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Highlights from the fifth round of the William Hill Scottish Cup as Dundee United travel to Ibrox to face Rangers, and Hearts face St Johnstone at Tynecastle.

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Four teams have made it to the quarter-finals of the William Hill


Scottish Cup. The other four places have still to be sorted. In the


next hour you will seek highlights of the matches at Ibrox and


Tynecastle and a round-up of yesterday's matches as well. We had


a cup upset. Class, settle down, settle down. Today we are going to


break down the perfect formula for a Cup upset. There are many ways to


produce a Cup upset. We need the perfect environment and conditions.


You need a giant. We need a smaller side, an underdog. For the upset to


a car be greater force needs to be stopped by the weaker force. -- for


the upset to occur. Class dismissed. With Pat Nevin and myself in the


studio are John Rankin the midfielder and Billy Davies. First


stop Ibrox and the 2009 Cup Winners' Cup against the team who


landed the trophy in 2010. Rangers versus Dundee United. It is just


about as difficult a tie as Rangers could have wished for. 23 years


have passed since they last beat Dundee United in the Scottish Cup.


They met them in the 1994 final. United lifted the trophy for the


second time in their history four seasons ago. The headline news for


Rangers is a first start for the Swedish Under 21 international. He


has been a revelation since arriving this winter. Four of the


Dundee United side have a Scottish He billy Dodds is with me this


afternoon. How is it going to go? It is certainly a tough tie for


are very capable. No more Jelavic for Rangers. It is the situation he


had to deal with in August when he lost David Goodwillie to the


Premier League in England. It is a situation the big two have to deal


with. The goalkeeper is out early. Jelavic John Daly. -- on Daly.


think he has got to go for it. I think it is at the TEC. It was


eventually pop then but I think it was a let off. Craig Levein was


here for a league match not long after his team shipped a good


player. Wallace is away on the left-hand side. Giving it to Aluko.


Wallace has certainly got the legs. That was a little lay-off from


Healey. It was worth a shot. Just of target. Dixon has got a good


left foot and MacGregor needed to save. I am not sure if that was on


target but MacGregor took no chances. He has to deal with it


with his left hand. It was the finger tips on it. The resulting


corner comes in to hide. Rankin. Good ball. MacGregor clod that one


away. It is a goal for down the United! You have to say that they


deserve that one. Gavin Gunning is sense the United fans into raptures.


The lead at Ibrox. Two crosses, the first corner coming end and


MacGregor does not really know how to deal with it but Rangers were


never organised. They never got themselves sorted. The big man took


his head on it. Gavin Gunning who has at runners up medal from last


season. He was in the team who lost the final to Celtic. He has put


down the United in the lead here at Ibrox. Alan McCoist feels like he


is not getting help from his board, that can be so, so tough. Papa it.


-- Papac. The this was the Year. -- the this was the year. Aluko and


still get is a good save! Sone Aluko opening his box of tricks. He


seems to do that on a weekly basis in a Rangers shirt. He forced the


United keeper into his first save should it be slipped? Rankin. Aluko.


David Healy. It is promising for the hosts. A good save! That all


serves -- stems from a local again. He is a man they have to get on the


ball because he does the business. -- Sone Aluko. Scott Robertson. We


can see Scott Robertson getting an extended run in the Dundee United


team. He has been sought intriguing with injuries over the past few


seasons. He has been out for lengthy periods. Russell, watch


this space, 2-0! Dundee United double up. The lead 2-0. We talked


about the creative players. Becks and out to Stephen, back to Dixon.


He absolutely rockets it high into was his 11th goal of the season


thumping it past Allan McGregor. United are in dreamland. Rangers


have not got their problems to seek. With Jelavic leading and those two


out injured. -- leaving. There is no real height for Rangers in the


final third. Davies. In four or Berkeley. -- in four or Bartley.


Aluko. Rangers will need to get something back before the interval.


Here is Kyle Bartley. Russell is about to meet him. He has got to


the corner. There will not be any stoppage time. This is probably the


last chance for Rangers to get something back into the game before


half-time. The keeper did not have to think about it. It was cleared.


It looks as though Dundee United take best to have time at 2-0.


Indeed it is. The half-time whistle. You can hear what de Rangers fans


make of that. BOOING. At half-time at Ibrox it is Rangers Snell,


Dundee United 2. -- a Rangers 0, a Tannadice the replay right now.


Been the United. Thomson will be delighted with what he has seen. --


Dundee United. Robertson, Edu. Sone Aluko. Ansdell, he has got the


corner. Sone Aluko was trying to work it. Good defending from Rankin.


An awkward bounce for Robinson. That is good play from Scott


Robertson. The Romanian will be booked. We have seen that a few


times already. That man has got so much pace. He is always getting to


the ball. A great opportunity for Dundee United. Can they get the


finish? They did not. MacGregor holds on. That could be a huge


moment in this cup tie. That was a moment of opportunity to tell it.


