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Highlights of the weekend's matches. St Johnstone v Aberdeen, Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Ross County, Celtic v Partick Thistle, Kilmarnock v Hearts and Hamilton v Motherwell.

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Good evening, welcome and a Happy New Year to all of you.


It is unbelievable! A spectacular opening goal in the


Derby! The shot is at beauty! He has done


it! Is this a bit of history?


It is! And he has done it!


What a finish! That is it, I would imagine.


Good evening, welcome and a Happy New Year to all of you.


The first Premiership matches of 2016 coming up,


plus the Championship promotion race as well.


And with us to usher in the first of the 2016 highlights,


we've gone for a Big Pat, Little Pat combination.


Celtic had a midweek break after their match with Dundee


Commentary comes from John Barnes. Partick Thistle, who'd drawn 0-0


Celtic bringing back Ambrose. Stuart are strong is sidelined so Chris


Commons starts Leigh Griffiths on the bench after three weeks out.


Partick make one change to the side which drew with Aberdeen. Shaun


Welsh in midfield replacing Edwards. Celtic looking for a change at home


in form, four games without a win at Celtic Park. Stefan Johansen.


McGregor, trying his luck will stop that just went wide. -- and that


just went wide. Loses the shot. The challenge. Shaun Welsh.


Ciftci grounded. Shaun Welsh innocent. Wallace. Doolan in the


middle. And the striker just got the nearest connection on that. Kris


Doolan has had four nearest connection on that. Kris


last five matches. Celtic pressing again. It is driven in by Roderick.


Celtic players appealing for a penalty. The plot was by Liam


Lindsey as it was fired on penalty. The plot was by Liam


Did it come off a hand? Ciftci. The will not count. Good finish.


Brannigan. That is hauled back and that will be a yellow card for the


Celtic midfielder. Gordon. Miller seems to be taken


out. And it is a second yellow card for the Celtic player, Biton, and he


sees red. He jumped into Miller. After he had headed the ball away.


Forest. Almost taken of his toe by Kris Commons. Good shot by James


Forrest. Saved well by Tomas Cerni. Celtic desperate for the


breakthrough. Doolan is sliding in and Craig Gordon had to turn that


around the post. He got the better of Ambrose. Stefan Johansen. Fist of


the less. It is Leigh Griffiths. Another good save by Tomas Cerni. To


deny the Celtic substitute. Celtic desperate for this victory. Only two


wins in their last seven matches and this is Griffiths. Back to McGregor.


You expect Callum McGregor to finish that of. After the initial save by


Tomas Cerni. He has put it wide. Partick Thistle five away games


unbeaten and can they make it six? Seaborne with the effort. Celtic get


it away. Still, it will not go for Partick Thistle. That was a good


effort from Danny Seabourn cleared off the line by Tomas Cerni. Kris


Commons. Leigh Griffiths of. Kris Commons again, Griffiths. That is an


excellent finish and that wins it for Celtic in the last minute.


Lovely, delicate touch for his 20th goal of the season from the


Griffiths. Very relieved but very happy as well. Such an important


result. I think it shows very good team spirit that we stayed in the


game with ten men and we created chances as well in that period. Very


happy and pleased we turned this around. But -- eh Watt into the game


and we defended well. Last-minute goals. To be fair to Celtic, they


are champions for a reason, they have that pace and quality and they


had a great block. Celtic scraping a 1-0 victory in the


last minute thanks to that man, Lee Richards. Ronnie Deila before the


match said he wanted to see a lot of forward passing and pressing from


his knee -- his midfield is committed to get it? Not for three


quarters of the game. I was very disappointed. Credits to Partick


Thistle for pricing. I think like this, you have to get forward and


get movement up front. A lot of times it went back to Craig Gordon.


