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This could be something quite sensational! Right out of the top


drawer! Outstanding! The shot is an absolute beauty! Yes!


That is unbelievable! What a finish! Right here, right now, this is


history! Another big weekend of fluctuating


narratives and major talking point in the Premiership. Every moment


covered tonight, from what has been a fascinating weekend. Poring over


it frame by frame, Steven Thompson and Michael Stewart. Just the one


place we can start, Celtic's unbeaten run, would it go on for


ever, or would Sun Johnston do something about it?


St Johnstone without Steven Anderson in defence. Three changes for the


runaway leaders. The best chance of the match so far.


Away by Foster. Patrick Roberts threatening already


with the magic feet. A great finish. Celtic in front inside six minutes.


So calm. Celtic picked at the St Johnstone defence. Perfect pace on


the pass, Henderson was clinical. Patrick Roberts playing a massive


part as well. A good save. Craig Gordon. Kieran


Tierney doing be defending. Brilliant play from Danny Swanson,


making the most of the room. A great run by Foster. Did not catch the


shot. Good goalkeeping. But again, Gary


Mackay-Steven should have done better. Played in by Scott Sinclair.


It was always going to be difficult from that angle. Trying to shot at


goal, David Wotherspoon. He might have tried to pick out a team-mate


instead. It is 1-1. Craig Gordon got a little touch. It looked to flick


off the head of Scott Brown as well. But in it goes from Keith Watson for


the equaliser. They might be further behind, St Johnstone, but now they


are on level terms. I think he enjoyed that.


What a chance to turn this game completely around. Again, a


delightful delivery from Danny Swanson.


Another great ball game, and it has gone in this time. David Wotherspoon


claims it, but it looked like it went in off Dedryck Boyata's head.


He scored against St Johnstone 11 days ago, he has scored for them


this time. It looked off the head. A great shot


from Patrick Roberts, and a really good reaction save. It could have


been 2-2. Henderson is having a big influence on the game. A foul


against the challenge on Patrick Roberts. Clark made the save. Quick


reactions as well as the ball run free off the goalkeeper. He did well


to get that away. Down goes the St Johnstone


midfielder, and he is screaming for a penalty. Craig Thompson says no.


Did Scott Brown get anything on the ball? It did not look like it.


Deflected off Keith Watson, penalty given by Craig Thompson. Surely not.


Watson looking in the other direction. It struck his rates


rather than his arm. It may be bounced up onto his elbow. But he


was looking the other way. Moussa Dembele bounces off the bench and


fires in the Celtic equaliser. His 21st goal of the season. Much


Ferrari about the board of the cake. It did not bother him.


He Moussa Dembele double. His 22nd goal of the season. Brilliantly


finished, through the legs, and Clark was beaten. Tommy Wright looks


like he has seen a ghost. Headed away bike Erik Sviatchenko. Stephen


McClain came flying in. Defended I Erik Sviatchenko.


Celtic suddenly on the counterattack.


Scott Sinclair's 14th remission goal. It surely puts this game


beyond St Johnstone. Peter used pans goby as a shield to curl that in at


the near post. Moussa Dembele. Another Moussa


Dembele hat-trick. What an impact from the substitute. This is his


23rd goal of the season. Celtic at their best.


Offensively we were very bright, our fitness comes through, in those last


part of the game. We scored wonderful goals. Some controversy


around the penalty. You are bitterly disappointed, if you are too- one


up, you never know what can happen. But we get the rub of the green. We


have had other moments when we have not had it. But I am happy to take


it. We should have had two penalties. I will not be sitting on


the fence. Danny's is a penalty. I have seen it back. When a player


contact a player and makes no contact on the ball, it is a


penalty, his left knee gets pushed in. Joe Shaughnessy is dragged to


the ground, the referee blows his whistle, he warns the Celtic player,


that should be a penalty. And their penalty should never be a penalty.


