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Results from the SPFL. Celtic v Motherwell, Inverness v Dundee Utd, Kilmarnock v St Johnstone, Falkirk v St Mirren, Alloa v Hibs, Rangers v Peterhead and Hearts v Aberdeen.

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Good afternoon at welcome to the results show. Earlier, longer and,


you never know, maybe more interesting than usual. On the day


Rangers complete their journey to the top division, we have an extra


chair so we have three guests for the price of two. Feast your eyes on


our mighty triumvirate, Craig Paterson, Gemma Fay, and Stuart


Cosgrove. Welcome one and all. Let's start with the Championship. If


Rangers win away g'day to Raith Rovers, they will be champions, but


only if Hibs don't win at St Mirren. Time to find out what is happening


at Stark spark. Quite a first half. The home side got a lead with a


tremendous drive. Harry Forrester quickly drew Rangers level. Another


long-range effort from James Craigen made it 2-2. We are just underway in


the second half. Let's find out what is happening in Paisley. St Mirren


against Hibernian. It is all happening here. Jason Cummings


kicked things off with some real quality after 27 minutes. A lovely


ball from John McGinn Cummings to be Langfield. Five minutes later, Rocco


Quinn silenced the way support with a slide in which a suspicion of off


suit. Never offside. Dundee against Ross County now. Let's welcome Brian


McLauchlin. A five goal thriller. And the 3, Ross County 2. Stuart


Hemmings giving the home side a two goal advantage, then Andrew Davies


pulling one back, before Rory Loy restored the advantage. Alex Schalk


scored one -- scored one for Ross County. St Johnstone against bottom


club Dundee United. Jonathan Sutherland. Dundee United have been


utterly dominant so far, and they have the lead. The Johnston


goalkeeper Alan Mannus going from hero to zero, as he fumbles in Ryan


Dow's shot, and united taking a lead. They have that lead at


half-time. Staying in the Premiership, we will head to


Inverness for Cally Thistle against Motherwell. Unfortunately, we are


the exception to the rule. Not so exciting here. Two teams going for


the top six but a bit nervous when they get near the edge of the


penalty areas. A lack of creativity from both sides. Kenny Crawford is


watching Partick Thistle against Kilmarnock. I am malnourished of


goals as well. It is dull less. The second half is about to get started.


Myles Addison had the best chance with a header of the post in the


fourth minute. Since then, most of the efforts have been mile off


target. We started with plenty of excitement and then we got a wee bit


boring towards the end. Goalless matches. Watching Raith Rovers


against Rangers, it is pretty exciting, isn't it? Intense, and I


expected that. Rangers have to win the game. Raith Rovers are in a


great run, five wins and a draw from the last six. They have the


play-offs to prepare for. It has been intense. Nobody has taken a


backward step. We have had four goals and the second half started


with that tempo. I don't think we have seen the last of the scoring.


St Mirren are doing their part. It will be a bit tense for Rangers?


They have to try and win it as soon as possible. They have another game


in midweek. It will happen at some point but they would like to show


today they can take on Raith and with it. Another goal has just come


in. Let's hear all about that. Kenny Miller has just put Rangers at it


again in this match. The ball played through the middle for the Rangers


striker and he took the first time and lasted past Kevin Cuthbert. The


Rangers fans rejoice in the main stand. Rangers are leading. Let's


change things. What do Rangers do now, get everybody on the ball? I


don't think they want to do that. They conceded three against Queen of


the South and Falkirk. The Rangers way is to get the ball down, play,


get the ball to the opposition. I don't expect them to change their


tactics. Visiting St Johnstone fans drew lots as to who would keep an


eye on their game. Gemma, you are watching the Dundee game. That is


quite exciting as well in the middle of the table. I have just started


watching it. I don't think I want to be commentating on it. Fantastic


second half just kicking off. The two games previously between these


two clubs have produced 13 bills, and it looks like this could do the


same in this match. Conforming to type. Yes. The 34 Dundee have been


fantastic up front this season, Hemmings, Stewart and Loy all


getting a goal. Ross County need to do something. They have struggled


since their cup win. A cliche, the League Cup win hangover?


Potentially, but we are talking about a seventh and sixth place


match. There is only three points about a seventh and sixth place


between them. If they could get something back and even push on for


a win, it would make it interesting. Stewart, I can feel you bristling


when Jonathan Sutherland described that match is fantastic. I am not


sure that is how you will see it. No, you could say it was one for the


connoisseurs. You wonder sometimes with St Johnstone which of their two


teams will turn up. Last week at Tynecastle, they were immense. I've


never seen a pressing game played at brutally. They pressed so high up


the park, leaving Hearts with nothing, scored three goals. Today,


they have allowed Dundee United to dominate in the first half and they


lost a very poor girl, which Alan Mannus, who, to be fair to him, had


a couple of good saves earlier in the game, and he then allowed the


ball to go through him. -- they'd lost a very poor goal. They go out


at half-time a goal down but there are 35 minutes to play. Let's go to


the title race in the Premiership. Celtic having the chance to end the


day seven points clear of Aberdeen, because Aberdeen play Hamilton


tomorrow. Easier said than done as the champions are at home to third


placed Hearts at lunchtime. This was a big step towards five titles in a


row for a Celtic side who had to have plenty of answers against a


Hearts team that went in front early on through Jamie Walker. That set


Celtic mind is racing at the Jam Tarts bossed things. Mackay-Steven


slammed home from the edge of the box. Ozturk it's the bar and


Oshaniwa had a great chance. Patrick Francis made them suffer with a


clever first for the club. Hearts still in it, but the second goal of


the game was from Roberts after lovely build-up play by Griffiths


and Johannson. It took the wind out of their sails and Oshaniwa was sent


off. Celtic will be difficult to reel in now. Jim, a defining moment,


another one in the title race? It is interesting, every time that Celtic


seem they are going to push on, they drop points. They dropped points


against Hamilton and Aberdeen failed to capitalise. An opportunity for


that debate. It would have been interesting if Scott Brown had been


sent off for that two-footed challenge. Should he have been?


Absolutely, a red card. Perhaps the referee didn't give it because he


didn't make contact with a player but, for me, a different red card.


