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Dundee v Celtic, Rangers v Partick Thistle, Kilmarnock v Aberdeen, Hamilton v Inverness and Ross County v St Johnstone. Plus Motherwell v Hearts. Introduced by David Currie.

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Yes, good afternoon and welcome the great Scottish results show. No


chance of this being poached by Chalifour! OK, a couple of weeks


late with the intro but it just came to me! We have a generous topping of


schools, reports, results, action and a sprinkling of expert analysis


from a trio of quality guests. Let's meet them. They are the BBC's


Richard Wilson, Scotland international captain Gemma Fay and


the Motherwell captain Keith Lasley. Welcome one and all. More from the


guys shortly but the games are afoot so let's find out what is happening


and we will start at Ibrox where Rangers are at home to Partick


Thistle this afternoon and the score is Rangers 2-0 Partick. As you can


see, goals for Kranjcar and Andy Halliday. Yellow cards for Senderos


of Rangers and for Chris Erskine of Partick Thistle. Let's bounce around


the grounds. We start at Rugby Park were killed Marnoch are playing


Aberdeen and our man is Jonathan. Good afternoon, it is not like the


referee could not be at the centre of controversy but he is once again,


you awarded a penalty to Aberdeen and video replays suggested it


should perhaps have been a foul to commander but nevertheless, Rooney


stepped up and have given Aberdeen the lead in this match at Rugby Park


in glorious sunshine. It is currently 1-0 to Aberdeen. Next,


Ross County and St Johnstone from Scott Davie.


Jay McEveley was supposed to be on the Ross County bench this afternoon


but Andrew Davies got injured in the Warnock -- warm up and he got into


the starting line-up and with three minutes to the interval,


inextricably pushed over Chris Kane inside the penalty area, Polanc


Danny Swanson to score his six of the season and fifth of the season


from the spot which is why St Johnstone league Ross County 1-0.


Alistair Lambert is watching Hamilton against Inverness.


Inverness have won here at each of the last six visits but they are


trailing this afternoon, just at the beginning of the second half.


Gillespie Crossing in the 19th minute, and Crawford got the


slightest glance on it, saved by the feet of owing for Williams at the


rebound was pounced on by Alexandre D'Acol, for his first goal for


Hamilton which is the difference between the side at the moment.


Let's go to the Championship encounter between Dumbarton and


Queen of the South. Good afternoon from an insanely


sallied -- Son Dumbarton. Both sets of defenders doing the job so far


but another thing they have in common is a serious lack of


creativity and really, just a handful of chances to speak of. No


goals so far and a serious lack of thrills into the bargain. We are in


the second half and it is goalless. Plenty of thrills in the studio,


guide, watching the matches coming in and most of them, apart from


Rangers, so Rangers are 2-0 up but Partick Thistle have not won at


Ibrox since 1983. Perhaps not a big surprise scoreline. No, it was


always going to be a big ask for Partick Thistle, I have seen them


two or three times recently and they have been playing very well, back to


middle the front, they are doing fine but not finishing the chances.