Another good victory for Celtic, but only one place we can start, the


penalty decision from Craig Thompson. Did it cost St Johnstone


the chance to end Celtic's run? St Johnstone have every right to be


furious, it is no penalty. It comes off Keith Watson's hip and off the


bottom of his elbow. Even if it hits his arms, it is not a penalty. Craig


Thompson cannot see it. He can see it hits his back. It is never a


penalty. I think this is a penalty. Scott Brown catches him, he does not


get the ball, and there is enough contact. I don't think it is. In


real time, he does not get the ball, but there is not enough force. He


knocks his knee. There is contact. I just do not think there is enough


force for it to have been a penalty. In real-time, there was not enough.


The big difference here, Dedryck Boyata never grabs him. At the start


of the season there was a clamp-down on grabbing hold of shirts and


getting penalties, and that one, Dedryck Boyata never gets a hold of


him. But it does not detract from the fact that the penalty that


Celtic got was a horrific decision, Craig Thompson should never have


guessed. It is a game changer. You not slightly absorbing him of blame


because of his position? That tells you he was guessing, you cannot


guess. We do not know if Celtic would have won the game, they


probably would have, but one thing you can say is that that changed the


game. It coincided with Moussa Dembele coming onto the pitch. But


he still has had the same impact? We will get to him shortly. You can


understand Tommy Wright's anger, because they put so much into wood.


They got themselves into a wonderful position. If they had hung on, you


never know what happens. A great leap at the back post, it is a top


header. Scott ran could not stop it. The second one is about the delivery


from Danny Swanson, he put Dedryck Boyata under pressure, it leads him


to put it into the back of the net. It is a great finish. He cannot stop


scoring. St Johnstone caused problems from crossed balls. It is


an own goal. Moussa Dembele got his hat-trick, did we see the goal of


the season? Yes, in my opinion, it was a phenomenal goal. This is a


high-quality finish, to keep the ball low. The spin on the ball as


well. But this is the goal of the season. 24 passes, every single


player in the Celtic team touches the ball, it is sensational. All


over the park as well, wide right, left, back, Craig Gordon gets a


touch. It pulls the St Johnstone team out. They did get Mikael


Lustig. A backheel and a composed finish, goal of the season. How many


of those did you manage? I never tried one! Pelleted the first one.


Overall, you cannot say anything more, fantastic, Celtic, 27 points


clear, they are doing unbelievably well. As for St Johnstone, does that


give people hope that somebody can beat Celtic? In a similar vein to


Motherwell's performance, the more teams that get into that position of


having Celtic on the ropes, of course it gives them confidence, but


Celtic do not need any assistance, they can win games. That penalty


changed the dynamic of the game. Hearts played Motherwell fresh from


hammering ranges at Tynecastle midweek.


That is the way to get Tynecastle bouncing! It is Walker! It is 3-1,


Hearts. Hearts are absolutely loving it.


Scott McDonald begins his two match suspension after his appeal failed


in midweek. He will miss the trip to Aberdeen in ten days. There is a


first start for the on loan Reading defender. The Greek duo start for a


Hearts team on a hike from their midweek hounding of Rangers. Esmael


Goncalves starts up front again. A big decision to leave out the


skipper for this game. It has just gone past. Craig Samson looked calm


enough. This is an early sign of intent from Hearts and venue


Portuguese striker. Hearts have already beaten Motherwell a couple


of times this season. Lewis Moult heads off the bar, but he was


offside, according to the assistant. A wonderful delivery. He is onside,


Louis Moult. He could not finish anyway.


14 goals for Walker after his double against Rangers. A fine effort by


Jamie Walker. There are not too many in Scottish football in better form


than Hearts' number seven. They can still put pressure on in the race


for second, Hearts. It is off the line. It is Anastasios Avlonitis.


Louis Moult goes down. Malaury Martin has been booked, even though


it appears it was Lionel Ainsworth who brought him down. It is a


horrendous decision by the referee. It is not far away. That would have


been controversial. Straight to the pocket goes Andrew


Dallas, and Motherwell are reduced to ten men at Fir Park for the


second time in a week. For that challenge by Carl McHugh.