He kicks it up the pitch. And you have got to give credit to Partick


Thistle, no pressing from Celtic in the middle at times, this is too


easy. They should have been shut down a lot easier. Players running


away, midfielders. It was a chance for Booth who could have hit the


target. That was too easy in that period. It took a change. Forest to


come on and left the pace and the tempo, Leigh Griffiths in the second


half and got chances and he scored his goal will stop they needed that


because they were struggling. You were there yesterday, is Ronnie


Deila is their struggling to get his message across? I am not sure. This


time of the year is difficult because conditions do not always


allow you to do the training and you have a lot of games and he needed to


talk to them and the players have to take in that information and to do


it on the pitch. Something is missing without Scott Brown, he gets


them going. But other players have two step up and take on the


leadership and that is missing from the team. And when they press well,


they become a good team. That was missing yesterday.


Almost a good result for Partick Thistle who have been on a decent


run, where do you see them ending up? It is still a decent run, that


was a good performance and they should be pleased. It is a


goal-scorer, that is it. Celtic had a goal-scorer at the last minute,


Leigh Griffiths came on. Straight into the net. When Doolan is


scoring, they look like a good team full of it on the table, they should


be happy. Aberdeen's match at St Johnstone


was due to take place this lunchtime, but it was postponed due


to a waterlogged pitch. Third placed Hearts had the chance


to make up ground away at struggling Kilmarnock, who hadn't


won at Rugby Park since Commentary comes


from Alasdair Lamont. Kilmarnock looking to improve after


one win in nine matches. Hearts despite a win over at Dundee United


make four changes. A humdrum start to the year and this match at Rugby


Park. Kilmarnock try to do something about that. Tope Obadeyi finds room.


Josh Magennis has space and Neil Alexander blocks with his legs. The


first real opening in the match. Alexander blocks with his legs. The


the shot. A free kick is given and quickly taken Juanma. That is a good


challenge. Just by a combination Ashcroft and macabre the stop Juanma


in his tracks pads to pull the trigger. Greg Levine. Looking on. As


the side tries to make the break through. Kilmarnock coming forward.


Juanma back to defending. Stephen Smith with a hefty challenge. Josh


Magennis. It is over the line by Conrad Balatoni of all people. The


defender for just his second goal of the season. He has the home side in


front before half-time. The rug Park crowd has suddenly something to


cheer -- Rugby Park. Controversy on the challenge from Smith, it was


years. Hearts unhappy. Josh Magennis did not waste time and a good finish


by Conrad Balatoni, knocking it over. It was knocked over by Stevie


Smith. Kilmarnock ahead. Clipped forward by the captain Augustyn.


Smith. Kilmarnock ahead. Clipped Nicholson. He has done well. He is


forced to turn back. Holding onto possession and he gets the cross in.


Good shot, well saved by Jamie MacDonald. Hearts level on the


stroke of half-time. It was good President is by Nicholson and this


from Billy King -- and sisters. He had no luck. Reilly ready to pounce


and two goals in two games from the Hearts forward. And they level going


into the break. Juwon Oshaniwa. Hearts forward. And they level going


Picked up I Nicholson. It falls for Prince Buaben, a good save I


McDonald. A good shot which deflects past McDonald. Hearts ahead! Great


McDonald. A good shot which deflects skill and strike either full-back,


helps by the deflection. Once again, Jamie MacDonald gets no luck. A good


block by the keeper and he can get do nothing as Paterson's volley goes


past him, coming off Kevin McHattie, and Hearts coming from behind to


lead at Rugby Park! More misery perhaps for Kilmarnock in the


relegation play-off. perhaps for Kilmarnock in the


of Dundee United but they will not be happy with the way is going and


they almost fall further behind. The header from Ross. Hearts pressing.


Nicholson's cross. Riley with the header over the bar. Kilmarnock


living dangerously. Igor Rossi rising and McDonald beaten. The


crossbar saving Omani. Stevie Smith to deliver. Headed over by Conrad


Balatoni, looking for his second goal of the game. Kilmarnock will


take a goal from anywhere at the moment. Robbie Neilson, only one win


in 64 Hearts but on course for another. Stevie Smith. This is Josh


Magennis. Kilmarnock snatch an equaliser with ten minutes left


stuck Mac --. Love for the delivery from Smith with his back to goal,


directs the goal somehow. It was a good Kilmarnock informants. The


first half, we were a better side in the game and we played really well


and showed character to combat. It is a good way to start the year,


against a good side but we have to show that commitment and passion


every week. We can more than match the teams at


the top but we have to do that against the teams roundabout stop


Mac disappointed to get three points.