Absolutely. Of what a chance. are putting the pressure on again


the visitors. Dixon to Dili. Great delivery again from Dixon. Sony


Aluko. Just looking for something to grasp on to in this Scottish Cup


tie. As it came across from Sone Aluko his team-mate was waiting


just on the edge of the six-yard box and he scooped it over the bar.


We just need to find as bark from somewhere. It has been lacking all


afternoon for Rangers. They have to do something on the pitch to give


the fans a lift. It is a flat performance which means nothing is


coming from the stands. Just 13 minutes to go now and it looks like


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


have come to Glasgow and they have beaten Rangers!. They are through


to the quarter-finals. They have knocked the Ibrox side out of the


Scottish Cup. It really is the end to a horror week for Rangers. They


lost their top scorer and they have dominated the back pages of the


newspapers. Dundee United are in tomorrow's draw. No-one can deny it


the victory. We performed well in the first half. I was disappointed


that we did not get the third goal. Delighted with the players's


efforts. We always go into a game believing we can get something.


Rangers played well. We were brilliant in the first half, but it


fell away in the second half slightly. We know Rangers have been


having their problems on and off the field. Didn't expect more from


them? A didn't. In the second half, they were the better team. -- I


didn't. He is a great manager and he will turn them around. Is it is


not easy to come to Ibrox. We will take massive confidence from this.


A little celebration perhaps tonight? I don't know about that,


John Rankin is with us. Because of the week it has been for Rangers,


did you go there today with big expectations? Yes. Inside the club


this week there has been a confidence that they could go to


Ibrox and get something. 17,822 inside Ibrox. Was it a strange


atmosphere. Yes, because there were so many empty seats towards the end.


Billy, you started your playing career with Rangers. How did it


feel? The events of the last few weeks are in people's mind. It is


very unsettling. There was an eerie situation about the stadium today.


The you must wonder now what the rest of the season will hold for


Rangers. A lot of people watching today and will probably thinking of


Jelavic has gone, he hasn't been replaced, what is happening?


However, let us get this straight, it was only one game. Saying that,


there was no fear factor for the Dundee players. You need that


because if you don't, teens or just attack you. Look as -- let us look


at the goal from Gunning. An excellent cross. It was. I crossed


it and McGregor missed it. Shambolic defending? Well, I think


the pace from Papac is disappointing. Also, the aggressive


marketing -- marking, it doesn't always work. Papac should be doing


better. The second is great from your point of view, but were you


surprised about how easily you got through? I didn't. We had some


great passers and we have got some great finishers. Even at that stage,


or were you thinking, where his Rangers's response? It never really


came. Bocanegra stays central and he did not come across. You cannot


give good players that amount of time. This is just about one of the


best chances Rangers had, and there weren't too many of them. Yes. You


can see the backspin in the ball there. That is what you get from


class players. That is another very good save. He did expect an


onslaught of chances, but it didn't happen. This was the best chance


for Little. He said there was also won over the bar. There was grit


defending and a desire to win. Against that, there were quite a


few chances for Dundee United to have really shunted raiders out of


the equation. Very much so. I think he will be disappointed with


himself. This is a great ball in. He was just unlucky. Another good


chance. This tremendous shot from ranking there. I did fancy my


chances. I thought I would just give it a go. That was a pretty


comfortable second half for you, wasn't it? It could have been more


comfortable. I could have been more composed, we awkward. Let us have a


look at the changing face of Ally McCoist during the match. Well, it


probably didn't change at all. He look -- looked down in the dumps


throughout the match. When he threw on Kerkar, was that him saying that


was all he had? He has said all along it is time for everyone to be


together and all a manager can do is work with the resources he has.


He will do the best he can and the staff and players will continue to


work very hard. I'll Rangers serious competition for Celtic?


There is plenty of football left. Great credit to Dundee United. I


put professionally today, they were excellent. The work ethic was first


class. Raiders were better in the second half, but they did not have


too many chances, but you have got to give Dundee United their dues.


We are persona at long Rutter, but all we can do is look on the wires


to see what Alan a crisis saying. - - and a McCoist is saying. -- we


We know the finances are on their. People are fearful for Rangers


because that's what is not be enough. -- that's what is not be


Alan McCoist has to perform miracles. Last word on Dundee


United - considering all the big names that vanished at the end of


last season, what a rebuilding job Peter Houston has done. He has done


very well. He has obviously done his homework with the players he


brought in. But the ethic of the squad has stayed the same. They had


made me feel very welcome. -- they have. We will sort you out with the


best bits from yesterday after Aberdeen at struggle against Queen


of the goal. There was to be no repeat of that famous semi-final


win of four years ago. Scott Vernon's 11th goal was enough to


own the site every play. The Dons might have won it later run, but


Mitchell's composure deserted him at the crucial moment. Motherwell 1


at a canter. It was from another corner that the second goal arrived.


