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Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights from the fourth round of the Scottish Cup. Including Celtic v Hearts and Partick Thistle v Aberdeen. Plus a review of the action elsewhere.

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Winning the Scottish Cup, reaching that final, making that Johnny. It


is a lot more than just work, it is about crossing the finish line, you


need passion, determination and drive to get over that line. This


fourth round, let them play. A massive cut Cup shock! Rangers


surely into the fifth round. Goal, what an equaliser from Queen of the


South! Aberdeen hoping to draw a line in their long wait in the Cup


wilderness. For the Cup holders, Celtic, out to defend the trophy


they have one for a record 36 times. This is where the line will be


drawn, but who will cross that finish line?


We draw the line under the wino -- under the foreground, and you are in


the right place you want goals. Today, it was above average. And we


have two above average pundits, Billy Dodds and Pat Nevin. Partick


Thistle against Aberdeen later, but first the clash against two Scottish


Cup winners. It is 5-star Hearts! Winning the


Scottish Cup! Suddenly, the SPL champions move a


step closer to the double! It is party time for Celtic! The Scottish


Cup will be there as! Hearts at Celtic at Tynecastle


Stadium. Commentary comes from Billy dogs -- Billy Dodds and Liam McLeod.


The standard type of this fourth round. Parts of Midlothian -- heart


of Midlothian, the Cup run with boost them, but also provide them


with a financial return. The problem with them is up against a Hearts


hunting, and since their defeat at the hands of Hearts in the


semifinals the season before last, they have countered to be each time


they have come here, scoring 11 in just three games.


The players could not ask for better conditions. That edge looking good,


this guy is above still blue. -- the pitch looking good. And there will


be a minute silence observed as a mark of respect for those who lost


their lives and those who remain injured in hospital following the


horrific helicopter crash on Stockwell Street in Glasgow on


Friday evening. Taking some time out in silence.


WHISTLE. CHEERING. Gary Locke has a small squad to


choose from, the guys talking about that, but starting David Smith on


the right, Ryan Stevenson supporting Callum Paterson. Jamie MacDonald in


gold is the only one who started the 2012 Scottish Cup final. -- in goal.


The Israeli Nir Biton coming in. Stokes has scored against Hearts


including in September, with Joe Ledley also restored.


There is no one over the age of 20 on the Hearts bench. The Celtic


striker from Finland, with two golds, one on his debut year. The


referee is Willie Collum, taking charge of last season's final, as


Celtic took care of Hibernian. Positive news on Friday in the


knitting from here. The company voluntary agreement was


conditionally agreed for Hearts. Still work to be done with a meeting


in Lithuania in January. It seems holding the keys to their future.


But the fact that Hearts could have been closed on Friday, it is a


massive, major step in the right direction. Billy dogs, this is


normally a keenly fought contest? Absolutely no doubt, never roll


Hearts out, especially with this Tynecastle atmosphere, but quality


opponents with Celtic, and beaten opponents in the league. But Albion


Rovers knocking out opponents yesterday. Hearts will make it tough


for Celtic. McCarty doing well there. -- McHattie. Celtic need to


bounce back, and think about getting out of the Scottish Cup, after their


continental adventure came to an abrupt end on Wednesday. -- it would


be an thinkable to go out of the Scottish Cup. I come looking at


Celtic's permission, but they would go with a 4-4 -1, but a diamond in


the field Mulgrew dropping off, with Brown in plain of them -- play in


front of them. Comments gives a wonderful goal for Celtic. Hearts


ripped open here in the opening few minutes. Celtic take a big step


towards the fifth round already. -- Kris Commons gives a wonderful goal.


The start that Hearts dreaded, but brilliant playing from Kris Commons.


Hearts not in a bad position, but Celtic works it, passes it about.


Ledley into Kris Commons. Still other to do, but he fires it right


into that far corner, wonder. For Celtic. -- a wonderful start for


Celtic. Celtic might have had a bad hangover


after Tuesday. The good thing for Hearts, despite losing the early


goal, not looking too rocky. They have created a couple of other


opportunities. Apologising there,


through some dodgers there. Just does not get it on target.