I saw them against Motherwell last weekend, lots of the ball and they


created two or three chances in the second half and did not take them


and dropped points. Rangers have been doing something similar so it


is a battle between two teams playing the same weight and I


suspect Mark Warburton will be relieved that they are 2-0 up


already. Mark Warburton will be relieved and he will be fairly happy


with your car, St Johnstone, beating Ross County away. It's been an


interesting game, if I was County fan or the manager I would be livid


with a penalty they have given away. Kane has got through and is going


nowhere and it is a foul. But it is good for us. We had a blip against


Aberdeen in the League Cup. A draw last week against Hamilton so to get


back to winning ways would be good for us. Hamilton going well against


Inverness. Going for a win on the predictor, I did, I think I'm the


only one. It certainly seems to be going your way in that regard. It is


always a difficult place to go. Obviously, they have the artificial


surface and they tend to do well at home. Especially getting in front,


they will be looking to finish the job. At the moment of controversy


has come as Jonathan said at Rugby Park, killed Marnoch against


Aberdeen. I think you were unanimous in the studio that it was not a


penalty. It should not have been a penalty. I don't think so, we all


three thought the decision should have gone the other way. To us, it


looked like a foul on the goalkeeper first. It is hard to tell from the


angle but whether Jamie McDonald has gone to second airily grabbed the


Aberdeen player, I'm not sure but that first impressions are it is a


very harsh award. Onto the early match today because a few days after


the epic Champions League match with megarich Manchester City, Celtic had


a date at Dens Park this lunchtime gone from Pep Guardiola's megastars


to Paul Hartley's dandy and now we can find out how it went. This was a


routine victory for the champions, who did not really need to get out


of third gear against an out of form Dundee. In fairness, a pretty good


excuse for not getting out of third gear after the energy sapping


Champions League draw with the multimillionaires of Manchester City


in midweek. Scott Sinclair was denied by Scott Bain a couple of


times in the first half and his late substitution ensured his goal per


game run in the Premiership would come to an end. It was a frustrating


game up to that point for Celtic but Captain Scott Brown stepped up to


smash home the winner just after the break and turn their dominance into


something a lot more tangible. Brown was the best player today. A first


clean sheet in the league for Brendan Rodgers and another three


points. Dundee didn't really threaten and still haven't won since


the opening day of the campaign and will need to get going after the


international break. It was only 1-0 but the scoreline flattered the


hosts. Celtic were the winners again today. We will return to that much


later to talk more about it but right now, back to Rugby Park


weather has been a goal between Kilmarnock and Aberdeen. Aberdeen


have won their last ten matches against Kilmarnock and they looked


like making it 11 this afternoon at Rugby Park. Controversy over the


first goal but nothing wrong with the second at all. Fantastic strike


in fact from Andrew Considine after O'Connor, Considine with a left foot


swinger, firing the ball into the top corner to give Aberdeen 2-0 lead


at Rugby Park. It is looking grim for Kilmarnock. As promised, back to


the action at Dens Park and after that match which Celtic won 1-0 this


afternoon, we spoke to managers. We were in the game all the time. I


felt the players were terrific today, we changed the shape and


worked really hard all week and try to stop Celtic but we were brave


today. We went really high against them, a lot of teams have been


sitting off, dropping off, letting them have a lot of possession. They


had a lot of possession but they never really got us open. These


other types of games you need to see through and I thought naturally


there was a bit of sharpness missing from the game today with so much,


you know, over the last few weeks, and particularly the game in the


week. It is a great game to win, that, as a professional, when you


have good possession of the ball, we had to rest when we had the football


today. We still created chances. But we only needed one goal and I


thought after that, we defended very well. A great victory for us. The


bottom line is you need points but we know we were up against a quality


team to gain -- today. I'm pleased with the reaction from last week. If


we keep on performing like that of the season, we will be OK but they


have to keep working hard. Keith, bizarre as it may sound, a 1-0


defeat at home to Celtic is not a bizarre as it may sound, a 1-0


bad result. Not the way Celtic have been going of late but I watched the


game and thought Celtic were comfortable throughout, to be


game and thought Celtic were honest. I thought they deserved the


victory. It looked as though they had a bit of edge taken off them


from the efforts during the week against Manchester City. Brendan


Rodgers will be delighted to get another win under his belt and move


into the break where they have got a chance to recharge. Paul Hartley


said they pressed and played an aggressive, pressing game. Is that


the only way to play against the Celtic team? It was a tough one for


Dundee because even though Celtic played in midweek, they did not


change their team, I found that strange, I thought Brendan Rodgers


would have started Leigh Griffiths but he didn't. As Keith said, Celtic


were comfortable. I worry a bit for Dundee because yes, you can be


compact defensively but if we look at Dundee's two top scorers, they


are not at the club any more and I did think they have won since


Hemmings and Stuart left. It might be all very well being good


defensively but attacking wise, they need to start scoring goals. Dundee


only won one match on the opening day of the


season, 3-1 at Ross County and they have got won at home and as Genesis,


where are the goals coming from? That is the big problem for Dundee,


they have good players, solid at the back with a good midfield, but they


don't have the cutting edge at the moment. I think Paul approached it


in the right way today because the only other way to play against


Celtic is to pull everyone back, leave one up front and back to the


defence budget were not giving yourself a chance of getting


anything in those circumstances. I think Paul Hartley needs a win,


needs Dundee to get over the line with a victory and maybe turn the


momentum round a wee bit because at the moment they are stagnating a


bit. How to play against Celtic is the key question for you Keith


because that is your next match at Celtic Park. Not made a good job of


it recently, especially at Celtic Park. I think Dundee went with three


at the back today and teams are trying to come up with different


ways of stopping them. We have got a couple of weeks now to come up with


a plan of action. We will look to carry that out when we get to


Parkhead. OK, we are going to have another bounce around the grounds to


find out what is happening in matches that are ongoing, starting


at Ibrox, where Rangers are at home to Partick Thistle. Let's look at


the developments and as we can see, Rangers are still leading Partick


2-0. The goals for the home side coming from Kranjcar and Andy


Halliday, Kranjcar in the 33rd minute and Halliday seven minutes


later. A couple of yellow cards in that one, one for Senderos of


Rangers and one or Chris Erskine of that one, one for Senderos of


Partick Thistle. Gemma, you were worried for Dundee but are you


worried for Partick Thistle? Tough place for them to go, as you have


said, they have not won there in 34 place for them to go, as you have


years but they are playing good football and creating chances but


they need to take them. Rangers a bit short on goals as well, Richard,


and as you can see, a couple of midfielders on target again. It was


interesting, when they went to Pittodrie last week, it was


essentially last season's team and Clint Hill at centre-back and Joe


Garner upfront so just two additions. I don't think the


recruitment strategy has worked particularly well for Rangers and it


has halted their progress this season of it. They needed to win to


date just to get a bit of confidence back into the team. They have not


won get! Know but they have got big games coming up, away to Hearts and


at the beginning of the defender, Hearts and Aberdeen come to Ibrox


and another Old Firm game coming up. I think Mark Warburton just had to


find a way to win today. They are on track for that at the moment and I


don't think he will be too bothered who is scoring as long as somebody


is. On track for a win after this afternoon, away to Kilmarnock,


Aberdeen leading 2-0. More details from Jonathan. The controversy


before the match started centred on the pitch at Rugby Park. Kilmarnock


had decided not to water it, a ploy undoubtedly to try to slow the game,


Lee Clark told me before the match started that there was a water


shortage in command but I'm pretty sure he did not believe what he was


saying. But Aberdeen raised out of the blocks, Niall McGinn with a


couple of efforts stinging the palms of Jamie McDonald but the real


controversy would come in the shape of a penalty and around a decision


from the referee, Willie column. The ball into the box looks like James


Madison perhaps fouled Jamie McDonald comedy, Nicky Butt, who


spilled the ball and it looks like James Madison kicked the goalkeeper.


Nevertheless, the referee decided to award a penalty to Adam -- Aberdeen


and Adam Rooney stepped up and as is often the case, he put the ball away


and as is often the case in the Scottish permission matches, the


first goal is vital. The referee went off at half-time with the rest


of the players to cries of, "You don't know what you're doing", from


the home fans. In the second half, Aberdeen kept up the dominance,


Considine firing into the top corner five minutes after the restart to


make it 2-0. It looks like at the moment, Aberdeen are on course to go


back into second place in the Premiership. I don't really know


what I'm doing on this show either! Let's pilau way through it and go to


Ross County get St Johnstone and get an update from Scott. Jonathan


Sutherland and his guests tomorrow in the programme won't see too much


of the first type when they come to edit this together. It was a pretty


disappointing first 45 between Ross County and St Johnstone. Plenty of


drive, plenty of determination from the players, plenty of driving


challenges and tackles but very little in the way of composure in


and around the penalty area. St Johnstone certainly the more


dangerous side. When they got into the final third, bodies were thrown


in the way, blocking a few efforts from the likes of Chris Kane and


Danny Swanson. But the breakthrough coming courtesy of Jay McEveley, a


surprise to him to be starting today because he was supposed to be on the


bench. Andrew Davies adding to the long injury list that Ross County


manager Jim McIntyre is having to deal with at the moment. James


McEveley, and experienced players only will have to expect the manager


what he pushed over Chris Kane very near the byline when he was going


nowhere. Swanson stepped up and swept in a penalty. Is this penalty


conversion of the season so far and is eighth goal in total for St


Johnstone side who still better bet to see this came out in the second


half, which has at least been a bit more even and exciting in the


penalty areas. At the moment, it is Ross County 0- one St Johnstone. I


wonder if Alistair Lambert is enjoying a fair being served out at


out at Hamilton at home to Inverness this afternoon? Decent fair, it has


to be said. Hamilton are three games without a win and Caley Thistle four


unbeaten so somewhat surprising perhaps that it is the home side who


lead this match 1-0. The goals scored, his first-ever league goal


for Hamilton, by D'Acol, after 90 minutes, pouncing on the rebound


after Crawford had got a nick on a header midway through the first.