In it goes. Faxed to a massive deflection. Off Keith Lasley. It may


be a fluke, but it has broken the deadlock.


Not far away from a real collector 's item. Keith Lasley.


Lennard Sowah has looked really good going forward today. Esmael


Goncalves things he should have made it two, desperate for his first


Hearts goal. Pearson in his third spell at the


club. First goal for Hearts for Esmael


Goncalves. He took it well. Surely the points are going to Hearts now.


His former submarine team-mate and League Cup when Craig Samson next be


saved. The side that beat Hearts that day for St Mirren.


Esmael Goncalves doubles up for Hearts. Another comprehensive


victory. It cost us the game, no doubt. Then


they get a bit of luck, the deflected goal. We would have come


back with 11 men. I was only disappointed that we did not turn


good work into goals. But other than that, no complaints, a magnificent


effort, to try to get ourselves back in. I cannot have any complaints


other than the referee. The way the game has gone, we had some good


control in the first half, we needed to speed up possession and force


things, so we made a couple of changes at half-time, and then we


started to be more threatening. We did well.


A great victory for Hearts, another big red car decision. We were only


here yesterday, seven days ago, actually, Scott McDonald was sent


off with a similar position. We pored over that one last week. I


think this challenge is worse. It is very dangerous, it has force behind


it. When he goes in, I do not think he gets that much of the ball. He


gets a lot more of it than Scott McDonald does. But the big


difference is the force that he carries into wood. He gets the ball


before he carries through. He gets more of the ankle of Don Cowie. But


it is irrelevant, because it is the force. You both big it is a red


card? No doubt about it, it is worse than Scott McDonald. That epitomises


the change in the philosophy of a tackle. Unless you are coming in


almost at a writer and, you will get a red card, because anything else,


your studs will be showing, you can get as much of the ball as you want,


it will be a red card. The referee got a lot of stick, it seems, for


that. Last weekend the consensus was Scott McDonald was the right


decision. I have got to disagree with Mark McGhee. There was a


strange decision where he booked one of the players for a tackle, sorry,


Martin. But it was the position that he was in. That was a red card all


day long. Mark McCabe thought of a well were dominating, but we were


there, Hearts were the better side. A great performance from Hearts. You


have been salivating over Alexander Ross the earliest stop he is a real


find. The way they want to play, this guy playing in a deep lying


midfield role, he is the business. The big difference, no sideways


passes, he plays Fulwood. He takes four players out of the game. He has


great composure, under pressure, no panic. A nice first touch and lays


it off. He reads the game really well. He breaks up play and gets a


counterattack and Jamie Walker is there. This is epitomises more of


how he is an all-round midfielder. He drives forward. This is the


second goal. Lots of players, composure again, a simple pass. A


quick counterattack, he slipped it in for Esmael Goncalves. If you are


going to play a game that is based on possession, we looked at the


Raith Rovers game, too many sideways passes, but this guy looks forward,


he can play energy chip passes. He is a top player. Another top player


is Esmael Goncalves, you had some crazy times with him at St Mirren.


Just one night out, maybe two! He was excellent yesterday. You cannot


give somebody this much space, but look at his strength. He had five or


six attempt on goal. His linkup play was good. He has lost eight


kilograms since he was at St Mirren. It is good going! A great pass from


Nicholson, he should have scored. He is a natural goal-scorer, Hearts


have not had that. Yukonite give somebody that much space. A very


difficult skill, and an excellent finish. I hope he can keep it going.


He has added to what they are trying to do, he has made a big difference.


The substitute came on at half-time, he was good as well. Exciting times


at Hearts. Extra weekend looks like being a fantastic couple of dates in


the Scottish Cup. We have got it all covered on Sportscene.


Can Inverness go ballistic again? It will be a big ask.


The Edinburgh derby, plus Rangers against Greenock Morton. Back to the


Premiership, it had been a tough week for Mark Warburton, after his


side were thumped 4-1 by Hearts. Could Rangers respond at Ibrox? Ross


County were visitors. Joe Garner plays for the first time


in 2017. Philippe Senderos makes his third appearance. Three players


dropped out. Rob Kiernan is out of the squad altogether. Ross County


play here for only the second time. Andrew Davies available again. A


very credible 0-0 draw the last time Ross County came here. Wes


Foderingham had to claw it away. James Tavernier a does a good job


too clear. Mark Warburton will hope this does not set the tone.