Disappointing for Hearts because in the first half they had 57% of the


possession. Defensively, some of the goals they let in today, I think


they will be disappointed with that. They have been quite solid at the


back today. -- this year. What happened to Hearts? A great strike


from Jamie Walker but Celtic started to wear them down. At Mackay-Steven


equaliser, it went through the defender's legs, the goalkeeper had


no chance, then Patrick Roberts had a lovely chip. And Celtic were in


the lead, they started to knock the ball about and the advantage moved


to Celtic. There were chances but, over the piece, you would have


Celtic were that bit sharper and deserved to take the points. I want


is a bit of laxness has crept in. From Hearts' perspective, they have


been part of the title race for some time. But hunting down Aberdeen. But


they have a secure European place. Nobody is going to catch them. There


won't be an opportunity for St Johnstone. I don't know that they


have necessarily got the kind of... If things had been closer, two or


three points, I think you might have If things had been closer, two or


seen a different Hearts. When they went a goal up, you must have


thought this was the opportunity to get the first win at Celtic Park for


a long time. You would have thought so. You would have thought that


would be enough momentum for them. But they feel a slightly, I don't


want to say lazy, but a slightly more sluggish team than they were


earlier in the season. They were pummelled by St Johnstone last week.


Lets say goodbye to the Championship title race is going to kick all day.


It is Raith Rovers against Rangers. Rangers need to win here and hope


that Hibs drop points. It didn't look like Rangers' part of that was


on the cards initially when Louis Longridge opened the scoring with a


fantastic strike past Wes Longridge opened the scoring with a


Foderingham. But Rangers turned things round with Harry Forrester


heading them level. And then he set up James Tavern near for Rangers'


second, putting Rangers ahead. They were not paid for long because James


Craigen volleyed past. That was before half turn, -- half-time.


Since the break, Kenny Miller has put Rangers back in front. At the


moment, they are keeping up their side of the bargain. Connie is in


Paisley, where St Mirren are at home to Hibs. Any change? Know, 54


Paisley, where St Mirren are at home minutes on the clock at the moment,


and there is a good bit of needle in this. A lot of bad blood, because


he's -- because Keith Watson has just come back on because he


suffered what appeared to be a burst nose. Some test the challenge is


going in in this match. Jason Cummings opened the scoring after 27


minutes, a superb ball by John McGinn allowing him some space. He


was one on one with Langfield and hit a left foot strike into the back


of the net. Their lead only lasted five minutes and the ball was lofted


at the other end, finding Rocco Quinn. It looked as though it could


be offside. The Hibs defenders went crazy, but they were convinced that


Rocco Quinn was offside. The linesman thought otherwise. It


looked from where I was sitting like they might have a case. Craig, it


would be fitting if Kenny Miller were to be the person that scored


the goal which got Rangers back to the top flight. A few players this


season have contributed all the way through, and Kenny always does. He


comes off the bench, he adds to the attack, he will play off, he will


play wide, and now he's doing some coaching. This future is at the


club. If somebody is to score the coaching. This future is at the


winning goal, it would be nice if it were him. But that goal at the start


of the second half, Raith will have to go for it. They might be some


more goals. Let's go to Dens Park. Five goals already, Dundee against


Ross County. A real cracker here at Dens Park. It is still the same


score. All of the goals coming in the opening 45 minutes. Dundee


started in whirlwind fashion, two goals up inside ten minutes. Greg


Stewart with a wonderful solo effort, curling the ball in from his


left foot. Two minutes later, Kane Hemmings, top scorer for the season,


23, after he took advantage of slack defending at the back for Ross


County. Ross County got back into it, pulling one back after 16


minutes. Captain Andrew Davies with a glancing header beyond the Dundee


keeper into the back of the net. Hemmings took a shot, then Loy with


a glancing header into the top corner. Just on 45 minutes, Alex


Schalk, the Dutchman, possessed one of the Dundee defenders and curled


the ball towards the goal. Although the keeper got his hand to it, the


ball crept over the line. Dundee have had numerous chances throughout


the afternoon, with Loy, Hemmings and Stewart, what a combination for


the home side, scoring a huge number of goals this season. The result is


very important at this time of the season. If it stays this way, Dundee


will leapfrog Ross County into sixth position, with just one week to go


before the top six for the final run-in is finalised. We have played


55 minutes here. Back to Paisley and the


Championship. It is a goal for St Mirren, have they just sealed this


title race? A superb effort, right footed strike. Back to the


Premiership and the match Jonathan Sutherland was describing as


fantastic. Any advance on that? It has been a fantastic match in Perth


this afternoon, especially if you are of a tangerine persuasion.


Dundee United have toiled so often this season and were fantastic from


the start and could have been ahead after 40 seconds. He teed Jon Ryan


kin but his touch let him down and the chance was gone. -- he teed up


John Rankin. Then after a shot McManus was the hero again for St


Johnstone, saving with his legs. Then it was from hero to zero as


Dundee United took the lead. The keeper somehow fumbled it over the


goal line. Dundee United have the lead. It will be a moment that Alan


Mannus will watch from behind the couch, that's for sure. A crazy way


for United to take the lead but on the balance of play they deserved


it. Rankin almost made it 2-0, the shot Canon ink off his shins as it


went just wide. St Johnstone did almost equalised just before


half-time, the shot was blocked by his own player on the line. In the


second half it has changed around a bit, St Johnstone far more lively,


putting a lot of pressure on the Dundee United goal but for the


moment Dundee United are still leading. 16 minutes into the show


before he plugged his own programme! Lets see if Scott Davis has got


anything worth viewing tomorrow evening. In the highlights show. It


will be a simple edit if it continues the way this game has been


going, Motherwell be away team -- the away team. Nearly at the hour


mark in the game. Both of these teams came in on the back of


impressive victories. Trying to secure a place in the top six.