We played really well with quality -- but the quality not good enough


at times. We went back in with a hole defensive display through a


corner. 2-0 and a point shed but Robbie


Neilson not happy, he thought it was a vow in the lead-up to the first


command goal. -- a foul. You have to keep your concentration


also. Expect the unexpected. Will Kilmarnock fans like to see a bit of


them from the team because they have seen the terrible performances,


let's be frank. I watched them in Celtic Park, the filling with their


lives, and then they played Partick Thistle and got absolutely hammered.


They lost five goals. Why is that? When you have your team setup to be


defensive and they are all working that way, fine, perfect, and you are


away from home, that will be the tactics. When you come home, the


fans expect you to open up, and then maybe the defenders aren't good


enough. So yesterday they got a bit of defending right and a bit of


attacking right and it is getting that combination of the two


together, it is not easy and you try to work both those things. I would


say that but not ignore what hearts have done on this one as well. You


can see from the two managers at the end who is happy and who is not


happy. Hearts are delighted with that point, a great point for them.


Kilmarnock are delighted, Hearts are devastated. I understand that


completely. In the end Hearts will go on, they will get better, they


are a team improving and getting struggle the time, and I suspect


they will continue further on from the end of the season. It was a big


step up when they came into this league. The question would be with


the players perform, would they play the same way, they have changed and


adapted and they are now ahead of themselves. You expect them to stay


in that place? Identify the shooting. Against Celtic last week


they did well. The tale of Dundee United's 2015


peaked on the first of January Since then it has pretty much been


a non-stop tale of woe So to cheer up long suffering United


fans ahead of this weekend's derby clash, we've been back


through the archives to a time when life was just that little bit


kinder for those of COMMENTATOR: Plenty left, cut it


back, Mills has a chance and he puts it away! He checks nicely. Beaten by


Ferguson's header! He is on come he has support from Gough. Milne. And a


great goal by Paul Starrett expect it is in! Starrett again!


Dundee manager brings back Paul McGowan to take the place of Gary


Irving, while Cammy Kerr makes his first to the club with Greg Stuart


suspended. New signing AJ Kalashian mixes Dundee United debut. --


Kawashima. Gavin Gunning. Harkins! Kawashima to Dundee


United's rescue and that of Gavin Gunning. It is those sorts of errors


that have been costly for United in recent weeks. The coach has been


complaining about that. Fraser with a corner. Spotted Rankin. Solid


challenge from James Magut eight and the players and the referee are


calling for assistance for the Dundee United captain. Solid in


there, and he has picked up what looks like a serious injuries, has


James Mcrae. -- McPeak. Blair Spittal, Dundee United have the


breakthrough. On the quarter of an hour mark. Blair Spittal with his


fourth goal of the season, a terrific effort to beat Scott Bain.


Fraser with a corner. It is off the line by Bain. Dundee United players


are claiming that it crossed the goal line. It actually came off the


back of Paul McGinn, and it was Bain who made the stop and have actually


helped with the clearance -- eventually helped. Bain gets it out,


only as far as Rankin! A good stop by the Dundee United goalkeeper.


Fraser. The pressure is still on Dundee. He has gone to ground, he is


calling for a penalty. Bain initially. Rankin with a shot and


then McGowan initially. Rankin with a shot and


appeal. Did Conrad clipped him? initially. Rankin with a shot and


Nicky low with a free kick. The goalkeeper has come for it and


spilled it. Kane having six clothes again for Dundee. His 12th goal of


the Japanese goalkeeper flapped at the season -- Kane


the Japanese goalkeeper flapped at that one. He gave the home side the


chance of an equaliser. that one. He gave the home side the


slips. Demel, powerful play in the midfield area, tripped by Ross.