Deflected and touched over by Scott Fox. Fantastic reaction save from


the Ross County number one. Ross County lead. The stadium is


stunned. The week goes from bad to worse for Mark Warburton. Alex


Schalk gets number seven for the season. Jim O'Brien held his nerve.


The Dutchman did the rest. It is just the side netting. Just


listen to the reaction from the home support. Another defensive mix-up


for Rangers at the back. James Tavernier has looked the most


likely threat for Rangers. A great ball across, and Joe Garner was


inches away from marking his return with a goal.


He took it early, and Wes Foderingham made the save. Alex


Schalk could have had a hat-trick in the first half. Tearing down on


goal. Kept out by Wes Foderingham. He did the right thing in going


across goal. He had to generate the power on the cross. All it needed


was a touch from Jon Toral. This is Barry Mackay, who has been


uncharacteristically quiet. Good save from Fox. He managed to react


to punch the ball away but tore out bearing down on a tap-in. Another


excellent piece of goalkeeping from Scott Fox. Foderingham looking to


get Rangers forward quickly. It is Garner... But straight at Scott Fox


who makes another good save. Garner never looked quite convinced himself


that he would find the back of the net.


No space for the shot. Ross County scramble it clear. Wallace, Tara,


Wallace continues as Ron! And what an important goal for the Rangers


captain. 90 minutes from the end and at long last, they have found the


equaliser. -- 19 minutes. Just his second goal from the acute angle.


Jon Toral, robbed initially, but here is Teva Ernie. It took a touch


of Andrew Davies and looped the top. -- Tavernier. The question is asked


whether that was handball? Tavern near and to row and then Waghorn


goes round the outside. He has done really well. It takes a deflection


and can only find the side netting from Jon Toral as Rangers'


frustrations continue. It's amazing the contrast we see in


the space of a week, Rangers losing 4-1 to hearts in the middle of the


week. And drawing yesterday against Ross County. The boots rang out at


Ibrox. There has definitely been a momentum shift in the last week.


Rangers had been on a good run up into the game at Tynecastle. Mark


Warburton is under pressure. Hearts were treated really -- recruited


really well in January. Rangers need... They need a goalkeeper. I


think they still lack a deal of penetration and home against Ross


County that is not the result they wanted. A hint of cipher the goal?


Yes, but lots wrong with it -- a hint of offside for the goal? Yes,


but a lots wrong from the Rangers perspective. Alec Shelbrooke


should've had three goals in that opening half. The chance he miss


into the side netting. That was a simple ball up the park from Ross


County and you have two centre halves in Senderos and hail who are


not quick. But Lee Wallace, facility so there is a play behind him, you


cannot attack the ball. He has to sit in. Rangers needed so many


chances. Scott Fox says? Rangers had 22 efforts on goal but they don't


convert enough other opportunities. They have only scored more than two


goals on a few occasions this season. They should be dominating


teams. Wonderful double save. Great reaction. The one coming up is even


better. The replay? Not the replay! But that is three times they have


played Ross County this season. It was important for Ross County, a big


way point. Getting into these areas for Rangers, they are already up


against impact teams. So many teams go to Ibrox and cab and are


difficult to break down. Rangers have to play with penetration


otherwise they will find difficult to score. Rangers full swing in the


race for second place. Would Aberdeen take advantage.


Defeat at Celtic Park brought an end to a five-game run but Derek McInnes


stuck to the starting XI as they go for victory against Partick Thistle.


They have not won here for 14 years and there are changes from the


defeat. This is Ash Taylor. The direct route


towards Rooney. Hayes and now this is Kenny McLean. And it is beaten


away by Tomas Cerny. Kenny McLean, who has not scored since the double


against Inverness in mid-November. Graham Chile. Aberdeen having to be


patient. Now Considine and straight at Cerny. Considine scored twice


this season. Rooney went for the spectacular and got nothing on it.