The header was well saved, but Jamie Murphy was first on the


rebound. And guess who provided the third goal for Motherwell? Hutchins


and doing what he does best. -- Motherwell eased off the gas. --


Motherwell. Still a day to forget Motherwell fancy their chances for


the Cup. They were quite unlucky against Celtic, but I'm sure they


will get back their confidence from their 6-1 win yesterday. And the


Queen of the South probably think they can finish the job as well?


Yes. It was a good match. Those four words, Queen of the South,


bring back bad memories for Aberdeen fans. The whole thing


about Aberdeen it really are the mistakes they have made. They


cannot go into the second leg without anything other than a


perfect attitude. Next, let us see Hearts versus St Johnstone.


Johnstone beat Hearts for the first time in the competition last season


thanks to one goal. Hearts are seeking a change of fortune this


afternoon. The changes from the side who lost to Inverness last


The St Johnstone are lost to Motherwell last weekend, just one


change. Robertson returns to the starting line-up today. Skacel


while being the top goalscorer has not scored in this competition


since playing in the Cup final against Gretna. This man was a


transfer target for Rangers but he remains with this theme for now.


The FE this afternoon is Craig can -- Templeton. The ball is


forward. No one in the box. An easy clear and but not a good one. It


goes on to David son who fancies his chances. -- Davidson. Davidson


has two Scottish Cup goals in his career. That was too far in advance


of David Robertson. St Johnstone won here two goals to one in


September. He scores! A great goal for Templeton. He scores for the


first time in the Scottish Cup as a Hearts player. That was a


nonchalant ball up the inside. There was a gap at the post. He


struck it then. -- strutted 10. There was enough power in it. --


struck it in. Good control, he brings it down. A lovely touch with


the left foot. It is cut across. A great ball from Andy Webster. David


Robertson sliding in. That is another good clearance away by Andy


Webster. The Hearts manager still lives in Edinburgh. Robertson clips


it back. A chance. He said Robertson up and then the swipe.


Create a sense it down the line, it was not out. -- Creek Saines it


down. -- Craig sends it down. That was clever. He is cutting inside.


Embleton plays at a cross. Robertson! Templeton will be taking


up a good position. He decides to come inside. Anderson returns. It


is just out of play. Hearts have their first corner of the match.


Ian Black gets set. The half-time whistle goes. No one could get on


the end of it. David Templeton had that goal. It was a beautiful


strike. The half-time scoreline from Tynecastle Hearts 1, St


Johnstone 0. A second have substitution. David Robertson is


withdrawn. Cillian Sheridan gets his spot. 2006 the last time since


Johnston lost away in the Scottish Cup. -- St Johnstone. In common. As


the ball back to his keeper. Now it through on to Cillian Sheridan.


Hooked across. Almost the perfect start to the second half! A wasted


chance! It is played through. He has his head in his hands and I am


not surprised. He looked certain to score a but he hit the crossbar.


The top goal scorer this season. He should have had St Johnstone on


equal terms. Liam Craig, Craig tries the shot. It was a hard one


to take. The keeper reached it. As the ball gets played in there is a


shout for hand ball. The referee shout for hand ball. The referee


said No. Anderson, on the angle, on side. For Croft. My gamin going


India. He will concede the corner. -- McGowan going in there. Skacel.


Was he bowled over? Yes he was. Mackay has talked his way into deep


get in for him David Templeton. Arguably Hearts' best play of the


second half. The shot was cracked across goal but no takers. David


Templeton was caught. Plea on. The referee gave the decision against


Dave Mackay. Dave Mackay is going off. It is a red card. He had high


feet. The man who won a penalty here in December is red-carded. He


will feel hard done by but the boot was up. A chance for 1-1! He could


not get it through at all. They have linked up well in the second


half but the striker has not been able to finish his work. Cillian


Sheridan is on side, he has glanced at the far side. He finishes in


style! St Johnstone are back in this Scottish Cup tie. Hearts beat


the ball away and boy, did St Johnstone meet then pay! -- make


them pay. It was just enough. Cillian Sheridan Poots St Johnstone


level. It is a finish that is hard to argue West. -- argue with. There


is a chance here for Croft. This could be a chance here for Croft.


And what a chance it was. He just could not pick up the ball. The


last defender was on his way. David Templeton. He is being held back.