Hamilton pretty much good value for the lead, had another chance, really


good move, what alt and are essentially all about, a five-man


move which ended with Crawford chipping the ball and a good save by


Owen from Williams. Caley Thistle started brightly and had a Brad


McKay header off the line by Louis Longridge early on and another


couple of decent efforts, Gary Warren with both of them, one an


overhead kick which was also cleared away. Inverness Caley Thistle by no


means out of this match but not looking as impressive as they have


means out of this match but not been of late. Accies, as I say, good


value for their lead. Championship leaders Queen of the


South away to Dumbarton this afternoon, being watched for as by


Connie McLaughlin. Yes, and I think this scoreline is just about right,


with not a host of chances. Queen of the South know that if they win


today, they can go four points clear at the top of the table, head of


Hibernian. Midway through the first half, there was an effort from just


outside the penalty area, but the shot was off target. Then, just


after the half-hour mark, Robert Thompson, head, should have done


better, went past the post on the left-hand side. Still goalless in


this one, not a lot to write home about so far in the second half,


either. We are hoping for more in the sunshine at Dumbarton. I wonder


what weather is like at Somerset park, Ayr United at home to


Dunfermline in another Championship encounter. Kenny Crawford is soaking


up the sunshine. I sure am. My first time at Somerset park, and I am


pleased to be here. Not much separating the sides in the


Championship, and not much separating them in the score here,,


as you can tell. Brian Gilmore, Alan forest and Jamie Adams all had good


chances for the hosts, but none of them hit the back of the net. Plenty


of people inside the ground, with the reduced ?5 entry price. I am


glad to be here, as are a couple of thousand fans. I think he got in for


free as well! Arena de Sao Paulo going well, the only team unbeaten


in the division - 0-0 a way to Dumbarton, but Dumbarton have proven


tough opposition in that league? Yes, I think so. There is no gimmes


in that league, that's for sure. Dundee United fans will be watching


that game closely as well. They play tomorrow. It's two team is looking


for points for very different reasons. The Queen of the South, I'm


sure they will be delighted with their start regardless of the


outcome. It's sixth versus seventh at Somerset park. Ayr United have


won two out of their last three? Absolutely. It is turning into an


interesting league, as we said. I ink if I am the manager of Dundee


United, I need to start picking up some points, because if him speak


them tomorrow, that will be them eight points behind Hibs in the


league with Queen of the South in there as well. It is really tough to


pick up the moment. There's still a couple of Championship matches to be


played this weekend. As Jim mentioned, Hibs play Dundee United


tomorrow. Tonight, it's the Buddies against the bounce. Our reporter


Charlie Mann is there already. Good evening, good afternoon - St Mirren,


still without a manager, but do you have any news of any developments on


that front for us today? Well, it's going to be an game here this


evening. I have been speaking to senior people here at this stadium.


The word is that St Mirren will be in a position, or they hope, at


least, to appoint a manager for the club by the middle of the week.


Obviously, that would be ahead of the game against Hibernian in the


Challenge Cup. So hopefully the club will get that sorted. Certainly it


will not be Billy Davies or John Hughes. And I think there is an


element of disappointment about that, because both of them, big


managers, big personality, that's the kind of manager that they would


like here at the club to get them away from the bottom. At the moment


they have three points - that's not good enough for St Mirren, not good


enough for the fans, and they really need to sort it. 50 people applied


for the job, and the latest I've heard is that Jean Tigana, the


French international, former Fulham manager, was seen in the area. That


happens a lot, when you haven't got a manager, lots of speculation! Gus


McPherson, the manager of Queen's Park, is high on the list as well. .


Ross, obviously, Ferguson, Kenny Shiels, all names which have been


mentioned. Lots of names mentioned, no decisions made yet. But certainly


they were hope to get it sorted out by the middle of next week. Jonty


going to in McIlroy, what do you make of that?! I did not see him


appearing in any of the betting lists? I would be very, very


surprised if it was somebody like Jean Tigana. Much more likely I


think would be. Ross witch McPherson. I think they should take


their time to make sure it is right because where they are in the


league, I don't think they can afford to get it wrong. You've been


speaking to senior people at St Mirren today, but have you been


speaking to the supporters as well only yes, I think the fans are a bit


frustrated by it all. They know that the team that they have here should


be ensuring that they are in a much higher position than they are. They


really should be playing and challenging in the play-off places


at the top of the table. I don't think if there will be any people --


many people here this evening. That's the problem, when you're in a


situation like this one, and Falkirk are a good side to watch, there


could be goals in the game, it's a Saturday night, a lovely night here


in McIlroy, but I think there's a lot of frustration and I'm not sure


that the fans are happy at all at the moment and I'm not sure if they


will turn out in their numbers at all. Aberdeen supporters will be


happy with their side this afternoon happy with their side this afternoon


- they have scored another goal. Now, 3-0 up a way to Kilmarnock.


Details from Jonathan. All three points will be heading up to the


granite city this afternoon. Again, it was from a corner. This time, Ash


Taylor bulleting his header into the net. The Kilmarnock goalkeeper, sat


in his goalmouth, he knows it will not be Kilmarnock's day today. It


all started with that controversial penalty in the first half, and since


then, the momentum has all been with Aberdeen. There will be second in


the table by the close of play this afternoon. Now, Friday night was


football night at Fir Park. Keith was playing for Motherwell against


Hearts. Both teams had the opportunity to go second in the


Premiership. Alas, for Keith and company, Hearts were the winners?


Yes, unfortunately! And we have the evidence here. You played a part in


the first goal? Yes, I think somebody should have cleared their


lines, unfortunately. It was an unfortunate deflection. We felt as


if we had acquitted ourselves well for long periods. We were unlucky to


if we had acquitted ourselves well go in 1-0 down at the break. This


one, you know, it's pick it out time. On his left foot, his weaker


side, and he's put it in the top corner! There's not much you can do.