Adam Barton is always so calming possession. Lawless, a nice return


to Barton. And now Christie Elliott, no purchase on the shot. But a good


passage of play from the visitors. Elliott, who was sent off in midweek


but an appeal on that red card allowed him to play. Aberdeen are


just two points behind Rangers. It's Taylor! And it is just wide of the


target. A free header from the big centre-back who is usually so


clinical from that sort of range. Hayes, a chance to turn and perhaps


drive and the defence but he is surrounded by four Partick Thistle


players. Still get the cross in and Kenny McLean was on the end of it


but he could only find the side netting. Partick Thistle one point


outside of the top six. This is Logan's ball towards Taylor. Now


Graham Shinnie and Cerny saves once again. Shinnie had one of Aberdeen's


few chances at Celtic Park in midweek. Edwards into Lawless.


Partick Thistle more than held their own in the opening half. Elliott


now, Edwards has continued his run... And he undoubtedly should


have put Partick Thistle one up here. But the header goes wide.


Hayes, it is curling away from goal. Stockley got something on it. Derek


McInnes has made some attacking changes and Ryan Christie is one of


them. Hayes, now. Taking matters into his own hands. A stinging shot


and Hayes is eager to get on with things. A decent hit. Cerny holds


firm. McGinn will take the corner cake. Stockley attacks it and the


gamble pays off for Derek McInnes as the substitute Jayden Stockley not


them in front with 18 minutes left to play. His first goal since early


November. Ade Azeez for Partick Thistle but it is one back and it is


the Route one approach that gets Rooney in the clear. Saved by Cerny


and it remains at just 1-0. A precious lead for Aberdeen. He was


closed down just enough. Partick Thistle will still fancy their


chances. It is forward and here is Ade Azeez! And Eclipse the outside


of the post. -- and he clips. Partick Thistle have a better way


record than at Firhill. Can they hold on?


Stockley back to Ryan Christie and his first goal since joining on loan


from Celtic will be enough to secure the points for Aberdeen as the two


substitute, Stockley and Christie, combined for Aberdeen's second.


Delighted with the result. The players deserve a lot of credit for


finding that victory, digging deep after a hard-fought game on


Wednesday night. The problems of all three substitutes coming on and


winning the game and seeing it out. -- the importance. I full because


Aberdeen problems but we got caught from a set play and the second goal


from a throwing which was disappointing because over the


piece, we defended well as a team, especially else set plays which


Aberdeen are very strong at. You can see that the goal from a corner was


disappointing. Ryan Christie with his first goal


since going on loan. Derek McInnes always accused of being a cautious


manager. To end up with, it was a Jimmy Calderwood Aberdeen side. You


have to give them credit because was not working at the start and he


changed to a back three. Three substitutes on the pitch and they


were pivotal in getting the results. It comes from a straightforward set


piece. You heard how disappointed Partick Thistle were to conceive


from a set these. And you see the players involved, Stockley and


Christie, it adds an interesting dynamic to this week in terms of


seven games Derek McInnes had gone without changing the side, he had


found a formation that was working. But in this game, full credit, he


changed it because they were not breaking down Partick Thistle. It


will be interesting to see what happens in the cup game. I think he


will keep with the same, it has been working for them. It is interesting,


will Stockley and Christie get a place in the side or would he go


with the site he has stuck with? Derek McInnes has been criticised


for changing things too much. He has a settled side that was beginning to


win but he had to make substitutions to get that victory. It is the


age-old narrative of Partick Thistle that we have talked about ad


nauseam. When they get chances, they don't take them. Every week, we talk


about the same thing. They are a good team and they play good


football but every time I watch them, they make chances and do take


them. Next up, two side struggling to find


form. Inverness -- Dundee and Caledonian Thistle.


Richie Foran promised changes. Dundee gave a debut to a former


mother would -- Motherwell player, Henrik Ojamaa.