Entertaining passing moves. A distinct lack of creativity, any


time they get near their respective goals. 24 minutes before either


goalkeeper was called into action. An easy save IEEE and the Motherwell


goal in the end. Liam Hughes the former Cambridge United is right


there getting a header looping towards goal. This time the cross to


the near post... towards goal. This time the cross to


Cut-off in his prime. 0-0, but he was still talking. Let's go to


Firhill. Crawford was complaining about being malnourished in terms of


goals, have you been feasting? Please hear me out, it is Dylan Mail


after the hour mark. The best chance fell to Addison. -- it is 0-0. After


four minutes he hit the post. A header from a free kick. He was the


bright spark during the first half. After the break Kris Boyd had a goal


disallowed. We have just had a great chance which was deflected over for


Partick Thistle. There are little chance which was deflected over for


happening there but an incident of note in Perth. A big moment in the


match as Dundee United go down to ten men, Donaldson is shown a


straight red card by the referee. Dragging down Chris Cain who was


haring in on goal. Was that a clear goal-scoring opportunity? You


probably have to say that it was, certainly want to watch on the


Reebok is. The big moment here as he looks pretty disconsolate. -- watch


on the replay is Would you be prepared to agree with


Jonathan? I thought it was a clear red card, partly because Chris


Cain's pace meant he was going to go in on goal. You remember him from


his fine days at Dumbarton where he was the top scorer couple of seasons


back when he was out on loan and he broke away. You can see that he had


beaten Donaldson for Pace who had turned around and pulled him back


and it was a straight red. I agree. It will be interesting to see what


they do now because St Johnstone are not looking particularly comfortable


at the back so does he guard this goal or does he still want to


counterattack? There is a goal. Scott, are you there? Inverness


against Motherwell. Motherwell are in such a good run of form, five


wins in six games, on their way to another. The substitute Lionel


Ainsworth really stirring the Motherwell fans from their torpor


behind the gold to our left. Owen Williams fumbled the ball, hooked


back towards goal and the backtracking keeper looked as though


he would get there and avoid danger but all he could do was help the


ball into his own net. Not particularly good afternoon for


Goalkeepers, Alan Mannus the Northern Ireland keeper hoping to go


to the Euros and Vaughan Williams hoping to go with not doing his case


much good. Back to the title race in the Premiership, Aberdeen now know


what they have to do tomorrow to narrow the Celtic lead to four


points, they had to beat Hamilton. That will require a better showing


than in their last encounter back in November. They shared a 1-1 draw. Do


you recall this far back? They got off to a flying start and they had


just started to find games a bit harder, those they were winning


earlier in the season. Teams were making it more difficult. Maclean


with a wonderful strike. Hamilton, at the start of the season,


especially on their own patch. Three wins at home, but haven't won a home


game since that. They are struggling. They will have to work


hard to beat them. Not a great result for the Dons but two weeks


ago it was even worse, losing against Motherwell despite going


ahead. Another game I was at and Aberdeen started well, there was a


shout for a foul on Motherwell player. It is a stick on penalty. He


decides to drive it down the middle. Motherwell are going well just now.


They picked up the mantle and kept going. Aberdeen, this was not like


them, they don't clear their lines. MacDonald nicks in for the


equaliser. Normally he would just see that out but the goalkeeper


comes and they are waiting for each other and it's into the back of the


net. They brought on Barry Robson to settle things down, and the


experienced midfielder throws an arm across and catches the face of Scott


McDonald. Down to ten men and Motherwell picked up the three


points. That's why Aberdeen have to win all seven to catch Celtic. Craig


mentioned Hamilton were in good form in November but their recent form


has been dire. Their most recent outing was defeat against Partick


Thistle. It has been that type of season, a good start which fell away


and then they picked up points, but it's their home form that has been


such a problem, their last home win was last September against


Motherwell. You thought this would be a real chance when they took the


lead but Partick Thistle are sturdy, they don't score many and they don't


give many away but having got the equaliser they kept going to get the


win. The big three points for Partick because they had lost their


previous three games. Kilmarnock can still catch Hamilton. Aberdeen need


to win. They have no option but to win, they have had opportunities and


as I said before they slipped up against Motherwell and St Johnstone


with a draw. And they slipped up against Hamilton and surprisingly


they have done that to Celtic as well this season but there are no


more excuses for Aberdeen, it's now or never. With Celtic getting over


the line today with the Hearts game which was tricky for them, they have


to put pressure back on Celtic by winning. Pressure on Hamilton as


well in a perilous position. Very much so. There is always that


reversal, the opposite of momentum. There has got to be a word for it


somewhere. There is a sense of which they have lost a lot of the spark


that they had, as we said, at the beginning of the season. What's


fascinating about it is that although we inevitably kind of work


hard wired to talk about the top of the league and the bottom couple of


places, the interesting action is in the middle because it does not seem


that with the exception of Motherwell if they win at Inverness,


or any team being able to put three wins together, so that is having a


real impact on top six and bottom six. It looks like Hamilton have


been dropping, not quite like a stone but not far off. Interesting,


because Scott Davies spoke about Inverness and their top six


aspirations, and I think they have to look up and down. They know they


have to win their last three games before the split and that means


winning today to give themselves any chance. A few teams in there today,


St Johnstone could cement their place in the top six, Motherwell


could do the same, and that is massive. Around about ?80,000 for


every place you can gain, if you know you're in the top half sixth is


the last place you are going to be in so you know how much is coming in


and possibly more and then you can start trying to attract players.


Hold onto your hats, we are going around the grounds again starting


with Alex alarm and -- Alistair Lamb and.


They haven't really tested Wes Foderingham since they went in for


the Kenny Miller goal. It looks like it might be the crucial one as they


try to wrap up the title party. Come back to me in a moment and I'll tell


you whether Raith Rovers can do anything with this free kick.


Luckily I can see the pictures. They misted! Let's move to Paisley for an


update. St Mirren look the more likely to


add to the lead rather than Hibs coming back into it. I suppose what


sort of questions does it raise for Hibs and their supporters? They have


been pretty poor apart from their goal. Second place of course was the


target for Hibs over the past couple of weeks but is it slipping out of


their grasp as Jamaat -- their grasp? 67 minutes gone at Dens Park.