A Celtic free kick. They are taking it quickly. Kris Commons making it


two. Celtic take out their insurance policy in the capital. It is Kris


Commons with a double. It is 2-0 to Celtic. Game over already? You would


think so. Experience shows. Maybe someone talking to them. Commons was


to the right. Only six or seven yard dark from Kris Commons, but when he


gets there, he is showing the left boot. But Hearts completely switch


off all stop --. Kris Commons into double figures for the season.


That would have been some way to get the hat-trick for Kris Commons. It


is movement getting himself between centre half and right full-back.


Once he gets this full-back, you can see the awareness, where McDonald


is. A decent save from him. Dundee United manager, and assistant


manager coach, two former Celtic players, of course.


Mulgrew was trying to play in Stokes. Growing making it three, and


Celtic surely now through to the fifth round! Just beyond the


half-hour mark at Tynecastle. It is the Celtic captain, Scott Brown, and


it is 3-0 to the holders. It is that area. From stalks, -- Stokes. That


movement is killing Hearts. Even though McGee is young, he has to be


more aware. He hits the shot, deflected into the post from Joe


Ledley, then it falls to the ones that Hearts fans did not wanted to


fall to, Scott Brown, with the easiest of tap ins, and it really is


game over, you would think. We do not want this to be a


trouncing. But it looks to be that way. Just a little tight, giving go


again, gets its debt, probably from Stokes, just wraps the food around


it. That is the deepest Kris Commons has


been in play today. An early ball, and the fourth


arrives! Joe Ledley, who scored in last season's final, ensures that


Celtic are taking a Sunday stroll down easy Street in this fourth


round tie. 4-0, not even have time. Working from left-to-right, out to


Nir Biton. The fullbacks going forward. What a ball that was. A


forward thinking midfielder, or forward, getting a tap in, and Joe


Ledley does exactly that. Brilliant again from Celtic. What a ball!


The Celtic fans will be absolutely loving this. As a Hearts fan in


particular, it is tough viewing. And there was the fifth, and what affect


it was from Mikael Lustig, an absolute stunner, putting Hearts to


the sword! Hearts were caught on the park there, a few coming forward, we


talked about that, but Mikael Lustig breaks forward into the centre area,


cuts in the central area, with Stokes making the run, but not using


him, hitting it from 25 yards, and it flies over McDonald. A great


side, isn't it? -- great strike. You feel for Hearts, 5-0 down, young


manager, we do they go from here? -- where do they go? Some great play


there from Jamie Walker. Not even getting the bonus of a consolation.


He keeps his clean sheet. A great touch from Fraser Forster. A fine


distinctive save. Walker again, positive one, gets through. He


wanted a penalty, but good effort from him.


And it is half-time and, Hearts will be gutted that it is not full time,


they want this game over and done with. We have an under believable --


we have an unbelievable scored line of 5-0 to Celtic. And that is Brad


Mackay, defender, replacing David Smith, who is playing on the right


of midfield in that first half. We shall get to Billy's. In a second.


-- we shall get to Billy's thinking on that in a second. The biggest


loss for Hearts was a 7-0 lost on New Year's Day 1973 against


Hibernian, a at Tynecastle. They will look to salvage some pride


from proceedings tonight. Try to work it back to the big Dutch


man, who likes to get forward when he can. How does it look Hearts are


going? Just trying that defensive mid-field.


To set and protect and try and get a hold of the Celtic movement.


Commons - Stokes comes back to Ledley, who fires it across. Back to


Commons agains. It is a penalty kick and Celtic too have the chance for a


sixth. You with bet Commons will try and find this ball. He'll want the


hat trick. Just rubbing it in, isn't it? We'll get a look at it. Ledley


could have had the strike. Back to Commons. I cannot believe


that, to be honest. His hands are down - it is not a natural... It


could be Commons' day. Celtic looking for a sixth.


And they have it! And he has his hat trick!


That's clinical from Commons. Don't expect anything else with the day


he's having. Even when MacDonald goes the right way, there's no


chance he's stopping that. Wonderful from Commons, right into the bottom


corner. And they got this penalty because of


this handball from Wilson. What can Wilson do there? He's tried to get


his hand behind his back. Commons is only two yards away.