This is a big day for Inverness Cali Thistle. Two to Marco... So close to


the dream start. Goal machine Carl Tremarco, very close. Billy Mackay,


comes off old and it is in the back of the net, but it will not count.


Up goes the offside flag. Frustration for Inverness Cali


Thistle. The long ball has the defender under pressure. Mark O'Hara


turns his shot wide. Promising, that, for Dundee. They have reasons


of their own for wanting points. Greg Tanzi, and draper. Mackay


wrestling with Darren O'Dea. Big chance for Henry Annie and saved by


Scott Bain. -- Henry Annie. Hold driving forward. The width supplied


by Cammy Kerr. That is a great ball in hand Dundee are in front. -- that


is a great ball in, and Dundee are in front. Not what Ritchie for


unwanted. In comes the corner cake and it is 2-0. It is Darren O'Dea on


the end of Tom Hateley's delivery. Got the better of the keeper. 2-0.


Troubled waters for the home team as Vigurs, bouncing back of the post


and it just tells the story for Inverness. . Can they find a way


back? Vigurs delivery and it is a penalty and it is given against


Etxabeguren for wrestling with draper right on the goal-line. And


it is. Big chance for Billy Mackay to get back in the old rich scene.


His first goal of the second spell at Cali Thistle. -- into the old


routine. That is Hateley and Haber. And Ojamaa to the byline. They came


off Warren, McGowan! What an opportunity. To potentially tie


things up for Dundee. He has blazed this wide from a great position.


Cammy Kerr, O'Hara makes the moon. Get the better of Tanzi. Can you set


something up here? It came of Haber and came off Ojamaa, cleared off the


line. Blocked by Raven and the shot is polled well wide. But there were


certainly chances close in for Dundee here. Haber, Ojamaa and


finely the ball broke in the direction of Hateley. Raven did so


well. That is David Raven. Here is Billy Mackay with the cutback,


draper's shot is saved. Scott Bain and another opportunity for Carl


Tremarco. A double stop from the Dundee goalkeeper. It is all action


in Inverness. And that is terrific goalkeeping. Given away by Raven.


Ojamaa loses it and then window back against Marco and spread the ball


through to McGowan. He is in on goal and misses the target again! Credit


to Carl Tremarco for the challenge. But it is two gilt-edged


opportunities for McGowan. The up and under from Vigurs, Etxabeguren


is about to be penalised again. He was all over the player and for the


second time, Nick Walshe points to the spot. What will Billy read guide


do? He picks the same spot and Scott Bain guessed right this time. What a


crucial save that could prove to be. David Raven. In goes Mackay, saved


by Bain. And Greg Tanzi...! Rescues Inverness Cali Thistle 11 minutes


from time. And how composed was this from Tanzi.


The boys did great. Terrific. They kept going, the commitment, the


desire. The fans got right behind us, you can't ask for much more.


There were chances at both ends. At 2-0, we looked comfortable. We


regrouped and tried to see the game out. We always thought Cali Thistle


will try to come back but we gave a needless penalty away and gave them


a lifeline after that. We had opportunities to kill the game off.


A great game, a mixture of Dundee blowing it but a great comeback from


Inverness. Phillips dead and buried at 2-0. They showed fight and


character. -- they looked dead and buried. Paul Hartley pleased to have


more attacking options? The front three cause problems. Haber should


have done better. The front three cause them problems through the


afternoon. A great finish from Haber using his drinks to five at home.


Great linkup play between Ojamaa and Haber. He gets to the byline and


cuts it back. Not a great finish! But Dundee, all season, we have


spoken about the number of goals they have lost out of their side


this year. But now the looked like they have more of a threat in the


final third and Ojamaa is one of the people who will bring that back. He


has a lot of pace. A top, top player. I think this one comes off


as electronic tag! Does he still have that one? No! As opposed in


terms of the penalty, I imagine if you're a Galahad means spotted in


Inverness just by the way he moves. Not the greatest penalty you will


ever see. The second one, the ball moves. He put in it in almost the


exact same position. You talk about changing your penalty stop macro if


it goes in the back of the net, it's a good one. But the ball went in the


same place twice. This is what Billy Mackay gives you, penetration in


behind. He is always looking to stretch the opposition. He can


scored goals. He doesn't always get there but the pressure led to Tanzi


being able to find the back of the net. Billy Mackay has all the


hallmarks of being the signing that could save them? He will oversee not


want to repeat the trauma of last season at Dundee United. Inverness


he knows well and he will feel comfortable. He could be the


difference. As we have said already in the show, that relegation fight


will go back to the death. He could be a good signing.