Not as many goalmouth chances as there was in the opening period


although we have had a couple. Michael Gardyne was one of the


heroes for Ross County in the League Cup final and he should have done


better from 12 yards but blasted it over the crossbar. Kane Hemmings


came close to his second of the afternoon with a header which was


nodded back off the line by Ian McShane and then Hemmings again


fired it over the crossbar from eight yards out. Still very open


fired it over the crossbar from with both teams going for it with so


fired it over the crossbar from much at stake, a top six place, and


the winner would be in top position to claim that. Let's head back to


Inverness for an incident in that match. In the 70th minute it's a


penalty for Caley Thistle. Conceded by Keith Lasley who is distraught


down there. A good bit of work by Draper going into the penalty area


and lastly got there as quickly as he could but the tackle was late and


has conceded a penalty. The former Motherwell midfielder in his second


spell with Caley Thistle, Iain Vigurs, left footed, a little delay,


sends the keeper the wrong way, putting the ball in the bottom


right-hand corner of the net and it's all tied up, and explosion of


action in the second half at Inverness. Inverness are shaking off


their inertia. Inertia is the word. Let's shake off my inertia now and


had to Perth will stop no inertia here. -- Perth. Much more lively


from St Johnstone in the second half, no doubt where the big moment


was in the second half, the sending-off of Donaldson the Dundee


United defender. I think the much maligned referee got that spot-on.


St Johnstone almost immediately capitalise as Dundee are hanging on.


A shot cannon off the crossbar. They are still 1-0 down after a shot was


fumbled into the net by Alan Mannus. Dundee United are still trying to


make the great escape happened. Goals everywhere in the Premiership,


I wonder if there is any goal action at Firhill. Absolutely. --


absolutely not. Kilmarnock want to get out of the relegation positions.


Neither is in a position to get the three points. Chris Dillon has just


come on for Partick Thistle, scoring half of his eight goals against


Kilmarnock this season. Now we can take a pause from the hurly-burly


from these titled tussles and survival scraps to bask in the glory


of international success. Indulge me just this once! I know they were


only friendlies but here is how they will be remembered in the annals of


football. Mighty results for the national


team. Fear not though, little danger of a national team manager blowing


these wins out of proportion. This is what he had to say about the


results. To win two games of football is


great. If you look at the other, the physical side of Denmark against us,


it was like heavyweight against middleweight. We went for that. Our


team spirit kept us in it, good defending, good goalkeeping. We had


a couple of chances in the second half, but basically they were


better. They are at the top of their game. What did we learn? I have a


wider spectrum of players I can pick from now. I have a couple of young


players coming through which we didn't have a couple of months ago.


A lot of bonuses. Our passing wasn't good. I think that comes from a lack


of fitness. You cannot pass the ball well unless you are at top fitness


level. It was a gamble we took. Well, well, Gordon Strachan... He


isn't getting carried away, is he? They are friendlies, good games to


have, you can introduce young players and see how they react. To


get results is great because it gives you momentum. We are trying to


build to go into the next qualifying campaign, but that is when business


is not real, when the players need to stand up and be counted. For the


likes of Kieran Tierney, John McGinn, great chances to show what


they can do. Hopefully more players at that age can start to develop. I


think the manager will know seven or eight of his team when the


qualifiers start. Somebody who can hit form at the right time, you can


certainly push yourself into his thoughts. Let's have a look at the


teams in Scotland's World Cup olivine group. -- qualifying group.


Stuart Cosgrove, you are getting your passport ready! I am slightly


worried in that group. I think most people who were sane would say that


England are going to be a very decent team. Gordon Strachan thinks


they can win the Euros. That might be taking it too far, but they will


do well in that section and they might win it. That leaves Scotland


obviously in a very familiar situation, where we have to play


teams like Slovenia and Slovakia, where we often haven't quite taken


them for granted but never really been able to see them off


convincingly. I think that has been Scotland's problem for a decade or


more, that smaller, independent nations in eastern Europe have given


us a tough, torrid time, and we need to be better. Surely we will have


learned those lessons. We don't necessarily have a problem when we


are the underdog, when we have to raise our standards. We saw against


Germany and Poland, we competed. We have a problem when we have to set


the standard and those teams have to beat us. As we saw against Georgia


and in previous campaigns... But there is young talent coming


through. The key thing is to keep that young talent playing at a high


level. We can't afford to lose kin and Jini. I think he should solidify


his place in Celtic. -- Kieran teeny. There are too many players


that go and see the bright players... Italy and France could


provide formidable opposition. Gemma is hoping that the youngsters who


are in this one will be in the squads. Will they be? May one or


two. I don't think a lot of them will be. Now it is building towards


big games. Now we are going up to the next league against the next two


sides. If we can do well and keep the momentum going, then we are


ready. You are asking a cynical old professional. He is never going to


concede it! There are more bright lights in Glasgow then there are in


Southampton, if you are watching, Kieran! It pains me to say that


Scotland will not be at the European Nations Championship final next year


but there is a chance we will be next year because the women's team


are looking good for a place in the finals in the Netherlands. They are


are looking good for a place in the top of their qualifying group and we


have the statistics to prove it. Played four, won four. A 100%


record. Iceland are in second place with a game in hand. The other three


teams are some distance behind. Gemma, your next game, coming up


this Friday, at home to Slovenia. You have already beaten them so you


must be confident. It is always tough to go away with your first


game of qualifying. We beat them over there. They are tricky.


Defensively, they are mobilised but maybe not as mobile or shop at our


forwards. But they have some of those individual players that can


change a game. We need to keep an eye on them. It is a big game for


us. If we can do the business at home and get three points, our next


trip is to Iceland. Three games left, win two of those and we will


qualify. You still have to play left, win two of those and we will


Iceland, your biggest opponents. The top seed, but we have played them


many times that we have beaten them. We are quite confident with this


group and we have come out and said that we will qualify. I obviously


want Scotland to do it, but you have to look at Iceland. Not only did


they jail their bankers, they have developed quite a phenomenal


footballing culture for such a small nation. Their men's team are in the


European Championships. They're U21 team is great. By all accounts, this


is what the challenge is in the women's group. You've got to respect


them. How about optimism? You have to respect a culture where 400


400,000 people live. It is quite an achievement. There has to be


something we can learn. Let's go back to the Championship and


Nickleby. This is Raith Rovers against champions elect Rangers. The


score remains the same since that Kenny Miller goal. That looks like


it has taken Rangers to the brink of clinching the Championship title,


not really troubling Kevin Cuthbert in the Raith Rovers goal since then.