As a goalkeeper, Craig Samson had no chance with that one? Absolutely no


chance whatsoever. Or indeed this one? That was an absolute cracker as


well. No chance for the goalkeeper, Keith? No. Again, shots coming from


long range? Yes, it's disappointing. The biggest frustration for us was,


in the game overall, we felt as if 3-1 was a bit harsh on us. We felt


we performed fairly well throughout. If anything, there are still some


positives for us. One of them being James McFadden, he can still do it?!


He's still got the quality, no doubt, and I think he will have a


part to play for us on the park. We can hear what both managers had to


say after the match last night. I think it was a ridiculously bad


goal. The first goal, the half-time whistle is about to go, we've got to


clear our lines. That's disappointing. For 20 minutes in the


clear our lines. That's second half, we were bombarding


them. They defended very, very well, we couldn't break them down. But I


think we put enough into the game to deserve something out of it. I think


the scoreline does not reflect the balance of the game. Those two teams


tonight, it shows the level of the league. They have had a great start


to the season, with lots of experience. Credit to them. We have


two work hard. The first goal was a stroke of luck, really. We have. To


thank for keeping us in the game at 0-0 with a fantastic save. After


that I felt we felt a bit more relaxed and played better. Gemma,


Robbie Neilson admitting that is an excellent three points for Hearts,


and may be on the balance, Motherwell should have got something


from it? Yes, he mentioned the saved by. Hamilton, and that was an


outstanding save. And it was a really important point in the match,


because Motherwell had chances. If you look at the chances, I don't


think you could understand how it finished 3-1. But that's what


happens when you're fighting for second in the Premiership. I'm


sorry, Keith! Is a goalkeeper, you would have been shouting at poor


Keith? The first one... But what happens after that, the double


deflection, there's nothing you can do about that. If you score two


goals of that quality, even with McFadden's freak it, there not a lot


you can do with it. A really, really good three points for Hearts. The


goals from Hearts so far this season have not been coming in abundance


from their strikers, either? No, but that is one of the strong things


about Hearts, they're capable of doing that to anybody. They can step


it up at any moment to find a way to win the match. It could be a


forward, a wide player, they've got that ability around the team, and


that's why they've got the possibility to finish in the top


three. They're a strong side physically and mentally. Robbie made


a big decision with. Hamilton in the summer. They were looking at


experienced goalkeepers. So I think he's getting the reward for sticking


to his principles. And there's a lot of young Scottish players in the


line-up as well? Absolutely and when they got relegated, they came in and


they have a philosophy that they were going to develop the team - and


they've stuck with that. They came out last year having had a fantastic


season and they're acting it up. It's not always about bringing in


players from outside. There were some excellent long-range shots in


the match at Fir Park last night. You had one yourself at one point, I


don't know if you remember this! Unfortunately you did not trouble.


Hamilton in the Hearts goal with it. I think I troubled somebody in the


stand! You did! What about that technique?! You have to admire the


ingenuity! There's two spectators they're not lifting a finger to help


him! Anyway, while you are musing over one of the highlights from Fir


Park last night, we can go back to Rugby Park, where there's been


another goal between Kilmarnock and Aberdeen. Jonathan can tell us about


it. Aberdeen are rampant now in the Ayrshire sunshine. It was Jonny


Hayes who cropped up in the final third causing trouble for the


Kilmarnock defence, put it through to Adam Rooney, who have lots of


time and space. His effort look like it might have been saved but the


ball trickled over the line. The Aberdeen fans, who have travelled in


their numbers from the Granite City, will be travelling home happy this


evening. Now we can dwell on one of the matches in the English Premier


League this afternoon. Swansea against Liverpool. What our producer


likes to call the Brendan Rodgers derby. Not mine! Let's find out what


happened in that one, from Simon Brotherton. Liverpool turn this game


around in the second half but needed a late penalty from James Milner to


secure all three points after Angel Rangel was penalised for a push on


Roberto Firmino. It was for me know who headed Liverpool level nine


minutes after half-time in a much improved second-half showing. Until


then, Swansea had had the better of it. They went ahead from the first


corner of the game, Leroy Fer have the final touch. The Spanish striker


making his first start in the Premier League have two


opportunities in the first half but headed over and wide. They created


nothing in the second period until deep into added time, when they


spurned the chance that the far post. The pressure mounts on


Francesco Guidolin but it is five wins from seven games for Liverpool.


Quite impressive that, for Jurgen Klopp, whether in your mind at the


beginning, are they starting to look like title contenders? Yes, I think


they are. Having no European football as well, that will give


them an edge. And they seem to have that energy and togetherness about


the team, which comes from the manager. I think they will go close.


Swansea now six games without a win? It's looking bad for Guidolin. It


can't help with all the talk about Ryan Giggs coming etc. But they


played well in the first half, I saw this game. But Liverpool have got


that something extra, whereas last season they might have capitulated


or lost, they're finding a way to come back. 84th minute penalty,


getting the win. You fancy them for the title? No. I think they are a


bit short of the quality which Manchester City have got. Which


department, all departments? All departments. But also I think


Chelsea and Arsenal have got more strength in depth than Liverpool do.


But I think they have got a good chance to finish top four, which


they will see as progress. But Jurgen Klopp is an interesting


manager, he has got an interesting way of doing things, and it seems to


be working, because he's getting more than the sum of the parts from


bad Liverpool team. Time to look at the matches in the


Scottish Premier League, starting with Rangers against Partick


Thistle. The latest score is Rangers 2-0 Partick Thistle, no change from


Thistle. The latest score is Rangers the last time we looked, Kranjcar


and Andy Halliday for Rangers, and Senderos for Rangers with the yellow


card and Chris Erskine and another one for Partick Thistle now, Gordon


with a yellow card as well. Off we go to Rugby Park, last time we


with a yellow card as well. Off we heard, Aberdeen were cruising to


victory, 4-0 up and still 4-0 now? Indeed, David, and as we approach 75


minutes, this match is only about damage limitation for Kilmarnock


now. There is no way back for them in this match at all. They decided


against watering the pitch in an attempt to try to slow Aberdeen down


but in the end, that didn't happen. The first goal in these matches is


usually so important and a huge dose of controversy over this goal, we


will pore over it on Sportscene tomorrow night undoubtedly, did


referee Willie column get it right? tomorrow night undoubtedly, did


Video replays suggest he didn't and it perhaps should have been about


the Kilmarnock when James Madison went in Jamie McDonald but a penalty


was awarded to Aberdeen which Adam Rooney stucco wait to make it 1-0.