slips. Demel, powerful play in the Demel did not like the Challenger


and he is a little bit angry. Scott Fraser was trying to protect him,


and Fraser was trying to protect him,


team-mates. It is all getting a little bit silly. Demel and Roscoe


booked for their troubles. Something has happened off the ball to Nicky


Lowe. I think it has has happened off the ball to Nicky


Demel. This might give us a better indication, clashing


Demel. This might give us a better with Nicky Lowe. The free kick has


been given with Nicky Lowe. The free kick has


of Gary Harkins. It looked as though it was a fair challenge from Ryan


McGowan. Harkins's free kick. Nick Ross. And


Dundee are in front and Nick Ross is a way to celebrate his first goal


for the club. It took a deflection en route to beat Dane. It came off


Sean Dillon. Paul Hartley certainly enjoyed that. -- to beat Scott Bain.


Hemmings. In Michael -- mighty battle. Here is Paul McGowan, chance


another three, great save by the Japanese goalkeeper, Kawashima


denying McGowan, putting Dundee further in front. Ross with the


delivery. Testing Demel for pace. Demel involved again and he will


receive a second yellow card from referee Kevin Clancy. Pack alone and


not happy about that decision. He is close to the decision.


It looked as if Paul McGinn had a hold of him. It was not a pretty


game, it was hard fought, the pitch was difficult, it was heavy but the


players showed tremendous desire and character and spirit today. Second


half I thought we were comfortable, in terms of defending so I'm really


pleased with that. It has been a few weeks now, six matches recently we


have taken the lead and then lost it, so that can happen. Silly, silly


goals, as well. Stupid. Is it quality, is it confidence? We simply


must cut them out. Sporting got a new toy for Christmas, but first,


Pat Bonner, how big a win was that the Dundee? Paul Hartley will be


absolutely delighted for a number of reasons, one who lost as captain


early in that game, a bad injury, he lost the last game 5-2 away to Ross


County, and he was a goal down in that game. To come back and win it


and beat your local rivals, always a great reason to celebrate. Pat


Nevin, a real baptism of fire the Dundee United's new goalkeeper.


Dundee derbies are usually really feisty at first, tough games,


particularly if you are a new goalkeeper and heavy opposition you


under massive pressure and that is exactly what happened to Mr


Kawashima in this game. Welcome to Scotland. He was put on the masses


of pressure. Every time there was a free kick for a corner kick,


everyone got in front. Look at that mass of players. As long as the


Dundee players don't touch the goalkeeper they are doing nothing


wrong. All the referee can do is say calm down. Eventually that pressure


might tell. Eventually that pressure did tell. I felt quite sorry for him


in a way. He had a few good punches but on this occasion the ball was


put in high, not low. When the ball in high, that is about 22 feet in


the air, you surely it is a lower one than that but on this occasion


it was high. It gives an opportunity for the players to attack it, and


look at the way they are attacking it. Absolutely incredible. That is


about six players in that short little space, and it is really hard


for the goalkeeper to make anything of it. Does not get any height and


distance on it and the ball comes down and they score the goal.


However, the second most important thing, get a good ball in there but


then you have to go and make sure you win the second ball. Three


Dundee players, they want that, look at the goalkeeper's face in the


corner, absolutely fearful written on his face. I felt quite sorry for


him because he dealt with at most of the time quite well, but in the new


secular order wanted to do with him. What confused me was near the end.


There are about six of them out there. Why? Have a look at the


goalkeeper, suddenly that has all been working, it is actually no


pressure on the goalkeeper at all. Why are they doing this? The reason


I think, and it is only a guess, I think there is a possibility then


they have won the game and they put so much pressure on the referee, not


just the goalkeeper, they will get free kicks against them. They will


use this again and it has worked a treat against Dundee United, I think


it will work against other teams, but what do you do to stop it?


Personally, I don't know but I have a man who might know. It was a tough


introduction to the goalkeeper. Didn't know the players, language


problems, I guess he will be working in the next couple of weeks will


stop if you go back to the free kick, you need to start further out.


All of the defenders need to be further out, I have seen teams


defend really high up, even outside the art. It gives space and time to


the goalkeeper, then you expect him to come and deal with most things.