Likewise, Wes Foderingham hasn't had too much to do. They are going to


shore up the midfielders. Rangers looking to just hold onto the lead


that they have over Raith Rovers. The Rangers fans are all around us


in this stadium, very much preparing themselves for a title party. Let's


go back to Paisley for St Mirren against Hibs. Giggs have to win to


spoil Rangerss party. It is St Mirren 2, Hibs 1. St Mirren have


gone for what looks like another goal. They have changed things


around. Stevie Thompson is on for Rocco Quinn. Doing that, they are


stretching themselves at the back. Hibs had an opportunity because of


that through Anthony Stokes, but he forced a brilliant save from Jamie


Langfield. Back to the Premiership and Dundee, where the dark blues are


at home to Ross County. Is still the and Dundee, where the dark blues are


same score. Stewart and Hemmings giving Dundee a 2-goal advantage


inside ten minutes. Andrew Davies pulled one back before Rory Loy


restored the advantage for Dundee after 38 minutes. On the stroke of


half-time, Alex Schalk pulled another goal back for Ross County.


It has been entertained in the second half, and Kane Hemmings could


have had a hat-trick. A real break for County a few minutes ago, with


Hemmings getting a touch. But the ball trickled if you whinge is the


wrong side of the post for the Dundee striker. -- a few inches. St


Johnstone at home to Dundee United. They remain the same score. Just how


big a three points could this be for Dundee United, should it stay the


same? Dundee United are at the moment on course for their first


victory here in four years. But St Johnstone are knocking on the door.


Dundee United reduced to ten men after Coll Donaldson was sent off


for hauling down Chris came. But Dundee United are one in front.


Fumbled into the net by the St Johnstone goalkeeper Alan Mannus.


There was the most almighty skirmish in the box. It was unbelievable. You


have to see it on the highlights. Gavin Gunning eventually blazing his


shot high and wide, as United almost went into a 2-0 lead. We need a bell


to ring every time he does that. It was quite a skirmish, though. We


will be talking about it afterwards. I don't want to mention it again in


this show. Let's go back to Cally Thistle against Motherwell. The team


is still tied? Yes, one apiece, although the game has burst into


life in the second half Saint Lionel Ainsworth took advantage of a


blunder by Williams in the Cally Thistle goal to knock in his first


league goal of the season, is that goal since he scored against East


Fife in August in the League Cup. He lobbed it in as the goalkeeper could


only help it into the net. But invest have rallied. They


desperately need to get some points on the board. -- Inverness have


rallied. Iain Vigurs, the former Motherwell player, netted from the


penalty spot. Keith Lasley the offender, taking down Ross Drayton


in the penalty box. Since then, pretty much end to end. They Cally


Thistle player would ... The right that area for Motherwell has been a


problem all afternoon. Cally Thistle exploiting that. I wonder if Kenny


Crawford has any goal is to tell us about. Partick Thistle against


Kilmarnock. 83 minutes gone and it is still goalless. Kris Boyd should


have had Kilmarnock 1-0 ahead with a great chance from eight yards, but


he fired it over. Kilmarnock might be starting to get worried. An


interesting fact, Colombians, the Partick Thistle left-back has played


every competitive minute this season. Are there ever any


highlights of these Premiership games on the BBC? I can highlight


highlights of these Premiership Celtic's win over Hearts today. They


beat the Jambos at Celtic Park. We can hear what the managers thought


of it. I am very happy. It was an important game. It is tough to get


going again after the internationals. I think we grew


through the game and in the end we deserved to win. Did you feel the


worse after the opening goal? I felt deserved to win. Did you feel the


that we were a bit out of control and I didn't like that, but I think


we grew into the game and we had some individual performances that


were performed and -- that were important. The players are confident


in themselves and today can only help that. It was a defeat, but the


manner of it was pleasing. We dominated a lot of play, we pass the


ball well. We had the ability and the strength to take the ball in


tight areas. You believe this is a group of young players who are


learning all the time? John Souter, Sam Nicholson, they are all young. A


very young squad. To come here today and form that well is good. Ronny


Deila highlighting individual performances and not naming names,


but I will throw Patrick Roberts at you. Two goals and a further


strengthening of their squad. Celtic earlier in the season felt very kind


of hit and miss will stop it was the whole idea of, did they have the


kind of sustained effort to take the ball all the way through? It is now


starting to look very much like they would be almost impossible now for


Aberdeen to catch them. Aberdeen have let themselves down a bit in


the last couple of months, no doubt. The Championship, which we are on


the practice -- on the precipice of Rangers winning, Hibernian have let


themselves down. They are the teams who looked like they might put on a


serious challenge and they have both faded quite poorly. No goals for


Leigh Griffiths. Is he still in the limelight from the Celtic goal


machine? Ronny Deila will be happy they are not solely relying on him.