Since then, Aberdeen have been tampered with Andrew Considine


making it 2-0 and after that, just a case of how many Aberdeen would get,


Taylor made it three, and Rooney has made it four now and also hit the


bar in this match. Aberdeen playing some nice stuff, full of confidence,


have turned their season around after a slow start, a win last


weekend against Rangers giving them real momentum which they have


carried through to today and Kilmarnock looked like a sorry sight


at the moment. It is Kilmarnock 0- four Aberdeen. Another goal between


Ross County and St Johnstone so without any further ado, let's go to


Scott. St Johnstone have scored to add to the penalty scored by Danny


Swanson in the first half, on 72 minutes, Kane with a lovely


counterattacking move, sweeping from one into the other and it was Kane


who got away from the rather flat-footed Ross County backline to


knock the ball into the net. St Johnstone have been second best at


times in this half but they have always looked dangerous on the


counterattack. Definitely been a lack of cutting edge about Ross


County's play. They started with 18-year-old Greg Morrison upfront


today, his first start for the club because of the injury problems that


Ross County have at the moment, their most prolific goal-scorer out


and Craig Curran as well absence and you can tell there is a lack of


cutting edge about a lot of their play. It was James McEveley who gave


away the penalty with a needless push on Kane after 42 minutes,


Swanson sweeping home is eighth of the season. They looked a bit more


enthusiastic and threatening in the second period, Ross County. But you


would imagine it is too much for them to redeem with just about 17


minutes to go and in Dingle, it remains Ross County 0- two St


Johnstone. Not going too well for one of the Highland clubs, but let's


find out what is happening to the other one, Inverness away to


Hamilton this afternoon. Not brilliant for them either, they have


not threatened the Hamilton Accies goal as they need to do, trailing as


they do 1-0. Very little to report at either end in the second half. It


has been pretty much a midfield battle. Nothing in terms of


goalmouth incident since the 46th minute, the first minute of the


second half, Gary Warren with a header touched over by Rennie


Matthews, who is currently on the ground receiving treatment after a


collision inside his own penalty area. But Accies will be pleased.


They have only kept a clean sheet once this season and they are on


course for another and if they can do that, they will get a precious


three points which would take them above Caley Thistle. Now enter the


Championship, Dumbarton at home to Queen of the South, the leaders this


afternoon, time to hear from Connie again. More urgency from Queen of


the South and a great effort from Steven Rigg, how he missed, I have


no idea but decent pressure from the goalkeeper. They know a win this


afternoon would put daylight between them and Hibs at the top of the


table. They are trying to put the pressure on, seeming to be pushing


up more but with that, they are becoming more vulnerable at the


back. We saw the result of that, decent chance for Dumbarton, Robert


Thomson, able from the left, strong header but a great save from Robin


Singh in goal. Goalless at the moment, between Dumbarton and Queen


of the South. The only goal in the Championship so far today is Morton,


1-0 up on Raith Rovers, one of the's old playing pals, Ross Forbes with


the goal. Now to Somerset part, the other match this afternoon in the


Championship between Ayr and Dunfermline and it is being watched


by Kenny. Lots of goals in East Ayrshire between Kilmarnock and


Aberdeen but none in South Ayrshire at Somerset bar, where it is


goalless between Ayr and Dunfermline. Play stopped for a


moment for a head knock being treated. Earlier, that was in


acrobatics is a kick well saved by Greg Fleming in the Ayr goal.


Dunfermline have got the better of Ayr in the last four meetings, Ayr


has struggled against other men of late and it will be interesting to


see if they can get the better of them this time. One thing that was


fascinating was trying to work out what one Ayr player's nickname was,


lots of fans were calling someone the Disruptor and I was trying to


work it out and it is Jamie Adams, and when I asked why, they said he


goes about the whole pitch breaking things bridge is why they call him


the Disruptor. For one disruptor to another, back to you, David. I don't


know what to make of that! No goals there but plenty as we were


mentioning earlier, in the match between Kilmarnock and Aberdeen,


Aberdeen cruising to victory. It seems a wee bit of what Lee Clark


was doing, a bit desperate, no water on the pitch to slow things down. It


has not worked anyway! They have not gained anything. It looks as though


Aberdeen are comfortable, from earlier in the match, Kilmarnock


started pretty well but that penalty decision has obviously given


Aberdeen the momentum in the game. In the end, they have taken the bull


by the horns and gone on to cement their place. They will go back into


second place with another good start to the season. Looks like another


heavy defeat for Kilmarnock, two on the spin against two of the heavy


hitters in the Premiership. Yes, but if Kilmarnock lose this game, and it


looks like they will, that will be 27 games and they have won four at


home. Four wins out of 27 at home is not just against the big hitters,


that is against the majority of the league and it is not good enough.


He's brought in a lot of players. It looks like the board have given him


time to gel it together. Yes, he's getting a couple of draws here and


there but performances like this, not just on the pitch, he's brought


it in and shortened it, they have not just on the pitch, he's brought


tried every thing but it could have been six. Rooney had two fantastic


opportunities to get his hat-trick. They have to do something. It is not


going too well for Kilmarnock but Aberdeen seem to be getting into


their stride. They are, they had a sticky start to the season which was


almost in stark contrast to the way they started the last campaign, when


they were very strong. It might have been the European football that


caused that. But they had a last-minute winner gets St Johnstone


in the cup and against Rangers last week, another last-minute win. And


they have taken care of this game. It looks as though


they are beginning to fire on all cylinders but going back to


Kilmarnock for a minute, we saw a shot, the fourth goal, the fans


leaving their seats relatively early in the game. We know there were


planning a protest against Michael Johnson in this game. This club is


not only having difficulties on the pitch, there's an awful lot going on


off it as well and that is a situation everyone has to manage


before it affects what is already a difficult position for Lee Clark on


the field. There's a lot going on at Kilmarnock at the moment and you


would suggest that because of that, they are going to find is a very


difficult campaign all the way through. Gemma said he brought in a


number of players, 17 signings in the summer and in the transfer


window, Keith. I was beginning to think they had gelled fairly well,


as Gemma mentioned, a run of draws and a good win. But now it looks as


though God to use the phrase, the wheels are coming off a bit. A bit,


it is always difficult when you wheels are coming off a bit. A bit,


bring that many players in to find a formula, to get a team spirit


together. You know, this result today will not do them any favours,


going into the international break. It gives them a couple of weeks to


regroup and get back together and try to get a bit of momentum going


into the next part of the season. Let's go back to Rugby Park and hear


more from Jonathan Sutherland about Kilmarnock against Aberdeen.