If you start too far back, he is under pressure. I am sure they will


be working on that next time but one thing they don't have two is the


young lad Blair Spittal. He was fantastic in the end, very unlucky


not to be in the winning side. I can't ignore this piece of absolute


and utter genius. This was brilliant, free kick over the top,


but I will stop it just there. I'm looking at the goalkeeper, thinking


he is going to get there, he has taken a step early, got across, done


everything right. But when you put the ball right in the corner, and


really do you get any closer to the top corner than this? It is an


absolutely fantastic hit and he has to be very proud of that and I would


not blame the goalkeeper at all. They were quite unlucky, Dundee


United, Dundee played well but Dundee United had been unlucky a lot


this year and it doesn't get you any points unfortunately. Thank you, Pat


Bonner, Dundee United 11 point adrift at the bottom of the table,


do you see any way that? And the worst defensive record in the least


goals stop that is why they are down there. They need to kick on. They


will be desperate for something to happen and maybe try to get in one


or two players in this particular transfer window, but they need


something to really get going. A victory would be a great thing,


because a victory anyway and the manager will be delighted. It will


be tough for them. It was the 50th Highland derby


between Inverness Caledonian Thistle Caley Thistle with the upper hand,


they were looking for The big news for Ross County before


the match was an injury to star striker Liam Boyson stopped a broken


hand means he will be out for the next four weeks. To begin with, it


would take a cross from Ross County's all-time top goal-scorer to


set up Rocco Quinn. He could not find the required finish. County


boss Jim McIntyre would have plenty to ponder soon after. A corner for


Caley Thistle, only partially dealt with by the Ross County defence.


James Benson's shot deflected into the net by Miles Storey to score his


18th goal of the season. Caley Thistle boss John Hughes determined


to extend his loan deal from Swindon Town until the end of the season.


Can the lost another forward, Craig Curran, as they looked for a


response was top Andrew Davies with a header saved by Fawn Williams.


Right before half-time, Inverness moved into a 2-0 lead. Greg Tansey's


free kick defending everyone, the midfielder with his fourth goal in


three games. It almost got even better for Caley


Thistle in the second half. A superb effort tipped onto the crossbar by


Scott Fox. At the other end, Co almost picked


Caley but the danger was At the other end, Co almost picked


replacing the goal threat will be the challenge for Ross County, Liam


Boyce has found the net 17 times. Buying Graham with just three goals


so far this season. As for Caley, this would be their fifth game


without defeat. They had chances to make the win and more handsome. Iain


Vigurs firing over the bar. The centre backs almost conjured a


third. Caley now just two points behind Ross County. Three games in a


week, it was hard for both teams. We did more travelling than Ross


County, Aberdeen and Hamilton. So for the boys to give me that


performance, outstanding so really pleased. It does not matter how well


you play in the first half, it if you go to- zero down, it you have a


mountain to climb and Inverness saw the game out -- 2-0. We tried to


make substitutions to threaten. We never done enough.


Five matches undefeated for Caley Thistle. Is this the Caley Thistle


of last season? I thought the over performed last season and they are


good enough, they are never going to be relegation, they are not that


team. It is a battle between them and Ross County and who ends up on


top. I do not see either of them getting second or third this season


but good teams. I felt sorry for Ross County. If you lose a


goal-scorer like Liam Boyce. Inverness, Greg Tansey scoring free


kicks for fun at the moment and Miles Storey is the story at the


moment. Caley Thistle face a battle to hold on, on loan from Swindon.


moment. Caley Thistle face a battle has eight goals this season. It is a


good bit of business and keeping him is major business. Anti-cancer goal


goals from all over the place -- and he can score. We have been


impressed. Antigua is also looking to add to Storey because he has said


he needs another striker and if something happens to Storey, he is


in trouble. Look at that shot, and a good saved by the weight. Fantastic


ability and John needs that. He has momentum going, John Hughes. He had


a sticky start, he lost some in the summer and he has to get more but he


has got them going and it is good to see Ross County and Inverness in the


top six. Almost winning points from each other. It is going to be tight.


With three wins in a row, Motherwell have been enjoying life


Yesterday they faced Hamilton Accies whose form -


Four defeats in a row and just one win from their last 11 matches.