Celtic are winning 6-0. But individually you have to look at


that goal. It is a poor, poor decision. How hearts heart -- Hearts


would love to have that man. He's scored twice in the final against


Hibs. He's a legend, in his first spell, let alone the second. He


scored in the 2006 time as well on penalties. Could have made a


difference today? No! Hamill! Almost. A good strike. We talked


about the this. Gets his shot away. MacDonald.


Stokes clipping it in. Yes - seven!


Hearts are heading just now for a record defeat, it seems. Brown


leathers home Celtic's seventh. It is seventh heaven for the holders!


That was a good save from MacDonald, right away - it comes through, was


it, I think McKay's legs. Brown has the strike. Takes the deflection.


MacDonald had gone the wrong way. Going for you, going for you - a


decent strike. Good technique from Brown. And the deflection. Gets them


the seventh. Boerrigter comes on to replace Commons. List on the the


ovation this man is about to receive. Quite rightly so.


Gets it back from Stokes. It has found Boerrigter. Celtic


corner. That deflection nearly got him that


hat trick. A lovely cross. Knocked down by Boerrigter. Celtic's eighth


nearly. He will be... Ledley. And now


Ambrose. And there is the final whistle.


Celtic celebrate a magnificent victory and a magnificent victory to


celebrate Neil Lennon's 200th game in charge of the club. From the


third minute they did not look back. Commons completed his hat trick.


Scott Brown got the third on 32. Ledley scored the fourth. A stun


stunner right on half time made it 5-0 before the interval. Commons


adding the sixth just shy of the hour mark, before Brown volleyed


home after a deflection to make it seven.


Scott Brown goes up the tunnel. Two goals himself today. He's got his


eye on the double himself this season. It finished incredibly here


at Tynecastle. Is that about as close to perfection


as you could have asked for this afternoon? It is the best


performance I've had in my time as manager. You always look for me, but


in terms of Utopia it is as good as it gets. It is as we've tried to


build this team. That is the way we want them to play and the way we


want Celtic team to play. It was everything I could have asked for.


Is that an afternoon to forget or to learn a hard lesson from? We have to


get it out of the system as quickly as possible. There is a lot to learn


from it. We did miss out in the game. We lost a poor goal and you


know sometimes you have to hold your hands up. We're a young side, but we


got out-classed today. The players around me make me the player I am.


Without being slipped in from Charley and the others I am useless,


but I am blessed with playing with such a good group of players. Did


you have the shooting boots on today? It has been a long time since


I last scored. Take them as they come. It is the hardest I have


scored ever. A tap in and a deflection for the second. I'll take


them all. A brilliant performance today. Great


reaction following the European disappointment. Fulsome praise from


Neil Lennon as well - it is massive praise when you consider some of the


praise they've had during that time. To what extent were Celtic excellent


and Hearts were awful? We have to analyse it like that. Celtic were


brilliant. They were immense. They can only beat what is put in front


of you. Celtic did that - their movement, their interchanging and


you know, we have to look at it as well and say there was some poor


defending from Hearts as well. Take nothing away from Celtic. They were


clinical on the day. How impressed were you - especially given their


disapointment mid-week? It is part of it. I think there's a reaction


from the Celtic players that is what Neil Lennon wanted. The quick


passing, good appreciation of the passes as well. And also the


movement was great right from the first minute. They adapted to the


new adapted system. They were playing, really, really well. From


the start, it was great. We will talk about how poor Hearts were and


reasons for. That but take nothing away from the Celtic performance.


Neil Lennon is right to say it was a brilliant display. Probably no


Celtic player reacted better than Commons, who was pretty much


outstanding throughout the afternoon. The passing and the


movement was great. I mentioned before there. It is a great finish.


It is a difficult angle. Have a look here in the centre of the pitch. The


normal thing is to go towards the ball, but no, he goes intelligently


wide, to where the space is. The full back does help by diving in


there. That is intelligent movement. Not the obvious place to go.