Jonathan, anything to tell us? I would agree with everything that has


been said in the studio, although Kilmarnock had a chance in terms of


Miles Addison with a header over the bar. That would have been a crumb of


comfort for the home support. In terms of the protests about Michael


Johnston, they were meant to be held on the 18th and 69th minute but such


is the acrimony towards the former Kilmarnock chairman, there was a


protest as early as the sixth minute. As for the other times, it


did not really transpire as Kilmarnock fans suddenly had more to


worry about on the pitch as Aberdeen took control well and truly of this


match, with a bit of help from the referee. To be fair to Willie


column, it happened that pace and he only gets one look at it and so


often he is the man that gets labelled with controversy but it was


a tricky one and it will be one to look at in the video replays again


and again but it has given Aberdeen the impetus in this


match. I should say as well that Adam Rooney, Jonny Hayes and Niall


McGinn are all off, Derek McInnes is resting them because their job is


done and Aberdeen's job is almost done with five minutes to go. 0-


four. Scott's labours, watching Ross County gets St Johnstone, continue.


St Johnstone still leading 2-0 but Ross County manager Jim McIntyre


might want to go out and buy some Lucky Whitehead because he's already


without a number of injured players and at the moment, Liam Boyce, his


main striker, his main fit striker is down in the six yard box getting


some treatment. He looks to have twisted his knee after a collision


with the goalkeeper. They will be hoping that is not too serious and


Liam Boyce will be hoping that as well because he is due to go away


with Northern Ireland to play against San Marino and in Germany


against the defending world champions. Let's just hope it is not


too serious for him at the moment. They are already without great Karen


and Alex Sharp, the strikers, and had to give a first start to


18-year-old Greg Morrison. On the plus side for Ross County, they have


managed to give a view minutes on the park to Chris Burke, the former


Rangers and Scotland international, who signed earlier this week and


Ryan Dow, who they signed in September under freedom of contract,


who used to play the Dundee United. He's just coming back from injury.


They have common appealed and Chris Burke with a shot that has been


punched away by Zander Clark, the Burke with a shot that has been


only serious effort on goal from Ross County so far this afternoon


but it is looking bad for Liam Boyce as he is being helped off at the


moment. It remains Ross County 0- two St Johnstone. Not heard a lot


from Alistair this afternoon, so let's put it right, he's watching


Hamilton against Inverness, still 1-0 to the home side? Yes but last


time you spoke to me, Remi Matthews, the Hamilton goalkeeper was on the


ground and he has since had to be replaced by Robbie Thomson, who was


no sooner up on the part that he pulled off a magnificent save from


Ross Draper header. A really good reflex save, one I am sure Gemma


will appreciate, you might have seen it in the studio, terrific from the


young man to keep his side in front. Caley Thistle beginning to pile on


some pressure in the closing view minutes. They have got a free kick


just outside the box, Accies hoping to hold on for the three points.


Let's have a look at the scoreline from Ibrox where Rangers are at home


to Partick Thistle this afternoon. No change there, Rangers still


leading the jags 2-0, Kranjcar and Andy Halliday, Kranjcar in the 33rd


minute and Andy Halliday in the 40th. But some disturbing news


involving Rangers supporters, 18 of them have been hospitalised taken to


hospital after fan's coach crashed. hospital after fan's coach crashed.


-- fans' coach. I'll give you the details, 18 people taken to hospital


after a coach carrying Rangers supporters over dead in East


after a coach carrying Rangers Ayrshire and Police Scotland said


three of the injured seriously hurt. Our thoughts are with everyone


involved that of course and their families. Right, then -- after a


coach overturned. But we are pressing on with the rest of the


action. Aberdeen cruising, 4-0? All looking good for them. Yes, Derek


McInnes would have felt they needed a performance like this, having


scraped victory in the last couple of games, this is a strong


performance, a strong scoreline and really it is beginning to look a bit


hapless for the Kilmarnock defence, shipping so many goals against


Celtic, same again this week. I know they are laying the best team in the


league and Celtic and one of the better teams in the league in


Aberdeen and they have to be more compact and competitive. They have


to be able to put up a better challenge, particularly at home and


again, I reiterate, against this backdrop of a club in turmoil, banz


not happy with the board, it looks as though Kilmarnock are heading for


a really difficult season. They could get sucked into a relegation


battle very easily. Gemma Collies scoffed at me when I told you I had


put Hamilton down to win in the predictor this afternoon but it


looks like my knowledge, or rather my guesswork or bear fruit. That


would be a really important win for them. It would be and I scoffed


because Hamilton have not taken anything from Inverness, have not


beaten them at New Douglas Park on the last six occasions they have


played them but you are right, the slave from the substitute keeper who


has just come on, a free kick from the wide right came in and a


point-blank reaction save, absolutely fantastic. Caley Thistle,


we were watching last week's game and defensively, they were


fantastic. But at times defensively, they have looked a bit shaky here.


Hamilton have had opportunities on the counterattack. This would be a


huge three points for them. St Johnstone 2-0 away to Ross County


and nice to see Chris Kane, a young player on the scoresheet for St


Johnstone, one of a number of young players who have come through there.


Yes, and they keep rolling on, St Johnstone, from week to week. I've


ain't that keeps them well up there in the top four once again, and it's


a fantastic job done by Tommy Wright and his staff. We move on to the


Championship, to find out what is happening in our featured matches


Championship, to find out what is there this afternoon. First up,


Kenny Crawford is at Ayr United-Dunfermline, any goals yet?


Not yet. This game is a bit behind the rest, the kick-off was delayed


by five minutes because so many people were trying to take advantage


of the ?5 entry fee. The attendance is 2883, so that is pretty


impressive. The game has really opened up, with big gaps, and I


would not be surprised if there was a late winner. ?5 to get in in the


Ayrshire sunshine - who would not want to go to watch that? You cannot


argue with that. This was a League One game of course last season. But


I think both teams have shown that they are able to cope with the step


up. Alan Johnson went to Dunfermline and might have felt that he had a


point to prove. I think both of those managers are showing their


experience, because that is a very competitive league that they have


gone up into, and they're showing they can hold their own in it. It's


great to see so many people turning up for that game as well. Rookie


manager Gavin Skelton's queen of the South, away to Dumbarton this


afternoon - let's see if Connie can bring us a goal? It is still


goalless, I thought they were trying to silence me here, because the


power went down! We just had a free kick saved from about 25 yards out.