27 this season? If anything was to happen to him, you don't necessarily


have anybody who can step in and do that. It is good that more goals are


coming from across the team. For Celtic, there are some centre-half


positions, and they got one in recently, I am not sure it is the


answer. Before next season, they have to think, if they go on to win


the title, they need to invest in that position. Just happens we have


an expert in the art of central defending in the studio. What do you


make of the partnership they have? Is that an area which needs to be


improved for next season? I think they will have to improve in every


area. If Rangers will be back, that will be a challenge to Celtic. They


have to progress in the Champions League because of the money


involved. They will have to spend money to do that. They have a hard


act to follow. Can they get players of that quality on loan? Will they


spend money in it players they know can do it? There has been a goal at


Dens Park for Dundee and Ross County. It looks like the three


points are going to the home side. Came back off the defender and Craig


Wighton, just eight yards out, hammered the ball home. It looks as


if Ross County will be in the bottom half of the table. Dundee into sixth


place. Still four minutes left here. Drama there but probably even more


interesting at Stark 's Park. A late development. Into injury time and


would you believe it, Raith Rovers have a penalty. Halliday clicking


the heels of the substitute. It means Raith Rovers have a chance to


dent the Rangers hopes of clinching means Raith Rovers have a chance to


the league title this afternoon. He will step up himself with the spot


kick. Up against Wes Foderingham. It is saved! Rangers remain on course


to clinch the title. We will discuss that at length later. Let's head to


Paisley. It is a goal for Hibernian, they have drawn level. Rifled into


the back of the net has to Langfield. A goal for Hibs but it


won't be enough. We will talk about the penalty save at Raith Rovers. He


did not look comfortable stepping up to take that. He has never scored


for Raith Rovers. Not a great day for goalkeepers today so I'm glad


there is something good to talk about. Hibs have do throw everything


at them. I don't think they believe they can catch Rangers. There is


still a battle to catch Falkirk. Every point is vital for Hibs. It


doesn't start much more dramatic than that. There was a moment where


Raith Rovers could have been the party poopers but he looked really


nervous and the body language was in great, it was a decent save in the


end. Quite a lot of tension in the last few minutes of the game. The


end. Quite a lot of tension in the reality is that Rangers have easily


done enough across the season and it is their title. We will talk more


about that later. A terrible start to the season but since Alex has


come in they have done really well. Raith Rovers went on a run and


Falkirk, Hibs and Rangers were already there. They have run out of


time already. They would be almost impossible to catch even when they


won every single game. It's the Championship again next year. Alex


Rae has made a difference but can he do enough to make them real


challengers next year? I thought it could have been another penalty for


Raith Rovers but it's a corner. It's really exciting. I like a good bit


of Scottish football, there is nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong


with the Dundee performance today, 4-2 winners at home to Ross County,


that will do them a world of good. Hold that thought. Incredible


scenes, in the fourth minute of injury time Raith Rovers having just


missed a penalty have somehow managed to claw themselves level


again. A complete ground ball in the six yard box. It's not clear, I have


to say, who has got the goal, looks like it might be the man who just


missed a penalty. He has his shirt off and has been booked but he


doesn't care. Rangers looked like they will have to wait until Tuesday


night to try to clinch the title. What a way to redeem yourself. It's


a good time to pop up and score, disappointing to miss that penalty


but they kept getting balls in the box. It has come off the post and


all he has to do is knock it over the line and it keeps Raith Rovers


going. If there is another goal in the game we are winning up after!


Exactly, hard-core fans want to win on the road and most Rangers fans


would have wanted to win today. Full-time in Coke D. As we can


probably see, can we see that? -- Kirkcaldy. He is a hero to Rangers


players, he's not happy, taking issue with the officials. Let's see


what Alistair has do say. It looks like Kenny Miller is remonstrating


with the referee because he had a goal chalked off a few minutes


before the end. It looked like it was for offside. And now of course


with that goal in the last few seconds of injury time, it was the


last act of the match, and he just missed a penalty to make it 3-3 but


somehow he scrambled the ball over the line to mean that the champagne


remains on ice in terms of title party. Rangers still of course


looking very good to clinch the title. There might be a better way


to do it, but they would have loved to do it this afternoon. Kenny


Miller put them 3-2 in front, and they looked as though they would do


it with Hibs losing points away to St Mirren, but popping up inside the


six yard box with seconds remaining, it is Raith Rovers 3-3 Rangers. And


the players are traipsing off in slightly less jubilant mood than


they were 30 seconds previous. Mark Roberts will be too happy with that,


just put it down to spirit and is an say, we can win the title at home


against Barton on Tuesday. That's true but another three goals that


Rangers have conceded. They know they will win the title and they are


building to a huge semifinal with Celtic. The drama continues. In the


Highlands, and it's for Scott Davie to describe. Inverness against


Motherwell, a late goal. A breakaway goal for Motherwell, their third


minute of stoppage time, Marvin Johnson and Caley Thistle had the


pressure on but they overcommitted. Motherwell won possession and played


it to Johnson in his own half but no one could catch him. Owain Fon


Williams was caught in two minds. He was caught in no man's land but it


was a composed finish from Marvin Johnson who slid it into the back of


the net and Motherwell are certain to continue the wonderful run they


have been on under Mark McGrath. Seconds away from the sixth win in


seven games since the middle of February. 2-1. I thought Dundee


against Ross County was finished but there has been another goal! It is


for the home side and what a goal it was coming from Craig Stewart. Left


foot into the bottom corner. What a crucial three points that will be


for the home side. It's all over in Paisley in the Championship match


between St Mirren and Hibernian, let's head to the Paisley Stadium


for the final thoughts. St Mirren did their part, but this game had no


bearing on the title race at the moment. Jason Cummings opened the


scoring on 27 minutes with a superb ball which allowed him space and he


was one-on-one with the keeper and he hit his left foot strike into the


back of the net. The lead only lasted five minutes as the ball was


lofted up the other end and it was slotted under Mark Oxley. There was


a hint of offside about the goal. From here it looked as though he


might have had a case. Into the second half and St Mirren's


Shankland found him on the right-hand side who made a great run


and rifled the ball low into the back of the net. A brilliant save,


held well. Hibs did manage to get the second goal with three minutes


to go. L allegory from three yards out. The want point is still


important for Hibernian in the hunt for second place, especially with a


draw for Falkirk. Important points for Dundee United this afternoon,


away to St Johnstone. Around 1700 Dundee United fans salute their


players here at McDiarmid Park. Dundee United have their first win


in Perth in four years. What a huge three points this could turn out to


be in the story of Dundee United's season. The big moment came in the


first half. A fairly tame shot at season. The big moment came in the


goal and it looks as though Alan Mannus saves it but somehow it


squirms out of his hands and across the line to give Dundee United a


huge 1-0 lead in the first half. A first half that Dundee United


deserve to leave because they played the better football and could have


had two or three more goals. Donaldson was sent off, the Dundee


United defender hauling down Chris Cain. An obvious goal-scoring


opportunity. Immediately the keeper brandished a red card and I think he


got that right. A shot came back off brandished a red card and I think he


the crossbar but St Johnstone are so often the bogey team but this time


they could not find their way through and it's Dundee United to


finish the match with a 1-0 victory as they narrow the gap at the


bottom, is the great escape on? A bit of a spoiler, he gave the result


away! Partick Thistle Kilmarnock? That was my only bit of news as


away! Partick Thistle Kilmarnock? well! The top six desires of Partick


Kilmarnock's title fears heightened. Kilmarnock's title fears heightened.