The finish is superb. Everything they had done was superb. You see


here again we could talk about the defending. He's just - it is an


eight-yard run. He's in and he's run for it and he's put it in the far


corner. So much game intelligence. Just head down there, but he knows


where the goalkeeper is. He seals his day - it was a fine day for him


with that penalty on the side net. He's got so much quality. He was


great. At times Celtic were unstoppable.


We'll talk more about that shortly. In terms of Hearts, how culpable


were they in their own downfall A full circumstance wl the back to the


ball. Maybe Wilson could come across. With the ball where it was


rolled, it was rolled and they will show them this. Materially... This


is a big problem. They played a high line a lot of the time. As well,


play a high line and you leave a lot of space for a guy on the ball. They


will always cause problems. It's not obvious that is what the initial


problem is. He's scratching his head a little bit there. He'll know if


you play have the high line, get tight every time with the


mid-fielders. If you don't, they will destroy defence. Uncomfortable


for Hearts' fans. I don't think we'll have many Hearts' viewers


tonight, it is fair to say. Mesmerising. It was not the


interchanging and the mid-field to the front ones. It was the - this


goal sealed it for me. That's a ball that You love on the


end of it. It is lovely. But this is another one. Here is your problem


with the defence. Now they are scared to go out because they are


caught behind it. You cannot give that much space and


when you do, someone eventually has to go and nobody goes. Again it is


just this naivety they have got. This inexperience they've got. They


didn't know whether to come or go. Sometimes it was Commons, sometimes


it was Stokes coming back there as well. They had no idea who to pick


up. Celtic did not need a helping hand today, but they got it in the


second half. You were very clear about your thoughts about this


penalty. I don't suppose it has changed much. Cruel! As I said - and


I stand by it - if we analyse Hearts and Celtic. Of look at the picture -


eight yards away. Look at Wilson' arm, it is behind his back. It is


cruel when you are 5-0 down. Has to be deliberate handball. Be


serious... That is nowhere near deliberate. There's a psychological


difference between six and seven. One thing about Hearts, they did


keep on trying - particularly in that second half. By this point,


Celtic have not taken their foot off the gas, but they are not playing as


well. They are still playing well enough to get another couple of


goals. Scott Brown becoming a goal machine, it seems. It seems cruel to


talk in this way about Hearts, given all the problems they obviously have


in the league and off the field - it is well documented - but that result


has to be crushing in terms of their morale, you would imagine. Next


weekend they are away to Dundee united in the Scottish premiership.


How do they bounce back from this? It will be tough. You know, they


have got a lot to fight for. They are fighting that relegation period.


The festive period is coming up. Down to six points. They'll have toy


wait that. They will be wiping it with Lock. You have to teach young


lads. He'll tell them what he wanted from them. If they do that and get


it out of their system and look forward to that relegation battle,


then that is a way forward. I've had a 7-0 myself. It is how you


fight back. A tough day. The fourth round of the


Scottish Cup is a special time, for some clubs, et cetera specially


those in the lower echelons. Sometimes, just sometimes we catch


that illusive glimpse of the romance of the cup.


Due to fire damage, Albion Rovers moved there match against Motherwell


to New Douglas Park. They were vastly outnumbered by their


Premiership opponents, and the chance for a class at shop, when


Gary Phillips got his chance and did not miss. -- classic shock. It was


almost cut short, but a missed chance, and it meant Albion Rovers


have Dell Scottish Cup giant-killing scalp. A real moment to savour for


the club where success has never come easy. It has to be the best,


cannot compare it to anything, scoring a goal and a great Cup like


that. The Stranraer captain led his side


out at Clyde, after working through the night at the Glasgow helicopter


crash. Thoughts go out to the friends, relatives and staff. A


moment of silence, making you reflect, and I suppose it is things


into perspective. We are still in the heart, probably lucky, I thought


Clyde came out of the straps -- came out of the traps quickly. The second


half, we were definitely better. A stunning free kick from Lee Currie


looked like it might set the wee Rangers on their way, but Dumbarton


bounce back, on the way to a 3-1 victory.


Since taking over as Alloa manager, he is hotly tipped to take over the


vacant managers job at Inverness. He masterminded their Cup progress.