Dumbarton, however, coming back into this one. I have been really


impressed by Ryan Stevenson, whose linkup play with Smith has been


decent. It has been an interesting afternoon, with some decent


football, but still no goals. The only goal in the Championship so far


is fors. -- is for Morton. They would move up to sixth, if they run


that one? Yes, that would be fantastic. Coming off the back of a


fantastic performance in the League Cup as well. Just trying to bring


some consistency in the league alongside that I'm sure will be the


aim of Jim Duffy. And Ross Forbes, an old team-mate of mine, it's no


surprise it is him that has managed to get himself on the scoresheet.


And as managers, they do not come much more experienced in that


division then Jim Duffy? No, he's a very experienced campaigner at every


level that he's worked at. I saw them winning last week and it was


richly deserve. Arab Spring king of young players. A couple on loan from


Celtic and a couple of others. And a bit of experience mixed in as well.


And Jim is managing to steer them, and I think they will be made table


the cup semifinal to look forward to the cup semifinal to look forward to


. I think it was under pressure earlier in the season, but he's


shown that it was nonsense, he's the man for that job. The full-time


reports are beginning to come in, the first of which will be common


against Aberdeen. Here we can see the full-time scenes at Rugby Park.


A good win for Aberdeen, 4-0 winners against Kilmarnock. Jonathan can


give us the full-time report. The debate will surround the decision by


the referee to award Aberdeen a first half penalty. Video replays


suggested that perhaps it should have been a free kick awarded to


Kilmarnock after James Madison went in and was either taken down or


fouled, depending on your point of view. But it was a penalty to


Aberdeen, which Adam Goody duly dispatched. That gave Aberdeen the


momentum in this match, as they took a 1-0 lead into half-time. Very soon


after that, it was 2-0, and the Costa and thumping in an effort into


the top corner. Adam Rooney then got his second of the match to make it


4-0. In truth, he could have had a hat-trick. For the Aberdeen fans,


the job was well and truly done. They go back to second in the table.


It will be fascinating to see what Kilmarnock manager Lee Clark has to


say about that decision to award Aberdeen a penalty. We will find out


very shortly. I should not have been crowing about my predictive prowess


earlier, because there has been a goal between Hamilton and Inverness.


And it has gone to Caley Thistle? And what a goal it was as well. Six


minutes of injury time are being played. Anne Dudley Polworth took


full advantage of that, with a low drive into the corner. It was a


sickener for the Accies, looking for their first win in four games. But


Caley Thistle had been pressing. It now looks like they have got their


reward. I was too busy talking to see that goal, but when I look


around, it was a cutaway shot of Martin Canning on the touchline


shaking his head? Yes, he will be so disappointed. I think Hamilton have


been the better team. To concede a goal so late is gutting for him. It


would have taken them up to meet table. And now, they're just looking


would have taken them up to meet at the point. However, given the


scores elsewhere, it takes them away from Partick Thistle and from


Kilmarnock. Yes, it's still so tight. But just getting those three


points, especially when you've been the better side, it must be so


frustrating for them. Richard, can you add anything to that? I'm just


watching that... I thought you'd passed out! Just watching a bust up


in the Ross County game. But yes, I've spoken to Martin Canning a few


times this season, and he I've spoken to Martin Canning a few


saying his team is playing well, but they're not getting the rewards.