Motherwell begin 2016 with the team which ended 2015 with a win. A third


straight win. In from Josh Law and headed clear


why Lucas. Back for Keith Lasley. Motherwell looking to prolong the


run of form at the moment. Law cut again and Scott MacDonald with the


opening goal with only nine minutes gone. It is a dream start in the


Derby for the home team and it is that man, MacDonald, with the


faintest of touchers from close range. After a great delivery from


Law, it was that finishing touch. Marvin Johnson gets the better of


Crawford and Gillespie and that is a great folly and good goalkeeping


from Michael McGovern. Very brave from the Hamilton keeper. Louis


Moult was bearing down on him. Ali Crawford with the free kick. Good


effort and a good save from Connor Ripley. And awkward bounce in front


of the Motherwell keeper. Crawford over the set piece. But is Lucas. It


is an equaliser after 25 minutes and Fir Park. Lucas scores, 1-1.


Hamilton back in this. Gillespie with the throw, Crawford. Darian


MacKinnon, what a goal! A couple in a couple of minutes and he might


celebrate, it is his first of the season. A great finish from Darian


MacKinnon, over Connor Ripley and Hamilton have turned this game


around. Cleared by Hamill. Stretching for the header, Gordon.


MacDonald, back in fall MacDonald. On the second attempt, he scrambles


it in. It is the second goal of the game for Scotland on. And within a


matter of seconds, the home team back on level terms -- MacDonald.


Their fourth goal already in this Lanarkshire derby. Law's free kick.


Their fourth goal already in this What a chance for Louis Moult who is


looking at the net and he knows it should be nestling in it.


Grimshaw. The online Manchester United youngster. Louis Moult


scores. He was not going to mess that time. Motherwell's leading


Marchman strikes again with a near post header and that makes it 3-2!


A trip. Keith Lasley. That is going to be a yellow card for the


Motherwell captain. That is missed by Gillespie. And room to run into


four Marvin Johnson. He takes on the shot and it was good. Beaten away by


Michael McGovern. That is a neat turn by Darian MacKinnon. Gillespie,


took a deflection. A shot is saved. Crawford with the follow-up and that


was handball, it is a penalty and it is a red card. Keith Lasley is sent


off for a second yellow. And it is Ali Crawford inside stoppage time to


salvage a point for Hamilton Accies. What an end to this Lanarkshire


derby, three goals each. It is fast and slippy and has the


ingredients for a local derby. And think we are very disappointed not


to win, I think we deserved to win. You have to see it out and we will


take the points, they get rewarded with the penalties.


And for Ali Crawford, it takes bottle to step up in a derby match


getting beaten 3-2 is a really pleased for him.


You have been impressed by Mark McGhee. The first couple of games


coming up to know his players and he made the decisions and left out


experienced players and set out what he would do and he has them playing


and is getting results. He is a very experienced manager, he has been


around and he is walking with Gordon Strachan -- working. Is analysing


the game and he is getting players to respond. The Motherwell captain


Keith Lasley is an angry man at the end. It was a stonewall penalties.


Furious, more than angry. And will give him a bit, it is not


deliberate. But it is a handball. It is in an unnatural position. Every


day of the weeks back I think the yellow card is harsh. I do not


day of the weeks back I think the it is deliberate. And think his hand


day of the weeks back I think the is in an unnatural place. Hard to


swallow for Motherwell but interesting to hear Mark McGhee. I


think he knows he has a team. You have MacDonald scoring goals,


Pearson from the back. That looks like a team. Accies on a downward


spiral. But fighting spirit as Martin Canning said. He will be


delighted to get a result yesterday, scoring a penalty. It is a funny


thing from Hamilton, we know how to play lovely football, Ali Crawford


is the star player at times but they lose goals also. You have to put


that right and get the combination, the defending along with the


attacking and you have a chance. A look at the table now.


So Celtic move three points clear of Aberdeen with a game in hand.


Inverness move into the top six after their derby win -


just seven points separate them from 11th placed Kilmarnock though.


Dundee United 11 points adrift at the bottom.