Graeme Holmes amongst the goals for Alloa, Graham Weir for Stirling


Albion, but merely a consolation. Another league one side through to


the last 16, Stenhousemuir progressing at the expense of


Highland League said Fraserburgh. Ross McNeil have the double as


Stenhousemuir ran out 3-0 winners. A crackling, dear I see it, Stormy


Angus derby, three red cards, two red cards, we can sell you --


Brechin City 1-0 in front, but Martyn Fotheringham equalised,


sending them into Cup replay fever. Dunfermline athletic, in light blue,


at Somerset Park, taking the lead through Andy Geggan. But 1-1 is


hybrid with the news, Kevin Kyle with the knock-down, and Michael


Donald with the equaliser. At the Falkirk Stadium, David


McCracken's sending-off would be pivotal, as Rangers eventually find


a route into the next round. The biggest moment of the game so far,


and it is saved, Nicky Law with the effort, and it goes into the net,


but the offside flag is up on the near side. Nicky Law puts Rangers


surely into the fifth round of the Scottish Cup! They are definitely


through now, David Templeton, in second-half stoppage time!


No doubt, Albion Rovers, what an incredible result from them, and


great to get that kind of shock. What will it mean for the club like


Albion Rovers to put out Motherwell? Absolutely massive, David Ward


there, Goodlad, I did my badges with him. He works away at small clubs


and then gets his reward. It is hard graft working with small clubs, but


they will enjoy every moment. You can just be it. It is so much joy


for them. Seemed like an emotional moment for him as the manager, but


the Gary Phillips, personal trainer, going back to the scene of his glory


tomorrow, it must be magic. It must be magic. A fantastic moment for


them. What does it mean to Albion Rovers? Talk to the bank manager.


That is for sure. After a good start to the season, party this all have


gone off the boil, in fact losing their last four matches, one of


which was a 4-0 defeat to Aberdeen, facing them today. -- Partick


Thistle have gone off the boil. It is advantage Aberdeen. They have


scored the oven and conceded nine in two league meetings. If you are


looking for or mince, when the teams have met, Aberdeen have lifted the


trophy. Looking for omens. Thistle beset by problems. Some changes by


Aberdeen, bringing back Barry Robson in the middle of the park. And Gregg


Wylde replacing an injured Jonny Hayes on the wing. The match referee


is Bobby Madden. A decent sized crowd. Inside Firhill for this


match. And we are underway. Ballot -- Balatoni under some


pressure there. Oswald in charge of the intervention.


Throw well dealt with by Balatoni. The first corner kick of the match


goes Aberdeen's way. Barry Robson to deliver this one. We will know what


he is capable of in terms of delivery. That wand of a left foot.


Thistle have to be on their guard here. Aberdeen have the lead, Andrew


Considine, inside five min! -- minutes! It has put Derek McInnes'


side in front. Terrific delivery from Barry Robson, as we have come


to expect. Considine lost his marker and hit it emphatically past Scott


Fox. The early advantage goes Aberdeen's way. Just the start they


would have wanted. Just the start Partick Thistle must have been


dreading. Aberdeen enjoying plenty of


possession. Bobby Madden had a look at that,


nothing given, though. Peter Pawlett with the effort, and a


brilliant save by Scott Fox. Still in play, as Calvin Zola tries to


pick up the pieces. Really good goalkeeping by Scott Fox, who found


himself off his line. Peter Pawlett with the effort. And a brilliant


save by Scott Fox. A deflection and Scott Fox again.


Alert enough to push that one away. Kicked in by Gregg Wylde. A wicked


deflection. A chance for Gregg Wylde. And a wild


shot off target. That should have been the second for Aberdeen. Wylde


was clear of the Thistle defence. He shot and blazed well off target.


Piccolo claiming he was court by Calvin Zola in that match up.