-- relegation fears. They came close with a header early on. And then


Kris Boyd had a goal called off for Kilmarnock and Mattias Pogba had one


chalked off for Partick Thistle. A great chance to seal the points


towards the end but it has finished 0-0. Dundee against Ross County. A


seven goal thriller at Dens Park. A really fantastic game of football,


and to end for the full 90 minutes plus stoppage time here. Dundee two


goals up. Before Davis pulled one back for Ross County after a


succession of corners, a glancing header into the corner. Just on the


stroke of half-time, the Dutch winger pulled one back. 3-2 at the


break, and to end in the second half but we had to wait until four


minutes before full-time before number four for Dundee. The ball was


blocked but then hammered home. A cultured left foot shot into the


bottom corner giving the Ross County keeper no chance. A huge win this


afternoon, leapfrogging Ross County into sixth in the table, crucially,


eight goals better off on goal difference, and they are now in pole


eight goals better off on goal position for a top six place.


Talking of securing spots in the top six I think Scott might have some


news. It's all over. I have been doing the arithmetic and it looks as


though Motherwell will be in the top six. Three minutes into stoppage


time, that makes it an incredible six wins in seven games since the


defeat against Kilmarnock. After that defeat at Fir Park in


mid-February they were a point below the Rugby Park side but now they are


well player. What a turnaround it has been under Mark McGhee. It


looked as though they might have to settle for a draw after Iain Vigurs


levelled it from the penalty spot. Keith Lasley brought down Draper in


the penalty box. The first hour of the game was played with some neat


football but not a lot of penetration but that changed on 62


minutes with a disaster for the Welsh squad member Owain Fon


Williams, the goalkeeper of Caley Thistle. He made a mess of the cross


and it was rolled back into the path of Lionel Ainsworth who lobbed it


into the net from about 12 yards out. Making it his first league goal


of the season at a very opportune time. After the equaliser it was


pretty much end to end stuff, certainly a few moments of


misfortune for Caley Thistle who were looking to get the point is to


get into the top six or at least move themselves away from the second


bottom position. They paid the price for chasing the game too much. Three


minutes into stoppage time, loads of bodies forward, lost possession and


from inside his own half it was Johnson who are advanced and Owain


Fon Williams came to meet him but he slips it under the keeper to give


Motherwell a precious victory. At Inverness. A good day for Motherwell


but a dark day for Alloa in the Championship, away at Livingston


this afternoon. Charlie Mann will describe the details. Yes, the


Championship title race is very much alive but the relegation issue has


been settled. Alloa are the first team in Scotland to go down. He has


gone down as well! We will hear from Charlie later with the will of God.


Queen of the South against second-place Falkirk. Real drama at


the end in Dumfries. Ian Russell scored in injury time to rescue a


point from Queen of the South as they came back to level it. It


looked like a goalless first half but they were ahead on the stroke of


half-time after a long throw in. Early in the second-half Rodgers


pulled off a great save to stop Hilson's shot to keep them ahead. It


looked like game over when Baird drilled a shot into the bottom


corner but midway through the second half, the ball was not passed


Rodgers and it was game on and Queens pushed for the equaliser.


Miller had a chance but it wasn't until the second minute of injury


time until they found the net again. A good move finished by Russell.


Alloa, they are down. They will be in League 1 next year. That takes me


nicely, or maybe not, to today's classified results round-up.


Time for us to dwell upon matters in England this afternoon. We will


start in the Premiership for the match between Aston Villa and


Chelsea. Details from John Watson. Aston Villa's demoralising dissent


into the Championship continues today, Chelsea comfortable winners


and the Villa fans again expressing thereon rest in the way this club


has been run. New owners here, new directors, to see how bad it is, and


this is how bad it was. Loftus-Cheek with a deflection off Lescott on 26


minutes but Chelsea head. A penalty after a foul by Sissoko. That was


the first goal for Chelsea for him. Early in the second half, two goals


for Pedro, underlining how dominant Early in the second half, two goals


Chelsea were. No consolation for Aston Villa today. They looked


demoralised. A good win for a London club and also another, Arsenal at


home to Watford. Here is John acres. Arsenal move to within eight of


Leicester and three Spurs with arguably their best performance


this. Arsene Wenger stuck with Alex Iwobi after his goal at Everton and


he set up Alexis Sanchez. He swept home a second and for good measure


he smashed the bar in the second half. He was excellent. Theo Walcott


rounded things off the bench for a fourth goal. Watford offered little.


Or Man City were away to Bournemouth this afternoon. It was Tony Husband.


A stark reminder of the depth of Manchester City there, fine goals


sandwiched between an early Fernando Montiel day Sergio Aguero header.


sandwiched between an early Fernando 3-0 in 90 minutes, game over, but


sold rubbed into the wounds by Aleksandar Kolarov who blasted in a


fourth in stoppage time. Just the thing that City needed before


heading to Paris Shen 's -- heading to parish and Chaman. This point


will certainly suit Crystal Palace more than West Ham. They might still


be looking for that elusive Premier more than West Ham. They might still


League win this year but the Eagles have earned a well-deserved point.


Controversial, certainly, because of that second half red card for Boyett


say. A red card met with disapproval from the home supporters. They


followed the referee all the way down the tunnel. Palace in front


through Delaney's goal. Lanzini put hammers in front. And a big point


for Crystal Palace. A big three points for Norwich City in their


relegation battle at home to Newcastle united. Here is Ivan


Gaskell. Norwich have hung on. They had to win this Game three times,


first Klose, then Mitrovic levelling it. A stunning strike looked like it


might have won it for Norwich,, then Mitrovic from the penalty spot. And


then Martin Olsson had a wonderful strike, winning the game. It might


just have saved Norwich City's Premier League skins. Now to the


Britannia Stadium, home of Stoke City. They were visited by Swansea.


Stoke 2, Swansea 2. Afellay with the home side's first goal. Then a low


shot into the bottom right corner. A nervy final 20 minutes for Stoke but


it was thanks to Sigurdsson's goal. Wrong-footed, Sigurdsson bobbling


past him on the edge of the box. Hogarth beat him softly again after


the substitute's strike deflected in for the equaliser. Swansea surely


safe now. Sunderland are far from safe. They were at home to West


Bromwich Albion. Sunderland 517 shots at West Brom's goal but they


couldn't find a way past the shots at West Brom's goal but they


impenetrable fence. -- Sunderland fired 19 shots. First the


frustration as a penalty was denied. Sunderland to get the ball in the


net in the final minutes. They tend to celebrate just to see the offside


flag. It sums up Sunderland's day. West Brom offered little that they


have had another part to play in this very interesting relegation


battle. How big an opportunity missed was this for Sunderland?


