martyn-macro places behind


Cardiff, in 18th, having won one, drawn one and lost three so far.


Goals from Berbatov and Bent-macro gave them victory this week. Their


first home win since last April and a triumph which will provide a big


boost ahead of Cardiff's visit. Is a Premier League team, points away


from home are important. I came here to keepers in the Premier League, as


the other new signings have, and we have a lot of strikes and depth and


belief in the camp that we will establish ourselves as a Premier


League club -- we have strength and depth. To Swansea, to a man who has


got the freedom of the city, I would have thought. Former Swansea city


player and Ambassador Lee Trundle, good to see you. And you. Let's


start with the last game, the holders are out of the League Cup.


What did you make of the defeat at Birmingham? We had a couple of good


chances early doors, where if we had put them away it would have been a


different game. A bit disappointed because they are games we should be


winning. What about the £12 million man, Wilfried Bony? We heard from


him earlier in the programme. He seems to be settling in well? Yes,


he is relaxed, and nice character, not very loud, just in training he


gets on with his job. As a striker it is hard coming into a new team.


You have to get rid, get knowing your team-mates, there was talk of


him and Michu together saying they were the perfect partnership. They


have shown glimpses of that but it is early in the season. Is to work


in progress? Definitely. Anyone who comes into a new team it is a work


in progress and some people might start off better than others but


that is just the way it is. I think the quality of striker that he is,


he will find his feet even more and he has shown glimpses of what he is


capable of. A big one this weekend, Arsenal, top of the league at the


Liberty. Are you looking forward to it? Really looking forward to it and


the fans look forward to it as well because you want to see the best


teams playing at your stadium and the way Arsenal play football is a


similar style to Swansea, so it should be a great game of football


and an exciting one as well. How do you win it? What is your plan? Try


and take your chances when they come and play football. If someone can


get an early goal and open up the game, hopefully we can get something


but it is going to be tough. I will ask you about a favourite at the


Liberty, Steven Caulker, now a Cardiff City player. How did you


react when he had joined them? Surprised, really, because you know


react when he had joined them? the rivalry between Swansea and


Cardiff is massive but it is a football decision at the end of the


day and I know he would speak to the lads whom he played with here and it


is just a decision he has made on football, what he thinks is going to


be best for his career. He is a great lad. The lads speak highly of


him and we wish him good luck. I am nervous asking this, there is a


Swansea City budged staring me in the face but Cardiff City, what have


you made of them? There is fair, they have held their own? Yes, they


have had great results, to beat City like that, you would not have


thought that and the way they are performing at the minute, it looks


like they could stay up. It is early days and there are a lot of points


to play for. The signings they have made look like they will come good.


It is full and this weekend for them. How do you see them doing


there? It is important if you want to stay in the Premier League, you


have to take points off Fulham. They are going to be the teams that are


going to be around you, if you are at the bottom of the table so it is


important to get something from the game because it will keep them in


the premiership. It has been a pleasure talking to you and enjoy


that game against Arsenal here at the Liberty. Thank you very much.


That is it from us all on Sport Wales. Thanks for joining us. We are


back next Friday at 9pm. But before I go, earlier this week Wales and


Spurs legend Cliff Jones was inducted into the Football Museum


Spurs legend Cliff Jones was Hall of Fame along with icons such


as Peter Schmeichel and Matt Le Tissier. So the final word goes to


him. Cliff Jones, we salute you. And there is Cliff Jones, a chance for


Wales. Jones still with it and he scores! It is Cliff Jones who scores


for Wales. Three defenders move across and Jones gets it.


After all these years, I thought I was the forgotten one but here I am,


78 years of age, coming up to collect this award. Very, very


proud, very, very pleased.


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