Zola wins it, and should have scored. Just a foot too high. Again,


it was too easy for Zola to win it. Does well to find this space, in


fairness. It was Russell Anderson in the end


getting it behind for a corner. Again, that could have been so much


more for Partick Thistle. And the half-time whistle sounds,


with Aberdeen utterly dominant, a goal in the fifth minute from Andrew


Considine. It is 1-0 to Aberdeen. Partick Thistle really need to


improve on that first half showing. No shots on target in the opening


period. They really need to be seen as more of an attacking force. In


this second half, as Bobby Madden gets us back underway.


Thistle have a bit of work to do if they are to progress to the last


extreme. -- last 16. Michael Hector of doing the


defending there. Shapes to shoot, pushed away by Langfield. A good


effort from Kyle Higginbotham. Langfield, who has had nothing to do


all afternoon, manages to keep that one out. Thistle's first shot on


target. Partick Thistle now looking for an


equaliser. That is not too far away from Elliott. That was a really good


effort. And Josh looking to tie that one up.


A lovely back healed. -- heel. Niall McGinn goes down. Bobby Madden


shakes the finger and says no penalty. This could have been game


over. And certainly barged down by Piccolo there. He was trying to get


in between him and Osbourne. Partick Thistle will have to find something


special. Something they have not produced.


Aberdeen looked likely to score there. So close to a second.


Eventually, Thistle smashed it clear. It was a stunning strike from


Aberdeen's top goal-scorer. It rattled back off the upright.


Archibald's men are heading out the competition unless they can find


something in these dying seconds. They just cannot get hold of the


ball. And it was Osbourne all the way up


there, trying to force it home. But the full-back was denied. He was


denied at the near post. A corner comes own, not too far away, but it


was left to lead, it seems, to start piling bodies and shots in on goal.


Only seconds remaining. And it is all over. It is Aberdeen


who progress, thanks to Andrew Considine's fifth minute header. In


truth, Partick Thistle drop out of the Scottish Cup with a whimper,


Aberdeen progress to the last 16 of the William Hill Scottish Kip,


winning it here one - zero. -- Scottish Cup. They made it difficult


for us, as we expected. It was all about getting through today. We've


played better than we have in the second half. But a quality one as a


game. We're just grateful that the opportunities that we did score


under didn't come back and bite us A good victory for us. The first half


I don't think we threatened them enough. We got closer, which he


didn't do well enough in the first half. I thought we might get


something at the end. Having one goal - it's not very safe. Managed


to block it. It was quite an open game, you know. It was like we have


a chance, they have a chance, sort of thing, the whole game. It was not


very safe. We plugged away. Stat time. Before today's game,


Aberdeen had knocked Partick Thistle out six times. On three occasions


Aberdeen have gone on to win the Scottish Cup. Today potentially a


good omen for Aberdeen. It was a fantastic start. The marking was not


good enough. A decent bender - had a lot of


power. Well done, he attacks it. But in the end the defending is not good


enough. They changed it for this - changed a different marker. At that


point it is too late. They never after that got back into the game.


Good defending. Not the best defending. Partick


Thistle have lost three times to Aberdeen this season. Partick did


have their chances in this game. They had been a bit toothless at


times and once again today. It is the story of the season - they play


lovely football. For me, I really enjoyed watching


them, genuinely up to the 18-yard line. Then after that, the finishing


has not been great. Just the final ball - they played it to well,


mid-field to front and you wonder why when they get up to this area,


when they are coming, there are players getting up there to support


and they might get on the end of that, but that's been the problem -


the finishing, particularly at home - the lig ga believe and then


obviously the final ball there and that starts to affect your


confidence. A wee bit more clinical. It was such a promising start. How


do they get their mo Joe back? There -- mojo back? They have lost 3-0 and


on the odd occasion, but they have to make sure they get the box - the


guy on the ball will be clinical and more decisive. It may work because


their football is good. They are losing confidence each week they do


that. There is not pressure on them to get a striker. They have to look


over the period of the season and say they've done all right. Do you


think Aberdeen should have won by a more convincing score line? Quite


often they were long shots. The keeper was doing well here. They


actually found themselves in a poor position to start with. He got


himself back. In the end, you think if anybody is going to score here,


particularly the first half - which wasn't bad, Derek was saying he


thought the second half was frantic. I think that is being polite about


it. I don't think it was any good. There was no passing. Any chances


that were coming up were genuinely come from the Aberdeen players. This


was the best one. They work it well and it's an excellent strike from


McGinn. Could this be Aberdeen's year? We have said it for a long


time. They've got themselves well on in two Cup competitions. Doing OK in


the league. The Dons fans have been saying that for a lot of years now.