Let's dwell upon the relegation battle. A massive win for Alex


Neil's Norwich City. They were struggling. They were in freefall


but they have picked up some points recently and given themselves a bit


of a gap. Seven points from the last three. Aston Villa away, two from


three. At the moment, it looks like the massive northern clubs,


Sunderland and Newcastle, both in the Championship. That doesn't bode


well. Newcastle are in serious problems. It looks like they might


not be able to be saved. Villa of the obvious ones today. These were


teams that in the past you would have considered to be the very top


of the English leagues. Sad and pathetic, the way these teams have


been run, the way they have been allowed to disintegrate. That is the


negative. For me, the positive is that there has been great football


in Scotland today. The last couple of minutes of the Rangers- Raith


Rovers game, you have to watch. Motherwell, my team of the day. I


don't want to dwell too much on teams in Birmingham. Let's talk


about Aston Villa and their demise. Do we have to? If I am an Aston


Villa fan, I am sat in my heart for Do we have to? If I am an Aston


what has happened to my club, because it seems it has been years


of mismanagement. They brought in Remi Garde, not the type of manager


that you need for a club like Aston Villa that didn't have a good season


last season or the year before. They need somebody who knows the Premier


League and English football and can bring through Youngblood because


their players are not cutting it. We are about to talk all things


Scottish. You skewed the agenda earlier. We will start with Craig.


What a dramatic day, as Stewart pointed out. You couldn't have hoped


for a more dramatic one. That middle area, the top six, people want to


avoid relegation, the play-off spots make it interesting. The top of the


Championship is still up for grabs. There are some nervy fixtures during


the week and next Saturday. Rangers have a chance on Tuesday to win the


Championship. Giggs back in action, six points Falkirk. -- Hibs are back


in action. Gemma, Dundee United are now five points behind Kilmarnock


with a game in hand. That great escape looks doable. It does, and a


few months ago I said they wouldn't do it. But they have started to show


flashes of that spirit. Even against St Johnstone. They looked like they


could score again. They have found something within them to bring them


through it. If I am Kilmarnock, I am seriously worried right now. I


scribbled down earlier, Stewart, but it seemed like Dundee are fighting


scribbled down earlier, Stewart, but for their lives. That if the


analysis. It seemed as if they needed the points more and maybe


that is true as well. St Johnstone still need to absolutely be certain


of their top six, but that feels closer. And they play Kilmarnock


next week, of all teams. There is a lot they are still to play. It shows


you that the authorities are absolutely right to bring in the


play-offs, to bring in this kind of second spot play-off and whatever.


The end of the season has been really good apart from, as I said,


the slight disappointment of Aberdeen and Hibernian running out


of steam. We have a darn good season. You were on the show and you


predicted that Rangers might run out of steam a wee bit. The thing here


is that I think Rangers will now comfortably go on and win the title,


no doubt, but Craig makes an important point -- an important


point. I think they are losing three goals per game. That isn't great, so


they are clearly vulnerable. With a big game coming up against Celtic in


the cup. I think they will go and have a real party at the Dumbarton


game. Ibrox will be one where they can even showboat a bit. And there


is the cup final as well. Stewart makes a valid point that these goals


is the cup final as well. Stewart given away, with that semifinal


coming up. That is what people look at. We know they can score goals,


but can they defence? They didn't manage it against St Johnstone early


on. They did it in the cup. People see this as a big test. They believe


that Rangers have the quality to go to Celtic and cause problems but


their back division is to be rock solid. They went through a phase of


scoring goals and they have a lot of clean sheets but the last three


games will worry the manager. David Weir, he isn't going to like seeing


it. I asked you earlier how many of your former clubs you thought would


it. I asked you earlier how many of be playing in the Premiership next


season. We will have to talk about Motherwell. Five wins on the spin


and now assured of a top six finish. A remarkable turnaround. Incredible.


They had a good run when he came and now it is six from the last seven


games. It is incredible what they have done, turning things around.


Being in the top six, they can enjoy a game against Celtic. A big crowds,


money coming in. The irony is, many people, the majority of football


fans earlier in the season were looking at Motherwell as a team who


could go down. But they are now in a European spot and could be looking


at their passports. Good luck to them. Dundee are not part of that


either. They have edged into the top six. -- not out of that. It is


interesting with Dundee, except the Motherwell, who have had a fantastic


run. In mid-February, they were a point behind Kilmarnock. The rest of


the teams have been so inconsistent. Tiny little purple patches but their


ability to win games back-to-back has been phenomenal in its lack in


the middle section. Celtic, it looks like their title. It looks


the middle section. Celtic, it looks that. Seven points ahead, seven


games to go. Aberdeen would have to win three and Celtic to lose three


to make the difference. I don't honestly see Celtic going into


reverse and that Aberdeen to finish the season with seven straight


victories would be difficult. To be honest, I think that result against


Hearts today makes Celtic the favourites. This show has whizzed


past and I'm afraid that is just about it. Before we go, let's have


another look at some of today's results, starting with the


Premiership. Celtic beat Hearts. A seven goal thriller for Dundee and


Ross County. A big win for Motherwell. The only goal this game


in the top division, Partick Thistle and Kilmarnock. A big win for Dundee


United. In the Championship, you don't see that every day. Every


match ending in a draw. It means Rangers, their title winning


champagne is on ice. A dramatic equaliser from Raith Rovers in that


game. You can see highlights of the weekend's SPFL goings-on at 10:30pm


tomorrow. We are back again next week, at 4pm on BBC One. It you


hunger for more Stuart Cosgrove, good news, he is ready to hotfoot it


along the corridor to present off the ball on the radio. Don't worry,


he has got ten minutes. It is good night from me and adios from the


three Amigos. Thank you from all of my guests. See you later.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the last Premiership weekend before the split, Celtic are at Fir Park to play Motherwell in the lunchtime kick-off. Then at 3 o'clock, Inverness travel to Tayside to face Dundee Utd, whilst Kilmarnock take on St Johnstone at Rugby Park. In the Championship, Falkirk against St Mirren and Alloa versus Hibs are Saturday's key matches as Rangers prepare for Sunday's Challenge Cup final against Peterhead at Hampden. Plus action from Friday night's match between Hearts and Aberdeen at Tynecastle.

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