Into the box. Turned away well. Here comes Ian Black. Templeton


with a chance. He has given his all this afternoon. Callum Davidson


played it away. It was just not good enough to get across the


Scottish Cup is impressive. They have not lost since the 2006. It is


all over. It is Hearts' first draw of the season. Cillian Sheridan


replied to David Templeton's 10th minute strike. They will do it all


over again in the replay. Hearts 1, St Johnstone 1. Even in the first


half I believed we could do better. We did well in some periods of the


game but in the next periods not so I thought we deserved to draw. Some


parts of the second half I thought penalty. I cannot praise my boys


highly enough today. I get the feeling that the only positive is


that Hearts are still in the I watched the game anyone and they


were impressive. Sheridan is a major threat. Billy, you have been


working down south for a while, but I guess you have been keeping an


eye on what has been going on at Hearts. Yes. It is difficult to see


what is happening, but the players and staff have handled things well,


despite what has been happening. has been at said that there are


financial worries when it comes to buying players and transfers.


is the same for everybody. Templeton was great today. Great


balance. He is fearless as well. He will make defenders make decisions.


Excellent first touch there. He shows Excellence Gill. He would be


a player, you would imagine, other managers would be looking at?


Definitely. The record for Mackay form some -- a record for Mackay


for some bookable offences. If very unfortunate. -- vary. He is angry


and he has tried to hold himself back. This one, I'm not convinced


he knows at all. He is looking at the ball, he goes to clear it


upfield. He did not kick the player in the head. Referees need to use a


bit more common sense. If the player is going for the ball, OK,


his foot is higher, but talk to him. Tell him the next time he will be


in trouble. On that occasion, a sending off was not necessary.


Cillian Sheridan, he made a difference. Definitely. He is


amazing. Sandaza is very good as well. That is a good enough goal,


and when you see it from this angle. He knows exactly what he is doing.


Their partnership will continue for the rest of the season. Sandaza is


an ex United player, doing a great job for St Johnstone. He has got a


lot of light. His finishing is great. He had some great chances


today. His movement as well. He is also good at bringing other players


into the game. Do you think he tried a bit too hard today? Maybe.


Naturally he puts them away every day of the week. He is the sort of


player Rangers could do with. McCoist is looking for a striker of


quality, but in the short term, he would have held the numbers epi put


Sandaza on? -- if he port. Absolutely. He has got good


movement, technical ability. He can certainly create goals as well as


golden. It could have been 2-0 have they been given a penalty for Dave


Mackay's Hamble. -- handball. feel when you jump, your arms


should be at shoulder height and or higher. I would have given the


penalty. Before we go, let us complete a round up of the Scottish


unbeaten in 15 games and looked good to make it 16 when Stewart


Kettlewell was felled in the box. Danny Lennon did not have long to


wait for an equaliser. It was Steven Thomson who obliged with his


9th goal of the season. The tight look to be heading for a replay


when the former St Mirren man embarked on a solo run. Only to be


brought down. But the pressure was too much for the county captain and


more this season. It was the home side who first had the ball in the


net. Gary O'Connor pleading his case. There was better luck for


Hibs shortly afterwards. Doyle! That was well finished in


the end. Kilmarnock had their chances. A good save. But it was


Hibs who progressed. Celtic look to continue their


winning streak. That was strong. The next threat


came from a corner. Having survived those scares, it was Neil Lennon's


men who went in front. What a goal! Delight for the


manager and further cause for celebration in the second half.


They had great momentum at the moment. And they will be aware of


the other teams that could come through. There are some dangerous


teams out there. Terry Butcher was possibly the angriest man in


Scotland yesterday. I didn't see the game, but I felt it would be a


difficult tie for Celtic the way it was described. Wind, snow, rain.


But, I mean, Celtic capitalised on some of the errors. There was a


resilience about Hibs, having gone ahead and holding on. To be feared,


-- to be fair, let's not talk about the cup! Seriously, the changes


were positive ones, particularly on the defence. John and I were


talking about this before the game. The changes have been huge, but the


fans are probably thinking it will be OK. Ross County will fancy their


chances, but could have got the job done yesterday. They could have,


but they missed a penalty. Ross County will be hoping for a big


crowd. The at must there at Dingwall on a Tuesday night will


certainly be good. Their manager will probably be faring the trip


north. I'm not surprised. Seriously though, they play quality football.


The four girls first will have to be played, I don't think any of


them will be particularly easy to call. Falkirk played well, we watch


them last week. It is a tough one to call at this point in time.


would you fancy, John, in the last eight for Dundee United? anyone


away from home. It will be difficult at this stage. You can


Highlights from the fifth round of the William Hill Scottish Cup as Dundee United travel to Ibrox to face Rangers, with the Tangerines looking for a repeat of their victory over the the Gers in their successful cup run two seasons ago.

Hearts face St Johnstone at Tynecastle, hoping for the win that will see them reach the quarter-finals for the first time in six years, but will be wary that it was the Saints that knocked them out of the competition last season.

Presented by Rob MacLean with guest Pat Nevin.

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