To the Championship now and leaders Rangers travelled to Dumbarton


looking to follow-up on Monday's big win over Hibs at Ibrox.


It is a great finish, 1-1. A double from the midfielder.


Great touch from Nicky Clarke. Martyn Waghorn. Four for Rangers.


Before the match, in one minute silence to commemorate the 40th


anniversary of the Ibrox disaster. Commentary from Rob Maclean. Since


going down 4-0 at Ibrox, Dumbarton have lost one of five games. Rangers


ended 2015 with a big win against Hibs at Ibrox and Mark Warburton


says same again to the players who opened a 3-point lead at the top of


the Championship. James Tavernier. Andy Halliday, Kenny Miller. Anti


bundles in the opening goal. It has been a rate first half for Rangers.


Bay have dominated and it has taken them to close on half-time to make


the breakthrough. It was about Miller's persistence, getting the


better of keeper Mark Brown. 1-0, Rangers. Rob McCallum. 19 years old.


Mocked Doherty. Rangers. Rob McCallum. 19 years old.


chance early in the second-half to get Dumbarton back on level terms.


Waghorn against Doherty. James Tavernier. So close. Kenny Miller on


the second attempt. But it was the full-back James Tavernier rattling


the crossbar and Rangers a fraction away from a second goal. No great


pressure, Tavernier's Ross, Kenny Miller's header. That is a double.


2-0 Rangers. And now surely no Miller's header. That is a double.


back for Dumbarton. The header is not challenged. Kenny Miller missed


a couple of chances against Hibs at he was not missing that. Barrie


McKay. Tavernier. Miller wants it, he gets it. Happy New Year for Kenny


Miller! A hat-trick two day into 2016! And that makes it 3-0 Rangers.


Nicky Law's pass. The ever willing Tavernier. Martyn Waghorn. It is


number four. And for Waghorn, it is number 22 of the season. Rangers


running riot. Tavernier. He leaves it for Andy Halliday, deflected. It


is in. The day gets worse for Dumbarton. Goalkeeper Mark Brown had


little chance here. As it flicked off the head of Lindsey. It always


looked as if it was dropping in the corner, 5-0.


Tavernier wins it. Helped out by Waghorn. Rangers on the move


againstNEXT Tavernier! And it is six of the best for Rangers, the 11th of


the season, Tavernier. Is back to kill a conclusion. -- a good


conclusion. The pressure was good and to come to


a place as tough as this and get that result is pleasing.


You look at the quality in the team, a top side. They play with


intensity. They made it difficult but the players gave it everything


and I cannot disheartened. Just move on to the next games.


A big scoreline and a big success that has put a spring in the step of


Mark Warburton. I was very impressed against Hibs. In parts of every


game, you have to ask questions and the reaction is great. That looks


like a strong team with great police.


In the second half, the regular to Rangers?


You have to give credit to Peter Houston when he sustained them. They


had it good run and in the Cup. He has young players like Blair Spittal


and grant at the back. Anti-lost Rory Loy. I think they are in the


mix and it will be interesting between the three of them and the


Games they have to play. You are at least a year -- Easter Road


yesterday as they got that when, where do you see that coming? I


think it is a fantastic midfield. They need to make sure they keep


them. Might not be easy because a lot of people have been interested.


They are good enough to stick with Rangers but you make sure you do not


ignore Falkirk. They are the team, not Hibs, not Rangers, with no


pressure. Pat and Pat, thank you. Congratulations to Gary Anderson for


becoming champion for the second time in a year.


That's it for the first installment of 2016,


and there's a break from league action next weekend


Which means we'll have Sportscene highlights for you on Saturday night


Until then, from all of us on the team, bye for now.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Sportscene returns with the first highlights programme of 2016. St Johnstone host Aberdeen in the Sunday lunchtime kick-off, while there is also action from the five Saturday matches, including the Dundee derby at Dens Park. There's also a derby in the Highlands as Inverness CT welcome neighbours Ross County. Elsewhere, Celtic stay in Glasgow to face Partick Thistle, who haven't beaten the champions in over 20 years. Kilmarnock host Hearts and Hamilton are away to Motherwell. Also, selected Championship action.

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