Fascinating. Finally, the plastic pitch of Hamilton Academical with a


huge win midweek and their opponents also with a win.


Not the same side that beat Inverness midweek. Danny Seaborne


returns and there is a file first start for Blair Adams.


Boyd, and swiftly willing runner. -- swift the willing runner. Several


options, not the best one there. Devlin away. Decor will be beaten to


the ball. -- deck:. Picked up by McKenzie and onto long staff who has


a good shot and he uses it well. Kill Manukau started brightly and


they get their reward. The defence sat off him and he was not close


down and he took full advantage. Eamonn Brophy should have done


better there. McKinnon coming right down the middle. Still going. Just


try to clip it into the corner. Kilmarnock won here 1-0 and 4-0 last


season. And 2-1 in August. They have a good record against Accies in


recent times. Forward to Eamonn Brophy, a delightful turn and his


shot doesn't have to be. Two minutes to half-time and a second of the


season for Eamonn Brophy. Cleared out the two central defenders and


zings the ball low into the net. These sides wishing to win


back-to-back games for the first time in a long time. Kris Boyd...


Not given as a free kick. In little chip and Boyd has to reach back for


it. It looked like a free kick was going to be awarded. Boyd certainly


seemed to push across Devlin was surprised as well and the cutback


was just behind Kris Boyd. Warren Canning watching on. Redmond deep


the corner and beyond... Blocks by McKenzie. Scored a fabulous goal


midway, McKenzie. That one just didn't sneak in at the post. A


corner and Devlin, it should have scored, Michael Devlin. Brilliant


opportunity. Absolutely no one went with him. That was well wide.


Commander on their heels again as McKinnon steps forward. A wry smile.


Did well to get the opportunity. Kilmarnock sitting back of the


driving player. Redmond pixie corner and salmon away. -- Redmond puts in


the corner. And, salmon away. Free kick taken quickly. Straight at the


goalkeeper. The number 13 was inside as well.


I was pleased at half-time because it could have been worse given the


way the game started. Second half, were the better team and the one big


opportunity was Michael's header. The header past the post. We didn't


make the most of it. Could we have nicked it, no, so probably the


result was fair on the balance of play. Strange result, I have been in


football a long time and I've never gone from being so impressive in the


first half an hour to having to scrap for a result in the last 60.


We didn't do particularly badly then but we have stopped doing the good


things. We stopped playing the game simply and quickly.


Back to business as usual. A draw between Hamilton and tell Mono. That


is their 12th 1-1 draw of the season. What did you go for,


Michael? 1-1. If they could just turn some of those draws into wins,


they would be in the top six. Lee Clark summing up, because that


season in one match, inconsistent. You just don't know what they are


going to do. You could level that at the bottom seven teams in the


league. That really typifies the teams down there. It shows that it


is so tight. Martin Canning himself has spoken about how it will go down


to the end of the season. And eating there was room would relegation will


have to go into the top six. That bottom six will be a dogfight and


any team in their could be in the relegation spot or the play-off


spot. I can't believe we have got of February and it is still like this.


It is still only six points and it will be an amazing end of the


season. Exciting for us to watch in terms of which team get six place


and is safe. That is the safe spot, anything else danger. Thank you very


much indeed. After all of that, the Ladbroke Premiership table looks


like this. I think Celtic might just win the league! The dolls have a


game in hand on Rangers. -- the Dons. Time for us to vanish.


We are back with the magic of the cup next weekend. Have a great week.


Goodbye for now.


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