The Aberdeen fans would abouts lightly love it. -- absolutely love


it. Now a round up of the remaining


games. The sunset on St Mirren's hope of


maintaining the League Cup when they lost back in August. They got off to


the perfect start as they aim for revenge.


A header from Naismith. Newton deflected.


A teasing ball. Back to Russell.


Off the post and in. It is clever, on the Riley - that is


even better. Thompson!


Great move down the left-hand side as Thompson tucks it home!


Ful A power failure at a substation meant the second half in Inverness


was delayed by over 30 minutes. When the match did get back under way it


was the home side who cruised through to the last 16.


McKay with his first of the afternoon. He was not finished for


the day. Doran setting up McKay for his 13th


goal of the season. Another another striker in demand


set St Johnstone on their way through.


The trip north is one that butch butch butch knows well. -- Terry


Butcher knows well. After two weeks in the job he's beginning to create


history. This was their first ever victory


against Ross County. The break through for Hibs.


And a flashing header from Lukinson. Handling's control.


A great run. Down he goes! And it's going to be a yellow card.


It is his second and he's off. The drama was far from over.


The substitute was replaced by Terry Butcher for tactical reasons.


Terry's word and point were ringing in his ears.


It is disappointing when that happens. Ross is a key player for us


and one we like. This week's action began at Tannadice and Kilmarnock


look looked in place for an upset. A strike from Johnson put the visitors


2-1 up. Not for the first time this season United's youngsters bounced


back and this rounded off the scoring for Kilmarnock. This


weekend's what happened next question. Look away if you are from


the blue half of Dundee! Only ir irirknows what -- only Irvine knows


what went wrong. You are a coach of Queen of the South.


Listen, we played well. We were unlucky. St Mirren had their


chances. They started the first half well. We fought back. A good


equaliser here and the second half as well.


They could have killed off the game, but we had chances to win it as


well. We were disappointed we didn't get through. Looking forward to the


replay. It was a really good cup tie yesterday. Let's talk of goals of


the round. Let's start with this. This is Lustig.


He's absolutely nailed that one. A great goal. Helped by the defenders


falling off a bit. A bit of space. This is Graham Weir. How do you rate


this? Spectacular. You have to get the technique absolutely right. And


Chris Johnston here. His wrong-foot, as it were.


He's time to think about the top corner - an absolute beauty. Which


was your favourite? Listen, all three are favourite. Chris Johnston


because it is the wrong-foot, right in the top corner. Brilliant! I


think the technique by Graham Weir is fantastic. To be honest if you


ask me in five minutes' time I will probably say Lustig. We have covered


them all. The fifth round draw will take place tomorrow.


These are the steam teams that will be -- these are the teams that will


be in the pot. As many League One sides as premier ship sides. That is


the romance of the Cup. If anybody is going to draw an old firm, it


could be Miller. It could be fate. Maybe that is why they choose him!


This is special. I love playing in it, as a player. No doubt some of


the teams - there could be some good teams as well. A chance to dream of


the League One side as well. I want them to have a good run. Who will


the manager be is another one.ly be in rovers. It could be a fantastic


one. That is almost it for tonight. We are back next weekend of course.


The Results Show is on Saturday afternoon at 4. 30pm. On Sunday, it


is me, once again, with all the highlights of another weekend of


Scottish Premiership action. That is it for tonight. We have drawn a line


under the weekend action. Thanks to the guys. The draw is tomorrow. The


battle lines will be drawn then. Will we get an Old Firm Derby? Good




Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights from the fourth round of the Scottish Cup, on the day the cup holders enter the fray.

Celtic visit Hearts in what promises to be one of the ties of the round, while Partick Thistle host Aberdeen in another all-Premiership encounter.

Plus a review of all the key action from what is always one of the most exciting weekends of the season.

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