They're not getting any goals, either? They're not, but also,


they're conceding. It's almost like they have to score two to have any


chance. So I can understand why he was standing on the touchline


shaking his head, because his team did everything except win today. I


think they will be happy with a point today, should they get it? And


I think this game is just over. There were chances within the last


couple of minutes at either end. But yes, I think they will happy with a


point in the end. As we mentioned, the match is indeed over at New


Douglas Park. 1-1 was the full-time score. We can get the details now


from Alan. Iestyn Hamilton at the players, some of them are sitting on


the artificial turf here, they just cannot believe they have put so much


into that match and only emerged with a point. It was a point that


was snatched late on as Liam Polworth drove in from distance past


substitute goalkeeper Robbie Thompson to earn Thistle a draw and


extend their run to five matches unbeaten, having started the season


with three straight defeats. Richie Foran is clearly doing something


right, but they were second best for much of this match. They had gone


behind to Alex dark holes first league goal. That was after Owain


Fon Williams has kept out a glancing header. Accies were on top for much


of the game, but Caley Thistle had a couple of efforts saved on the line


so they were never out of it. And so they proved, as we went into six


minutes of injury time, with Polworth snatching that late


equaliser. And I believe it is Polworth snatching that late


full-time now in Dingwall, between Ross County and St Johnstone. Scott


Davies there for us - Tommy Wright, the victorious manager this


afternoon? Yes. A 2-0 win for his side. It was an incident-packed


game, not especially brilliant in terms of quality. But more bad luck


for Ross County and injuries. We will come to that in a minute. The


moment which matter for St Johnstone was a penalty on 42 minutes, and the


Swanson converting his eighth Goal of the Season. Jay McEveley, called


into the starting line-up because of an injury in the warm up, gave away


the penalty with a needless push. He nearly equalised himself in the


second half, as did Chris Burke, the former Rangers and Scotland player,


who came off the bench late on. But by that time, Ross County were 2-0


down. The slickest move of the afternoon, the finish applied by


Chris Kane for his second of the season. But on the injury front,


already without a couple of main strikers, including Alex Schalk,


Liam Boyce in an accidental collision in the penalty box, after


Chris Burke had forced Clarke into a safe, seemed to twist his knee and


he was carried from the field. I think it's a fair bet to say he will


miss Northern Ireland's double-header against San Marino and


Germany in the qualifiers. Lots of headaches for Jim McIntyre to try


and sort out before Ross County comeback after the international


break and tried to pull themselves together after encouraging


performances at Ibrox and Tynecastle. It was not really one


this afternoon, however. Full-time at Ibrox. And these are the vital


statistics. Rangers, 2-0 winners. Rangers's first win in the


Premiership since the 20th of August. For Partick Thistle, it


extends their winless run to six games. Let's go down to the


Championship now, and Connie McLaughlin is watching Dumbarton


against Queen of the South. Full-time? Yes, and it has finished


0-0. Queen of the South, is till unbeaten. First half was tight


without a tonne of opportunities. The best chance came for Kyle Jacobs


in the 23rd minute. His effort from 20 yards just went over the


in the 23rd minute. His effort from crossbar, much to the delight of the


home supporters. Dumbarton stood their ground. The second half was


just as open, with Dumbarton finding their rhythm. Ryan Stevenson linking


up well with Smith. At the other end, Queen of the South looked the


more urgent. But as they pushed forward, they look too vulnerable


and the back. However Dumbarton did not have enough in their locker to


take full advantage. Probably a fair result in the end. Let's hop across


the Clyde to Greenock, where Morton are at home to Raith Rovers. Let's


say good evening to young. Good evening to you. Another vital


victory for Morton. It was a stunning goal, Ross Forbes, with a


fabulous free kick after just 18 minutes. It was around 25 yards out,


and the opportunity was created by his team-mates. Forbes took free


kick left-footed and curled it around the wall, to the left of


Kevin Cuthbert. It was a great game, enjoyed it, good, physical


challenges all around, although there was a reshaped for Morton


after 38 minutes, with one player being stretchered off to be replaced


by Andy Murdoch. And near the end, Andie McNeil GTAM Morton goalkeeper


had to go off with a knock to the head as well. Morton have won three


points in the glorious sunshine in Clyde this afternoon. Sounds like


you had a ball! So did Quinney Crawford, who was watching Ayr


United against Dunfermline. Goalless at the end? Yes, the last time Ayr


United beat Dunfermline at home was in 2009. If they have done it today,


that would have been them being successful in their tenth attempt.


But Ayr United did have plenty of chances to get that win. Brian


Gilmore's long-range volley, was one of those chances. There were several


others, as the first 45 minutes was dominated by Ayr. Alternately, no


goals in front of a crowd of 2883. And Kenny's thoughts take as nicely


onto today's classified results round-up.


Hibs can go top if they beat Dundee tomorrow.


A lot of the big guns yet to play this weekend in the English Premier


League. Let's here from a couple of


managers, first, Tommy Wright who was speaking after today's match


between Ross County and his St Johnstone. Your reflections on that


2-0 win? Really satisfied with the performance. I thought the first


half was as good as what we have been this year. We were excellent,


fully deserve to be 1-0 up, and in the second half, probably did not


start as well as we should have. Careless clearances put us under


pressure. Only one clear-cut chance to Ross County the end. Even in that


spell, we had chances on the to Ross County the end. Even in that


counterattack and finish the game off with a great goal and took total


control. It's not easy to come here. You know, it is a great start for


us, away from home as well, we went to Partick and won and Motherwell


and won and Hamilton and now we have peering got three points. That is a


good return from the away games. -- and now we have come here. He does


not sound very happy! That is Tommy, but it has obviously been a


satisfying gave them. It's difficult to go there and they will be pleased


to come away with that and pick things up again after losing in the


League Cup. Tommy just does what he does at St Johnstone, keep them in


the top half, fighting to the top four, bringing through young


players, signing shrewdly and he's doing a very good job. Gemma, USA


traditionally they have -- you were saying traditionally St Johnstone


have a slow start but that seems not to be the case. I'm hoping the


wobble was the draw against Aberdeen in the cup but he does a very good


job with not a lot of resources and to have us consistently in the top


half of the table and I'm hoping that continues this season, is


fantastic for a club like ours. County, five games without a win?


Yes, surprising really. Jim McIntyre and Billy Dodds, you know, they have


been consistent themselves, to be honest, so to go that far without a


win is surprising. But I think the team they have got, they will bounce


back pretty soon and I expect them to be challenging for the top six


again. I omitted Rangers, their first win since August 26. Ridgers


just have to start finding the net, more regular basis. They will will


be looking to get more people contributing with goals, from Ghana.


The difference between the likes of them and even Aberdeen and Celtic is


having that firepower at the top end of the pitch. I think Rangers need


to find that as well. If they are to get themselves challenging at the


to find that as well. If they are to top end. Looking at the table,


jabber, Celtic and Aberdeen, Hearts, St Johnstone, Rangers and Motherwell


as the top six and I would be surprised if that is now the top six


finish. -- not be surprised if they were the top six, maybe not those


places. Yes, but you have got Inverness and Ross County although


it looks like Liam Boyce is out potentially for we while and Curran


is already out, they have scored eight goals in the league and those


to have scored seven so where will the goals come from now? They


started the season ready well, Liam Boyce was Player of the Month in


August and they need to find a form again. Looking at the bottom six,


Richard, Partick Thistle, Kilmarnock and Dundee in the bottom three.


Worrying signs for them. A little, but I think most of the managers


have been relatively happy with the way their teams have been performing


but results have not come. There's not a lot of points between the


teams at the bottom, they are bunched up. I think it will probably


be that way for most of the season. I don't see anyone being cut adrift.


I think everyone is capable of taking points off each other and


obviously, Celtic will have a gap at the top and there will be another


couple in the top three but I think it is going to be very tight right


to the end of the season for both clubs. I'm afraid it's time for us


to leave you in peace, and leave you indeed with a look ahead at what is


to come. Jonathan and company are here at tea-time with a highlights


show at 6pm on BBC Two Scotland and if you missed it or want to watch


again, it is repeated after Match of the Day in high definition on BBC


One. Keith is off to join Stuart and Tam on Saturday Supplement on the


wireless, which starts online and on digital. Tomorrow morning, I am


working at the great Scottish run and our coverage starts at 11am on


BBC Two Scotland. Good luck if you are taking part and if you see me,


come and say hello but it is goodbye for now and from us, thanks to


Gemma, Keith and Richard for their wit and wisdom and thanks to you for


watching. See you soon.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the Premiership, the lunchtime kick-off is at Dens Park as Dundee take on Celtic. Then at three o'clock, there's a Glasgow derby as Partick Thistle make the short journey to Ibrox to play Rangers, Kilmarnock host Aberdeen, Hamilton and Inverness meet for the first time this season, and St Johnstone are in Dingwall to face Ross County. Plus action from Friday night's match between Motherwell and Hearts.

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